they are so weird omfg


Yet another thing Daesung is afraid of: pigeons.


since i was getting annoyed w/ my art i thought id play with style a bit P:


concept art of the Straw Hats post-timeskip 

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i'm screeching over alec's reactions to not!magnus in that clip omfg i love that it's so immediately weird to him that he doesn't have not!magnus's full attention? and the way alec's entire body is leaning forward really earnestly like usual but his better half just isn't there. ugh beyond the hope for actual malec in the ep, i'm kinda looking forward to these little telling moments too.

SAME i hope there isn’t an excessive amount of time wasted on not!magnus and alec, but i did enjoy how we saw how off their body language is in relation to each other, esp when you compare it to how they moved in 2x11 – alec sliding around magnus, the way they leaned in to each other for a kiss. i don’t think it’s so much he doesn’t have magnus’ full attention but it’s kind of like the chemistry is all gone and magnus is just so oddly cold.

i think it’s interesting, too, bc alec knows how magnus behaves when he’s angry (1x11, 2x01) and he also knows how magnus behaves when he’s busy with a genuine problem and doesn’t have time for him (2x08) – and he can tell there’s something else wrong here. but there still seems to be a part of him that isn’t sure, either, because their relationship is still very new. they’re still growing together and i just…the way he knocks before entering and how soft he speaks it’s like a part of him thinks, maybe i just made him mad? but at the same time he can really sense it must be something else.

anyway, alec being worried about how terse magnus sounded on the phone and then going over immediately to check up on him is really telling in terms of how in tune he is to magnus’ moods which i love, but i definitely hope that there’s plenty of time spent afterwards showing us how in tune they are with each other when magnus is himself again. i want to see them being comfortable with each other and alec putting his arm around magnus and magnus leaning into him, and you just know that everything is put right again.


I was at comic con today and I met John Barrowman and cosplayed (?) Rose Tyler and it was great tbh (ignore of my face on the picture with John lol)(I was so excited = I smiled like an idiot)

happy birthday to my dear friend risu! (@risusgarbage)
here’s a cute drawing of our sibling zelink fanchildren ivy and ancel ;; cause i love them and there’s nothing i enjoy more than spend hours and hours making headcanons and aus about these two with you! i have so many fond memories of developing these two over the years, i hope we can come up with even more angsty headcanons/aus for them!

hope you have a rad birthday! ALSO i decided to make a BONUS:

our sibling hildavio fanchildren too! lmao fiori and lancel! clearly the zelink kids inherited dad’s love for adventuring while the hildavio kids are all about rupees like their bunny dad lmao

ALSO ivy and fiori (the girls) belong to my friend risu!
while ancel and lancel (the boys) belong to me! (lmao i’m so original with the names)


Heres some on-the-desk doodles for Reporter!Jack and Waiter!Mark in an AU ive had brewing for about a year… either way, i really like drawing on desks… 


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