they are so similar it's untrue

dundun-thatswhatiwant  asked:

Hey Rose. I've been watching your vids for a while now and reading your asks tonight and can honestly say that you have been such a help to me. Me and the girl I like are so similar to you and Rosie in personality it's untrue but she keeps blowing hot and cold with me. One time she loves me, next she doesn't, then we are going away together, next we aren't speaking. What advice do you have for someone like that? Also thank you so much for your realness and humour. I look forward to more videos❤️

Rosie blew hot and cold with me for about 12 months! I didn’t know where I stood for about a year. I was FORCED to read her diary to try and understand how she truly felt. FORCED. Undeniably forced. Zero free will. When you think about it, you could call me the victim. 

Rosie kept her cards so close to her boobs I could barely get to them. I knew we were both playing games but I wanted to see how it ended! It was only when it actually got far too tough seeing her date other people that I said DATE ME EXCLUSIVELY OR LOSE ME FOREVER. So she did because I’m the best she’s ever fucking had.

So my advice would be to see it through, but make sure you know where to draw the line. And stick to your convictions unlike me who kept sleeping with Rosie pretty much STRAIGHT after I said it was over hahahaha.