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Hi guys! Forgive me for not having updated recently; The grade of my sister was yesterday and there were many things to do, however I hope we can start this special in the most beautiful way with one of your favorites “STARCO KISS”, but as for changing a little I decided to do it in their teenage versions, So it’s definitely a surprise kiss XD, star was not expecting it :V

I hope you like guys! , I will try to finish the special for Wednesday or Tuesday

 ._. … y si deje el “especial en español” , quiero que sea una marca personal XD 

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You don't have to but If you have the time, can you list all the BTS albums and their different versions? Thnx :)

1st Single Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool (2013)

  1. INTRO: 2Cool 4 Skool 
  2. We Are Bullet Proof Pt.2
  3. SKIT: Circle Room Talk
  4. No More Dream
  5. Interlude
  6. I Like You
  7. OUTRO: Circle Room Cypher
  8. Talk
  9. Path

1st Mini Album: O!RUL8,2? (2013)

  1. INTRO: O!RUL8,2?
  2. N.O
  3. We On
  4. SKIT: R U Happy Now?
  5. If I Ruled The World
  6. Coffee
  7. BTS Cypher pt.1
  8. 진격의 방탄
  9. 팔도강산
  10. OUTRO: Luv In Skool

2nd Mini Album: Skool Luv Affair (2014)

  1. INTRO: Skool Luv Affair
  2. Boy In Luv
  3. SKIT: Soulmate
  4. Where Did You Come From?
  5. Just One Day
  6. Tomorrow
  7. BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych
  8. Spine Breaker
  9. Jump
  10. OUTRO: Propose

REPACKAGE: Skool Luv Affair Special Edition (2014)

  1. Miss Right
  2. (Slow Jam Remix)
  3. INTRO: Skool Luv Affair
  4. Boy In LuvSKIT: Soulmate 
  5. Where Did You Come From?
  6. Just One Day
  7. Tomorrow
  8. BTS Cypher Pt.2: Triptych
  9. Spine Breaker
  10. Jump
  11. OUTRO: Propose

1st Japan Single Album: No More Dream (2014)


  1. No More Dream (Japanese ver)
  2. 進撃の防弾 (Attack On Bangtan) (Japanese ver)
  3. いいね (I Like It) (Japanese ver)

2nd Japan Single Album: Boy In Luv (2014)


  1. Boy In Luv (Japanese ver)
  2. N.O (Japanese ver)
  3. Just One Day (Japanese ver)

1st Album: Dark & Wild (2014)

  1. INTRO: What Am I To You
  2. Danger
  3. 호르몬 전쟁 (War Of Hormones)
  4. 힙합성애자 (Hip Hop Lover)
  5. Let Me Know
  6. Rain
  7. BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer
  8. INTERLUDE: 뭐해 (What Are You Doing)
  9. 핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래 (Could You Turn Off Your Phone Please)
  10. 이불킥 (Blanket Kick)
  11. 24/7=Heaven
  12. 여기 봐 (Look At Me)
  13. 2학년 (2nd Grade)
  14. OUTRO: Does That Make Sense?

1st Japanese Album: Wake Up (2015)


  1. INTRO
  2. The Stars
  3. Jump
  4. Danger
  5. Boy IOn Luv
  6. Just One Day
  7. いいね!
  8. いいね!Pt.2~あの場所で
  9. No More Dream
  10. 進撃の防弾
  11. N>O
  12. Wake Up
  13. OUTRO

3rd Japan Single Album: Danger (2015)


  1. Danger -Japanese Ver.-
  2. 進撃の防弾(Attack On Bangtan) 
  3. Miss Right -Japanese Ver.-

3rd Mini Album: 화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) pt. 1 (2015)


  1. INTRO: 화양연화
  2. I Need U
  3. 잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight)
  4. SKIT: Expectation!
  5. 쩔어 (Dope)
  6. 흥탄소년단 (Boyz With Fun)
  7. Converse High
  8. 이사 (Move)
  9. OUTRO: Love Is Not Over

4th Japan Single Album: For You (2015)


  1. For You
  2. War Of Hormone (Japanese Ver.)
  3. Let Me Know (Japanese ver)

4th Mini Album: 화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life) pt. 2 (2015)


  1. INTRO: Never Mind
  2. Run
  3. Butterfly
  4. Whalien 52
  5. Ma City
  6. Silver Spoon
  7. SKIT: One Night In A Strange City
  8. 고엽 (Autumn Leaves)
  9. OUTRO: House of Cards

5th Japan Single Album: I NEED U (2015)


  1. I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
  2. DOPE (Japanese Ver.)
  3. フンタン少年団 (Japanese Ver.)

6th Japan Single Album: RUN (2016)


  1. Run (Japanese ver)
  2. Butterfly (Japanese ver)
  3. Good Day

Special Album: 화양연화 (The Most Beautiful Moment In Live) Young Forever [2016]

2 VERSIONS: DAY AND NIGHT (each album comes with 2 CD’s)

-CD 1-

  1. Intro : 화양연화
  2. I NEED U
  3. Hold Me Tight
  4. Autumn Leaves
  5. Butterfly (Prologue Mix)
  6. RUN
  7. Ma City
  8. Crow It / Baepsae
  9. Dope
  10. Fire
  11. Save ME
  12. EPILOGUE : Young Forever

-CD 2-

  1. Converse High
  2. 이사 (Move)
  3. Whalien 52
  4. Butterfly
  5. House Of Cards (full length edition)
  6. Love Is Not Over (full length edition)
  7. I NEED U (Urban Mix)
  8. I NEED U (Remix)
  9. RUN (Ballad Mix)
  10. RUN (Alternative mix)
  11. Butterfly (Alternative mix)

2nd Japanese Album: Youth (2016)


  1. Introduction: Youth
  2. Run
  3. Fire
  4. Dope
  5. Good Day
  6. Save Me
  7. フンタン少年団 (Boyz with Fun)
  8. ペップセ (Baepsae)
  9. Wishing On A Star
  10. Butterfly
  11. For You
  12. I Need U
  13. Epilogue: Young Forever

2nd Album: WINGS (2016)


  1. INTRO: Boy Meets Evil
  2. 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
  3. Begin
  4. Lie
  5. Stigma
  6. First Love
  7. Reflection
  8. MAMA
  9. Awake
  10. Lost
  11. BTS Cypher pt 4
  12. Am I Wrong
  13. 21세기 소녀 (21st Century Girl)
  14. 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를) Two! Three! (Because we have more better days)
  15. INTERLUDE: Wings

The Best Of BTS (2017) 


<Japan Ver>

1.No More Dream (Japanese Ver.)
2. Boy In Luv (Japanese Ver.)
3. Danger (Japanese Ver.)
4. Attack On Bangtan進撃の防弾 (Japanese Ver.)
5. Miss Right (Japanese Ver.)
6. I Like It Pt. 2 いいね!Pt.2〜あの場所で〜
7. For You
8. War Of Hormone (Japanese Ver.)
9. I Need U (Japanese Ver.)
10. Dope (Japanese Ver.)
11. Run (Japanese Ver.)
12. Fire (Japanese Ver.)
13. Save Me (Japanese Ver.)
14. EPILOGUE : Young Forever (Japanese Ver.)
< Korea ver.  >
1. No More Dream
2. We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2
3. N.O
4. Boy In Luv
5. Just One Day
6. Danger
7. War of Hormone
8. I Need U
9. Dope
10. Run
11. EPILOGUE : Young Forever
12.  Fire
13. Save Me
14. Blood Sweat & Tears



1. INTRO: Boy Meets Evil
2. 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
3. Begin
4. Lie
5. Stigma
6. First Love
7. Reflection
9. Awake
10. Lost
11. BTS Cypher 4
12. Am I Wrong
13. 21세기 소녀 (21st Century Girl)
14. 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를) Two! Three! (Because we have more better days)
15. 봄날 (Spring Day)
16. Not Today
17. OUTRO: Wings
18. A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

(I hope this helps :) this actually took me over 3 hours hahaha i hope there are no typo’s :) enjoy!)

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Visitors to Special Collections often ask, “So, what’s the most valuable book you have?” They might not expect the answer to be the two rather battered-looking volumes pictured above. But this 1797 first edition of James Edward Smith’s The Natural History of the Rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia including Their Systematic Characters, the Particulars of Their Several Metamorphoses and the Plants on which They Feed (whew!) is a treasure.

The first publication about American butterflies and moths, the set contains 104 gorgeously hand-colored plates of butterflies, moths, chrysalides, and plants. Unfortunately, because the plates are so beautiful, these sets have often been taken apart so the plates can be sold individually for more profit.

Do you also get that special feeling when you see me? I don’t want to admit it, but I think I have a crush on you. You’re just really cute and you’re constantly on my mind. Baby, do you feel the same?
—  L.N. | falling for you
i love you more

requested: “Can you do an imagine where you visit Shawn on tour and fall asleep in his arms on the tour bus. He never falls asleep so when you wake you pretend to be sleeping because shawn is talking to Geoff and Andrew about how he sees spending the future with you and just how much he loves you. I don’t know if this makes sense but you are an incredible writer!!“

authors note: this one is sooo cute and i loved writing it! thank you for the compliment anon, and also for this adorable request :)

The fabric from Shawn’s sweatshirt rubbed against your cheek, as you lay on his chest, eyes closed. You were terribly tired, and a nap was something you were thinking about all day. You didn’t think Shawn would get to nap with you considering how busy he was with everything, but he finally found some down time, so he was here, laying on the couch of his tour bus, slowly falling asleep. Visiting Shawn on tour has been incredibly tiring for you, but also insanely fun. You were traveling, with your best friend, and to top it all off you got to watch him live his dream. It sounded cliche but it was true. You loved seeing him smile on stage, or dance around to his own music as he sang. There was nothing else in the world that made you happier than seeing Shawn’s happiness.

“Your hair is in my mouth.” You heard Shawn whisper, and you picked your head up laughing.
He was holding pieces of your hair in his hand and flashing you that bright smile of his.

“Sorry.” You smiled back and moved your hair so it wouldn’t get in the way. He kissed the top of your head and closed his eyes again. Soon enough you heard little snores coming from Shawn, and you too eventually fell asleep to his breaths.


You opened your eyes to the bright lights in the ceiling, causing you to immediately close them again. Shawn wasn’t with you anymore, and laying on the couch alone wasn’t exactly the most comfortable position, and you could already feel a knot in your neck. You started to get up, when you heard someone say your name. You carefully looked over to see Shawn talking to Andrew and Geoff about you. You played it off, like you were still asleep so you could listen. You hoped Shawn wasn’t complaining or anything of that sort.

“I can honestly see myself with her for the rest of my life. And that’s crazy, I know.” Shawn’s voice and words gave you butterflies. There was something special about your relationship with Shawn and you always knew it. It made you feel better though, knowing that Shawn felt it too. You were both so young but you two had been together for quite some time and he maybe talked to you about marriage once, but that’s it. Listening to him talk about you right now though, just made your face red, and your heart beat.

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself buddy.” Andrew and Geoff were teasing Shawn and laughing, and he laughed too, but he kept talking.

“I know, I know. I just.. ” Shawn was lost in his thoughts and he didn’t finish his sentence, so Andrew finished it for him.

“Love her? You love her? We get it dude. We’re glad that you’re happy.” And you could literally hear the smile in Shawn’s voice.

“Sometimes I feel like my feelings for her are stronger than her feelings more me. I just hope she loves me the way I love her you know?” And that was it for you right there. You sat up on the couch, looking over at Shawn.

“I do baby.” You smiled and shyly looked down after you said it. You felt bad for listening in on their conversation, but you were glad you did.

“Hey, you’re awake?” Shawn’s cheeks were flushed and he was looking at the ground, as if he was embarrassed that you heard him.

“Yeah, sorry. I heard everything.” You laughed and shrugged your shoulders hoping he wouldn’t be mad at you. But it wasn’t your fault you happened to wake up when he was taking about you.

“Don’t be sorry Y/N, now he knows how you feel about him.” Geoff said and playfully punched Shawn on the arm. Andrew raised his eyebrows and started walking out of the room where Geoff followed him. Shawn came over to you and sat down next to you on the couch.

“I probably love you more than you love me. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, which I apologize for.” You started rambling about everything that just went down, but suddenly you were interrupted by Shawn’s mouth on yours. His hands were tangled in your hair and your heart was racing. It was amazing how even after all this time of being with Shawn he still made you nervous at times. Shawn then, pulled away and held your face in his hands, he was looking right at you.

“Trust me, I love you way more Y/N.”

“A Break” - Scott McCall

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REQUEST: (Y/N) is a human and she is dating Scott and he takes her on a date just to get away from all the drama.

“Scott, will you tell me where we’re going already?” (Y/N) asked again.
She was in the car with her boyfriend, Scott, who was driving her to a mysterious location. The sun had been replaced by the moon and they had been driving for only five minutes, but (Y/N) was geing impatient, wanting to know where the werewolf was taking her.
“Just wait. We’re almost there.” Scott replied, sounding both excited and nervous.
(Y/N) had given up asking questions and the car came to a stop a few minutes later. She looked curiously through the window, it was dark outside but the moon was shining bright enough for (Y/N) to be able to see her surroundings.
“The woods? You dragged me out of bed for a walk in the woods?” (Y/N) complained, her eyebrows rised.
“Just shut up and follow me, will you?” Scott said gently as he rolled his eyes at his girlfriend.

The two teenagers got out of the car and (Y/N) followed Scott into the woods as she placed her hand in his. After a couple of minutes, (Y/N) stopped in her tracks, her mouth fell open as she watched the dozens of fairylights wrapped around the trees branches. There was blanket and two pillows placed on the ground and on top of it, was resting a bunch of flowers.
Scott let go of (Y/N)’s hand as he went to pick up the flowers and handed them nervously to his girlfriend, who still looked astonished.
“Surprise! Do you like it?” Scott asked, hopeful.

It wasn’t the first time he took (Y/N) on a date, but this time he had put so much more effort into it to make it special that he couldn’t help but feel nervous. Scott and (Y/N) had been in a relationver a year and a half and were as deeply in love with each other as they were when they had their first kiss together.
“That’s why I was avoiding you today…I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and that you wouldn’t find out before-”
Scott was cut off when a pair of soft lips were pressed against his. He closed his eyes and kissed his girlfriend back as he pulled her closer to his touch.

Eventually, the two teenagers had to end the kiss, both running out of oxygen. They stared at each other in silent for a couple of seconds before (Y/N) spoke.
“This is the best thing someone has ever done for me. I love it. Thank you, baby.” (Y/N) declared.
Scott felt a wide smile appear on his face. He had been so worried that (Y/N) wouldn’t like it or that she would still be mad at him for being M.I.A all day. But her reaction was the best he could have hoped for, (Y/N) sincerely looked happy and moved by the effort that Scott put into their special date, and it made the werewolf have butterflies in his stomach.
“I’m glad you like it.” He smiled.

“What’s the occasion?” (Y/N) asked after they sat down on the soft blanket. Scott shrugged.
“I thought you could use a break. You know, with everything that’s been happening in Beacon Hills lately.”
“You’re the one who needs a break, Scott. You haven’t slept more than four hours in the past two days.” (Y/N) said, concerned.
“Hey. This isn’t about me. It’s about you.” Scott looked deeply into (Y/N)’s eyes. “You’re not like me. You’re human. You shouldn’t have to deal with all this supernatural crap.” He looked down. “I’m sorry I’m the one who dragged you into this.”
(Y/N) frowned. “Scott, baby. Look at me.”
Scott lifted his head and his brown eyes got lost into (Y/N)’s once again. He could never get tired looking at her.
“I chose this. Even after I found out about the supernatural, I chose tobe with you. And I don’t regret any of it.” (Y/N) gave him a small smile.
“You don’t?” Scott asked with a low voice.
“Of course not. I can handle a herd of supernatural creatures who want to kill me if I know we’re going to be together.”
“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Scott confessed. “So many people died because of me.”
“No, baby. So many people lived because of you.” (Y/N) corrected him. “You’ve saved so many lives, I’ve seen it.”
Scott reached out for (Y/N)’s hand and intertwined their fingers together.
“I love you so much.” The werewolf declared.
“I love you too, Scott. That’s why I want you to know that I don’t mind having to deal with the supernatural, because I can be with you and it is so worth it.” (Y/N) smiled.

This time, Scott was the one to press his lips on (Y/N)’s. He was so thankful to have her in his life. He didn’t know shat he did to deserve her, but he was glad she was his girlfriend.
The two teenagers spent the night in the woods, laughing and making out even more. They didn’t care about tomorrow, or the following days, because no matter what danger was thrown their way, they knew they will fight it together.
That’s how they felt when they were together, they felt invincible. And at this very moment, they were.

Lavenderwhisp’s Witch Types Master Post

Witch: magical practitioner

Elemental Witch: Witches who work around the 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit.

Earth Witch: Witches who specifically work with their magic around the element of Earth, through grounding exercises, rock/soil collecting, crystal magic, and Green Witchery.

Types of Earth Witches:

Green Witch: use plants/herbs/flowers in herbal and natural magic, such as using them in spells and creating remedies with them.

Garden Witch: A version of a Green Witch, they enjoy working with the earth through gardening and using their herbs and plants to help and care for their families and loved ones.

Flora Witch: Similar to the above witches, they work with flowers in their practice. Their Book of Shadows would likely be full of Green Witchery, such as than herbs and herbal recipes, and flower classifications and associations.

Marijuana Witch: A type of Green Witch, Marijuana has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes throughout history. These witches use marijuana for magical purposes and use herbal recipes with marijuana. 

Rock Witch: Witches who work with all rocks, including stones and crystals. They enjoy geology and their Book of Shadows is full of geology and crystal healing. They are most likely involved in a scientific field, such as geography or archaeology where they can be close to the Earth.

Crystal Witch: Witches who work with stones and crystals, such as through crystal healing. Their Book of Shadows will most likely have information about the stones, chakra balance, and crystal meditation.

Forest Witch: A witch who enjoys the company of trees and live amongst them. The seclusion is perfect for cottage magic and tree magic. They also enjoy the company of fey and woodland animals, and use local plants.

Swamp Witch: Witches who live within the swamps, use swamp plants, and enjoy the company of swamp animals.

Desert Witch: A witch who lives in the desert, enjoys the natural desert scenery, uses desert plants, bones, sand in their practice, collects desert rocks, and befriend desert animals such as snakes, lizards, and scorpions. They also tend to use the elements of Wind and Fire as well as Earth in their practice. They normally worship desert deities and study desert lore in their area.

Sand Witch: Sand witches live where a lot of sand is in the local earth, such as the desert of the beach. Their home is filled with different types of sand and rocks.

Water Witch: Witches who work with the element of Water. Water magic includes water scrying, collecting water, swimming and other water-related actives.

Types of Water Witches:

Sea Witch: They work with magic and deities around the ocean and oceanic world. The practice sea magic using seashells and bones, sea weed, beach sand, driftwood, ocean water, etc. They also may worship sea deities and enjoy the imagery of sea creatures.

Ice/Arctic Witch: A witch who lives amongst snow covered land for most of the year or have a deep appreciation for the cold and snow. They worship ice deities, use snow water, and enjoy the cold. 

River/stream/spring witch: Witches who work with running water, worship river deities, and study local river lore.

Lake witch: Witches who live around a lake. They fish, befriend frogs, observe wildlife, canoe or kayak in their spar time, and swim to feel grounded. They may worship water/lake deities and study local lake lore.

Bath Witch: Another type of water witch, but much more domestic. These witches enjoy the calming effect of bathing, make bath salts, and enjoy bath magic.

Air/Wind Witch: Witches who center around the element of Air. They work with wind, using tools, symbols, and deities associated with Air. 

Fire Witch: Witches who focus on the element of Fire and fire magic, such as candle magic, and may worship deities associated with fire.

Other Natural Witch types: 

Seasonal Witch: Witches who draw magic during a specific time of the year. They are known as Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer witches who have a deep connection to the season they love. A seasonal witch gains most of their power during and from the season they identify with. For example, a person who loves the heat and sunshine of summer will soak up the rays and become very magical during the summer. They practice magic throughout they year, but they have that favorite season, like we all do. They would incorporate seasonal specific plants, symbols, colors, deities, and so on. Their work could also be affected depending on where they live, such as one season occurs for a longer period of time more than any others instead of the distinct 4 seasons.

North Witch: North witches identify with the direction of North and the symbolism it represents, such as infinite possibilities, earth, creativity, and home.

East Witch: East witches worship the East Cardinal Direction and the associations East represents, such as the future, air, communication, and trust.

West Witch: West witches identify with the direction of West and its associations of the past, confidence, water, emotion, and the psyche.

South Witch: South witches enjoy the direction of South and its representation of the present, fire, energy, physical strength, and health.Sun Witch: A witch who enjoys sunshine, works with spell work involving the sun during the daytime, and sun deities.

Lunar/Moon Witch: A witch who draws magic from the moon. They are nocturnal witches and closely follow the phases of the moon, and do magic according to the lunar calendar. They also tend to worship deities associated with the moon.

Astronomical/Space Witch: Witches who focus on the planets and stars. Their Book of Shadows will have information about each planet, the zodiac and astrology, and the enjoy nocturnal magic based on astronomical charts and the alignment of the planets.

Nocturnal Witch: A witch who works with nocturnal deities and magical work at night. They find solace in darkness, the darker side of life, and normally wear dark colors. There is a great book by Konstantinos called Nocturnal Witchcraft.

Storm/Weather Witch: Witches who combine one’s energy with the energy of the weather and storms. They collect rain water, utilize the energy of a lightning storm, and so on.

Animal Witch: Witches who have a deep appreciation for all animals and use animal materials, draw on their energy, and most of the time worship animal deities.

Wolf Witch: Someone who identifies on a spiritual level with wolves, and enjoys nature, and being in the woods, nocturnal magic, worship wolf deities.

Cat Witch: Cats and witches have always had a close spiritual relationship. Cat Witches have cats as familiars and worship cat deities. They enjoy magic involving cats and cat imagery.

Fox Witch: These witches enjoy foxes, fox imagery, and fox lore. They most likely enjoy the forest and their Book of Shadows is full of fox types and information.

Bird Witch: Witches who love birds, bird imagery, bird related magic, bird lore, and may worship bird related deities. They may also love to fly in planes or be pilots, enjoy sky diving, and wish to have wings.

Bug Witch: Bug witches are fascinated with insects and probably have a collection of bug friend. They may have butterfly feeders or a bee farm around their home, worship bug related deities, and may work in a field related to insects, science, and nature.

Butterfly Witch: These witches love butterflies, butterfly imagery, and the symbolism behind butterflies. 

Death Witch: Witches who specialize in working with the dead. They work with bones and graveyard dirt, and some commune with spirits. They tend to worship Gods and Goddesses related to death and the afterlife.

Sex witch: Witches who manifest most of their magic from sex and sex magic, and worship sex related deities.

Fertility Witch: Fertility witches worship fertility related deities and derive power from their own fertility.

Empath Witch: An empath is a form of psychic who can feel other peoples feelings. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowing.

Gray witch: Also known as a neutral witch, practices magic that does not harm nor benefit others. They will mostly benefit and harm at the same time, creating a neutral or balanced effect. They believe a witch who cannot curse, cannot heal, Also, to them nature is not completely positive, nor completely negative, it is neutral and balanced.

Special Witch types:

Energy Witch: Witches who harness their own energy and use it to manifest change.

Divination Witch: Witches who work with practices of divination, such as tarot readings, palmistry, tea leaf reading, and so on.

Hedge Witch: Also known as shamans. They use a type of magic that is oriented around the spiritual world. Astral travel/projection, lucid dreaming, spirit-work, healing, and out-of-body experiences are some of the magic they do.

Fairie/Faery/Fey Witch: Witches who communicate and work with the fey, such as calling on them and leaving them offerings regularly to thank them for their assistance. They study fairy and elemental spirit lore, especially in regards to their local area.

Draconian Witch: Witches who call upon dragons, use dragon imagery in their practice, and worship dragon deities.

Mermaid witch: Witches who call upon mermaids specifically. They use mermaid imagery and mermaid deities.

Modern and Domestic Witch types:

Kitchen Witch: Witches who enjoy working in the kitchen and put their magic into herbal mixtures, brewing, baking, and cooking.

Cottage Witch: A lot like a kitchen witch, they enjoy being in their home and doing things for their loved ones.

Country Witch: Witches who enjoy living in the country. Some may have a large ranch with livestock, while others enjoy the seclusion for their practice. Most likely they will enjoy the company of horses, worship animal/agriculture/nature related deities, and practice domestic and green magic.

Urban Witch: Witches who live in a urban environment and use more modern practices of magic. They may substitute traditional ingredients with modern ones, use traditional tools but in a new way, such as wearing sigils on their clothing or as a tattoo, use electronic sources, and have their Book of Shadows on their computer. Urban witchery is all about combining the old with the new.

Technological Witch: Witches who work with technology. They practice modern witchcraft through phone apps, online blogs, online divination and spells, and most likely have a digital Book of Shadows.

Science witch: Witches who love science, most likely work in a science related field, and get their magical energy from their science experiments.

Athletic Witch: Witches who enjoy pushing themselves physically. This could be through yoga, running, or a sport. Their practice includes keeping themselves healthy and motivated physically, and using their healthy energy to help others through physical challenges.

Music Witch: Witches who enjoy music. They use magic in their singing, chanting, and playing instruments. Music is in their lives everyday and is how they create magic in other people’s lives. They may worship music related deities, enjoy the music of their ancestors, and enjoy music history.

Artist/Craft Witch: Witches who put their magic into art, such as drawing, sculpting, painting, and creating. Magic is in everything they work hard physically and mentally to produce. They may worship artistic and creative deities. After all witchcraft would only be “witch” without the craft.

Literary Witch: Witches who enjoy books and literature. They enjoy reading, writing, poetry, creating catchy spells, and studying witchcraft, lore, and magical practices of every culture. They are very studious witches who are bound to have a library of witchcraft sources. Literary witches I see as being absorbed in books, making their own spells, and really being able to turn a phrase.

Cosmetic Witch: Witches who enjoy making or buying makeup, lotions, soaps, and other things that can change and benefit their appearance and body. These witches enjoy the art of makeup and possibly work as a makeup artist or for a beauty product company.

Fashion/fabric witches: Witches who thrive on making, design, or buying clothes. These can be domestic knitters and sewers, to stylists and fashion designers. They enjoy making things for others and the art of fabric and fashion.

Party Witch: These witches are social butterflies and extroverts. They get energy from being around others, dancing, and having fun, and making sure others have fun.

Religious Witch: Witches who practice their religious beliefs in cohesion with their craft.

Common Types of Religious Witches:

Pagan Witch: A Pagan formally means a person who worships more than one deity. Paganism is also normally an umbrella term for any religion other than the Abrahamic religions.

Wiccan: Wicca is a modern Pagan religion. Wiccans worship nature and normally use magic for positive unharmful change, but not all Wiccans do. Wiccans also follow the Wiccan Rede, which simply states that you will not use magic to harm others or yourself.

 Thelemic Witches: The Thelema philosophy is a precursor to Wicca created in the early 1900s, and has similar tenants to Wicca, such as “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” Modern Thelemics may practice more than one religion and worship other deities than the 3 main Egyptian deities in their texts, Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Witchcraft is also part of the Thelemic religion.

Satanic Witch: Satanism includes symbolic association with, or admiration for, Satan, whom Satanists see as an inspiring and liberating figure. Satanic witches don’t always worship Satan, but rather follow the beliefs preached in Satanism.

Christian Witch: Christian witches follow the teachings of Christ and worship God and Jesus through witchcraft.

Buddhist Witch: Buddhists who also practice witchcraft. These witches follow Buddhist philosophy, believe in Karma, practice yoga, as well as practice nature based witchcraft.

Regionally Specific Witchery: most were originally tribal based and feature many similarities, such as Paganism and similar craft practices


Norse: Norse witches worship Norse deities. Witchcraft was very important in ancient Viking culture and a normal part of their everyday life. Warrior shamanism, runes, and sacrifices to the Gods were just some of their important practices. Heathen Witch: Heathenry is Norse/Anglo-Saxon/any Germanic Paganism, also called Asatrú: Ásatrú is a polytheistic faith based on pre-Christian Northern European Pagan beliefs. Emphasis on historical accuracy and the heroic tales as recorded in texts and personal honor, truth and integrity are considered to be some of the highest virtues.

Druid: Druidry means following a spiritual path rooted in the green Earth and hails from the United Kingdom. It means participating in Celtic wisdom teachings, but embracing the contributions of many peoples and times. Druids worship Celtic deities and practice earth based magic.

Hellenic Witch: Witches who are Hellenic or Greek Pagans (Hellenists, Hellenes, Hellenism) are generally polytheists who worship the ancient Greek Olympian gods. Offerings to the Gods are an extremely important element of ritual practice. Hellenismos consider hospitality of great important and place great value on the study and use of classical Greek philosophical texts.

Roman Witch: Roman Pagan witches practice Religio Romana, the pre-Christian religion of Rome. The modern religion reconstructs the ancient faith of Rome and its gods, goddesses and rituals as closely as possible. Every attempt is based on historical accuracy and archaeological evidence. Like their friends the Hellenic Witches focus on the original classical texts, writers and language of their ancestors.

Italian Witch: Strega (Stregheria, La Vecchia Religione, "The Old Religion”), Italian witches practice a form of Witchcraft that encompasses elements of the pre-Christian European magical teachings and ancient Etruscan and Tuscan religions. Many modern Italian Witches today, especially those who still reside in Italy, are Christians who also practice their Old Religion.


Egyptian Witch: Kemetist witches practice a modern religion based upon the ancient Egyptian family of gods/goddesses and ancient Egyptian ritual practice. While many gods and goddesses are revered or acknowledged, the Kemetic religion is not primarily polytheistic. In many sects of Kemetism, the concept is better described as one god representing many distinct personalities and divinities. Rituals and offerings are often elaborate, and both ancient texts and modern archeological discoveries are very important to modern Egyptian witches.

African Witch: African witchcraft varies region to region of the African continent and can be tribally specific. African witchcraft normally delves in spirit work and shamanism. The most well known type of African witchcraft is Voodoo (Vodou). Voodoo is an ancient West African religion based on spirit work. Voodoo is a religion of spirits. Voodooists believe that the world of humans is shared by the world of the spirits. When a person dies, his spirit passed to the world of the unseen but is still able to see the human world. Spirits, it is believed, in some cases can even impact the world of the living. They also seen as witch doctors in their communities who can heal, work with divination, and give their customers charms and amulets to bring them luck, love, harm to others, and so on.

The Americas

Native American Witch: Each region and tribe of Native Americans have its own unique kind of witchcraft. Each tribe has their own rituals, performed ceremonies, and costumes. They each have their own tools, carvings, and totem poles. In spite of all their differences, Native Americans share a sense of oneness with their land, practice herbology, and hunt, use, and honor animals of Native America. A common magical practice known to have roots in Native American magic is the practice of smudging.

Louisiana Voodoo: A sect of African Voodoo, knowledge of herbs, poisons, the ritual creation of charms and amulets, and the intension to protect oneself or harm others are key elements of Louisiana Voodoo. Voodoo queens have great power in their communities, are ritual leaders, and draw crowds to buy their magical products, such as “gris gris” amulets and spells that will grant the customers desire. There also Voodoo kings, their male equivalent. 

American Hoodoo: A sect of Louisiana Voodoo that is ever evolving. Hoodoo practitioners use gris-gris items, such as amulets and charms, to cure their customers ailments, bring them luck and love, and whatever they desire. Some work closely with the Bible, and have said to see Moses as magical figure. 

Bruja/Brujo Witches: Witches who practice witchcraft, brujeria, who have Hispanic heritage and/or live in Spanish speaking South America.

Brazilian Shamanism: Like other tribal or local shaman, they work with the spirit world, work with divination, and are seen as healers. Shamanism is often hereditary in Brazil and they work with a specific animals spirit to derive power from, such as the jaguar. Brazilian witches also incorporate catholic saints with the beliefs of the Brazilian Indians and the worship of their local indigenous gods.

Kahunas of Hawaii: Like other shamans, they invoke spiritual help, conduct rituals, and have Pagan local gods who are given offerings. They also have various crafts of Kahunas, such as a high priest, dream interpreter, and reader of the skies. To the Kahunas, and many witches today and in the past, the subconscious is your greatest ally or greatest foe for achieving health, wealth, and happiness.


Japanese Witch: The Pagan Japanese religion of Shinto is shamanistic. Witch is a very positive term in Japan. Japanese witchcraft is commonly separate into two types: those who familiar snakes and those who familiar foxes.

Korean Shamans( Muism or Sinism): Sinism is Pagan shamanism pre-dating Buddhism and Confucianism. The Mu, also known as magician, medicine man, mystic or poet, have the ability to will people into a trance state and astral project. The Mu provides physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. These shamans emphasize holistic living. There are different types of Mu and they are link to the mother goddess associated with a mountain. Each region has a different mountain association, thus a different goddess associated with that region. They make sacrifices to the gods, worship ancestors, sing songs, and meditate.

Chinese Wuism: Chinese shamanism, also called Wuism, was first recorded in the Shang dynasty. These men and women are seen to meditate with the powers to generate things, worship ancestors, and can communicate with the spirits. Gods of nature are prominent in Wuism.

Filipino Witch: Kulam is a form of folk magic from the Phiippines. It emphasizes personal power and the secret knowledge of Magica Baja. Like other witches they practice candle magic, scrying, spell work, and a mangkukulam, a version of the Voodoo doll. They also are witch doctors like other folk magic practitioners who uses divination to diagnose a victim and try to cure them.

Eclectic Witch: Most modern witches follow many practices, traditions, may be religious or secular, and go by many titles. 

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Here are the Paladin, Bard, Druid and Rogue enjoying a rare quiet moment in the summer sun. Our Paladin Fariz (with his ridiculous long hair) has a very ‘special’ herbal tea he likes to share, which would explain the mellow disposition of the company. 

…Of course inspired by the ‘braid scene’ in Disney’s animation: Tangled.


the purple butterfly duvet is special. robert bought if for liv when she first moved in and she hated it, told him he could have it back and he tried to make out that he didn’t care. when he moved in himself, aaron had a surprise for him. the bedsheets were the purple butterfly ones and he said “something of yours, make ya feel a little more at home on your first night properly living here” robert was beyond touched, blushed bright red and spent the night convincing aaron that he had taste and that they were nice despite aaron saying otherwise and laughing his head off at it all.

robert hugs it close each night and smiles fondly at the memory before he tries to go to sleep and fails, always fails to sleep the way he used to when aaron was by his side.