they are soo in love you can just see it

Sister’s Coach (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

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Hey could you do one where you coach his little sisters hockey game and then you two meet at like practice or game ?? Thanks lovely xx

A/N : I want to make this one into a lot of parts soo if you want a part 2,3,4… TELL ME! Xoxo

Sister’s Coach (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

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“Shawn you coming to Aaliyah’s game?” Karen’s voice rang across the hallway.

Shawn sighed. As much as he wanted to go support her beloved sister, but he has just gotten home from Australia and was crazy jet-lagged.

“Mum can I go to next week’s, I’m very very tired.”

Karen opened the door of her son’s room, happy to see him back home.

“C’mon. She’ll be delighted.”

“Alright. Any coffee left?”

“No, but I’m sure the excitement of a hockey game will wake you up.”

The pair got into the car, and started driving towards the arena Aaliyah was already at.

“Say, Shawn, any special girl at the moment?” Shawn’s mom suddenly asked.

Ugh. This was the most asked question, and Shawn always had the same answer.

“No mum.”

“Really? I heard from the media, Camila and Chloe Moretz something-“

“They’re just friends. Honestly.”

And the conversation stopped there. Luckily for him, they arrived at the arena and he got out of the car. He passed his hand through his messy hair, sighing lightly. His mother’s words echoed in his head. He hadn’t found a girl yet. It’s not that he didn’t want a girlfriend, oh he wanted someone to call his own, it’s just the right girl never came yet. Of course, his public image of “heartthrob” had every single girl head over heels for him, but finding the perfect one has been very hard. He couldn’t go anywhere without girls screaming “I love you” and wanting to take a picture with him. So, in brief, his love life was a little bit on hold.

He took a seat in the bleachers, and pulled out his phone to check the time. The game was going to start any second. He looked up and saw the two teams skate onto the rink. Catching Aaliyah’s eye, he gave her a big thumbs-up.

“You got this girls, you rock!” a voice screamed from the other side of the ice. Shawn turned his head and his jaw dropped. Standing there was a girl around his age, with (your hair length) (your hair color) silky hair, dreamy (your eye color) eyes and an extremely attractive body. The thing that struck Shawn the most was herr smile, happiness seemed to pour out of her with that smile.

“Hey mum, who’s that?” Shawn leaned towards his mother.

“Hmm? Oh Y/N, she’s Aaliyah’s new coach. She moved here a few months ago and got the job. She’s a lovely girl, I’ve met her once.”

Y/N spotted Shawn in the crowd, doubled back and smiled. Heat rose to the young man’s cheeks as he waved. The whole game, Shawn couldn’t help but watch her. Her every little move seemed to mesmerize him. Her laugh, her rolling her eyes at the opposite team’s coach, her biting her lip nervously when Aaliyah’s teammate almost scored. In the blink of an eye, the buzzer sounded and the game was over.

“What’s the score?” he asked his mom.

“4-2, they lost. Merlin, jet-lag has really got you eh?”

“OH MY GOD-SHAWN MENDES?” the voices of a few girls exploded into the air behind them. Shawn smiled, and patiently took pictures with all of them, but wanted it done soon, because he wanted to go talk to Y/N.

The last of the girls headed towards the exit and Y/N took her bag and was walking towards it too.

“Hey Y/N?” Shawn called after her. She turned around and smiled.

“Hey, Shawn.”

“You know my name?”

“Well you’re on every single magazine ever, and I listen to your music 24/7, so yes.”

“Haha right. So would you consider yourself a fan?”

“Oh my god totally. I’m playing it off cool, but if you have to know, inside I’m screaming.”

Shawn laughed at this. Gosh, he was falling for this girl fast.

“Um so I was wondering if you’d like to grab a coffee with me?”

“I’d love to.”
This was so out of nowhere. One second, Shawn doubted ever finding love, the next, he found a perfect girl. He wasn’t going to let Y/N slip away. He wanted to make them happen. He was going to.

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So I kinda want to make a couple parts after this? Would you guys want more? Like I want to make more parts, getting Y/N and Shawn to slowly fall for eachother but if u guys dont request it idk.


Part 2

Eyes (One-shot)

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff; Canon

Description: Kyungsoo kind of has a thing for your eyes.

A/N: Here’s the cleaned up (but still sub-par) version of my old drunk fic. I’ll probably delete it off my primary account now. Some good old Soo love for ya.

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Hwarang Reacting to their girlfriend being accepted in Hwarang.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Sun Woo - He would be okay with it but wouldn’t like the fact you could easily get in danger. He’d constantly want to protect you even though you can do that yourself and would be over the moon if you humour him once in a while.

“No no no, you can’t just go there alone! Let me accompany you.”

Ji Dwi - He’d be in complete denial and treat you as nicely as he would were you not in Hwarang. Every instructor would probably go easy on you for unknown reasons and he’d take great pride in seeing you being on the top of the class, above all the annoying guys.

“Wow, you really nailed that exam, everyone else failed!”
“I know what you did.”
“Yes, I failed.”

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Soo Ho - He’d be conflicted. He’d love it and find it amusing, but at the same time, he’d also want to see more of your innocent and gentle side. However, that doesn’t mean the two can’t go together, he’d encourage himself.

“She’s… unique. I might like her even more than Queen Dowager.”

Ban Ryu - He would probably be a bit intimidated with the fact you’re just as dangerous as any other guy from the Hwarang, but would secretly love it and want to spar with you from time to time.

“Do you want to… practice together? I mean, you need to improve.”

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Yeo Wool - What he’d love the most is relaxing in the shade watching you practice so he wouldn’t mind you being in Hwarang at all. He’d be very supportive and get excited whenever you get in a fight with a guy because he knows you’ll beat his ass.

“Saying good luck is everything I can do for you, she’s a tough one.”

Han Sung - He wouldn’t think much of it, but would be extremely proud of you. He’d support you with all his heart and would love to watch you practice while waiting for you to make a break and have lunch with him.

“Make a break, jagiya! I have brought some really nice things to eat!”

- Admin Lene


Well love your arr keep doing what you love And make your drems come ture..

- Moho says: thank you for this massage and tbh sure, I can have my bad days where I feel like nothing is worth it anymore, but drawing just gives my comfort. I honestly CANT give it up since I’ve been doing to for soo long and it was the only thing that Keeps me entertained through out my boring unproductive life( tho I don’t see my self as an extreme artist that makes paintings and all that jazz) and drawing here makes me more passionate about art since you guys give my positive feedback on my work and comics ! And I really appreciate that🌸 so I understand if you feel like giving up, but if you’re really passionate about it, you shouldn’t. Just take a break from it if you really need too and when you feel like drawing again, do so 👍

Lol!! I just thought that it’d be funny to see them like this… 

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I love your writing! Can I get Jumin 707 and Yoosung reacting to a really giggly MC (they laugh at almost anything in the world) and when they're not laughing they smile a lot ;)

Totally the opposed of me.I´m always like:




  • “It´s nice to always have a smile around you.” Jumin thinks.
  • Jumin it´s is rare to see him smile.
  • And you just can´t stop doing it.
  • Some people thought that he was a robot *cough* Mostly Zen *cough* but since your laugh and smile is soo contiguous,now people see that jumin has the other expressions than just this…

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  • Obviously, Everyone freaks out when they see that you laugh at Jumin´s jokes.
  • Jumin just doesn´t care about everyone thinks of them,he just loves you and that makes him happy.

Representation of how you two look together:

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  • He is very happy that you laugh at his jokes but then he sees that you laugh at almost everything.
  • He is hurt.

  • He thinks he is not special and he is just one of the bunch.
  • but you keep telling him that he is truly special.
  • He just doesn´t believe in you any more.
  • UNTIL he notices the different types of laughs that you do.
  • And now he knows when something is funnier to you.
  • He sees his jokes, pranks, and memes are funnier than other to you.

Seven:  “ I´m special again

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This makes me shiver.

SORRY I just imagine Yoosung (golden boy,innocent, giggly,almost like a kid) and Mc( they laugh at almost anything in the world and when they’re not laughing they smile a lot) .

*Puke* It´s too cloying (eww)

Sorry for the eye cancer that I just gave you for mi shitty sketch of 1 min. (I just love my “sketches” they are so shitty that they make you laugh LOL.

*P.S The one of the white with the pink hair is saeran.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

An Army's love..

Umm i dont know why.. But i just woke up and was scrolling on the tumblr bangtan hashtag (because im trash lol) and i was seeing pictures, gifs, vids, etc. Of the members, and i got to thinking. “I really do love them, like love love.” I mean i never really been in a real realtionship before soo i dont really know what the context is for the word “love”, but i just can feel it in my heart, you know? Like how i am always thinking about them, whether if it’s at school, home, church, or just in public. My thoughts always run back to them. In march when i finally get to see them… I might just faint. I dont know if this is just me being a crazy fangirl or just pure innocent love, but i know in my heart that bts will be sticking around for a loooong time….

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Dream Diary No. 5
For this entry, I decided to go visit @saralee-crossing‘s town of Minville [6C00 -0014-657D].

Although this town is still a WIP, I had alot of fun visiting ! :D The Mayor’s house was soo darn cute, it had that forest feels I just love ! aand she also left alot of gifts out for us dreamers :3 I’m excited to see the final look of this town 💝​

Where will I go next? You can always submit me a dream address by ask or IM and i’d visit it! :3 also will try to make theses more frequently …


Barry: Just chill, relax.
You:*grumping* Look who’s talking.
Barry: Just tell him how you feel.
You: How do you imagine it? Whoa, hey, Dr Wells, you know, you stuck in my head and I can’t think about anything else so would you, please, be so kind to leave the place? Because - uh - you’re the reason I come here day after day and I don’t even know physique as good as you do. And I know we don’t match but I just can’t - uuuh - can’t let you go because I’m so madly, deeply, soo in love with you. It’s not a simple crush I, damn you, love you so much I can barely…
You: This is how he makes me feel. Crazy. And I’m so sure he doesn’t need to know that.
Wells: Well, perhaps, you should ask him first.
You: *turn back only to see Harryson Wells smilling at you with his i-knew-it face and then turn again to Barry, your face pale as chalk and eyes wide open*
Barry: *smiles quilty as he saw Harry came in right when you started to speak* Please, don’t hurt me.

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hi! i just wanted to say i love all your halbarry and related art! your style is so cute!! and i can't wait to see your wip stuff! take as long as you need tho, and dont let people like that one anon make you feel pressured to finish. your stuff is always worth the wait!

hello! thank you soo much for loving my art! how nice of you to drop me this wonderful message! i feel extremely grateful when people appreciate seeing my stuff love ya! *touches your shoulder*

and yes, i’ll try my best to not pressure myself to finish stuff ;__; aww i just don’t know what to say about you guys -you’re all so sweet and patient how nice! have a morning halbarry doodle for being such a cutie ✨

Much love

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I'm sorry for bombarding you with notifications but your art is just soo good omg. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! <3333

never apologise for that !!! i can assure you i always look like this when i see someone reblogging eEVERYHTIGN on my blog LOL

THANK U !!!!!!!!!

Top 5 Ships

Soo I was tagged by @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse to do this thing! Thank you, love!

1. Stucky

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I’m sorry, as much as I ship myself with Bucky (hah, realistic), these two deserve love and are meant for each other I’m sorry Staron or Romanogers these two are The Shit™. They’ve just been through so much together that I can’t imagine not seeing them together. Hell, the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend had a point, bc these two are willing to go to such great lengths for one another that it’s so heartwarming/breaking to see them together on screen. (This does not mean that I don’t ship Seb and @thenightmarebeforebucky as ‘Sebella’, I just want Steve and Bucky to be happyyyyy)

2. Pepperony

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3. Fitzsimmons

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These two… aaah, an emotional roller-coaster. Listen, they just deserve to be together and I love them so much and they’re precious. Peace out. That’s all I have to say about them.

4. ScarletViz

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(For some reason it didn’t let me put in any other gif so…) Listen, I’m just neutral to this ship, but I’m running out of ships here, so… Also, as forced as this relationship was in the beginning, I’m starting to see the small bit of a silver lining to it.

5. Rapunzel and Flynn

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(^this image is so cute and I bet no one will ever look at me the way Flynn looks at Rapunzel) LISTEN I’M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS HERE SO JUST BEAR WITH ME OK. I LOVE THESE TWO TOGETHER AND IF DISNEY STUFFS THIS UP, I WILL PREPARE TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE OR FIVE.

Anyway, I tag: @poe-also-bucky, @thenightmarebeforebucky, @theassetseyeliner, @denialanderror, @mellifluous-melodramas, @ursulaismymiddlename, @bucky-plums-barnes and anyone else who feels like doing this! Sorry if you’ve done this before or generally don’t feel like doing it! XD


I loved making this one soo much! It’s a combination of my two favourite pokemon. 💛 Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

By the way, for those of you who don’t know I made a nice little suggestion box which you can find here —-> So if there’s something you’d really like to see just drop it there or shoot me a message.


Soo I don’t know how this came up, but Nicole and I were talking about Washington/Hamilton yesterday, and I was all “yeah it’s like the super-taboo, perpetually shamed ship.”

And she’s like “Why? I can totally see it.”

And I’m just “….yeah me too.”

And she just looks me dead in the eye and goes, “Hamilton, how come no one can get you on their staff?”

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Chansoo!! I just love how Chanyeol was the first one to really get to know Soo back predebut and I love how playful they are. Chanyeol really likes Soo and it's so cute.

And in return, Kyungsoo puts him in a headlock and glares at him. Yes… I can see the appeal. This is my NOTP, but for you, I will write it.

- Admin J


((FINALLY BACK!!! :DDD AND I AM SOO CLOSE TO 300 OMG THATS a crazy thing to come back to see. Ya’ll can send in request and if I don’t get to it today I will have tablet tomorrow and can do it then!! only 3 followers away from 300 got to do something special when the milestone passes. 

SO COMMENT IDEAS or ask them in. Anon or not. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! THANKs

ALSO I WATCHED A MINI LADD VIDEO andand they asked Brian “Are you racist?” and all he replied was “I’m Irish” And I AM STILL LAUGHIN ABOUT I OMG!! OKAY SO REQUEST STUFF OR JUST CHAT! ALSO does anyone want to see any of my OC’s I just made a new one today named Micah (he’s a trans boy hes my love!) SEND ASK AND LET ME KNOW STUFF!))

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Mod tit Tots art is so amazing and i just get happy when I see it. I LOOVE THE POKEMON TRAINER TOTTY AAAAAAAA <33333 i love your art soo much

    🌠 Mod Tit Tot

-Squeaky Mod Todo noises.- You are such a blessing, Emerald, ahhhh, this has just made my day !! ♥♥♥

wang so:
hae soo:
me: amazing. fantastic. never been done before. did you see that? they DID that. so really does love and care for soo and he just doesn’t know that yet. hae soo might think she’s in love with wang wook but god she doesn’t know that she’s really in love with soo. DID you see how she was the only one who looked so in the eye and didn’t flinch and he was SHOOK. she chased after him! she wasn’t scared!!!!!!! their relationship is so beautiful i can’t wait till it blossoms.


An Almost Kiss Under a Starry Sky

“Whenever I come to you, all my problems seem to become lighter. So, how can I live without seeing you? If you’re not going to come to me, don’t give me hope either. For me… it is torture.”

What So feels for Hae Soo might have been love once, but now it’s something that TRANSCENDS IT - HE NEEDS HER, SHE GIVES HIS LIFE A REASON, SHE LITERALLY SUSTAINS HIM AND MAKES HIM HAPPY. And when he smiles after failing at kissing her, in that moment it’s clear that what he wanted the most was MAKE HER SMILE ON HER BIRTHDAY (just like she made him smile at Eun’s birthday), TO MAKE HER HAPPY. It’s then when you realize that So isn’t giving Soo JUST ONE GIFT and that there are more - the first is HIM, the second is to make her smile, the third to show her the stars she loves, and the last one is a date invitation. 

When YH later accuses HS that marriage is only a silly game for her because HS tells her that the most important thing to her is that she makes Wang So happy, it only shows how terribly wrong YH is for him because she doesn’t understand what he needs - which is in the stark contrast how well she does understand Wook. For So who lived such a love-starved and bleak life, LOVE AND HAPPINESS ARE THE TWO THINGS HE NEEDS AND CRAVES THE MOST, HE WAS ABLE TO FIND THEM WITH HAE SOO, SHE GIVES THEM TO HIM AND THE MOMENT HE LOSES HER/THEM, IT’S THE MOMENT HE WILL DIE INSIDE. There is also another reason why this makes sense - because WHAT DOES A PRINCE WHO HAS BASICALLY EVERYTHING WANT? THE THING HE CRAVED HIS WHOLE LIFE - THINGS THAT COULDN’T BE BOUGHT NOR FORCED, THINGS THAT CAN BE GIVEN ONLY WILLINGLY BUT NO ONE EVER GAVE THEM TO HIM, EXCEPT FOR HAE SOO.

It’s bittersweet that at this point So doesn’t even get sad when she rejects to kiss him, but on the other hand HE CAN’T BARE IF SHE IS ONLY GIVING HIM FALSE HOPES WITH HER KINDNESS AND SMILES. Yet, it’s palpable that deep down he can knows that HS does have feelings for him - he can sense that from the way how close she is sitting next to him - SHE IS LITERALLY GLUED TO HIS SIDE WITH HER BODY,  constantly brushing her arm with his,  AND IT’S NO WONDER HE TRIES TO KISS THEN. She was never sitting like this with Wook, she always kept a distance between them, SHE DIDN’T FEEL THE NEED TO TOUCH HIM, NOT LIKE SHE DOES WITH SO.

“Let’s go to the prayer tower together… I want to tell you something. I think I should tell you there. You’ll come, won’t you?”

HE IS EVEN KEEPING TABS ON HER SCHEDULE! I mean, why does that even suprise me when he is HER PERSONAL STALKER. I love how well they understand each other even without words, because from HS’s reaction it’s clear she can sense what he wants to tell her; and there is his little smile/head nod full of meaning and you can literally SEE EVERYTHING SO WANTS TO TELL HER IN HIS EYES - IT’S BOTH AN INVITATION AND A PROMISE. It’s as if he was giving her a hint. The last shot is so poignant because THIS TIME IT’S HAE SOO WHO IS THE ONE WHO IS WATCHING WANG SO WHILE HE IS OBSERVING THE STARS. She is no longer stargazing because WANG SO IT THE ONLY STAR SHE CAN SEE AND WANTS TO WATCH.