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It’s My Birthday After All (M) // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary: It’s Jaebum’s birthday, so you decide to make him his favourite food - with the promise of more ‘birthday presents’ after. Jaebum comes home; and you’re the only thing on his mind.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Authors note: This was originally a request but I decided to incorporate it to suit today - which is Jaebum’s birthday! So in light of that, I hope you all enjoy this scenario with our sexy best leader - Im Jaebum~ ^^

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Today’s dinner:Tomato pasta with corn, spinach, zucchini, capsicum, red onion and chickpeas :)) So delicious mmm and VEGAN!!!

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Summary: Reader has some cravings… Bucky is a having a bit of a challenging time getting what she wants to her.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Excitement over food that isn’t what you originally hoped for (- for real though, nothing!)

A/N: Ahh, so my queue ran out of stuff and I’ve been freaking over finding shit to post and just ahh. Shoutout to my main bitch for originally giving me the idea of this @yall-mother-fuckers-need-misha


Word Count: 1047

“Bucky…” I cried into the silent apartment.

Awaiting a response, a thought popped into my head; did he buy cookies?

I crowed urgently once more, “Bucky!”

Bucky trotted into the room, his demeanor casual, “What?”

I pouted, drawling dramatically, “I have a very important question.”

He nodded, attempting to keep the smile off his face, “I have an equally important answer.”

“Did you buy cookies?”

His face contorted, unaware of the level of seriousness in my question. “What?”

I sighed, my tone impatient, “Did you. Buy. The cookies.”

He chuckled, “No… Why?”

I groaned loudly, burrowing my head into the pillow, “No? Why not…?”

Bucky sighed gently, “Because I didn’t think you needed cookies.”

I huffed, lifting up my head to glare at him, “Didn’t need cookies? That’s insane. I will never not need cookies.”

Rolling his eyes slightly, he shrugged, “We have those girl scout cookies-”

“That you finished off last night? Mmm. So delicious.”

“Doll, I don’t know what you want me to do. Go eat some fruit or something. We’ll pick up some cookies another time.”

I pouted, sitting up, “Do we have strawberries?”

Bucky frowned slightly as he thought, probably mentally going through the stuff that he bought earlier and what we already had. “I don’t think so… but we have-”

I groaned loudly again, “And now we don’t even have strawberries? What is this? Do we not live in America? Can we not buy what we please anymore?”
He rolled his eyes, “We can buy what we want, but I just didn’t think you would want them. You usually don’t want them.”

I pouted, giving him the puppy face, “But…  Buck… Bucky… I really want strawberries…”

“I thought you wanted cookies?”

I whined, “I thought you loved me! I want cookies and strawberries. I thought we had something.”

Bucky sighed, “Fine. I guess I’ll go get some… But you better love me loads.”

I grinned, getting up and running into Bucky’s arms,  as I wrapped my own arms around his neck. “I promise I will.”

He puffed, a slight pout present on his face, “You better. Now come on. The sooner I leave, the faster you get your stuff.”

I sighed, pulling away, “Well, go on then. I’ll be waiting.”

With a groan, Bucky grabbed his coat and keys and then headed out the door.

I smiled to myself as I walked into the living room and put on Stranger Things.

I made it through a good episode and half before I heard the front door open, and Bucky walked in.

I jumped up from the couch in excitement and ran over to Bucky, “Did you get it?!”

He sighed and gave me an exasperated look before setting down the bags. He pulled out a box of Ritz crackers and a container of blueberries with a proud smirk on his face.

“Now does this prove I love you?”

I frowned, not sure if he was being serious or not, “Bucky…”

He sighed, nodding, “I know, I know. It took me a while, I’m sorry. I couldn’t find the stupid blueberries. Either the grocery stores around here were closed or sold out of these. Can you believe that some didn’t even carry them?”

“Bucky… sweetie… you bought the wrong stuff.”

He paused, widening his eyes, “What do you mean I bought the wrong stuff?”

I sighed, shrugging, “I mean, you bought the wrong stuff. Are you-”

He groaned and picked his keys back up before turning for the door, “I’ll be back. I get the right stuff this time.”

I chuckled softly, calling after him, “It’s strawberries and cookies! Chocolate chip cookies, okay?”

Walking back over to the couch, I curled up under a blanket and unpaused the tv.

This time, only one episode had finished when he was walking through the door again with different bags.

Without getting up, I peered at him from my spot on the couch.

Bucky came over to me and handed me a container of strawberries and a box of triple chocolate cookies.

I pouted and handed Bucky the cookies back, “Love, these are wrong… but you got the strawberries right. Yay?”

Bucky sighed, frowning down at me, “Doll, I’m sorry. I’m horrible at these things.”

I shrugged and gave him a small smile, “It’s okay, I mean, you’re really not that bad… Besides, you don’t have to go back out.”

“No. I promised you cookies so cookies you will get.”

I sighed as Bucky marched back out the door.

Setting the strawberries down onto the table, I snuggled into the blanket.

I soon found myself struggling to stay awake as my eyelids grew heavy and tired.


Bucky’s POV:

Sighing, I unlocked the door and stepped inside. This was the third time that I had run out to get something for Y/N.

Normally, I wouldn’t go out in the middle of the night just to buy her some cookies.

But this was different. I figured I should do something nice for her.

Give her something that’ll help take her mind off of… well… everything. When I walked inside, i immediately noticed Y/N’s sleeping form on the couch.

I smiled to myself, quietly setting the cookies down on the counter.

She hasn’t slept this soundly in a while. She’d normally be kept up by her nerves or just her insomnia. To see her this way was a relief, to say the least.

Being as quiet as I could, I walked into the bedroom to get changed into some pj’s, before I headed back to the living room.

Turning off the tv, I slowly sat down on the other side of her - careful not to move too much as to not wake her.

I knew that if she woke up in the middle of the night out here alone, she would go into a panic attack from just wondering where I was.

Pulling me from my thoughts I heard her shuffle around quietly until her head was in my lap and mutter, in her hazy state, “I love you… even though you don’t always buy the right cookies.”

I chuckled softly and ran my fingers through her hair, playing with it carefully.

I smiled down at her now sleeping face and whispered, “I love you too, doll.“

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Kanato Sakamaki (dark 1) ~translation/traducción~

Esto no significa que voy a hacer su ruta, nada más estaba aburrida y me puse a traducir este escenario :v

No re-subir la traducción por favor~

Place: Yui’s bedroom.

Yui: (Reiji-san said that but)
Yui: (If Kanato-kun might not wake up again…)
Yui: …Uhh…
Yui: (I know I don’t have to cry… But I can’t stop my tears)

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The CEO (M) - Finale

Pairing - Chanyeol x Reader 
Genre - Smut 
Word count - 2369
Dedicated to - @chanyoel

“Morning.” he said with a low, raspy voice.

“Why… What are you still doing here?” I asked sitting up on the bed.

“Woke up several minutes ago… “ he answered, putting on his boxer shorts. He approached the balcony and looked outside. “Wow, the view is amazing…” he smiled scratching his tummy. The view was, in fact, amazing. The blue ocean, beach, it looked like a paradise. He turned back to me. I was pale white, ready to burst into tears.

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HR Wells x Reader Coffee

Imagine never liking coffee, but HR finds a way for you to start enjoying it…

You never really understood HR’s obsession with coffee. Ok yeah there was a blight of coffee on his earth, but the man practically breathes coffee here on Earth-1. That’s all you’ve ever seen him drink. You don’t know how he manages to like that demonic drink.

You weren’t really a coffee person. You tried it once, and it just didn’t sit well in your stomach. So you just don’t drink it. You prefer hot chocolate with marshmallows. Lots and lots of marshmallows.

You were working in the cortex, Caitlin was in the speed room, while Cisco was in his workshop. HR entered the cortex, upon entering he saw you working on your computer. He knew your strong dislike of his favorite, so he decided to convince you otherwise. He had the idea of creating your ideal coffee and letting you try it. Hopefully, it works.

“(Y/N) chocolate or vanilla?

You turned around in your swivel chair, looking up at the tall novelist with a raised brow. He began to twirl the drumstick in his hand in anticipation. “Chocolate. Why?

“No reason,“you turned back and continued look up the info Cisco needed for a meta. A couple of minutes of silence passed. “Caramel or mint?”

“Caramel,” came your response. You turned to look at the novelist again, but he bolted out if the room. What the heck is going on with HR? Confused you once again finished up with the needed data.

10 minutes passed and everything in the lab was quiet. No sign of HR whatsoever. This kinda worried you since he was all for being social in some way, shape, or form. You got up and wandered around looking for him. You saw him in the coffee room, playing around with a drink. You crossed your arms and leaned on the frame of the doorway. He finished up whatever he was doing and turned around with the drink in his hand. He stood shocked as he saw you in the doorway. You smiled at him.

“H-hey how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” you uncrossed your arms and walked to him. You gestured to the cup,“what’s that?”

“Huh-what…oh this? This…I made this for you.” He handed you the drink. You eyed it suspiciously, but took it nonetheless.

“What’s in it?”

“A surprise. Trust me your gonna.“

You took a small sip of the beverage. Not too hot and not too warm. Just right. The favors of caramel and chocolate exploded in your mouth. The taste so incredible, so delicious. “Mmm this is so good. I like it!”

“You’d be surprised on what it is.” You furrowed your eyebrows in question. “It’s coffee.” Your eyes widened, looking down into your drink.

“No way”

“Way, mon cheri,” and with that he kissed your cheek. Leaving you with a silly smile on your face.


((Just a quick thing cause I’m feeling a little better now))

“Mmm, these are delicious! Thank you so much for sharing these with me!” Gingko smiles at Oinkers, thanking him again. They float over to a small cupboard, and pull out a box labeled “lost and found”
“Here! Someone left this here a few months ago, but no one came to collect it. A gift, in return for the delicious cakes!” Gingko uses their psychics to gently tie a blue scarf around Oinkers neck, then floats over and grabs another poképuff.


Magical (Percico)

Prompt: Bottom Nico being submissive, Percy being rough.
Rating: M
Characters because I don’t have word count and I’m lazy: 10k approx.
Authors note: I loved writing this so much and I’m really happy with it. Percico should have sex all the damn time.

3 years. It had been 3 years to the day since the war with Gaia ended. 3 years to the day that Nico had broken down with Percy in his arms and told him his true feelings. He’d created an impenetrable wall of darkness around them, he didn’t even realise he was doing it, such was his despair. It was he who brought him back. Breathed life into his body rather than taking it. Nico had only discovered this power when faced with the death of the only person he ever truly loved.

3 years later and they sat fingers interlaced at the bottom of the long island sound. A beautiful surprise on Percys part to surprise Nico for their “anniversary” despite Nico countering that Percy didn’t explicitly return his feelings until a week after him.

“Nico, you saved my life. I think that’s worth celebrating a little more than me half comatose, drooling, and slurring out the words ‘wanna date?’” Percy looked at his boyfriend with a crooked smile.

Gods he loved it when Percy smiled at him like that.

The evening wore on and Percy became increasingly jittery. He didn’t even finish his blueberry pie. His hands became clammy and his breathing erratic. Nico had never had a boyfriend before but even he knew what this meant.

“fuck, Percy, our anniversary?” he hissed at the older demigod.

“you’re gonna do this now? I knew it. I knew you could never love me the way I love you. Let me go Percy, I want to be on dry land and away from you” his voice had escalated to a shout and a stunned Percy sat gaping at him as their bubble rose to the surface.

It emerged with a ‘pop’, and Nico was already half way across the beach when Percys brain kicked into gear. For someone with excellent battle reflexes he could be really slow sometimes.

Nico had just got to his cabin door when Percy caught up to him. He grabbed his arms and forced him to look him in the eyes.

“Nico I.. How could you even.. You thought I was going to leave you? Never. I would never want to be without you.”

“Then why were you acting like that?! You couldn’t get further away from me in that bubble if you tried!” he was practically sobbing at him now.

“I have another.. surprise for you” he couldn’t be sure through the tears but it looked like Percy was blushing, “I just wasn’t sure how you’d react to it”.

He pushed open the door to Nicos cabin, and the only word he had to describe it would be magical.

The bed had been pushed into the middle of the room and made with fresh pressed black silk sheets. The walkway to the bed and all around the edges of the room were candles. The same as the campfire, they were burning tall and red. Nico made a mental note to thank Leo, as he obviously had a part in making them.

Percys lips were warm and soft on Nicos shoulder, he shuddered under his touch.

“this is beautiful, how could you worry about my reaction?”

“this is sort of just the staging.. I wanted to try something.. new”. 

Nicos eyes widened as he took in the objects laid at the foot of the bed: a blueish bottle of lube, a pair of handcuffs and a long strip of red velvet.

Percy cleared his throat “you um.. Said you wanted to try being more submissive? I wasn’t sure if this is what you meant but..” he was cut off by Nico pulling him down by his neck with both hands and bringing their lips together. Nicos tongue was lapping at the entrance to his boyfriends mouth trying to gain access. He tasted so good like blueberries and saltwater taffy and..

“Stop” the kiss was broken and the smaller demigod looked up at big green eyes with confusion mapped out on his face. Although Percy was visibly blushing, the answering crooked smile he gave made Nicos stomach flip.

“You do not initiate anything tonight. You do not touch me unless told. You are to be completely submissive to me tonight, do you understand?”

“yes” he was fighting the urge to giggle like a school girl. Percy was being so.. Arrogant. It was so unlike him and so.. Arousing.

“Good”, Percy wandered over to the bed and crawled the length until he turned around to lay against the pillows.

“now, walk to the bottom of the bed. That’s good. I want you to undress for me. Slowly. Start with your shoes then work your way down from the top.”

This was whole new territory, he had never stripped for anyone before, his hands were shaking as he undid the laces on his converse and kicked them off. He looked up to see Percy palming his crotch through His shorts. It sent a shock down Nicos spine to make his cock twitch. He lifted his shirt over his head and threw it down before moving to his belt buckle.

“Nico? Turn around while you do this bit”

With a gulp he turned to face away and bent over to take his jeans and boxers off in one go. He knew full well he was giving Percy the complete view of his asshole, he also knew how much it turned him on. He was slow to come back up.

“So what do you want me.. Ahh!” a short sharp smack on his buttcheek stopped him short, how had Percy moved so fast?!

“I told you not to speak unless spoken to. Now don’t flinch”

He tied the strip of soft fabric around Nicos head covering his eyes. He let his hands wander, eliciting shivers all over. He gently turned Nico around, and taking his hands led him over to the bed and layed him down.

Nico felt him withdraw and reached out in an effort to find the warm flesh of his boyfriend.

“you don’t learn do you? I told you not to touch” something on Nicos stomach felt like it was burning his skin, only to make way for a beautiful sensation seconds later. Hed felt the wax drip down his stomach and pool in his belly button but it didn’t bother him. It actually felt nice.

“Put your hands above your head. Do you understand?”

“Ye.. Yes.. Sorry..” he lifted his wrists to lay on the pillows and felt cool metal against each, accompanied by a snap.

“oh, Nico. My Nico. You’re so beautiful, and I’m quite enjoying having you spread out before me at my mercy”

The sound of rustling and the feel of movement on the mattress told Nico that Percy was shedding his own clothes. His breathing was becoming fast and shallow. He felt so exposed and vulnerable. A hand ghosted over his stomach sending multiple shocks through his body. It made his once semi hard cock stand to attention. Percy hooked a hand behind the back of each of his thighs and brought them up to Nicos stomach. The son of Poseidon made a low growling sound from the back of his throat.

“You are so perfect. Your asshole is so beautifully tight and pink. Almost begging for me to fuck it. Do you want me to fuck you, my darling?”

“yes! Oh god yes please Percy”

He heard a small chuckle and the clicking sound he knew all too well as the lid being popped off the bottle of lube.

A cold finger pressed against his entrance, slowly stroking against it. A stream of freezing gel hit him making him gasp. The finger slowly slid inside him, curving upward slightly to graze against his sweet spot. After a couple of excruciatingly slow pumps inside him, the finger withdrew. More gel. Two fingers. Scissoring his asshole, widening him for the cock he knew would struggle to fit. It always did. He could feel himself throbbing and a drop of precome land on his stomach.

Percy took this as a sign, still with his fingers lazily thrusting in and out, hitting his prostate every time, lapped up the spilt seed. Nico felt his slick, warm tongue glide around the head of his cock and along the slit, tasting him.

“Mmm Nico, you’re always so delicious”

He slid his lips over the head and down the shaft, licking the underside as he went. Nicos hips bucked, pushing his dick further down Percys throat. It felt so good. Percy began bobbing his head up and down on Nico, increasing the tempo of his fingers.

Percys fingers were pushing in and out harder now, with more force. The suction increased on his cock, making him writhe around on the bed. His hands twisted around trying desperately to escape the cuffs but failing. He grabbed onto the bars of the head board and let out a guttural cry.

“Percy, I.. Ah.. Oh gods yes.. I’m.. I’m..” he called Percys name as he spilt himself completely into his boyfriends mouth, feeling the continuing suction on his dick. Percy swallowed everything. He slid up Nicos body and planted a sticky, sweet kiss on his lips.

“hmm.. You did very well there. Hold still.” the light, although dim, was blinding. He blinked to adjust his eyes and looked down to see Percy gloriously naked between his legs, stroking his own cock.

“I think you’ve earned this” he smirked at Nico.

Settling the slick head of his penis against Nicos throbbing asshole, he placed his hands on either side of his head on the pillows.


“uh huh” Nico nodded, still dazed from his own orgasm.

He felt his entrance stretch and Percys large dick filled him in such a glorious way.

“urhh” was about the only sound Nico could currently make. Percy smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

“you’re doing so well, my love. So.. Well”, on the last word the older boy thrust into him. All the way to the base. Oh it felt so exquisitely big. Nicos eyes were wide open and his mouth formed a silent ‘o’. Percy captured his bottom lip with his teeth and began grinding their hips together, swivelling them in a perfect rhythm.

“I love you Percy. Ill do anything for you. I want you so much. I love it when you fuck me. Please go faster”.

“I love it when you beg” Percy replied, he grabbed a fistful of Nicos hair and forced him to maintain eye contact.

His asshole was being pounded hard and fast, he could feel the slap of Percys sac against his behind. His legs were spread wide allowing Percy to go deep. The sea green eyes were torn away as he moved down to circle Nicos left nipple with the tip of his tongue, causing moans to escape the boys mouth. This was followed by a sharp cry and Percy bit down hard, soothing it with his tongue immediately after. He picked up this rhythm. Bite, soothe, bite, soothe, all in time with his cock piling into Nicos tight ass.

He felt himself start to tighten, his balls drew up and with a loud “fuck!” Nico came for a second time, his come spilling onto his belly, Percys chest and partially Percys face.

“fuck, Nico, watching you come is so hot.. Your face gets all red and your.. Eyes squeeze shut and.. You squeeze my dick so hard. I’m gonna come.. So.. Hard.. Ah.. Nico!” Percy cried as he emptied himself into Nico, seeping out down his back soaking into the sheets. They lay panting twisted together with Percy still inside him until their vision cleared and their heartrates returned to normal. Nico winced as his boyfriends penis was extracted from him and felt empty. He rubbed his wrists as Percy uncuffed each, discovering small cuts from where the metal had bit into his skin.

Percy drew him into his chest and rested his chin on the top of his lovers head.

“you did so good neeks.. Happy anniversary”.

So I decided to snort my vicodin instead of just taking it orally like I normally do (thanks @Charlie). It’s my first time snorting anything and it’s kinda weird, I mean:

- eyes watering
- crumbs that I didn’t 100% suck up into my nose falling out and making a mess
- the powder getting into my throat so I can taste that nasty pill taste, mmm, delicious

I think I’ll just stick to taking it orally in the future, lmao.

Winter Times (Eisuke, Soryu, Luke)

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been MIA in a while after I just released a few of my KBTBB fanfictions! I’ve had time to go on Tumblr but not really write fanfictions (well ones that would be acceptable anyways) because of MY EXAMS, but now I’m back because all my exams have finished *woop woop*. This one’s based on how I’ve been feeling about the winter season here, so I hoape you enjoy! (Sorry if it’s not winter for you now)

Eisuke: You had always been weak against the cold, but this winter in London really got the best of you- the sky was so blue, but the air was so crisp and frosty. Even after cleaning the suite, you were cold, not to mention that you couldn’t even feel your fingertips or your toes. You waited patiently, shivering on the couch, for Eisuke to come home. You heard the keys turn and jumped up from the couch. Ow. Your calf muscles were sore, definitely because it had been a lot colder and it made your muscles get sore more easily.

“Eisuke! You’re home!” you said happily as he came in and took off his jacket. You could see even Eisuke’s face looked paler than usual, as he had been out all day, going from business deal to business deal. You rubbed your hands quickly together to make them warmer, and then proceeded to place your hands around his face. “Were you really cold Eisuke?” you asked a bit worried as you could really feel his cold cheeks.

“I’m fine.” Eisuke said nonchalantly. He then gives a smirk and says “What about you though? I can feel your fingertips are cold.”. He lowers his head to kiss your fingertips and you blush furiously. Even though you had been together for almost three years your heart still raced every time you saw Eisuke’s caring side towards you.

That night after dinner, you took an extremely steamy shower, trying to relax your sore legs from work today. You get out of the shower box, and quickly get changed, brush your teeth and dry your hair in the bathroom. When you get into the bedroom, you can feel that Eisuke had turned on the room heater in advance before you got out of shower. Suddenly, Eisuke embraces you from behind.

“Are you feeling better from the cold now?” he whispers into your ear. You nod, and turn around, resting your head on his broad chest. As he strokes through your hair he says “You better go sleep now. I don’t like seeing you so tired.” You look up at him, and see his face is expressionless, as usual. “Don’t think I can’t tell when you get tired”. He carries you into bed and covers the duvet over you. “I’m gonna go shower”, he says as he stretches his arms and walks over to the bathroom. You leave the bedside lamp on, but the room is still dim enough for you to snooze off. In your half conscious state and your eyes closed, you can hear the bathroom door open and Eisuke’s foot steps as he walks over to the other side of the bed. The light flick switches and the room goes dark.

You’re in the middle of your warm slumber when suddenly your left calf muscle jolts suddenly and your whole body tenses up. You hadn’t had a calf muscle spasm in a while and you let out a painful wimper.

“Argh….” You squirmed uncomfortably, still feeling groggy and tired. You can feel Eisuke stir and you try to not make a sound when your calf muscle feels another painful jab. “Ow!”. Suddenly, Eisuke jolts up.

“_____, what’s wrong?” He says, a serious expression on his face.

“My calf… it hurts so much.” Eisuke lifts your body up and his hands quickly move onto your calf muscles, and he quickly starts massaging your left calf muscle as soon as he felt the tension on it. His touch was firm, but still caring as he tried not to massage you too hard. You let out a few sighs as you felt your calf muscle ease up.

“Thank you..Eisuke…” you said, still tired. He lies back down next to you and wraps his arms around you. “Mhmm” he replies, and you look up to see him looking down at you with a worried expression. You snuggle your face into his chest and murmur out a small “I love you…” before falling back into your sleep, feeling safe with Eisuke by your side.

Soryu: You shuffled around Soryu’s house, trying to slip on some leggings over your tights, that were under your black chiffon skirt, before nearly tripping and falling over on your face. Luckily, you had grabbed onto the low coffee table in the living room before you fell. Embarrassed, you look up to see Soryu sitting on the couch with his legs crossed, and a stunned expression on his face before he finally breaks out into a gentle smile. He chuckles. “You do look really cold hey, _____?”. You already had been wearing a thick cotton thermo, a long-sleeved shirt, a black cardigan and a puffy white jacket on top, but you still felt cold at your legs.  You quickly toss your head to the side with a bit of arrogance. “Hmph, only a little bit.” This time, you hear Soryu actually break out into a laugh that you rarely hear and you can’t help but smile at the sight of him smiling so carefree.

You were spending your vacation time with Soryu in Hong Kong, and although it was hard with most people speaking Cantonese, you loved the atmosphere of Hong Kong which was so full of life, especially during the night time. The only down side to Hong Kong was that it was winter this time of the year, and the usually hot country was chilly cold.

After dinner, you were quietly reading a book when you hear Soryu stepping out of the bedroom. “Let’s go out soon, _____” Soryu says a while later and you look up from your book suddenly remembering that you were going out with Soryu for a brisk walk tonight down the streets after dinner. You wrap a scarf around your neck and grab your purse, before heading out of the door with Soryu, holding his hand tightly.

The streets were still very busy despite it being 10 o’clock at night and you were happy to be living another experience with Soryu in Hong Kong, which was so different from Japan, Dubai and London. After enjoying a peaceful silence while walking with Soryu in the loud street, resting your head on his shoulder, you feel Soryu stop walking and look up at him. “Ah, I found it” you hear him say quietly, and you follow his gaze to see a small street stall cart. You both walk towards it, and when you get there, the old man greets both of you. You hear Soryu speak  in Cantonese and gives the man some coins. Soon enough the man hand over a paper bag, and you peer inside the bag.

“Oh Soryu! What are those?” you ask him, as you both head towards a park bench and sit down. “Roasted chestnuts. The ones that are sold in these small street stalls were the ones I used to always get when I was a small child. They’re the best.” You look on, inquisitively as you see Soryu’s slender fingers expertly peel open the shell. He brings his hand over to you with the chestnut, right in front of your mouth and you take a bite out of the big chestnut. It was delicious and warm. “Mmm, Soryu! It’s so delicious.”

You two enjoy the bag of the chestnuts as Soryu tells you more about the food he loved eating as child, here in Hong Kong. After a while, you two head back home. As soon as you walk inside, you stretch out your arms and suddenly feel really tired. You look back at Soryu who looks completely use to these late nights out. “Thank you for taking me out today. I really loved going out with you tonight!”. You go over to hug Soryu and give him a small kiss on the cheek.

“Mm.” is all you get from Soryu, but he hugs onto you tightly.

“I’m going to go get a drink. Would you like one?” you ask Soryu. He shakes his head, “No thanks”, he says before going to sit on the couch. When you come out of the kitchen, Soryu, lying down sideways on the couch, is absorbed in his detective novel and you take a sip of your warm drink before sitting down in front of him on the couch. Suddenly you feel a quick tug on your arm and you find yourself lying against Soryu’s body. With your back facing him, all you do is grab onto Soryu’s arm that is wrapped around you and you rub your cheek against it.

“Are you still cold?” Soryu asked quietly and you shake your head. You wish you could stay like this in Soryu’s arms forever.

Luke: You were in Luke’s bed, waiting for him to come out of shower after a long surgery. When he rolled into the bed next to you, you could feel his whole body was cold, as usual. Even when it wasn’t winter, Luke’s body was always cold, but now his body was literally as cold as ice. It worried you when you felt Luke so cold, but when you looked up at his face it looked so peaceful and he dazed at you in his usual hard-to-read expression. He was in a half-asleep state already from the long surgery that lasted the 5 hours from him working alone, with only you by his side, assisting him a little bit while he used all his concentration on the surgery.

Oh Luke, you thought. Luke hadn’t realised you had been staring at him for so long. He said in his soft, soothing voice “Ah, Sexy Bones, you’re so warm…”. You too felt tired now, and both of you soon drifted off into sleep.

When you woke up in the middle of the night, you saw the outside room’s lamp on and you felt the cold space next to you, and you knew that Luke had already woken up to study some more on his next surgery coming up. You quietly stepped into the next room. “Luke?” You called out his name quietly, with your own arms wrapped around yourself.

“Mm?” He answered, without looking up from his thick medical book.

“Please don’t overdo it, oka….. Achoo!” You sneezed before you could finish your sentence and you wrapped your arms around yourself even tighter. Despite feeling warm before, getting out of bed made you feel like your body temperature dropped a few degrees. Luke turned around and got out of his chair, before putting his cold arms around you loosely and guided you back to the bed.

“I won’t, ______. Don’t worry about me.” he said, as he looked down at you with a gentle smile on his face.

“But….” you said tiredly, “but, you’re always up so late….” Luke hushed you quietly and stroked your hair. “And, and you’re always…up in the middle of thie night”.

“Hush… It’s alright, ____” Luke said quietly, his voice so soothing. Soon you fell asleep. After you fell asleep, Luke gazed at you, feeling guilty about how you always worried about him. He rubbed the back of his hand against your cheek. It was unusually hot.

When you had woken up, you saw that Luke was walking around outside, placing his medical book on the shelf. You moved around in the duvet and rustled it a little bit, feeling extremely warm under the duvet.

“Luke.” You tried to call out, but your voice came out scratchy. You quickly put your hand on your forehead and realised how hot your own forehead seemed even to you. Luke walked in quickly and you looked up at him. “Luke, I think I-”.

“Mhmm” he said as he looked at you and put one finger over your lips. “Don’t worry, ______”. He gave you a glass of warm water and he took your temperature. “Just rest up today okay? It may be a viral infection, but just get lots of rest, ______”.

That day, Luke took care of you, bringing you changes of clean clothes, cooking your meals for you and bringing you water and pain relief medication while you were sick. He even ate his meals with you, instead of taking his usual vitamins and supplements which made you visibly more happy.

That night, you and Luke were huddled up together, and although you were still a bit fazed, you felt much better thanks to Luke taking care after you. “Thank you Luke, for taking care of me” you said weakly.

“Don’t be, _____. I’m sorry for always making you worry after me”, Luke replied, looking straight ahead of him. You felt bad, knowing that Luke already had his surgeries to worry about, not to mention having to worry about you, worrying about him now.

“Still….” was all you could say after thinking for a while, but you moved up to him and kissed his beautiful pale cheek, smiling at him. He looked back at you with a soft look in his eyes and he patted your head.

“Come on _____, let’s sleep now. I’ll stay with you the whole night.”


The Muffin Girl (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - One Shot Smut

Originally posted by fuckyeahgothamfox

Summary: It’s your first day at your knew job at a bakery. That bakery just happens to be Victor’s favorite. And when he sees you, he simply must have you…

Warnings: Explicit Language, Smut, Sex on a counter, Quickie, Jerking Off.

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Kinky Kookie Part 3 Ft. Jimin

Since the last 2 parts have gotten over 100 notes each, here is the 3rd installment of Kinky Kookie… I don’t know if this is the last one, if you want another part tell me and what you want it to be about.

Other parts: Kinky Kookie Part 1 Part 2 Text Version



As Jungkook is untying you from the headboard, you hear the door open and see Jimin.

“What the hell, Jimin?!” You quickly cover yourself up. He smirks and you glance over at Jungkook to find him smirking at Jimin.

He turns to you. “Are you up for a round two, baby girl?”


You bite your lip as you think about what Jimin would do to you. You are super nervous of what Jungkook will think about your reaction as Jimin pleasures you, but you shyly nod. Jimin smirks and starts walking towards the bed. Jungkook pulls the sheets off of you, exposing your bare body for Jimin. “Now (Y/N), would it turn you on if I were to be sexy with Jimin?” Jungkook asks with a smirk plastered on his face. Your cheeks turn bright red and you nod. “Don’t move, or we will punish you!”

Jungkook’s lips crash into Jimin’s and he puts a hand on the back of his neck and the other on the small of Jimin’s back. Jimin puts both hands on Jungkook’s cheeks and deepens the kiss. You bite your lip as you watch them intently. Jungkook pulls away to undress Jimin. Your eyes widen as you see Jimin naked. You feel yourself getting soaked at your core for the second time tonight.

Jungkook lays down next to you. “Soaked already baby girl?” You nod and you feel Jimin’s hot breath against your core. Jungkook grabs your hand and guys it down his body and wraps your finger around his member. You slowly move your hand up and down and you feel Jimin’s lips against you. You let out a moan and Jungkook starts sucking on your neck, making sure to leave more marks. You wrap your legs around Jimin and you start to approach your high.

Suddenly you feel him pull away and sticks a finger inside you. You are a moaning mess, but you continue to pleasure Jungkook, who’s is groaning against your neck. Jimin enters another finger and slightly curls them to make sure to give you the most pleasure. You moan loudly and feel your high approaching. Jimin quickly pulls his fingers out. Jungkook takes your hand off his member and guides your hand slowly down your body. “Finish what Jimin started,” He instructs and you push two fingers inside you.

You moan and both the boys’ eyes widen as they watch you moan at your own touch. You help yourself approach your high and you cum all over your fingers. You stick your fingers into Jimin’s mouth to give him his first taste of your cum. “Mmm delicious.”

“So, baby girl, do you think you could take two at once?” Jungkook says with a wink. You bite your lip, nervous as to what will come next. You nod because you know you’ll get punished if you deny Jungkook of what he wants.

Jungkook quickly pulls you into his lap. He grabs your butt before you lower yourself on to him. He slowly pumps in and out of you. Soon after, you feel Jimin come up behind you and grab your hips. You are nervous because you have only had anal with Jungkook once or twice. He slowly pushes into your ass and you moan loudly. Jimin lays soft kisses on your shoulder to contrast the hard thrusts.

The pleasure you feel outweighs the pain of the hard and powerful thrusts of both boys. Your moans have practically turned into screams. If any of the boys were still anywhere in the dorm they would know what was going on. You lean your head back in pure pleasure, giving Jimin more places to leave his kisses. Your hands resting on Jungkook’s chest start to turn into fists. Your fingers rake down his chest leaving scratches that will definitely be left there for a few more weeks.

Your moans mixed with the moans of the two men who are thrusting into you create an environment that is anything but quiet. You can feel both Jungkook’s and Jimin’s thrusts becoming sloppy, indicating that they’re both reaching their highs. You scream their names as you release around Jungkook. You feel Jungkook release into you and Jimin releases into your ass.

Jungkook helps you off him and lays you on the bed. “Hands and knees.” He says and you obey him. You get on your hands and knees and he positioned himself in front of you while Jimin moves behind you. Without warning Jungkook thrusts his member into your mouth and Jimin thrusts into you hard. You let out a small scream. Jungkook wraps his hands in your hair and uses it to guide your mouth.

“Harder, Jimin!” You say around Jungkook. You feel Jimin speed up And you feel him pounding into you hard enough to fill you all the way, hitting your g-spot. You moan around Jungkook. Jungkook thrusts himself far into your mouth, making you gag. Your tongue swirls around him and you hear the moans and groans escaping from his lips. You can also hear the low groans of Jimin behind you. Jimin grabs your ass and moves himself faster in and out of you. You feel your high approaching and you release once you feel Jimin’s hand make contact with your ass with a smack. Your release pushes Jimin over the edge and he quickly pulls out of you and cums all over your back.

You bob your head with Jungkook still in your mouth, making him reach his high. He releases into your mouth. “Swallow.” You obey. You lay down in between Jungkook and Jimin and smile as they both start rubbing your thighs as you slowly drift off to sleep.


Hey guys! I hope you like this as much as the first two part! When this gets 75 notes, I will write a part 4. Please feel free and message me about what you want to see happen in the next part. Don’t forget that requests are open! I’m happy to write anything for you guys! Thanks for reading!

Ruruka x Himuro ;-; Its cute m8

Lmao why did i do this idk but its cuteeeee

-Ruruka loves to hold Himuros hand alot she find her hand so small and cute.
-Himuro loves it when Ruruka holds her hand because its so nice and warm.
-Ruruka usually makes sweets for Himuro and Himuro writes Ruruka cutesy and romantic poetry for Ruruka.
-Himuro loves the sweets and compliments them with things such as: “ Mmm so nice and sweet well done ” “ Delicious! Hehe ”.
-Ruruka loves Himuros poetry she keeps all the poetry she writes her in a little box.
-When it comes to hugging and kissing Ruruka is usually the one to initiate it.
-But if Ruruka is feeling down Himuro will initiate it to make her feel good again.
-Himuro likes to just talk to Ruruka and listen to music with her.
-Ruruka sometimes dances around and makes giggle.
-Tea and cake!! They love tea and cake!
-Ruruka especially likes cake ^-^
-Himuro tries her best to bake to impress Ruruka and it usually turns out a little bit off but Ruruka eats it all up and says “ Compliments to the chef! Hehe ” Or “ Scrumptious ” To Himuro which makes her blush and smile.


okay so i’m not the best at this and like this ship is just what but ey its quite cute.

Guatemalan Tortillas (Meet me on Tumblr & Instagram)

These ladies prepare corn tortillas on the market of Chichicastenango. They often serve them with meat, beans, onions and cilantro. The aroma of freshly-made tortillas can be so haunting and the taste … mmm absolutely delicious!