they are so inspirational and strong willed women

Carrie Fisher:

You were an amazing person. To say so in past tense seems like doing you a disservice, because your influence and your words and your mark upon the world will live on long, long after your physical form has left us.

You were an inspiration. You were a strong willed woman in science fiction in a time when that was practically groundbreaking. You inspired so many girls. Girls and women, and you were there for all of them. You didn’t hide behind the fact that you’ve hurt and lost and struggled with your life. You did not hide mental illness from the world or the injustice you have suffered, and you were an inspiration.

You grew up into such a different world than when Star Wars first came out. But you rocked it. You became our Queen, our General, the shining beacon of hope that so many needed.

The world is lesser for the loss of you. I hope, because that was something that you tried to help all of us have, I hope, that your presence in the world inspires someone who can do everything you always tried to and more.

You are one with the Force. The Force is with you.

Rest in Peace.

Something that’s been on my mind...

I am so proud of the Kurdish women who are taking a stand and battling ISIS for their country, for their families, and for their sisters. like… I keep reading articles and hearing people talk about these brave young women in the middle east who are striking fear into hearts’ of ISIS and the Islamic State, and they’ve been around since 2014!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVEN’T HEARD OF THEM UNTIL NOW. 
They see the women being abused by the Islamic State and it makes them ANGRY, so they fight for their sisters and for themselves and for their freedom. They are even willing to take their own lives should they be captured by the enemy. I just… i get teary eyed thinking about them. These women are so strong, and fearless. They are SO INSPIRING. I am so proud of the men and women fighting for freedom.