they are so cute i'm sorry omg

Happy birthday Guang Hong!

Just friendly reminder that our sweet flower Guang Hong Ji, the cutest and purest of them all is turning 18 today and he’s probably spending this time with his family being excited about presents and eating a lot of sweets and replying to his friends and fans on Instagram but he just can’t wait for his daily chat with Leo and he doesn’t really know why until Leo smiles to him and says that now he’s an adult he totally could fly to the USA by himself and they could do some cool stuff together “like you can drink now and umm, kiss people and-d go to clubs of course, I know where they play the best music and…” he stops because Guang Hong is laughing and blushing a bit and goes “that kissing part was really specific, are you asking me on a date or sth?” and Leo just smirks and says “well, not really but if you are then I would say yes” and they just sit there smiling like two idiots for a while before Guang Hong whispers “I hope I will spend my next birthday with you” and Leo’s heart just stops beating for a second.

It's snowing

It’s snowing and I’m just imagining Emil and Mickey and Sara hanging out at one of the two homes, drinking cocoa while watching the snow fall. Emil would probably come up with the idea to build a snowman and Sara would go along with it and Mickey would be the one to grumble and complain about how it’s too cold and that they’ll all just want to come inside in five minutes, but whatever, right? He kinda wants to see Emil in a heavy jacket and hat, cheeks red from the cold. And boy does he get it because halfway through building said snowman, someone tosses a snowball at someone else and the whole thing just escalates into a game of chase and “who can dump snow down the most people’s shirts,” and everyone is laughing, even Mickey (though he does send Emil death glares whenever he gets too close to his sister’s shirt.) And Emil just looks too cute and excited when he’s covered in snow and shaking from the cold. But when all that is over and they all come in roughly five minutes later, they all decide to watch a movie and curl up and Emil just happens to sit besides Mickey instead of Sara and it makes Mickey glare and blush all throughout the movie because he can feel Emil’s side against his and his thigh pressed up against his and everything in Mickey is suddenly hyper aware of Emil that it’s making him go crazy and he doesn’t think he can take it anymore when Sara gets a call from Mila and she goes off and suddenly he feels a weight on his shoulder. He looks down and Emil is asleep, cheeks red and scarf still wrapped around his neck and it’s still the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. So he doesn’t push him off just yet. It’s a while before he passes out too, but he doesn’t really mind.


It’s that time again friends! I would’ve posted this yesterday but I was insanely busy all day long ;~; Happy Astroversary everyone! Per usual, here’s me and the bias.


Sooooo… It seems like my previous post got a lots of notes… OMG I think I must say “thanks” to all of you for that :3 it’s REALLY cool) 
So, after some embrrassment I decidede to post that after all *//////* Actually I’m still a bit embrrassed about that cuz, u know, THIS IS TOO CUTE. And yeah i ship them hard)))
Got even an idea for fanfic: David still has a lot of pain about his hands which was pierced through and through by Nurf. Gwen helping him when his wound opened again and trying to cheer him up. And then he just deside to kiss her to express his gratitude…

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Femme lesbian anon again. You said you wear a lesbian necklace? Do you have any cute recommendations? I've been trying to find one but I'm picky... I like delicate, subtle stuff and most stuff I find is giant and gaudy;; Sorry to big you again 💋

I do! 💖 this is the one I have. It’s really subtle and cute!

There are so many cute ones! 💕/🌈/💄/👭 

😍 OMG while I was searching I found myself a sapphic choker hehe



They arrived well and I love them @squisherific !!

They are so cute and soft and everything is just so fluffy and tender omg ajshdghsjdfhsdjhsdjfhj