they are so cute and i want to hang with them

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You don't even know how much your blog has helped me with my studies, and I just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job with everything here! I'm in a mood to hang out with friends but it's my birthday so my friends were already here last night and this morning, but they had stuff to do and now I'm alone at home so this sleepoverthingie is really nice. Anyhow, I wanted to ask you what little things you love that bring you joy?

Wow, that is so lovely. I’m overjoyed that it’s actually useful. I’m really happy it’s being a helpful resource!! Happy birthday!! I hope you’ve had a good day. When you’ve had a really good time with friends you never want it to end. It’s weird because sometimes like 6 full hours with them isn’t enough :’-) Isn’t it cute!? I’m really enjoying reading what everyone is sending in! A few things would be my family - they’re so loving and supportive; my friend who lives in England, Katy - she’s so lovely, funny and I’m so glad I’ve kept in contact with her; my friend here, Sabrina - she’s so nice, it’s lovely to spend time with her; my blogs/Instagram - I love being able to connect with so many people and get such positive feedback from people. It’s an amazing feeling to wake up each morning to people sending me nice messages xx



1:54PM: “its been some time since i’ve seen them. it was nice of us to come back here again. i wish it could be like this forever.”

2:36PM: “rapmonnie hyung was embedded in the wall with this spray paint. cute huh?”

3:45PM: “this feels like a dream. the place is so serene. almost as if everything is at a standstill.”

5:32PM: “jin hyung loves to take pictures. i can’t wait to see them later. the picture of hobi hyung, syubbie hyung, and jungkookie should come out well.”

6:23PM: “we stopped at a gas station. hobi hyung is buying snacks. we will eat deliciously.”

7:04PM: “our secret hang out, what a place to be so relaxed in.”

10:59PM: “we’re watching jin hyung’s videos again. we looked so happy.”

5:20AM: “another special place. i never want to think there’s nothing that can ever take this from me.”


Even when a creature is her enemy, her animal loving heart cannot help but be endeared.

Other notable Walani things:

  • She asks the bunny men if they give good hugs.
  • When she sees a mosling, she says “Don’t you just want to pick it up and squeeze it?" 
  • No animosity for the gobbler. “He’s a doofy little guy.”
  • She calls koalefants “big guy” and encourages them to hang ten.
  • Her catcoon quote is the GREATEST. “It’s very independent and loves garbage. Me too!”
  • She loves all the birds in the reign of giants world, unlike SOME so called bird lovers who reject the crows for being too creepy. *coughs at Wilson*
  • When she’s looking at the cactus armor, she says “How can I hug trees wearing this?”
  • Cat Cap: “I can feel the spirits of catcoons that made it.”
  • I could go on and on forever. She has a LOT of cute quotes about the animals and lot of hippy-like quotes. Walani is the number one animal lover. Let her chill out and snuggle her animal friends.
Being bff with Taehyung would include :
  • lot of texts
  • but I mean a lot lot
  • memes
  • derp pictures
  • all the tIME
  • he would definitely steal your phone time to time to take 1584selfies of himself 
  • you will also kind of be a part of the maknae line™
  • video games with them and stuff
  • “Guys stop hanging out with her she’s MY bff not yours”
  • it would be so cute tbh
  • random visits like 
  • he could show up at yours at like 3am and be like
  • And you may want to close the door at him for waking you up
  • but in the end you will just go put some shoes on and go get ice cream with him
  • like you’re part of the maknae line™ of course you will annoy the hyungs with them
  • imitations
  • damn he would imitate you all the timeeeee
  • y’know just like how Jungkook imitates Jimin lol
  • but ofc there will be cute af moments
  • such as when he feels like cuddling 
  • he would randomly plump on the couch next to you
  • and lay down on your legs or smth
  • and you will just start playing with his hair 
  • and sometimes when the others see you like this they will think you’re more than just bff
  • but to you guys it’s normal and totally not in a romantic way
  • when they’re overseas for tour
  • like whenever he has time tbh
  • “So this is the venue, it’s pretty big right ? Can you believe we’re gonna perform here ?????”
  • “And this is ma hotel room, I have one just for me it’s amazing and spacious ! Wanna See ?”
  • and he would not let you the time to answer and would start a room tour lol


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No hate towards Kookie, cause knowing him, he was probably just embarrassed having Jimin resting on him in front of so many people.

But even so, I still find this moment endearing.

Jimin was clearly tired and he just wanted someone soft to lay on until it was their turn to do an event. So when Jungkookie didn’t let him, he kind of just laid on the floor like he always does and just stayed there for a while. Eventually Jimin finds Tae and his friend just lets him stay there on his lap and fall asleep. Tae even puts an arm on him and the two just look so comfortable together. Like I imagine them doing that all the time at home. Its just so domestic and cute, that it’s a moment I hang onto a lot.

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you know what's great? puppies! puppies are great. when they cuddle you? GREAT. whey they do something silly cause they're lil and learning? GREAT.

GREAT. Greatness. And when they look up with those big eyes and blink really cutely

and they’re so cute when they’re waiting for a treat

and they’re really cute when they’re focusing on catching something

and they’re adorable when they’re a lil confused about leaving on trains

and when you playfully spray water at them AW

and when you tell them you’re taking them out to play catch, so cute

and newly woken up puppies I mean please

puppies are maybe the cutest when they scrunch their noses tho

and when they want your attention :) 

and when puppies fall over cause they’re having a lil too much fun

and when they get a lil disgruntled about having to be groomed

and when puppies get pouty ‘cause they don’t get their waaaay

and when puppies meet other puppies and hang out :) CUTE.

I love puppies. 

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THAT PHOTO his legs are a million miles long and need to be wrapped around Magnus STAT

I KNOW ALEC’S DEER LEGS ARE AMAZING but honestly sometimes i think about this but i also think about how awkward it’ll be??? i just love cute sweet awkwardness between couples like i keep imagining alec wrapping those legs around magnus but also just knocking shit over bc his limbs are too long. and magnus is like alexander please control your tentacles and alec is like why do you have so many goddamn VASES MAGNUS 

also if they ever made out on the couch like? alec’s legs hanging over the edge. magnus on top and kissing him and alec is like ok wait my leg fell asleep though.

but also it happening the other way around bc i still laugh in that scene in 1x06 where magnus leaning over the couch to help luke but he has to grab onto his necklaces with one hand or they’d smack luke in the face. i mean i talk a lot about magnus keeping his jewelry on when they’re in bed, but realistically speaking, how many times would alec get smacked in the face with those necklaces?? 

alec finally being like ok enOUGH and he just snaps them off and meanwhile magnus can’t stop laughing.


Shylow, age 22, homeless - The streets of London

I sat down with a homeless guy as I was leaving a supermarket in London. I ended up spending 3 hours hanging out with him. He had the brightest smile and a great outlook on life. I will never forget something that he told me, “I want to get the email of every single person who has helped me in my life, so that one day I can send them a picture of the bead that I put in one of my dreads for them, so that I can always carry them with me everywhere I go.”

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Hello~! Do you think I could request the rfa with a hopeless romantic MC. She constantly watches old romance movies like Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride, reads romance novels and has a full bookshelf of them, has hours of cute love-y music on her ipod, that sort of thing? Love your writing by the way! I've been scrolling through your blog all day!! :)

A/N: This was so hard for me because I’m actually a REALLY big tsundere and i just yeah lmao im so sorry ^^;; ~Admin 404


           -He’s sensitive and all

           -And he’s so hung up on finding love!!! He wants to love and be loved!!! Only wants one person in his life!

           -And it’s you!

           -You have the same idea, so the two of you work very well together

           -So much love between the two of you oh my god


           -Seriously, there’s so many small, cute kisses between the two of you that even Zen pretended to barf

           -The two of you THRIVE off of romance movies!!! Those and Disney movies are about the only things you two watch

           -That being said, he’s a-okay with you being a hopeless romantic, he is too!!!

           -He just didn’t know it until you came along <3


           -He’s such a hopeless romantic omfg

           -He will burst into rooms with grand gestures

           -Constantly singing love songs to you

           -10/10 you always sing along

           -Always spins you around, pulling you into a dance

           -Completely ecstatic that you’re the same way!! Y e s MC, burst out into love songs from movies and plays, he’s gonna jump right on in

           -He always brings you flowers! And you just live for it you don’t even have to mention it to him hype hype hype

           -Both of you are so emotional during movies but there’s never any judgment

           -He’s even worse than you though??? Like, cliché kisses in the rain happen every time it rains

           -Since he’s 10x more hopelessly romantic than you, he’s completely okay with it, you do you MC


           -Secretly loves those old romantic movies

           -Lowkey judges you for crying at happy movies but you turn it right back around on her when she cries at beautiful love scenes played by Zen

           -The two of you listen to the music on your phone constantly

           -“MC, these are all love songs” “Yes, I’m aware”

           - secretly downloads them all onto her own phone later

           -You’re always dancing around the room with such grace, bringing her along

           -You somehow always seem to sweep her off her feet and she loVES IT

           -She gets so flustered!!!!!

           -Oh my goodness, she has no idea how to handle the flowers you shower her in??

           -MC our house is overrun with flowers where is the remote? The DVD’s? MC where is tHAT DOCUMENT IT’S HIDDEN UNDER FLOWERS I NEED THAT


           -He noticed fairly quickly what your taste in novels were

           -You had a shelf full of these romance novels, so he attempted to read one

           - is this truly what MC wants???

           -You come home to a whole floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of romance novels for you to read

           -He started to come home with flowers every now and then, and you were so!!! Happy!!!

           -The smile on your face was to die for, so he vowed from then on to do whatever it takes to get that smile

           -You love to talk about the future with him, plan your ideal dates, things of that sort


           -Your ideal dates are now reality, he’ll make sure of it

           -Therefore, he absolutely loves that this is part of your personality, because you’re so cute! So innocent! And he is going to do everything he can to enhance it!!


           -Both of you cry to 10 Things I Hate About You

           -He put it on for the first time, hoping he could console you at the end

           -Both of you were complete sobbing messes

           -He doesn’t surprise you with actual flowers

           -Makes bouquets of HBC wrapper flowers thanks saeyoung

           -You tell him how much you love him multiple times a day and it gets to him every single time

           -Seriously, he cries sometimes because??? How did he ever get you??

           -The two of you like to talk and theorize about your OTP’s

           -That’s your dinner talk, not “how was your day” it’s usually “sO LISTEN, WHAT IF-”

           -Every now and then, the two of you dance around the house, blasting love songs he puts on a dress and heels and everything




           -Do I even need to talk about all the adorable candid pictures he takes of you? No? Too bad I just did

           -If you’re ever sad, he hangs up pictures of the two of you EVERYWHERE what a DORK NEED ME A FREAK LIKE THAT

           -You make him playlists full of love songs all the time

           -You even write down why you picked each song!!!

           -God damn he loves it??? He needs someone soft and loving like you


           -He feels so blessed?? Like, you want to act out your own personal love story with him???

           -Sign him right the fuck up,  he’s so happy and toTALLY DESERVES THIS


           -If he’s honest, it makes him uncomfortable sometimes

           -You watch all these romantic movies and cry and just

           -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO????

           -He does like watching you dance around and sing to those sappy love songs of yours though

           -He doesn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, he just pays all his attention to you

           -When you aren’t paying attention, he reads a lot of your romance novels just to see what they’re about

           -He actually gets pretty insecure because?? He isn’t like the guys you read about, he isn’t smooth with his words and he doesn’t know how to be so…. spirited

           -So when you take the role of being the passionate one, he’s actually pretty relieved! Maybe he can learn from you before attempting it on his own

           - still refuses to dance with you though, it isn’t happening

           -He does surprise you with flowers every now and then though, sometimes he even plays a love song to describe the feelings he has for you

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: D.Va and Mei

[Submission by various anons and @brushwolf625 ]

I love these two in the same picture. I don’t think I’ve seen much art of  them hanging out, and now I realise I want it. D.Va looks good in everything, and Mei is never not adorable - I didn’t like her character much until drawing her, but that’s so often the way it goes. Anyway, they’re cute and I’m glad I got to swap them. 

Thank you for the submission! 

After having so many of my plans fall through, my incredible and amazing friend collab’d with me to draw a Marcy that came out better than I could have ever hoped for. Since I absolutely love the idea that Jake knits all his friends cute sweaters during the winter, I decided I wanted to make a picture of Marcy wearing a sweater that Jake made for her (featuring his cute face!). Merry Christmas @amanda-fluffire, I hope you like it!! :)

And thank you so much to @soupery for organizing this! I know it must be really stressful but just know that we all love and appreciate all the work you do <3

Amethyst liked Peridot first - Theory

So someone made a post stating instead of Peridot having a crush on Amethyst and it becoming mutual, it was Amethyst having a crush on Peridot and it becoming mutual. But actually, this is kinda plausible.

Why is it? Well let’s look at this :

Originally posted by snapbacksteven

I could kinda see it as a bit flirty. She wasn’t as violent as Garnet and Pearl were with her. And instead, she was a bit seductive. She was violent too, but still.

Now going to Too Far. Amethyst was really clingy to Peridot in Too Far up until the middle of it. (I’ll get to that soon) She followed her around, wanted to be with her and talk to her.  “But, are you forgetting the fact that she only did it because she found her funny?” No. I’m not.  A crush is when you find someone funny or cute or smart or all of the above, and like to hang out with them. It’s basically Amedot.

And it didn’t become mutual up until Peridot realized she liked making her happy in the episode. She wanted to make her happy and shit.  That’s when Peridot’s crush on Amethyst started developing.

And when Peridot unintentionally made those jokes, Amethyst wasn’t pissed and didn’t try to hurt her. She was sad. She felt like taking out on her, but she didn’t. She was sad. It was because of those insults, but also, her new crush, friend, hurt her.

And at the end Amethyst easily forgave her.  Why though?

Anyways yeah, I feel like the Amethyst liked her first theory is plausible.

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Maven and Cal as kiddies please


All the Lights We Cannot See

It was surprisingly warm in the palace for an early spring night. Normally a lingering chill would still hang in the air, raking skeleton fingers down people necks as they slept. Maven wasn’t entire sure if he hated that, or this more. This sweltering blanket of humidity and heat that seemed to suffocate him as he slept. He couldn’t sleep in this heat, and it bothered him, because he was tired and he wanted nothing more than to sleep. 

He heard a creak from somewhere near his desk, and sitting up quickly he pulled the blankets up to hide behind and glanced fearfully at the corner. A part of the stone wall had been pushed away to reveal a shadowy figure standing there. He opened his mouth to scream, but the shadow spoke quickly, a voice he knew well. 

“Don’t scream, it’s me, Mavey!”

Slowly, he dropped his sheets, and the watched as his brother appeared in the sliver of moonlight that the curtains allowed. He was dressed in his sleeping clothes as well, but his feet were bare. Maven rubbed at his eyes, upset that he had been scared and then grumbled, “What do you want? It’s too early to be up Cal.”

“Uncle Julian told me that the sky’s going to be awake tonight… I thought you would want to see it.”

Julian Jacos, their uncle, a man he knew his mother despised. He wasn’t sure why yet, and whenever he asked, his mother always snapped that he was too young to know. Five was more than old enough in his eyes though to know these things. 

The mattress sank down next to him as Cal pulled himself up onto it. He sank back on his heels once he was there and then smiling widely at Maven, he said, “I’m going up to the North Tower to watch. But I wanted to see if you wanted to come too.” 

Maven narrowed his eyes, deep in thought for a toddler, and then said, “But won’t we get in trouble?” 

Cal made a noise with his lips that was half between a raspberry and a sigh, and sounded oddly like a horse. He crossed his arms and then teased, “Where’s the adventure in just sitting here. Come on Mavey, let’s go!”

Maven frowned, certain that if they got caught, his mother would not be happy that he was sneaking around the palace in the early hours of the morning, even if it was Cal’s idea. He would get in trouble simply for agreeing to go along. But Cal’s eyes were so pleading, and it couldn’t have been that bad if he got all the way to the nursery room from his own all by himself. Cal had left the nursery a few months ago, after it had been determined that he was old enough to sleep on his own. Maven had heard his mother talking to the nurse about it the day before Cal’s things were moved. He remembered that day very well. Cal had stood in the doorway to the nursery, looking back at Maven for a few minutes, his eyes sad as he took in his younger brother standing in the middle of the room alone. They had always shared a room it seemed, and this would be the first time they were separated. Maven hadn’t been sure how to feel. Although it annoyed him that his brother was always full of energy and never seemed to sleep, he would miss their late night games, when they had jumped from bed to bed, pretending they were spies for the Iral family, infiltrating mysterious courts that they made up. He would miss sitting with Cal underneath a bed sheet reading by the light of a strange cylinder that Cal had found. He would miss their hide and seek games that they played by the light of the moon. Maven wouldn’t admit it, but he only felt like a child at night, when Cal shook him awake and told him that the nurse had finally gone to bed, and the palace was asleep. He’d grin wildly and then shove his blankets back before leaping up to join whatever game he and Cal would come up with. 

“Fine, but if we get caught again, I’m telling my momma that it was all your idea.”

Cal grinned, not at all fazed by the thought of Elara Merandus. He leaped off the bed, and Maven couldn’t help but smile as well as he grabbed his robe and slipped it on. Cal was waiting by the strange opening in the wall, and the minute Maven was in arm’s reach, he grabbed his hand and pulled him in before pushing the wall back into place. 


The North Tower was on the other side of the palace from the nursery. Cal’s rooms were much closer to it, and for that reason, Maven felt a little bit of joy at the fact that Cal had gone all the way across the palace to get him. It had been tricky getting back across though. Cal had apparently timed his escape from his room perfectly, because he hadn’t run into any Sentinel patrols, but on the way back across, they had run into almost every one of them. A few times, Cal had shoved Maven into the curtains and had ducked in after. They had listened to the sound of the guard’s boots as they passed, and as soon as the hallway was quiet, they had burst into fits of giggles. After a particularly close call, Cal had turned to Maven and whispered, “Looks like we could be spies for the Iral’s after all, huh Mavey?” They had giggled about that, and then hurried out into the hallway again before making a mad dash for the steps up to the top of the North Tower. 

Now standing at the top, Maven felt a little lightheaded as he looked out the window at the drop below them. He gulped and then scrambled back toward Cal who was trying to pull on a chain and open the door that was in the ceiling. 

“Are you sure we’re allowed up here?” Maven asked hesitantly as he glanced out the window at the lights of Summerton below them. Cal shrugged in response and then gave a particularly hard tug on the rusted chain. It groaned and the door opened slightly. Panting with exertion, Cal pulled again to keep opening it and said, “No one comes up here, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Maven thought of the palace far below them and then crossing his arms, he accused, “You took us into an out of bounds area again, didn’t you!”

Frowning, Cal glared at him and then said, “Don’t be dumb Mavey, if it were an out of bounds area, I wouldn’t have taken us here.”

“That’s what you said last time!” Maven cried as pushed Cal. Cal screeched as he fell backwards, his flame maker clicking against the stone as he hit the ground. The last time something like this had happened, they had been discovered by a Sentinel who had carried them by the backs of their shirts to their father who had reprimanded them for over an hour about how dangerous certain parts of the old palace were. Maven’s mother had given her own lecture afterward, one that Cal hadn’t been a part of, but one that Maven wouldn’t forget. How could he let Cal do this again?! His mother was going to be so angry. 

“Mavey look!” Cal cried as he pointed out the window, pulling Maven out of his spiraling thoughts about his mother. Cal scrambled to his feet, apparently forgetting the argument that was about to start, and then hurried to the window. Maven crossed his arms and turned his back on whatever Cal was looking at. He wanted to go back to the nursery, and he had half a mind to go there himself, but he didn’t have a perfected mental map of the palace. Not like Cal did. 

“Mavey, you’re going to miss it.” Cal breathed, his voice soft and awestruck. Huffing in annoyance, Maven turned around to look out the window. Outside, hundred of bright lights were flashing across the sky. He blinked in surprise and then edged toward Cal who smiled at him and then said, “Uncle Julian told me that they’re falling stars.”

“That’s silly Cal, stars don’t fall.” Maven said as he huddled close to Cal. Wrapping an arm around his brother’s shoulders, Cal gave a sloppy wink and then said, “Come one Mavey, you can believe it at least a little bit, can’t you?”

Smiling weakly, all worry about his mother and being caught disappearing as Maven shrugged and then lifted his eyes back to the sky to watch the bright flecks of light shoot across the inky blue expanse. They were beautiful, like flames shooting across the sky, and for a moment it seemed like it was raining stars. 

Maven watched those lights for what felt like hours. After an hour though, Cal had slumped against the wall and fallen asleep. Maven had tried to wake him up again, but Cal had huffed and then slid down to the floor until he was curled up. He’d grumbled that he was wide awake, and had then dropped back off into sleep. Deciding that it was best to let him sleep, Maven had turned his eyes back to the light show above his head. As the dark blue of night began to bleed into the layers of pink and orange of morning, Maven felt his eyes grow heavy.The stars had stopped falling hours ago, but he had stared up at the remaining ones, thinking about how alone they must feel if all their friends fell to the earth. A light breeze stirred his hair, and with a yawn he sank down and then curled up against Cal. His brother sighed in his sleep and then rolled over and wrapped his arms around his brother. Maven snuggled deeper into his embrace in response. Sighing sleepily, he murmured, “Thanks for taking me to see the lights Cal.” 

He got a sleepy snort in response, and with a smile he closed his eyes and then let himself drift off into the sleep, where he was not at all displeased with the warmth anymore. 

Oh my god, listen, I cried a little writing this, cause I just kept thinking about Elara pulling away this part of baby maven and I was like, damn that bitch, they could have been such amazeballs brothers, and she just had to be a cold heartless bitch. Anywho, *wipes away tear*, I had so much fun writing baby Cal and Maven, in all honesty, I now want to write a little thing for them. God so many head canons so little time. XDDD Also shout out to frozen for giving me this idea, and the whole “the sky is awake” concept. (: 

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GOM gift for their S/O ??

I did one last year, but I wanted to do this one again because fun stuff! 

Akashi: Akashi is a big fan of showering his significant other with love, so he goes to great lengths to plan displays and have flower arrangements until they assure him that it’s not really necessary for the holidays. Instead, he gets them a fancy red dress/suit in preparation for the Christmas date he will take his significant other on. It consists of a candlelit dinner at the top of a very well-decorated building and later on, he has tickets to a holiday musical for them to enjoy. 

Aomine: Momoi helps this poor child in getting a gift, and she chooses a really cute backpack for his significant other. Aomine doesn’t notice a lot of things, usually, but your backpack is just really old and is kind of tearing apart and it always catches his eye when you guys hang out. He also wants to get you a scarf, and Momoi picks out a cute one (with Aomine’s input of course). 

Kise: He gets his significant other matching ugly Christmas sweaters because Kise LOVES the holidays. Also he showers them with a ton of different candles because he was so indecisive, he couldn’t choose which one would go best with them, so he basically went to a candle shop and grabbed a bag full of scents that reminded him of his significant other. 

Kuroko: He prefers thoughtful gifts, instead of anything overly expensive. He knits his significant other some mittens, and gets them a cute phone case. Basically, he thinks of little “stocking stuffer” ideas and he makes them a personalized stocking to hang in front of the fireplace. He gets them candles (Kise offered him some extra), a beanie, mittens, and phone case. 

Murasakibara: He’s a food type of guy, but he also made an effort to get his significant other something substantial for the holidays. He makes them a tray full of holiday goodies, but he gets them a donut shaped pillow to remind them of him. With Himuro’s help he also finds them a cute necklace trinket. 

Midorima: Midorima is extremely thoughtful with his gifts, and he’s kind of like Kuroko in amassing a variety of different gifts for his significant other. The first one, obviously, has to be related to their horoscope sign: either a perpetual lucky object or a bracelet with their horoscope sign on it. Midorima also gets them one of his favorite books, and a pair of olive fluffy socks. 

When you are best friends with Rocky and you two like to do a lot of skinship

Thanks for requesting~ I really hope you like this and if not, please tell me~ ^^

I REALLY HAD A HARD TIME CHOOSING OMG I WANTED TO DO THIS OF MJ BUT LIKE ROCKY??? I’LL DO AN MJ SCENARIO LATER T-T ah this idea is so cute i died a few times while writing this oh lord TuT i feel like this could be better though… it was hard to stuff fluff in here idk >< tell me what you though about this! >< I REALLY LOVE THE IDEA!

Words: 1102

Fluff like not in a really romantic way idek

Requested by @goddammitdanyul ♥

Originally posted by astro-moonbinrockytrash

You gave Minhyuk a look. ”Are you challenging me?” you asked, eyeing the basketball in his hands.

“You said it, not me,” he grinned and bounced the ball a few times.

ASTRO didn’t have any schedules on that day so you were hanging out with them. You didn’t even know how you had befriended the idols, it just… happened? One day you met them and the other you were already friends. It had been really easy to befriend them even though they were idols. They were really easygoing and nice and at the moment they didn’t have much to do besides practice.

You tugged Bin’s sleeve. “Help me.”

He looked at you and then at Minhyuk. “Nah, I think you’re going to have to deal with him on your own.”

You let out a sigh and turned to Minhyuk. “Get ready to get your ass beaten,” you threatened him while slowly approaching him.

“Oh, yeah?” he looked amused. “Just like last time when you almost cried over the fact that I won?”

You frowned. “I did not.”

“Whatever,” he grinned. “The one who scores ten points first wins.”

“What’s the prize?” you asked.

“A piggyback ride to the convenience store nearby.”

“Call,” you agreed.

You lost. It was a close match though, you almost won.

Minhyuk grinned widely when he hopped on your back. You let out a heavy sigh before you seven walked - well, basically it was six since Minhyuk wasn’t walking - to the nearest convenience store to buy something to drink.

Once you got there, Minhyuk got off your back and you all disappeared to different aisles, trying to decide what to buy. You went straight to the drinks aisle.

“What are you going to get?” a pair of arms wrapped around your shoulders from behind.

“I don’t know,” you said. “You?” you asked him - who was none other than Minhyuk.

“Hmm,” he hummed, looking at the shelf filled with soft drinks. “Fanta. Want to share?” he asked.

“I don’t really feel like drinking Fanta,” you stated. “I’m not too thirsty anyway, so I guess I’ll just save my money for another time.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, letting go of you and getting a small bottle of Fanta from the shelf. You nodded and you two went over to the others who were already waiting at the cashier.

“If I didn’t know you two, I’d believe you are dating,” Jinwoo said as you all paid for your stuff and left the store. Minhyuk had his arm around your waist and that wasn’t unusual at all. You were surprised pictures of situations like these weren’t all over the internet. No one knew about you and ASTRO being friends and you were really surprised by that. They did wear masks and hoods, caps or beanies when you were hanging out outside the company building so that was probably the reason no one had caught you yet. Even you had a hard time telling them apart when they were “in their disguise”.

“I know them and I still think they are secretly dating,” Sanha stated and you and Minhyuk just chuckled in response.

“How was your week, by the way?” Dongmin asked you. “Did anything happen?”

You shook your head. “Nope.”

“Must be nice…” Sanha sighed. “You have so much free time… I’m jealous.”

“You should be grateful for what you have,” Minhyuk poked him with his free arm.

“I am!” Sanha rubbed his arm. “It’s just that it sounds so nice to have a lot of free time…”

The others agreed with him but you knew they were all grateful for what they had.

“Are you going to go practice in the evening?” you asked them after a brief silence.

“We probably have to,” Jinwoo said, taking a sip out of the Cola Myungjun had bought.

“Are you going to come to the practice room too?” Minhyuk asked you.

“Would you mind me coming?”

Everyone shook their head. “Of course not.”

You laughed at the way the guys warmed up before starting practice. They danced to girl group songs, played around and laughed a lot. You were happy to see them enjoying themselves. That was until they started practicing seriously. Their smiles faded away - though at times they flashed a cheeky smile after doing a small mistake - and their expressions were serious. You admired them from the side.

They are so cool…

You were very grateful and happy about the fact that you had met them. It’s not like you couldn’t live without them - actually, life without them did sound a little frightening now that you thought about it - but you were thankful that they were around. You had your own lives, they had their idol lives and you had your normal, sometimes boring life. Still, meeting each other every now and then was always just as fun and refreshing. They were almost like a source of energy for you and they thought the same about you. You cheered each other up.

“Should we take a break?” Bin asked, panting heavily after they had gone through their new song’s tiring choreography a few times.

Everyone agreed to a five-minute break. They grabbed their bottles of water and sat or lied down to catch their breath. Minhyuk came over to you and sat down next to you on the floor.

“How many weeks do you have left until the comeback?” you asked him.

“Three,” he drank some water. “What do you think? Were we terrible?”

You chuckled. “Not at all.”

“Looking from here,” Sanha said from the other side of the room, making you two look at him. “It totally looks like you two are dating.”

“Oh, shut up,” Minhyuk threw him with the small towel he had been holding and Sanha laughed.

You two were sitting opposite the mirrored wall of the practice room. You looked at the reflection of you and Minhyuk. He was leaning on you like he always did. It wasn’t uncomfortable or annoying, you actually liked it. But seeing your reflection from the mirror made you feel a little weird about it.

“What is it?” Minhyuk asked when you weren’t saying anything.

“Nothing,” you smiled and looked away from the mirror.

You liked the fact that you two were so close. Minhyuk always treated you nicely and you liked hanging out with him and the others. Even though you were best friends, you couldn’t help but wonder… Did Minhyuk treat all his friends like he treated you or was there possibly something behind all the skinship he did with you?

happy magnus thoughts bc he’s a Big Beautiful Boy and i love him

  • starts sing-alongs on every single roadtrip. reactions from fellow travellers vary but what’s important is that magnus has a good time
  • he keeps all the soulwood fingers merle loses for talking shit about pan and carves them into cute lil figurines to give away as presents (usually with a really lame hand pun that people are either confused or horrified by) (the director puts hers in a drawer and tries not to think about it too much)
  • hangs out with the void fish a lot bc it’s just. very calming for him. and also the fish socialisation is really good for steven. carving figurines out of merle’s fingers with the void fish+steven and optional johan soundtrack is the no.1 magnus burnsides method of relaxing
  • on the flip side of that he stress exercises and pretty much everyone at b.o.b has sat on his back while he does push-ups at some point or another. taako usually levitates just above him bc he doesn’t want to sit on magnus’ back bc that’s sweaty and gross but it’s the thought that counts
  • chronic brain freeze/burnt tongue bc he just. never learns 
  • will always stop to pet dogs when he sees them. if they’re in the middle of a crisis he will settle for scratching it behind the ears and telling them he loves them before moving on but otherwise it is Cuddle Time

anonymous asked:

so the ah tumblr posted a pic for st. patty's day and trevor's in the ah varsity jacket it. now i need a high school au where trevor's an athlete (quarterback maybe? idk) and jeremy's a gymnast who has a HUGE crush on him. they eventually get together and jeremy gets to wear his jacket.


jeremy harboring a quiet crush on trevor that his friends tease him about because “wow so original silently pining over a jock you’ve never spoke to when is your disney channel original movie coming out” while jeremy asks them to shut up for the thousandth time. but they get assigned to each other for a class project and jeremy’s silent crush become a lot less “he’s cute and tall” and a lot more “he’s funny and nice and dorky and talks to me and wants to hang out and is cute and tall mother of a fucker” which means jeremy falls for him harder as they get closer, which sucks? it sucks being able to feel your thing for someone become a bigger thing while they remain 100% uninterested, but after an acceptable amount of time and misunderstandings trevor does a big “i want to date you” speech and they laugh about how stupid they were and jeremy wears  trevor’s jacket and flaps the too long sleeves around