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Its because Yixing is the superior power that exists in a parallel universe omg. I just canttttt once i saw tht cute little kitten with the letter L i screamed and almost threw my phone. Honestly reminded of him holding the white puppy saying yo baby ~

Okay, I got a theory so get ready:

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At beginning of the Mv, we can see the guy narrating and blah, right? Then he corrects himself and says he’s in the “wrong universe”. Well, it catches my eye that every exo song has a different scenario and a name, for example, LMR has a number which means they’re # planet. 

So according to this, we can say Power is the current planet they are in, all of them are fighting against the final enemy.

In the teaser, we see almost every members’ bulb lights up and why Baekhyun’s not? Because the machine couldn’t capture his. Because if you see the machine before spitting fire, it appears Chanyeol’s bulb so the machine is technically using exo members powers to fight against them, that’s why everyone is using nerfs. 

First parallel world: Lucky

I think it’s called lucky because all of the members are there.

2nd parallel world: ot8

And here it comes the thing of the cat, 3rd parallel world: unfair/planet #1485: 

The cat is only playing with 8 balls which mean Yixing’s could be lost. For me, Yixing isn’t the cat because I believe the cat has a superior role in the whole story. That’s why the cat is able to touch the button, I thought that all those planets are challenges that exo has to pass for them to have their powers back. Also I thought: what if that planet is called unfair because yixing isn’t there? It’s unfair for Baekhyun because their power depends on each other because they’re kinda a couple 

4th parallel world: lmr/planet #1563 it calls my attention this is the only world with smoke. Remember in LMR Mv that Minseok was doing some experiment? 

Besides smoke, we can see that all the members are out in the nature or running away, they’re running away from something but Yixing is the only one trapped. He was screwed since Exodus era, he wasn’t supposed to be free, he needed to stay. Xiuchen and Sekai are already together in the mv so the only ones that were alone were Junmyun, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Kyungsoo but both Kyungsoo and Baekhyun were in similar areas. 

So the thing is, is LMR the universe where everything went wrong? After LMR, we’ve Monster and Lucky one mvs. In Lucky One, we can appreciate how every member is under examinations, I believe Lucky One comes first and then Monster. In Lucky One mv just Yixing and Kyungsoo are the only in hospital gurney that are moving and when those girlies open the door is all black, it means they’re showing the universe. I noticed they already showed a glimpse of the eclipse in the mv. 

To see the supposed eclipse we pass through Yixing’s eye first and then Chanyeo’s fire, it means Yixing was already lost. Baekhyun’s partner was gone already so he tried to balance himself with Chanyeol that’s why he’s next after Yixing also let’s remember Chanyeol lost his partner too, Kris. Then a few seconds later, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are running away together. Everyone is design to complement each other’s power. 

Junmyun and Minseok: ice/water

Sehun and Jongdae: wind/thunder

Baekhyun and Chanyeol: light/fire 

Baekhyun made the eclipse possible, he being Yixing’s partner he represents the moon and Chanyeol the sun. It forms an eclipse.

In Kaixing’s case, it’s not the same because in this mv, Kyungsoo can’t escape from those witches so Jongin partners up with Yixing when in reality, Kyungsoo is his partner. Also it seems, the pairings change depending on the universe because if we follow this theory, Sekai should be partners even in Lucky one mv. 

After all of that, we can see Sechen and Xiuho go back together but not Kaixing so I guess Yixing got separated from Jongin. 

Kyungsoo and Yixing were screwed in this world.

And Monster is, the final product of Minseok’s wrong experiment. In the mv, we can see Baekhyun is in the middle of the choreo but why? Because he has always being the main, the leader, the mastermind. Jongdae is walking normally because he knows how to defeat that stage the chanllenges I mentioned earlier, he could be a spy just like Baekhyun. 

Baekhyun was alone in the messy table at the beggining because he was the one who infiltrated himself in the system to save his brothers, everyone in the mv has a role. It doesn’t matter if it’s about being a fighter or mastermind. Kyungsoo is sit on top of the camaras, he has always been watching, he was just watching and directing what people should do. He was behind with Baekhyun and that would explain why he is the only one that stayed behind in the maze in Lucky One.

But after that, Kyungsoo and Baekhyun lowkey fight along with their members because their presence is almost visible. Later, we can see all the members been beaten up by the enemy and there is where everything falls, Kyungsoo gets discovered and he’s punished. I don’t know if it’s just me but after the Kaixing high-five, everything seems fine: the members are free, Baekhyun appears and turns off the camaras. The high-five means they succeed, they won the war and Baekhyun’s infiltration was a success. 

Now I want to mix Lose Control with this because it all seems to blend well.

Baekhyun saved all his members except his partner, Yixing so that’s why he ends up in the ocean. He’s in Yixing’s parallel world, if you see Lose Control mv you can see there is a lots of water. 

In Lose Control, the mv literally starts with a shot of the ocean peacefully moving then we can see Yixing walking through a white room with paintings and then a girl shows up, she’s running away from him or he’s trying to catch her. What if she’s the Red Force? He’s trying to catch her, he’s trying to get his powers back. Yixing tries to escape but he couldn’t do it also in the Mv the moon appears a lot so we the moon is the main point. In the mv, we can see a corridor with multiple door so what if those are the doors for the other universes and that would explain why Yixing can’t open one of them, it’s the Power Universe.

Baekhyun falls into Yixing’s world and he’s there to save Yixing and give him his power back.

These are all assumptions and not really the theory so lol, they’re prob going to be some plot holes so :C sorry for the long as hell answer!