they are stone cold


Nobody ‘made’ Stone Cold, but damn sure a lot of people helped. Jim [Ross] helped more than most. He’s the reason that so many of my biggest moments had an stronger impact, as he was always the loudest fan in the building. Even when he was working backstage, I’d come to the back and ask what he thought and he never missed a damn thing. Jim’s a real good guy. A real good guy.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin

Steve, to me, is one of the last true cowboys in wrestling. You know, a man’s man who believed in what he was doing, whether it was right or wrong in everybody else’s eyes. When Steve first came in, he knew he was good, and he knew he’d have to work to prove it, but he never complained about having to do so. I respected him from day one, and I still do today. When he and I share a beer at ringside, there’s always a lump in my throat that I have to swallow before I can sip on some suds, because I know Steve respects me, and that feeling is very mutual.
- Jim Ross

james potter: shirtsleeves rolled up to the elbow, sharp collarbones, broad shoulders, never has his fucking tie on straight, shit-eating grin, orders for everyone at a restaurant, pointed elbows that rest jauntily on the table, winking, high-fiving, finger-gunning bastard, can never sit still, stops walking in the middle of the hallway to say something because he can’t do both at once, will drink the tea even if it’s stone cold, all his jumpers are fraying, owns a lot of white t-shirts that all have holes in them, has to keep moving, is always moving, because how else is he supposed to feel like he’s doing something

sirius black: blood pumping, sideswept smirk that stops the heart, chin-tilted-upwards-neck-bearing-column-of-throat-show-of-defiance-what-you-gonna-do-about-it stance, cracks his knuckles a lot, strong arms, resting facial expression that is forbidding and gutting all at once, smells like cigarette smoke, wears his tie around his forehead, twirls his wand around his fingers and it drives everyone insane, never has his charms book, finds himself at the top of the astronomy tower at 3am but doesn’t know how he got there

remus lupin: wakes up with blood in the mouth, glint in the eye that betrays his anger, will comprehensively tear you to shreds in an argument, constantly has a bar of chocolate between his lips, cuffed sleeves, reads for pleasure, owns a lot of threadbare, oversized sweaters, will drink the tea when it’s scalding hot just to feel something, nail biter, constantly picks at the hem of his clothing, bites his lip a lot, lies in the dark staring at the ceiling with an instrumental record on in the background on his bad days, he seems to be having a lot of those recently

peter pettigrew: watery eyes, anxious, sniffs a lot, laughs even when he didn’t hear the joke, three-quarter sleeves, frets with his hands, wringing them at the wrists, stress eats, is constantly stuck in the state of waking up from a nap and not knowing what time it is, the best at simple charms, likes being outside with his eyes to the overcast sky and his hands in the earth, can anticipate what james needs before he asks because he’s good at studying people, he’s good at sitting back and observing, maybe he should do something with that one day

Gaston evaluation

Ok, if you haven’t seen the live action of Beauty and the Beast, PLEASE GO WATCH IT NOW.  IT MELTED MY STONE COLD HEART AND I’VE BEEN CRYING SINCE SATURDAY!!!  *ahem*  Anyway… I have some observations that need to be made concerning Gaston:  

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In the “Gaston” song, Gaston says that he “aims for the liver and shoots the beast from behind” or something like that whenever he’s on a hunt.  NOW.  Fastforward to the end where Gaston does just that with the Beast!  Holy cow!  What amazing foreshadowing! 

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Furthermore, in the big fight scene we see the great hunting prowess of Gaston.  He shoots his target accurately 3 times in a row and never misses!  That’s crazy, especially considering the fact that he’s shooting with a 1700s pistol, which we all know were worthless pieces of crap when it came to accuracy.  

Basically, Gaston’s inflated ego is completely validated. He’s an amazing huntsman, if a cowardly killer.    

Anyway, just wanted to babble about this movie.  

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Ok but- Ranpo as a father??? (Headcanons)

• Ranpo’s kids would grow up with confidence in themselves and a stone cold ‘take no shit’ disposition because their father—unintentionally—would drill into them that other people’s opinions don’t mean anything. Their bedtime stories as toddlers would consist of cases he’s solved (though he’d need a good thwap on the head from you when he starts to tell your three year old about a serial killer) and when his kids ask if they can do what he does his response falls along the lines of “of course, you’re my kid after all.”

• At first Ranpo had a hard time realizing the world no longer revolved around him, but it didn’t take long for his protective fatherly instincts to kick in either. As much as he whined and complain about getting up in the middle of the night to soothe his crying infant he would sit in their room and rock them until they fell asleep snuggled in his arms. Instead of putting the baby back in the crib he’d insist they slept with both of you in the bed so he wouldn’t have to bother getting out of bed if the baby woke up again.

• Games are Ranpo’s favorite thing to do with his children. Strategic games, battleship, monopoly, and even Candyland—no matter what game or what he’s doing he will drop everything to play games with his kids. He loves watching their little brains working on what move is the best and what will work out in their favor, even if it’s something simple. Of course Ranpo claims he doesn’t but he always lets his kids win.

• Weekly trips to the candy store are a staple in your house. Both the kids and Ranpo absolutely love these special daddy – day trips. He’s careful to make sure his little one’s tummies don’t get too full and that their dental hygiene is tip-top shape, but he shares his candy knowledge and directs them to the most delicious candy to munch on. Afterwards he takes them to the park to let them run off all that energy so by the time everyone gets home they’re ready for a good snuggle/movie combo on the couch.

• Ranpo has a very deep connection with his daughter, and even from the time she was young Ranpo was wound around her little finger. He loves all of his children equally of course, but their bond is different and he plays into her hand every time she asks for anything. Anytime he sees a stuffed animal she’ll like he buys it, same with toys or clothes or anything under the sun that he knows will brighten up her face.

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O.o “You’re chiseled from stone? That must be why you’re cold and so damn hard to talk to.” With Matt?? (I think I can blame your imagines for getting me into darevdevil) <3

“Is that an insult, Murdock?”

He balks, for a moment, but he recovers soon enough and offers you a lopsided smile.

“Definitely not an insult,” he assures shaking his head sheepishly. “It’s a terrible attempt at a pick-up line. Forgive me, I’m awful at this.”

You take a moment to observe him, and once you’re sure he’s telling the truth, you smile and let out a tiny sigh.

“At least you’re honest, Matthew,” you giggle. “I’ll give you one more shot at that, how does that sound?”

He smiles, and it’s almost blinding how brilliant it is.

“That sounds wonderful.”

no one on team voltron is straight and i have proof

coran: no straight guy has that bright of a personality

allura: she has magic and magic is gay

shiro: he’s too tired to be straight

keith: knives are gay and keith is a knife enthusiast 

lance: what straight person flirts like he does

hunk: he’s too happy to be straight

pidge: computers are gay