they are so cute when they cuddle

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RFA and how they make up after a fight?

Thank you and goodnight.
…well, kisses and cuddles and generally being physically affectionate to make up for all the disagreement they just went through

Being extra sweet to MC for a while.
Spoiling MC a little to make up for lost time.
But, she spoils him right back!
Generally being a disgustingly cute couple for a while.

Giving a little, inexpensive gift to MC by way of apologizing.
Maybe accompanied with a sweet note.

Makes it raaaain!
…well. Spoiling MC is his specialty, and he hates being at odds with his loved ones
So. When the argument is over, he’ll be like putty in MC’s hands for a few days. …more so than usual.

Does something spontaneous and stupid but ultimately charming for MC.
Builds a cat robot, for instance.
Surprise road trip or tickets to a show, perhaps.
Goes out of his way to do some grand gesture for MC.

Subtly more touchy-feely than usual.
Very thankful that MC still loves him, even if she has differing opinions from him.
You look down and realize he’s been holding your hand for an hour.
Leans against MC more, for a while.
Gentler than usual, in bed.

Love notes.
Little sticky notes or mini cards stashed around your house.
Short messages of devotion and appreciation.
The worse the argument, the more the letters.

You find your favourite candy magically appear in your pockets.
You come home and there’s your favourite flower on the door.
That one chore you hate suddenly never needs to be done, for a whole week.
Vanderwood denies everything.

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Woozi+needy (as in him being unusually clingy and needy for cuddles. But yknow. You could always use the other meaning 😏)

Ended up using the fluffy meaning but I hope you still enjoy ;)

You turned to look beside you, at your boyfriend’s sleeping figure, and smiled to yourself. He looked so cute when he slept, so calm. It was comforting to watch him get some well-deserved rest after working so hard.

You observed his breathing, his chest rising and falling with each breath he took. He had his mouth slightly open and he had his whole body wrapped around his blanket - he almost looked like a cute koala bear clinging onto a tree. You smiled and shook your head, how could you ever deserve anyone as precious as Jihoon.

You watched him for a while, not daring to wake him up. If you would’ve gotten up, you would’ve probably woken Jihoon up as well and you knew how tired he was, so you decided to give him all the sleep you could. And besides, what else would there be for you to do? So, you just watched him, trying to memorise all of his features so even when he was far away, you’d be able to imagine his tranquil sleeping face.

Soon, his eyes fluttered open, trying to adjust to the light in the room. He stretched his body and turned his head to look back at you, a soft smile slowly appearing on his face. “Morning,” he spoke with a raspy voice.

“Morning,” you wished back and smiled. “Do you want breakfast?”

“Not yet, just cuddle with me” He asked you, grabbing you by your waist, and pulling you towards him, throwing the blanket off from between you two. He ended up spooning you, his body pressed against yours. He was warm and you could feel his head rub against your shoulder.

You were a little taken a back by his sudden need for cuddles, as he usually was not the skinship type at all. Every time you wanted to cuddle him, he would whine about your constant need for skinship. But at the end of the day, he would never refuse a cuddle.

“What is up with you being this cuddly?” You asked with a smirk, almost mockingly.

“I don’t get to do this very often, you know.”

“True,” you said with a smile and leaned into his embrace. His cheeks were lightly flushed red, probably because of the tone in your voice and his ‘unusual’ behaviour.

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They look so soft. When they faced each other I got so happy. These boyfriends are too much to handle.

Hi!!! <3

they are so soft… they are so cute… when they turned around to face each other:

Me: *whispers* closer.. 

Me during the whole thing: *smiling* now cuddle

They are honestly just adorable little dorks! When they were talking about being silent with friends didn’t mean being awkward, reminded me of 2jae so much!!!!!! because 2jae at some point after if you do era, they were so distant and quiet but the glances give it away and i’m just! that’s what they were referring to, them not being awkward even when silent.

And when Jaebum kept glancing over at Youngjae everytime, but he probably remembered there was a camera and didn’t want to be so obvious.. BUT!!!!!!! YOUNGJAE DID NOT CARE! YOUNGJAE LOOKED AT JAEBUM THE WHOLE TIME except when he announced to ahgases !!

and also youngjae reaching for jaebum’s hand.. not the phone?


AND LASTLY!!!!!!!!! When they said Which member can’t express feelings well, and as you may know, i have been talking about how Youngjae always hides his emotions and hides his sadness and can’t express his feelings. And i may at some point said that Jaebum shows his emotions but by accident because he is awkward at expressing his feelings…

When Youngjae picked himself.. Jaebum picked himself… And i was just: no wonder these two want a “sign” or “q” from each other because they will never express their own feelings (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚ 

Ok ok, last one i promise haha when Youngjae picked Jaebum as the most loyal member, and then Jaebum was like, “then i’ll pick Youngjae”, and ONLY JAEBUM HAD A REASON AND NOT YOUNGJAE adfjghkdjlhjh

But anyway, i love 2jae ^^ i love that they have this [under the same blanket] bonding since the beginning of Got7 <3

Sorry i vented out on you <3 and for being so late to responding! love you! <333 take care <3

cuddling with hwiyoung

anon: hi can i request cuddling headcanons for youngbin, rowoon, and hwiyoung of sf9? thanks and good luck with your blog!

    • a/n: gif does not belong to me, credits to the owner and please enjoy this anonie ^^ i have lots of feelings for youngkyun lately and i don’t know why ;-;

  • cuddling with youngkyun
  • he mostly kisses you at first
  • sweet kisses ofc
  • hwiyoung leads you to the couch or the bed then 
  • and puts on a movie
  • so the two of you can cuddle while watching
  • he’d put his arm around you
  • and would look at you 
  • every 5 minutes
  • just to check if you’re feeling okay / safe
  • when you fall asleep, he wraps both his arms around you
  • and softly kisses your cheek or your nose
  • so you don’t wake up
  • “night, y/n..”
  • sometimes he cringes because it’s really cheesy 
  • what he says
  • but you found it cute since he’s your cutiepie boyfriend
  • when you’re not feeling good or you can’t fall asleep
  • he’d try his best singing / rapping a song or telling you a really cute love story
  • that makes you want to fall asleep
  • so basically cudding with this guy means
  • that you’re gonna have a good day
  • he shows his love to you by cuddling with you lots and kiss you lots as well ^^

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Can i request Josuke watching his S/O sleeping? Like in a cute way that sounds kinda stalkery. Thanks!

I hope this turned out okay! Kinda short, sorry ;w;

  • He tends to cuddle in his sleep, so on the few mornings where he wakes up before his s/o, he doesn’t want to move because they’re sleeping comfortably in his arms.
  • He honestly didn’t intend to stare at them for quite so long but damn, it turns out they’re really fuckin cute when they sleep
  • He doesn’t want to wake them up, so he’s really gentle about it, but he runs his fingers through their hair and traces small circles behind their ears. If they move at all, he stops immediately; he’s mortified at the thought of them waking up and seeing him staring, so he’s relieved when they just sigh and shift a little.
  • If they don’t wake up in the next few minutes, he’s gonna move so that he can lay his head on their chest and fall back asleep listening to their heartbeat.
Stronger Together(Betty Cooper x Fem!Reader)

Requested: Yes

anon: Can I get a Betty Cooper x fem! reader with Fluff #9: “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”, Fluff #4: “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention”, and Fluff #2:“you’re so cute when you pout like that”

A/N: I also heavily based this off the songs Issues by Julia Michaels and I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran, but the song/ lyrics themselves are incorporated towards the end of the fic

WORDS: 1.4k Words

Y/N’s P.O.V

I had just gotten home after a long day at school. I woke up at the crack of dawn, then left at 7:15 AM to get to school early enough so I could finish my article on the Variety Show and my poem for the school newspaper for Betty, who was/ is also my girlfriend but we recently got in a fight because I got jealous about her and Juggie, who I know would never intentionally hurt me but still I feared her leaving me for him, and now I don’t know where we stand. Once school started, I had a practice midterm in each class, except for my free period, which I used to my advantage and roped Ronnie into helping me go over my presentation or notes for my meeting with the Head Member of the UCLA School Board, then after that I had my meeting with the Head Member, which I accepted for the online program, and I start next October. Then after my last period, which was English and thank god that practice midterm was easy, I had to help Cheryl with choreography for Cheerleading, thanks to her girlfriend, Ronnie for spilling the fact that I used to be a dancer. Then from 4:30 till 7 PM I had Lacrosse practice, I got checked and my left ribcage is bruised. After practice I had to rush to work(Pop’s) because my shift started at 7:30 and I ended up being late but Pop’s noticed the state I was in and his “ready to scold me” expression softened. My shift was supposed to end at closing which was 1:30 AM on Friday’s but Pop’s and Hermione convinced me to leave an hour early. I went home to find a note stating that my aunt wouldn’t be home till the following Friday because of her work trip. I hated being home alone for more than couple of days. I put on my shower playlist and jumped in the shower. After I got out I put on a hoodie and a pair of volleyball shorts and grabbed a bottle of vodka.

After downing half of the bottle, I called Betty and she picked up after the fifth ring, “Yes Y/N? I’m with Jughead.” She said slightly annoyed.

I sighed “Betty, I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with… and before you ask, yes I’m slightly tipsy.” I said. I could hear her mumbling something to Jughead.

“Alright Y/N, I’ll be there in about fifteen to twenty minutes.” Betty replied with a hint of reluctance. I hung up and down another quarter of the bottle.

As I was finding a movie, there was a knock at the door. I got up and walked over to the door, opening in to reveal Betty with an overnight bag. She looked at me, noticing I was a little drunk and shook her head in disappointment. “Betty, I was just really upset about our fight and I don’t know, was overwhelmed. I’m a mess right now. All because I was jealous.” I whispered. “Drinking isn’t a solution to our issues Y/N. Our love is and talking about is.” She exclaimed. She set her bag down beside the couch.

She sighed and looked at me “You do realize that you have no reason to be jealous of Jug, right Y/N?” Betty intertwined our hands. I nodded slowly, feeling my emotions boil.

I’m jealous, I’m overzealous. When I’m down, I get real down. When I’m high, I don’t come down. I get angry, baby believe me. I could love you just like that, and I could leave just this fast.

“I know Betty, but hell, I just get so fucking jealous sometimes. Then I get sad about it, and to top all it off I get angry, causing us to fight. I’m the root of all our issues.” I yell, standing up and throwing the bottle at the wall, pulling my hair as it shattered.

“I get jealous too Y/N, and do I judge you for it? No, because you don’t judge me for getting jealous. It’s natural baby. But the thing you said were unnecessary.” She said, trying to calm me down.

‘I’m sorry Betty. I love you and all the things I said about you choosing Jughead over me aren’t true. I just get so insecure because I see how close you are and I push you away because I’m scared. God, I’m a mess right now.” I say, looking at the floor.

Betty placed her hand under my chin and forced my head up, so I could look her in the eyes. The fire of love burned so bright, and it burned for me, as I stared into her blue eyes, I felt all my insecurities melt away. She placed her lips on mine, and I melted into the kiss. We kissed until we had to pull apart for air.

“I’m all yours Y/N. All yours.” She said, smiling dearly at me. “But not right now because The Breakfast Club is on and I’m going to watch it.” She said firmly.

I just laughed as she pulled me down on the couch and we sat there, intently watching the classic movie. I had her in my lap and I was getting bored. I started to poke her, “You do know I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” She started to squirm slightly but slowly regained her posture. With a stony expression, she said “No, I’m watching a movie, and I will not give into you,” I let out a big overdramatic sigh.

I stuck out my bottom lip just slightly and pulled my irresistible puppy dogs eyes that got Betty every single time. I rested my chin on her head and wrapped my arms around her waist “Babbbyyyyy…” I whined, trying to get a reaction of her, but no such avail.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that Y/N, I just wanna kiss you and never stop.” She said without looking at me. “Then why don’t you Betts?” I teased her, slowly getting to where I wanted to be.

“Because that would be giving in and I’m not losing this time.” She countered back. I scoffed “Okay.” I stood, and let her slip off my lap, she landed on the carpeted floor with a loud thud. I walked to the kitchen to get water with a proud smirk adorning my face.

“Y/N, my ass hurts, you’re a little shit.” She yelled across the room. I just howled with laughter. I walked back to her to help her up. I stuck out my hand to pull her up and instead, Betty yanked me down. “I should’ve seen that coming, since my baby is all about being fair.” I mumbled into her shoulder. She just giggled.

“I love you Y/N, and I forgive you for what you said.” She whispered in my ear. I just wrapped my arms around her whispering “I love you too.” After quite some time later we ended up sprawled out on the floor. There were a few make out sessions in the time passed and we each had a fair number of hickeys hidden beneath our clothes and now we were tired considering it’s around four am.

She held me close and pressed a kiss to the crown of my head, threading her fingers through my hair, whispering sweet comments and little snippets of our favorite poems. I soon felt my eyelids droop and I fell asleep to a steady heartbeat and a quiet “I love you… and I always will Y/N.” I was okay, and our relationship would be okay, and that made us stronger. We’ve always been stronger together and it’d stay that way as long as we were in love

Judging by the tags my last omnic x human girl post there are a lot of you who wanted art of this pair ;) Tho this one is specifically for @fischotterchen, cuz your tags on my last post made my day. So have some cute bedtime cuddling. Do omnics need to sleep? Probably not, but hey I think would still indulge their partners.   

Seriously, I am up for anything with human and omnic pairs. I really want to know peoples head cannons on such things. 

BTS reaction to them seeing you sleeping with a stuffed animal they got you


Jin would be extremely happy. He got you a nice, fluffy, light pink bear. He wasn’t exactly sure if you would like it, so when he saw you cuddling it, he would have a smile 1000 miles wide. He took a picture or two before he couldn’t take it any more “I’m so glad you like it. I’ll be sure to get you more in the future, cutie.” He’d whisper to himself before tucking you in more.

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Yoongi would be extremely flustered by how much you liked his simple gift. He got you a cute Kumamon since you both loved the cute brown bear. He knew it would make you smile so he couldn’t resist getting it for you. He found you asleep on the couch waiting for him to get home from practice. “Aw… at least you can cuddle him while you’re waiting for me.”

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He would be extremely happy and excited! He would get you a nice little cat plushy. He would come back from the store to find you asleep while watching the tv. He would squeak a bit, take a few pictures of how cute you were and plop down next to you. “Wakey wakey, baby girl! I see you like the kitty I got you! What if I said I got you another one?” Hobi would grin pulling out another stuffed animal just to spoil you.

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He would just have a wide smile looking at you sleeping with the Ryan he got you in his arms. You would always steal his so he got you a big Ryan bear to cuddle with when he couldn’t be around. You were laying in the middle of the floor, having fell asleep on whatever you were working on. Namjoon would scoop you up, lay you in bed and kiss your forehead. “You’re so precious. I just love you, babe” he’d lay the bear beside you and wait for you to wake up.

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Jimin bought you so many stuffed animals you couldn’t ever pick which one to snuggle with. Jimin just loved to spoil you with anything you could ever ask for. You picked up a teddy bear, a tiger, and a little dolphin. He came in with a big smile. “Hey! Jagi!!” He’d say, as he burst into the room. Jimin realized you were asleep and noticed all the stuffed toys in your arms. “Aw…. you’re so cute!!!!” He smiled happily at you happily.

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Tae would also spoil you with so many gifts. Clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, flowers. You name it, he’ll get it for you. He came in to see you snuggling with a soft velvet looking horse. He would laugh and take as many pictures of you as he could before you woke up. “Ahhhhh!!! You’re so cute! Go back to bed so I can get more cute pictures!”

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Jungkook would just glance at you without realizing you had the black bunny he got you when you two started dating in your arms. He looked at you again, and ran his hands through your hair slowly. When he sees the bunny in your arms, he would smile so wide with a little blush. “You like that bunny a lot, don’t you, sweetie? That makes me really happy.”

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Heavy Petting (M)


Genre: Smut, Cathybrid! AU

Word count: 4k

pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: rated M, sexual content, language, cat/human hybrid, (reverse?) thigh riding, sub!Jimin

A/N: part of cathybrid!BTS miniseries!

others:  Yoongi   |   Taehyung

fluffy drabble based on this oneshot

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Netflix and chill?

“I’m coming over for cuddles and kisses.”

“I’m living every girls dream.”


“I can make an exception for you.” (Halloween)

“Chillin’ by the fire.”

Date Night

“I don’t care if I get sick.”

“Chivalry is dead, but you’re still kinda cute.”

“I miss you so much.”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.”

“But you’re so cute when you’re sleeping.”

“No hints, sorry.” (Christmas)

“Morning beautiful.”

“Yeah, it is my business.”

“Be the strong girl that I know you are.”

“I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself.”

“Baby Food Challenge.”

“I’m so glad I can finally call you mine.”

“I’m catching feelings.”

“I love every inch of your body.”

“I need to know that you’re okay.”


“I don’t like when we fight.”

“I hope you’re not mad at me.”

Day of Filming

“Come with us.”

“I have a huge surprise.”


“You’re the best, you know that?”

“I’m here for you always. You know that.”


“Who’s tryna get bit?” (Halloween)

“You should probably stay a couple more days.”

 “Don’t tease me like that.”

“I’ve gotta mark my territory.”

“But you know I like to spoil you.”

“C’mon, let’s go.”

Dear John

“Everyone is Going to Love You.” (Christmas)

“You didn’t tell me you were twins.”

“It’s just a movie.”

“It’s like you don’t even know who I am.”

Night of Relaxation

“I think it’s time to confirm everything.”

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Were you out with another guy?”

“You shouldn’t be scared to tell me things.”

“Girlfriend vs. Brother Challenge”

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.”

“I am so blessed I get to call you mine.”

“Are we having twins?”

“You like him, don’t you?”

Grayson fights your ex

“It was her boyfriend.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Happy birthday babe.”

“I made a mistake.”

“Back off my girl.”


“Messy Trivia Challenge”

The Dizzy Challenge

Ok so one time when Bear was about 1 we were cuddling on the couch, it was pretty cold in our house so when I got up to talk with my mom i covered him with a blanket. When I finished my conversation i turned around and see him like this. He literally came looking for me so we could cuddle some more. I dont care what anyone says this is one of the cutest and best photos of Bear because it shows his baby side. I just love him so much!!!

favorite parts of batb (2017) thus far

bc it’ll be fun to see how much i can add after i do see the movie in full

*in no particular order*

  • lefou’s little wink to gaston while singing the lines “you can ask any tom, dick, or stanley / and they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on” and basically implying that gaston can turn all the straight men gay
  • gaston being the one to put his arms around lefou!!! like, “too much” my ass, gaston, you initiated the cuddling!!!
  • also “i’m not done with you yet” “neither am i” aka lefou being cute n gay
  • gaston not knowing what “je ne se quois” means when he lives in france
  • beast’s little smile after he threw the snowball that knocked belle over, like, who allowed for this so-called monster to be so darn cute!!!
  • belle automatically assuming every inanimate object in the castle is alive and promptly asking a hairbrush for its name
Dating Carl Gallagher Would Involve ;

a/n ; shameless is one of my favorite shows so this was so fun to write !!! hope you guys like it !!! - a

  • Keeping him out of trouble
  • His family appreciating this
  • His family caring a lot about you
  • Ian , Lip & Fiona always teasing the two of you 
  • Debbie trusts you a lot and you two become really close
  • Kev & V think you two are so cute 
  • People thinking Carl doesn’t deserve you 
  • You reassure him when he thinks he isn’t good enough for you 
  • Taking care of Liam & Franny 
  • Play fights
  • Piggy back rides 
  • Teasing galore
  • Soft kisses that lead to hot makeout sessions 
  • Forehead kisses 
  • Him being your first 
  • Cuddles!!
  • Him opening up to you about his childhood 
  • Him protecting you from any danger 
  • Being each others first loves 
  • “I love you Y/N” 
  • “I love you too , Carl”

dating ur tc would include:

- tons of cuddles
- making each other laugh
- you hugging him after a stressful day
- him making sure you always realize how beautiful you are
- finding secret places to meet
- driving around the city bc you can’t go out together
- singing along to ur favorite songs
- you writing poems about him
- him making fun of them but secretly loving them
- giving hickeys to each other
- u smirking when other students tease him about the hickeys
- midnight texts
- spending ur evenings at his apartment
- finding ways to “randomly” bump into each other in public
- “ur so tiny and cute” “oh shut up”
- trying not to grin when you meet each other in the hallways
- flirting through homework papers
- him kissing your forehead while you fall asleep in his arms

BTS when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them



Jin was going to prepare dinner, when you suddenly sat down on his lap. At first, he would be flustered, a little shocked by your sudden action. However, as soon as you snuggled up to him, he would giggle about you, thinking that you were so cute. No dinner today, the two of you would be cuddling.

“What are you actua- Omo, your so cute (Y/N)!”

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Tae would absolutly adore that cute side of yours. He would even ask you to sit on his lap sometimes, pulling you closer. Even though cuddling would always end up with him poking your cheeks or trying to tickle you, so be prepared.

“Come here jagiiii~ I promise I don’t pinch your cheeks this time!”

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He would be so flustered! He would love it, no question, but little actions like that always made him blush. He would probably laugh about himself being like this. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything but you, so he’d just stop whatever he was doing, wrapping his arms around you. If he was in the mood, he might kiss you.

“W-WOah jagi, what are you…doing?” (Drops pencil but tries to act cool)

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He would be so excited, happy like a little child when you sat on his lap. Moments like that totally made his day. After some time, he would get bored though. So get ready for a wrestling competition or him hugging you so tight that you can barely breath.

“(Y/N) ahhhhhhhh, your so cuteu!”

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Suga seems like the type who really likes cuddling with his s/o. He would literally help you to climb on his lap while he was working on some paper stuff, enjoying the feeling of your warmth. He would play with your hair or rub your back to return the affection.

“Don’t ask, I know you want to cuddle. Am I right? Come here.”

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Jimin would be wondering on what exactly you were trying to do, when you suddenly tried to sit down on his lap. Also he would be laughing at your struggling. He would find it adorable, literally melting when you snuggled up to him and smiling his signature smile. He would really like it, but he woud tease you about it after.

“Jagi, you  don’t need a chair. You can sit on my lap for dinner,”

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If it was the first time you did something like that, he would be shook. Like, literally even jungshook. His eyes would get big when you snuggled up to him,  wondering on how to react. He would slowly hug you back, breathing in your scent. Once he wasn’t nervous anymore, he would get more confident and  maybe even kiss you, iniciating a make out session,

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Hey guys~~ I really hope you like this reaction. I wanted to upload it before, but Tumblr was like “Aish, leave me alone I’m gonna delete everything” so I had to start again -.- However, It’s up now~~

XOXO Admin Isi

Got7 Version 

Dating Jerome Valeska would include:

Originally posted by untitledtv

Requested by Anon.

Request: Can you do a headcannon of what dating Jerome Valeska would be like?

Warning: Dating Jerome from the beginning to the end fucking hurts.

A/N: I kind of included his previous ‘life’ too. I couldn’t stop myself, so this turned out to be more than just dating headcanons. 

Jerome’s kinda an ass, but I love assholes so…

Before Jerome murders his mother:

  • Because your parents are acrobats they decide to travel with the circus, where you meet Jerome.
    • You’re both nine at the time. 
  • You becoming friends very fast.
    • Him being very funny and carefree. 
    • Him making you laugh when you’re sad.
    • Him doing mischief. 
  • Your parents loving the cute little red head.
  • Jerome telling you about his mother and the beatings.
    • Him crying a lot and you comforting him with cuddles and ice cream. 
  • Him sleeping over at yours when he can’t stand his mother anymore. 
    • Your parents confronting Lila Valeska, and Lila beating up Jerome more often after that.
  • Him having a crush on you since forever.

  • Him asking you out on a date when you’re both 15.
    • You being excited because you’ve been crushing on him for a very long time.
    • You both watching a movie in his trailer when his mother isn’t around for the weekend.
    • Cuddling.
  • Jerome kissing you sweetly but clumsily after the second date.
    • It was your and his very first kiss.
  • Holding hands most of the time. 
  • Going on more dates.
    • Jerome being a gentleman and super sweet around you.
  • Your mother giving you ‘The Talk’, while your father talks with Jerome.
  • Cuddling and caressing your half-naked bodies when no one’s around.
    • Almost getting caught by your mother. 
  • You giving him his first blowjob behind his trailer when you’re 16.
    • You spitting it out, and Jerome laughing his ass off when he sees your facial expression.
  • Him eating you out / sucking you off in your trailer, with your parents being in the next room.
    • Them totally hearing it, but saying no word, and smilling knowingly at you when you get some food after your session.   
  • Awkward but sweet First Time on his 17th birthday. 
    • Him being super nervous but very careful and tender with you.
    • Lots of kissing and laughing.
    • Doing so many things awkwardly that you’re having more fun than you intended to have.

  • Getting your own trailer with Jerome on the other side of the circus.
  • Having lots of sex.
    • Jerome being very eager to try out new things.
    • Him being very dominant. 
    • Rough sex. 
      • Being loud.
      • Being on top of you.
      • Your neighboors knocking on your trailer.
  • Passionate and wild kisses.
  • You noticing he’s slowly changing.

After Jerome murders his mother: 

  • You crying and not believing when you find out he murdered his mother.
  • Him sending you letters from Arkham and apologizing for not being with you.
    • You ignoring them at first.
  • You visiting him after turning 18.
    • “[Y/N], you came…”
    • “Of course I came, Jerome. Honestly, I don’t know what to say. You killed your mother… Do you know what I see when I look at you? I see Jerome, the boy I fell in love with… and a murderer.” 
    • “She deserved it! You know what she’s done to me.”
    • “I know and I understand.”
    • “Are you afraid?”
    • “Do you want me to be afraid of you?” 
    • “No…One day I’ll be free, gorgeous, I promise.”
    • His laugh creeping you out in the beginning. 
  • You visiting him every now and then, trying to figure out how to let him go.
    • You realizing you love him.
    • You slowly accepting that he killed his mother, 

  • Him suddenly knocking on your door after Theo breaks him out. 
    • “Jerome…. what are you doing here?” 
    • “I told you I’ll be back, gorgeous.” 
  • Him grinning and giving you flowers and chocolate. 
    • He stole them.
  • Him behaving very strangely.
    • Hearing the next day in the news about the Maniax. 
  • Having a fight with Jerome about his doings. 
    • You being afraid at first.
    • Him assuring you that he’d never hurt you.#
    • Him telling you about Theo. 
  • Him visiting you at night, when he thinks it’s safe.
  • Having rough sex.
    • Him being rougher and more dominant than he used to be.
    • Being super kinky.
    • Him trying to convince you to try out anal sex. 
  • Jerome kissing you sweetly when he wants something. 
  • Him slapping you when you’re being ‘overdramatic’.
    • You slapping him back and throwing him out. 
    • Him threatening you, you crying.
    • You almost calling the cops but you can’t because you love Jerome too much. 
    • Angry make-up fucking. 

  • Him dying and you feeling as if someone ripped out your heart.
    • Him coming back to life, crazier than usual.
    • You fainting. 

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

I keep seeing this cute Dad Might picture in my head – clear as a photograph, I tell you.

Just imagine: It’s winter, and cold, and for some reason, Izuku and Toshinori take the train to get home from wherever they have been. It’s already late, the train almost empty, and Izuku is freezing up. So in search for some warmth, he cuddles against Toshinori’s side. Toshinori, you have to know, is a living, walking heater. So he’s the perfect source of warmth for the freezing, tired boy.

Speaking of tired: Somehow, Izuku manages to fall asleep on Toshinori.

Toshinori startles when he realizes that Izuku is literally using him as a pillow, and spits blood in embarrassment and flustered surprise. But once he sees how content sleeping Izuku looks, he can’t bring himself to move the boy away. Instead he adjusts, making sure that the boy is comfortable leaning against his bony shoulder and not going to slip off, and proceeds to watch the lights passing by at high-speed outside.

(Or at least, he pretends to. He quickly comes to realize that watching Izuku sleeping, breathing evenly and scrunching up his nose and murmuring from time to time, is way more interesting.)