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youtube com/watch?v=kjOIqrtFeTI please watch this, Isaiah was asked who to kiss between Jace and Simon and he straight up answers Matthew Daddario. HE GETS US


All Yours || Park Chanyeol

Requested: Yes / No

Word Count: 905

Park Chanyeol + Reader + Fluff and Mild? Angst

A/N: This is soooo cute thank you so much for requesting it. Is it bad that I relate so much since I’ve never had a boyfriend? Boyfriend!Chanyeol is the cutest concept ever we all need one.

—In which Chanyeol is your first boyfriend, and you’re worried he might find someone better.

First times are those priceless experiences that cannot be exchanged for anything in the world. Whether it’s a bad first time or a good one, it serves as a lesson for one to improve the next time around. To fortunate people, they get the most on the first try. And you’re one of those fortunate people. 

 A knock on your door stole your attention from the playing TV series on your laptop. You diverted your eyes from the screen and to the clock that hung on the wall in front of you; 6:02 PM, 32 minutes after your boyfriend’s leave for practice. It’s probably Chanyeol at the door. 

With an excited smile on your face, you quickly unlocked and opened the door to be greeted by a cheerful giant. Chanyeol stood in front of you, with his body all covered up to hide his identity, and a bouquet of your favorite flowers. “Hello, baby girl. You look beautiful as always.”, a pink hue spread across your cheeks at his compliment. You were only wearing a pair of black and white pajamas with your hair tied up into a messy bun. Your face was also bare and free from any cosmetics, but Chanyeol still thought you looked beautiful. 

“You should’ve texted me that you were coming over. I didn’t prepare anything for you to eat.” you took the flowers from Chanyeol’s hand and muttered a shy ‘thank you’. 

“That’s okay. Let’s just order some pizza.” Chanyeol closed the door behind him and sat on the couch while you searched for a vase to put the flowers in. Chanyeol never fails to surprise you. He still brings you flowers every time he visits even though you’ve been dating for almost a year now. You still remembered the first time he gave you bright blooms, how could you forget? It was the first time you received one.

“I can’t believe our comeback is starting soon..“ Chanyeol uttered. He was sprawled on the couch, his legs folded to fit his body, his eyes closed, looking tired from practicing.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving soon..“ you replied with a sad smile. You plopped down next to Chanyeol, lifting his head up and resting it down on your lap. His eyes remained closed. You took the time to examine his features, fingertips tracing every outline of his angelic face. His eyebrows scrunched at the sudden contact, but refused to open his eyes. You thought of this as an approval to your gesture. You relaxed his tensed eyebrows with your thumb softly massaging his temples. 

Chanyeol looked like a dream you never expected to come true. He used to be a wish; someone impossible to get a hold of. In fact, you’ve always thought Chanyeol was too good for you. It was so hard to believe that you, a nobody, is the girlfriend of the famous Park Chanyeol, the Exo member that millions of girls dreamed of. Not to mention he’s your first boyfriend. You first felt like you were more of a burden rather than a girlfriend to him. You weren’t that innocent; you knew a lot about relationships, but being inexperienced is different from just knowing. When you had your first kiss with him, you were so nervous because you thought you’d make him feel uncomfortable with your lack of skills. You were relieved when he admitted he found it adorable he was your first kiss. He explained it was like ‘God, Himself, handcrafted the love of his life just for him’ wherein he would be your first for everything. He adored how pure you were, and he promised to respect you.

But his adoration did little to nothing to your insecurities. 

Countless ‘What if’s’ had visited you late at nights to dishearten you from your currently happy relationship with Chanyeol. It felt like a cloud of doubt had unknowingly formed above you with lightning and thunders of anxiety and  inquietude. You’ve wondered if you were doing enough or if you were enough for Chanyeol. If you were making him happy or if you were giving him abundant love and attention he rightfully deserves.

'What if one day, Chanyeol will wake up and his feelings suddenly had a drastic change?’ 

 You were terrified.

“Take a picture. It lasts longer.“ He teased. Chanyeol finally opened his eyes only for it to turn into a worried expression. “Baby girl, why are you crying?” He stood up quickly from his position before softly grabbing your sides.

“Are you hurt? Was my head too heavy? Did I say something wrong?“

‘Jesus, why do you have to be so sweet?’

“No..” you laughed, “You’re just that handsome.” 

A wide smile appeared on Chanyeol’s face, his great ears becoming red at your innocent compliment. “Ahh.. My face is all for you.” Chanyeol cooed. His grip around you became tighter as he pulled you near until you were sitting on his lap.

“My hugs are for you..“ he encircled his arms.

“My kisses are for you..“ he leaned in and pecked your lips.

The thousand butterflies in your stomach wouldn’t stop. Your heart fluttered in every word he spoke with his eyes staring deeply into yours. 

“My love.. I’m all yours.“

The dark clouds above you didn’t exist long because Chanyeol was your bright sun who never failed to remind you how special you are. You don’t have to be afraid.

“And I’m never letting you go..“

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Oh Taejin Love Voyage, oops, I mean Bon Voyage 2 ep.1

Yep Taejin is out there being a true honeymoon couple and it got me shooked! I know they are together like they cannot hide it, but bro! Everything is so cute…my heart is racing. Look at them!!!!

Here is a quick update list (spoilers) on Tae & Jinnie as a honeymoon couple:

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How would SF, UF and US bros react to walking in on their S/Os being lick and nuzzle attack by a bunch of the skelies gaster blasters and is giggling their head off and asking for help.

I loved this ask! It was so cute and I feel accomplished cause I’ve seen this everywhere. Enjoy x3

Blueberry walks into the room and when faced with that adorable sight, he cannot stop himself from giggling. At first, he’ll attempt to scold the blasters and get them off (attempt meaning he barely tries). After a little though, Blue will just sits back and laugh as you get nuzzled to death x3

When Paps walks into the room, he just can’t stop chuckling. To see you in that situation makes his day 100x better, no matter how awful it was. Because he’s trained more with his blasters than his brother, Paps is able to shoo them away with a flick of his hand. But don’t expect to get away from him so soon because Paps needs to cuddle you after seeing something so cute ^^

As Red walks in the room, his grin turns wolfish. He won’t even try to stop his blasters because god this is the best thing he’s seen ever. But after a while, Red’d get bored and call off the blasters. Instead of just helping you up though, he takes their place; he’ll tickle and nuzzle you until you’re crying xD

Boss would growl at the blasters, shooing them off of you and throwing a few treats to make sure they stay gone. He’ll pick you up and carry you over to the couch… where he proceeds to snuggle you and blush. He won’t admit it because he’s so tsundere, but seeing you so cute made Boss’ soul skip a beat~

Raspberry will just sit back and enjoy the show. He wants to watch you beg for his help and even then, he really wouldn’t hep. Unlike Red, Raz wouldn’t ever get bored of seeing you so cute and it’s most likely the blasters that would wander off first or fall sleep next to you.

Russ can’t stop smiling when he sees the sight in front of him. He rarely gets to see this side of his blasters and to have you in the middle of it just makes him all the happier. Russ might tease you and not help for a little, but (after a few pictures) he’ll definitely come save you ;)

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I meet this really cute girl and we texted. It was going so well, we literally talked about everything! We talked about our future and hobbies 🙃 everything was going so well! "I'm going out just in case I don't answer" I'm literally quoting her and then she blocked me 😓 Why did she do that?

She doesn’t want to talk with you anymore. I don’t know why she doesn’t. And you cannot do anything but accepting her decision. I wish you to be luckier next time.


Soo I was tagged by @grucifiction @manic-ghoulette and @gghuleh to post a recent selfie! And @therealcrybaby and @the-human-stain-k tagged me to post a selfie and a my home and lock screen.
I honestly cannot show you my home screen 😅😅😅😅 soo here’s a bonus gif of my cute bb pupper, Khaleesi. 💖
Thanks for tagging me babes. I love it when I get tagged in literally anything. It’s so nice 😭🖤🖤🖤

Bath Time with Sweet Pea

So my dog, Sweet Pea needed a bath desperately today. So, I decided to take a few photos of her being all dramatic. She hates baths.

We start off with her attempting to find an escape route. She failed.

Here is her realizing her fate has been decided and she cannot escape from this dreadful turn of events.

She tried to hide from me, but failed.

She was shaking so I comforted her.

She has been put into her worst enemy.

She refused to look me in the eye.

It was hard to get a picture of her before because she likes to jump out unexpectedly, so I skipped to when I grabbed her with a towel and began to pray so I wouldn’t get wet.

I failed.

She got out of the towel and began to dry herself off on the bathmat that also needs to be washed.

She is now drying herself off after I dried her off a bit.

She was really getting into it. I had ot help in some way…

I got the blow dryer out.

She doesn’t like it very much…

She’s finally dry and ready to get the hell out of dodge.

SHe’s ready.

She’s prepared…

She’s going!



And gone!

As said before, she doesn’t like baths.
The Madmen of Amargosa
Stranger in a Strange Land : An epic tale of ridiculous proportions about a man who can't keep his dick in his pants

I think I fixed all the holes that tumblr made, So I am offering up, once again, my crowning achievement as a storyteller (hah!).   Care to take a trip down memory lane?

Aliens. Male pregnancy. Gold digging whores. Lust. Betrayal. Adorable Babies.  Exhibitionism. Organized Crime.  Genies in Bottles. The Grim Reaper.  Bowling. Ghosts.  Hormonal Teenagers.  GMILFs. Newspapernapping.  Cute Puppies. Ugly neighbors.   Go Steelers!  Costume Parties.  Skinnydipping.  Boozing. Mob Hitmen. Dancing.  Woohooing.   Flaming Bags of Poo!  Fistfights.  Cruel Science Experiments.  Fried Eggs.  Sexy Neighbors.  Ugly Babies. Catfish. Breakdancing.  Grocery Stores.  Things That Cannot be Unseen.  Hackeysack.  Love. Family.

If these are the things that are important to you, then this is the story for you!

All silliness aside, I’m really proud of this piece of shit story.  It’s the only story I have ever completed, and despite the fact that it is absolutely absurd, I love it with all my heart.  (Seriously, I want to have it printed in book form so I can give it away as Christmas Presents.)   It started out as a gaming and storytelling adventure, but the final chapter is very special to me, and in it is some of the best stuff I’ve ever written.  Even if you aren’t into sims stuff, I think it stands well enough on it’s own.  It’s ridiculous and full of lulz, but the message at the end is important.  The ending says a lot about who I am and the long, crazy-ass journey I’ve made in my own life.

I love you guys.  Please read my shit and tell me you love it too.

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 

Listen. I just cannot get over how cute it is that Garnet and Pearl were building a sandcastle for crabs. Like, Steven wasn’t even over there, he was at the mailbox, so it wasn’t for his benefit. They’re just supercute dorks. Just adorable thousands-year-old space alien warriors building a tiny castle for a pair of tiny crabs.