they are so flipping adorable

Okay I was listening to the Lego Batman soundtrack and

There is a line during the song “Friends are Family”

when Batman takes the mic

and you can very clearly hear him refer to Robin as

“adorably intruding”


only fools fall for you (I’m a fool)

pairing: jikook

rating: nc16

genre: soulmate au, angst & fluff, implied smut

a/n: for day 7 of #jikook fluff week <3 combining the name tattoo au with this song & post! yall might wanna grab a fluffy bolster/stuffed toy to hug :^))) ahh I’m not even sure this came out coherent omg anyway, comments and notes are very much appreciated u ____ u please enjoy~

summary: “Those who pretend as if they don’t love you,

are the ones who would hate to see you love another person.”

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rewatching all of Sebs episodes of OUAT.

I shouldn’t have cuz him in those leather pants is driving me crazy.

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My Favorite Thing Lers Do

Yes yes, we all LOVE crazy, rough, ruthless tickles where we are literally tickled to tears. Can’t deny that.


On the flip side, I love those times where you get
just so lovey/cuddly/cute with your ler before and after the tickles happen. It’s just so innocent and flippin adorable, and shows how comfortable y'all are with eachother.

Going from being super super sweet, gentle, and cuddly to being grabbed, pinned, or hugged while simultaneously being tickle attacked mercilessly…and all while your ler continues to talk to you cutely and acts all lovey…they hit every spot driving you crazy, but you can’t help but feel so happy and fluffy inside.

And then once they tickle alllll of the giggles out of you possible, they go right back to cuddling and loving the heck out of you.

Just GAHHH it’s literally my favorite thing in the world. Literally makes my heart melt to mush.

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would you mind doing hc about going on a date with the chocobros to the amusement park?? 💕💕

I’m screaming - this is SO CUTE!!
Omg I’m melting ahhhhhh (≧∇≦)
can I please go with them to the amusement park? like, right now?

The Happiest Place with You


Being the awkward grumpy face he is, Noct would definitely be whiny for most of the day, just to annoy you, really. If you were in the early stages of the relationship, he would behave himself. But considering you’ve been together for a while, he would find it fun to continually torment you. He would be trying to play off that he wasn’t having any fun because he knows it would make you try even harder to make him enjoy his time at the amusement park. But really, look at him at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and you know this guy is actually having the time of his life - having you by his side makes it all the better.

Again, he’d be a grump about wearing matching outfits. Inside though, he’d be screaming with delight. To see you pout a bit more (because he finds it adorable), he would randomly grump about having to wear the outfit. Throughout the day, you would catch him laughing and grinning, which would allow you to poke fun at him in return. Noct would deny being scared of any of the rides, especially the huge roller coasters. He would be far too embarrassed to admit he was afraid. The prince would go on them so he could see you smile, but he would be absolutely terrified the entire time.

At the end of the day, when you asked him if he had fun, he would definitely tell you yes. He would stammer and laugh slightly as he apologized for being such a brat all day - it was fun for him to torment you. You would admit that you knew he was doing it for kicks and giggles and the two of you would laugh it off. Even including Noct’s grumpy attitude, you would have a great day together.


I hope you’re prepared for one of the busiest, most fun days of your entire life. Amusement parks are fun, loud, and full of joy, just like this sunshine chocobabe. Before you go, it would be guaranteed that Prompto would pick out cute couple’s outfits for you. You wouldn’t necessarily be wearing the exact same thing, but it would be obvious you two were there together. And be prepared to get there right when the amusement park is opening - this guy is going to want to have as much time there with you as possible.

Prompto will be, as usual, obsessively taking pictures. Of you, the rides, the shops, the merchandise, the people, the characters, the decorations, the buildings, and, of course, more of you. There will be selfies galore of the two of you together, his favorites being the ones where he surprise kissed you. When you get back home, Prompto is going to print out all of the pictures he took and put together an entire scrapbook to preserve all of the wonderful memories you made.

As for rides, be ready for it all. Big or small, you can be sure Prompto wants to go on it. He’ll be somewhat strategic about the lines initially, then he’ll see something he really wants to go on and practically beg you to go on it then. When you laugh and tell him of course you can go on it now, he’ll cheer excitedly, grab your hand, and run off to get in line. Prompto is such a big kid when it comes to everything this kind of stuff. When you get off of the rides, Prompto is the type of person to shout, “That was SO AWESOME!! Let’s go again!!” You will hear that a lot throughout one of the greatest days you’ll ever have!


Wait…. Iggy at an amusement park? Prepare for a wonderful day, sarcasm not implied at all. While many might think Iggy would be grumpy or displeased to be at the park, he would be so happy to be there with you. He would know that a fun day is in the works, and he wouldn’t want to ruin that for you. A day at the amusement park with Iggy would be extremely fun and extremely relaxed. Considering he’s not having to keep his eye on Noctis, he’d finally be able to completely focus on you. There would be lots of laughs and smiles as you enjoyed your day together.

Iggy would love trying the different foods available, especially the desserts and snacks. He would ask you what your favorites were and make mental notes coming up with new recipes so he could surprise you with something similar in the future. This guy would love going on the rides with you, and would almost always be laughing whenever you got off of them. The two of you would take cute couples photos, but you’d also take a lot of silly pictures together and of each other. Iggy knows how to kick back and have fun, but this would be a side of him the bros would have to see to believe.

You can be sure that Iggy will be showing his affection for you throughout the day, even if it’s just in small ways. Being surrounded by strangers and not having any of the bros in sight makes it feel like it’s just the two of you in this world, so he is a bit more willing to publicly display his affection. He would hold your hand while walking and put his arm around your waist when you were standing together. When it came time for the fireworks in the evening, Ignis would stand behind you and wrap you in a tight hug. He would love the feeling of you cuddling up against him as you watched the show. This guy would do everything he could to make this a very special day for the two of you to have fun, let loose, and be your true selves around each other.


You will be at that amusement park from open to close. This guy wants to get his money’s worth - you know and love him enough to expect this, so you’re definitely fine with it! He would go on any of the rides with you, but his favorites would be the big ones. The ones with the really steep drops that make your stomach flip a few times. Gladdy would successfully coax you into going on them with him a few times, even if you were starting to feel dizzy or slightly sick. Of course, if you really didn’t want to or you were really feeling their impact, he wouldn’t force you.

Another favorite part of Gladdy’s day would be playing all of the carnival games. He would make it his absolutely mission to win you one of those ridiculously huge Moogle plushies. You both would know Iris would be extremely jealous once he won you one and you’d laugh about it for a while. The thought of an upset Iris would be lingering at the edges of Gladdy’s mind though, so you two would go buy her a smaller stuffed Moogle to match the massive one Gladdy had won for you.

You can be guaranteed that Gladdy would be that somewhat annoying guy that would start tickle fights while you’re walking through the park or randomly pick you up so he could carry you around as you squirmed, trying to get away, but laughing all the while. When it comes to shows, Gladio wouldn’t hesitate to lift you up so you could see over the crowd. And having you hugging his arm as you walked through the park or waited in lines would make his heart race - he’d be super happy and excited, although he would never admit it aloud. When your feet were tired by the end of the night, Gladdy would insist on carrying you, absolutely adoring the feeling of you snuggling up to his back as he gave you a piggyback ride to the car after a long, wonderful day together.

So the first episode of Suspicious Partner was flipping adorable, and laugh out loud funny. I think I love our female lead. Bong Hee is a little immature, but scrappy and forward in a way I can really get behind. I was all braced for JCW to be your standard uptight, tsundere who takes at least 5 episodes to become a human. But Ji Wook is a total marshmallow trying to act like an asshole and failing hard.

I already ship the hell out of it. The thrillery turn at the end of episode 1 was exactly what I hoped for out of this writer. This should be a fun ride.

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So, bro. Like. What is Taehyung's favorite thing to do with Jimin? And Seokjin's fondest memories of ALL of them? What about Namjoon???? What's HIS fondest memory with the kiddos???

Wow. I was so hoping someone would ask me this. How did you know?

Taehyung’s favorite thing to do with Jimin: 
I think Taehyung either likes playing like… desk football with Jimin in class. I don’t think either of them have much fun in school (Jimin is stressed about grades, Taehyung is stressed about people) so doing something goofy, like flicking around a paper football and laughing when it hits each other in the face is probably really relieving for both of them? 

But also Taehyung probably values like… going to sleep at the same time as Jimin. Because I think he’s embarrassed about going to sleep earlier than him. So when they go to bed at the same time, and they can like… lie in the dark and talk to each other? Taehyung probably really likes that too. (Also he likes learning all the drama between the popular kids, like “Stacy and Jessie slept together? But she can do so much better!” It’s like reality TV but real life.)

Seokjin’s fondest memories (age order): 

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Seven loves to play with Yoosung’s hair. 

Because it’s longer than his, and it’s fun, and despite being bleached, Yoosung’s hair is SOFT. 

When Yoosung is at Seven’s house, and using his huge TV for gaming, that’s when Seven sneaks up on him. 99% of the time, Yoosung sits on the floor in front of the couch, and is too engulfed in what’s happening on the screen to notice Seven coming over and sitting behind him on the couch.

Seven takes advantage and reaches forward, pulling the clips out of Yoosung’s hair. He grins widely and starts combing his fingers through the blonde locks, messing up his bangs and hair. He hums happily and does all sorts of fun hair styles. 

Pig tails. Pony tail. Clips his bangs back, ruffles his hair so it’s flipped every which way. No matter what it’s adorable, and Yoosung doesn’t even look up from his game to see what’s become of his hair. 

Seven grips lightly at Yoosung’s hair and just tugs and scratches and plays and Yoosung loves it. It feels so nice. 

Once Seven pulls his hands away, Yoosung finally reacts with a whine. 

“Don’t stop~ It helps me hyper focus! And I have to focus on this next part cause it’s the boss level. Don’t let me down!” 

And Seven just perks up and starts to run his fingers in Yoosung’s hair again. 

“Aye, aye Captain Yoosung!” And he leans his head down to press a kiss against Yoosung’s hair. Because he just loves his scent. And that his hair is soft. He just loves everything about his cute, sweet heart.