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Short Blurb 1

Because: Marie (@harrycarryme) cheered me up with something about her ramen not being done, and harry wearing all black suit and white button up, here’s to her!

You were only wearing a thin shirt and PJ shorts, it was a bit cold. It was 8pm and you had just woken up from a power nap after mind-blowing sex with you boyfriend of 2 years, Harry.

You sighed slightly thinking back to the previous events, he’d just arrived earlier that morning from a Dunkirk media tour trip, and as soon as you got home, he was already a bit rested and wasted no time pulling you into his arms and fighting over dominance on your way up the stairs to make up for lost time.

After a nice session of slow rough love making, you were spent, and so was he, and you both silently agreed to sleep in, at least until Harry had to leave again for a quick meeting.

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anonymous asked:

Well I just got back from a run with my dog and it was like some kind of romcom and this super cute girl walked by and he went after her and she played with him for a minute and she said that she's normally out with her dog and then suggested that we run together Friday. so long story short I got a girls number.


So like yesterday my crush messaged me n we have a date thing planned Saturday I’m rlly pumped


“He’s at school right now so we have plenty of time to talk…" 

(just wanted to slide this in for the event that my blog is having! >.<;;)

{I like this event SO much and I tooootally didn’t anon some question for it before naaah}

i can’t believe in 2016 there are still people who think it’s cute and quirky to have a very serious mental illness and just wake up one day and decide to tell everyone they have x disorder it literally makes me sick lol but anyway. 

@idontwannabe i’m too tired to actually respond to this, so thanks to @felicidysmoak for responding for me