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so adorkable lol

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She’s MINE (I.M x reader requested)

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A/N: All words in this story are 100% work of fiction none of it is real. This was a request I hope that you enjoy it and that it was okay. I enjoyed writing it request are still open if you want to request something please don’t be shy. He is so adorkable I can’t lol okay the gif isn’t mine credit to the owner. I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors.~Zero

Pairing: I.M x reader with mentions of Monsta x, Ikon, and Sechskies

Type: Fluff, and a tiny bit of jealous I.M

Word count:1605 um..Oops (give or take)

Reading time: 15 to 20 minutes it all depends


Today I was invited by the host of weekly idol and starship to join Monsta X on this week’s episode. I am nervous but very excited, I remember what my brother told me about his group’s experience on weekly idol, I just hope that I don’t get hit by Hyeong-don because that just sounds painful.

*Time skip to actual filming*

I guess that Monsta x wasn’t the only group that was invited today, Ikon is also here as well, I guess that is cool I mean I did a collab with Bobby but that was a few years ago before I even got signed to Starship. I met Ikon through my older brother, Ikon was looking for a female backup vocalist for one of their albums, and he put them into contact with me, however, after the collab we didn’t really keep in contact because we were both too busy working on our own things.  

We are now ready to start filming Ikon was introduced first and they have been talking with the host for a while now. Ikon doesn’t know that we are here but Hyeong-don and Defconn are introducing us now.

“Jinhwan I hate to interrupt you but I was just informed that our other guests are here so now the real fun and games are about to start please welcome Monsta X.” After Monsta X did their introduction I get introduced to the show.

“Alright we have one more special guest, please introduce the wonderful, talented, rapper Y/N to the show.” I walk out into the camera’s view when my new song plays as I walk out. I first encountered Defconn and shook his hand then followed Hyeong-don’s hand I am instructed to set in one of the open seats. There is an open seat by Bobby and there is one next to my boyfriend that public doesn’t know about I.M. Me being how I am I take the seat next I.M, once I am seated I feel all eyes on me.

“Okay Y/N, we are going to be doing something a little different, what we are doing is we are going to let the other Idols here in the room ask you questions and you are going to answer then once this is over then we are going to more activities that I’m sure you brother told you about, Now does anyone have any questions?” Defconn asks.

As soon as he was finished talking Chanwoo raised his hand, “Yes, Chanwoo what is your question?” I asked looking at him.

“Um, I don’t want to seem rude so what year you born so I can greet you accordingly?”

“ I was born in 1997,” I reply slightly nodding.

Then next question is asked by Junhoe “Defconn said something about you having an older brother do we by any chance know him?”

“Yes you guys do, you are in the same company and my brother is Kang Sung-hoon of Sechskies,” I reply making eye contact with the slightly older male.

“Really?!!?” This seems to shock the other band.

“That must be where her good looks come from,” Yunhyeong states smiling at me. I feel Changkyun tense at this, slightly looking over I give him a reassuring smile.

Brushing off his comment I wait for the next question, to my dismay, it came from Yunhyeong

“Y/N did your dating ban get lifted and if so are there any lucky bachelors in mind that you can tell us about,” he asks giving me heart eyes. Slightly unconformable I shift and look at Changkyun in the corner of my eye and to say that he looked livid was an understatement.

“Um,  yes my dating ban did get lifted recently and there is this one rapper but I can’t tell who,” I say looking up at I.M slightly before looking at Yunhyeong to see if he got the message.

Questions went by smoothly and now it is the 2x dance challenge and because Hyungwon got hurt and can’t participate the host asked me to instead. Nodding I look at Hyungwon when I am about to ask for his jacket because the dance is for beautiful before I could even get the words out I get Changkyun gently placing his jacket in my arms with him sending me a wink he puts on Hyungwon’s jacket. I slip on his jacket and I am instantly engulfed in his all too familiar scent.

The song is about to start so I get into Hyungwon’s spot and let’s just say I am glad that I decided to wear pants instead of a skirt today, this shouldn’t be too hard because I have watched and participated in the choreography with them before in the dance studio. By the end I think that Ikon was blown away, some even said that I could be apart of Monsta X, I took that as a huge compliment.

After Ikon’s turn of doing the 2x dance challenge, it was time for the random dance play. This time is going to be a little different they are going to play a song and we all are going to be seated and if we know the choreography then we are going to go up and dance to the song to the best of our abilities. 

Sitting down I wait for the first song to play through the speakers. When the first song comes on I realize that it is 아주 NICE by Seventeen when the chorus starts I look at the boys and run out starting to dance I soon realize I am not alone and that B.I is out here as well. When I just start to get into the song it changed pausing I hear Twice’s ‘Like Ohh ahh’ play instead, quickly getting into the position I see Jooheon run out here with me and we continue. B.I wasn’t ready for the change so he was asked to set back down. 

By the end of the challenge it was Changkyun, Wonho and I still up. “Okay we are going to do a tie breaker it is going to be a random song and the first one to get the moves right with the beat wins.”

“Loser’s buy dinner.” Wonho states

“Deal!!” Changkyun and I exclaim.

Changkyun, Wonho and I quickly bow to each other to show good sportsmanship. When we raise we stand side by side and wait for the song to start. When the song starts I am very surprised none of the less to hear “HERE WE COME IT”S SECHSKIES.” I laugh out loud at the dance I know all too well I start dancing and singing Chivalry (the 2016 re-album) looks like I am not buying dinner tonight.  When I look over I see I.M trying to keep up and Wonho looks so lost already.

Once it is over it is time for the host to determine the winner. “Okay so it looks like the only one who really knew the dance was Y/N so there for Kang Y/N is the winner!!”

With this new information, I get really excited. “Y/N I am so shocked, how did you know the song so well?”

“Oh, Um it is a thing that Sunghoon and I always did together, whenever there was a new song that the guys were working on they would invite me to their practices and teach me, that is actually how I learn to sing by Sunghoon working with me one on one whenever we had time. As for my rapping skills, I got those from Jaeduck, Jaejin, and Jiwon when I asked them to teach me how to rap.” I reply getting shy.

“Alright, there you have it, This was another successful episode of weekly idol with Ikon, Monsta X, and the lovely Y/N. Good bye everyone.” Once the camera got cut off we said our thanks to the host as I was about to walk off set I am stopped by none other than Yunhyeong I guess he still didn’t get the message.

“Hey, Y/n you did a really good job out there today, I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date with me sometime?” He asked with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

Slightly sighing I look around for anyone in Monsta X when all of a sudden I feel a heavy arm on my shoulder. “Sorry Yunhyeong but I guess you didn’t get the message earlier, she’s not into you, she already has a love interest and that happens to be me so with all due respect please go and find your own girl, it’s rude to ask out taken woman. “ I.M says with a smirk in his voice looking down at me he quickly adds “Come on princess I believe I owe you dinner for losing the dance battle.” With nothing else to say we turn around and walk off.

“Did you really have to say all that?” I ask hugging I.M side tighter

“Of course I did, that guy was staring at you like you were a piece of meat the whole time we were filming that is also why I gave you my jacket.” He states proudly.

Looking down I realize that I still have on his jacket. “ Do you want your jacket back babe?” I ask looking up at him.

“No, keep it to show everyone that you are mine, and plus you look better in my clothes anyway princess.”

“I love you Changkyun,” I say as I lean up and kiss his cheek.

“I love you too babe, so much you don’t even know.”

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Wait why is the dog always there in alterswap?

Hmmm I think its because when I first introduced Alterswap, I did so with Tori giddily balancing him on her head like the adorkable floof she is lol. So often having the tiny floof around the bigger tiny floof just stuck with me haha (also it fits pretty well into that “cute energetic character with a cute animal friend/sidekick” theme alotta us might be familiar with)


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