they are soo in love you can just see it

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hi shay! now after its all with joe out there i keep going back to the super saturday concert for clues and she was so happyyyy and you now can tell that was reputation Taylor all the waaay!! the look on her face when she sings the i remember it all to well part, the one part that used to be heartbreaking and hard to sing she is just, you can see in her mind she is going: i forget their names now!! lol she was soo happy and in love already!!!

Yesss!!!! She was so relaxed and happy that night and I remember being so happy for her and seeing that she had gotten over the mess that was last year and was singing along to ATW with a smile on her face but little did we know she was going home to Joe’s arms and was happier than ever ❤️

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I've just read the cutest hc about andrew wearing a flower crown made by renee and all i could think of is how it would look if you drew it because your art is always so cute and soft and i love it more than anything in the world 💕💕 so if you have time and feel up to it would you please please try drawing this? If not, you can totally just ignore this but i'd love to see andrew like that 💞

Thank you for your good words<3333
I planned to draw Andrew like that but it slipped my mind… soo thanks for reminding me))

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Also can we just yell about the gif where y and j's heads are pushed together when they are both at the sink... like where was the need :) for that :) you can see their hair touching and its soo nice :(((

!!! in the ch+ bts you can see them being all cozy talking to each other as they work too,,, i love yoongi and jimin being all domestic and intimate and totally forgetting about the others as they work together


Moon Lovers 1 Year Anniversary Week
August 28th: Favourite Exchange of Looks

I love how just through their eyes you can see how different the entire situation is for the both of them. His eyes are so soft and calm, wanting the throne wasn’t an overnight decision, nor was it the result of greed or wanting to prove himself. With So, his own wants would always come second, and even in fighting for the throne - it’s not for him, but rather to protect the people he cares for and to end the bloodshed. And then you have Hae Soo, she searches his eyes for even a glimpse of the Gwangjong she remembers, and realises that whilst she can’t stop him from becoming King, she can help prevent him from becoming the man history remembers. The look in his eyes is from the start, certain of his goal, whereas hers changes from unsure to determined and to an extent this exchange of looks alone encapsulates the core of both their characters.

D.O As Your Boyfriend



- cooks

- kimchi spaghetti

- deep talks 

- reads books with you

- great listener

- likes watching you sleep

- has the cutest laugh ever

- looks at the stars with you

- holding your hand 24/7

- shy baby soo

- loves kissing you

- not big on pda

- but at home is a different story

- backhugs

- neck kisses

- cuddling

- loves playing with your hair

- occasionally does aegyo

- gets super shy about it

- constantly embarrasses himself infront of you

- but its okay because you love him

- and soo really loves you too

- loves talking about your future together

- wants a family

- really would like to get married

- he’s a fluff ball even though he might not seem like it

- protects you from everything he possibly can

- just wants to see you happy

- holds you when you cry

- pillow talk

- watches shows with you

- stays up late with you while watching your show because its so interesting

- “Jagi, grab the popcorn!”

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—does this make sense? | 04 (m)

pairing min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi
genre/warnings some type of fluff I guess, smut, drama, angst
words 10,257

:: summary you meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» 01:: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11 :: +

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Teen Wolf 6x20 [finale]

-Wait, what’s happening?
-That look is like Season 3B Scott!! The one in the trailer, remember?
-Oh, Scott looks so hot on his bike!!
-Wait, is this like a flashforward? Really?!
-Scott: “I’m gonna tell you a story, maybe it’ll sound familiar.”
-Oh no, it’s barely a minute and I’m gonna cry already.
-Aww, he saved a new werewolf. I wonder if he’ll join the pack.
-Scott: “I’ve got my own story. There were parts I didn’t expect. People who I thought would’ve be with me forever… are the ones that I lost.”
-Chris’ face!! It’s obvious that Allison was hinted there!!
-Scott then looks at Chris: “Some people I thought I could never trust… ended up saving my life. More than once.”
-“Your story, how does it end?”
-Okay, and then we go back to the present. Or would it be the past? Past! Yes, past!
-Fuck these hunters.
-Deucalion is still alive!! He’s crawling!!
-Stiles: “You didn’t think you’d do this without me, did ya?”
-Derek appears.
Derek: “Without us?”
-The last time we’ll get to see the intro.
-Monroe coward!! She’s running away!!
-Stydia banter! Hahahaha!
-Deucalion is dying :c
-“He can’t beat you… and he knows it.”
-Deucalion being an Scott fan ‘till the end.
-RIP Deucalion.
-Aww, Scott’s face. Crying!!
-That Scerek hug!!! I’m crying!!!
-Scott: “You came back for Beacon Hills?”
Derek: “No. I came back for you.”
-Fucking Gerard, die already.
-Drop dead, I’m serious.
-Jackson: “Come a little closer. I’m gonna shove that thing so far up your ass!!”
-“I’m going to tell you where to find all of them.” FUCK
-Parrish!! :(
-Papa McCall! :(
-Scott calling Theo to go and save Liam (and Mason and Corey). Like you need to tell him to save his boyfriend.
-Stiles telling them how he and Derek meet again and came back together to BH.
Lydia: “You convinced the FBI to bring an intern on a extremly dangerous field operation?” THAT’S MY STILES!!
-Stiles’ version vs Derek’s version
-Even if you don’t ship them you gotta admit that was a pretty good scene!
-Nolan is still alive YES!! THANKS!
-Mama McCall to the rescue!!
-Fuck Gerard and Monroe!!
-Scott about the Anuk-ite: “It will find us.”
-Peter, close your eyes!! Peter!!
-Lydia and Stiles to the rescue!!
-Aww, no matter what everyone says, I loved seeing how Lydia and Jackson reacted to the other :)
-Fuck all the haters
-Jackson: “You did that?”
Lydia: “Yeah, I did that.”
Stiles: “I kicked down the door.”
-Loved how the two of the reacted to Jethan. Sweet~
-Loved Lydia.
-Fuck, he’s got a gun! Liam!!
-Liam: “What are you doing here?”
-Lydia’s face as she says “You still have a tail.”
-I’m soo happy to see Thiam together once more! And I was so waiting for the elevator scene!
-I love that hospitals/elevators are their thing.
-theo: “I’m not dying for you.”
Liam: “I’m not dying for you either.”
Me: *gasps*
-Ohmygod, did you see the way Theo looked at Liam and then at his lips. JUST FUCKING KISS HIM!! DO IT!!
-WHY YOU WON’T KISS AND LET ME DIE HAPPY?!! *strangled whale noises*
-Liam: “….But I will fight with you.”
Me: *can breathe again*
-Oh yeah, they’re going to fight together!! Ohshitohshit!
-Power couple
-I’ve always thought that couples that fight badass together, stay together. It’s just a fact.
-Theo and Liam turned to the other at the same time! To protect the other!!
-Also when they got shot they fell beside the other! #Thiam4ever
-Derek worried about his Alpha
-Derek gently helping Scott to lie down *wipes away tear*
-Ethan: “How about we don’t fight it, just get out friends and get the hell out of here?”
-Parrish!! :C
-“Is only three of you.” YES
-“Sheriff. You refer to me by my proper title… deputy.”
-There you have your “60”!!! KICK THEIR ASSES!! #LOVESHERIFFFOREVER
-Jackson, don’t open them! DON’T!!
-Me *sees Ethan*: FUCK
-Yes Papa McCall!
-Oh no…
-Not this bitch.
-I made a post about it and I knew I was right!! Fuck
-Wow, Kate’s already there?
-Family reunion
Kate: “I’m your daughter. I’m an Argent.”
Gerard: “But still one of them.
-Wow, that even hurt me
-FUCK he shot her!
-Did Chris just saved Kate? Wow.
-Fuckfuckfuckfuck VoidStiles VoidStiles
-I’m not ready for that shit nope
-Jeff, how could you do that to– the Nogitsune NOPE
-"You failled everyone. Especially her” AHHH!!
-Poor Scott!!!!!
-“Shoot both of them” that was mean.
-Scott sees everyone! Even the bad guys! (a Berserker, Oni, one Dread Doctor)
-I’m crying!!
-The rules of being a shapeshifter!!
-Scott: “We’ve got weaknesses. And we’ve got lines that we can’t cross.”
-Mountain ash.
-Fuck, Monroe is getting away!!
-Aww, that Jethan moment and then they’re interrupted!!
-“Now it’s over.”
Jackson: “Good to see you, coach.”
Coach: “You too, Jackson.”
-Ow, now that the Anuk-ite is gone and so is the fear, mostly everyone is back to normal. Inlcuding Gabe.
-Theo’s face as he looks down at Gabe, I’m crying! Because even if that kid just tried to kill them (and actually shot him and Liam) he’s still a kid!! And he was afraid!
-Gabe: “It hurts… It hurts.”
-We all thought/wanted Theo taking Liam’s pain but he’s taking Gabe’s!!! Ohymgod!!!
-Character development
-For me, they’re cannon. I don’t care if they didn’t kiss or held hands/hugged or anything, neither did Stydia in this episode and they are cannon.
-Thiam is cannon y'all!!!
-Even Nolan was crying :c
-I never thought I would be sad about Gabe but here I am, bawling my eyes out.
-Back at the Argents
Chris: “Your family… is right in front of you.”
-Wait, Chris, don’t turn around! He can still shoot you!
-Werejaguar eyes!
-Oh, Chris let Kate have him!!! YESS!!
-Chris walking away all badass and leaving Kate to kill Gerard YESS!!
-I never thought I would be saying this to her but YOU GO GIRL!!
-Papa Stilinski, Parrish and Papa McCall was a team I neve knew I needed!
-“Parrish. Drop the weapons.”
“Yes, sir.”
-Monroe: “Someone pick up the radio and tell me what’s happening!”
Liam: “You lost.”
-THAT WAS SO BADASS!! LIKE, DAYUUM, LIAM!! And Theo standing behind him like a proud boyfriend.
-Stydia holding hands, aww.
-Lydia: “Malia, kiss him.”
-Wait, did she just remembered when she stopped Stiles’ panic attack with a kiss? That’s so sweet!!! I hope all Stydia shippers are happy!
-Scott’s eyes are back!! fuck, I was so worried.
-The pack can breathe again.
-Stiles’ reaction, ohmygod
-Scalia :)
-Ohmygod, the people of BH aren’t against the pack!! THANK GOD!! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT THAT!!
-Liam and Nolan as co-capitans.
-Just like Scott and Jackson were and they also had bad blood between them but got over it.
-Liam: “You did. Because you’re a great coach.” aww my heart
-Coach: “You’re right. I am a great coach.” *cries in Spanish*
-I don’t know if you’ve realized but the shots of Theo, Peter and Morey with Deaton are all from previous episodes. Just saying.
-Because some people were complaining about Theo being in the tunnels and Morey learning about supernatural stuff (and not being Stiles the one to learn). Calm down your tits.
-“Now we’ve got allies who used to be enemies” and they show Theo, I’m so happy!! #rendemptionaf
-“We have protectors.” and they show Peter glowing his eyes!!
-“We have friends willing to fight for us.” - Deaton showing a book to Mason and Corey
-I think that part described the other members of the pack so well :)
-Mama McCall and Papa Argent!!! YESS!!!!! AWWWW!!
-Jethan!!!! AWWWWWW!!!
-Aww, Scott saying goodbye to Chris as he held his hands *crying*
-Monroe, that bitch
-YES, THE PACK!! They’re coming together!!
-And it’s raining, nice touch.
-You know, I know it’s supposed to be like, the central pack (no offense to the others) but I would’ve loved to see Mason, Corey and Theo with them as well. Or maybe under different circumstances, but all of them together.
-Scott’s speech!!
-That wink!! Sciles4ever
-Alec: “Who are they?”
Scott: “My friends. My pack.” YES!!!!!!
-Scott: “And you can be with us if you want. But you’re gonna have to fight.” that’s right, homie boy!! If you want to be in the McCall pack, you’re gonna have to fight!!
-Scott: “You’re not a moster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.” DECEASED
-Slow-motion as the pack comes together!
-I’m not crying you’re crying!!
-The first ones who get together are Derek, Scott, Stiles and Lydia!! That’s like the four that where from the very beggining!!
-And then comes Malia and Liam, important members as well!
-It was weird seeing the new kid between them but meeh…
-Scott should’ve flashed his eyes at the end.
-Oh, the moon!!

Seventeen: MTL To Be Into BDSM

Hello…it’s me back at it again with another nswf post :^) but this time somebody (finally) requested it.
The beautiful @sugakookienamed requested it and I’m actually really happy???? Thank you???.
Before we start i wanted to tell you that i excluded out smol bby Dino.
Please keep requesting and enjoy you filthy people
Thank you?



I don’t know what you think but in my head Mingyu is the filthiest and really kinky. Just seeing you struggling against the ropes and moaning his name gets him off. He wouldn’t mind being tied to the bedpost too from time to time. He’s one of the switchs in the group but always gives 100%. Fucking him comes with alot of hickeys,bruises and sleepless nights. Seeing you covered in his marks makes him really proud.

We don’t have to talk about this alot am i right or am i right? Jun is a hot lil fuck and also under appreciated. Dominating you in any way possible is his favorite thing to do. If he’s not currently doing that, he fantasizes about it in his free time. Sometimes he has to excuse himself to the toilet to ya know “relief” himself and sometimes he can stop himself before going too far.

I actually wanted to put Wonwoo under Mingyu but then decided against it. He just isn’t as kinky as Jun. But that doesn’t mean he is innocent. Nooooo he is one of the worst when it comes to teasing you and overstimulation. I don’t think that he has a high sexdrive but when he fucks you it drains all you energy out off you but also leaves you begging you for more. Walking the next morning will be quite the struggle *wink wonk*.

S.coups probably has the biggest daddy kink out of all Seventeen, so he probably would also enjoy BDSM. While he does alot of BDSM he’s also has a praising kink. His body would do the opposite of what his mouth is saying. He’d whisper such sweet things into your ear while pounding so hard into you.

It may sound weird at first but yes i see Woozi as someone that would enjoy BDSM. He is so small and looks so innocent and fragile so showing you that he is a man in any way possible would be one of his priorities. Being the one that can make you look like that and make such sounds probably makes him really proud.

Yes, you’re reading right. Joshua our pure church boy is next in line. I can’t imagine him using BDSM on you but trust me this boy wants to be destroyed. He’s 100% sub material and you can fight me on that. He’s a whining mess under you and is always begging you even when you’re pleasing him. hE’s So CuTe I cAn’T

The8 is alot like joshua but not to that extent. While he wants to be dominated he also wants you begging on your knees. While he wouldn’t use so much BDSM like the others he isn’t less cruel with overstimulation and edging.

Man i don’t know but i think Jeonghan would be somewhat into BDSM but only the “pretty” BDSM. He’d really love shibari because it looks so pretty. Everything has to be aesthetic and beautiful for him tbh (just like him lmao).

I’m sorry but i can’t see Hoshi and Dk using BDSM to please you. They are such cute fluff balls i just can’t imagine them being that kinky. While they can get pretty rough in bed it’s not in that way.

Seungkwan and Vernon just are too inexperienced in my opinion. They would like it sweet and caring not rough. Soo.. no.

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I'm in the Christmas spirit already soo...Perhaps maybe where the reader (His girlfriend) surprises George by coming to the Burrow on Christmas morning? Maybe he isn't expecting to see her until next year at Hogwarts? And he's just so happy and he gets emotional and its just really fluffy?

i fuckin;;;;; love;;;;;;;;;;; chRISTMAS and this prompt. and u. i can’t tell how many anons i’ve proposed to yet but if u want we can all run away together and be nerds on and island. i can bake if u want

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Dear Y/N,

George is going crazy over here moping about you not being with us for Christmas. Dad put up some mistletoe to surprise Mum with and George just keeps staring at it like a prat and sighing. I’m trying to pull a prank with him and he’s not being nearly as helpful as he usually is. 

I know you said you wanted to spend some time with your family over the holidays, but could you please pop over here for at least a little on Christmas? Maybe for dinner and stay the night or something? I talked to Mum and she said it’d be okay. 

Please respond quickly. Ron mentioned apple pie and now George is frowning because apparently it’s your favorite. 

If you don’t come here and cheer him up I’ll beat him to death with a christmas stocking. 

Lovingly, of course. 


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Hope this makes you forget! RFA + V + Saeran first impressions on a Punk!MC? With tattoos, know the drill. But *plot twist* she's very sweet and blushes easily PD: If you want to talk about how you're feeling, feel free to message me

//Omg I love this so muchh, and thank you for being so sweet awe, same for you any anyone, if anyone ever wants to talk I’m here! //

• she first sees you at the door of the party
• she doesn’t know who you are at first but starts looking at the list and realizes- it’s you.
•she honestly is a little shocked at first
• you acted so sweet in the chat but now you’re ??
• so bad ass
• she hasn’t seen a lot of people that look like you, you have tattoo sleeves; an eyebrow piercing, and a nose piercing, but it’s…
•so beautiful
•she believes you look so unique and she lOves IT
• when jaehee greets you, you shy away a little bit, smiling at the ground
•smol bean on the inside bad ass on the outside
•Jaehee doesn’t say anything right away about it, but later on when you two are close she loves telling you every day how much she loves everything about you, and your body.

• this boy is sh00K wheN jaehee shows you in to the part
• and she looks so,,,
• COoL Oh my gOd
• he loves your dyed hair!
• he just imagines the hair dying parties omgomgofmgofmgofmg
•he of course doesn’t say any of this, at the party he runs to you and pulls you into an embrace
•when he kisses you the feeling of your lip piercing brushing up against his lip just excites him
• he’s gonna have fun :;))
•zen first meets you at his apartment, not at the party, so it’s a bit more private than both of them
• when zen opens the door and sees this beautiful woman covered in tattoos, piercings, and has beautiful white dyed hair he can’t help but make a joke
• “dyed your hair for me?”
•*you blush and look down*
• “n o wait I didn’t that’s n-”
•omg you’re shy
• zens thinking “shit omg i embarrassed her so bad”
• “I was just joking MC, you look beautiful. You’re making this a little hard for me” he jokes, welcoming you into his home"
•zen had always wanted to get tattoos together, against jaehee’s suggestion, when everything’s safe again you guys go and get tattoos together

• MC was going to be staying at jumins house a few days before the party for safety yet he doesn’t know what she looks like yet, he imagines her to be elegant and perfect and-
•o there she is
• *he opens his door and sees this small girl, covered in beautiful art*
•she isn’t what he imagined… she’s better
•"hi jumin.,“
•omg her presence is so small
•jumin would never admit it but he’s a little intimidated by her when he opened the door, he had actually never seen someone like that before.
•but oh god does he love it.
•when you get in and start talking to jumin it turns into him staring at you a lot, making you blush but he’s just taking it all in. he’s never felt this way before.

•he knew prior to meeting you, unlike everyone else
• and OH GOD yoUre so H OT
• when he first initially did his check on you he was worried that you’d be causing problems in the rfa you just… seemed like a big personality.
• but omg he was wrong
•you’re a smol baby that needs to be protected
• so precious
• after you two meet it’s just him asking you what made you get all the tattoos, the meaning behind all of them
• “you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, MC.”
•"even more beautiful than thinking you ran out of chips and realizing you had more”
•"even more than THAT.“


•when v first meets you he can faintly see the black ink on your skin
•V loves art, and photographing and that’s what you are to him
• a beautifully painted canvas
• you’d been so sweet in the chats though he didn’t expect it?
•you hugs him tightly when you first meet him
• he’s hesitant but… he hugs you back so tight.
• you’re so warm and just feel… safe.
•your beautiful exterior is only a bonus,
• ALSO, when you and v start seeing eachother privately you know that he will trace every tattoo on your body
•he loves photographing you so much
•you are his muse

• 👏🏻 YAS 👏🏻 MC 👏🏻
•he of course doesn’t say this,
•he asks so many questions about your tattoos
•bc same
•Saeran has dyed hair; tattoo; no piercings yet though
• S O O N
• where do you get yours?!
• can we go together?!
• he is sOo hAPPY
• you guys recommend hair colors for each other; tattoos, it’s literally saerans heaven

ha sungwoon - demigod!au; apollo

Originally posted by woojinnies

  • he thinks hes cool but in reality hes a loser/dork 
  • is best friends with noh taehyun from the hermes cabin and they’re both loving playing pranks
  • like during capture the flag, they’re in charge of setting traps but they do more then just set simple traps
  • they always do stupid things like leave a trail of whoopee cushions in the river and it pissed off guanlin, the child of hephaestus, so much that he burned the ends of their shirts
  • they tried to prank the demeter cabin by mowing the roof but it would just grow back on its own??? and the two of them are extremely confused but they keep trying to mow it?? 
  • and thats when you come out you’re even more confused
  • “uhm, excuse me, what are you guys doing to our roof??” 
  • “we just thought the grass on your roof was getting long!” sungwoon laughed 
  • “so were mowing it!” taehyun finished 
  • “why? it’s just gonna grow back? its charmed?”
  • it doesn’t help that you’re a newer camper too so you’re just really really confused at this point 
  • and your head counselor, lee euiwoong comes out angrily 
  • “leave our roof alone! you always do something stupid to our home okay just go away our mom ended up charming it you idiots, we’re gonna end up planting velociraptors if you keep going up there”
  • and they’re snickering as they come down but you’re kinda just ???? like whats so funny ??? 
  • when you have that confused look on your face sungwoon frowns and hes about to speak but euiwoong got a head start 
  • “those two are the stupid pranksters of this camp. i mean all the hermes campers love to pull pranks but these two just get so into it. just ignore them” euiwoong rolls eyes and is about to push you in the cabin to finish the tour 
  • “god you demeter kids are soo booooring, laugh a little jeez” taehyun starts 
  • “but i don’t get it, whats funny??” your face is deadpan is too. 
  • euiwoong hold his laughter but taehyun can see him grinning and glares at him 
  • sungwoon kinda just sits their, a little distracted, cause you’re just kinda, sorta, really, jeongmal jeongmal jinjja daebak real heol wanjeon pretty. 
  • like flowers are literally blooming behind you and there’s a flower in your hair as tradition of all demeter new comers
  • “c’mon lets go sungwoon, euiwoongs being a meanie again” taehyun sticks his tongue out at him 
  • did i just start a euiwoong and taehyun ship??
  • and sungwoon is just looking behind him, watching you go back into the demeter cabin as hes getting dragged away mumbling an “uh oki” 
  • and hes just sorta mesmerized by your beauty like omg he’s such a day dreamer but obviously you would never ever notice him
  • oh but honey boi u do
  • you noticed him at the campfire one night and he has such a sweet voice when he sings, like it was so soothing that you almost fell asleep on euiwoong’s shoulder 
  • he saw you with your eyes closed and he almost had a heart attack, was he making you fall asleep??? was his voice that boring?? 
  • the next time he sees you, you and the entire demeter cabin were harvesting the strawberries 
  • he watches you patiently wait for the strawberries to grow as you use your chlorokinesis
  • “if you can control the plants, why are you going so slow??” he asked bluntly, squatting next to you 
  • “because its healthier for the plant, if i rush, i might rip out roots, especially since i’m harvesting” you mindlessly input, not bothering to look at who it was 
  • you picked out one of the berries and offered one to him and that’s when you guys meet eyes and you realize who it is
  • your heart is banging against your cracking ribs
  • hes slightly flustered because your noses are just about to touch 
  • both of you red face step back and you just go back to your strawberries
  • he notices how awkwardly balled up you are now, hugging your knees as you raise the strawberry stems 
  • “w-why are you here again? here to attempt so pull a prank? steal strawberries and give them away? even though that’s our intent??”
  • awe u smol bean gettin all nervous 
  • “no i came to visit you” he smirks, his cocky apollo side is showing and you’re blushing all over again 
  • but euiwoong had already prewarned you, telling you to stay away from the aphrodite and apollo boys as they are just a bunch cocky fuck boys that love playing with people’s feelings
  • and euiwoong was definite that sungwoon was not an exception 
  • “that’s sweet of you,” you just blandly respond, hiding your true colors
  • he’s scrunching his nose, highly unamused by your mild tone 
  • “stop being so boring” he huffed and got up and trotted off in his puff of arrogance 
  • and you just shrug it off 
  • but he comes back because honestly he’s such a little pup and he really wants your attention
  • so you’re carrying a huge basket of strawberries to the big house while the rest of your siblings go off to the mess hall to fed everyone else
  • and as your walking, sungwoon walks by your side, taking strawberries from your basket 
  • “stop,” you tug the basket away from him, pouting “these are for mr.d and chiron” 
  • and you were so cute he didn’t even bother to argue and just nodded
  • and hes reaching for the basket and you pull away, looking at him with disbelief
  • “i literally just tol-” 
  • “calm down, i’m helping you carrying the basket idiot” he snatched the basket from you
  • and your red again, stomach fluttering with butterflies and fingers fidgeting 
  • but when you get to big house he leaves the basket on the porch and steals a berry 
  • you’re about to scowl him but hes already off running with the biggest grin on his face and a berry between his lips 
  • when he turns around you can’t help but touch your warm cheeks as a small smile spreads across your face
  • and as he biting the strawberry his flushed cheeks are redder than the fruit itself
  • he starts to wonder if your lips are that sweet probably are tbh 
  • the next encounter is at the stables as you’re cleaning the pegai as punishment 
  • you may or may not have been on the big house porch and accidentally wondered how big a bean stalk was and grew one through the roof
  • you notice that there’s only one golden white one which, its pretty, but yea just one?? why is he so special ?
  • and guess who’s about to go a pegasus ride??? sungwoon!!
  • and he sees you and slyly walks over to you, leaning against the low wall that surrounded the pegasus, 
  • “i see that you’re cleaning my pegasus, solace.” he smirks “that’s too kind of you” 
  • you just rolled your eyes explaining your situation which led to him bursting into laughter, making fun of you 
  • “you’ve been here for how long??? and you still can’t control your powers?” he snorted 
  • hes lucky your’re patient
  • instead of continuing his teasing, he starts climbing the pegasus and offers a hand
  • you, with your hair stuck on your face, dirt smeared on cheeks and a dirty brush in your hand, is confused all over again 
  • why is he so c o nfu s ing  ???
  • “c’mon, lets go on a ride” 
  • “i’m kinda not allowed to, ya know cause i’m in trouble” 
  • “you’re doing it again, you’re being a boring demeter kid.” 
  • you didn’t have time to fight back since he threw the brush out of your hand and pulls you onto the pegasus 
  • “hang on!” he’s joyfully laughs as you slightly squeal and you guys fly out
  • in the sky, there is a brief calm silence, eyes closed, wind tangled within your hair 
  • and you finally sigh and ask him 
  • “why are you doing this?” 
  • hes avoiding your glance as he mumbles into his reins 
  • “i dunno,,,,,” 
  • he’s not used to liking someone, feelings feel kinda foreign to him 
  • he’s used just checking girls out, think they’re fine af and that’d be it
  • you made him feel soft and chummy in the inside, and he just wasn’t to used to it, almost afraid of it
  • and you just sigh and your grip around his stomach tightens and your cheeks rest against his back 
  • “thats fine, i’ll just wait” 
  • blushies on both ends!!!!! 
  • and you he settles the pegasus back at the stables and (lucky you!!!) you don’t get caught 
  • and he just awkwardly stutters away, but of course not without giving you a small smile 
  • god he’s such a sleaze, but hes so cute?? can i really betray euiwoong’s warning 
  • and so you guys resume your daily lives once again, occasionally speaking to each 
  • whenever you passed him when he was with taehyun, you could see the boy nudging sungwoon while snicker and giggling 
  • omg and taehyun would the obnoxious ‘heeEELLlllLLOOOOO y.n!!!!!” 
  • but one day, one of your demeter sister tells you about how she really likes sungwoon
  • “like he’s so sweet, he helped me up the climbing wall when it was my first time and he eve-” 
  • and just keeps rambling and you’re forcing you smiles and lot of over excited “uh huhs”
  • and you kinda throw yourself into a black hole and get slightly insecure 
  • because she’s so perfect for him there’s no way he could possibly like me if he could have her or just anyone else, so many girls are willing to do so much for him anyways forget him omg sungwoon isn’t worth 
  • and so as you walk through camp now, you avoid his gaze, you don’t clean up the stables, you dont even bat an eyelash at the apollo cabin anymore 
  • of course he notices i mean the boy stares you 24/7
  • and he panics 
  • he thinks he did something wrong so he ends up asking taehyun to ask euiwoong what the heck is going on
  • and when euiwoong just utters the first syllable of his name, you just roll your eyes, admitting defeat and agreeing that sungwoon is bad news; he just has way to many girls on him
  • and euiwoong’s like goddamnit but he isn’t omg why can’t you listen to me now the boy likes you !!!!!!
  • but he obviously can’t say that now so instead he’s like 
  • “well maybe you can give him a chance??” 
  • “that doesn’t matter anymore, he’s too popular, and plus he needs someone who would be willing to go wild with him, someone who would hop fences, sneak out in the middle of the night, climb the highest trees, and steal strawberries with, not someone boring demeter kid” 
  • euiwoong: fuck
  • but at least the camp leader managed to get you to go to dinner !! in one piece !! in a kinda sloppily lw mess !!!
  • this continues for the rest of week
  • taehyun has had enough of panicked sungwoon and euiwoong is getting sick of depressed you
  • so the two of them decide to sit next to each other in hopes to lure their partners together
  • you arrive first and you’re good at blocking out your feelings so you just keep it casual, greeting euiwoong and taehyun 
  • someone how it didn’t correlate with you that taehyun = sungwoon 
  • so when sungwoon sat down it got awkward
  • the tension was tHIcK
  • you cleared your throat, feeling uncomfortable you got up and excused yourself 
  • taehyun nudge sungwoon and he hurriedly runs after you 
  • you’re speed walking towards the cabin but sungwoon easily catches up to you 
  • “wait wait y.n please wait” 
  • so take a deep breathe and turn towards him 
  • “yes, whats up” 
  • “did i do something wrong, you’re avoiding me” 
  • “i’m not avoiding you, and you did nothing wrong” 
  • “okay, then talk to me” 
  • “i’m just trying to get over you because i know someone else is better for you okay?” 
  • you both can’t believe that you just confessed, now you really can’t look him in the eyes
  • and you’re about to escape into your cabin but he’s already engulfed you in his arms 
  • “why would you ever think that??” 
  • he sighing into the back of your shoulders. 
  • and you’re sighing too, feeling his warmth surround you
  • “you knew i liked you, so why would you bother?” he asked 
  • and now you’re red, he liked you ???? 
  • and he laughed and flicks you on the forehead 
  • “don’t ever doubt yourself again, i like you, and it doesn’t matter if someone else likes me or they’re a supposed “better fit” for me okay?” 
  • i’m not crying ur crying
  • now you guys do everything together
  • he takes you on pegasus rides, helps your harvest eats all the strawberries 
  • he still plays pranks on you every once in a while but they’d be really cute 
  • her once charmed your blanket into a garden and your freaked out cause you were like omg wheres my bed 
  • even euiwoong was in on it was cracking up him and taehyun are exchanging high fives
  • he’s been exposed to world of pranks
  • it turned out to be some 3d blanket the hermes and hephaestus cabin was working on 
  • well they wanted real life fire but sungwoon modified it to become a garden cause fire kinda scares you
  • he figured out the coding to add roses and would change it that when he was just feelin some lovin 
  • and when you get hurt he’s immediately there, since he has vitakinesis 
  • you’ve definitely became a little bit of a daredevil now that you’ve been dating him
  • he snuck you out after curfew once and you guys climbed up a tree to watch the stars and just talked 
  • you giggled when he told you how he’s super cautious when he walks around camp now, afraid of stepping on the flowers 
  • “you know, its like having a pet pig and eating pork” 
  • “so i’m your pet pig now?” 
  • “nOOO” 
  • and it’s past 12 and hes tired and tired sungwoon means clingy sungwoon 
  • he doesn’t let you go when you guys make it to the demeter cabin
  • you end up having to drag him into the cabin, praying that no one was awake 
  • and you guys snuggle under the sheets, legs tangled and noses bumping
  • he hums a simple song into the back of your neck which helps you fall asleep
  • and when euiwoong finds you both in your bed all cuddled up the next morning, he sighs
  • yall lucky he’s the one doing cabin inspection today
  • sungwoon is literally the sun to your flower

anonymous asked:

I feel so betrayed when people ship Midoriya with someone other than Todoroki, I mean, do they not see how far he's gone for that boy?? He can hardly think without Midoriya somehow fitting into his train of thought. Why would they hurt this precious prince Shouto ?? I ?? Love him so much?? He deserves to be loved?? Why would they let him down like that shipping his true love with someone else?? Even if they ship him with a different character too it just won't click for me, it makes me sad :'(

i agree?? so much?? though i respect all ships, seeing other ships (like todomomo and katsudeku) like… i can see why they ship them but it doesn’t make complete sense FOR ME (you can be allowed to ship them w whoever you want), it doesn’t feel right,, i always feel like people who don’t ship tododeku are missing out?? or aren’t aware on how much midoriya changed todoroki and how supportive they relationship is, and soo so healthy,,i love them w all my heart and even if they don’t end up canon those precious beans are always going to be my otp and nothings going to change that, i love them soo freaking much it hurts 

LISTEN, todoroki is such a precious and beautiful boy who deserves all the happiness in the world and i wholeheartedly believe that midoriya is the only one capable of giving him that,, and midoriya is such a cinnamon roll who also deserves all the loveee

You’re not weak

Originally posted by heatherpotter

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 806
Warning(s): Angst. Fluff at the end!

So this is my first real writing on tumblr, so please have mercy with me!
Also English isn’t my native language so if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes I’m sorry.
Thoughts are bold.

(Y/N) can do this!

Sure, she is the best!
Of course, if someone can do it then (Y/N)!

Stop! Please stop!

Everytime I can hear them. How proud they seem to be. But why?

I can’t do anything like they say. Maybe it seems like I could take care of all these things. Take care of my job, my friends and my private life. But it’s not that easy. Of course, I always give you a smile. I don’t want to show you how scared I am to fail.

And I failed so many times and you didn’t even noticed. At least, I thought you didn’t.

Bucky always watches me. Even when I won’t recognize it, he takes care of me. Still I won’t talk to him, he has enough problems to deal with and I don’t want to be another one of them.

Bucky’s POV

There is that look again. I can tell it at the way her eyes scan the room when Tony gives another speech about how great she did in training the new recruits for the field. She’s great. Everyone knows it. And I love her more than she could ever imagine it but she doesn’t know. I don’t want to be another problem (Y/N) has to take care of.

But it would break my heart if I would ever see her with someone else who is not me. I know that sounds selfish but I love her and I don’t want her to get hurt. (Y/N) doesn’t deserves this.

So I follow her when she gives us an excuse to leave. I feel Steve’s eyes on my back when I leave the others behind and stroll after her.

She does that very often but I think the others never notice this. Everytime when some of the others try to praise her in any kind of way, (Y/N) tries to leave or escape this situation because she can’t handle the smiles. I don’t know exactly why but (Y/N) can’t take those compliments. Maybe she thinks she isn’t good enough.

“(Y/N) wait!” I call out and she frozes.

(Y/N)’s POV

Oh please, leave me alone. I can’t handle another ‘How great I am’ speech!

Slowly I turn around and meet Bucky’s gaze. His blue eyes search my face for any emotions like he always does when he notices that something depresses me.

“Yes? What’s the matter?” I ask and shift from one foot to the other.

In some kind of way he looks nervous and his gaze turns towards the floor before he speaks up again and raises his head to meet my eyes.

“I was worried about you. I knew something is up so I wanted to see if everything is okay…” he mumbles and stratches his neck a little bit which looks really cute.

Just say that everything is okay like you always do. You can’t bother him with your problems. Give him a smile and just leave.

The voices in my head are getting louder and all I can do is to squeeze my eyes shot.

In the next second I feel two strong arms embracing me. First I am really caught off guard but then I let myself sink into Bucky’s embrace. I can’t hide it no longer and start to cry.

He begins to caress my hair and kisses my head slightly while he speaks to me “I don’t want you to feel alone. I know that you do everything to make us happy but you have to be happy as well, you know?”

I nod sniffling and raise my head. Softly he strokes my cheek and brushes the tears away that are flooding down to my chin.

“And you know why?” he whispers and looks deeply into my eyes. Slowly I shake my head.

“Because I love you more than I thought I could ever love a person. You are such a strong woman even if you think you’re weak. And you help me so much by just smiling at me in the morning. Can you give me that smile again, doll? Come on…” Bucky winks and gives me his award-winning smile as a smile spread over my face.

“You love me?” another sniff leaves my nose as I look up into his bright blue eyes who sparkle when he gives me a smile “Yes, I do…soo much, (Y/N)”

“Can I tell you a secret?” I whisper and look over his shoulder down the floor to see if someone of the others are watching us. He nods and holds me in his arms as I stand on my toes and give him a quick sweet kiss on his pink plump lips. Smiling he responses with another kiss “Let me guess, you feel the same?”

“You’re such a smart-ass, Sergeant” I grin and wrap my arms around his neck.

I hope you liked it! Give me some feedback if I could change something or if you just want to make me happy!


I hope this is what you wanted :”) ilysm💖 ⭐️ requests are open !! ⭐️ masterlist

can you make a cute artist!au w renjun bc that is probably the cutest and softest au ever :’)

  • art class is!! really fun
  • u basically got to do ur own thing on an assigned project and chat n have as much fun as you wanted
  • and 👀👀
  • there’s renjun
  • he’s a rly cute and soft boy who absolutely loves that class
  • and watching him draw or paint or just mess around was pure joy !!he would space out a lot with the end of his pencil in his mouth,, just thinking about what to do next
  • and sometimes he would just smile sO bright because of how funny a line or feature looked
  • a lot of the time he was more quiet and to himself, just sketching away and humming and occasionally looking up
  • but u never really paid attention to what he was looking at 👀👀
  • sO
  • one day when u were going to get ur snuffs
  • he was smiling really wide to the point where u could see his lil snaggle tooth 🤧🤧 (REST IN PEACE)
  • he was drawing in a very awkward position so he could cover the paper with his arm
  • and u were rly wanting to see it,, ofC
  • so u peeked over his shoulder and saw a really really pretty sketch :”)
  • but there was hearts and stars and flowers all over the background
  • nicely blended also
  • he didn’t realize you were there until you complimented him
  • then he waS SCREAMING
  • “OH hello,,, uHm may I help yOU??”
  • “yEa, wHAT were u drawing 👀👀”
  • when u ask him he gets all blushy and cute and closes it really fast
  • avoiding eye contact as much as possible too,, and lots of shaking
  • he says smth really dumb too
  • “MY C—ACTUS”
  • renjun w t f
  • he had a crush on u and u couldn’t see it smh u eggo
  • bUt then u just left him alone because he obviously wasn’t comfortable with sharing
  • and then the day after in art
  • he found the courage to sit beside you and watch you paint the scenery instead of letting you watch him
  • and when u weren’t looking, he just smiled so softly and did a cute laugh if u messed up
  • and then said encouraging words to make you feel better about the wrong stroke or bad blend or failed technique
  • “messing up just makes your art ten times more beautiful!!!”
  • after a week of just helping you and keeping you company, he stopped you after class on a Friday probs and gave you a SOFT and nervous smile and it conCERNED u a lot
  • and he was stuttering quite a bit probably :(
  • but he ended up asking you about his art
  • hMmm “could you come by my house sometime so I could get help with a drawing????”
  • oFC u said yes,, if u said no I would’ve hunted u down ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • and he wrote his number on ur hand rly fast with his special tracing pen
  • and zoomed out of the room bc he was so nervous
  • iT WAS cute though !!! soft shy baby boy
  • after school tho
  • he probs texted you right away n made it nice!! And sent lots of hearts n smiley faces
  • “du trist edderkopp 👺”
  • he was so cute and awkward n,, u just lov him
  • even though it was making u anxious n whatnot (pROBABLY I mean,, renjun is so cute how could he not make you nervous
  • you went over to his house for whatever he needed
  • I feel like his house would feel reALLY welcoming
  • nice flowers at the front n a fresh lawn and a lil porch decoration
  • and then he answers the door in pajamas bc he fORGOT and he was just screeching into his sketchbook or smth and stressing about this very moment
  • you’re trying not to laugh bc CUTENESS and he’s so embarrassed
  • it’s awful,, poor bby :(
  • he’s rUNNING while saying you can come inside and just leaving a trail of tears
  • but in like 5 minutes he’s back with a presentable outfit and those glasses that make him look so precious :”)
  • and he still has messy hair which makes him 29389292x cuter so u don’t say anything
  • but he just sets his sketchbook at a table and pulls out a chair for u 🤧🤧
  • “hEY do u want anything???”
  • “UHm 👀👀 can I have water ??”
  • his smile omg
  • probably smiles n runs to his kitchen,, ready to make u the best glass of water you’ve ever had
  • his sketchbook was one of those rly aesthetic ones !!!
  • the front was a little old and torn at the corners and it had lots of dirty on the edges and papers shoved in between pages
  • it looked so tempting to open :”)) but u had to rESPECT
  • he comes running in with some water and a tiny plate of cookies or whatever u prefer
  • “you mentioned it while you were sketching your background!!” 
  • while ur drinking ur water,,,
  • “uhh renjun??? why did I come over??”
  • “oH, I needed help with drawing someone!! you both have similar features and I needed an example!!”
  • as he was drawing and looking back n forth from u and the paper, you couldn’t help but notice how happy n determined he looked
  • he started making small talk with you after like five minutes so you wouldn’t be bored and you both learned a lot
  • and soon, he was done with the sketch and had asked for you to come back another time
  • it happened to be the following saturday
  • and throughout the whole week in art, both of you talked the whole time about so much
  • he was a good friend of yours at that point, and he was so much more interesting
  • he paid attention to all of your quirks and habits and literally fell in love with them all
  • if you liked to chew on ur nails or smth
  • he would laugh a lil and grab your hands and give u a warm smile
  • or if you liked to ramble a lot and stopped in between to say “sORRY I’ll stop :>”
  • he would frown n ask you to keep talking so he could work better
  • he paid attention to it all and remembered every little thing you said
  • you like flowers?? he’s already painting 20940 different kinds !!
  • when u went over again,, u went in his tiny art room
  • it was cozy and bright in there with lots of supplies on shelves and art hung up all over
  • and it was aLL his art !!
  • he probably had a painting of moomintroll and snorkmaiden tBH and when u asked what it was he snatched
  • “UH that’s just an old kid thing I liked sry wrong number ://“
  • “renjun wtf ur literally speaking to me”
  • but u both just sit and he gets his work done while u rant abt world issues and opinions and he also does too while aggressively cOLORING
  • and when he does finish
  • he shows you!!!
  • it’s yOu though :o
  • ur screeching bc “omg I thought u wERE USING ME AS AN EXAMPLE THIS IS AMAZIG ILYSM YOU EGG”
  • ur just showering him in compliments and love and tears and he is so flustered and happy that you like it
  • but it gets overwhelming so he drops everything and hugs you sOO tight
  • and then he steps away from you and covers his face,, and u can see marker stains and pencil lines on his hands and he looks sO cute n like he’s conquered his life goal istg
  • messy hair n messy artist renjun is my aesthetic
  • wOw he’s so cute,, trying not to look u in the eye and still form words so he can tell u how he feels 🏌️🏌️
  • “snjdksk I drew you because you’re beautiful and I’ve been trying to draw you since our very first art class but I never could :’)”
  • and he gives u 2993 moomin stickers he made himself
  • after that he holds ur hand all the time in class when he can 
  • and draws hearts all over ur stuff YES
  • and always gets paint on ur clothes so pls 
  • beware 
  • also hums while drawing in class since it calms both of u i’m tearing u p
  • aNd u need to date thx
  • the art teacher is assigning a partner project next term for that sole purpose
  • “date or u get an F”
  • thank u ilysm

anonymous asked:

Why Ji chose friendship not love? Ks chose love without a second thought. I get a headache thinking about it non stop...What do u think ?

Tbh, that short moment was, for me, one of the most interesting parts of that whole ep, at least from a kaisoo stand point. 

Ok so this is totally just my opinion, others might not feel the same way, just bare with me for a moment. 

So they were talking about honor, and they received the question to pick between love and friendship. SH got the question first, and he picked friendship. But the big guy/mc that sat next to Soo was like “The one sitting next to me might say otherwise”.  And Soo immediately picked LOVE, there was no hesitation. (The question here is why did the mc, before even actually asking Soo, suspect that Soo would pick love?)

And then JI spoke without being spoken to (unless they edited it out). And JI was like “Wouldn’t it depend on the situation?” And then JI said “I’d choose friendship when I have to or love if I have to.” (During this entire time JI is touching his ear, which he tends to do when he’s either put on the spot or nervous.)

So then JM says that JI is like a bat (an opportunist), and JI actually gets angry with JM. It’s pretty apparent. And JI is like “Bat? Did you just say bat? Is this really happening?” It gets tensed, cuz JM is laughing it off as a joke, but JI is not laughing at all, and someone (i’m not sure who) says “We have to pick friendship.” and JI looks lowkey angry still and says “I did choose friendship.” (since he picked them both). (You can also see Soo in the background nervously looking between JI and JM during the entire exchange.) The argument then gets “solved”, but not before JI practically jumps JM and demands he picks between love and friendship, being persistent about it. And then the other members gets involved and the segment ends.

But I honestly paused after that moment and was like W T F. Cuz I got the feeling that they might’ve had a similar type of argument like that before, between JI (& Soo) and JM. So, JI chose both love and friendship, but JM basically called him out for it, and essentially made him chose friendship when ppl (JM) started hassling him about it.  

This whole thing was supposed to have been a joke, JM intended it to be a joke when he made the bat/opportunist comment, but JI looked serious tbh, it was not a joke to him. He was not having that, it was actually kinda awkward. 

This is just my take on it, some ppl might think i’m looking too into it, and that’s fine, I know i’m trash. I’m just telling you what my first thought was after watching that moment. 

madd-mcgeeky  asked:

HEEEY IT ME! *I am in denial! I am soo fuccing busy!!* I'm not sure if you've done this yet, but could you do some Swerve, Cygate, Rodimus, and Rung and how their S/o reacts to seeing them in their holomatters? Thankys! you're doing a more than awesome job! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Hello my friend! You’ve come to visit my blog, thank you so much.

Can I just say how much I love these bots? Their avatars (the updated/Swearth ones are what I’m going off of for this) are so damn gorgeous too. Tailgate’s throws me off, but he’s a cutie in a little kid way. But holy shit the rest are so hot! Rodimus, Rung, and Swerve are my favorite out of all the avatars we get to see. So I got super cheesy with this request, I’m sorry. XD 

Also for anyone confused, I do consider a ship one ‘character’ in my five character limit. I went with she/her pronouns for Cygate btw because of their avatars. :) So anyway I hope you like this sugar~! 


  • His s/o is immediately excited when they learn Swerve has a holomatter avatar. A chance to fully hug their hubby, hell yes! They get caught up in their imagination quickly. Swerve on the other hand, is noticeably nervous. Even if the two have been dating for a while he still sometimes struggles with his low self esteem and wonders to himself how he got so lucky. He’s afraid that his s/o will see what he looks like as a human and think he’s ugly.

  • So his s/o has to work to convince him to show them. Please Swerve they love you. After a lot of persuading, praises and kisses to his face plate, Swerve finally gives in. His s/o at first just stands there standing there with an open mouth and Swerve’s thoughts start going downhill. Oh no, they don’t like it! He’s just about to deactivate it when his s/o suddenly runs at him, causing them both to tumble to the ground. They leave kisses all over his face again in their happiness, unable to help themselves.

  • The two lay on the ground together for a while, Swerve listening in surprise and awe as for once his s/o is the one that can’t shut up.They go on and on about how cute (and hot) he is, how much they love his holomatter avatar. But not just that, how much they love him, no matter what form he’s in. They end the night playing video games, trying to beat one another while laughing a lot. Then they watch a movie while just cuddling together, spark & heart light and filled with love.


  • Their s/o is obviously really surprised that these two have holomatter avatars. Well, more so Cyclonus, she just doesn’t seem like the type who would care to have an avatar. They’d understand better once they were told the story of Swearth and are thrilled that Cyclonus and Tailgate are willing to show them this. It’s a big deal and makes them feel trusted~

  • Tailgate is also super excited because she wants to spend some time with her s/o as a human! It’ll be lots of fun! Cyclonus is just glad there won’t be a chance of squishing her human s/o for a little while. The moment of reveal is pretty dramatic thanks to Tailgate acting as if it’s a magic show. Cyclonus is calmer and brings Tailgate down a little bit but she can admit to herself that she’s strangely worried about what their s/o will think. Luckily for them, their s/o loves their avatars!

  • They think Cyclonus’ outfit is so cool and that awesome purple hair! And Tailgate - you’re adorable! There’s a lot of relief and sweet hugs. They spend the rest of the day doing some activities they normally can’t together, like playing games (Cyclonus does occasionally join in because she’s in a good mood). There’s also a lot of gentle, affectionate touching because Tailgate has to be held, but also it’s nice to be the same size for once. Tailgate and the human end up falling asleep in Cyclonus’ arms at the end of the night, Cyclonus smiling to herself.


  • Both Rodimus and his s/o are ridiculous when it comes to finally seeing his holomatter avatar. They have a random dance party (only them dancing because everyone else is like wtf) in their anticipation. After wearing themselves out and just generally being nerds, Rodimus finally shows them his avatar. He has his s/o close their eyes for this moment and his s/o is just bouncing on their feet because of how eager they are. Rodimus are you ready yet, jeez?!

  • They immediately start giggling when they can finally uncover their eyes. At first, Rodimus is startled, wondering why his s/o is laughing at him. Does he look that bad? He thought the tattoo was cool … But his s/o is wrapping their arms around him in a tight hug only a moment later. They’re still giggling as they explain how cute he is, but that he looks like he came from the 80’s. They like it though~ Both start really laughing after Rodimus suggests they put on some human disco music and dance again.


  • They spend most of the day after that running around the ship messing with others. Rodimus likes being smaller because he can slip away faster and so they do a lot of pranks and almost get stepped on several times. Not that it stops them honestly. When they finally get in trouble and have to stop, they head back to his habsuite. If his s/o has tattoos, they are Tattoo Buddies™. But either way, they spend the night mostly making out and cuddling because wow his s/o is just so soft and beautiful. .


  • Rung’s not the one to bring up showing off his holomatter avatar or even having one. He doesn’t even think about it until his s/o hears from some other bots that these exist. They go to him, assuring him that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, but they’d love to see his avatar. There’s a brief moment of hesitation on his end. His avatar has been updated and fits him much better but there was still a nagging feeling of concern that his s/o wouldn’t like it. He gets over it quickly though because well, this is his s/o. They love him and he knows it.


  • When they first see his avatar, they’re astounded. Wow, Rung you look so - so - so cool!! They’re rushing to check him out and complimenting him all the while. They love his outfit (seriously that’s bad ass) and his red hair. Oh how they love his red hair, they mess it up a little with their hands in their elation. But after they calm down a little, they’re just happy to be able to hug him. For a moment, these two just stand there, holding each other tightly.

  • Rung enjoys seeing his s/o so upbeat. Though they’re too small too work on his model ships, he had gotten them some smaller ones a while back. They put one together, working side by side, and neither one can keep the smile off their face. It’s really nice to be able to reach over and run his fingers through his s/o’s hair without possibly hurting them. After that, they either listen to music or read together, just relaxing together and holding hands.


EXO Reaction to their fans finding out about their long term relationship

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*He’s really thankful to his fans that they have been so supportive* “You’ll always be my exo-ls, I’ll always love you like no other. Worry not! This song goes for all of you”


“Baobei I know you are nervous but you don’t have to worry about it. They know I’m happy with you and that you’ll take care me. It’s going to be alright!” *Is very positive about it*


*Struggling* “They… they know?! Oh no… they will start asking questions… we have an interview today… oh no…. they will ask me to tell them our story… I don’t think I can do it… the boys… they won’t stop..” *Shy baby*


*He’s a little worried so takes a day off to think about everything* “I’m happy that they know… she’s my girl. But I’m worried that they’ll be upset… I just want my fans to be happy, just like I am”


*He’s very honest and open about your relationship* “You know… she’s actually an exo-l. We met in this concert… I just fell in love in that moment”


“See jagi? I told you not to worry about it! They already love you!”


*Really really nervous* “Come on guys… what are they saying? They love her right? She is a sweetie… oh my aeries, always supporting. I should show them more love!”


*Really surprised about your reaction* “I thought you would be angry…. I was so worried but… baobei you are amazing, always thinking about them too. We don’t deserve you, I’m happy they can see how amazing you are”


*Decides to do a Vapp live video and answer all the questions he can* “Remember exo-ls, I love you all so much too!”


*Decides to release a statement or something like that* “This changes nothing, I will always love my exo-ls and be here for you. You’ve done so much for me and I will never be able to repay you. I’m still your D.O-oppa and you have nothing to worry about!” *Very professional our Soo*


*He’s just pure love and never forgets to thank exo-ls for the support and respect in every aspect* “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, never forget that my heart belongs to my exo-ls!”


*He’s just really worried that his exo-ls are going to be sad and he just wants them all to be happy and give hugs to them all* 

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