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Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 157

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this scene is so precious, i approve, these two room mates ahHHHHHH so cute, btw taehyung in a turtleneck, bless the heavens and heres another fic rec, surprise?

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lets start~

1) Inexorable

by @oppamansae

a jungkook x y/n fic 

completed with 3 parts out

mafia au

being arranged in a marriage to one of your fathers’ ‘friend’ son doesn’t sound that bad not unless your father is a part of some mafia and so is his ‘friend’. yet you couldn’t do anything about it, neither could the son, jungkook and so you both decided to compromise in a way, with a slim chance of you falling for him 

2) Teacher

by @oppamansae

a hoseok x y/n fic 

one shot 

hoseok was your korean literature teacher and honestly you weren’t just that good in the subject, but he decides to help you out which might have escalated into something else 

3) Rocky Road

by @emboyz

a jungkook x y/n fic 


finally dumping your vanilla boyfriend, youre back with your fuck buddy 

4) Daddy Issues

by @teasemekookie

a jungkook x y/n fic 

( i think this is a series with part one out )

when it comes to university, theres always the loans that you need to pay, you were naturally not from a well off family and you just quit your job, this was the only option left 

5) Care for You

by @seokvie

a jungkook x y/n fic 


jung kook shows up at your work unexpectedly and he’s always asking you to take care of yourself, but being the boss, you hardly had time to do so 

6) Chain Reaction

by @sugaminxx

a taehyung x y/n x yoongi fic 

ongoing series with 2 parts out 

taehyung sees the way yoongi looks at you and he decides to live out one of your fantasies

7) No Decency

by @btsjeonjazz

a jungkook x y/n fic 

two shot 

stepbrother au 

when your mom remarries and turns out that your new stepbrother is the fuckboy of the campus, you knew you were screwed, it only made matters worse when your new parents decide to go on a honeymoon 


8) Stormy Night

by @thewanderingalias

a jungkook x y/n fic 

one shot 

why are you doing this to yourself? your best friend always asks why but honestly you just wanted to get rid of the memory of your ex and jungkook feels that he is the best way for you to forget your ex

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~


(Colin Ebeling - Betsey’s son - and his husband Will sandwich Hillary)

I’ve looked at his other Hillary-related Facebook posts and now I’m ugly crying. Happy pride month y'all.


“Betty and I have been next-door neighbors since we were four. We’ve always gone to the same school, been in the same class.

I remember in the 2nd grade, I was having trouble reading and my teacher Mrs. Gribrock told my mom and dad that I should stay back a year to get caught up. Betty was so against us not being in the same grade that she took it upon herself to tutor me every single day.”

i’ve watched homecoming and my feelings are real and overwhelming so have some awkward dad! tony and precious! peter

Why am I here?”

It isn’t that Peter is ungrateful, not one bit. Stark’s couches are way more comfortable than the ones he’s got at home, Stark’s desks are equipped with all kinds of features that no 15 year old would ever require to do simple homework, Stark’s windows are long and only slightly tinted and give way to an amazing view; basically, Stark’s everything is somehow just better.

But this, what they’re doing, isn’t making a whole lot of sense.

Tony doesn’t look up from the tablet in his hand, simply makes a confused sound. “What do you mean why?”

Peter shakes his head, looking around incredulously before settling his eyes on Tony. “I mean, there’s no work, no mission, no Avengers protocol that’s been activated, but you sir, went out of your way to invite me over. And I’m not sure I understand why.”

Tony does look up at this, eyes narrowed accusingly.

“I didn’t go out of my way, wha-“

You called me,” Peter interrupts. “You called me, on my cell, right after class. You called me, told me to come, and even sent Happy to make sure I got here.” Happy was anything but, well, happy, to constantly play the role of chaperone/driver for a 15 year old. Peter could understand that, no hard feelings.

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MariChat May Day Nine: Bell Collar

They were watching a bad movie.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with this prompt, so have some nap time. Perspective is a sham by the way. Fake.

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Artwork ©: alazic02

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Ohhh the ugly alien is also here! I really want to know how he came into existence! He's so cute o(`ω´ )o

ugly alien started at the apartment au! And then I decided to use him to tie every universe I draw together hahahaha

Basically, no matter what dimension they are living in, Oikawa always has this ugly alien plush and iwachan absolutely adores it! xD

Did Matt try to foreshadow some morning scene or the morning scene in 2x15…? He was so sly talking about this, god help us all

Khadgar & Peregrïn - Art by @blurbery

I can’t get over how precious this drawing is and how adorable their faces are  ♡

(Peregrïn’s just not focused on the book.)

He’s my sunshine♡ _(┐「ε:)_