they are so flipping adorable

Okay I was listening to the Lego Batman soundtrack and

There is a line during the song “Friends are Family”

when Batman takes the mic

and you can very clearly hear him refer to Robin as

“adorably intruding”


rewatching all of Sebs episodes of OUAT.

I shouldn’t have cuz him in those leather pants is driving me crazy.

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Seven loves to play with Yoosung’s hair. 

Because it’s longer than his, and it’s fun, and despite being bleached, Yoosung’s hair is SOFT. 

When Yoosung is at Seven’s house, and using his huge TV for gaming, that’s when Seven sneaks up on him. 99% of the time, Yoosung sits on the floor in front of the couch, and is too engulfed in what’s happening on the screen to notice Seven coming over and sitting behind him on the couch.

Seven takes advantage and reaches forward, pulling the clips out of Yoosung’s hair. He grins widely and starts combing his fingers through the blonde locks, messing up his bangs and hair. He hums happily and does all sorts of fun hair styles. 

Pig tails. Pony tail. Clips his bangs back, ruffles his hair so it’s flipped every which way. No matter what it’s adorable, and Yoosung doesn’t even look up from his game to see what’s become of his hair. 

Seven grips lightly at Yoosung’s hair and just tugs and scratches and plays and Yoosung loves it. It feels so nice. 

Once Seven pulls his hands away, Yoosung finally reacts with a whine. 

“Don’t stop~ It helps me hyper focus! And I have to focus on this next part cause it’s the boss level. Don’t let me down!” 

And Seven just perks up and starts to run his fingers in Yoosung’s hair again. 

“Aye, aye Captain Yoosung!” And he leans his head down to press a kiss against Yoosung’s hair. Because he just loves his scent. And that his hair is soft. He just loves everything about his cute, sweet heart. 

My Favorite Thing Lers Do

Yes yes, we all LOVE crazy, rough, ruthless tickles where we are literally tickled to tears. Can’t deny that.


On the flip side, I love those times where you get
just so lovey/cuddly/cute with your ler before and after the tickles happen. It’s just so innocent and flippin adorable, and shows how comfortable y'all are with eachother.

Going from being super super sweet, gentle, and cuddly to being grabbed, pinned, or hugged while simultaneously being tickle attacked mercilessly…and all while your ler continues to talk to you cutely and acts all lovey…they hit every spot driving you crazy, but you can’t help but feel so happy and fluffy inside.

And then once they tickle alllll of the giggles out of you possible, they go right back to cuddling and loving the heck out of you.

Just GAHHH it’s literally my favorite thing in the world. Literally makes my heart melt to mush.

3 a.m Birthday Cakes

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot for anon.

Sleeping was something that had been hard to come by recently. Usually a stomach sleeper, I was contemplating carving out part of the mattress to allow room for my baby bump to fit in so that I could sleep properly. Not only that, but the baby seemed to be nocturnal, always kicking and hiccuping just as I was about to drift off. Pretty often I’d still be up by the time Eddie was dozing peacefully beside me in bed, and so I’d turn on the T.V in our bedroom, sneaking glances at Eddie and how the lights and colours of the T.V created shadows across his freckled face. 

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FT 522 and 23

First off, i would like to point out i fuckin nailed it… but i think they went a little over board with taking the memories…

second off, my baby is fuckin crying because of this asshat. he looks… natsu looks so cute, but he’s to adorable to be flipping crying.

I ship it, sue me. 

And another thing. why does he keep getting so attractive?! Also, only Natsu…

annnnnd this ass of a dragon arrived. this is gonna be fun.

Heya, I hope you know that your work inspires many people. Especially bad artists like me. I hope this works as i have never done anything like this before.



Argh, it sent before I could say anything. But thank you so much I appreciate the kind words and adorable Flip. XD


That hairstyle on Jooheon just fucking kills me.
I just … (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Yoongi’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for the amazingly talented second oldest member, an actual sweetheart who apparently has a major soft spot for his lil pup and I find that so fucking adorable like here’s this badass rapper who’s flipping people off and shit but then he’s just melting at the thought of his bby pup and that is fuCKING CUTE, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This is a part of the wedding series, I’ve done Yoongi’s proposal (here) Yoongi’s wedding (here) and husband!Yoongi (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay but honestly I’m so here for this I’m ready as fuck
  • Yoongi’s honeymoon would be all about spending time together
  • That’s his main priority for the honeymoon, he wants you two to be together as much as possible bc you just got married and he wants to take some time to get adjusted to that and to just have fun together and relax
  • I can see him going somewhere more private bc Yoongi is a private person and I think that really shows in the way he handles the relationship
  • Like he’s not one for a lot of PDA, he’ll do some hand holding, maybe an arm over the shoulder but definitely no public make outs or cuddling he likes to keep the affection kinda private
  • Like once he gets home then he’s more cuddly and more like a big teddy bear bc Yoongi looks soft as fuck like I feel like his stomach would make a really good pillow bc it’s probably really soft and squishy and cute and his chest is already a nice lil pillow I bet
  • But back to the honeymoon, I think he’d want to explore someplace new while also being in an area that he feels comfortable so he’d go to a country that he’s been to before but he’d just switch the city up
  • Bc going somewhere entirely new runs the risk of not liking it like what if you two hate the food there what if you don’t like the weather what if you just plain out don’t like the area
  • He wants to be able to enjoy his honeymoon and relax bc both of you were stressed about the wedding bc he wanted it to be perfect for you since “you’re only gonna get married once we might as well make it pretty”
  • So you both agree on going somewhere close to the city you went to for your third anniversary bc you both really liked it there so you figured exploring somewhere new while being an hour’s drive away from somewhere you knew you loved in case the new place didn’t work out sounded like a good plan
  • Thankfully the new city does work out though, you two take a trip for about 2 weeks, just enough time to explore a bit without getting too adjusted to the new city
  • I can see it being somewhere cold but not to the point of snow like you have to put a jacket on when you go outside but you can also make it by with just a sweater but also Yoongi in scarves !!!! that is some good shit
  • You two would explore the lil town just about everyday and honestly it’s just really cute
  • Like he’s got your hand in his 25/8 bc even if he isn’t the biggest fan of PDA, he likes knowing you’re right next to him and that he can’t lose you if he’s focused on looking at something else bc there was this one time when you two had only been together for like 5 months and he was busy looking at something on his phone for work and you two ended up turning two different directions
  • Ever since then, he’s made sure to always hold your hand or have his arm over your shoulders bc he’d gotten so worried when he looked up and didn’t see his bby walking next to him and he just remembers running around for like twenty minutes trying to find you
  • But he’s got one hand in yours and the other is taking pictures of everything including you when you aren’t looking
  • You two would go hike up to this lil waterfall area and even though Yoongi was whining the entire time about how “this is my honeymoon I’m supposed to be sipping something out of a coconut and lounging on a beach” he’s only joking around bc he knows the work is worth it
  • He’s in such awe when you two actually get to the waterfall and his lil face is so pretty with his eyes all lit up watching the water and he takes a shit ton of pictures of everything, the lil rocks in the water, the waterfall of course, the boulders around the lil pool of water, the birds watching from the trees all of it
  • He would be extra smug on the trip bc whenever you introduced him to people, you’d call him your husband instead of boyfriend or fiance and he’d just do that thing where when he’s really proud of himself he just nods his head that’s him during the entire honeymoon
  • “Tell them who I am”
  • “Why don’t you say it?? They’re talking to you”
  • “Bc you make it sound better just say it”
  • “F i ne, he’s my husband”
  • “Damn right”
  • You two would go out to eat a lot but you’d also make stuff at the lil house you’re staying at
  • Like chef!Yoongi/yoongi just cooking at all is such a nice thought like he’d be really good at making your favorite meal and he’d make it for you on the night you two stayed in for dinner
  • He’d set up this lil table with flowers and candles and get the fancy plates out and you two would have this super romantic dinner but then at 3 am he gets hungry again and you two order in pizza
  • Also a smol yoongi wanting to cuddle at the end of the night bc he’s just really really happy like he just got married literally the other day how is he supposed to be anything but happy rn
  • Lil Yoongi toying with your ring and kissing it a bunch of times and he keeps mumbling I love yous under his breath bc he’s half asleep and he always ends up falling asleep with a lil smile on his face bc he’s got his love right next to him and a ring on his finger