they are so married to eachother

6th Month Anniversary-

Okay so I’m like 3 days late because both me and Trenton forgot our anniversary, but I just wanted to tell everyone how fucking lucky I am to have this human being in my life. He’s made me the most happiest person in the world and has helped me become a better me. Before I met him I had no idea what goals I had for my life and had no direction, But now I know what I want and have him to thank for that. He has made me realize that life is worth living, that I have a purpose and I just… can never thank him enough. We’ve been through so much together, but we continue to love, help, and support eachother with anything and everything and our love has grown stronger everyday. Trenton my love, my life, my sun my stars; I love you so much, I can’t wait to find out what life has in store for us. I cant wait to hug you and kiss you and marry you and live my life with you. You are my soulmate, I love you, I love you. @thestarryeyedsailor

I have these two neighbours and they’re married and they gotta be like in their late 30s and I’m making dinner and I look out the window and they’re running around outside in their pajamas and bare feet with water pistols soaking eachother and laughing so loud it made me realise I’m wasting so much time trying to make relationships perfect when all that’s really needed is someone who will laugh with me for the rest of my life

u know i’ve expressed my love for fake married/fake dating many, many times but like. is anything better. is anything better on this earth. does any trope or genre truly care for us quite like this one. let us reflect on a few of the gifts that fake married/dating consistently gives us:

  • character a asks “hey, will you pretend to be my date for a week for [convoluted excuse that could easily be solved without a fake relationship]?” character b, fully convinced of the futility of their DEEP AND UNREQUITED LOVE, figures this’ll be a chance to spend time with them and possibly put their feelings to rest. character b is always wrong & it is always amazing.
  • having to SHARE A LIVING SPACE FOR ARBITRARY FIC REASONS. having to see eachother in their pajamas first thing in the morning, messy haired, drowsy eyed and soft faced. going from “you can have the bathroom first” to brushing their teeth beside eachother and feeling like this closeness has always existed (at the same time, painfully aware that it won’t always). 
  • related to the last one – “"practicing”“ their casual touching so that it’s easier when they’re in public. feeling SWOOPS OF ARDOR AND AGONY when they feel the brush of a hand on their neck, or an arm loop around their waist. don’t you love how fake marrieds/dates are always method actors who must FULLY INHABIT their roles. i love it. i live for it. 
  • bed sharing. :^) we all pretend we’re bigger than this but we are not. 
  • "kiss me while everyone’s looking.”
  • the character who wasn’t aware they were in love (maybe always had been) until the fake relationship is in full swing, realizing they have to sort their feelings out before their time together is up. sometimes they succeed and angst is minimal. most of the time they don’t, really.
  • telling eachother “i love you” in public and meaning it, heart aching over it, but bELIEVING THE OTHER 2 BE ACTING. my soul is still 15, this garbage still gets me. u don’t get pining better than this.
  • the days leading up to the end of the arrangement where one of them, still confused and muddy about their Feelings and unsure how to break things off, stiffens to the casual, reflexive touching and puts their walls back up. the other one accepts and respects this as the end of their agreement and squashes back down all the hope they ever had, stuffs it next to the heartbreak they’re ignoring deep in their chest. 
  • when they realize they’re actually fully and enthusiastically mutual about the way they feel and it’s, like, two parts euphoria and one part agony because they just cannOT BELIEVE, the happiness tears them in two. maybe there are weepy or laughing kisses. i don’t know but i’m usually invested like 2000%. i love fake dating/marrieds. 
  • I LOVE EM.
My (Personal) GOT7 Analysis and why i love them so much

BamBam: cute af; a baby who is shedding his innocent image faster than the speed of light; super proud of his bff yugyeom’s dancing; knows everyone loves him and loves it; was so tiny(literally) when he first met jackson and mark; only problematic when he wants attention from his hyungs; hyungs are so proud of how he’s grown; quick to tell fans if he genuinely thinks they’re beautiful; KING OF FASHION; when he argues with yugyeom they probably make up 2 mins later; OWNED the karaoke episode of GOT7ing and made is bandmates so happy

Choi Youngjae:  the voice, the sun, the laugh; takes particular enjoyment in picking on Jackson and receiving love and/or spanking from JB; unproblematic af; so awkward and pure; makes every situation better by laughing out of the blue; so cute; called sunshine for a reason; loves learning and speaking english;  (i want to play video games with him so bad); loves his puppy CoCo more than life itself

Jackson Wang: proud AmeriThaiKong member; stans his bandmates; one of the most openly physically affectionate (kissed a guy on the lips on SNL too); probably mad he can’t date his bandmates (was super happy when he could date jinyoung); variety show king; loves picking on youngjae; loves being extra; small friendship things break his heart i.e. telling mark he misses rooming with him and bringing him shampoo; wears his heart on his sleeve; would marry mark and follow him to pluto; would remember the first time he met you and what you wore and said like he remembers mark had dark hair and an umbrella; respects his parents SO MUCH; a meme

Jinyoung:  hot af and knows it; looks like a wealthy prince who escapes to hang with his adorable band; could win an oscar probably; uses his amazing bum for attention; gets jealous easily and it’s rlly hot and scary; savage; happily involved in a GOT7 love triangle w Mark/Jackson; is JB’s wife; loves kissing his bandmates and is one of the most easily annoyed but also physically affectionate; has an angsty love/hate relationship with yugyeom that’s hot af, probably has dreams about him where they do things other than argue if you know what i mean

JB: King; most baddass leader in town; can probably calm his bandmates down with the sound of his voice; intimidating but super sweet with fans; could probably be president; glows when he smiles and laughs; has some of the most interesting fashion choices; is super cute with the macknae line; would marry youngjae; is super attracted to youngjae; already married to jinyoung;  probably can read jinyoung’s thoughts at this point; charismatic af; skydived with zero fear and glowed afterward; secretly a superhero

Kim Yugyeom:  danced on hit the stage and shook his fans and bandmates to the core; effortlessly talented; bandmates think he’s too nice, i.e. jinyoung wanting to toughen him up; enjoys picking on jinyoung and is always shook when he compliments him; if he aint your bias he will wreck your bias list if you watch hit the stage; WATCH HIM ON HIT THE STAGE; has a crush on jinyoung and chris brown;  loves his 97′ friends like BamBam and Jungkook more than words can say; claimed to be innocent but then he grinded on Hit the Stage and impregnated e v e r y o n e

Mark Tuan: loved and respected by everyone; the eldest; tries to internalize everything but breaks down in front of his bandmates if he needs love/hugs; clingy af; pranks fuel him; super good at reading everyone’s feelings; lives for extreme sports; would marry jackson in 2 seconds; would marry jinyoung too; one of the members besides jackson and jinyoung who is the most physically affectionate; gorgeous; bandmates love staring at his face; shy but wild, seemingly fearless, parasailed and skydived on Hard Carry and broke me; fucks w gravity 25/7; kissing level 10000 i.e. dipping BamBam on kiss the radio simultaneously wrecking BamBam and everyone


Dating Tyler Posey Would Include...
  • going to interviews with him
  • him being really into pda
  • and you always telling him to stop 
  • forehead kisses
  • cheek kisses
  • hot, wet kisses
  • friday nights are date nights
  • which ends in hot sex
  • him having a lot of kinks
  • spanking being his main one
  • surprising him on set 
  • and teasing him when he’s trying to film scenes
  • the cast loving you
  • tyler being a sweetheart to you 
  • and being a major softie around you
  • bear hugs
  • him being clingy, but in the best way
  • buying you flowers for no reason
  • all nighters playing video games
  • and getting high
  • going to bars with dylan and some of your friends
  • fucking in the restroom 
  • because he “couldn’t wait until later.”
  • comforting each other after a hard day
  • arguing over stupid shit and giving eachother the silent treatment 
  • so you go to bed with your backs to one another
  • but you wake up cuddling each other
  • shower sex
  • doggy being his favourite position
  • texting you stupid pickup lines
  • getting kicked out off grocery stores because tyler can’t act like an adult
  • being the most childish, most fun, most cheesy, most happy and most sexual couple out there
  • tyler gushing about you to dylan
  • and watching you from across the room when he talks about you to his friends
  • “i’m gonna marry her some day.”

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Made of skin and bones

(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end

1.Wolves   2.Chess   3.Holy water  4.Hold me

5. Market day

It’s a sunny day and the streets of your city are exactly as you love them: full of life. People chatting animatedly next to stands full of fruit from which their grangers boast, children running through the crowd and mothers behind them yelling to the kids to behave. Inhaling deeply you are pleasantly surprised by the sweet smell of your favorite buns fresh from the oven. Decided, that will be your next stop.

Just  before you mislead the two guards James especially chose to follow you around all day, of course.

Looking at them from the corner of your eye you see how bored they are, one of them can’t stop yawning while the other seems to want to nail himself with something sharp just to feel something. You smile to yourself, that’s part of your plan. You’ve been wandering around the market for hours, looking around, buying here and there but not really doing anything interesting, just making the two poor soldiers dizzy and waiting for they to get their guard down, so you can “get lost” and visit Nat once for all.

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Too Late- Namjoon Angst

I was too late. I couldn’t tell him how I felt, I had missed my chance. 

Genre: ANGST

Word count:1435

Originally posted by oneversehobi

Namjoon and I had been best friends for years. Since he was 16 and i was 15. We did everything together, i encouraged him to follow his dreams. I stayed with him late nights when he was stuck in the studio. We told eachother everything.

We were inseparable, to the point where people would mistake us for dating. I wish we were. I’ve had feeling for Namjoon since i was 16. But he never showed any signs of feeling the same. So i was afraid of ruining our relationship that i kept it quiet. And it was killing me slowly. But know at 21 i was getting ready to attend his wedding.

I didn’t want to watch my best friend marry someone who wasn’t me. I know that is selfish but i don’t think my heart could bear it. I was heart broken when he got a girlfriend but put on a happy face. When he told me he was going to propose to her i kept a happy face. When they announced their engagement i cried hysterically.

I put on a happy act even though i was breaking inside. The other members knew this, especially Jimin. He was my rock through all of this, comforting me and being a hand to hold. I finished getting ready, and Jimin said he would be my date. I was thankful for that.

The girl Namjoon was marrying was a sweetheart. Fans loved her to bits. But a lot of them saw how sad i was, and they comforted me. But Namjoon was blind to all of it. As i started putting a small purse together my mind drifted to when Namjoon told me about her. He gushed for hours and as he did i felt my heart crack little by little.

I finished packing and headed to the living room where Jimin waited. A sad smile adorned his features as he said “You look stunning Y/N.” i gave him a sad smile back “Thank you.” I was wearing a black dress, it came down to a little above my knee. I didn’t want to wear something bright, this was a funeral to me.

A funeral for myself. The life I wish I had, and for my heart. This was the day I had been hoping would be mine. But it was someone else’s now. Namjoon was in love, and I would never be able to tell him how I felt. I was too late. I lost my chance.

I couldn’t deny the heaviness in my heart. It really did feel like I was going to a funeral. I took jimin’s extended hand and we headed to the church

The church was full of chatter and laughter when we arrived. Family and friends giddy with excitement, waiting for the ceremony to begin. Jimin brought me to my seat before heading back. He was Namjoon’s best man after all. I stayed there trying to force a happy face. I saw Namjoon’s mother and father and they both gave me a sad look. They said it themselves, they expected the two of us to end up together.

I glanced around, some people were giving me pity looks and I hated it. They all could see how much I loved Him, everyone could see it. Except him. The time came were the church quieted and Namjoon walked down, followed by each member with a bridesmaid.

They all took their seats except for Jimin who remained up with Namjoon. I watched Namjoon scans the crowd before his eyes landed on me. We made eye contact and I forced a smile, he smiled back. The organ began to play and his head whipped towards the doors. Waiting for his soon to be wife to walk through them.

We all stood as the door opened. And she began to walk down the aisle. She looked absolutely gorgeous, hair and makeup perfect. A huge smile on her face, she was glowing. I envied her. He looked up at Namjoon, whose eyes were wide and a look of pure love in his eyes. My heart hurt. I choked down a sob and watched as she finally met him.

The ceremony went through smoothly and finally it was time for them to exchange their vows. I held back my tears, listening to their words and how much love they had in them. I couldn’t ruin this for them. The priest gave me one last chance “Speak now or forever hold your peace.” I bit my lip so hard to keep from speaking. I couldn’t do this to him, not now, not ever.

They exchanged rings. And my heart cracked.

“I now pronounce you husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride!” They kissed and as everyone cheered I broke down in sobs. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I got up from my seat and ran. So focused on getting out of there. I didn’t realize that the church had gone silent as I burst through the doors.

I ran across the street towards the park. I needed fresh air, I could barely get any into my lungs as I cried. I slowed down and sat on a bench. I felt like I was over reacting but I had such sadness in my heart I didn’t care.

I heard the pounding of feet behind me and expected it to be Jimin. I didn’t bother looking back before I started talking Jimin, I couldn’t do it, I tried I really did. But now he is married and happy. I couldn’t even say anything when i had one last chance. He looked so in love. If he is happy with her- which i know he is- then i will suffer so he can be happy. I just wish i could have told him once that i loved him.

Y/N you love me? My blood ran cold. I slowly turned to see Namjoon looking at me with wide eyes. He seemed so surprised by this that it angered me. So without thinking i began talking. You are really that blind Kim Namjoon? I’ve been in love with you for seven years. But you never seemed to feel the same. So i stayed quiet. You are so in love with her Namjoon, so i kept my mouth shut all these years for your happiness.

Y/N i have loved you since i met you. My heart stopped and i lost it KIM NAMJOON DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT TO ME! I HAVE SUFFERED FOR YEARS WHILE YOU WERE HAPPY. AND NOW, ONCE YOU ARE A MARRIED MAN YOU FINALLY DECIDE TO TELL ME?” he remained silent, tears slowly scraping down his cheeks. I began again You have no right to be crying Namjoon. It’s your wedding day for fuck sake. You married the girl who you said was “Your dream girl.” Namjoon please, stop crying and go be with your bride. I see no reason for you to be here and not with h… i was cut off by him placing his lips on mine. It was a warm kiss and i froze. He was a married man, he had his wife. I pushed him back and wiped my face tears cascading down.

Namjoon. Why would you do this to me? You know what maybe it is best we don’t talk to each other anymore. His eyes widened and his voice cracked as he spoke

Y/n please don’t leave me, your are my best friend.

I shook my head and gave him a sad smile. Namjoon if you didn’t want me to leave then you should have done something about it earlier. I love you Kim Namjoon, but I guess you will always be the one that got away.

But… but I don’t have to be. I can get a divorce, I can still be with you. I gave him a cold laugh, I looked up at him with no emotion in my eyes before saying You are a smart man Namjoon and you’ve made your choice. Even if you did all of that I wouldn’t accept it. I wouldn’t even know you anymore. So go and happy with your wife. I’ll be ok one day I’m sure these feelings will fade. Good bye Kim Namjoon

And without another word I turned around and walked away. It hurt to do that to him but I had to for my own good. I had to be selfish for once. So I walked away and didn’t look back. I had to move on.

And this was the first step to doing so.

Epilogue anyone?


You know what, I can live without the NaLu kiss or them getting married at the end or any of that mushy stuff because their relationship is so much more than that. They know their love for eachother & Natsu straight up said “we’ll be together forever,” so they have all of forever to do those things. Their adventure never ends & that is so much more beautiful than a kiss.

Summary of That GOT soulmark au I'll probs never write

In this au everyone in Westeros gets a soulmark at puberty, nobility mostly never tells anyone where the mark is for safety reasons and because 99% of the time highborns get matched to lowborns and that’s just sad or dangerous for all involved, the mark is only visible if the person wants to show it so soulmarks in Westeros are some high kept secret people never share and such.

Some lucky people were like Ned and Caitlin who had the marks of a silver wolf and a blue fish in their arms respectively and yayy for them. Ned was intimately the only one who ever knew his sister Lyanna had a dragon in her chest and that’s why he took in Jon, because hd knew Raegar and not Robert was her true soulmate.

Depending on the place of the mark people can tell what kind of soulmates they’re matched to, arm means strength, legs means endurance, head means intelligence and so on.

Nobody knows what the Starks had as marks because like all houses they never told.

Robb was probably the most sad because he had a thorny rose in the palm of his hand and he knew what he was giving up when he married Talisa. And despite being married to Renly for political reasons when the grey wolf in Margaery’s own hand dissapeared only Loras knew that she mourned Robb in a way only people that never get to meet their soulmates do.

Joffrey never cared to look for the girl who had his mark and Roslin Frey was better off for it when the black lion in between her shoulder blades disappeared the day the ‘king’ was poisoned.

Cersei’s mark was a golden lion in her hip, she was convinced that it meant Jamie was her other half because they were twins, Jamie loved his sister so much he lied and told her that he was, only Tyrion knew that Jamie’s mark was a sword in the underside of his arm. The Lannister cousin that shared Cersei’s mark eventually married someone from Casterly Rock and outlived her by decades, Heynri Lannister didn’t mourn the soulmate he never met, because he never knew who she was.

The sword in Jamie’s arm eventually led him to think that being a knight was his life’s calling, he served under Aerys, then Robert, then Joffrey. He crossed paths with Brienne of Tarth, grew to admire the great amazon woman greatly but it wasn’t until she named his gift 'oathkeeper’ that he knew why there was a sword in his non dominant arm. Arms were supposed to mean strength and Brienne was all that and more.

Brienne suspected the rusty Lannister pretty boy was her soulmate since the bear, knowing he had that weird thing for Cersei, Brienne didn’t bother to ask him, but she knew for sure that the sword in her dominant arm was Jamie’s when he almost died in the battle of dawn. It kept blinking in and out of existence while Jamie was being tended to the maesters of Winterfell…plus Tyrion totally tattled.

When Arya Stark had her first moon blood a black stag appeared in her leg, she didn’t care about soulmate business tough, not when she had already seen so much death and half of her family was already dead, or when the man in the house of black and white told her to cut off the skin where her mark was in her mission to become no one, and didn’t care when she decided to become Arya Stark again.

Gendry tough, he knew that Arya was his soulmate from the moment she told him who’s daughter she was, his leg had the head of a brown direwolf and how much of a coincidence could that be? He only knew her for a short time and she had her list of names but he knew he would love her even if he never saw her again.

He did see her again, in King’s Landing, Arya never knew who found who, but one minute the city was celebrating Cersei’s death and the next thing that happened Arya and Gendry were face to face. From then on its unclear if it was Arya who dragged Gendry to Winterfell or in Gendry followed Arya on his own. Point is that Sansa told everyone that Arya and Gendry were a thing and everybody took her for her word no matter how much Arya and Gendry denied it.

Samwell Tarly almost died ten times before meeting his soulmate, because of that, Gilly was fairly used to watching the owl on her shoulder appear and dissapear since way before anyone told her what soulmarks were, Sam’s was a gillyflower naturally and his father thought that it was such a stupid mark that it only accelerated his wish to send Sam to take the black. These two were such dorks, they were the type of soulmates that thought that love and destiny and survival against while walkers meant that they were always supposed to be together because 'soulmarks’. Gilly still looks down on people who give up on their soulmates and Sam eventually writes his own book studying the subject after Gilly’s boy grows up.

Sansa and Tyrion were the rare type of people who had a mark in their neck, which means that quite literally their other half will be… not good for said neck.

Sansa used to dream that her soulmate was someone like Jory, but on getting her soulmark in King’s Landing, horror of horrors Sansa thought that her mark was Joffrey’s, because she had on her neck an exact replica of the Lannister sigil in black, exept for one detail…her lion had gold dragon wings. So she consoled herself that it couldn’t be Joffrey and since she didn’t know any man who fit the description of a BLACK lion with wings, she told herself and anybody that asked that she’d never met him or her. Tyrion was the only Lannister who she thought she trusted enough to ask about the sigil but the day she finally plucked the courage was the day he was forced to tell her lady mother and Robb.

While he didn’t believe in soulmark hogwash even before Tysha, Tyrion thought that his soulmark was the most handsome thing ever, his neck had a red direwolf howling to the moon, it was a piece of artwork straight out of a artisan pen. He thought being a dwarf and a Lannister he wouldn’t ever meet his soulmate let alone be allowed to marry her so he was reckless with his dick and never paid it much attention. Even tough he fancied that he knew her when he was drunk, his neck wolf. The soulmate who could cost him his neck. He went in a very deep denial when he met the stark children, because he suspected that Sansa was his mark, even deeper during the battle of blackwater and it wasn’t until Tywin forced Tyrion to marry her that he realised that it was far more likely that HE would cost Sansa her life. So he tried to protect her and didn’t tell her.

Then Joffrey died and Sansa left and Tyrion was accused of murder. So it always came back to the neck metaphor. Tyrion and his survival and Sansa and hers.

Then of course Ramsey happened and Mereen happened and the battle of the bastards happened and Danny happened. So Tyrion and Sansa were a bit busy playing the game. It wasn’t until they saw eachother again while brokering a treaty between the south and the north with Danny and Jon that literally everyone noticed how Sansa and Tyrion simultaneously touched the same spot in their necks on sight.

Sansa never knew if it was parentage, being considered worthy to ride Viserion on becoming the hand of the 'dragon’ queen that gave the golden wings to her soulmark’s black lion, neither did Tyrion( tough Varys probably did). But for them the soulmark thing was more of a full circle kind of omen. When Danny used Sansa as an excuse to leave Tyrion in Winterfell while she mobilized supplies and troops to battle the white walkers Tyrion in Sansa’s turf was almost a thing of déjà vu when Sansa had to use HER influence as sister of the king to avoid getting Tyrion by Lannister haters.

Eventually they settled into a routine of Tyrion protecting Sansa’s neck, Sansa protecting Tyrion’s and when the war of dawn was over Tyrion took Sansa to the ruins of Casterly Rock and asked her to marry him again. They became the kind of soulmates everyone looked up to, powerful, smart and very much in love, the couple everyone else went for advice on THEIR soulmate troubles because Sansa and Tyrion went trough all these stages of loss and separation in between meeting, falling gradually inlove and getting (voluntarily) married that they usually did have an answer for everything.

Daenerys and Jon both thought that they were born witout soulmates, Viserys liked to taunt Daenerys saying that Targaryens never got things like soulmarks but Jorah was the one who told Danny when she married Khal Drogo that people with the blood of old valyria were rumored to get their soulmarks only in unusual circumstances, since the gods had a tendency to match power with more power, endurance with endurance and strenght with strength, marked Targaryens were by far the most dangerous.

When a wolf shaped icicle surounded by fire appeared in Danny’s breast the day she emerged from Drogo’s funeral pyre with her hatchlings. She knew she was destined to take back Westeros, because she was the first marked Targaryen in centuries.

Jon always thought that not having a mark meant that he was defective and that’s why he was okay with taking the black and becoming a crow, but the night Igritte died he woke up to a burning in his chest only to find the mark of an impressive white dragon just above his heart and it almost broke him.

Blood of old valyria soulmates were so unheard of that nobody could tell Danny why she kept dreaming of snow and cold, or why Jon kept seeing the sunny buildings of Essos and Mereen when he warged into ghost. Eventually they got used to it and even found it nice to have a mystical 'companion’ share their soulmark, why not let it be?, it wasn’t like it was harming anybody.

Then Jon died and Drogon had to almost burn Daenerys back to life again because she felt it all, Tyrion and Varys were worried as hell when Danny collapsed one moment and then spent a week with her children recovering from how frightening the ordeal was.

Mellisandre saw Jon’s mark when she revived him, she warned him that there was only only one person that dragon could belong to but Jon didn’t listen. Not to her or the fire God. He knew the heart of the person his mark matched and it wasn’t some egomaniacal people burning dragon queen.

To be fair when Danny told Tyrion what her mark looked like the imp knew her soulmate was someone she might want dead, but he did tell her who he suspected. And likewise Danny didn’t listen, because the very idea was ridiculous.

Ironically when Jon and Danny met for the first time in the battlefield after Danny took the throne from Cersei, it was Raegal and Ghost who recognized eachother like some sort of long lost animal brothers. Forcing Danny and Jon to admit that they had a problem, Danny didn’t want to kill her soulmate anymore than Jon wanted to kill his and they were in the middle of a battle.

So Sansa and Tyrion were called in to broker a ceasefire and in the process Jon and Danny joined forces to fight the real threat to Westeros: the night’s king, Daenerys almost died, Jon almost died, even when they held lightbringer together and pushed it in the monster’s stomach there was a moment both thought that they wouldn’t make it, but they did and when Westeros united itself once again to celebrate the end of winter nobody was surprised to hear that the people wanted them BOTH in the iron throne. And since Jon refused to live without Daenerys anymore and Daenerys was willing to execute anybody who told her she couldn’t keep Jon, it was decided that on marrying Danny Jon would in good faith take the Targaryen name for the sake of any offspring they might have.

An: so yeah I wish I could write this, but I have to many projects and cant, still at least now you know the condensed version.

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hey if you have the time could you like... list some reasons that Klance could happen because i need hope please give me hope

oooOOOOO okay so first of all the people bringing us voltron brought us LOK and we both know how that ended 

Originally posted by otterbender

and i mean come ON

thats not gay at all right

Originally posted by bokutouh

they had a bonding moment that we didn’t get to see that involved lance being cradled for all we fucking know they’ve already kissed and only keith remembers (my poor gay son)

Originally posted by altmix

look at them bickering like an old married couple and still being lighthearted about it they’re so cute

also lets talk about the fucking symbolism of their dynamic holy shit

They are literally hot and cold fire and water red and blue 

they are MADE to balance eachother out which is practically canon because of this snippet from keiths official character page

notice on the page how they dont talk about anyone elses dynamic with him like this holy shit 

keith is smiling so gently we never see him like this until they’re flirting (and they ARE flirting) and lance looks so happy to hear him look at this fucking bullshit

look at how impatient he is to see lance out of the healing pod 

“how much good do you think a few more ticks are gonna do for him!!”

gay. keith cool your hormones for like 5 seconds k thanks

look at the fucking way he looks at him they’re so happy 

again. smiling openly while looking at lance, gay

they’re holding hands fight me on this

they run away screaming like children together 

this has gotten long but yes klance is gonna happen i will bet money

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Any good new fics ur excited about? thnx. xD

DUDE! I wrote a thing and it didn’t save it and I freaked and had to retype. 

Okay - so I posted my top five fics (here) - and I posted a huge list of the WIPs I was reading at that time (here) and I’m still reading all of them.

I would say - go read the fics on my other lists linked above - and subscribe to the WIPs I mentioned (and seriously - leave a million reviews on them so we get more chapters… *cough*FightClubBughead*cough*) I’m not going to mention the fics from those lists - because rest assured, if they were on those lists, then I’m thrilled every time the fic updates.

BUT this question is which new fics am I excited about right now! There are SO many new fics - completed and WIPs both - that I’m excited about. I see their updates in my inbox and I cheer - or I read them and then read them over again. I’m going to give you a short list:

  • tales of an endless heart (series) by @lessoleilscouchants Part II just finished today and it’s ANGSTY! But so beautifully written. She’s promised a part III and I’m hoping we get an eventual (and deserved) Happy Ending. (technically a WIP - but two complete parts) You will feel personally attacked by this series… But it’s so well written and amazing that you won’t care. I might riot if Part III doesn’t give us a happy ending though. A Full Blown Alan Rickman flipping a table riot. This story will make you FEEL. Cigarettes After Sex feel.
  • Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend - SERPENT JUGGIE with Good Girl Betts! I seriously need more and more and more of this. Because it’s by FAR one of my ultimate faves. The UST is freaking PALPABLE. There will be a continuation - I have assurances. ;)
  • Make It Work by @raptorlily (WIP) - Classic Comics Bughead. Fake Dating - going to Veronica and Archie’s wedding in Mexico. Freaking DELIGHTFUL and not just because I’ve had exclusive access to Raptor’s killer awesome outline of awesomeness. 
  • What Fools These Mortals Be by @gellbellshead - (WIP) Shakespeare. Bughead and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. So good.
  • Something To Tell You by @findingbetty​ (WIP) - I’m in love with this story. It’s another Roomates->More fic but it’s unique. All from Betty’s pov - and Juggie is FANTASTIC. Well, he’s a lawyer. But he’s hiding layers under all that charm… I think. 
  • Into The Black by @camelotskingz (WIP) - Another Serpent Juggie. I am seriously in love with this trope. I could marry it. 
  • To B.C. I Still Love You. by @camelotskingz(WIP) - JUST started. But this is gonna be angsty as hell - but a HEA has been confirmed. You should get in on the ground floor with this one.
  • the winged beast by onceuponamirror So so good. I can’t say enough how much I love this story.
  • Where The Wild Roses Grow by @believe-that-you-can-my-friend - Post E13 perfection.Serpent Jug again. GUH.
  • By Mere Happenstance by @it-happened-one-starry-night - (WIP) Bughead doesn’t know eachother - they’re IM friends. SO cute.
  • Tacos and Tequila by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency - The opening scene is a wet and mostly naked Juggie (save a towel) - and the premise is that they get snowed in. Dude. It just started but it’s gonna be lit.*

I’m sure there are so many more… but these ones make me happy right now.

*Edited After first post.



When you had first told Minseok about your feelings for him, he would tell you that it wasn’t the right time for him to be getting into a relationship. EXO were at their peak he couldn’t afford a second away from practice to make sure that he was on point.

You hadn’t spoken to him for weeks after this. You felt humiliated, and he felt empty with you by his side. Tonight would be the first night you’d see him since you’d confessed. You’d promised months ago you’d go support him at a signing. Even after the mess you’d made, you couldn’t go back on a promise.
You were stood with the staff at the side of the room, watching the members answer the fan questions. A fan had asked one about their love life when he finally saw you. His blank face changed to a loving smile.
“I have a feeling that love will come to me very soon.”


Junmyeon was your rock. He was by your side through every event. Even during the worse times, he stuck by you. Right now, he was comforting you after your wisdom tooth removal. And by comforting, I mean trying to explain to you that he didn’t actually possess superpowers.

“But I saw you with my own eyes make that water ball!” you whined, mimicking the motions loosely with your hands. “And then when you were running through the hospital you make water with Minie!” once again you motioned, making him laugh harder. “It’s not real, Y/N,” he stroked your arm gently.
“But I already told people my boyfriend was a superhero…” you frowned, slumping into the bed. “You tell people I’m your boyfriend?” his brow rose as he watched your sulking face. “No… but I will one day when you I tell you how I feel.”
“I think you just did. But I’ll let sober you tell me,” he’d shift closer to the bed and pressed his lips to your head. “Try sleeping.”


People thought you and Yixing were already a couple. You did everything you could together. You were always by his side supporting him.

Here you were, sitting in his sitting room, giddy to see him perform. “You look so handsome!” you grinned, taking his hand to squeeze. “They’re going to love it!” your grin was mirrored by him as his hand locked your fingers together.

“I hope I can perform well.” his tone was filled with uncertainty. “You’re amazing, and you have never given a bad performance.” You gave his hand another squeeze. “You’re my best friend, of course you’re going to praise me.”

You shuffled your chair closer to him to wrap him in a hug. “It’s my job to protect the love of my life from negativity.” you mumbled into him. “You love me?” He questioned quietly, his own arms wrapping around around you. When you nodded, he let out a giggle, squeezing you against him.
“Wah, really?” he’d beam, pulling you to him. “Does that mean I finally get to kiss you?”


You and Baekhyun fed off each other’s energy. When together, the two of your were (normally) two balls of energy that caused hell for the other members. But today, you were both calm as you sat playing games in the dorm.
He kept stealing glances at your face, worried as to what caused you to be so down.

“Y/N…” he set his controller down and shuffled closer to you. “Talk to me,” he rested a hand on your shoulder. “Why are you so sad today?”
Your own controller was discarded to the side and now your attention was focused on your hands. “I’m in a mess…” you shrugged. “I think I love you…” At these words, he jumped up and began to dance. “Y/N loves me~ and I love her. We’re going to get married and have the most beautiful babies in the world!” he sang, making you laugh.


The other members always teased you and Jongdae on how you were just like a married couple. The two of you never gave any thought to your actions. Eating together, falling asleep on eachother and spending as much time as possible together had been something you’d done ever since you met.

It was movie night at the dorms. You and Jongdae had curled up in your normal place on the sofa, eyes on the screen. “You two should just wed already!” Beakhyun exclaimed as he watched ‘Dae cuddle closer to you in his sleeping state. “Maybe one day we will. Have to get the 'I’m in love with you’ part over with first,” you laughed, looking to the man sleeping against you.

“I love you too Y/N,” he grumbled, nuzzling into you, which caused an uproar from the members.


Once again, Chanyeol’s mind would come up with the worse case scenario. You didn’t want to be his best friend anymore. That’s what you were going to tell him when you both met up.
When he approached you, his eyes never met yours. How could he look at you when you were about to tell him that you never wanted to see him again.
“Why do you look so worried?” you’d laugh as you examined his crinkled nose. “I’m the one making a big confession. And I’d like for you to look at me while I did so.” His brown eyes finally connected with yours, making you smile wide.
“I had this big speech planned out, but I’m just going to say it, okay?” He nods for you to go on, hands moving into the pockets of his jeans. “I’m crazy in love with you.”

“Ah, Y/N!” he let out a nervous laugh before he shook his head. “I thought it was something bad! I’m crazy in love with you too.”


The second Saturday of each month, you and Kyungsoo would go out for a meal, and then to a bar. It was your way of making sure that you wouldn’t drift apart with how busy you both are.

More than usual was drunk, and the two of you were on a blurry buzz, trying your best to get back to your apartment before one of you fell and hurt got injured. You’d thankfully made it to your home, and now continuing creating chit chat about nothing.
“If you were my boyfriend, we could do this more often,” you mumbled as you slouched on the sofa. “But you’d never accept my love.” you let a pout sit on your face for a few seconds. “You want me to be your boyfriend?” he asked, leaning close to you. When you nodded, he jumped up from his place.
“The gods have listened!”


Being best friends with one of the hottest idols in the industry tested you. He was always away from you, always busy, always tired when you were together. Today you were frustrated with his fame for another reason. A news article of featuring him was spreading around the internet. 'EXO’s Kai dating SM Rookie.’ They looked cozy in the picture, walking out of the SM building, his coat over her shoulders.

Jongin was going to take you out to a pet adoption center to help you pick the perfect pooch for you. The atmosphere when he entered your flat wasn’t good. You felt awkward around him, knowing he was in close relations with a female trainee. “What’s the matter?” he asked at the sight of your slumped over state. “You’re dating, and you didn’t tell me.” you grumbled into the pillow.

“It’s not true, Y/N. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t get sick,” he frowned taking a step closer and resting his hand on your arm. “Good. Because I want you to be only mine.” To this, he laughed, thumb rubbing over your skin. “You have to stop being jealous even if it’s adorable. I can’t have a partner that will bite my head off for being a gentleman.”


You and Sehun were on a plaid blanket enjoying your last minute picnic. “I want to tell you something,” you set your sandwich down and wiped your hands on your jeans. “We’ve been best friends for years… and recently, all of these feelings for you came rushing down onto me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love with you…”
Your mood dropped completely when he stood and began to walk away from your cozy set up.
When you stayed silent, he turned and offered you a smirk. “You always talk about how you want your first kiss to be under that blossom tree by the fountain. So let’s go.”


marius and tehd both into petplay confirmed

also confirmed to be very loving & loyal 2 eachother

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on harry & mitch's relationship? (Fictional or otherwise)

honestly if we’re being real i  think theyre really really good friends who clicked immediately and saw a lot of eachother in themselves. i think harry rly cherishes ppl in his life with no preconceived notions or prejudices about him and mitch is one of those ppl. i also think mitch is extremely talented and creative and harry really values and respects that in people. i also think from what we’ve seen of him that mitch is very soft and quiet and gentle and i think that must be nice for harry to have someone calm and collected around when a lot of his life is so hectic and wild. i think they balance eachother out perfectly and have a lot of respect and gratitude for the other. also theyre literally in love and about to get married


But i really dont want bex and bowie to get married in season 2 like ik ya’ll got a child and everything but lets take it slow. There’s a difference between being dependable and being LEGALLY COMMITTED TO EACHOTHER. So imma need bowie to figure that out real quick.