they are so cute and awkward around each other i'm going to cry

Okay so @chirpingisflirting said she’s been having a real poopy bday, so I thought I’d take a crack at a nurseydex hc (which became this lame ficlet chimera) for her! Here goes nothing! Literally!

I’d imagine that, early in Nursey and Dex’s relationship (say, four months in?), school starts hittin’ Dex hard; boy’s got assignments up the wazoo, some emergency fees come up and he takes a small job a few days a week at the school bookstore/convenience store, his life’s just a mess. Nursey’s trying to keep his cool and be understanding, but it’s driving him nuts. He hasn’t seen Dex outside of practice in like, a month and a half, and he keeps trying to text him and make the best out of a crappy situation, but Dex tends to fall asleep or get bogged down by a new assignment and just forgets to text back and or it’s been almost a day and it’d feel really awkward to answer now and… yeah. It’s really fucking with Nursey.

He’s been taking it slow with Dex (whom I headcanon as only recently really coming into his sexuality?) since the start, but it feels like he’s the only one who gives a crap sometimes. Nursey reminds himself that’s obviously not true, though, and that Dex is just obscenely busy and just… lays on the supportive texts, or brings extra snacks for Dex after practice/before class. Still, this can only go on for so long.

And it’s driving Dex crazy too, because he’s reading all the texts, and he can see how upset Nursey is every time he splits up with the rest of the team after breakfast to head off to class, and it weighs on his mind when he’s knee-deep in some cs problem. It’s his first real relationship (with a dude?), and he’s crazy for Nursey, but he feels like he’s only giving 30% when Nursey’s constantly giving 100% (which ISN’T TRUE; boy’s running himself ragged, here!).

So he works double time for like a week to give him enough slack to slack off for an evening. It’s Tuesday, and he texts Nursey around lunch to get dressed in something comfy and wait outside the Haus for him after dinner. Nursey’s totally confused and is so… idk? Anxious? What could Dex want to talk about? Can Nursey even take this anymore? Is this fair to him? He almost doesn’t reply or want to show up, but he’s a sucker for Dex, so he puts on a cute li'l sweater over a collared shirt and waits out front.

Dex pulls up ten minutes late (definitely unlike him), and Nursey and him drive off silently.

They pull up to this hill hidden between these real posh houses that overlook Samwell and the surrounding town, minutes pass, and Dex pulls a scrap of paper and a single, haggard looking rose from behind his seat, but he still won’t talk. He just stares down at the things in his hands, and Nursey’s somewhere between concerned and pissed.

“I stopped by the flower shop before they closed and picked this up for you,” Dex starts, hands on the rose he’s now jerking in Nursey’s direction, “but I realized I don’t even know if you like roses, and this is completely fucking cliché, and it got all fucked up because I kept fiddling with it, and- Jesus, Nurse. I’m sorry.”

Nursey just looks up and locks eyes with Dex for the first time all night. Concern is winning out over anger now. He takes the rose, and his eyebrows wrinkle in an almost sad way.

“Shit, Nur- Derek! Derek. Are you okay? I’m so, so–”

“I love it.” Nursey places his hand over Dex’s. Dex just blushes and goes silent again, his eyes returning to the scrap that’s getting closer to becoming, well, scraps.

“I know I’ve been really shitty about, well, us, recently.” Dex is breathing deeper now. “But I know how hard this is for you, and I think about you all the time, and I thought I could balance everything, but I-” Dex shrugs. “I guess I can’t,” he chuckles.

“And I guess I know how much you like poetry and stuff, and- just- I brought you here to tell you…” He stretches out the paper in his now shaking hands, and sucks in a sharp breath. Th- this. Just read this.“ He passes the scrap over to Nursey:

‘You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won’t tell you that he loves you, but he loves you. And you feel like you’ve done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave in the dirt, and you’re tired. You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and you’re trying not to tell him that you love him, and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you didn’t even have a name for.’

"Yo, you know plagiarism is probably the least effective way to my heart, right?” Nursey chirps.

“I know that, idiot,” Dex starts. “I- I’m not saying I wrote it. I just-”

“I know, man.” Nursey’s hand tightens around Dex’s.

And then Nursey’s kissing him, and Dex could almost cry for all that he feels he doesn’t deserve it after this past month. They break apart soon, though, and Dex takes the moment to hold Nursey out at arm’s length.

“I'msosorryDerekyoudeservebetterthanthisI'lltryharderforyou,” Dex breathes out.

“Hey, chill. I’m not blind, you know? You’re doin’ everything you can, Will. Just… just let me help you too, y'know? If you’re too busy to leave your damn room, let me come to you. It’ll kill me, but I can catch up on my readings and… not distract you.” He waits a beat for Dex to answer, and when he doesn’t, he continues, “Or I can meet you in between classes and walk you to your next one, or we can call each other… I just miss you.”

Dex’s eyes start darting here and there, like he’s looking for something in Nursey’s, and he finally answers: “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.” He’s sniffling now. “Let me do better.”

And with that, Dex leans in to kiss the smile sprouting on Nursey’s lips.

(And then vehicular cuddles. A lot of them. To the point where Nursey has to drive them back because Dex is half-asleep.)

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Angst tired Lance with Allance.

Hopefully you like it! (Sorry it took so long)


Lance walks by the kitchen for the fifth time that night, knowing that no one is in there, the rest of the team safely asleep in their beds, that is except for Lance. It’s been weeks since Lance has gotten a full nights rest, nightmares of his team or his family in the hands of the Galra plaguing his sleep, sometimes, when it’s not his team of his family, he’ll dream about the bomb from when Sendak took over the castle. and when he’s unable to sleep, his own invasive thoughts keeps him company. He’s taken to roaming the castle to try and burn of some energy, and to hopefully busy his mind away from the negative thoughts that swirl in his head. He knows that it’s only a temporary fix, but it’s what he’s always done and it’s the only way for him to catch any sleep, even though it’s barely any.

He walks by the command station, expecting to be just as dark and empty as every other room in the castle. Instead, he sees that the lights are on in there.
‘Is someone else up? At this time of night?’
As quietly as he can, he sneaks in to the room and sees that Allura is standing on her pedestal, still in her combat suit and seems to be completely submerged in…..whatever it is she’s doing.
“Allura?” Lance calls out, immediately regretting sneaking in as he sees Allura jump.
“Lance! Dont do that! You scared the quiznak out of me!” Allura chides,her hand on her chest as she turns around towards Lance.“ What are you even doing up? It’s the middle of the night cycle?”
“I could ask you the same thing.” Lance walks up towards Allura and sits down on the ledge of the raised platform, looking out into the sea of blackness and stars. Allura takes a seat next to him and looks out towards the star systems as well.

They sit in a comfortable silence for who knows how long before Allura finally speaks up,
“Do you want to tell me why you’re wondering the castle instead of sleeping like the others?” Lance unconsciously tenses at the question, not really wanting to talk about his nightmares and self doubt, let alone the negative thoughts that cloud his mind from time to time. But it seems that Allura is really patient as the minutes drag on in the silence, all she does is look at Lance, waiting for him to take his time to answer.

“I…..uh…..I get……nightmares.” He mumbles to the floor, not wanting to look up at her probably disappointed face. Hoping to whatever gods are out there that she didn’t hear him.


‘Quiznaking Altean hearing.’ Lance hunks to himself as he slowly nods.

“Could you tell me what about?”

Lance doesn’t take as long to answer this time, but he still mumbles it all to the floor, “about the team…….getting hurt. Or my family……….getting captured by the Galra.” He slumps down and rests his arms on his knees, head lowering to in between them, hoping that he might be able to hide from the truth of it all.

“Lance, I promise you that the others are all safe, and that we’ll get you back to your family. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Lance finally looks up at Allura, and sees that she’s trying to help but his mind to rest.
“That’s the thing Princess. I’m a worrier. I worry about so many different things that it makes it hard to do anything. Sometimes it gets so bad, that I can’t breathe right for minutes. I worry about every mission and about the safety of my team. I worry about my family and what they must be thinking about me. I worry about how I might never get to see my family again. I’m worried that when we do finally go back to Earth, that there will be nothing left to go back to. That my family might all be gone, and it’ll just be me. And I’m just so tired of worrying, about thinking that I might not be good enough and that I’m just bringing everyone else down, and that I’ll only get in the way. God I just want to get one good night of sleep!”

Lance doesn’t know when he started crying, but he can feel the tears dripping off his chin. He doesn’t know when he started shaking with frustration, but he can’t seem to stop his hands by himself, so he grabs ahold of his shirt. He just wants to go home, and feel safe once again. He wants to see his mama and papa, his brothers and sisters. He just wants his family back. He tries to stop the tears that they just keep coming. He’s just so exhausted from everything.

The sudden hug shakes him out from his head, and while he can’t see her face, he loose strands from her bun tickles his cheek. He can’t help but somewhat relax into the hold. It’s Abby awkward in their position, but still comforting nonetheless.

“I’m sorry Lance. I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling for so Longview and none of us saw it. I’m sorry that you got caught up in this war. You’re barely an adult and you’ve been thruster into such a demanding situation.” Allura rambles apology after apology into his shoulder, where he can start to feel a wet spot against his skin. She was crying. For him.

“I wish we could take you back to your planet; I wish I could take you all back to your families. But I…I…..I….”

“Hey it’s ok. It’s not your fault. Don’t forget that you were thrust into this situation as much as any of us. You’re not much older than us you know, you shouldn’t be leading fighting some giant empire. You should be flirting cute guys and living a normal life.” Lance tells her, even though he’s pretty sure he’s still crying like a fire hydrant, he was able to keep his voice mostly steady.

“It seems that we all have been given the short end of a dorfelbel.” Allura huffs out, letting out some of the tension in her shoulders with a breathy laugh.

“While I don’t know what a dorfu-whatever is, I get your point.”

They stay like that, wrapped up in each other’s embrace and comfort, til they nearly fell over in their sleep deprived states.

That night they sleepy together in Allura’s room.

That night, Lance finally got a full nights sleep, wrapped in Allura’s sleeping embrace, and finally free of his worries for a night.


Thank you for the prompt! I nearly cried writing this, so I hope that you enjoy it.


So as most of you probably know I MET ALL TIME LOW which was absolutely amazing. I saw Zack first and then the rest of the band and the moment i saw them i completely broke down into tears. After I had stopped crying, I was so happy to be there i was just grinning like an idiot and RIAN DAWSON FUCKING SMILED AT ME and it was beautiful. First there was an acoustic performance and THEY SOUNDED SO GOOD like they honestly could not have done a better job. They played Dirty Laundry, Something’s Gotta Give, Cinderblock Garden, Life of the Party, Weightless, and Good Times. They took like 2 minutes or so in between each song to just chat with us which was so nice and it made the whole thing feel so much more personal. Before they started playing they asked everyone if they felt like sitting or standing and we decided on sitting and Jack was like “do I get to sit too?” and Alex was like “No! You’re not allowed to!” and they were going back and forth and it was so cute, one person made their own lyr jacket that they showed them/us and Alex said that meant they could join the band, one person made this art collage thing and first they showed it to the band and after they all saw it Alex was like “okay now show the class!” and motioned for them to turn around and show the rest of the crowd and it was really cute, some person said something about tacos which cause a great discussion about tacos and the best taco places, one person said it was their 21st birthday and Alex asked them if they had a good day and how they were planning to spend their night and they just shrugged and Alex was mimicking them and shrugging and he said they should all go out and get tacos with the other people and it was CUTE, at one point Rian whispered something to Alex and Alex started GIGGLING and it was ADORABLE, someone said to play Jasey Rae and Alex was like “no, we can’t! I have the setlist on a piece of paper over here and I play any other songs the guy in the mask is gonna come slap me” (their body guard had a weird mask from the store at one point), Alex suggested that they all wear the Harley Quinn costumes the store had with nothing underneath, someone was crying and they said that Jack inspired them to play guitar and they were all joking how Jack can’t play guitar and it was c u t e. After we had all sang our lungs out, it was time for the signing. So they had us form a single file line to get to the table where they were gonna sign our shit and I was SO PREPARED i knew exactly what i was gonna say, i had a whole fucking speech prepared about how much they mean to me and how much they’ve helped me over the years and the minute i got to the table…POOF! GONE! I got so nervous I completely forgot about everything I wanted to say! I was so flustered I was just like “wow uh hi” and Jack was like “hi!” all upbeat and Jack-like, and with nothing else to say i just blurted out the only thing i could think of which was “you’ve been my favorite band since i was 12″ (which is true but maybe not the most creative thing i could’ve come up with) and Rian SMILED AT ME AGAIN and he was like “twelve?! wow thank you!” and Alex gave me a high five and it was really nice and they were so friendly despite all my awkwardness. I am so so so happy I got to see them, this is honestly one of the best experiences i’ve ever had. I wish I could relive the whole thing again!!


Being The Dolan Twin's Best Friend Would Include:

• movie nights alllll the time • being around 24/7 because you guys hate being apart from each other • being literal GOALS with them • stealing their hoodies all the time • “Y/N have you seen my hoodie??” “Uhhhh no….” • them secretly loving it when you steal their hoodies • being in their videos a lot but when you’re not them talking about you • about 99.9% you’re actually there but just not in the video • them dragging you into the video whilst you complain about it saying you don’t look good or something • them talking to their fans about you • their fans asking about you • going on tour with them even if you’re not part of the tour just going with them because you can’t be apart that long • hugs. Lots of hugs. • them taking care of you while you’re sick even if you don’t want them to • “No! I don’t want you guys here! You’re gonna get sick.” “Well, you can suck it up because we’re staying.” • taking care of them when they end up getting sick and being really good to them but still making sure you get your “I told you” ’s in • “I’m not complaining but, none of us would be in this situation if you guys had just left me alone.” “Y/N we knooooooowww!” “Just sayin’.” • getting kinda awkward when they need vapo rub but they’re “too sick” to do it themselves • “Could you please just do it yourselves?” “Y/NNNNNNNN pleaaaaaaaaaaseee!” “I’m too sicky!” • blushing like crazy when you have to rub it on their bare chests but after like two seconds going “ah whatever” and getting over it • matching shirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, sun glasses, and phone cases. • them being your biggest sources of encouragement • “Y/N you look amazing on the inside and out. Never forget that.” “You can do this. I believe in you.” “You’re awesome!” • loving them both unconditionally • both of them loving you unconditionally • it’s always all smiles with when you’re together • being the “mom friend” every once and a while • “Ethannnn! Go apologize to Grayson for hitting him with that right now!” “Grayyyyyyyyson! Go say you’re sorry to Ethan right this instant!!!” Lots of “Yes mom” in response • sleepovers all the time • lots of “OH MY GOSH COULD YOU SCOOT OVER YOU’RE TAKING UP THE WHOLE BED” while trying to sleep/and or watch a movie(s) • moving with them wherever they go and if not visits as much as possible • being their #1 fan • them being SUPER over protective of you • always telling each other everything • being comfortable enough to cry around each other • always comforting each other in any way you possibly can • always supporting each other NO MATTER WHAT BONUS: • one or both of them secretly liking you A LOT • you liking him back • ending up together and being really super duper cute • the other twin constantly being wrapped up in how goals you guys are • the only thing that changes between the three of you is that you now kiss one of them I hope you enjoyed and didn’t die reading this like how I died writing this! Dedicated to the lovely @backtozain since our conversation gave me the idea lol

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I have a headcanon that it's Nico who says "I love you" first to Will. They aren't even dating yet, but one day Nico's upset/angry and Will keeps doing ridiculous things to make him feel better, and Nico laughs and it just sort of slips out.

hahaha ha I wasn’t going to write anything tonight hahaha oops

The day begins badly and only gets worse.

First is the weather, which is unbearably, seductively, violently hot. It’s the kind of heat that rides on shoulders like a physical weight, and Nico can’t stand it.

After that, it is a pileup of little thing after little thing, until there is a mountain on Nico’s back, heavy and overwhelming. He trips over his feet, forgets the word for jumprope, spills his breakfast on himself. During training, some asshole Ares kid beats him in swordfighting, which hasn’t happened even once since Nico came back to camp. And, suddenly, there is that feeling of alone again, creeping up behind him, sinking claws into his skin.

It happens, from time to time. It’s bound to. The anxiety strikes like lightning, volatile and harsh and blindingly quick; there are dozens of kids at Camp Half-Blood, but they all look like strangers to Nico, and he wants to fade into shadow and lose himself.

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I'm just getting into blockb (omg bastarz!) & I'm trying to figure out their individual l personalities & was wondering if you could tell me some things about them? I've started watching shows but can't figure what they are truly like.Tysm in advance

Omg hi! Welcome to the fandom, new BBC friend! <3 Block B is the type of group that will always surprise you, especially if you think there is nothing left for them to do. lol I’m sure you’re gonna love them, each second more and more! :3

So, I’m gonna tell you what I  think about them, what I’ve seen and learned from them since I’ve became a bbc, a few years ago. I apologise for my English in advance.

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25 Days Of One-Shot-Mas Day 5- Septiplier! “Who knew that being stuck in the closet could be this fun?”

Jack was lying in his flat by himself, his new roommate – Who he hated – wasn’t home yet. Jack sighed calling his girlfriend Jessie to come spend time with him, the silence driving him nuts. Once she’d arrived, her and Jack instantly became caught up in a passionate make-out session. Jessie biting at Jack’s bottom lip seductively, grinding against him slowly as Jack’s tongue begged for entrance into hers, wanting to discover the sweet taste that was her. She teased him for a while, not letting him in no matter how hard he tried, giving in after a while of him struggling. Jack moaned into her as his tongue moved through each and every crevice of her mouth. Jessie tugged at the hem of his pants teasingly, Jack moaning more as Jessie smirked into their kiss.

“Jessie!?” Jack heard his roommate gasp, “Jack!? What the fuck you douche!?” Mark growled angrily.

“M-Mark… Hi, how are you?” Jessie bit her lip awkwardly.

“Don’t you start that shit Jess. Get out!” Snapped Mark, she quickly obeyed darting from the room before she could get herself in even more trouble, “Jack you son of a bitch!” Mark cussed, grabbing the other male by the shirt and tugging him from the bed.

“How the fuck was I supposed ta’ know she was a slut!? It’s not like I knew fuckface!” Hissed Jack, grabbing Mark as well. Mark and Jack both trying to hit each other and get free from the others grip. Jack ended up being slammed against the wall of his closet, Mark accidentally knocking the stool keeping the door open, out of the way making the door slam closed on the two.

“Fuck!” Cussed Jack, “No, no, no!” Jack ripped free from Mark’s grip, trying to get the door open. The reason the stool was there in the first place was because the door knob was broken and he was unable to open it from the outside and apparently not from the inside either.

“What? Stop being overdramatic.” Mark rolled his eyes at Jack.

“My closet door is fucking broken, dipshit, we can’t get out.” Hissed the other in anger. Jack really hated having to live with Mark, it was basically torture.

“What!? Get us out of here!” Mark started to panic, it felt as though the walls were caving in on him, “Hurry up and do something, Jack!” Mark panted, gripping the smaller’s arm and trying to catch his breath.

“And you’re calling me overdramatic.” Muttered Jack, not realizing how panicked Mark really was.

“Jack, you-you have to get me o-out of here, I-I can’t breathe!” Mark begged, heaving for breath, choking on his own tongue. Mark coughed, wide-eyed and pleading with Jack to do something.

“Mark? What-What’s wrong?” Jack was genuinely worried about the other male, seeing that he was visibly shaken up and was barely able to get air into his lungs.

“I-I can’t… I-I can’t stay in here… Jack, I-I hate being trapped, the walls, they-they’re closing in on-on us… J-Jack do something please!” Mark was hysterical, sobbing and clinging to the boy he wanted to kill only a few moments ago. Jack pulled Mark into a hug, thinking that just maybe that could help calm him down.

“Shh, ye’re okay, the walls aren’t closing in on us, we’re okay. I don’t know what to do… Do ye have yeer phone?” Jack spoke calmly as Mark clung to him.

“No! Do you? Please tell me you do!” Cried Mark.

“Well…” Jack mumbled sheepishly.

“I have to get out of here!” Mark pulled free from Jack’s grip and tried to get the door open with many attempts before collapsing to the closet floor, thankfully it was a walk-in closet with a light inside so they weren’t cramped and awkward. Jack plopped down on the floor besides Mark, wrapping an arm around the older one’s shoulders, “What are you doing?” Mark didn’t move from Jack’s grasp though.

“Trying to be comforting… I have no idea how to make ye feel better… I’m really bad at things like this.” Jack told him with a sigh. Mark leaned into his touch slightly, it really was helpful.

“This is fine.” Mark mumbled.

“…Why do ya wanna get out of ‘ere so bad?” Jack asked after several moments of comfortable silence.

“I’m like, petrified of being trapped in spaces like this, I get panic attacks when I do and I am freaking out.” Mark said softly, not wanting to seem like he was totally pathetic.

“Well, I’m here and promise ye that we’ll be fine.” Maybe Jack wasn’t as bad as he’d thought after all.


The two were still stuck, hours later. The both were starving and bored out of their minds, they had started to talk and were finding out quite a lot about each other, both wondering why they’d ever hated the other. Jack had found out that Mark did YouTube videos just like him, he also found out that Mark’s father had passed away a few years earlier. Mark found out that Jack had been wanting to dye his hair green but was too nervous to, he also was told that Jack really missed his home in Ireland and was thinking about moving back.

“…Jack?” Mark asked after several moments of silence.

“Yeah?” Mumbled Jack.

“Are you really going to move out? I didn’t hate you being here that much…” Mark glanced over at the boy with sad eyes.

“It’s not definite, but I might.” Jack shrugged.

“I really don’t hate you being here, Jack…” Mark repeated.

“I heard. I still might go back, I miss Ireland.” Mark sighed, seeing that Jack wasn’t getting what he was trying to say.

“You don’t get it.” Mark groaned, “I want you to stay. I like you being around, it makes me feel less lonely. You’re my… Friend, Sean.” Mark watched Jack intently as he said this.

“What?” Jack turned, utterly shocked by what Mark had just told him.

“I want you to stay.” Mark said again.

“Really?” Jack mumbled, was Mark serious?

“Yes, of course.” Jack stared at him for a long time, tears in his eyes. Nobody else had seemed to want him here, this really moved Jack, someone really cared.

“Are ye sure?” Jack still couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes, I’m sure. You make my life a lot better just by being here.” Mark informed the other, Jack instantly starting to cry tears of happiness after hearing that, hugging Mark from the side, surprising him.

“Thank ye so much.” Jack mumbled into Mark’s shoulder.

“Why are you thanking me? I didn’t do anything.” Mark rubbed at the boy’s back softly.

“Because, that means so much to me, nobody else cared enough to tell me they wanted me around before.” Jack said to Mark, causing Mark to tear up.

“What? Really?” Mark choked.

“Yeah…” Jack rubbed at his eyes, trying to calm himself down.

“Well, I care about you, you can always count on me.”


The pair were pretty sure it was getting late, and they were still trapped, they did manage to make up some games to play and also find a few to keep themselves occupied for a while.

“Is there a deck of cards in here?” Mark asked.

“Probably, but card games are so boring.” Groaned Jack.

“I know of one that is pretty exciting.”

“Oh really?” Jack raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“It’s called War; with a twist.” Mark smirked.

“Oh, and what may this twist be?” Jack smirked back.

“Loser must strip.” Mark winked jokingly.

“Ye’re on!” Jack narrowed his eyes competitively, “How do you play?”

               “Both players flip over a card, and the higher card, they remove an article of clothing with each hand lost, and clothes are removed by the loser of a battle. A battle occurs when there is an equal valued card shown and the players lay face-down three more cards, the next card determines the winner.”

“Alright, let me find some cards.” Jack stood from where he was crouched in the corner, going to rummage through some boxes.

“Hey, Jack…?” Mumbled Mark.

“Mmm?” Jack hummed.

“What if nobody finds us?” Mark mumbled in a nervous tone.

“We’ll find a way out eventually and plus aren’t yeer family supposed to be coming over for Christmas tomorrow anyway?”

“Yeah, but if we don’t answer the door-“

“We’ll find a way out, don’t fret yeer pretty little head about it.” Jack reassured, fishing a deck of cards out of the box, “Let’s play, shall we?”

“Okay.” A smile played at Mark’s lips, he really had been wrong about Jack all this time.


“Fuck!” Shouted Jack as he lost… again.

“Strip for me, baby!” Mark teased, using his winning pile of cards in substitution of dollar bills.

“Ah, fuck off, Mark.” Jack muttered, sliding out of his jeans, leaving him in only his boxers, “You win. Puttin’ me clothes back on now.” Jack reached for his top.

“Uh-ah-ah. You haven’t lost all your clothing yet, Mr. McLoughlin, better get your shit together or you’ll be pretty embarrassed.” Mark smirked at him evilly, getting a wide-eyed look from Jack.

“I think I’m good.” Jack mumbled.

“Okay, next hand wins the game and we start over, whoever loses strips completely.” Mark crossed his arms.

“Ye just wanna see me nards, don’t’cha, Marky.” Jack winked, making Mark blush hard.

“No! I just wanna play the game right!” Mark shouted.

“Sure ya do.” Jack teased.

“I do! I’m not a pervert I swear!” Mark was starting to get red faced and flustered.

“I’m just rustlin’ yeer jimmy’s man, don’t take it personally.” Jack nudged his arm with an adorable little grin on his face.

“Jack, I really need to talk to someone about… This, like problem, or not problem but like… It’s just something that has been bothering me lately. Promise that this won’t make things awkward?” Mark said suddenly.

“Yeah, of course. What’s wrong, Mark?” Jack tugged his shirt back over his head and slid into his jeans so he could be more serious. Mark inhaled deeply, sighing shakily.

“Listen, nobody knows this and I don’t know what to do…” Mark paused and Jack sat patiently, reaching over and grabbing Mark’s hands, who quickly tugged them away, “Jack… I-I… I'm… Gay…” Mark stammered.

“Really? I’m so proud of ye fur being able to come out to me like that!” Jack gushed, “And to be fair… I’m bi!” Jack was so relieved to finally get that off his chest, “But… Why were ya dating, Jessie then?”

“Cause I was scared of people knowing that I wasn’t straight.” Muttered Mark softly.

“I’m getting really tired, wanna set up a sleeping arrangement?” Jack asked, cleaning up the mess of cards on the floor.

“Sure, it’s starting to get really cold.” Mark shuttered and wrapped his arms around himself.

“Yeah, it is really cold, if ya want we could stay close for warmth? I have a few blankets up there.” Jack pointed up to the top shelf of the closet.

“I’ll get them if you’ll make room on the floor.” Mark told Jack.


Jack and Mark got set up, both shivering and desperate for heat. They laid down on the floor, pulling the blankets around themselves, still shaking and not feeling any warmer. Jack whimpered softly, moving closer to Mark and cuddling up against him. Mark just smiled, not moving, it felt really good.

“It’s so cold.” Jack mumbled, burying his face into Mark’s chest.

“Mmm.” Hummed Mark, “Jack?”

“Yeah?” Jack tilted his head up to face Mark, who smiled sleepily and pressed his lips to Jack’s unsuspecting ones, Jack’s body stiffing for only a moment before he melted against Mark, and to think that they hated each other only hours before. Jack moved more into him, trying to get as close as humanly possible. Jack whimpered against Mark, his body felt insanely warm.  Passion and lust filling them both. Mark pulled away suddenly.

“Merry Christmas, Jacky.”


“Mark!?” Shouted a voice, “Mark! Where are you!?” The voice sounded vaguely close. Jack yawned and went to roll over, forgetting that he was stuck in the closet and slamming into the wall with a loud thud, falling back on top of Mark, accidentally waking him. The two didn’t even move as they heard the click of heals on the wooden floors of their house. The door creaked open and a woman stood above them, “Mark? What the hell?”

“We got locked in here all night.” He yawned, and smiled, his lips tingling still from the kiss they had the night before.

“Why are you sleeping on each other?”

“It was really cold.” Jack replied this time.

“Who is he?” She asked anxiously, “I have so many questions!”

“He’s my…” Mark paused, pondering his next words, “Boyfriend.” The woman begun laughing hysterically.

“I-I’m sorry, Mark but you need to come out of the closet before telling me that.”

“Did you just really say that?” Mark shook his head, pulling himself and Jack off of the floor, “Jack, that’s my sister, Anne, Anne this is my boyfriend, Jack.” Mark introduced them, “Let’s go meet the rest of my family shall we?” Anne nodded exiting the room, leaving Mark and Jack to get more presentable.

Jack grabbed Mark as he went to leave and crashed his lips to the other’s. Mark was caught by surprise but kissed back nonetheless. Jack moved his arms around Mark’s waist, sliding a hand down to grope his ass, making Mark jump and smirk into the kiss. Mark moaned into Jack as he tugged the smaller Irishman as close as he could, Jack still gripping his plump butt. Jack tugged away, leaving Mark whimpering for more.

“Merry Christmas, Marky.”

Day One! Scomiche

Day Two! Septiplier

Day Three! Phan

Day Four! Scomiche

[fan acct] GOT7 AT KCONLA

This weekend I went to KCON with jess aka leader-jb!!! I posted some stuff on my twitter as it was going on but here is the full unabridged fan account (it’s really freaking long read at your own risk)

Fancams (these are not that great and full of screaming, shaking, and expletives): Arriving at LAXFan Engagement (English Cut) | Fashion Show (JB Cut) | | Stop Stop It | Girls Girls Girls  | Just Right | Bounce | Dance Battle Pt. 1 | Dance Battle Pt. 2 | Ending | Leaving LAX

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Scira is sooooo important .

Okay, but can I just say that I love Scira. Guys, I just no, really. I really really really love Scira okay and I need you all to realize how unbelievably amazing these two are together okay because they are just so so amazing.

Scott and Kira meet in the first episode of s3b and their relationship blossoms in the earlier episodes of s4. Can we just talk about their timeline for a moment. Scira had atleast 15 episodes of REAL GENUINE development between them before they got together. They weren’t a rebound for Scallison or rushed or random. They had time to start off as friends, work together as teammates and let their emotions brew and over time Scott grows to know the real Kira and he likes her so damn much that one day he just kisses her and he doesn’t even make a big deal over it because kissing Kira was just the most natural thing in the world for him, in Scott’s mind he’s been kissing Kira forever and they are already together and UGH wow I might cry because it’s just so beautiful okay.

I love Scira so much and do you know why? Because Kira Yukimira is so freaking great that’s why. The first time they met it was obvious that Kira really liked Scott and as the episodes went on she grew to like him more and more but did she ever try to bounce on him or jump his bones at any point, or even after Scott first kissed her? No! BECAUSE KIRA KNEW SCOTT AND ALLISON HAD A PAST AND SHE RESPECTED THAT SHE CARED ABOUT SCOTT AND ALLISON SHE CONSIDERED THEIR FEELINGS AND PUT HERS ASIDE IN FAVOR OF THEIR OWN! WHAT OTHER GIRL IN THE WORLD WOULD EVER EVEN DO THAT THIS DAY AND AGE! And even after they are together, Kira still goes slow with Scott and moves at his speed. Goddd Kira Yukimira my heart beats for you.

Next, Scira is just so damn cute together okay. At first they’re both awkward and nervous around each other, but when they’re together and alone Kira turns into this confident seductive foxy little thing and Scott is so turned on and shocked but they Also have these sweet tender moments where neither of them want to take their eyes off each other or one can’t stop thinking about the other and oh my god have you ever seen something so perfectt!

I don’t know if you would call them in love yet but it’s totally obvious that Scott is always so damn in awe by Kira and Kira just believes in Scott south! They clearly care about each other, the feelings they share in their relationship are so real and genuine and that just makes my heart happy. Like seriously DO YOU SEE THE WAY KIRA LOOKS AT SCOTT LIKE HES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MARK EVER CREATED OR HOW GENTLE SCOTT HOLDS KIRA IN HIS ARMS! DONT LOOK AT ME IM EMOTIONAL!

But do you know the best part of Sciras relationship? That both Scott and Kira know how and when to put their relationship on hold. They can spend all day making goggly eyes at each other but when shit begins to hit the fan Scott and Kira know how to kick ass and fight battles, they know how to get shit done and do what’s necessary to save their friends. They adore each other but they aren’t codependent. They care about each other but they care about people and troubles out side of them. They protect each other But they also protect everyone else around them. DO YOU KNOW HOW FREAKING AMAZING THAT IS! To see a ship that can hold off on the sex and kissing or even wait to go on real dates just so that they can stop the bad guys and save lives first!!! With Scira, pack comes first, relationship comes second and that’s the way it should be! They are literally like the packs mom and dad taking watching over their babies.! YESSS

But the most important thing is this, Kira is so much more than Scott’s girlfriend, and Scott is so much more than Kira’s boyfriend. Kira is a bad ass sword swinging kitsune, she’s loyal and awkward but still she’s so smart and cute, she doesn’t need Scott, she doesn’t need no man, she can handle her own. Scott is a true alpha with his first beta, he’s battling with his dark entities yet he’s still got family and friends to look out for and people to stand by. If Scira ever does end Scott and Kira will be okay because they both have so much more purpose and they are so much more than just scira!! GOD BLESSSS!

They are just so amazing. How can anyone not ship this. Oh god and while I’m at it, in the promo for the up coming episode of teenwolf, we got a shoot of rather steamy intimate moment between Scott and Kira and I have never been so god damn proud and excited to see a hook up in my entire life because if anyone deserves to be reckless and crazy and get a moment where they aren’t dying or in danger then it’s Scira okay because Scott and Kira are just fucking amazing alright!!! I’m sorry man this is so long and I could say so much more seriously because I don’t think it’ll ever be possible for me to express all my love for Scira. They are just, they are amazing.

hoetrera  asked:

omg your post (/post/95419801212/second-of-three-requests-for-the-anon)~ will you be doing anything else with it BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE~

[i’m so sorry this is so late] but bro, that AU, where gray and juvia are childhood friends who grew up together? i have so many headcanons it’s literally insane, brace yourself

and please listen to it was always you by maroon 5 because it is literally the theme of this story omg

again this is SUPER LONG so buckle in and enjoy the ride/my messy headcanons/my notes lol

  • juvia’s parents died when she was young so little gray, who’s a year older than her, and his parents make it a point to look after her

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anonymous asked:

Hey babe! Can I get an imagine please :) I would like an imagine with our leader, S Coups. An angry jealous imagine. Sorry I'm filled with dark feelings ha. Hope you'll do it. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I'm a big fan of your imagines. Thanks <3

Thank you so much darling!! This turned out to be more protective Coups than jealous, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!! Sorry you had to wait so long for this!

There was nothing - absolutely nothing in the world - that Seungcheol hated more than people messing with what was his. His family, his band, and especially his significant other. He liked to think himself a fairly intimidating guy; not necessarily tall but far from short, quite apparently muscular, and a gaze that could freeze you to the spot. If he were someone else, he certainly wouldn’t try to start something with himself. As such, he generally didn’t have to deal with much foolishness when he was with you in public.

That was, of course, when he was with you. 

He had taken you out on a date to a little cafe; it was a bit of a hole in the wall, though high quality nonetheless, the perfect place to hide away from the prying eyes of fans while still being able to enjoy your date.

You settled in quickly, eager to escape the chill of the autumn wind outside of the door. You shuddered as you felt yourself slowly warming up, eliciting a laugh from your boyfriend beside you. 

“A bit chilly, hm?” he teased, earning a pout in response. He took your cold hands in his warm ones, rubbing them to heat you up before pressing a kiss to the back of each hand. “Better?”

You nodded with a smile, grateful for your attentive boyfriend.

Satisfied that you were now comfortable, he kept one of your hands wrapped within his as he tugged you over to the counter, ordering a coffee for both of you (and paying, of course; Seungcheol was a gentleman, after all).

It wasn’t particularly busy, so it wasn’t long until the barista came over, depositing your drinks on the table. You immediately grabbed it in the hopes that it could thaw the little coldness that still clung to you.

You had been dating for longer than either of you could even count anymore, so the date wasn’t awkward in the slightest. There was always something to discuss, a story to share between the two of you. You were enjoying your time with him until, suddenly, something caught your eye. 

Just a little behind Seungcheol sat two boys, some of the only other customers at the time - both with eyes locked onto you. You immediately diverted your gaze to the eagerly speaking Seungcheol, but that didn’t calm the uneasiness you felt creeping up in your stomach. Even as you actively tried to ignore them, you could still feel their gazes on you, making you want to get up and leave as soon as possible.

Even worse was when Seungcheol stood, making his way back to the bathroom. 

You fumbled to pull out your phone, busying yourself as much as possible in the hope that they wouldn’t try to bother you.

Your hopes, however, failed to prevent them from standing from their spots and coming to hover over your table.

You ignored their presence for as long as you possibly could, heart racing in your chest, until one of them spoke. “What’re you doing there, sweetheart?”

A shiver ran down your spine, disgusted by the words that left his mouth. “It’s none of your concern,” you spoke coolly, trying to keep your tone steady and still refusing to look up or acknowledge their presence.

“Well, if it’s nothing important, how about you come spend some time with us for a bit?” came the (equally disgusting) voice of the second. “Someone as cute as you shouldn’t be left sitting alone.”

“I’m not alone,” you snapped back immediately, praying for Seungcheol to hurry up and come sit back down already.

“What, you got a boyfriend? A girlfriend?” The first asked back, trying to prove their point. “Someone who leaves you alone on your date sounds like a real loser, anyway.”

“If you’ve got something to say, you can say it to my face.”

You almost wanted to cry with relief at the sound of Seungcheol’s voice beside the other boys. Glancing over, y ou saw his jaw clenched and the look in his eyes hardened - he was furious, and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure that out. 

“Alright, pretty boy,” one of the boys said, narrowing his eyes at Seungcheol. “We were saying that your little friend here should spend a little time with some real men.”

Seungcheol, always quick witted, didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, and do you know where we can find any of those around here?”

“What’re you trying to say, you punk?” One challenged, eyebrows twitching in annoyance. 

“You heard me,” Seungcheol shot back. “I asked where these ‘real men’ you’re bragging about are.”

You didn’t like seeing Seungcheol like this. You knew that he was doing it for your sake, that it was to protect you, but you still couldn’t help but to worry about him. You tried to interject, but your voice was lost on the group.

“You’re looking at them!” Asserted one of the boys, puffing out his chest. 

“Really?” Seungcheol asked, voice utterly icy. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t know the last time I heard of a ‘real man’ hitting on another man’s date.”

That seemed to get him. Seungcheol was right, and there was no disputing it no matter how hard they tried. It was all he could do to scoff and mutter out a ‘whatever’, brushing past Seungcheol and making his way out of the cafe, the second following close behind.

Seungcheol immediately turned to you, his primary concern. However, he still looked tense as he asked you, “Are you alright?”

You nodded, not knowing how to respond, and his expression softened when he saw how uneasy you looked. He extended a hand to you, prompting you to stand. “C’mon, let’s get going.”

The cold weather hit you instantly yet again as you stepped outside, and you were glad for Seungcheol’s warmth beside you. 

“______… I’m sorry,” he said as you began walking. “I know you don’t like it when I get angry, but they were talking about you like some kind of an object, and I just couldn’t help it.” His grip on your hand tightened as he spoke about the boys. 

You couldn’t help but to smile at hearing him admit it, squeezing his hand back. “It’s alright, Seungcheol. I’m happy you worry about me so much. You know I’d never leave you for someone like that, right?”

Seungcheol scoffed. “You’d better not! I’m ten times better looking than all of them combined!”

You could only laugh - you were so lucky to have a boyfriend like Seungcheol to look out for you. 

I'm Scared... (Baekhyun x Reader) Part XXIV

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters: Baekhyun x You

Summary: How far would you go for the person you love ?

Word Count: 1100

Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV ; Part V ; Part VI ; Part VII ; Part VIII ; Part IX ; Part X ; Part XI ; Part XII ; Part XIII ; Part XIV ; Part XV ; Part XVI ; Part XVII ; Part XVIII ; Part XIX ; Part XX ; Part XXI ; Part XXII ; Part XXIII

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This is dedicated to superwhopotterjohnlock & queermarauders who both guessed whose POV it was from. It’s canon-verse OOTP era. 

Grimmauld place after midnight was even more of an unwelcoming place than it was during the day. Shadows were everywhere, hiding old magic Hermione didn’t even want to think about. The one positive point was that at least the portraits were sleeping now, so there was no one threatening to pull her nails out for “tainting” the house. She carefully jumped over the step on the bottom of the stairs that creaked, and made her way towards the kitchen. She’d spend most of the evening reading, and simply hadn’t been able to stop until her cup of tea had gone cold after already having reheated it a couple of times. She hadn’t expected anyone to be awake still - Mrs. Weasley had loudly suggested everyone catch an early night - yet the light in the kitchen was still on, a couple beams peeking through the crack of the door. Hermione sighed, and was about to turn around and go back upstairs, giving up her quest for tea, when she recognised one of the voices as Professor Lupin’s. No-longer-professor Lupin.

“I don’t know why you insist on baking a cake.”

There was a deep huff, more suitable for an animal than an actual human, which Hermione recognised as Sirius’. “I baked a cake for his first birthday, you know.”

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Picking a fight with God

Pairing: Jikook
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Fluff and slight angst
Word Count: 2.7k+
Summary: Jimin is Jeongguk’s guardian angel. He falls in love with Jeongguk and then falls from Heaven.
Warning: Uhm, mentioning God and another themes which are angel-related. ^^
Author’s Note:  AU and non-AU, because Park Jimin is an actual angel and you can’t convince me otherwise. :D The title is from the translated lyrics of this song. Also, this is for you, @webbugiman, because Jimin is Jeongguk’s angel, and you are mine.

Edited. (Junhyun is a random OC angel. :))

The relieved laugh echoes within the small hospital room, the beautiful woman plants a light kiss on her newborn baby’s soft, round cheek what is still wet with tears. The first tears of life. Jimin smiles at the sight and realizes again, how wonderful God is.

”The human baby is Jeon Jeongguk,” Junhyun says on a dry tone. He is not affected by the happy family in front of him, he saw humans being born so so many times, after all. ”You are his guardian angel from now on, Jimin.”

Jimin nods, eyes sparkle with affection towards the fragile, small boy wrapped in a fluffy towel whose life is in his hands from this moment. ”U-understood! I’ll do my best and protect God’s creature at all cost,” he vows on a trembling voice while caressing the newborn’s head gently. The baby can’t see or feel him – none of the humans can, only if Jimin wants them to –, but Jimin is too moved by the fact that he finally got his first job as a guardian angel to care. He wants to show Junhyun that Jeongguk will be in good hands.

Junhyun frowns. ”What are you doing? Your job is only to watch him, you should not make contact with humans when it is not necessary, even if they cannot perceive your presence.”

”He is cute,” Jimin giggles, too lost in the baby’s big, curious eyes to hear the other angel’s words. ”I’m really lucky to be the one who will take care of you, Jeonggukie.”

Junhyun’s frown deepens. Jimin was always a bit strange for an angel – even when he worked in the Heaven as a messenger, he was way too attracted to humans, sometimes trying to copy their emotions and the way they act around each other. That’s against an angel’s nature, whose feelings must be limited to loyality and admiration towards God. For an angel, trying to feel human emotions is dangerous and forbidden. Junhyun sighs, it was God’s order to give this job to Jimin, and Junhyun never would’ve questioned God’s decisions. He takes one last glance at Jimin, who is playing with Jeongguk’s tiny fingers, and disappears from the hospital room. He completed his own task, from now on Jeon Jeongguk’s life depends on Jimin.

Jeongguk sometimes feels like he is not alone in his own room. He sometimes – while laying on his bed at night, unable to sleep – feels like soft lips breathe a butterfly goodnight kiss on his cheek. He sometimes feels like a warm and gentle palm brushes his hair calmingly when he cries in the school’s bathroom where he is hiding from those mean kids who always make fun of his teeth. He sometimes thinks that hears a melodic voice humming his name, and it resonates not in Jeongguk’s ears but in his heart. He sometimes sees a shadow floating on the wall, and sometimes a bright, kind smile appears in the mirror – but not on his face, it’s printed against the crook of his neck. Jeongguk might imagines things, his parents always telling him that his fantasy is too vivid. He sometimes feels like feathery fingers linger and run down on his skin, following the path of his blue veins – fingers which are not Jeongguk’s, touches which are like a dream. Jeongguk doesn’t know if he is dreaming or not, if he is crazy or not. All he knows that although he should feel the opposite, he feels safe and comfort; and whenever he lays down his bed, it feels like someone is embracing him. The doctors all try to convince him and his parents that Jeongguk is perfectly normal but Jeongguk thinks, he would not mind if he were crazy.

Jimin was there when Jeongguk made his first steps, he saw Jeongguk’s first smile beaming at his mother.
Jimin was there when Jeongguk lost his first primary tooth and then kept it under his pillow, waiting for the tooth fairy excitedly.
Jimin was there when Jeongguk got his first booboo on the knee, not shedding a single tear, and the angel was so proud of him.
Jimin was there when Jeongguk went to school for the first time, and saw the wide smile spreading across the boy’s face when a teacher praised him.
Jimin was there when Jeongguk was running away from the bullies and then later hiccuped in the bathroom, telling himself on repeat that his teeth are not too big and dumb, not at all.
Jimin was there, every day and night, every hour and minute, and watched him growing while the fondness inside him towards Jeongguk was growing in parallel.

His body generally is nothing else but pure energy and light in a shape what resembles of a human male, he has no real heart and other organs, no real limbs and digits. Still, this ’body’ made of intangible is aching for contact and sometimes, while looking at Jeongguk writing his homework industriously, it wants to burst with rushing emotions what an angel shouldn’t feel. Jimin has no real chest but somehow still feels it sink and squeeze when Jeongguk cries, and Jimin has no real throat but somehow he still feels it tighten with endearment when Jeongguk croons a melody under the shower. Jimin is an angel and angels don’t have to sleep or eat – still, he is hungry for Jeongguk’s voice what he finds more soothing and mesmerizing than the sound of the angel’s choir next to God’s throne.

When Jeongguk is swinging on the playground, Jimin sees the other children’s guardian angels. They are completely expressionless, doing their job like an ordinary angel should. Their eyes don’t widen when their protegee falls from the jungle gym, their breathing doesn’t stop for a moment when there is blood dripping from their protegee’s wound. They don’t want to touch and console their protegee, they don’t feel the need to whisper sweet nothings into the human kids’ ears and tell them how perfect and beautiful they are. Jimin wants Jeongguk to know that secretly he thinks, Jeongguk is the most wonderful of God’s creatures. Jimin feels like he is not normal, he is sinning constantly, but when Jeongguk smiles, innocent and dazzling, he doesn’t care anymore. He wants to hug Jeongguk and bury his face in the silky black locks, wants the boy’s big doe-eyes not to see through him but actually see him. But he knows very well that these wants and needs and wishes are prohibited, and Jimin never says them aloud, the words are drumming under his skin quietly and Jimin hopes they are quiet enough to God never hear them.

Jimin saves Jeongguk when a car almost hits him; careful hands made of energy wrap around Jeongguk’s delicate body and push him away. The angel materializes his arms to be invisible but as powerful as a human limb made of flesh and bones would be. Only two steps back is enough to avoid the accident. That night Jimin sits next to Jeongguk’s laying form on the bed and watches the boy drawing two figure standing next to each other, holding hands and smiling happily. One of the figures has black hair and the other has enormous, snow-white wings. Jimin’s lips are trembling while he reaches out for Jeongguk’s hand, and the human boy’s fingers slip through his intangible ones. The angel can’t feel the throbbing warmth and velvety texture of Jeongguk’s skin, he can’t smell the boy’s scent because angels are only allowed to hear and see. They are not allowed to form a bond with their protegee, and especially not allowed to cry. Jimin always heard that angels are unable to cry because they can’t get hurt emotionally – but when a teardrop rolls down his cheek, he knows that it’s all lie.

He talks to Jeongguk when the boy is asleep. Only the silence answers, though.

“Even though you are awkward and shy around kids your age, Jeonggukie, but one day for sure, you’d get a cute wife or husband and cry at your wedding. You’d pout and stubbornly deny that you are crying because you always want to look strong and cool, but I know that you’d cry.” Jimin fondles the boy’s hair and chuckles when Jeongguk snorts softly. “And maybe one day you’d have a child who is as stunning and lovely as you are. You’d treasure your family and do your best at everything, like you always do. And… for sure, you’d be not lonely anymore… Yeah, for sure, you’d become happy.” Jimin bites his bottom lip, sniffing and wiping his eyes. “And I…” He hiccups and curls up next to Jeongguk, his fingers still hovering over the human boy’s skin. “And I want to take that happiness away from you. I’m sorry, Jeonggukie. I’m so sorry, I want your happiness all for myself.”

“I want you all for myself.”

”You did a good job, Jimin. You protected Jeon Jeongguk well.” Junhyun’s gaze is piercing and Jimin has no idea, what’s going on. He didn’t see the other angel since Jeongguk’s birth what was twelve years ago.

”Thank you,” he smiles proudly but it falters when he notices how Junhyun’s eyes darken.

”Your task as Jeon Jeongguk’s guardian angel is finished now,” he says and Jimin freezes.

Something icy creeps under his skin and his stomach squeezes uncomfortably tight. ”Wh-what do you mean by t-that?”

Junhyun looks at Jeongguk’s form a few steps away from them, the human boy is waiting for the bus. ”God stated that this human child’s time is over. This bus will crash into a car in five minutes. One passanger, Jeon Jeongguk, will die. It’s all decided by God, so you don’t have to save him this time, Jimin.”

Jimin can’t comprehend the words. Or more like, he doesn’t want to. Jeongguk, his Jeongguk has to die in five minutes? His cute koala nose, sweet bunny smile and huge eyes which are almost always glinting mischievously will all disappear from this world? Jimin will never see again as Jeongguk scratches the back of his neck shyly, plays with his dog or draws figures who are holding hands and smiling happily? Jimin will never hear him sing and laugh, or see as his nose crinkles adorably while giggling? Angels are immortal – and the thought of living for an eternity without Jeongguk’s presence is bone-shattering.

The bus stops and Jeongguk steps in the vehicle.

It’s God’s order.

Jimin’s hands clench into fists. His mouth is a thin line and tears are cascading from his eyes, but he doesn’t notice it. Junhyun glances at him confusedly and slightly shocked.

God’s orders are always incontestable.

Jimin is shaking, inhaling and exhaling deeply, trying to calm himself down. He can’t allow this, he is Jeongguk’s guardian angel, it’s in his instinct, he can’t let the boy die…

God’s orders are always, always good – the best, irreproachable.

’Your task as Jeon Jeongguk’s guardian angel is finished now,’ Junhyun’s voice rings in his head.

God is always right.

But why Jeongguk? What did the poor boy do to deserve death? Jimin pities Jeongguk but he might just selfishly pities himself – he doesn’t know anymore. Angels are prohibited to feel human emotions – especially emotions which are dark and boiling. Like anger, dubiety, selfishness…

Jimin’s heart tears in two as he watches the boy sit down next to the window and hears the roar of the bus’ engine.

”Junhyun,” he mumbles, voice barely audible. ”I’m sorry but I can’t let this— can’t let this happen.”

Junhyun looks at him, completely terrified. ”What are you saying? Can’t let what?”

”I’ll save Jeonggukie. And if you want to stop me or prevent me, I’ll—” Jimin can’t finish the sentence. He doesn’t even know what he wanted to say but Junhyun can see from the way his eyes are gleaming that Jimin is ready to do everything.

”Y-you are obsessed with a human! To the point you want to resist God’s will?!”

”I know!” Jimin cries and the guilt burns his entire body. ”B-but it’s Jeonggukie and I just… I can’t–”

”You know what this means, right? You know what happens with wicked and rebellious angels who don’t obey, Jimin?” Junhyun’s voice is dry and emotionless again. He doesn’t look at Jimin as if the mere sight would disgust him. Jimin indeed feels disgusting.

”I’m sorry,” he whispers softly, a silent sob wrecks throught his body and he disappears from Junhyun’s side.

The angel looks after the bus with gritted teeth, the vehicle is about to crash into a car when suddenly it changes direction and drives away safely. Jeon Jeongguk is still alive and Jimin cuddles him from behind with his invisible, feathery arms, and lets his tears wet the boy’s shirt.

When Jeongguk arrives home, he wonders what caused a soaked patch on his shoulder.

”God’s mercy and grace is boundless,” Junhyun speaks first, and Jimin shudders at the words.

”I’m not casted out of Heaven?” He asks quietly, voice full of hope.

”You are,” Junhyun replies. ”But instead of casting you into Hell and committing you to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the Judgment Day,” he continues, voice raising with the proudness of God’s glory, ”you are only banished to the earth. A young human boy, Park Jimin from Busan will die in a few hours and you are allowed to occupy his body after Park Jimin’s soul left it.”

Jimin’s heart skips a beat. ”What a coincidence,” he smiles. ”Jimin, huh? And Jeonggukie lives in Busan, too. God’s mercy is indeed infinite! Being a human and finally able to touch and talk to Jeonggukie is not punishment but a reward!” Jimin exclaims excitedly.

”Your memories as an angel will be erased,” Junhyun warns him. ”And your wings will be ripped out.”

That sounds utterly painful but Jimin is barely listening to Junhyun, his thoughts are swirling around Jeongguk. God gave him a chance, an opportunity to be happy with the boy he loves. The boy he always loved, since the very beginning from the bottom of his heart – even though all he had is a not-real heart. Maybe that’s why God forgave his sin, Jimin wonders.

”Your mind will be full of Park Jimin’s memories and thoughts, but your soul remains the same as now. You have to try and fit in the human society, Park Jimin’s family and circle of friends. You have to learn and adapt a lot, Jimin. Are you ready?”

Jimin’s smile widens, his voice breaks with excitement. “Yes, I am.”

Jeon Jeongguk is fourteen years old and a bright, wild fire blazes in his heart, hungry for fame and perfection. He loves to sing and he wants to show his passion and voice to the whole world.
Jeongguk doesn’t feel like someone is watching him anymore, he didn’t feel butterfly kisses on his cheeks since two years. He misses it a little but never talks about it. He even thinks about it less and less, because being a trainee is stressing and tiring enough.

Today is the day when the newest trainee comes, and Jeongguk wants to practice a little dance before he arrives.

Jimin is sixteen now, and he is finally on the way to make his dream come true. He stretches his arms and starts popping in front of the mirror when somebody walks in the practice room. The stranger is a young boy with silky black hair, milky skin, big doe-eyes, cute koala nose and rosy cheeks. Their eyes meet and suddenly every single fibre of Jimin’s soul starts screaming in joy ‘finally’, his heart stutters, head buzzes and skin tingles. His breath hitches and catches, every bone in his body becomes jelly and every nerve sings happiness. Heat pools in his stomach and the urge to pull the boy closer is so strong what Jimin had never experienced.

”U-uhm, hi,” the boy bows a bit and smiles at him shyly, and Jimin wants to melt. ”I’m Jeon Jeongguk.”

The two long, pale, almost invisible scars on Jimin’s shoulder-blades are stinging slightly but he is too enchanted by Jeongguk to care. He smiles back widely, eyes turn into crescents. “I know.”

Where it all began ( a jack gilinsky fanfic )
  • Chapter 1
  • *Flashback*
  • Year 2010
  • Jacks POV ( 14 years old)
  • "Hey jack come on we're gonna be late for the first day!" My best friend jack yelled at me.
  • "Ugh I don't care I wanna sleeep!"
  • I groaned
  • "Move your ass out of bed before I kick your ass outta there!"
  • Jack left my room while I got up and stretched. I grabbed some jeans, a tee shirt and threw on some vans while styling my hair quickly. I walked down stairs to see my mom cooking breakfast
  • "Good morning jack"
  • "Hi mom"
  • " ready for your first day of Highschool?!" She squealed making my eyes grow wide
  • "Yup" I managed, still half asleep.
  • "We'll jack is just in the bathroom so when he's out I want you boys to eat then get your little bums to school."
  • "Alright mom jeez"
  • " no attitude jack"
  • We ate breakfast and headed out the door.
  • "What do think it'll be like?" I asked
  • "Probably just like middle school with older kids and hotter girls" jack wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at his gesture
  • "Yeah I plan to get laid tonight" I joked. We both laughed as we headed through the doors.
  • "Well I have English first ill see you at lunch. Meet here I don't wanna seem like a loner" Johnson laughed
  • "Yup. Ill see you bro"
  • I asked the office for directions to the science room, which was right in front of me. I was so embarrassed as the older kids laughed at me.
  • I took a seat in the back of the class. The teacher came in and introduced himself as Mr.Clemson
  • About 5 minutes into the class this beautiful girl came in
  • " sorry I'm late "
  • "Name?"
  • "YN"
  • "We'll YN you can take a seat in the back" he said pointing to me
  • " well class this is your new seat for the whole semester I hope you like it cause your not moving"
  • "Hey, uh, what's your name?" She asked.
  • "Jack. YN right?"
  • "Yup" she said popping the 'p'
  • "Nice name" I complimented.
  • "Thanks" she smiled and looked down, her cheeks getting a rosy tint.
  • The class ended and I got to know her real well. She's a tomboy which I kinda like too
  • {lunch time}
  • "Yo jack!" I shouted
  • "Hey what up man"
  • "Ok so in science there's like this really cute girl and I think I have a crush on her" I admitted
  • "Awe does jacky have a crush" he said in a baby voice
  • "Shut up" I shoved him slightly while looking down smiling. I think I do have a crush on her......
  • YN POV
  • "Hey YN!" My best friend Chelsea called
  • "Hey! What's up" I asked
  • "I over heard someone say they had a little crush on you" she smirked at me while wiggling her brows
  • "Ha good joke chels." I laughed at her comment
  • " no really. He said he was talking with you all science. So you know this boy" she said, her smirk growing wider
  • "Jack" I muttered under my breath
  • "Ooh so you do you like him?"
  • "Kind of...." I looked down feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. When I looked back up I found Chelsea had ran off. Shit she's gonna tell jack..
  • I ran out looking for her. I finally found her after 5 minutes talking to jack
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled and jumped on her back causing us both to fall down as people looked down at us and laughed.
  • "I just set y'all up. You gotta meet each other after school at Starbucks near the mall at 4. Y'all can thank me later. Now you two get to know each other!" She called as she walked off
  • "Uh sorry about her.... She's kind of weird" I said after some awkward silence.
  • "It's okay. Um you don't have to meet me at Starbucks later. Like you can I'd you want but if not you don't have to" he rambled on
  • "Jack ill meet you it's fine"
  • *Flashback over*
  • 3rd person POV
  • That was the start of a amazing relationship between YN and jack. They have been inseparable ever since. They started dating a few days after that Starbucks date. There still together 4 years later. Lets look at there story now......
  • YN POV
  • "Jack you have to be on in 5 minutes stop!" You squirmed as he tickled you backstage at digi tour.
  • " ugh I don't wanna I wanna stay here with you!"
  • "Don't let your fans down come on go givem a show!"
  • "Fiiinneeee!" He exaggerated
  • I watched hime as he ran on stage with jack, Sam and Nate as they did there thing. I'm so proud of all of them.
  • I'm just a little disappointed because jack hasn't mentioned my birthday at all today. The boys have and same with twitter but he hasn't. I just don't get it because he always remembers.
  • "Now guys I wanna bring my beautiful girlfriend on stage and sing happy birthday for her. And give her a birthday present. YN COME ON STAGE BEAUTIFUL!" I can't believe jack just did that. But I got this rush of energy and I just had to run up!
  • All the girls screamed at the sight of me. I'm glad they all like me. I barely get hate.
  • They all started singing to me while I took a snapchat video of it.
  • Everyone started screaming when they saw snapchat on my phone. I laughed and made a few more videos.
  • Soon talk dirty came on the speakers and I was confused. Then jack sat me on a chair while all the guys took off their shirts. They all danced around doing body rolls and hip thrusts. Meanwhile I couldn't keep my laughs in and I new the fans were loving this.
  • The song ended And unfortunately it was the end of the show.
  • We were saying hi to some fans back stage and just having a good time.
  • " hi YN!"
  • " hi sweetheart"
  • "Babe ill be right back I forgot something in the tour bus" jack came over quickly, and pecked my lips and ran off
  • " so-" I started but she cut me off
  • " listen bitch I don't fucking know who you think you are but you can take your fat ass and ugly face and get the hell out of jacks life, better yet all of the boys life, that would be greatly appreciated. No one likes you. Your a fucking selfish bitch and your just using jack. At least I would have more to offer." She referred to her huge tits that were hanging out of her crop top
  • Tears welled at the the edge of your eyes. No one has ever said anything like that to you before.
  • "That's right cry you fucking slut" he hissed. I walked away from her past the screaming girls, into the bathroom and started crying. I got a few texts from all the boys asking me what happened. I didn't reply though. Then I heard the bathroom door open
  • "YN?"

Immediately after school Luke and Michael go to their treehouse. This was the same treehouse where they stopped hating each other and actually became friends, thanks to Calum forcing the trio to hang out together.

It became a safe place, their second home. That’s why when they were 15 Michael texted Luke to meet that night. That’s when Michael, with tears in his eyes and head hung low, first admitted he likes boys. Upon hearing this Luke immediately wrapped his arms around his best friend and held him close, letting him cry into his chest. “You know this doesn’t change anything between us right Mikey? I’m not going to leave because you like boys. I’m here. You’re okay.” Luke mumbled into Michael’s sandy blond hair while rubbing his back. His tears of fear and anxiety turned into tears of relief. Michael prayed that Luke wasn’t going to treat him differently now. He still wanted to have sleepovers and cuddle. They spent that entire night cuddled up in the treehouse looking up at the stars and sharing more secrets.

Thunder echoed from the sky as lightning illuminated it. Michael biked to the treehouse as quickly as possible to meet Luke, who was terrified of this weather. Michael climbed up the ladder and took off his soaking jacket. He saw Luke sitting on the floor shivering under a blanket with tears streaming down his face. Michael knelt down beside the younger boy and wiped his tears. “I’m sorry Mikey. God I’m such a baby. You shouldn’t of come here for me.” Luke cried while trying to push him away. “No I’m here,” Michael consoled while wiping his friends tears. “Don’t apologize Luke you’re not a baby. Shhh don’t worry bubba I won’t ever leave you. Michael softly began singing one of their favorite All Time Low songs, it always made Michael feel better so he hoped it would have the same effect on Luke. Secretly Luke was jealous of his voice it could be soft and warm but he also had his own style and confidence. Soon his breathing and heart rate slowed down to normal and suddenly Luke became aware of the situation. He was in the arms of his dear friend, who biked in the pouring rain because he knew he would be scared. Thinking back on it, Michael had done tons of things for him. At school he stood up for him against other, more popular, kids, he listened to him ramble in the middle of the night about his dreams, and he never made Luke feel uncomfortable or awkward. Just then he realized how he actually had a huge crush on Michael.

They made lots of new memories there. The boys dragged their guitars up there and practiced together. Michael found one of the songs Luke had written and asked him who is was about. All Luke could do was sheepishly smile and shrug because he wasn’t about to admit it was about Michael. One day after playing an impressive cover of I Miss You a crazy idea popped into Michael head. “What if one day we were in a famous band touring together? That’s my dream, to be on a stage far away from here bowing in front of millions of fans. Wouldn’t that be great Luke?” Luke wasn’t listening though because he was staring at Michael’s unusually soft pink lips. Calum noticed Luke staring and when Michael wasn’t looking gave a look that said “make a move already you idiot and stop being so obvious about it.” Calum left, giving a lame excuse about needing to do homework, leaving the pair alone in the treehouse.

It’s late and they both know they should be going home but both of them feel too snug and protected to move. Luke shifted his position on the couch till his whole body is on top of Michael with his head resting over his heart. Michael stretched one arm around Luke’s torso the other reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze signaling for Luke to look up at him. When he did their eyes met for a brief seconds before they shyly glanced away. The older boy admired Luke since he wasn’t looking. He was blushing and had a cute dimple in his cheek and his eyelashes fanned out perfectly. He was so kind, funny, and pure boyfriend material. When Luke glanced back, Michael had a huge grin on his face. His radiant, heart shattering smile gave Luke a burst of confidence. He fawned over Michael’s pretty face and lips then pressed his lips to them. They felt soft and sweet. They didn’t think their hearts would ever beat normally again.

Of course later they officially became boyfriends. Calum was ecstatic as was their new friend Ashton. They had cute dates at the movies and in the park. They went roller skating and held each other up on wobbly legs. Their favorite spot was a close by ice cream parlor. Luke always got strawberry and Michael always got chocolate about halfway through eating their cones they switched and finished the other. On rainy days they made a picnic and brought it to the place where it all began.

The treehouse was the last stop before the airport. From the airport was London where they would really begin their music careers. The four boys sat together reminiscing the good times that got them to where they were going. Michael whispered a promise to the walls that they would return soon. It was always the first place he went when he returned home. It was the place where he collected his thoughts and wrote his best songs. It would probably be the place he would propose to Luke.

cosima as spider-man (obvs just a reason for cophine kissing in the rain)

so this is entirely based from chatter on i-effed-it-all-up’s blog and made me think of upside down kisses and yeah. you should seriously go read her spider-man au. like now. go. read.

Running through the wet streets, air burning in your lungs but in the good way, you don’t expect to run into the one person who you’ve been avoiding for the last week. Crime fighting, and stuff, you know? Kind of gets in the way of the cute girl that you’ve talked to literally one time. Well, that’s not including with the mask. As the superhero that you’ve drastically become in the last month, technically you’ve saved her life a few times, what with the abusive dad and the boyfriend trying to get a little too close.

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