they are so cute when they cuddle

polaroid // Jonah


“could you do a jonah x reader where August keeps taking pictures of them cuddling and they finally find out when he posts them to insta or something. I saw this somewhere and now feel the need to request it. They only find out because fans share August post and they have to act like it annoys them when telling August to stop even tho they find the pictures cute please and thank you” - anon

(915 words)

a/n: hi yes this makes no sense whatsoever but i thought it was cute so here it is! i hope you don’t hate it lolie

ps ~ jACh k bYe

tags: @dreamypebbles (because she wanted to keep an eye out for an imagine <3) ; @boomboomboomwayhoo (ik how much hayley loves jonah so why not hehe x) 


“Yes dear?” He pokes his head into the kitchen.

“Did you, youngling, eat the cookies I was saving for Zach?”

He gasps dramatically, “Me??? What??? I’d never! Why would you accuse me of su-”

“Babe, there are crumbs on your sweater.”

He glances down on his black hoodie and raises his eyebrows, “Seems that you are stating the truth, Madam (y/n).”

I roll my eyes, “Jonah, I told you not to eat them! Zach is the one who’s sick and wanted cookies!”

“But I’m your boyfriend!” He whines.

“But Zach’s my best friend, baby,” I retort, bringing the cookie dough out of the fridge once again to make another batch, “I love him, too.”

Jonah frowns and walks behind me, snaking his arms around my waist, immobilizing me, “Are you making more cookies?”

“No crap, Sherlock,” I shake my head, trying to wiggle out of his grasp.

He suddenly tightens his grip on me and lifts me up. I scream and flail my arms, “JONAH PUT ME DOWN,”

He carries me all the way to the living room and throws me onto the couch. I laugh as he pins me down with his forearms jokingly, “You aren’t going anywhere, missy.”

“JONAH MARAIS ROTH FRANTZICH! Let me go!” I yell, giggling the entire time. He lets go a bit and I sit up cross-legged. He plops down next to me and wraps his legs around my waist, keeping me from moving once again. He pulls my back to his chest as I settle in the little gap between his legs from the way he sits. He leans back and I do as well.

Jonah brings his finger up to my shoulder and fiddles with my loose braid. I close my eyes and smile at his delicate action. All I hear is his humming and deep but steady breathing. He has a certain breathing pattern when he’s focused or his eyes are closed in concentration on nothing. I’ve been around him enough that I can track it anytime, anywhere. And I know his eyes are closed too.

Out of nowhere, I hear a small click. My eyes flutter open and I see a figure walk away into the kitchen. I get up and turn to Jonah. He’s fast asleep. How long had we been in that position?

I walk barefoot into the kitchen, alert for any of the boys who might be in there. At first I see a pink wisp of hair but when I look again, curls replace it.


The freckled boy turns around and waves, “Hey.”

“What are you doing?”

“Zach was whining about his cookies so I came to make them because he said you were going to do it,” He shrugs.

“Oh! I think I fell asleep.”

“Well if you could make the cookies and I’ll entertain his 7-year-old butt so he won’t whine, that’d be great.”

I nod, “Sure,”

Jack smiles, “Thanks, lambie,”

I carefully grab the tray of pastries and place them on the counter to cool. As I grab a plate to transfer the cookies onto, I hear a loud groan from the living room. Jonah’s yawning.

I smile and carry on with what I’m doing.

After a few minutes of letting them sit, I start picking them off the tray and getting them ready to send off to Zach.

Suddenly, loud and quick footsteps are heard, “(Y/N), (Y/N),”


He trips over his feet all the way to me and shoves his phone in my face, “LOOK!”

It takes a second for my eyes to focus up but when they do, I see something I wasn’t really expecting.

“Is that… us?” I ask.

He nods, confused, “A few Limelights tagged you and I in it and it blew up! Who even took these?”

“Well, look for the source!” I say. The snapshot of the polaroid that contained Jonah and I cuddling on the couch, Jonah’s finger intertwined with my hair never leaving my mind.

I see him desperately scroll through the comments, “I don’t see any- WAIT!”

“What?” I run to the other side of the island to look at the screen with him.

We both see the @ simultaneously, “AUGUST!!!”

He walks calmly into the kitchen, “What’s up, gu-”

“Did you take these?” Jonah shows him the phone. August’s silvery-blue eyes widen, “Umm… yesss

“Why didn’t you tell us?” We ask at the same time.

He shrugs, “I don’t know, I just thought it was cute, how you two are so lovey-dovey.”

I chuckle, “Well you got that right.”

“Oh well now that you know, would it be okay with you guys if I did a photoshoot of y’all being all cuddly and stuff? It’s good practice.”

“Sure,” I smile and turn to Jonah, who is nodding.

“Well, we can start with Jonah singing to you, (y/n), or something, do whatever you’d like,” August smiles, “I’ll be right back with my camera,”

“Okay,” Jonah says, looking at me with his stunning blue eyes, “I guess we’re goals,”

“I think so, too,” I lean in for a kiss.

“HEY, CUDDLE-BUGS! ZACHARY HAS BEEN WAITING FOR HIS COOKIES FOR A WHILE NOW!” Jack screams from Zach’s room. I laugh, realizing that I haven’t finished doing my original duty.

I walk over to grab a napkin to hold the warm plate and turn back to Cookie-Monster-Jonah with his face full of crumbs.

“I didn’t eat anything!” He says, spewing out pieces of cookie in the process.

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how do you feel about stenbrough?


No seriously I love stenbrough. It’s such a precious ship. I can imagine it being sort of a leader x second in command kinda ship. They’d be so cute especially when it’s just them and they’re cuddling and holding hands and Eskimo kisses and OH LORD I NEED TO STOP

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It's a widely accepted headcanon that Garrus likes playing with fShep's hair, so I would like to rise to you this alternative: Garrus adoring mShep's beard/stubble. It's so fascinating! It's hair, but it's a completely different texture to all his other hair! And all because it's on a slightly different place to all his other hair! And gosh DANG does Shep look CUTE with that lil five-o-clock shadow in the morning! Garrus just can't help but pet and nuzzle that beard fuzz when they're cuddling!

!!!! the cutest MShep/Garrus headcanon

Dating Madelaine Petsch would include //

Madelaine Petsch x reader

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- so many cuddles

- names like cutie, sweetie, pumpkin, honey

- so many jokes

- laughing all the time

- “you’re such a weirdo”

- she looks sweet but she’s really rough with you in bed

- long makeouts

- her soothing voice

- lots of kisses

- cute snap videos together

- cute and random texts

- missing her when she has to travel

- and facetiming every minute you can

- wrapping your arm around her

- random “I love you’s”

- hand holding

- cheek kisses

- lots of pda

- your friends teasing you about it

- hugging eachother from behind

- her jokingly spanking your ass

- “stop”

- “not my fault you have a nice ass”

- arguments that always turn into rough sex

- jealous sex

- she just loves you so much

Dating Dash Wilder would include:

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🔥He calling you “baby” 24/7.

🔥Being best friends with Scott.

🔥You wearing “No flips Just fists” shirt everytime he and Dawson have a match is a must.

🔥You both babysitting Scott’s daughter.

🔥and watching Disney movies with her.

🔥You playing with his beard while cuddling.

🔥So many internal jokes.

🔥You taking care of him when he had his jaw injury.

🔥Not much PDA, just a few kisses.

🔥Lots of hickeys.

🔥He touching your ass.

🔥You slapping his playfully.

🔥Pawla loves you (Maybe because you are always giving her a tiny piece of your meal).

🔥Going for a walk with Pawla.

🔥Training together with Scott’s company.

🔥You being part of the revival.

🔥He being super romantic with you.

🔥WWE universe love your relationship.

🔥Receiving comments on IG like “OMG guys, you are so cute”.

🔥Meaningful sex.

🔥Rough sex when he loses a match or he’s jealous.

🔥Fancy dates.

🔥Netflix and chill.

🔥It just would be a really cute and passionate relationship to be honest.

types of love I feel for you:

peachy love - a comfy love, as cozy as afternoon sunlight in the summer, as warm as coffee shops and summer picnics. being with you is like listening to music - I forget my worries and sunlight is brighter. sharing tiramisu cake, laughing so hard tears surface, going on adventures…moments like these carry a hint of soft nostalgia, even while they are happening.

starlight love - I’m enchanted by the pretty colors in your eyes - when the sunlight hits them, they remind me of precious stones. I imagine talking to you until 3 am on a rooftop, the stars bright above, frozen in time. when I look at you, it’s like admiring a beautiful work of art. thinking about you makes my heart blush. I can’t help but gaze at you, wondering how anyone could be so perfect.

rosy love - seeing you gives me butterflies. you make me feel calm and flustered at the same time, a feeling I’ve never felt before. sometimes, I imagine a soft love song that plays in the background when I’m with you, like we’re in a movie. all I want to do is cuddle with you, lie next to you, go to cute ice cream parlors and hold your hand. I’m either with you or waiting to see you again, and you make me happier than anything else in the world.

lunar love - you know my secrets, I know yours. like the moon, you understand my mannerisms, emotions and thoughts like no one else, and I can tell from a glance if you’re only pretending to be happy, or if something is troubling you. at night when you can’t sleep, I’m here. when I’m sad, you know the perfect things to say. It’s like we were both created to heal and comfort the other, like soulmates. I know that as long as you’re here, I’ll be okay.

I hope you understand how much I love you.

why I love cats:

  • the way they look at you when they want to be pet!
  • toe beans are so fucking cute
  • meowing at birds and squirrels outside
  • when you are sad, they rub against you
  • cat’s whiskers tickle you
  • when they stretch out and their back is an arch
  • the swish of their tail
  • when they cuddle in a cute bun shape

cute things my victuuri sims have done that are incredibly canon:

  • they always kiss each other good morning. if yuuri is up first he will cancel whatever activity he’s doing to get a kiss from victor and vice-versa
    • on that same note, one always waits for the other so they can go to sleep together regardless of how tired they are
  • one day victor got sick and yuuri brewed green tea to help him feel better and proceeded to cuddle on the couch
  • when one is napping on the couch, the other sits next to them and starts reading a book
  • so, yuuri is a chef in my game. he has all cooking skills maxed, so victor ends up not cooking that much. one day he decided he was going to bake bread and set the house on fire (luckily phichit and yuri were there to put the fire out, yuuri started panicking and nearly caught on fire as well)
    • he did this twice. he set the house on fire trying to bake bread twice.
  • victor gets emotional about his other half on a regular basis
  • yuuri’s amusement bar starts going up just from being in victor’s presence
  • yuri and yuuri get on hardcore gaming sessions together very often. yuri almost always loses and gets very angry about it
  • when yuuri practices on the keyboard victor stops whatever he’s doing to watch his fiancé 
  • one day victor painted a simple painting and yuuri kept walking up to it to admire his fiancé’s work
  • there was a moment in their lives where victor would arrive home an hour before yuuri had to leave for his job, and victor would have to get up before yuuri even woke up to go to his job and they were in constant low moods because of it
  • they went to a karaoke party hosted by otabek and started making out in the bathroom because that’s the kind of people they are i guess
    • they also started singing some bad country song together and they were awful but they had such a great time together i nearly cried
    • (yuuri proposed after that btw nothing like singing shitty songs off-key while giggling to be sure you have to marry him)
  • they woohoo a lot????? sometimes i’m checking on yuri and wonder “what are they up to” and 4/10 times they’re woohooing. the other times they’re being adorable
    • chris walked into them woohooing one time and instead of being embarrassed he felt flirty?????????stop?being so canon
  • on a similar note, they always sit together on the couch. from there they either cuddle, talk about their day or play video games
    • victor is pretty good at video games? not as good as yuuri but much better than yuri
  • yuuri cried when victor sang him a song (honestly my boy same)
  • yuuri is composing a song for victor (he’s working on it it’s been a while now but he’ll get there eventually)
  • they flirt in the kitchen a lot idk what’s up with that
  • they decided to leave a social gathering in their apartment in favor of woohooing in their bedroom
    • also idk if this is programed in the game but one time when people were visiting and victor and yuuri decided to take things to the bedroom otabek was on the room next to them and got very embarrassed???? i’m still puzzled
  • they have a bunch of pictures phichit took of them hanging on their bedroom walls and more recently have added pictures of makkachin and vicchan being adorable
  • they don’t hang out a lot outside but when they do yuuri is sure to show some amazing dance moves and i don’t know where he learned those
  • (cats and dogs expansion) makkachin gets really sad when victor is not at home and will sleep by the door until he’s back
  • vicchan is always around yuuri, following him everywhere and watching him do his chores

-meeting at school and he thinks you’re so cute right off the bat

-he would try the whole ‘play it cool’ thing but you’re just so gosh darn cute he finds himself falling head over heals in love with all the cute little things you do

-once you’re together he’s just so happy


-he loves telling you how much he loves you and hearing how much you love him


-he loves touching you. hand holding. arm over your shoulder. hugs. everything.

-he’s constantly smiling when you’re around

-him telling you about the Upside-down

-protecting the shit out of each other

-just ultimate power couple

-getting matching nail-bats

-the kids looking up to you

-being the mom just like Steve’s the dad

-”did we just sort of adopt six kids?

-Steve giving advice to your ‘kids’ and you immediately debunking his terrible dating advice

-the kids looking up to you guys and you’re perfect relationship thats built on love, trust and friendship

-stealing his shirts or sun-glasses

-matching Halloween costumes

-Dustin telling you all the cute things Steve says about you while you’re not around

-but Dustin also telling Steve all the cute things you say about him when he’s not around

-movie cuddle dates

-dates where you drive around and talk

-kisses where you both just end up smiling and giggling because you’re so in love

-never ever ever down playing how in love with each other you are

-studying together

-long phone calls on your land line that make your parents upset because they want to use the phone

-making a couple cassette tape of all your couple songs 

-sharing ear phones on your walkman

-being so in sync

-like you’ll both be listening to one of your kids and he’ll pull out a cigarette and you pull out a lighter and while still looking at the kids you’ll light his cigarette for him

-long make out sesh’s in his car

-constantly complimenting each other and there’s just so much positivity it kind of grosses everyone out 

-Max coming to you about having a crush on Lucas

-Lucas going to Steve about having a crush on Max

-totally setting them up together and then you and Steve watch them be cute like proud parents

-him leaving you little thoughtful gifts

-driving the kids around in his car and you blast music and sin duets together that make the kids sort of uncomfortable

-he holds your hand while he drives and the kids in the back are like “Steve! both hands on the wheel!”

-king of chivalry, if you’re ever cold, his jacket becomes your jacket

-you guys cant go 24 hours without seeing each other

-honestly, he’s my squishy little love boi




- the guy who played Jeremy had such a great voice, he pulled off the awkward vibe and executed the jokes so well

- michael. fucking. MELL. boy oh boy.


- his voice sounded EXCATLY like George Salazar,, he was adorable and amazing

- alright so before I continue talking about Michael mell (my love) lemme tell u about the audience

- lots of people were in michael cosplay and tbh? I was there for it like it looked so good

- and they were VERY vocal, I’ve been to many shows and I’ve never heard a louder audience

- I’m talking full on screaming

- anyway my point was that when Michael first went onstage the entire place BLEW UP

- the whole mall scene with Michael and Jeremy never happened, they just went straight to Payless

- also the beanbags didn’t drop out of the ceiling for two player game (mildly disapointing) but AAAA IT WAS SO GOOD

- in the beginning Michael stands behind Jeremy and like touches his hair and puts his head on his shoulder (!!)

- and during the “faaavwite personnn” part they’re both standing and michael cuddles into Jeremy’s chest, and Jeremy like playfully shoves him back and he goes falling down into the beanbags

- during the whole second part when they go “find the bad guys push them aside” they didn’t jump over all the chairs and stuff, the scene changed behind them but the stood at the front of the stage and did these karate moves and noises


- the guy who played the squip was INSANLY GOOD

- michael in the bathroom. oh my god.

- you could physically see him shaking and starting to break down, by the end of the song he could barely get the words out because he was so upset oml

- the girl who played Christine was!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!! she was so peppy and bubbly (I love play rehearsal was AMAZING), but you could still see that her character had a lot of depth

- when Michael makes an entrance at the end he came in from the audience up onto the stage and everyone just SHRIEKED


- at the end he was talking in the lisp!!!

- and when he said “oh my god I’m TOTALLY bi” everyone started cheering, then when he said “so what about the headphones kid? Is he your boyfriend?” Michael walked into the room like half smiling and being all bashful and HAKDMWOE

- when Jeremy was onstage with Christine during the play Michael was on the side of the stage, everyone else was standing super still but he was shifting a lot and looked super antsy

- and the cast after was super nice!!!!! everyone took pictures with the fans and they were so grateful

I could write so much more about this buttt I’m probably being super annoying,,, but yeah it was SO GOOD,,, anyway there’s a q&a kinda thing on Sunday at the theater with some of the original cast (INCLDING GEORGE SALAZAR), so that’s a thing if ur interested!

reasons why I love girls:

  • when girls blush, it is so cute!!!
  • they look so beautiful anytime any day
  • when they twirl their hair around their finger
  • always ask you to cuddle with them 
  • when they offer you their jacket
  • smiling when they don’t think you see
  • they smell of roses and sunshine
  • when you are sad, they comfort you
Lazy Days with Tom (and Tessa)...
  • waking up, stretching, then turning around to face Tom who was already slightly pouting, wearing his signature puppy dog eyes
    • please,” he’d whine while making grabby hands towards you
    • sighing but finally giving into him
  • that day would be a designated lazy day where you’d do nothing but stay in bed and cuddle 
  • and fuck 
  • he’d have bedhead the entire day and it made him look that much more soft 
    • “mmm, you’re so warm,” he’d mumble into your neck as he draped his body over yours
  • hearing light scratching and whimpering at the door signalling that Tessa was up and not happy that she had not been fed yet
    • “she’s your dog, you feed her,” you’d argue as you both figured out who would have to get out of bed
    • “but you’re her mommy,” he’d pout and bat his eyelashes for extra effect making you roll your eyes and sigh
  • eventually you both get up because neither of you came to a conclusion 
  • Tessa jumping all over you and Tom once the door is opened
    • “c’mon, darling, this way,” Tom would coo at Tessa and you’d just swoon even harder for him
  • feeding Tessa before you even think about your own breakfast
    • “what do you feel like eating?” You ask before Tom comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around you waist and resting his head on your shoulder
    • but then whispering “you,” in your ear before lifting you onto the counter 
  • kitchen sex is a given, duh
    • “so really, what do you want for breakfast,” as you both become giggly messes cleaning each other up
  • deciding on pancakes cause its cliche and easy to make 
  • Tom eyeing the batter, wanting to stick his finger in it to smear it on your face
  • you aren’t dumb and you see right through him
    • “don’t even think about it,” while you’re in the middle of flipping a pancake
    • he just freezes because how did you know ????
  • him dancing around the kitchen with Tessa distracting you to the point of almost burning the pancakes 
  • him finally being useful and setting the table and cutting up some strawberries 
  • instead of sitting across from you, he set the table so he’d be beside you and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
    • “I just like being near you s’all,” he shrugs but you see the blush 
    • “I like being near you too,” you say, pressing a kiss to his cheek before grabbing his arm so he’d sit as well
  • having friends play in the background as you both talk about whatever comes to mind
  • he ends up smearing the maple syrup over your nose as you squeal 
    • “I’ll get it,” with a smirk and a wink before he kisses it off
  • you washing the dishes and him drying them because you’re a team™
  • Tessa getting ansty knowing she wants to go for a walk and probably go to the bathroom 
    • “we can let her out in the yard, she’ll be fine,” he promises but you see how sunny it is outside and suggest to go for a walk instead
  • even though it’s sunny, it’s pretty cold so Tom bundles you up in his sweater, pulling one of his beanies over your head, and pressing a kiss to your nose
  • Tessa almost dragging Tom around the park 
  • you can’t stop laughing at it
    • “baby it’s not my fault, she’s a strong girl,”
  • finally the three of you are getting pooped so you head back
  • where Tom pulls you into bed almost the second you’re back in your room
    • “let’s take a nap,” he mumbles 
    • he’s out before you can even reply
  • but you just play with his hair deciding on catching up on your reading since this is the only peaceful time you have 
  • Tessa barging into your room and jumping onto the bed, waking Tom up 
  • you can’t even scold her because Tom loves her so much 
    • “aw babygirl just missed her mommy and daddy,” he’d chuckle as Tessa cuddled in between the two of you
  • she’d get so many belly and head scratches 
  • best day for her hands down 
  • but then Tom shooing her away out of the room, confusing you
    • “why’d you kick her out ????”
    • “because I don’t want her seeing what’s gonna happen next,”
  • lazy, but passionate sex 
  • twice
  • Tom ordering pizza and setting a timer for when it should get there 
    • “it it’s not here in forty minutes it’s free!!” 
    • and you’d just laugh at him but it’s so cute 
  • flipping a coin to see who has to answer the door 
  • it ends up being Tom and he just grumbles about how you’re lucky I love you
  • he ordered so much pizza for two people 
    • “there’s no way we’re gonna finish all this,” 
    • “I’m a growing boy, let me eat,”
  • more sex because he can’t get enough of you 
  • but when it starts to get dark you lay your head in his lap as he plays with your hair while watching a movie 
  • you don’t realise you’ve dozed off until Tom’s peppering you with kisses
    • “I made us some tea, love,”
  • taking the mug and thanking him before cuddling into his side once again 
  • deciding to play mario kart but it just ends up in Tom whining like a little baby because he can’t seem to win against you 
  • makeup sex !!!!
  • finally you’re both getting tired
  • and Tessa’s already in bed with you, cuddling with you both as you and Tom just stare at each other in complete darkness 
    • “I love you so much, darling,” he’d whisper into your ear, sending shivers down your spine 
    • mumbling, “love you more,” in your drowsy state 
    • hearing a faint, “love you most,” from him before falling asleep against his chest with a smile on your face
  • Tom watches you drift off thinking how he’s the luckiest guy before falling asleep himself


Cat Got Your Tongue Pt.2 (M)

Taco’s not so fluffy anymore, and you run into quite a few unexpected faces.

Word count: 7.4 k

Genre: Comedy, smut, fluff, a touch of angst, a lot of naked Tae

A/N: Hi! I’m so sorry this took forever to come out and I really hope I did it justice. Thank you everyone who was so patient with me, I really appreciate you all and your understanding means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think! Special thanks to @jiminniemouse @seoulscapes & @kittae for proofreading this trash and motivating me to complete it!

Part 1 here

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[M] Innocence

Originally posted by herthealbum

A/N: Hi guys~ It’s Admin Sunshine here, as you may know I’ve been changing my fictions and today I’ve changed this fiction; I hope you guys will enjoy <3

Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader

Genre:  One Shot, Roommate AU!, Slightly fluff, Smut

Words Count : 3.5k

Warnings : [M] for Mature Content, this fiction is pure smut.

“It’s been six fucking months already” You said out loud as you scrolled down on your phone to keep yourself busy. But it was the truth; it’s been already six months since you had sex, you were horny and your roommate’s existence didn’t help you at all. When you took a deep breath, you started to think about your roommate; he was already sleeping and you were excessively horny. In fact you were getting even hornier than before and you couldn’t hold yourself any longer—you just wanted to cum.

But there was only one problem on your way to masturbate; the walls were thin and you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold back your moans. As you started to play with your clit you let out a soft moan, when you were wet enough; you’ve decided to slide a finger inside of your pussy. But when your moans started to get loud you tried to bite your lip—you tried to push second finger but your pussy was tight and you decided not to add another finger. As you kept fingered yourself, you started to cry out loud and at this point you didn’t care if Jimin aka your roommate heard you or not. You couldn’t help but think about him as you fingered yourself—he would fuck you real good if you asked him to do, but he didn’t know this side of you; you never showed how kinky you were in front of him. When you paced up the speed, you let out a big whiny-moan without noticing it. As soon as you came all over your finger, you started to catch your breath.

When you took a deep breath, you started to think about Jimin and the all those sex that you could have with him; you wanted him more than anything.

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bts reaction: you being short

anon: Bts scenarios and how they would react to you being short af (159cm/5'2 feet)

author’s note: this was especially hard to write since I’m literally 6′0 T-T, also the teasing was written with no harm in mind!


He would laugh at how cute you were, and would want to always protect you.

“Y/n, you’re such a cutie!~If someone ever tries to make fun of you, this handsome face will destroy them.” he says jokingly, but still somewhat serious.


Would whine to tease you when you’ll ask him to pick up something, in reality he loved your height and everything about you.

“Yah Y/n! Can you stop being so cute?” he whined.


He would let out a fake cry, because in his eyes you were cuter than him.

“You have taken my place! Your height makes me want to always carry you and cuddle.” he says.


You being so short compared to him made him soft. He also loved how he needed to slightly kneel down to hug you.

“God Y/n we’re a perfect pair. I’m your knight in shining armor.” he said as he kneeled down at your level.


He loved that he wasn’t the shortest now, and he would always tease you about it.

“Hm? What did you say? Oh, sorry I didn’t hear you up from here.” he laughed as you gave him a death glare.


He would screech whenever he saw you. He would squish your cheeks and sometimes even pick you up and spin you around.

“I’ll protect you from the big world.” he laughed as he placed a soft kiss on your cheek.


He absolutely loved that he could tease you more. Of course, he loved your height and meant no harm.

“Hello there, shortie.” he said as he leaned down Michael—Jackson style. You showed a fist and grunted, and he only laughed. “That punch wouldn’t even reach my chest.”

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headcanon: Victor and Yuuri just kind of fall asleep anywhere whenever they cuddle. Particularly when they vacation to Hasetu in the off season they'll fall asleep on the floor while watching a show, on the bench on the back deck while enjoying the weather, under a table after drinking together and subsequently "hiding" from Mari who tries to make them clean up. Patrons find them a lot of the time and tell Hiroko "some young couple is asleep in the TV room but they looked cute so I left them"

afdskfjkdlas omg

Dating Richie Tozier Would Include...

- This is how you met

- After that, as the school year went on, the group he hung around clicked into place and you were happy to be part of it.

- Bill, Stan and Eddie were confused at why you and Richie suddenly liked each other, but they grew to like you too.

- Sass competitions. All the time.

- Getting Richie out of trouble is your job, usually.


- *Richie, with his heavily ruffled hair, bleeding lip and bruised EVERYTHING.* “I ran into a lamp post?

- *You raise an eyebrow*

- “…You know how Patrick Hockstetter always brings vodka to school?

- “Please no.

- “I may or may not have replaced it with vinegar. And bug replant.

- “I…I can’t even complain that sounds amazing.” 

- Stealing wearing his glasses.

- He acts pissed off but secretly thinks it’s kinda hot. 

- You help him when his mom having an episode, which happens a lot. Richie actually likes spending the night at your house because:

+ Movie nights™

+ Cuddles for hours

+ Junk food for days

+ Kissing sometimes gets heated, in the best way

+ You randomly boop his nose because fuck it he’s so cute

- When his mom is completely out of control he comes to your house with a hand shaped bruise on his cheek and you feel the urge to march right back to his house and punch her.

- You tried to help but he wouldn’t look you in the eye.

- Gently stroking his bruised cheek until he calms down.

- Richie doesn’t think you noticed that his eyes were red and watery but you did.

Even more cuddling

+ He’s the little spoon when he’s sad ‘cuz he likes to have your arms around his waist and you hug him from the back like a koala. You usually sling one leg over his hip and pull him closer 

+ Falling sleep on the couch

- You knew he only cussed to get the attention his mother never gave him, and you cussed right along with him so he wouldn’t feel alone. You knew that he needed attention so you gave it to him.

- Getting super defensive when people at school call him “Bucky Beaver” because of his buck teeth and glasses.

- You never call him this in public for the sake of his “trashmouth, practical joker” imagine but in private his nickname is Bambi because of his big doe eyes.

+ “I swear to god if you call me that one more ti-

+ “Mmm, sure Bambi.

+ He secretly loves how softly you say it. 

- You never told the other Losers that you were dating him, until Ben walked in on the two of you making out kissing a bit.

- To quote Ben: “I’m not even going to ask.”

- Over the summer you get a hammock

+ Sleeping on Richie’s chest

+ This boi has one foot on the ground so he can rock the hammock to keep you asleep

+ Cuz he thinks you look adorable when you’re dreaming

- When the missing children reports become too frequent Richie holds your hand a little bit tighter.

- You weren’t there when he was attacked by “It” but you knew something was wrong the moment you saw him.

- When he found a missing kid poster with his face on it in the Neibolt House, you were the one to tell him it wasn’t real. He wouldn’t be forgotten like the other kids as long as you were alive to remember.

+ Also you MAY have grabbed the paper, torn it to pieces, thrown the torn bits on the floor and stomped on them like a rabid donkey. For good measure.

+ *Richie has never felt so many emotions at the same time in his life*

- When Bill and Richie get into a fight after Neibolt House you were there to pick Richie off the ground but he swats your hand away.

- You’re shocked because no one will listen to you and Beverly.

- Trying to explain that IT will kill all of you if you split up. It’s no use. Even Richie stomps away.

- You attempt to pull him back to Bill so they could work it out but he nearly throws you to the ground to get your hand off his arm.

+ So, since his rudeness rubbed off on you, you punched him

+ By “accident”

- And for the entire month that the Losers were split up, so were you and Richie. 

- To get your mind off all the clown shit you went to the arcade. Well a humdidum dumbass is what you are because the arcade is where Richie is. ALL. THE. TIME. 

- But again, his stubbornness rubbed off on you, so even when you saw him, you refused to leave and resorted to avoiding him. You weren’t sure if he saw you; he was really into his game.

- And at 10:30, when the arcade was technically closed, he was still inside. He probably gave the owner money to let him stay. 

+ The arcade to Richie was like a bar to adults; a way to forget.

- You sat on the curb outside the arcade, sipping a slushie. You were supposed to go home, but since the clown at Neibolt you were scared of the flickering street lamps that lined your way home, and the arcade and other shops gave off a nice, bright light.

+ It was comforting in a way. Very aesthetic. 

- And Richie almost falls down on the curb next to you

- You want to be mad, but he looks so tired from staring at a screen all day, although you suspect the video games aren’t the reason his eyes are glassy.

- “Got kicked out?

- “Yeah.

- “Out of house or arcade?

- “…Both.

- You stand up and hand him the slushie, which he sips gratefully.

- “You’re leaving?

- He looks exactly like a puppy, with huge brown eyes and messy hair. Well, a puppy in glasses, anyway. 

- “If I’m leaving, you’re leaving with me.

- Richie gives you a sleepy smile and takes you hand.

+ The entire way to your house he slumps against you, sometimes falling asleep mid step and his head falls on your shoulder.


- At one point he closes his eyes and walks with them closed, his cheek pressed against your shoulder for support.

- Remember those nights when he comes over after a really bad day? This is one of them.

- So for the night, you and him are too tired to think about the huge fight.

- In the morning tho, you wake up to slightly burnt bacon and very burnt toast.

- Which would be nice, but..

- “How did you burn the toast but not the bacon? The toaster has a TIMER.

- “It’s called Satan’s charcoal bread dispenser and you’re welcome.”

+ He’d feel soo bad for fighting with you??? Like, REALLY BAD

+ I mean, you did punch him in the face, so you and him were kinda even, but he still did all this extra shit

+ Playing with your hair

+ Sharing chocolate stolen from the store

+ Braiding your hair and you’re like “Richie??? You’re very good with your hands???

- Yeah… you probably shouldn’t have said that.

- Richie never stops smirking. Holy fuck.

- “You know what else I can do wit-

- “NO! Nope! No, no, no. Keep doin’ what you’re doing and shut up.

- Really though, no fucking white paper-ass motherfucking bitchass dumbass pixie stick addict looking clown with a shitty pumpkin guts Halloween wig could break you and Richie apart. Period. 

The Type Of Relationship You Would Have With Got7


  • Hot AF couple™
  • Hot/cute mirror selfies 
  • grabs your butt a lot
  • Shy around other people but not you
  • Jackson gets jealous a lot Markson
  • but you guys act silly as well
  • like ugly photos and a lot of pranks on Yugyeom 
  • He takes random photos of you without you knowing
  • and he posts them to twitter a lot
  • saying ‘hot’ or ‘ew’
  • depending on the picture
  • but you knew he was joking most of the time
  • Papa Tuan would always leave a witty comment
  • He would kiss and hug you a lot
  • not wanting to let go
  • Because he misses you a lot 

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  • Healthy couple™
  • gym together
  • couple goals
  • cute gym pics
  • as well as ‘healthy’ drink pics
  • when in reality
  • so many cheat days
  • like
  • every Saturday you order pizza
  • and watch tv or movies
  • with endless cuddling
  • and kisses ;)

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  • Major Couple Goals™
  • he’s always taking cute pics
  • showers you with random kisses
  • always talks about you
  • to the boys
  • on radio
  • interviews, everything
  • cute surprises
  • like a cute dinner on the rooftop
  • Han River walks whilst holding hands
  • convenient store dates 2Jae

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  • Sensible Couple™
  • walks everywhere holding hands
  • sneaky kisses when he thought no-one was watching
  • but there was
  • Jackson and Mark would say ew a lot
  • but all the boys loved you just as much
  • because you were the first girl Jinyoung would talk about
  • and smile for no reason
  • you made him so happy
  • you guys would buy a dog
  • move in together
  • all the couple stuff

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  • Cutest Couple OMG™
  • and like when he posts the to his Insta
  • they stay there
  • like forever
  • because he would never want you to leave
  • clingy™
  • walks with Coco
  • cute family selfies with him and Coco
  • try and kiss you in public
  • but get so shy
  • until you kissed him
  • and Jackson fangirled
  • tight cuddles in bed
  • because he’s afraid of losing you
  • asks members for advice a lot

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  • The Hip Couple™
  • dabs
  • he would SPOIL you
  • because he loves you
  • some would say too much
  • talks about you too much
  • the boys eventually tell him to shut up
  • plans over the top dates
  • like dinner on the beach
  • flying to Thailand just to eat at his fav restaurant
  • morning kisses, and dabs I dab every morning when I wake up

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  • Silly But Cute Couple™
  • his Instagram is either you or him dancing
  • you’re camera shy
  • but he always finds a way ;)
  • tries to teach you how to dance
  • protective AF™
  • always has one arm around you
  • whether it’s your shoulders or waist
  • random ‘ILY <3′ texts
  • meme group chat with him and Bam
  • Bam loves your memes
  • Yugyeom gets jealous
  • but forgets when you fall asleep on him watching a drama series
  • carries you to bed
  • watches you for a good minute
  • “I can’t believe she’s mine”

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a soft reddie playlist + headcanons

back at it with my own playlist. @bcckybeaver and i are killing ourselves with soft reddie.

i. kiss me - ed sheeran // ii. moonlight - ariana grande // iii. until the end of time - justin timberlake // iv. crush - yuna // v. fantasy - alina baraz // vi. at your best (you are love) - aaliyah // vii. always and forever - heatwave // viii. you’re all i need to get by - marvin gaye & tammi terrell // ix. waiting for a girl like you - foreigner // x. i would do anything for you - foster the people // xi. somebody loves you - betty who // xii. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney // xiii. a thousand years - christina perri // xiv. tee shirt - birdy // xv. perfect - ed sheeran // xvi. fallingforyou - the 1975

here’s some rad heacanons to go along with our playlists. MAJOR CREDIT goes to lauren, who i tagged above, bc we kinda came up with the prompt/hcs together but she did most of the thinking tbh. if you’re not following my best friend… wyd? go follow her! also, check out her playlist here.

  • picture this - senior richie is on the football team and senior eddie is on the chess team. the best part? THEY SUPPORT TF OUT OF EACH OTHER
  • eddie and the losers are at every football game, and vice versa. like they’re so mismatched but
  • also imagine reddie sososo in love with each other yet not dating yet
  • buuuut these two cute idiots hold each other’s hands, hug on each other, and even kiss. if you ask the other losers, they make out all the time, but reddie insists they don’t (yes they do)
  • according to richie and eddie they’re just friends
  • “but you guys hug and make-out…”
  • “so what? stan and bill do that all of the time. that’s what best friends do”
  • “they’re literally dating”
  • but it’s not weird to them bc in their minds they’re just friends but not in a sad way. they just like to be as close to each other as possible and they just rlly think it’s normal for besties to do that stuff
  • lbr tho they lowkey wanna be boyfriends but they don’t know?? how to get? to that level?? like what’s functioning what’s asking out your best friend??
  • haaaaa whatever you do don’t imagine richie throwing a party and anxiously waiting for eddie to show up bc eddie’s all he cares about, ignoring ppl who asks if he wants to go hotbox
  • he wants to be sober for eddie because he knows eddie doesn’t really like intoxication
  • also don’t imagine eddie sitting in richie’s lap and them cuddling and kissing bc they’re in luv
  • eddie being mischievous and putting his cold hands under richie’s shirt to make him shriek, but richie lets him keep his hands there bc he loves eddie and eddie can do whatever he wants.
  • eddie is going up against his arch nemesis kevin, someone he lost to last time, and he’s determined to win
  • RICHIE LITERALLY CHEERING FOR EDDIE LIKE HE’S AT A FOOTBALL GAME (”KICK HIS ASS, EDDIE!!!”) and knowing exactly what’s going on (if he had room in his schedule, he would have totally joined the chess club too)
  • when eddie wins (bc he’s a badass bitch) richie running up and KISSING THE LIFE OUT OF HIM. and it’s different this time and eddie lowkey dIES
  • them going out to celebrate and the waiter flirting with eddie and richie and pissing them bOTH OFF
  • “this guy is shit” “yeah, he’s unprofessional” “jARED IF YOU FLIRT WITH ONE OF US ONE MORE TIME” “YEAH JARED FUCK OFF”’
  • okay but the losers going to a carnival together and richie playing all the games to try and win eddie prizes
  • (he wins a huge stuffed bear for eddie that eddie names junior after richie)
  • eddie sneaking off to an arcade bc he saw a record player that he knew richie would love, and surprising richie?? with this gift?? (richie cried)
  • them getting on the ferris wheel and being soft and cute by holding hands and giving each other kisses
  • ok but picture these two dumdums being like “i like this whole thing, and we should keep doing it but never do it with anyone else. just each other. but we’re still best friends”
  • wow this is getting long but i have a few more hcs - imagine richie having the worst day ever and avoiding everyone and eddie just can feel that something’s wrong so he shows up to richie’s
  • richie just so ~~shook that eddie knew smth was off and crying bc eddie just gets him and he’s so in love with him - they cuddled and fell asleep together that night
  • how about the losers chilling out in a field one day and richie bringing his guitar and he sings??? to eddie??? confessing his love (he sung kiss me by ed sheeran - first song on my playlist)
  • eddie ofc cries… AND SAYS HE LOVES RICHIE BACK. and they’re so cute and in love and kissing each other and saying ‘i love you’ a million times
  • but when the losers ask if they’re together yet they.. don’t give a straight answer bc they’re IDIOTS
  • whatever you do… DON’T imagine richie scoring the winning touchdown and everyone being so happy, and eddie running up and saying “that’s my boyfriend!”
  • eddie and richie just looking at each other like “AHHH WHAT”
  • richie kissing the life out of eddie AGAIN and… they’re officially boyfriends…. in love…..

lauren my love…. feel free to add on ily.