they are so handsome gdi

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Gardienne and ezarel switch bodies for a whole day.What do they raction looks, what do they will do ?

ok i had a similar request with the other boys too so i’m going to combine them


- once he wakes up and looks at his reflection in the mirror he lets out a horrifying scream that can be heard outside the GQ

- runs to Gardienne’s bedroom to wake her up and look up for a solution and he’s really weirded out when she opens the door and sees himself standing there looking at him.

- they go to the library to come up with a solution and finally ezarel finds the recipe of a potion that will give their bodies back in 24 hours

- ‘I hope this works because I stink of human…yikes’

- they decide to come up with an excuse to spend the day together away from everyone else until the potion works, because there’s no way that they’re telling what happened to Miiko and co.


- pinches himself a couple of times because at first he thought he was dreaming to be honest.

- actually less freaked out than gardienne for some reason like he can’t stop touching himself (his arms, and neck and shoulders) and says stuff like ‘you’re really soft and warm’, to Gardienne’s mortification

- checks out his body and hers and you can’t convince me otherwise. ‘You know, I’ve never seen my body from this angle before, I really am handsome’ gdi nevra

- Gardienne doesn’t trust him very much so they spend the day together acting as normal as possible


- he wakes up in his bed feeling less heavy and smaller and that’s his first sign of alarm.

- totally weirded out once he looks down at his body but decides to keep a cold head and try to fix the problem as soon as possible

- she’s not as calm as he is though, and the situation it’s actually pretty comical because not everyday you can see stoic and quiet valkyon flaling his arms around and raising his voice in total panic

- they decide to ask for help and spend the day together awkwardly avoiding any eye contact until the effects wear off


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