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Why Aren’t my Spells Working?

A break-down of why your magickal intent may not be taking effect in your life

Hi there! So, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably had this problem at one time or another; in fact, almost all witches experience a ‘fizzled’ spell every once in awhile… but what happens when you’ve been casting multiple, and they all just won’t take? Here are some reasons why this could be happening:

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  • The spell was not transferred enough energy to take effect. Think of this as filling up a balloon with helium ~ If you don’t put enough in, the balloon with just roll around or float a few inches above the floor, rather than floating high in the air like you intended for it to do. This can also happen with spells! There needs to be enough energy transfer (The energy you put in, the energy you’ve taken from something/someone else, etc.) to allow the spell to ‘take hold’ and manifest strongly and in the way you preferred. 
  • You’re not helping the magick along when it requires you to do so. For many spells, such as magick geared towards jobs, people, physical events, etc. there needs to be more than just one magickal variable working towards your intent to manifest. You need to work for it; If you cast a spell for a job, you also better be turning in that application and resume along with it ~! A spell can increase your chance, luck, and appeal, but it cannot contact your employer and set up an interview. 
  • (A break-off from the above reason) Your conditions just don’t allow the magick to materialize easily. This is the most possible to happen in weather spells, such as those to bring heavy rain to a dry climate area, or magick for something that your life/area just cannot manifest. For example, imagine somebody trying to cast a spell to ‘make one of their friends fall in love with them’ whilst having not a single friend in their life; the spell is incapable of materializing, because their are no variables for it to work with! It is a sad thing to think about, certainly, but this example shows how casting a spell that is wrong for your life situation can cause it to work improperly or not at all. (Tip: This person should have cast a spell for new friends first! This also shows how you may be casting spells that are wrong for the situation) 
  • Your wording was not the best. Similar to how people will often word things in a positive or future-tense manner (EX: ‘I AM BRAVE’ / rather than ‘I WILL BE BRAVE’) during spellwork or how in some fairytales the genie will grant a wish in a horrible way according to the wording of a wish, you must be careful to be clear and concise in what you’re wanting! Stay away from vague or general wording; You’ll wish you had when you try to cast a spell for a person to love you romantically, and later find that they love you like a sibling or best friend ~ 
  • You forgot to/incorrectly grounded after a spell. Grounding is not only important to maintain your own energies, but it is also a good tool for assuring that the energies of your spell don’t simply go on floating ‘up in the clouds’, failing to come down to earth and manifest! Grounding after a spell also increases the chances that it will work faster. 
  • Your focus/energy was off during the spell. Common for those with a low rate of focus, who’s mind wanders easily, or with low/confidence and doubt (which can especially put off your energies) you might have broken the intent of the spell while casting it. Not to worry, for spells can be re-cast and focus can be sharpened, but be sure to have a strong mind when performing visualization or transferring your intent into a spell! This can lead to a spell manifesting in a different way than you intended (which may not always be a bad thing) or just all-together not working.
  • (For people-directed magick) The person on the other end of your spell has a protection ward. If you’re simply trying as hard as you can to curse, heal, bless, cast upon another witch without their knowledge, there’s a chance that they have up some magickal barriers of their own. Be cautious with curses on other witches especially, since there are wards to reflect curses back upon the sender, and you never know! This can also be so if you are casting magick upon somebody to improve an aspect of their life; they may unknowingly be mentally/spiritually guarding, or ‘closing’ their energy, making it difficult for the magick to attach to them. 
  • Further tip: Have patience! Some spells take a while to manifest or come to be, and if you’re becoming discouraged after them not working within a week, you need to have a bit of patience.

Keep in mind that these are things anybody can do without knowing; they do not at all make you a bad or incapable witch, but it is important to know and accept why they may not be working. I hope for those that experience it, these reasons can provide some insight ~ This post was inspired by all of the anons who have been asking this question frequently

Send me a message if you have any questions or comments ♡ Thank you!


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Your so stupid. You don't know what cullen smells like or solas or anyone else and your pushing your agenda on other fans. How conceited are you to think you can dictate what someone else's character smells like. You didn't write them, their not yours to define.

Wow….I’m going to try to ignore the incorrect grammar and take the high road here. I’m not conceited. I know that I’ve invested a lot of money in starting my own a business and I invested in high-quality products so that I could make high-quality products. That’s not conceit, that’s confidence. And anything I make is inspired by the character, hence “fandom inspired scents” and has no bearing on the original characters created by writers like Patrick Weekes, David Gaider, Jim Henson, etc. There are many types of fanart, this one happens to be mine, and it does not effect the character canon. 

My blends are inspired by the characters attributes, attitude, likes and dislikes, and things they reference in the games or stories they originate from. Your interpretation is going to differ from my interpretation, and if you don’t like my interpretation then I suggest that you invest about $1,000 in starting your own fragrance & perfume business, like I did, so you can make your own interpretations of fictional characters for people like you to hate on and criticize.

Now, I’m not answering any more of your questions, have a nice day. 

Ok so

When my brother went to college he participated in like paid studies

And one of these was to take some sort of like antacid or something and then to poop into a little box and give it to the people to study the effects or something?

Basically what I’m saying is my brother got paid to poop in a box for a medical study and you can’t tell me Ransom&Holster haven’t done this.

They probably find the weirdest studies to participate in, but not even for the money but just because

Relaunching Index Card Commissions~!

Hello, everyone! Like the title says, my commissions are back up and running–gotta get some money for college and such! For a limited time, they will be 20% off regular price! Prices have been changed to reflect this sale on my Commissions page, so be sure to stop by and take a look.


My prices and a few examples of my works are as follows:

If you would like a commission or have any questions, remember to stop by the Commissions Page, or send me an IM for more information!

~Thank you for looking!~


Hello guys, my commissions are open again! (bcs im in desperate need for money…)

so, what does these stuff mean; 

Backgrounds are included in ‘shaded’ option but they won’t be very detailed.
Enhancements consist of wings, animals, bestial figures or body parts(horns not included, horns are free), magic effects(dramatic lightening), unique, extremely detailed weaponry and armour(like Aion Online level of detail)
I can colour sketches vaguely if specified.

GIFs are not included in the description, I might be willing to take commissions of simple effects but the price would vary greatly depending on it. However they’re extremely time consuming so their starting price wouldn’t be any less than $70

I’m completely ok with NSFW, however I won’t draw;

  • Furry
  • Very explicit heterosexual sex scene (because I can’t, it looks odd)
  • Kinks I’m not comfortable with (there are so very few)

I will draw;

  • Basically everything else. 
  • Yep, everything
  • OCs*, fandom related things, ships, canoes…

*Please provide sufficient reference.

Unless specified otherwise(or it’s a GIF) all commissions will be 300~320dpi, around 4000px

The Process


  • you can contact me,
  • write me what’s on your mind and I’ll see if its something I can draw
  • We’ll talk about the pricing, if they’re too high we can talk about what we can work with
  • I accept payment through PayPal
  • When the transaction is complete and I receive my payment, I will start working on the commission
  • I’ll send a WIP of sketch for you to confirm or change, please say if there’s something you’re not pleased with the pose or character features then
  • I’ll send another WIP with colours to get the colour reference correctly, and wait for your approval, after this step it would be hard for me to change anything major, please be mindful of that
  • and Voilà! 

Even if you’re not interested please please spread the word! 

Thanks in advance for all your support!

The best way to cope with having no money is to ignore it, right?

Just when I thought I would explode, I checked my bank account.

Remember how I switched to my own car insurance up here? Well I paid my parents for February and so I didn’t need it to take effect till the end of February to pay for March. I explained this to the agent, she understood. Apparently not because when I checked my account a few hours ago I had an auto insurance payment taken out.

She also put my insurance under my mom’s car. Not mine. So I would’ve been without insurance? Possibly, that or my parents would’ve been paying for mine. So it’s good this happened but also good that I got fucking paid today!!

Many emails, and phone calls later it’s figured out. I’m getting a refund. My insurance is a little more than planned, but still cheaper than Florida (still confused by that).

I’ve always been paycheck to paycheck but this pay period every cent is allocated to bills and that’s not a great feeling.

How did I become an adult? Who thought I could handle this, or that it was a good idea?

I would like to speak to a manager.

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Listen. that anon aka your mutual is at fault, not you. Of course, edites can be different, while you 'only' put together members faces in a 4x4 column, that anon could be making an actual gfx with effects and flowers whatever, but still. Both of you spend time on it and tbh in this fandom, meme's/funny things always get more notes. look at some fanartists, those people are the ones suffering for real since they also spend money on a tablet and draw for hours/days but some only get 40 notes max+

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Should I start a GoFundMe?

So, I’ve seen people start crowd source campaigns for all sorts of things like rent or funding an album…

I don’t know if anyone would take me seriously but I really need help. My cat Rhapsody has hyperthyroidism and is losing weight very fast.

There is a highly effective treatment, but it would cost about $1000 and I wouldn’t be able to hold her for about three weeks.

It’s not a lot of money, but with rent and student loans and bills, it would probably take me too long to get it together.

 Like, I feel embarrassed asking for money, but Rhapsody is the love of my life and I know she’s got so many good years left in her. 

So what do I do?


* You look up to see the shopkeeper smiling at you. She raises a brow when she sees the flowers in your hair, but says nothing about it.

*She shows off her wares, and you have just enough money for two cinnamon bunnies. Then something catches your eye. It’s a warm looking jacket. You ask how much it is.

“Oh, that old thing? No one seems to want to buy it, so why don’t you take it off my hands. Free of charge.”

*You gladly accept it, thank her, and leave with your cinnamon buns. As you step outside, you realize that the jacket, just like this town, is as warm and cozy as you remember.


But you’ve never…

*You feel as if something is wrong.
Suddenly, you’re even more tired than before.

+5 Defense! +20 Speed(?)

i really really hate how professors place the most recent edition of a textbook on their syllabus. I also hate how adding 3 pictures and a reflection chapter to a textbook suddenly makes a text worth $300 bucks again.

I posted a while back for a textbook I needed for a class that I couldn’t afford to spend almost $200 on. Come to find out, the previous edition actually still covers all the content necessary for the course. I found copies online for the 4th edition for ONE QUARTER while I couldn’t even rent the 5th edition textbook for less than $60.

I just hate how much bullshit and money goes into how we treat college/grad students. We find so many ways to effectively cut working class students out of educational opportunities.

or opportunities period. This is a tangent, but this class is required for me to complete my teaching licensure. Massachusetts requires you to take coursework, student teach, and PASS several tests that cost around $150 EACH time you take it. No wonder the professionals working in low income schools are all homogenous.

Selling Spells - This Week Only!

Okay, witchlings, here’s the deal.

Mama’s in a bit of a jam. I’m up in Pennsylvania on business. I thought I was good on money, but I just discovered that I forgot to pay my car loan bill before I left.

The bill is now paid, but it has effectively cut my funds in half, and I am lower on money than I should be. I need to be able to eat and commute to the office this week and still be able to make it back to Virginia. My job will be reimbursing some of my travel costs, but that won’t come until next month, and that won’t help me right now.

So I’m going out on a limb and making a one-time offer.

This week and this week only, I will be taking orders to write simple spells for $7.00 USD apiece. Need a protection spell? I can write that. Need a curse? A luck spell? A money-draw? I can write that.

The spells will all be as easy-to-do as possible, ten steps or less, and I will strive to limit the ingredients to things you can find at the supermarket or craft store.

Want a custom letter-block sigil? Yup, I can do those, too. (Sigils by themselves without a spell attached will be $4.00 USD.)

** Please note that I will be writing these spells, but the casting is up to the buyer, and I can’t make any definite guarantees. **

I’m really hoping to make around $60.00 USD total, which would cover a cheap breakfast every morning and my tolls to get home, but any amount will help. Donations are also invited and heartily appreciated.

All monies can be sent via PayPal to

Please help out if you can. I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t need the help.


- Mama Bree

(Offer expires Saturday, June 27, 2015.)
Commissions Because My Bank's A Douche

I am a working Voice Actor and I am ready to work for you!Samples: Newest Demo Demo & Resume SERVICES: Custom Ringtones: $1.50 (I’ll record it, mix it, and make it available as a ringtone!) RP reads:…

Hey there everyone! Thought I’d post this, do to some sort of error on my bank’s part, my card was invalidated/frozen and now I have no access to the money in the account while they fix it.

I don’t know how long this will take and I need to eat, because without this account I am effectively broke. And I’m hoping they fix it before my $900+ rent and bills roll around next week, so any commissions would be much appreciated. 

It makes matters worse that I’m currently studying abroad in Scotland so I can’t switch to another US bank I know I trust.

Normally I’d attempted to go work at the place I have a summer job at, but that’s back in New York and I’m in Scotland. And due to immigration rules I’m not allowed to work jobs here in the UK. So please I could really use anything!

Tuesday- June 2nd/2015

Just take my money Jurassic World!

I bought tickets today for the opening night of Jurassic World, along with 30 others from the animation department. I couldn’t be more excited for this movie, because like many of you, Jurassic Park was one of the main reasons I went into animation. I was five when the original movie was released in 1993, so it wasn’t until later that I became fascinated with all things Jurassic Park and fell in love with practical effects, Stan Winston and ILM. 

I’m curious to know, what movies got you interested in Animation?


I made some banner ads for my new shirt.  A FEW THINGS:

  1. I like how they don’t mention it’s for a shirt, so it just looks like a time traveller is advertising how much of NOT a time traveller they are
  2. To make the ads not be giant on the Tumblr dash I had to duplicate them here which has a crazy effect??  One which I am pretty satisfied with??

Anyway if this looks like a thing that would interest you, I can take your money and make that happen, thanks to capitalism!!

Me: So then Give Directly takes that money and sends it to poor people in places like Kenya.

Bro: Oh, neat. What about poor people in Africa?

Me: *incredulous stare* Dude. Kenya.

Bro: Oh, right! Africa is in Kenya!

Me: *walks over to him and plucks one hair from his head* I am officially confiscating your Black Card. Go back to Europe.

Twenty eight

So for those of you not in on the sordid details of my day to day, this month my landlady sold our house and we moved with two month old infants. Part of the fall out from both having to move and moving somewhere $400 a month more expensive is that a) we have no money. Just, none. And b) hubby’s been working about 60 hours of night shifts a week for the overtime, which effectively traps me without help and three small children most of the week. I have trouble eating and drinking because I’m taking care of so many other people I just don’t sit down and think to take care of me. Anyway, when even more unanticipated bills from a car break down wiped out the little extra we’d put by from overtime and I had to cancel birthday cake and wine, which were the only concessions to a celebration I was even going to try for, I put up a woe is me post over on my baby blog.

Then medblr and family were like, “no! No terrible birthdays!” And y'all bought me books and coffee (so much coffee that I’ll be able to go out once a week for a month!) and cake and wine and encouraging messages and pedicures and spa time and I really, really appreciate it.
I’ve been having such a hard time with this in-between transition stage of my life, with these tiny infants and staying at home and suddenly not being at school 60-80 hours a week. Like, actually depressed and isolated and seeing healthcare providers about it kind of hard time.

You guys have been my only link to my normal life and a support group, not only for now but for the last five years, and I can’t tell you how much it matters. Thanks for being you, and thanks for being here for me in such a beautiful tangible way this month.