they are so secretly dating

My new headcanon:

So Dex and Nursey have been secretly dating and when Bitty calls them all for a meeting, they think “shit he found out and now he and Jack are gonna give us a talk on dating a team member”

And they sit really, really close together because they are a Unit, they are Together and they are proud of it or something equally sappy.

There’s a long pause where no one knows what to say and just as Nursey is about to blurt out that yes he’s dating Dex but it’s not a big deal, Bitty is like “Jack and I are dating”

And then “wow ok.” and “oh. cool” but theyre both secretly salty because Bitty and Jack stole their thunder 


What came next was unexpected. He came closer, planted a kiss on her cheek, and she heard him whisper, “Be careful.” Wait –was he really worried about her and her safety? Her, who could kill a man twice her height with her bare hands? Loyal and kind and sweet and oh-so-easy-to-read-Benji was worried, about her. Since when? Well, maybe not so-easy-to-read-Ben in the end…

Hau/Gladion Headcanon:

Gladion loves Malasada, especially the sweet ones dues to Wicke sneaking him the streat when he was younger. When Hau finds out he takes Gladion out for little dates at Malasada shops and always makes sure to buy the sweet ones for him and Silvally. Gladion protests but secretly loves their little dates. (and so does Silvally who also gained a love of Sweet malasada.)

And The Snakes Start To Sing

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Request by an anon: hi! could you write a draco x reader imagine where the reader is a hufflepuff, so he’s secretly dating her because he can’t ruin his reputation, but since it’s a secret a lot of people still bully her and lowkey draco does too just so its not suspicious, and one day draco finds pansy and the reader fighting so draco yells at pansy and stuff and then ends up telling everyone that they’re dating and it ends all fluffy :) thanks so much sorry this is so long 😂

A/N- It’s fine xD

Stolen glances desperate to demonstrate a reply and grasps of hands as brief as the passing zephyr make the world become a test of reality. It was what you’d become accustomed to while being in your secret relationship with Draco. Along with of course, being bullied by your own boyfriend. Despite the fact he’d always apologise in the most charming way possible and regardless as to whether it was only to keep up pretences, you couldn’t help feeling significantly unimportant.

It had been around four months of agonising bliss but you couldn’t, to put it nicely, cut the ties that held the relationship together. You loved him, that much was certain. And what with your determination into keep a rare relationship such as this one alive, you knew those antics were beyond your capability.

Charms had become increasingly more enthralling over the past year, much to your delight. As Professor Flitwick explains and demonstrates the fluid wand movements and high-pitched incantations, you copy verbatim. After numerous rather unsuccessful tries and a fair amount of bandages for an unfortunate Susan Bones beside you, you’d finally accomplished the spell. 

Exultance radiates from you in beatific sparks. If it is to be described, a showering spectrum of metaphorical fireworks erupt like grenades around you; creating an endearing aura which molds itself around your body.

In exuberant excitement, you glance around and for a moment your eyes meet Draco’s immensely proud ones and he sends you a quick, suave wink before turning around.   

You feel your heart flutter slightly and clear your throat in attempts to disregard the moment. Though you have barely time to control yourself before your teacup waddles to its doom with the legs you had charmed on it.

The end of Charms class arrived with the same amount of time it takes a dead star’s light to travel to Earth. You leave later than everyone else due to an arrogant Slytherin choosing to spend his time to knock over your books. 

Huffing slightly, you leave the barren classroom and enter the equally desolate corridor. Silence settles like the dead resting in their astringent graves.

The clack of your shoes cuts through the thick atmosphere like knife through butter. You were thankful that this day had occured with only a marginal number of icidents involving a few certain Slytherins but like always, you though too soon.

“Well if it isnt our favourite mudblood playtoy.” Pansy Parkinson’s resounds through the hallway. You look up to find Pansy and her clique of aforementioned Slytherin “Furies”. 

“A hufflepuff and a mudblood? What an unfortunate match.” she shakes her head in pity with a contrasting smirk. “It’s a shame Draco isn’t here to witness….he hates you lot more than I do.” they all laugh derisively.

Pansy begins to examine her polished nails and tuts upon finding chips in the varnish. “So tell me mudblood, you think you can look at my Draky-poo?” 

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you stammer and retreat a few steps.

“Oh I think you do. Maybe you need a little persuading.” she says viciously while turning to the others.

“I think this one needs to be taught a lesson. I guess we’ll just have to tell Draco about it then. Pity really…he was always one for relishing in other people’s pain.” an evil sneer crosses her face as she draws her wand. 

“Then you really musn’t know me at all Parkinson.” Draco growls at her from a hidden corridor. The panic and unequivocal fear clenched your chest eases and is replaced by mild horror and relief at Draco’s arrival.

“Draky!” Pansy exclaims hesitantly. “We were just-”

“I know full well what you were doing and i’d advise you to leave now if you value your dignity.”

“Draco? W-what’re you-” Pansy starts with verging hysteria.

“And don’t ever hurt Y/N again.” Draco cuts her off.

“What’s gotten into you?” she screeches in  shock. Jealously flashes in her beedy eyes as her eyes narrow at the close proximity between you both.

“I dare you to even think about harming her. Do it and see what happens.” he growls menacingly.

His icy hand weaves its way into yours as he says, “ Y/N is my girlfriend. If you have a problem with that, don’t bother me with it.” he says with a sharp finality, nods to them once with an intimidatingly mocking, “ladies.” and leads you towards the Great Hall.

 “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” he whispers in despondent sincerity. “I can’t believe i acted in such a way. I wasn’t considerate towards how it affected you and believed that sneaking around here and there could in any way make up for how I treated you.”

“Draco It’s okay, it’s fine-”

“No, Y/N it’s not.” he sighs. “I…I love you. And that’s quite possibly the worst way to show that.” he whispers.

Your heart palipates thunderingly as you turn his face towards yours. “Maybe, but this isn’t.” you mutter as your lips press gently against his. 

Draco’s hand tightens considerably around your own as he pushes open the Great Hall doors. Quick enough as to not allow enough time for an escape and loud enough to arise attention.

The Hall hushes itself into a minute second of deafening silence before there’s an outbreak of whispers.

“Is that Y/N Y/L/N?!”

“Of course it’s Draco Malfoy! Look at his hair.” 

“Has he been confunded?” 

“Who would want to go out with an insolent git like Malfoy?”

“Oh go back to eating, Ronald.”

You glance at Draco worriedly, your tooth resorting to biting your lip in anticipation of who knows what.

“Want to sit with the Slytherins or Hufflepuffs?” Draco asks quietly but with an encouraging smile. You know how hard it must be for him already and decide to make the meal more comfortable. 

A huge smile forms on your face as you gesture towards the Slytherins. “This should be fun.” you say cheerfully and take your place besides him amoungst a sea of flabbergasted pine colour.

Then without warning, members of each House erupt in applause and wolf-whistles and you don’t know whether to blush or laugh and end up doing both.

Slytherins around you introduce themselves albeit unsurely and you feel the beginnings of interhouse friendships become common place.

For the first time in his life, Draco felt warm in ways he would never have thought he could. From the heavy blush on his cheeks to the blossoming warmth arising in his chest.

  • Person: so I watched *insert tv/movie* and it has these two girls
  • Me: *nods* lesbians...ok
  • Person: actually they just become really good friends
  • Me: *nods* they secretly love each other... go on
  • Person: well, they date men...
  • Me: lesbians...who secretly love each other
  • Person: ....
  • Me: .....go on
Caught Up

Requested by anons: Hey there! Could you please write a sirius x reader (eventual smut) where the reader is james’ twin sister and james is against them dating so they date secretly and james finds out? Thanks ||/\|| Can I have a Sirius x reader where he has a curvy girlfriend (not fat) and he absolutely loves it and he thinks she looks really good in the school uniform and a lil smut if you want

Word count: 2018

Warning: A teensy smidge of smut

A/N: Friendly reminder that this is a queued post so I’m still away in the woods far from Internet access despite this popping up on your dash!

Forever tags: @lovemenotpetal​ @21brownies

Originally posted by jesimahcah

“Please, Y/N, everyone knows I’m his best friend,” James scoffed at you as you were walking together in the great hall to have breakfast.

“And I’m not contesting that, brother,” you argued, choosing to call him that because you knew it ticked him off. “What I am saying is that Sirius likes me better,” you explained.

“That’s rubbish and doesn’t even make sense!” he exclaimed before sitting down, in front of Sirius, Remus and Peter.

“What doesn’t make sense?” Peter asked, curious.

“James here is unable to accept the fact that while he is Sirius’s best friend, Sirius still likes me better as a person,” you explained with a playful smirk, still standing.

Sirius took the time to strike a pensive pose, before answering.

“I’d say that’s a correct analysis of the situation,” he nodded.

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Got7 reaction to you being shipped with a Monsta X member

A/N - So for this one, imagine you’re dating the member secretly but are known to the fans as being close friends with both Got7 and Monsta X.

Mark: I feel like you, Mark and Wonho would all be really close friends so seeing fans ship you and Wonho wouldn’t bother him too much but he’d definitely prefer seeing them fangirl over you and him

JB: Seeing fans ship you with Shownu would probably make JB feel happy since he’s the Monsta X leader. He would see it as the fans thinking you suit someone with leadership qualities, like him.

Jackson: If Jackson saw the fans were shipping you with Jooheon, he’d get super jealous. Especially since he did the bromance show with him and is really close friends with him.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would see how the fans ship you with Minhyuk and would find it cute reading little fanfics people wrote. He’d love to see it and wouldn’t mind harmless shipping since he knows that you love him.

Youngjae: Depending on his mood, Youngjae might not mind seeing fans ship you with Kihyun but if he had been away on tour or really busy with his schedule then he might feel a little insecure seeing how much they ship it.

Bambam: Since I.M is one of Monsta X’s rappers and also a younger member, Bambam might start comparing himself to him when seeing how many people ship you with him.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be shocked to see fans shipping you with Hyungwon. He would do his best to get them to change their minds about who they ship you with by interacting with you more on camera.

Blackpink as types of bffs

Jennie: the mom friend. Will always make sure you got enough food on your plate. Might appear cold sometimes but she lowkey cares a lot for you. Will give you a judging bitch face when you crack lame jokes even though she secretly finds them funny.

Jisoo: dinner dates. So many of them. Any time of the day. “I’m kinda hungry let’s grab some food I heard there’s this new Italian restaurant?” Stare contests that end in weird grimaces. “You don’t think I can eat 50 chicken wings ? OH LEMme show you” -“no jisoo don’t” always protect this smol bean okay.

Rosé: might sing 24/7 when you’re hanging out but you gotta appreciate it okay I mean your ears will probably thank you. Lots of outdoor activities like going to the amusement park or picnicking. Also lots of random jokes that are actually funny.

Lisa: idk but I think of playing mario kart. Or like games in general. Lots of games when being rather at home, enjoying a lazy day with pizza, blankets, pillows and netflix. And mario kart. Deep conversations about life and questions like “are hotdogs sandwiches?”

Coldflash Fanfic Idea

Flashpoint changed a lot of things.  When Barry came back from messing with the timeline he discovered that Cisco was a good philanthropist millionaire (no glitch on this new timeline) still working for team flash and dating Lisa Snart, Iris was happily married to Eddie, Jesse and Wally were speedsters, Harry from E2 was still on  Star Labs helping Team Flash and Caitlin was a meta and she was married to Ronnie. He also discovered that he had a new lab partner at the precinct called Julian Albert who seemed to be a real pain in the ass… Leonard Snart was a meta and the Mayor in Central City who was secretly dating him and was so overprotective that appointed Heatwave as Barry’s bodyguard… if that wasn’t weird enough the New Rogues: Mirror Master and Dr.Alchemy were kidnapping people to create more meta-humans to unleash a Meta War with the help of Eobard Thawne whose real target was the Flash, the most powerful omega male meta that he wanted to claim as his.

Any thoughts?

This is complete word vomit tbh

There was just something about Draco Malfoy that makes Harry want to snog him. Not even want but need. Draco is one of those blokes that all the girls secretly (or not so secretly) want to date but would never introduce him to their parents, so they date guys like Archie Taylor or Tommy Jones and bring them home instead. While  Harry Potter is quite the catch, he’s popular, on the school football team, good looking and charming in that shy blushy way. Draco Malfoy is the complete opposite, well he is good looking but the similarities stop there. While Harry is a parents wet dream, Draco is a rude, hot, punky bastard who smokes behind the science block, spends his time at school listening to music and glaring at everyone and harry is certain he’s never seen him smile or laugh.

He is undeniably, a massive prat, and Harry has been pining over him since the start of the year  when he came back after the holidays with a good haircut.

Harry’s not sure if it’s the oversized band hoodies draco wears over his uniform, or his thin wrists covered in rubber bracelets or his blonde hair that flops onto his forehead that makes him crazy but he’s certain the main thing that makes him want to snog the life out of Draco freaking Malfoy is his eyes. Those stupid grey eyes that can look cold, uninterested in anything you have to say and mischievous all at once.

That or his arse.

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Let me introduce ourselves.
She’s Mariana, 18, Mexican, and she has been living in Germany for the last 4 years.
My name is Tania, 19, Mexican, and I lived in Ireland for 7 months and now I’m back in Mexico.
We met each other 5 years ago and we were best friends, we used to made out when we were drunk (which was every time we saw each other) until one day (one year ago) she told me she was bisexual and I was completely okay with that, then she told me she was in love with me and everything changed since then.
I was completely into a guy, so for her was very hard to see me dating him and spending nights with him. For a whole year it was very hard for both of us, I couldn’t accept the fact that I was falling in love with a girl so we started dating secretly for a month and we traveled to 5 different countries together and then we broke up and everything went to shit. We broke up because I was coming back to Mexico so I couldn’t handle the distance.
For a whole month we both did terrible things to each other because it was very frustrating that we “couldn’t” be together because of distance, society, family, friends etc.
She was in Mexico for holidays when I came back, we saw each other for a whole week and we realized we couldn’t be without each other, we are completely crazy and in love so we decided to get back together and embrace the fucking society together, even though there’s distance in between. She’s leaving Germany and she will be living in Mexico in May and start university here.
So now, we can finally be together ♥️


Jun wants Minghao but Minghao wants Jeonghan but Jeonghan has Seungcheol, Joshua, Wonwoo & Mingyu already in line. But Wonwoo and Mingyu are secretly dating but so is Mingyu and Minghao. Vernon and Seungkwan ran off to get married while DK and Hoshi are already secretly married. Woozi is engaged to Seungcheol and Dino is playing videos down at the arcade 100% done with all of his hyungs.


Could you possibly do one that involves Tony stark and Bruce and the reader works with both of them in science side of the avengers, both of them start falling for her but she really likes Bruce and doesn’t know how to tell Tony because he’s so confident and sure that the reader likes him so Bruce and the reader keep it quiet and secretly flirt and date? Like a little nerdy love triangle? If that makes any sense haha! P.s I love love love everything you write!!! You have so much talent!!

Thank you so much!  Bless you for your kind words.  They’ve been few and far between lately, so I really do thank you for them. Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

You feel Tony’s hand come down on the small of your back as he steps up beside you to see what you’re doing.

“Tony…” you warn.

“Sorry, sorry.  The dip in your back is just so…enticing sometimes,” he smirks.

“Keep it in your pants long enough,” you smirk as you flash a glance at him.

“How’re things coming along?” Bruce asks as he steps up to your other side and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Don’t look so closed off, big guy,” Tony comments, “Y/N here might think that you don’t wanna be around her.”

You watched Bruce furrow his brow as he hesitantly dropped his arms to his side.

“Not that that would be a bad thing,” Tony murmurs.

“Alright, Stark,” you deadpan before turning your gaze to Bruce.  “I would never think that, Bruce,” you smile.

He enjoyed the way that you smiled.

This was a pretty normal occurrence.  Tony would make a move, you would tell him not to, Bruce would appear to make you feel more comfortable, and Tony would fall into his natural snark routine to cover up whatever it was that he was feeling.

The first time you and Bruce went out to coffee was purely by happenstance.  You saw him in the coffee shop and offered for him to sit with you.  Then, about a week later, you walked into your favorite lunch spot, and there he was.

And he repaid the favor of asking you to sit with him.

However, when Bruce finally got the courage to ask you out on a proper date, you found yourselves sneaking around behind his back.

Hiding it from him.

Obscuring it from him.

The both of you knew that he was into you, and part of you was scared that you would lose your job if he knew you were dating Bruce.

But part of you was terrified that he would fire you because, if you hurt him, he wouldn’t be able to work with you.

You talked with Bruce, and he understood, but the two of you couldn’t stay away from each other.  While Tony mindlessly flirted with you during the day, you and Bruce would take to hotel rooms at night, ordering in dinner and finding love and security within each other’s arm.

It was the definition of a forbidden romance, except that neither of you were hiding it from a spouse.

You were hiding it from your co-worker.

Your boss.

And you weren’t sure if you could keep up this charade any longer, either.

But soon, the ante was stepped up by Tony, and you knew that it was bothering Bruce.

“Hey Y/N,” Tony crooned as he leaned onto your desk, “wanna go get some lunch?”

You saw Bruce white-knuckle his pen out of the corner of your eye.

“I uh, actually had a big dinner,” you smile hesitantly as you look up at him, “but, uh…maybe another time?”

“Not a problem,” Tony chirps, “I can take you to dinner, then.”

“Tony-” you begin.

“7 o’clock.  You and me, I know this wonderful Chinese restaurant with the best dumplings in town.”

“Tony,” you snicker as you shake your head.

You loved dumplings.

“Tony, I-I-I think that she said no,” Bruce interrupts.

“To lunch!  Not to dinner,” Tony says as he turns back to you and sticks his hand in his pocket.

“Tony, I-”

“7 o’clock!” Tony shouts as he turns from you and walks out of the room.

And Bruce was absolutely fuming.

You tried to reassure Bruce that you were going to tell Tony over dinner.  You were positive that, if in a public place, that Tony wouldn’t storm out or create a scene, but actually listen to you when you told him about you and Bruce and how much your job means to you.  You kept telling him that you would pay for your portion of the dinner, and that the only thing that Tony would be providing is a ride there and back.

But Bruce wasn’t so sure.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, but he saw how you were with Tony when he asserted what he wanted.  He saw how hard it was for you to say “no.”

And he wondered if Tony would pressure you into doing something.

He wondered if that’s what you really wanted.  A man who asserted himself.  Who made you feel wanted and desired.  Chased after.

But when 6:30 rolled around, he watched you emerge from the room Tony designated as yours when all of you worked late nights, and you looked absolutely ravishing.  Your hair was piled high on your head, and your neck was held on by rows of beautiful pearls.  The fabric of the dress did your body every single favor it could have, and Bruce felt sick to his stomach.

That is, until Tony appeared behind him.

“She looks wonderful, doesn’t she?”

Bruce turned around to look at Tony, and was shocked by his appearance.

Worn-out jeans, house shoes, and a wrinkly t-shirt.

“Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready?” Bruce asks.

But all Tony did was shrug.

“She deserves better than a t-shirt, you know,” Bruce nods.

“Yes,” Tony sighs, “yes, she does.”

And that’s when Tony put his hand on Bruce’s shoulder.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know?” he asks.

Bruce felt the color drain from his face.

“I know the two of you have been together for a while,” Tony smirks.

“Then…then why did-”

“Because I was hoping one of you would just suck it up and tell me,” Tony says as he removes his hand and clasps them in front of him.

“Bruce, you ready?” you ask as you approach his side.

But when Bruce looked over at you, his shocked stare melted into one of speechless admiration at your appearance.

And Tony just stood there and smirked.

“The car is already pulled around, the restaurant is expecting you promptly at 7.  You have the car all night, if you want it.”

And all Bruce could do was stand there speechless.

“Come on,” you giggle as you thread your arm around his, “you’ve only got a few minutes to get changed.”

“Oh!  One more thing,” Tony calls as you two look back at him.

“Y/N, you’re not losing your job,” Tony reassures you.

You smiled gratefully back at him as the two of you went to round the corner to Bruce’s room.

“And big guy!?” Tony calls after again.

“Yeah?” he asks as he turns around.

“Don’t rent a hotel again.  You got a perfectly good room here.  Sound-proof walls and all,” Tony says as he knocks his knuckles up against the wall beside him.

The two of you flushed a deep shade of crimson as you two rushed off to get Bruce changed.

And all Tony did was smile to himself.

“Ah, young love.  So beautiful,” he lulls to himself as he makes his way to the stairs.

“I should call Nicole,” he murmurs to himself.

“Jarvis!” Tony calls out.

“Yes, sir,” Jarvis responds.

“Call Nicole.  See what she’s up to,” Tony commands.

“Sir.  There is no “Nicole” in your database,” Jarvis responds.

And that stopped Tony in his tracks.

“No Nicole?  Hm. I couldn’t sworn that’s what her name was,” he muses to himself.

“Would you like me to read out the names, sir?” Jarvis asks.

“Brilliant idea!” Tony says.

And little did he know that you and Bruce were standing upstairs watching him.

Watching, stifling giggles, and shaking your heads.

Popcorn Perpetrator- A Killian Jones and Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: Popcorn Perpetrator
Request: Can I have an imagine where your dating Henry and your kilians daughter so it’s like your on a date with him and he’s not so secretly stalking you guys and like when your at the movie’s if he gets to close he will throw popcorn at you guys then hide
Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader x Killian Jones

“Dad can I talk to you?” Y/N asked walking up to her father, Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones.
“Of course love. What’s on your mind?” Killian responded. They sat at a table below deck of his pirate ship.
“So you know I’ve been friends with Henry for a while right?” Y/N said.
“Aye.” Killian responded.
“Well he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. Can I go?” Y/N asked.
“As a date?” Killian asked raising his voice.
“Um, yea duh.” Y/N laughed.
“Sure.” Killian said with a devious smile on his face.
“Thank you!” Y/N said, hugging her father.
“What movie is it, and what time?” Killian asked.
“Paper Planes at 7.” Y/N said.
“Ok. Have fun, don’t be stupid.” Killian said.
“I’ll try.” Y/N laughed, as she walked to cabin.
“Paper Planes at 7, aye? Well I like movies too Y/N.” Killian said laughing to himself.

That night, Y/N and Henry met at the movie theater.
“Hey Y/N!” Henry said.
“Hey!” Y/N said hugging Henry.
“I got the tickets, we can go get popcorn and sit.” Henry said. He then lead Y/N inside the theater.
From behind a bush close to the theater, Killian was watching his daughter, “Hug on the first date, bad start already Y/N.”
He slowly walked into the theater, going straight to a seat a few rows behind Y/N and Henry.

As the movie played, Killian focused on watching his daughter.
Henry put his arm around her, and Y/N put her head on his should.
“Damnit.” Killian said, picking up a piece of popcorn and throwing it at them. Y/N turned around, and Killian ducked.
“What was that?” Henry asked.
“Popcorn.” Y/N said, “It’s ok, let’s just watch the movie.
A few minutes later, Henry put his arm around Y/N again.
Killian threw a handful of popcorn at them this time.
"What the hell?” Y/N said turning around. No one was there, Killian had ducked once again.
To stop the popcorn from hitting them, Henry and Y/N put there popcorn in-between them guarding there heads. They couldn’t even see each other.
“That’s better.” Killian said, as he sat back in his chair to enjoy the movie.

After the movie ended, Killian hurried home.
He wasn’t fast enough though.
“Dad!” Y/N called, seeing him running.
“Oh damnit.” Killian said, turning around to face Y/N, “Oh hello love.”
“You were in there weren’t you.” Y/N said, “The mysterious popcorn thrower.”
Killian smiled, “Just making sure that Henry boy didn’t get to close.”
“You almost ruined my date!” Y/N yelled.
“But I didn’t.” Killian said, “Y/N I was just worried about you. You’re my only daughter, my everything.”
“Don’t come with us next week. We are going out to eat and I’m not saying where.” Y/N said.
“Fine. Just don’t you dare kiss him Y/N.” Killian said.
Y/N laughed, “I can do what I want.
Killian poked her in the stomach with his hook gently, making her laugh again.
"I was pretty good with my aiming right?” Killian said as the walking back to the ship.
“Good with aiming, not good with getting away.” Y/N said.
“Well next week I’ll do better.” Killian said.
“NO!” Y/N yelled.
“Fine, fine. Then when you get back you’re telling me everything that happened.” Killian said.
Y/N rolled her eyes, “You’re lucky you’re usually the coolest dad ever.”
“I know am I.” Killian laughed, “You’re the coolest daughter, most of the time.”
“Oh shut up.” Y/N laughed.
Killian put his arm around Y/N, and they continued walking to the ship in the midst of the moonlight.


Much love to you all!


Bangtan Spells Compilation: Dating Your Brother’s Friend.

Hi lovelies! Here you have a list of the classic “dating your brother’s friend” prompt. Or putting it another way, you are the sister of one of the seven boys and you start dating one of the members. Enjoy!


  • Not So Secret: You are Hoseok’s sister and you are secretly dating Yoongi. Genre: Romance.


  • Instant Crush: Hoseok is your brother’s best friend (Namjoon) who is secretly in love in you. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Matters of the Heart: You are Jimin’s sister and you are dating your brother’s friend, Hoseok, in secret. Jimin finds out. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Almost Illegal: Your protective older brother Yoongi finds out you are dating Jimin. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • It Takes Two: Your older brother Jin is super protective when you start crushing on Jungkook. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Imagine You and Me: You meet Jungkook when your older brother Taehyung picks you up from school. Genre: Fluff.

Bonus! Since we are dealing with brothers, here you have some more scenarios in which you are related to one of the boys:

A Little Too Friendly: You are Namjoon’s little sister and you go meet BTS for the first time. Genre: Fluff / Friendship.

Crash and Burn: You and Yoongi have a big fight and you go to your brother Jimin for some comfort. Note: The scenario revolves about your fight and not about being Jimin’s sister. Genre: Romance / Drama.

Chanyeol Masterlist:


okay but like secretly dating clizzy would be So Good

  • izzy who would naturally be flirtatious when need be, and clary who is literally trying be the best actress she can be and hold in this jealousy she has
  • secret dates!! awkwardly seeing like alec or jace somewhere they’re on one and hiding in the Literal Worst of places
  • “we just hid in a broom closet” “yes we did, and not for a reason i enjoyed” “i thought that only happened in movies”
  • alternatively!!! someone (maybe jace but someone), flirting with clary, and the daggers this person is getting is confusing literally everyone around izzy bc why are you glaring at them
  • literally magnus is the first one to figure it out, but tells no one 
  • simon coming into clarys home unannounced as he does kind of thing and izzy and clary making out on her bed and probs more and clary like throWING izzy off of her and throwing a shirt at her before like literally trying to get into her closet barely fast enough
  • they’re literally out in pubic and clary is looking specifically hot on this one occasion, and obviously means she needs to brush by and whisper just how nice she looks
  • even better, the texts clary receives like ten minutes later are less than innocent and clary almost drops her phone
  • magnus sets them up on a “blind date” that neither can really say no too and neither are very happy about, and they will go just to make things less suspicious they already decided to be blunt with said persons and say they’re not looking for anything, turns out the date is with each other and magnus was using it as an excuse for them to finally stop keeping it a secret