they are so precious ide ;;

you know his blowdrying function? yeah kiibo learns a little something new everyday

komaeda onii-chan

this is my favorite jinhun moment from the whole episode, hands down. look at the way jihun’s expression changes from laughing to being serious and attentive towards youjin real quick and then he just listens to youjin speaking as if it matters a lot, as if whatever youjin’s got to say matters a lot. 

it’s one of the things that i love about their dynamics - that jihun, despite his playful self that would sometimes ~make fun~ of youjin when the older’s rambling, he also knows how to listen, and he listens well.


ok so you know how theres that theory that the original goner ending music is the start to heavydirtysoul?

well i was thinking that the original goner, heavydirtysoul, and the ‘new’ goner could be telling a story. in the first rendition of goner we clearly see that tyler loses. hes a goner, theres no point to living anymore. but he gives it one more day. thats when heavydirtysoul starts. hes begging for someone to save him. his soul. and then the new goner starts and it starts off kinda like the first one but over time you see tyler fights back. he realizes whats going on and he fights blurryface. its that point in the song when he first starts to scream ‘dont let me be gone’ that starts the fight and the final gentle ‘you’ is the end. its llike a sigh. tyler won this time. he decided (story-wise or real life) to stay alive for just another day and he realized that it was worth it, he can beat this thing and live.

i just know a lot of suicidal people do this, where they decide to live just one more day, or one more week etc.

im saying its worth it, and those songs are proof. we’ll beat our demons one day. and we’ll be happy to be alive. just keep fighting. 

just one more day.

The only good reason for Pearl giving herself up to the Diamonds would be if she got shattered.

Like, this isn’t even a “I hate Pearl“ statement, I just think It’d be really good for the show and to progress things.

So, my dream is

Pearl gives herself up to the Diamonds, they don’t really care because they’re like, “Pshh, she’s a defective Pearl just shatter her.“ And then she does, preferably by White Diamond, if things are correct and she is her Diamond. It’d make a really nice, almost poetic, scene if she was.

Steven finds out about this, either by word or by seeing it, and gets very distraught. Garnet and Amethyst do as well.

This makes Steven realize that the Diamonds shouldn’t be given sympathy and need to be taken care of, so he goes to Bismuth, unbubbles her, gives her a speech about what happened and says how wrong he was, then maybe the plot can finally go somewhere, permanently, and they can’t go back to the status quo.

From a story perspective, It’d be amazing to see.

swapdancepapyrus  asked:

blue should get a fancy F1. id say so many for the precious swappy I personally want a few of them! doesnt E1 fit perf for (Me. the headphoned one) Like BRUH!!! WHY MUST YOU HAVE THIS ON UR PAGE QnQ

i hope you like~

a update on my little Suzuya collection xD (x)

if anyone wants to know where i got certain ones from feel free to ask <3 some were from yahoo auctions though but not all of them xP ill get alternative links :)