they are so flipping adorable


when he gets the answer wrong vs when he gets it right (adorable both times)


Happy 94th Birthday Glynis Johns [b: October 5th 1923]

In classical theatre in Europe, everybody plays all kinds of parts. Juliets go on to play the Nurses; they don’t want to play Juliet again. I think we’ve got to remember to grab onto our perks, whatever is the good thing about each age. Each stage of life should be a progression.


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My absolute favorite thing in the world is the way Jimin giggles and smacks Jungkook’s chest flirtatiously whenever Jungkook teases him or does something extra. Like, he doesn’t ever do that with any of the other members, just with Jungkook. It’s so flipping adorable my heart can’t handle it 😭💕✨

I love it, too! I especially love when Jimin gets flustered because of seemingly innocent thing Jungkook says. Like the: “I will be you future boyfriend…” why so shy, Jiminie? ♥

only fools fall for you (I’m a fool)

pairing: jikook

rating: nc16

genre: soulmate au, angst & fluff, implied smut

a/n: for day 7 of #jikook fluff week <3 combining the name tattoo au with this song & post! yall might wanna grab a fluffy bolster/stuffed toy to hug :^))) ahh I’m not even sure this came out coherent omg anyway, comments and notes are very much appreciated u ____ u please enjoy~

summary: “Those who pretend as if they don’t love you,

are the ones who would hate to see you love another person.”

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My Favorite Thing Lers Do

Yes yes, we all LOVE crazy, rough, ruthless tickles where we are literally tickled to tears. Can’t deny that.


On the flip side, I love those times where you get
just so lovey/cuddly/cute with your ler before and after the tickles happen. It’s just so innocent and flippin adorable, and shows how comfortable y'all are with eachother.

Going from being super super sweet, gentle, and cuddly to being grabbed, pinned, or hugged while simultaneously being tickle attacked mercilessly…and all while your ler continues to talk to you cutely and acts all lovey…they hit every spot driving you crazy, but you can’t help but feel so happy and fluffy inside.

And then once they tickle alllll of the giggles out of you possible, they go right back to cuddling and loving the heck out of you.

Just GAHHH it’s literally my favorite thing in the world. Literally makes my heart melt to mush.

rewatching all of Sebs episodes of OUAT.

I shouldn’t have cuz him in those leather pants is driving me crazy.

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would you mind doing hc about going on a date with the chocobros to the amusement park?? 💕💕

I’m screaming - this is SO CUTE!!
Omg I’m melting ahhhhhh (≧∇≦)
can I please go with them to the amusement park? like, right now?

The Happiest Place with You


Being the awkward grumpy face he is, Noct would definitely be whiny for most of the day, just to annoy you, really. If you were in the early stages of the relationship, he would behave himself. But considering you’ve been together for a while, he would find it fun to continually torment you. He would be trying to play off that he wasn’t having any fun because he knows it would make you try even harder to make him enjoy his time at the amusement park. But really, look at him at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival and you know this guy is actually having the time of his life - having you by his side makes it all the better.

Again, he’d be a grump about wearing matching outfits. Inside though, he’d be screaming with delight. To see you pout a bit more (because he finds it adorable), he would randomly grump about having to wear the outfit. Throughout the day, you would catch him laughing and grinning, which would allow you to poke fun at him in return. Noct would deny being scared of any of the rides, especially the huge roller coasters. He would be far too embarrassed to admit he was afraid. The prince would go on them so he could see you smile, but he would be absolutely terrified the entire time.

At the end of the day, when you asked him if he had fun, he would definitely tell you yes. He would stammer and laugh slightly as he apologized for being such a brat all day - it was fun for him to torment you. You would admit that you knew he was doing it for kicks and giggles and the two of you would laugh it off. Even including Noct’s grumpy attitude, you would have a great day together.


I hope you’re prepared for one of the busiest, most fun days of your entire life. Amusement parks are fun, loud, and full of joy, just like this sunshine chocobabe. Before you go, it would be guaranteed that Prompto would pick out cute couple’s outfits for you. You wouldn’t necessarily be wearing the exact same thing, but it would be obvious you two were there together. And be prepared to get there right when the amusement park is opening - this guy is going to want to have as much time there with you as possible.

Prompto will be, as usual, obsessively taking pictures. Of you, the rides, the shops, the merchandise, the people, the characters, the decorations, the buildings, and, of course, more of you. There will be selfies galore of the two of you together, his favorites being the ones where he surprise kissed you. When you get back home, Prompto is going to print out all of the pictures he took and put together an entire scrapbook to preserve all of the wonderful memories you made.

As for rides, be ready for it all. Big or small, you can be sure Prompto wants to go on it. He’ll be somewhat strategic about the lines initially, then he’ll see something he really wants to go on and practically beg you to go on it then. When you laugh and tell him of course you can go on it now, he’ll cheer excitedly, grab your hand, and run off to get in line. Prompto is such a big kid when it comes to everything this kind of stuff. When you get off of the rides, Prompto is the type of person to shout, “That was SO AWESOME!! Let’s go again!!” You will hear that a lot throughout one of the greatest days you’ll ever have!


Wait…. Iggy at an amusement park? Prepare for a wonderful day, sarcasm not implied at all. While many might think Iggy would be grumpy or displeased to be at the park, he would be so happy to be there with you. He would know that a fun day is in the works, and he wouldn’t want to ruin that for you. A day at the amusement park with Iggy would be extremely fun and extremely relaxed. Considering he’s not having to keep his eye on Noctis, he’d finally be able to completely focus on you. There would be lots of laughs and smiles as you enjoyed your day together.

Iggy would love trying the different foods available, especially the desserts and snacks. He would ask you what your favorites were and make mental notes coming up with new recipes so he could surprise you with something similar in the future. This guy would love going on the rides with you, and would almost always be laughing whenever you got off of them. The two of you would take cute couples photos, but you’d also take a lot of silly pictures together and of each other. Iggy knows how to kick back and have fun, but this would be a side of him the bros would have to see to believe.

You can be sure that Iggy will be showing his affection for you throughout the day, even if it’s just in small ways. Being surrounded by strangers and not having any of the bros in sight makes it feel like it’s just the two of you in this world, so he is a bit more willing to publicly display his affection. He would hold your hand while walking and put his arm around your waist when you were standing together. When it came time for the fireworks in the evening, Ignis would stand behind you and wrap you in a tight hug. He would love the feeling of you cuddling up against him as you watched the show. This guy would do everything he could to make this a very special day for the two of you to have fun, let loose, and be your true selves around each other.


You will be at that amusement park from open to close. This guy wants to get his money’s worth - you know and love him enough to expect this, so you’re definitely fine with it! He would go on any of the rides with you, but his favorites would be the big ones. The ones with the really steep drops that make your stomach flip a few times. Gladdy would successfully coax you into going on them with him a few times, even if you were starting to feel dizzy or slightly sick. Of course, if you really didn’t want to or you were really feeling their impact, he wouldn’t force you.

Another favorite part of Gladdy’s day would be playing all of the carnival games. He would make it his absolutely mission to win you one of those ridiculously huge Moogle plushies. You both would know Iris would be extremely jealous once he won you one and you’d laugh about it for a while. The thought of an upset Iris would be lingering at the edges of Gladdy’s mind though, so you two would go buy her a smaller stuffed Moogle to match the massive one Gladdy had won for you.

You can be guaranteed that Gladdy would be that somewhat annoying guy that would start tickle fights while you’re walking through the park or randomly pick you up so he could carry you around as you squirmed, trying to get away, but laughing all the while. When it comes to shows, Gladio wouldn’t hesitate to lift you up so you could see over the crowd. And having you hugging his arm as you walked through the park or waited in lines would make his heart race - he’d be super happy and excited, although he would never admit it aloud. When your feet were tired by the end of the night, Gladdy would insist on carrying you, absolutely adoring the feeling of you snuggling up to his back as he gave you a piggyback ride to the car after a long, wonderful day together.

The Proposal part 3 |M|

Jimin wasn’t expecting you to show up at his apartment.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

word count: 7.5k

tags: smut, fluff

A/N: think of this as a filler page if you want, I personally believe its important to the plot. You know, just my opinion as the author :) its very dialogue heavy but bear with me please!

Jimin laid sprawled out on his bed staring up at the ceiling. No thoughts, just idly keeping his eyes open while his chest rose and fell in an even rhythm. He kept his hands folded over his chest while subconsciously tapping his thumbs together. The comforter beneath Jimin was slowly gathering his heat and he was getting hotter, but he still didn’t move.

Jimin was thinking about something. He was thinking so intensely that he didn’t realize that he still hadn’t eaten breakfast and his roommate Jungkook had to remind him eat. He didn’t even feel hungry because all feelings had left his body. He was thinking about you and most importantly what Jimin felt towards you. After dropping you home that night–it might’ve been around four in the morning, neither of you paid any attention to the time–but as Jimin tried to fall asleep, his mind raced with all sorts of emotions that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. After all, this was the first time he had felt anything like this.

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okay, it took me a while to write everything down, but here are my thoughts and reactions to the last 19 days chapter!! (an alternative title for this could be ‘how to make people regret asking about your thoughts’)

anyway, it’s been pretty hard for me to put some order to my thoughts, because im just!!!!!!! so in love with this chapter!!!!!!!! it’s been a whole day and im still such a mess, there are noises coming out of my mouth but they’re not human, and i can’t find the right words to express how i feel because this update wAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART

i think this might be my favorite tianshan chapter, tho it’s a very close tie with chapter 185, and im afraid i’ve been kinda all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense!! (putting this under a cut because it’s really long and there are some pictures)

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HCs for the paladins with a S/O that's shy when it comes to affection? like they're affectionate but they're like "is it okay to hold they're hand? i think so, ahhh what if they think tha'ts weird, I mean- I could just ask the- NOpe they'll think I'm weird annnd quiznak my face is red and they're staring oh no run away I cant flipping handle this"

Ah man this is adorable! Thanks so much for the request! 


-Absolutely clueless

    -He’s probably the same way but isn’t as telling

-The two of them will just be standing there and all of a sudden s/o becomes a sweaty and tomato-red mess

-S/o’s just like… don’t make eye contact don’t make eye contact don’t make– *makes eye contact*


-Poor confused Keith

    -He’ll probably check on s/o in a bit

    -Finds them in their room rambling to them-self about how embarrassing that was

-Will legit sneak up behind them and kiss them on the cheek

    -Scares the shit outta’ s/o before they become putty in his hands


-Is probably in ‘super serious mode’ before it happens

    -S/o will graze his hand with his causing him to look down, assuming they wanted something

    -”Oh my god are you okay?” 

    -Legit the squeakiest “I’m fine” 

-Damn Shiro knows s/o is lying and won’t give them space 

    -Inspector Shiro at no one’s service 

-Will eventually figure it out after like five minutes of s/o slowly passing away

    -”Oh! Did you want to hold my hand? Here…”  

-S/o will take it but die instantly 

-Shiro will tease them endlessly from there on


-The two of them are sitting in bed or on a couch right?? 

    -So s/o is like… on the other side… scooching…scooching…a lil closer 

-*Oblivious Hunk* 


-’abortabortabort s/o wtfffff* 

-Hunk probably knows exactly what’s going on now and thinks they’re cute as hell 

-Two minutes later… *scooch…scooch* 

-”If you want popcorn you’re gonna have to come over here.” 

-S/o will legit zoom across that couch/bed… shit, the room, at the speed of sound 

-The cutest thing to ever happen in the universe 


-I mean… he’ll know what’s happening immediately, let’s be real

    -This. Absolute. Fucker, 

-Say they’re sitting on the balcony and s/o keeps biting their lip and looking at him 

-”Something the matter?” 

-”No! Nope uh, no.” 

-So awkward but Lance is totally digging this… that lil shit 

    -Smirking bastard

-Finally figures out how to get them close to him

-”You know… it’s kinda chilly over here…”

-*grumbling while they move over* “I hate you Lance…” 


-Pidge isn’t super affectionate so it would be pretty interesting 

-She’ll be typing some weird ass algorithm or whatever she does on the computer while s/o shadows over her

-Pidge will be lowkey annoyed but loves them too much to say anything

    -At least for now

-S/o just wants to cuddle but they’re being a total creeper

    -S/o steps slightly in the wrong direction and totally smothers Pidge 

-”WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!????”



Lazy Day - Sam Holland X Reader

Request: So I think I finally remember what I was going to request the other day for Sam. Like a lazy day kinda story where you just kinda lay around the house all day and make lunch together and play music and dance around the kitchen and like cute stuff like that. If you can’t that’s totally cool, but if you can that’s also totally cool. 💛 Oh and btw I LOVE YOU 💛💛💛

A/N: This idea is so cute and I honestly want this so much, but I can’t be dancing around the kitchen with my ankle so… But I love you too, Blair!! 💜💜💜

Originally posted by lovershub

Waking up to kisses was probably the best way to wake up in the morning, and lucky for you, you were peppered with kisses by your not so sleeping boyfriend, Sam. You kissed him on the lips when he was going to kiss your cheek, your eyes still closed as he smiled, blushing as but as he kissed you two more times.

“Come on, love. Time to wake up, it’s almost 12, come on.” Sam said and you groaned, grabbing his arm gently to stop him from getting up and leaving you.

“No, it’s warm here, and I’m still tired.” You said, making him smile down at you before trying to pull you up.

“Come on, I’ll make you whatever you want to eat, then we can out on some music, have fun, and cuddle the rest of the day while watching some really cheesy movies. How does that sound, angel?” He asked you, using a name that made you smile.

“For one, I’m more like the devil, but okay, you can call me an angel if you want.” You said with a cheeky look on your face, your eyes still closed so you thought you must have looked so weird to him. “Second, I love the sound of that, just give me another hour to sleep.” You said, pulling away from him and lying down before being lifted off of the bed, your eyes snapping open as Sam picked you up.

“Nope, you’re coming with me. Let’s go make pancakes.” Sam said and you looked up at him with a childish look, seeing him already grinning at you as you got down from his grip and ran to the bedroom door.

“Well, are you coming, freckles?” You asked before running towards the kitchen downstairs, Sam running after you as you made your way down the stairs as quick as your feet would let you.

Of course, you got to the kitchen first, plugging in your phone that you left down there into the kitchen’s small speaker, smiling as one if your favourite songs came on first from your Spotify playlist. Sam was smiling widely as he saw you making your way around the kitchen, doing small dance steps as you got the ingredients to make the pancakes. He loved the way you could go from a little sleeping ball of cuddles to a hyper puppy-like pancake maker.

“Come on, let’s dance!” You said, grabbing his hands slightly as you both twirled each other around the kitchen, cooking different batches of pancakes as you shared ingredients and made your separate batches. You jumped onto your tiptoes, pulling the pan to your side as Sam walked quickly and gracefully in front of you, it was a normal thing so you had both learned by now to keep an eyes out and now you never got into accidents… It took a while to practice… With pillows.

“Hey, Holland! Watch out, I could’ve dropped this on your head!” You fake yelled, smiling as he turned to face you, quickly mumbling a goofy apology before grabbing the actual pancake batter he needed. You shook your head playfully as you put your pan on top of the cooker, carefully making two circles with some of the pancake batter, making sure they wouldn’t touch each other while you cooked them. “You made a start yet, sweety?” You asked, an amused tone in your voice as he looked at you with a smile.

“Yes, I have. I’m not completely brainless.” He said, making you laugh as you looked at him, but also making sure your pancakes are okay.

“How could you be brainless? You can play the piano, cook, and you are the best boyfriend ever! I mean, what can’t you do?” You asked and he shrugged.

“I don’t think I can ride a motorbike, unlike you, so that’s one.” He said and you smiled, remembering the first say he saw you riding your dad’s motorbike, that was only two years ago and it was around a month before you two got together.

“Okay, you have me there. But the look on your face was cute, so there’s another thing, you’re absolutely adorable.” You said, flipping over your pancakes as he blushed, making you smile triumphantly as you almost missed catching your pancakes. “That was a close one!” You said as you both laughed, trying to finish making your breakfast as quick as you could before eating, still dancing around the kitchen.

Another one of your favourite songs came on and just as you were about to go to Sam he took your hands, spinning you in a circle before you guys started dancing stupidly, it was almost a competition on who could do the silliest dance and not fall on their face.

You surprisingly won as Sam tripped up on his feet, falling to the side before looking up to you as you laughed. He just stared for a second before you tried your best to be serious and help him up, he took your hand and used the table to get up, kissing you on the forehead once he was standing in front of you again.

“Thank you.” He said and you hummed before kissing him on the lips, grabbing the last of your pancake before running to the TV, jumping onto the couch.

Just before you could grab the remote, Sam beat you to it, taking it and jumping into the seat next to you, kissing the side of your head as you pretended to be disgusted by his actions, making him laugh as he put on your favourite show.

“I love you so much, and I’m not just saying that for another kiss, but I would deeply appreciate it.” You said, earning another few kisses before you ate the rest if your pancake with a smile. “I feel much better now.” You said, smiling like an idiot before cuddling with your boyfriend.

“I love you too, angel. But when we’re finally done this season, I have something I want to show you.” Sam said with a smile, making you narrow your eyes at him before continuing watching your show. You’d see what the surprise was in 13 episodes anyway, you only hoped neither of you fell asleep before then.


Finally, the season finally, and even though you hated that it ended and you would need to wait before the show started up again, you were excited when Sam started leading you towards his piano, you knew what this meant, another new piece for you to listen to by your favourite Holland!

Of course, he suddenly started playing Mia and Sebastian’s theme from La La Land. You smiled as he played, sitting beside him as you watched your own little set of stars play the piano beautifully, fingers dancing along the keys as you both smiled, you wished you could join in, but you weren’t as good and knew it might spoil the moment if it turned out bad.

So you settled you listening, closing your eyes and leaning your head on Sam’s shoulder as he smiled down at you, knowing that he only had a few more keys to play before you could go back to bed, seeing as the 13 episodes you had to watch were all really damn long and you had a bunch of breaks in between for random silliness and to get snacks, normal lazy day stuff. But what wasn’t normal, was that you fell asleep on his shoulder, you were close to it before, but always well back before coming to again, that’s why he smiled even more as you stayed in that position for the last three keys to be played.

He knew it would be hard carrying someone while also trying to keep his balance while walking upstairs, so he didn’t risk possibly falling and settled you both back onto the couch, him spooking you as you slept, leaving him to watch a few more shows before falling asleep right next to you.

You woke up with a smile the next day at your sleeping star, and he woke up to the face of an angel in his eyes.


This was a lot rushed and I’m really sorry about that, so sorry for any mistakes (there’s probably a lot, I was trying to get this finished before I have to go to sleep, it 4 am over here and I really need to try and sleep for tomorrow.

Hope you liked it though, especially @zendmylife since she’s the one who requested this and I just have to say sorry if it’s not as good as you wanted it to be 💕

Tag list: @stellarism @deatheater61103 @parkers-myth @zendmylife @hufflepuffholland

(I finally used that thing! Yes! 😂)

Here’s the song btw: