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SKAM 4.02 Clip 2 - The secret

N: Wasn’t it nice this weekend?

S: At the party?

N: Yes?

N: I thought it was really nice. There were a lot of nice, new people.

S: Yeah, you liked them?

N: Yes! Such as, or like, that guy Yousef. Do you know him well?

S: Yousef?

N: Yeah, your brother’s friend.

S: No, not that well.

N: He was quite charming though!

S: If you think being immature is charming.

N: I thought he seemed quite mature?

S: Trust me. You don’t want a muslim boy.

N: Why not

S: Because, just trust me, they… They`re together with Norwegian girls just to take advantage of  them. And as soon as they’re serious, when they actually want a woman in their life… They marry a muslim girl and ditch you.

N: Don`t you think that’s generalizing a bit?

S: It’s not generalising. Muslims can only marry muslims. It says so in the Koran.

S: Why are we talking about Yourself, aren’t you together with William?

S: Or, what… What’s going on with you two?

N: Umm. You know. You know that thing with  why I came back from London?

S: Because he worked all the time? Wasn’t that it?

N: But, that’s in a way not the whole truth.

S: Okay…

SN: Hi! I was just wondering. Aren’t you on a bus?

N: Yes! It’s a russe buss, yes.

SN: Yeah, we’re looking for someone to buy our bus, and we’re finished in may so I thought I’d check with you.

S: How much do you want for it?

N: Yes, Sana is in on our bus.

SN: Yes, um, 300.000?

V: What’s that?

SN: We’re selling our bus.

V: Really! That’s something we’re very, very interested in!

N: 300.000?

V: That’s what a bus costs. When can we come and look at it?

SN: Sometimes this week? I can send you a tekst. Bye!

V: Bye!

N: Hello? We can’t start buying buses for 300.000! We’re 5 people!”

V: That’s what a bus costs. I mean, all the buses are being sold at the moment. So if we’re going to try to buy a bus in may 2018, that’s not going to work. We have to buy a bus now, or there won’t be a bus!

M: I could join the bus, if you need people?

S: I agree with Vilde

N: We don’t have 300.000 kroners!

S: It’s not like they need the money by tomorrow. We’ll sort it out.

N: How are we supposed to sort that out?

V: You know what, Noora? You must read a book that I’m currently reading. It’s called The Secret. And it’s about if you just let the universe happen, everything will manifest in your life. You just have to be responsive.

M: You know so much about the universe.

M: How?

V: I’m very interested in the universe.Like planets and stuff. And stars…

V: (In Swedish accent) The stars are shining!

M: You`re my star, did you know that?

V: That I’m yours?

M: Mhm

V: You`re mine! You’re my sun! The sun is a star.

Alright guys, announcement time.

For a while I’ve wanted to branch out in cosplay. And I did that. And it was all leading up to this moment. As of today, I have officially sold all of my old costumes, including Final Fantasy ones, to make way for this, my dream cosplay.

I’ll be cosplaying Guy Fieri at every con now, and I’ll be making every outfit he’s ever worn in Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). I know you think is just a joke or some stale, unfunny meme(me), but this is my cosplay life now.

Thank you guys, I hope you’ll join me in going to Flavortown!

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do you have favourite klance moments?? I wanna make an edit but I need scenes of them interacting ahahh

So this ask is 2 weeks old ಠ_ಠ …….sorry about that, but here is my detailed answer that I hope makes up for the delay :D 

Ranked in reverse order, here are my top 10 klance moments from both seasons (plus bonuses). It’s long, so, under the cut.

10. Pool Klance

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Android Companion AU

Lucis is an advanced civilization, the crown city of Insomnia is self sustaining and generally safe, but the limited land with which to build on can barely fit the growing population. You are an independent adult who had landed a dream job in the heart of the city, your parents bid you farewell from their farmhouse just east of Lestallum, and now you are living alone in a very crowded, claustrophobic, and constantly noisy business district.

One day, you find an offer of comfort in your solitary life:

Model: NOCT-1.5 (limited number of units produced):

  • This model is the cutting-edge technology of all companions available in the market, the be-all end-all royalty of the trade. it is never advertised because very few people can afford it, but you’re a tech nerd and you’ve heard of the legends
  • It’s usually ridiculously expensive and waaaay out of your range, for some reason, this one is on sharp discount in your local computer shop
  • the clerk tells you it’s on a discount because it has been taken out of the box by a previous owner and returned, but is in top shape otherwise
  • it’s a small investment even after the price cut and you’re seriously trying to talk yourself out of it, but the more you look at the android behind the sheer plastic, the more you are entranced by the sharp features and slim design.
  • a part of you hungers to see what the eyes look like once turned on, and what kinds of apps and functions you can install on such a rare product
  • you take it home, and the moment you plug it- him in, bright piercing eyes glow red for three seconds, and then mellow out to a soft crystal blue

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@wanaynay: I pride myself on being humble, but am making myself take a moment to reflect on all that is happening. So proud to stand by my girl, always. Our lives are a rollercoaster (in the BEST possible way), but we just conquered the SUPER BOWL, GRAMMYS #MetalliGa, earned her 14th top 10 hit with #MillionReasons, AND just sold out every date of the tour in North America when we went on sale this morning. Proud isn’t even the word. Love you @ladygaga This photo is the best depiction of us: LG serving a look at every moment, and me on my phone… at every moment 😬🙏🏼😎❤😘

Knighted- Chapter 1

Have ya’ll seen Tides’ art post for this? We started working on this at the same time, and trust me this is gonna be great. 

Please look at Tides’ art first before enjoying, trust me it makes the build better cause then you know what’s coming and how not serious this fic is gonna get.

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after all these years, shishio is happy. after six. freaking. years. shishio finally has the chance to be with someone with whom he can truly be himself again.

i am so, so happy for him, because he deserved so much more from hnr, seriously. and he finally has the chance to be happy. i never saw him smile that much since he was with suzume, and i want to cry for him (no, really, i got choked up when i saw his smile in the last couple pages).

and, y'know, what really makes me happy about this one-shot? we see the fruit of his labor. he’s more honest now, and suzume taught him that. he put away the sushi tie, because he didn’t want anything to hinder his chances with samejima. he bit the bullet and kissed her, because he liked her and wanted her to know that. he freaking waited outside his apartment for who knows how long, in the cold, for samejima to come back home so that he could tell her the truth, because dammit he’s messed things up twice already and he didn’t want to lose a good thing a third time.

he did the running this time, and man. i was pissed before over the hnr ending, despite being a mazume shipper, but now i’m just happy that shishio can be happy because this guy really deserved it. ;_;

Hello, everyone! This has been a pretty rough year for everyone, but despite everything, the McElroy brothers and their antics have been bringing joy to us all! As a way of sharing the good feels they’ve given us, I’m putting together a fan-zine featuring full-color illustrations of the creations from their Abomination Conglomeration.

Here’s the rundown: around 24 artists will each draw an illustration of one of the Monster Factory cast. Each artist picks one of the monsters, just so we don’t end up having this turn into 23-PAMS-who-death-forgot-plus-1-Knife-Dad Zine. All the illustrations will be gathered into one zine, which will be sold digitally, and for those lovely people who chip in a little extra money as part of our preorder, physically as well! All the proceeds will then be donated to Planned Parenthood, so you get rad art while helping an awesome charity!

At the moment, we have 10 artists signed up, but have 14 spots still available! If you’re interested in contributing, please fill out the application form here VVV

…and submit it to me by Sunday February 26th, 2017. After that date, applications will officially close, the sheet will be taken offline, and I will begin to sort through those who applied. It should take no more than a day or two for me to sort through, after which I will send emails out to everyone who applied, saying whether or not you got in and how to proceed!

For those who are interested in the pre-orders, after I finish setting up the artists (and their deadlines) I will be opening up a sheet for pre-orders! Here, you will be able to order digital copies in advance, or even get one of the limited run physical copies of the zine! After pre-orders close, all orders from then on will be for the digital PDF ONLY.

I look forward to hearing from you! And if you know someone who might be interested, please do not hesitate to spread the word!

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Hey mom let's say I'm a writer and let's say I wanted to hire a freelance editor and let's say I wanted to be Mr. Fuck Your Rate I'mma Pay You Way More Because You Deserve It --- what do you consider a fair/ideal rate for editing work?

It really depends on what kind of editing work you are engaging them for. Is it a proof and grammar only? Or do you want copy edit and feedback? Or do you want to engage them for a process of all of the above?

Some editors will list their fees per how many words they edit, and some houses will even pay their editors per word, but I have found this system to be utterly, utterly shitty for everyone involved who is not at the top taking a huge cut. 

I’ve spent maybe a month working on something which was 100k words, and the author had to pay a premium rate in the thousands, but I did minimal work to it like fixing a few errors here and there.

I’ve also spent a month working on something that was less than 10k words, but only got paid the going rate for 10k, regardless of the fact that it needed so much work I couldn’t take on any other projects during that time.

This is why I now list myself as per hour, not per word, and request people send me their file/manuscript in full first so I can read through it and determine how much work it will need, rather than offering a blind estimate per word count. In my FAQ I have it listed as a $50 reading fee once the manuscript goes over 10k words ($100 if it’s a 100k+ manuscript), but I’ve been so desperate lately I’ve actually lowered it to $25.

The rates I am currently charging are $25 per hour for anything under 10k, and $50 for anything over that. That’s my rate for copy edit, and it’s half what my rate for copy edit was in house. 

If you’re only wanting proof reading for minor fixes, I’m only taking $25 per hour (provided it wasn’t a total nightmare on the read through), though I have gone lower if it’s been something really short and I know it’s not even going to take me the full hour to work on. Basically I try to make it as fair an exchange for both of us as possible. I know most of the people trying to engage me for work are broke, I know most of them are college students or in a similar situation to mine, but I am also trying to not drastically undersell my work either because I also need to eat.

So if you take the idea at the moment that a living wage, and I mean a basic “you’re able to make ends meet without killing yourself working 60 hours a week” wage, is $15 an hour, you’re probably looking at paying someone a minimum of $20+ per hour for the time as an editor at a base rate. That is, if you want to pay them fairly, and even then I have some editor friends on here who are likely hissing between their teeth at me for low balling it.

But like I said, there’s a lot of work out there being sold for significantly less than that, and it’s killing us, it really is. I had an email this week from a freelance site from a client wanting me to rewrite his entire 100k manuscript for $150 and he thought that was “more than fair”. When I told him it wasn’t and I would not take on something of that size for anything less than $500 at a minimum, he went off on one about how there are other editors out there just desperate for work. And that’s the problem. 

Also, just throwing this out there, if an editor hits you with a quote and you think “wow, I can’t afford that, guess I’ll not bother…” ask them about payment plans. If this is a project we will likely be working with you on for several months—and if it’s long we likely will be—some of us are more than happy to accept monthly installments. We’d rather have secure reliable work and take our time helping you to create the best damn thing that you can, than have no work at all. 

And we want to work, we want to help people make awesome things, we want to see you get published and become successful because then that means you’ll write more which means we’ll get more work and do you see where this happy little cycle of productivity is going? I hope so. I really do, because the way current freelancing and editing work is set up, it’s helping no one. 

Anyway, I hope that is helpful and answered some questions. If not, sorry, I’m tired and heading to bed. I hope when I read this in the morning it’s not just an incoherent ramble but who knows, maybe I made some sense.

Little Do You Know: 2

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader 

Story Summary: Soulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay? 

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of suicide, mentions of drugs, i think that’s it.

A/N:`I hope you all enjoy this part, though it is a bit of a slow burn. I’m pretty happy with how these first two parts have turned out, so if you guys like this, maybe I’ll work on a third part. (:

I have to go.”

As you moved out of his hold, one of the tears you’d been harboring slipping out, falling down your cheek as you turned towards the exit again. “Wait, please.. Don’t.” He pleaded, following you, gripping your hand to keep you from leaving when you got too close to the door.

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Humans are weird 4

On most alien planets there is one constant language with some variations on slang. So when humans come around and see that Aliens have translators that translate everything to your language well they sold out with in hours on Earth, the Aliens took it a sign as them wanting to connect with everyone in space.

That is until Hsiang was on ship with a pair of humans talking and he noticed his translator glitching when he tried to listen to there conversation almost like if they were switching languages but every planet had their one standard language right? At the moment he thought nothing of it until again he was visiting earth and was with a group of humans from all different parts of the planet and his translator was acting as if they were switching languages, it was getting annoying. Maybe his translator wasn’t used to the human language.

Hsiang was officially over it when hearing two of his crew mates talking back and forth his translator was glitching constantly, he decided to ask

“why is it that when I’m around you my translator glitches? Do humans have some sort of connection to electricity or what?“

“What do you mean?” They asked looking at him weirdly

“Well every time I’m around humans my Translator Glitches like if you were switching languages or something and it was Going hay wire around you two”

"We are”

Hsiang just stared "What.”

They proceeded to explain that there are many different languages that the people of earth speak. That there was of 100 languages and dialects and that some languages die out. Then everything kinda clicked why humans always had they’re translators on even when speaking to each other, why they looked at each other weirdly when one said an odd saying, why on earth there was always a big market of translators on earth even though most of the inhabitants didn’t venture out yet. One thing didn’t make sense yet

“Why is it when you speak in mid sentence my translator glitches ?”

“Oh that’s because we switch language mid sentence”

“Yeah it’s common on earth most people speak 2 or more languages since we didn’t have these nifty translators, although now people might not have a reason to learn another language, it’s actually kinda sad”

La La Land (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

A/N: Hey guys! So sorry there haven’t been any updates in a while but here is something!!! I have a bunch of ideas but I’m having trouble finding time to write. More stories to come soon! Leave some feedback if you’d like :) Also La La Land has become my new obsession so…. here. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2,018

Prompt: You’re at the cinema alone and so am I we might as well sit together and I swear I didn’t think there was anyone else in this universe who appreciates this movie like I do.

- Written by Brie - 

You’re lame. You’re so lame you can’t even believe yourself. Who the hell goes to the theater alone at two in the afternoon just to see a movie for the third time. You, that’s who. You didn’t even bother to stop at the concession counter for the classic popcorn and soda combo as you hurried to your theater door, by now were an expert at sneaking outside food into the theater. If only the snack counter sold chicken nuggets and fries, you wouldn’t have to feel so guilty sneaking in your salty contraband.

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If You've Read ACOMAF, You Know

- When in reality ACOTAR is just the really really really long prologue
- When we love Lucien, but don’t, but love him again because sweet Elain, but still can’t stand that indecisive face (like, who are you loyal to? DECIDE!!!!)
- Being legitimately shocked for that one moment when Tamlin sold us out and we knew he was bad but THIS?!?!
- Feyre Darling… (You just died a little inside from pure joy. Don’t deny it. You did)
- That short period of time after reading ACOMAF when the sight of a rose bush or anything spring time actually disgusts you (no kidding)
- That one scene in Hybern’s castle spent laying on the ground in the fetal position afraid to turn the page (side effects may also include: uncontrollable shaking, sobbing, screaming in anguish and worrying your neighbors that you might possibly be getting murdered)

Bound to Happen (Part 9), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,117

Author’s Note: I really wanted to be sure I had seven fics out this week, but writing for the write-a-thon caught up with me and BTH was the only things I actually had finished. This chapter is definitely a long time coming and I hope it was worth the wait! Not the end, though!

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

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It started off as a simple side project in addition to your other work. An hour here, a meeting there, without heavy commitment.

Time quickly decided it wasn’t on your side, however.

Hamilton: An American musical began its previews with thunderous success. Sold out shows and contract extensions were only the beginning. Suddenly tickets were going for outrageous prices and one of Lin’s greatest fears was being realized.

What if the people who needed to see this the most couldn’t afford it?

More hours were put in and more meetings were set up. This side project was suddenly at the forefront of your job as the idea started gaining traction with the higher ups.

The morning announcement came in the form of a hastily written text from Lin.

Hamilton to transfer to Broadway. Playing at the Richard Rodgers. We’re going back.

Suddenly you spent every waking moment figuring out how to make this happen and using every one of your favors to speak to whoever you could. As Lin got swept up in the show, he began to abandon the idea altogether.

Headlines all spoke of Hamilton. There was buzz about Tony awards and late night appearances and suddenly everyone knew of the brilliance you had stumbled upon all those years ago.

Lin was a genius, there was no doubt about it. What he created was the type of genius that would have a lasting impact.

The lottery was a great start - Ham4Ham shows broadcasted the type of talent they had while giving away affordable tickets. Still, you reminded yourself every night, you had to do more.

With an extended effort on this project came more meetings with Lin. He was buying the coffee now, but you still found home in the small cozy corner of his dressing room.

The same one he had used during In the Heights days.

The familiarity of it all was quite jarring to begin with. It was small steps at first, testing the limits. It was days before you hugged one another, weeks until you were back to the lighthearted jabs and inside jokes.

Soon, it was as if you hadn’t spent nearly six years apart. He was your Lin again - one that was always running precisely three minutes late and who consumed enough sugar to kill a small elephant and who texted you at three in the morning.

You had late nights and split desserts and laughed together again. The flow of what was once a perfect friendship began to fall back into place.

Then it finally happened.

An all nighter certainly wasn’t uncommon for you. A majority of your projects were both international and time sensitive, so you had learned to be flexible.

After many sips from various energy drinks and an incomplete pile of paperwork with your name on it, you were finally ready to call it a night. Just as the sun was coming up.

A single e-mail dinged in your inbox. You heavily considered ignoring it. You could deal with it in five to seven hours, right? You spared a single glance, halting at the subject line in all caps.


You rushed forward to click it open, scanning the paragraphs for any useful information. You screamed at the top of your lungs as you put the dots together, hastily printing the several page e-mail as you threw on the first jacket you could find.

The contents of your bag poured out onto the street in your flustered haste. Unashamed, you moved onto your hands and knees to collect what was in reach as you waved for a cab.

You practically yelled the address at the poor cabbie. The driver flinches at the volume you were able to produce at such an early hour.

You threw a wad of bills as you approached the familiar house, slipping out of the car before it even came to a full stop. Parting with a simple ‘I’m sorry’, you rushed towards the front steps.

Taking the stairs two at a time, you carefully tucked the stack of papers under your arm for security. Using both hands, you tapped your knuckles against the hard word of Lin’s door.

“Open up! Open up! Open up!” You chanted, eliciting a few nasty looks from grumpy New Yorkers who passed by in the street. You continued to knock louder.

You heard a rustling behind the door, followed by a loud curse.

It was swung open for you to be greeted with a groggy Lin clad only in a t-shirt and boxers. His dishevelled appearance didn’t halt your excitement, however. Your energetic appearance, though, was able to exhaust him further.

You stormed right past him.

“Come on in.” He sarcastically grumbled, closing and locking the door behind you. You turned to him with the brightest grin he had ever seen in his life, “What’s all the excitement for?”

“Thousands of publicly educated teenagers are going to learn about and see your show thanks to a very generous contribution from the Rockefeller Foundation.” You triumphantly handed him the papers, the sleep disappearing from his eyes immediately.

“Dear Lord.” He mumbled, snatching the papers and reading the first few sentences.

“This will extend to any city Hamilton tours in.” You added for good measure.

After a second of absorbing the information he looked up, bright eyed with a toothy grin.

“You did it-” He mused.

Before either one of you knew it, you were reaching for each other. The papers flew to the floor as his hands found home on your cheeks, pulling you in for a quick, simple kiss.

You each stepped back at the contact, lips tingling.

You shared a steady look, a mutual desperation for another kiss evident in the air.

You reached for each other again. Bodies slinked firmly and perfectly together as his teeth scraped against your lips. His hands were quickly pushing your coat from your shoulders as yours tugged at the hem of his thin shirt.

He pushed forward, blindly backing you down the entryway of his house to where you knew his bedroom resided.

His grip was tight and confident, a comfortability apparent as if this wasn’t the first time.

The back of your knees collided with the edge of the mattress as you fell back into his bed, the firm grip you had on his hair ensuring that he fell with you.

He pressed you further into the mattress as his lips abandoned you only to find solace in the clear expanse of your neck.

Shoes clattered to the floor as Lin made quick work of anything else he could shed, fifteen plus years of longing dissipating with each article he tossed to the side.

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luke resting his head on bodhi’s shoulder. the only light is a large moon overhead. luke’s talking quietly about tattooine, about slaving and moisture vaporators and the local gay hang out, tosche station. about miles and miles of nothing but sand and scavengers. he finishes and runs his fingers over bodhi’s palm.

“and jedha?” he says after a moment. “if you want to.”

and bodhi tells him. tells him of markets and laughter and a walkway of glass and the sour flavour of fruits handed out by passing monks, of vibrant life crammed into a city and sand control staff and old transport ships being sold as reshaped utensils.

“of course that was before,” he says.

before it was all gone. before the empire.

“at least you dont have to live with the sand anymore,” says luke, attempting to lighten the mood.

bodhi snorts. nods. “i dont like sand,” he agrees.

“its coarse.”



“gets everywhere.”

luke kisses him.

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So how did you like Ever After?

Goodness, I love Ever After. 

Each adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale emphasizes different elements, and I love what Ever After emphasizes. It’s…gritty isn’t the right word, but it doesn’t gloss over the reality of the situation. Running a farm is hard, and Danielle does not have much help. Danielle’s daily work, and her family’s treatment of her, throw her loneliness into sharp relief. That explains the way her face lights up when the prince recognizes Utopia - “You too? I thought I was the only one!”, as C. S. Lewis says. Danielle is desperate to love - she tries so hard to love even her stepmother - and her relationships in the movie extend far beyond the prince. She connects with Leonardo, the family servants, and eventually with Jacqueline.

Speaking of the stepmother, Ever After is a great example of making the villain interesting without glamorizing them. Rodmilla is pretty awful from the beginning, but she has this moment with Danielle: 

Danielle: Did you ever love my father? [to that effect]
Rodmilla: Well, I hardly knew him, did I?

That one sentence upends our conclusions that Rodmilla is this pillar of evil. She’s still awful and abusive, but on this point, she’s not wrong. She did barely know her new husband, and she was left with three children, a household, and a farm to run. Again, this does not excuse her actions, but her hesitation when saying the “I hardly knew him” forces us to consider as a person, as a woman who has also had bad things happen to her. She says her nicest comment to Danielle right after that - “you have so much of your father in you” - but is quickly self-conscious of the vulnerability and masks it with more insults. Rodmilla eventually sacrifices that good moment by her ruthless comment to Danielle’s agonized plea of “Did you ever love me?” - “How could anyone love a pebble in their shoe?”. Giving Rodmilla an actual arc as a character makes her far worse than if she had just been Evil McGee. 

Ever After also has a “this isn’t funny anymore” moment: Danielle is whipped. Danielle is also forced to choose between her father’s last gift to her (Utopia) and her mother’s shoes, with the unchosen item being tossed in the fire. She loses both items. Her reunion with Henry at the end has palpable relief (for her and for the viewer), because her physical safety is now guaranteed. Other adaptations usually don’t take the abuse that far. 

I suppose consequence or cost is why this movie works so well. Danielle’s smart, but so are her stepmother and stepsister. Danielle has a satisfying badass moment when she punches Marguerite in the face, but she has to watch Marguerite take her mother’s shoes, and burn her father’s book. Danielle stays out with Henry, deepening her relationship with him and befriending the gypsies, and is whipped for her behavior. She is given all of 60 seconds of the spotlight at the ball before having her wings ripped off. As a final touch, Danielle is sold into slavery to pay off debts. She fights her way out, but not before she is chained, carted off, and assaulted by Le Pieu. The movie dances nimbly between the sweetness of the Cinderella story and the reality of the darkness that she fights against. 

Danielle is clever. Cinderellas are never dumb, but Danielle is more strategic about how she interacts with her family; she knows that her safest bet is to pretend to be unintelligent. She is well-read and intelligent without being obnoxious. Both she and Henry have a web of friendships and complex relationships with family - their love story doesn’t exist in a vacuum. She is creative and independent without suffering from Strong Female Character syndrome. She suffers, and she still chooses to be kind - the heart of every version of Cinderella, and the reason why I love her. 

“We Live For Love” - The Amazing True Story

“We Live For Love” is a real song written by Neil Giraldo, the guitarist - and later husband - of rock icon Pat Benatar.

Many of the details I used in the story “We Live For Love” are directly from their real life love story. Pat and Neil met exactly the same way as Jamie and Claire did - and ended up touring the world together, marrying in 1982 and raising two daughters.

They still tour today - sharing their stories and hits with a brand new generation.

And all the while, share their incredible, enduring love story with the world.

Here’s how Pat described it in her autobiography, “Between A Rock and a Heart Place” (emphasis mine):

I’M JUST GOING TO put this out there once and for all: without Neil Giraldo (or “Spyder,” as I’d later dub him), my career would not have happened. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t have had any success as the pop princess Chrysalis wanted. But I never would have succeeded to the degree I did, made strides for women, been part of the eighties rock movement, had my face on MTV, won four Grammys, sold millions of records, and still been around thirty years later without the genius and heart of that man.

Because I am not responsible for it; we are responsible for it, all of it. From the moment he stepped into the room at SIR, our lives changed—first musically, and later romantically and spiritually. We were each other’s muse. It was like we had each been missing a part and when we met, we were finally whole, connected on a primal level.

…From the moment we first started collaborating, I knew Spyder was a visionary. His mind never stopped. He was constantly experimenting and trying new things, yet he knew precisely what needed to be pushed farther and what needed to be discarded. It was exactly what I’d been missing.

…Still, we kept it professional during the recording. We worked in the studio eighteen hours a day… One of the first things Spyder told me was that my instincts had been right all along—everything depended on me having the right sound, the right direction, and the right players. What I needed was a band where the bed of the music was aggressive and strong, a band that would push me to sing harder, tougher. As he says, I needed a Sicilian guitar player from Cleveland to dirty it up some.

…And when Spyder made that sound a reality, I thought the very same thing I’d thought a few years back at the Liza Minnelli concert: I can do that.

I’d had it in me all the time, but it was Spyder who let it out.

People seem to act like Bucky is the only person with severe PTSD, when Tony Stark has been suffering from it since he picked the funvee.

Yeah Bucky deserves help. Yes Tony made some shitty choices regarding that situation, and if Steve had actually treated him like a person and told him about his parents, maybe he would have been in the mental headspace to be able to help Bucky instead. I mean I love Steve, but he treats Tony like piece of chewing gum stuck to his shoe. 

But people rarely seem willing to acknowledge the amount of mental crap that Tony has to deal with. I mean after we take into account the extreme physiological issues he has given the toxic environment he grew up in, having to be raised in the public eye, expected to become the most powerful private citizen in america, he was then:

1. Blown up by his own bomb, resulting in the deaths of multiple young soldiers who he was befriending

2. Confronted with the fact that his extremely advanced bombs were being sold without his knowledge on the black market and being used to kill civilians. 

3. Forced to undergo a brutal invasive surgery and recover in a dank cave.

4. Waterborded for 3 months (as a civilian, and with a massive electrical device in his chest that could short out at any moment)

5. Betrayed by a man that he viewed as more of a father than his own dad. Discouvered not only did he sell Tonys tech on the black market, but he also ordered the hit on him, and then attempts to kill him again- for monetary gain- by yanking out his heart.

6. Found out the only thing keeping him alive was also poisoning him to death

7. Came face to face with the man who his father idolised and gave him a massive inferiority complex over, and was told by that man that he was pathetic. 

8. Flew a nuke through a wormhole into space.

9. Had his home blown up on top of him

10. Was ‘killed’ and none of his newfound avengers friends showed up to help him

11. His girlfriend was hurt just to ‘prove a point’ to him which plays right into his guilt issues.

12. When he reached out to one of those absent friends to explain his story, said friend fell asleep, and it was treated like a comedy moment rather that Tony being activly ignored with he was trying to ask for someone to listen to him. 

13. Someone went into his mind and gave him visions of all his friends dead because of him. 

14. Was blamed for creating a mechanical supervillan who killed hundreds of people when a) it actually largley created itself, and b) his actions where triggered by someone who never got held accountable for any of it.

15. Lost one of the only ‘people’ he truely trusted- J.A.R.V.I.S. Ultron even says he ‘killed the other guy’. Once again no one sympathised with him- they instead yelled at him.

16. Was once again blamed for absolutely everything by the man his father raised him to idolise. 

17. The woman he loved dumped him because of his continued involvment with the avengers (which was probably a very healthy move on Pepper’s part, but not great for Tony’s guilt issues or his headspace).

18. Was confronted by a woman who actively blamed him for her sons death in the Ultron incident. 

18. Decided to sign a legal agreement which would stop him being able to create a program like Ultron again because of his guilt. Got yelled at for essentially ‘selling out’. Got told their judgment is still the best despite all of his choices being belittled and judged to the enth degree. 

19. His best friend is paralysed because of a massive fight with someone he trusted.

20. People who he used to trust and call his friends verbally deride him for trying to do the right thing for once, rather than actually try and talk to him and understan his point of view, or concil him against it. 

21. Found out that someone he considered a friend lied to him about his parents, and most specifically his mothers, death, and is now protecting their murderer from any justice or even formal treatment, for his own self interest, even when its been shown said killer can easily be reactivated

22. Beaten half to death by two supersoldiers and then abandoned in siberia.

I mean Tony is NOT perfect, he fucks up A LOT, but when other people in MCU fuck up or have trouble people sympathise with them, but when its Tony, all they do is just judge him and belittle him