they are so gay omg


So I’ve been obsessed with this masterpiece by @thisiswhatmylifeamountsto ! Chapter 18 and 17 killed me and I love everyone so much

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It was as we were leaving church, too. I looked up into the summer sky, my flower petal dress flew in the wind, and I looked at my grandpa and said, "Apollo is gay and his husband is Helios"

it sounds so beautiful omg

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Gay boy: *breathes* Straight girls: "OMG!! I love gay boys! They're so cute and adorable! Can I get a gay best friend to help me shop? Speaking of gay... I strictly love gay ships and only gay ships. What? I can't help "fetishizing" them! Gay boys are just so cute!1!1!"

I don’t mind being the gay best friend honestly I’m diggin that 👌 but it’s more like *gets off to gay romance because they consider it erotic and sinful*

“omg why are gay clubs so much more fuunnn tho??!” its not just a club it’s our hangout spot sharon after we were forced to create our own spaces since yall wouldn’t stop persecuting us for our “alternative lifestyle” brittany we literally don’t just come here to get “shwasted” mikaiylaiegh we’re here to hang out with our own people because in the time we’re here we get to forget yall exist for maybe 4 damn hours suzanne except not really, cause then you and your 20 bachelorettes show up and treat us like a human zoo donna and then you wonder why we made these spaces for our own to be with our own in the first place

Where is my “Lena buys a small NC newspaper, and has them offer Kara a job as a reporter, because she feels like it’s her fault that Kara lost her job, but wants to keep it all under wraps. And Kara comes bounding into her office all excited like “oh my god, I can’t believe I got a new job so quickly, and it’s even better pay than at Catco, and I get to be an actual junior reporter and one of the senior guys is mentoring me and they say I can write about what ever I am passionate about” and Lena is like “oh rly?” and is just so happy that Kara is happy and doesn’t want anything in return, but to get to support her friend (oh and you know, casually encourages the newspaper to give Kara assignments that require her to interview Lena on a regular basis)” fic?