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Top’s smile and that crazy wig scarred me for life 🙃

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Since requests are open if you don't mind could ya do a extra petty MC/Reader giving RFA++ a case of blue balls because they got into an argument over the littlest thing. If you don't want to I completely understand. Thank you ❤️ AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING LIKE THIS ANON MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TAKEN SOME TIME TO READ EVERYTHING ON YOUR MASTERLIST🙄❤️

Lol, I kept laughing everytime I read this request, idk why. Thank you, honey, hope u like this!^^

RFA with a MC on sex strike (NSFW-ish)


  • He was late for dinner with your family. Again.
  • When he finally arrived, you pretended that everything was fine, and everybody believed, including Zen.
  • So after you two get home, he’s pretty sure you’ll be in a good mood and ready to play with the beast a little… WRONG!
  • “Good night, Hyun.” You turn your back on him and keep it like this all night. And so it continued for the next two weeks.
  • And he thought the beast would be crazy, drooling and biting its leash, but… the beast now is just a puppy curled up in a corner, whining.
  • You wish you could say you feel bad for him, but in your defense, it’s not the first time he prioritizes work over you, as he told a million times before he wouldn’t do.
  • So yeah, you’re kinda having fun looking at him pouting at you and trying to get more than a quick kiss or hug.
  •  And though he’s struggling so much, he knows why you’re doing this, he deserves. But he needs to focus, he can’t keep forgetting his lines and missing marks like this, if you at least went to watch the musical he’s been working so hard…
  • You might be mad at him, but you wouldn’t lose a premiere of his new musical, it must be really good for him to keep dumping you in order to rehearse for this.
  • And boy… it’s not only good, it’s AMAZING! Maybe it’s because you’re missing him as well, but… this character of his seems a little sexier.
  • As soon as the musical is over, you run to his dressing room. “Hey, babe… did you like the mus…mmmmm.” You practically attack him.
  • “B-babe?” “Why didn’t you tell me this was the musical that was taking all your time?” you ask, but don’t even let him answer, your mouth is on his again.
  • Zen is shook, but in a good way. He’s kinda relieved you missed him as much as he missed you.
  • “B-babe… let me… ahh… let me just take the costume off…” he says breathlessly while you kiss his neck. “I want you to keep it on.”
  • Okay… so who’s the real beast here?



  • He failed one of his tests in college. The one he did the morning after pulling an all nighter to play LOLOL
  • You can’t count all the times you told him to forget this game and go to sleep that night. Did he listen? No. So now here he is whining about this exam and you’re not having it.
  •  All he wanted was a little… comfort from you after the test fiasco.
  • “Go play some LOLOL or whatever to get that comfort, since this works so well for you.” And you go back to your book.
  • That long book you’ve been reading for two weeks and a half now, it must be good since you’re not paying any attention to your boyfriend. Any kind of attention.
  • This poor baby, he could handle not having sex when he was single, but he never prepared himself to be without it when you came along.
  • So yeah… he’s back to those very loooong showers and that constant nervous state of mind from when he was single.
  • But he never shows it in front of you, so you’re pretty sure he’s doing fine without smexy times…
  • And he is, most of the times, the problem here is that it feels like he’s grounded, like a little kid. Because he behaved a like a little kid and ugh… he feels so pathetic.
  • So he replaces those long showers for long study sessions, he needs to ace the next test to get his grades and his relationship back on track.
  • And you’re not made of steel, so of course you help him study. And having this boy so close, so focused, acting so serious and mature… it’s so sexy…
  • “Earth to MC?” he calls for you as he notices you keep staring at him. “I… think you understand a lot about the… constitution of amphibian’s hearts now, Yoosung.”
  • “You think? Well, we’ve been studying for a couple of hours now and… hum… MC?” you keep coming close to him, he’s shuddering.
  • “Why don’t we focus in human’s heart right now? For example, mine and how you’re making it race by acting so grown up…” you manage to sit on his lap, and he’s sweating as you nip his jaw lightly.
  • “M-MC… what about… my test tomorrow?” “It’s early, you need some encouragement for tomorrow and after I’m done with you, you’ll sleep like a baby.”
  • That’s exactly what happened. And after he aced his test, you gave him a reward.


  • Of course you like Zen’s DVDs, okay? You just don’t like that’s the only thing you two watch.
  • You want her to relax and have fun, but… come on, she really needs to be that selfish and not even consider your suggestions for movie night?
  • And she gets so in the mood after watching it, so generally movie night leads to something else… well, not tonight.
  • You doze off in the couch while the DVD is still playing and wake up a little later, telling her you’re tired and going to bed now… oh, okay.
  • And every movie night has been ending like this for a couple of weeks now…
  • Okay, sex is not the most important thing in this relationship, she enjoys just spending time with you without getting all hot and bothered.
  • But… a woman has her needs, you know?
  • And Zen’s DVDs may do the trick for a while, but… she’s missing the real thing… with you…
  • She handles pretty well, but she keeps getting distracted at work and getting a little snappy even at Zen in the chat room.
  • But she knows why you’re mad and… well, it wouldn’t kill her to give a chance to your choices, would it?
  • So yeah, she’s wondering how to discuss it with you and apologize after you two close the café for the day.
  • And you’re kinda worried you’re being too harsh on her, since she’s obviously acting like she’s in some kind of abstinence crisis.
  • So time to make it up for lost time… “Honey, do you mind showing me how to do that brownie dough again?”
  • She sighs, she’s so tired, but you just called her ‘honey’, how can she say no? She stands by your side, you hands moving messily around the dough on purpose.
  • “No, MC. It’s not like this, it’s just…” “Why don’t you guide my hands? Here, you can come behind me.” Lord help her…
  • She’s behind you, but her hands are not guiding yours, they’re all over your body.


  • He got jealous of an old friend of yours.
  • No matter how much you told him this guy was almost like a brother, he was still acting cold and distant.
  • Usually when this happens, you give him the most passionate kiss you can, and you two end up in bed, but… he can’t get away this easy this time, not with such a good friend of yours…
  • Is he acting cold? You’re acting colder as you told him you were sleeping with Elizabeth in the guest room that night.
  • And so it continued for the last three weeks.
  • Okay, this man lived not minding sex for a very long time, so he should be fine, right?
  • WRONG! He lived fine without sex because he had no idea it could be this good with someone he loves.
  • Though he looks all calm and collected, deep inside he could climb up walls in despair.
  • He’s drinking more wine than usual and coming back from work more and more exhausted.
  • You’re feeling a little bad? Yes, but just remembering how your friend said goodbye to you telling he didn’t want to put you in trouble with your fiancée makes your blood boil and you end up enjoying this punishment a little longer.
  • But then you get a call from Jaehee asking if something is going on, since Mr. Han is acting really weird, getting all distracted and rude to some employees.
  • Ugh… you didn’t want to harm his job and his employees… also, you miss him too.
  • So you show up to his office for your usual lunch with him, not so usual when you sit on his lap, he widens his eyes as he realizes you’re not wearing panties.
  •  “I-I apologize for what happened with your friend, MC, I…”. You reach for his ear “You’ve been a bad boy to me, and I already punished you enough. Am I not being bad to you right now?”
  • “I… yes, kitten. A little.” “So… what are you waiting for? To punish me?” his lips crash to yours as you smile teasingly.
  • Mr. Han was calm for the rest of the afternoon, the employees now are trying to find when it’s your birthday to send you a gift.


  • Honestly, you don’t even remember why you were fighting.
  • Probably it was because of a bunch of little things that turned into a big thing as you usually don’t discuss a lot.
  •  Because he quickly fixes what he did wrong with some big weird gesture like showing up at your workplace dressed as a teddy bear to apologize, you laugh and forget why you were mad before.
  • Which is usually adorable, but talking like the two adults you are would be better in order to not get into big messy fights like this last one.
  • And since you’re not even talking, he wasn’t expecting you would let him touch you, so… yeah, he’s pretty conformed he’s not getting any of that.
  • But after almost three weeks, he’s starting to freak out a little.
  • And since he doesn’t have his job anymore to hide himself in his office and just work, he’s spending even more time with his brother.
  • Saeran knows these bonding moments are important, but… ugh, his brother is getting even more clingy than usual.
  • Seriously, his brother is annoying him more than he normally does, making him do these weird hobbies like pedicure and gardening.
  • “Go easy on my brother, MC.” Saeran asks you bluntly, but deep inside he wants to beg on his knees for you to take his brother away from him, because he’s driving him nuts.
  • And though it’s kinda of funny, you’re worried for both twins. Saeran really needs his own space and you… need your boyfriend.
  • So at night, when you finally roll your body to face Saeyoung in bed, you smile sweetly and stroke his hair.
  • Your mouth finds his quickly and he has no shame in showing how desperate he is and how much he missed you.
  • “I’m sorry. Let’s not fight anymore, please?” “We’ll fight again, but it will be fine as long as we talk about it, okay?” he nods, and your lips crash against his again.
  • “MC, before we continue, just know that’s been three weeks of sexual frustration, I hope you don’t have any plans tomorrow because I won’t allow you to leave this bed so soon, copy that?”
  • You copied, and neither of you walked straight for the next two days, which grossed Saeran out.
interview | cole sprouse x reader

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written by: yours truly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: I loved guest star!! 😍 I was wondering if you could make a fic about cole how youve been keeping your relationship for months now and fans are suspecting that youre dating because of all the bts and photos of you and his ig and in one interview that youre having together someone questions you guys about it. sorry if this was long 😂 i love your fics 😘❤

a/n: basically this is another guest star part but an interview!

“god i’m so nervous”. you mutter pulling on your fingers as you wait in the green room with your boyfriend cole and co-star kj. we were about to endure a joint interview and it was your first lot of press you’ve done for riverdale.

but it wasn’t that factor that made you nervous, it was that people were becoming more and more aware of your romantic relationship with cole.

you’d been able to keep it under wraps for the whole two years you’ve been dating but now that you were both sharing the small screen people had caught on.

so you had to control yourselves whenever you were out. refraining yourselves from snap chatting each other or posting photos all over your instagrams.

you had to be strictly platonic. you didn’t need any sort of bad press if you two were to break up. so for now you weren’t a couple, you were just a couple of besties.

or atleast that’s what you thought. you thought were pulling it off. but more and more accounts for your ‘ship name’ with cole had popped up on both twitter and instagram and not to mention the constant questions when meeting fans in the flesh.

especially when they caught you out mid-date. when you two had to coyly pretend that you were waiting on other friends to excuse the fact that you were out together without the rest of the cast.

and to be quite frank you were getting sick of all the pretending and running around. sometimes you just wanted kiss your boyfriend or hold his hand whilst you walked down the streets.

not that you really had the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll down the road, being famous disney stars and all.

“you’ll be fine”, cole whispers walking toward you making sure no one was staring at the two of you. he placed a soft hand on your shoulder, instantly filling you with comfort.

“just breathe okay? if they ask don’t say yes but don’t say no, yeah? that way we aren’t lying or avoiding the question” you nod smiling to the boy as a young women calls you over to the interview room.

the three of you file in, sitting down on a huge plush couch, each boy on either side of you as the interviewer sits in her own seperate lounge chair.

the interviewer starts her intro off strong turning toward the three of you. “kj apa as archie andrews, y/n l/n as c/n c/l/n and cole sprouse as jughead jones on the cw’s riverdale!”

the three of you all smile greeting the interviewer, and the camera crew, as you settle into the interview, talking about the upcoming season and possible plot.

you were too busy worrying to even pay attention to half the stuff that was spewing from the ladies mouth, that you barely noticed her turn to you and begin to engage in conversation until kj smoothly nudged you.

patting down your dress you push your hair off your shoulder as she addressed you directly.

“so how is it for you to go from disney to the darker side of the cw?”

“i mean it’s a lot different to disney i’ll tell you that”. you pause the group laughing to themselves “i didn’t even really think i’d be coming back to acting but i couldn’t resist the role”.

she nods playing with the cards in her palms. “so anything in particular that’s vastly different?”

“well - it’s still directed for the younger generation but i feel like in disney it was more so for the children than the preteens for example…and the content we’re filming is a lot heavier than the stuff we dealt with on y/d/s but it’s also just as fun and exciting as i remember”.

“so you and cole -” you freeze at the mention of him, “both disney kids coming back to acting. kj what was it like to know that you were working with some of the greatest names in disney?”

you breathe a sigh of relief taking a sip from the glass of water on the table as you listen to kj rattle on about how much he adored cole and dylan.

“both of their shows i watched religiously. me and my mates used to love it aye. especially y/d/s with uh y/n we loved her a lot - im pretty sure one of my mates had a poster of her”.

you blush giggling to yourself. “so you had a crush on y/n?” the interviewer laughs, kj turning red at the words. you continue laughing placing a hand around his arm.

“aw kj!!!” you swoon embarrassing him further. cole joined in on the fun, “yeah he was a big fan we kinda had to push him a bit and be like ’hey buddy“.

kj shakes his head furiously to the camera his words rushing out in defence “nah nah nah”. sending you and cole into a laughing fit as the kiwi struggled to cover up his words.

“i mean i was a fan. like who wasn’t aye, but nah it’s a lot of fun filming with them and we all are good friends with the others too. but ugh yeah- it’s hard to go out anywhere because fans notice them from a mile away”

the interviewer laughs “wait people still notice you as your disney characters?” we both nod cole taking the lead.

“i mean it’s very flattering but as you can see im not the same kid with the blonde shaggy bowl cut so sometimes i question how they’d recognise me- especially from friends”.

you smile the interviewer looking to you for input “what about you?”

you nod leaning back slightly into the couch feeling coles arm against the top of the couch.

“they do yes, i go anywhere and they all yell ”c/n“ and sometimes i just forget and then they’re running and i’m running and then they’re screaming and i’m screaming”.

the room started to laugh.

“it’s a very weird situation” you giggle the interviewer cutting in.

“and you looking nothin like that girl anymore- you look amazing!”

you place a hand over your heart in awe “thank god for that” you joke poking fun at yourself. “i grew up and hit puberty and sometimes when i hear someone say ’hey you look like that girl off y/d/s? i’m like damn i must be having a rough day”.

the interviewer giggles “oh don’t be so hard on yourself- doesn’t she look hot now boys?” she slaps kj’s leg and they both nod.

“god yeah she’s come along way from disney-even though i still had a crush on c/n”, cole comments a smile growing on your face at the compliment.

“so are you all single?”

your heart plummets at the question. the dreaded question for anyone in the industry is asked whenever they are in one or aren’t. no one wants to be asked this question ever.

cole answers first surprising you “i’m not no”.

“i am” kj chirps taking a long drink from his water.

“i’m not either” you clear your throat smiling, refusing to make eye contact with cole.

the interviewer smirks knowing she got the answer you wanted “oh so you two are off the market”. she pretends to act surprised “well who are they”.

cole replies cutely “for us to know and you to never find out- all you need to know is she’s beautiful and one of a kind”.

you fight off the blush tinting on your cheeks as the interviewer wraps up the interview.

“one last question before you guys leave- serpent jughead? yes or no?”

“yes yes yes” you stammer feeling confident. “have you seen jughead in a leather jacket? serpent jughead is the best thing to come out of riverdale”.

cole blushes and the interview is officially over. cole’s manager walking over to escort us back to our green room.

“i think you might have just outed us” he teases walking dangerously close to you, his hot breathe on your neck.

“what can i say- serpent juggie just does some indescribable things to me”.

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NCT and their PATRONUS (As Requested)

Chenle: Hyena. Because he laughs like one but also because they’re a symbol of passion and knowledge which suits Chenle as he’s been passionate about music from an incredibly young age and is amazingly smart. 

Doyoung: Rabbit. Because he looks like one but also cause rabbits symbolize vulnerability, Doyoung has a mother like temperament and is sensitive despite being a giant smart-ass. 

Haechan: Otter. Because otters symbolize creativity which Haechan has and they are also incredibly hardworking but not always as appreciated as they should be. Give my boy some attention. 

Jaehyun: Golden Retriever. Compassionate and supportive towards his team members and is intelligent and helpful. Plus, they’re both so pure and adorable. Protect them. 

Jaemin: Deer. Symbolizes gentleness, intuition and sensitivity which suits Jaemin and can also be associated with harmony which I think Jaemin brings to the Dream members, they’re too wild when he’s not there ngl. 

Jeno: Flamingo. Finds comfort in his group much like a flock of flamingo but still manages to stand out for his striking features. Jeno is actually a pretty flamboyant dancer. Also, good at supporting his members. 

Jisung: Chick. Innocent, young and cute. But can also be a handful and pester his elders. Both are adorable. 

Johnny: Lion. Lions are fierce and brave but also lazy and Johnny has described himself as the most chill member. They also symbolize authority and the group tend to listen to Johnny even though he isn’t the leader.

Kun: Cat. Cats have the courage to explore the unknown much like Kun when he left China. They’re also mysterious animals much like Kun as not much is known about him. They’re also independent and patient.

Mark: Lion Cub. Mark shares many of the same aspects as Johnny except he’s more motivated and playful. This is why he’s much like a lion cub and he also looks like a baby lion cub in limitless promotions.

Renjun:Giraffe. The babies like to play fight much like Renjun with Chenle. Also symbolize gracefulness and a bit of mystery.

Taeil: Penguin. Funny and adorable but slightly awkward. Can also symbolize intuition and intelligence and taeil is incredibly intelligent.

Taeyong: Wolf. The leader of the pack support and guides the others but can also work well indiviudally. Wolves are seen as aggressive but that’s a misunderstanding, they’re just temperamental. They avoid fights and only attack to protect those in their pack. Much how Taeyong has a reputation for being scary but is actually a ball of fluff unless you insult his members.

Ten: Gazelle. They are graceful and agile much like Ten when he dances but they are also incredibly aware much like Ten is of his members and can sense their moods. They try and avoid negative emotions even though they’re vulnerable animals because of their place on the food chain. This could symbolise Ten being a happy person even though he may not always be as happy as he seems.

Winwin: Fox. They are cunning and know how to get what they want. Foxes are also swift and graceful much like Winwin. They also learn quickly and adapt in new situations much how Winwin did in Korea.

Yuta: Horse. Ambitious and passionate. Can symbolize war or a fiery temperament much like how fierce Yuta can be. Can also mean to be free and openminded much how Yuta is mindful and liberal in his opinions and actions.

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GOOOOD MORNING PRETTY BOY!!! So basically this is for you. Cathrel is a pretty boy. More people should call him pretty boy because it is a fact of life. Not only is he a pretty boy, he is amazing at drawing and his fics turn me to goo because of how adorable they are. So cathrel do you know that you are a pretty boy? If you didn't know, then now you know and have to accept the truth. Rest well,stay hydrated and stay safe love <3


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I agree, the new actors are on point as always, I'm so excited to see them in their uniforms. Also the girls are so pretty! I already adore Yachi's actress, she's so cute :3

I just saw Yachi, Kiyoko and Saeko’s actresses and its been 24h and im STILL a mess of gay feelings

theyre totally on point yeah!! I’m so excited to see Kiyoko and Yachi interact, and have scenes with Saeko being a badass older sis :D

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Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

She’s perfect!! She likes to wear comfy sweaters and eat pastries. She’s easily embarrassed but tries her hardest. She’s a little calmer and more serious than the rest without being a wet blanket. Also, I relate to her pretty hard about being the tack-on friend who isn’t as close with the rest of everyone else. Basically I just want to buy her food and cuddle with her and we’ll comfort each other whenever one of us gets embarrassed and she’s just the cutest, okay? She’s the best.

pkmntrainer-rae  asked:

Ahh, I just started following you, (adorable blog!!) and I just read your latest post!! I hope things get better for you asap!!! ❤ (Also, any Rinpana headcanons?)

you’re so kind!! i love you <3 

- Rin and Hanayo’s personalities compliment each other brilliantly. Each of them can bring each other up when they feel down because the flaws that they see in themselves are perfections to the other.

- Being the youngest two of Muse, they’re babied a lot; and this is no exception when it comes to their relationship. They can’t even hold hands without everyone squealing at how adorable they are.

- Hanayo is brilliant at makeup and has a pastel femme fashion sense, so she adores dressing Rin up. Everyone agrees that Rin looks adorable in Hanayo’s pleated skirts and pretty jumpers, and it makes Rin feel beautiful.

- Hanayo often wants to go running, but can’t find the motivation to, so Rin is like her fitness trainer, being a very energetic girl. However, if she wants to go running because she thinks she looks fat, Rin hugs her and reminds her that it’s okay to be a little chubby, and she shouldn’t feel self-conscious about it.

- Don’t ever let these two have date nights in because they will eat until they’re physically sick. They’ll order large pizzas, cook microwave popcorn, finish off family size bags of crisps and gorge on sweets and ice cream until neither of them can move and their stomachs kill them the next day. 

- Neither of them can really cook that well; Rin couldn’t cook a meal to save her life and Hanayo is more of a dessert maker. Much to Rin’s disappointment, they can’t just live off pudding, so they usually end up eating out or ordering takeaway.

- Rin parades Hanayo around like a show pony; as much as it embarrasses the poor girl. I’m talking about “Hey GUYS! Look how beautiful Hanayo looks today! Isn’t her outfit amazing?” or “Have I ever told you just how amazing my girlfriend who I love is?”

- Hanayo secretly loves it and tries to do the same back, but she doesn’t really have the social skills of her extroverted girlfriend, so it’s always more of an “Everyone, look at Rin…. are you all listening? Okay, well, um, look! Rin is super cute, and uh….”

- It’s okay though because Rin loves the fact that she made the effort.

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 19: Adrien and Alix

One person protection squad

  • Adrien is just one of those sunshine beans who you want to protect, right?? So what if he was actually best friends with the scariest kid in the class, how great would that be, like can you imagine him hanging out with a tiny punk like Alix all the time and she cares so much about her polite sweetheart sunshine friend even though they’re nothing alike
  • Please imagine her teaching him how to rollerskate or Heelys, the poor kid would love that because he needs some freedom in his life
  • Sorry I just really love the idea of the smol ready-to-fight one protecting the adorable one
  • She seemed happy to see that he was okay in the Christmas episode even though she doesn’t really have much in the way of friends, who says they’re not already friends??? Adrien is so lovely he’s already friends with his entire class pretty much so why not
  • Oh god imagine a friendship between Chat Noir and Alix, that would be totally ridiculous and I love it already – parkour-ing around Paris in the middle of the night like the reckless dorks they are?? Someone stop them (actually please don’t, this is too funny to me)
Supergirl Summer Recaps: Ep. 2x01-2x02

DanversSisters vs Supercousins

 At the start of Season 2, we finally find out what’s in that pod. And it was basically Supergirl’s mistake and lost oppurtunity. That’s the end of that.

Anyways at the start, we see the introduction of the only new male I’m considering, Superman

Gotta say at first, hearing the news of Superman being introduced last summer, worried me. But the way they introduced and included him in the story worked out pretty well. Superman never overshadowed Supergirl, and in fact, he only enhanced the show. It’s funny because I felt the same way about Tyler Hoechlin, but he turned out to be the perfect Clark Kent CW needed. 

Alex last straight line of the show: “Your cousin smells terrific” Honestly I imagine Superman would. 

Hoechlin’s not serious and gloomy (DCEU version), but quirky Superman was so refreshing, and seeing Clark and Kara together was adorable. His quirky phrases like “lickety-split” and in “a jiffy” resembles more of the light Superman we got in some comics.

Throughout the first two episodes, we see Clark start to take everyone’s attention, especially Winn’s, a little more than expected. 

Winn’s love for Superman is adorable. 

 Kara has a lot of fun hanging out with her cuz, to the point where it really bothers not only J’onn, but Alex. 

This tests the Danvers sisters’ bond, and it shows more in the second episode, right before Alex goes into bad-ass mode against Cadmus. 

 Kara and Alex’s argument was a breath of relief for me, because, the entire time I was peeved at how Kara would keep putting Clark over everyone else. I understand that it’s her blood family, but even I was really pissed when she started saying, “Maybe, I should move to Metropolis.” Alex had enough, and finally says it to Kara’s face, that she’s sacrificed her life protecting her. Then again, being a sister, or sibling, means that you do have to sacrifice stuff for them, and not expect anything in return. Thankfully, Winn made Alex realize this.

 Also in that scene, she finally says, “Do you know when the last time I dated was? Two years ago I’m just interested what do we mean by “dated”, just the usual dinner dates, because we know she never went further than that. 

 When Alex goes up against Cadmus by herself, she meets the great Lilian Luthor. She quickly makes it to Alex’s target list, considering she has her father hostage, or so we thought.

 Kara comes in to help her, and they finally make up, and repair all of our broken hearts. Every time these two even look at each other wrong, my heart breaks. It was nice to see Alex Danvers finally talk about her feelings, and it’s the start of her amazing storyline. As perfect as the Supercousins are, the Danvers sisters are a bond that can’t be broken. 

Lena Luthor: Kara’s New “Friend”

 One of the best new characters is definitely Lena Luthor. When I saw Katie McGrath back on my TV screen I freaked out. I used to watch this show called Dracula (which sadly was canceled after one season), but McGrath played Lucy, who was in love with the main female character. That ship broke my heart, but seeing her blessing my screen with her not so subtly gay looks, made me so happy, and finally convinced me to watch the show. So, of freaking course I would ship Lena and Kara. 

 First off, the way Kara looks at her with her blushing cheeks and starstruck eyes. She didn’t only second-guess her career but her sexuality, too.  Kara and Lena becoming friends is unstoppable, considering that Kara could finally have a friend as Kara, not SG, and also she finds herself relating to her. Lena was adopted and lost her birth mother, just like Kara was adopted and lost her family. Also, I’m pretty sure its settled that Lena eventually figures out Kara broke her alien detecting device, therefore figuring out that she might be an alien??

Cut to the part where Kara saves her for the first time of many future ones, Lena doesn’t seem as afraid and grateful to see her there. We start to see that she is no damsel in distress, and like all the females in the show, a badass. Seriously, Lena was a great addition to the show, not only because it’s a girl, but she is not like her brother, therefore bringing an original character. She may have fun tricking others, like a Luthor would, but she genuinely doesn’t want to be as insane as Lex was, but in no way is she less stronger or smarter. 

Also let’s never forget, Alex saved Lena Luthor’s life, and Lena, saved Alex’s as well. 

Next week: 2x03-04- Welcome to Earth Maggie Sawyer and Madam President.

thanks for reading if you got this far!!! I appreciate it!

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Many reasons. You got some radical butts, your paws are so tiny and adorable, your sense of humor that you put in is pretty funny, and your art in general is just really appealing to look at. I love your blog, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!!! this is so sweet

supernim  asked:

omfg so after I replied to your post about stuff to tally in your rewatch, I decided to actually go ahead and see how many times our lil angel smiles AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND (he either doesn't smile or the context makes it super painful)

Also congrats on the podcast!! It’s super funny and insightful and it turned out so well, can’t wait for the next Ep :D

I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANALYZING CAS SMILES EVER. That’s honestly part of why I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’d kept pretty close track of them through season 6, and most of them broke my heart. 

My favorite Cas smile will forever be the very first:

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

… not only because it’s adorable but also because he’s kinda smiling at a joke Dean made. (And it’s one that I think Cas may have actually understood, which is rare as balls.)

And YAY! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first episode of the podcast! \o/ There are a lot of REALLY awesome topics on our list, and I’m so stupid excited for some of them that I think Sunday is my new Thursday.

(Hey @clusterjam​, @deancasonice​, @wigglebox​ - LOOK SOMEBODY LIKES US :D)

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Are we doing name meanings now? Cuz "Lance" is actually short for Germanic names with "land" in them and is also the name of a weapon, the wielder is a "lancer" and "lancers" in media are often the most trustworthy member. "Takashi" has a few meanings, including but not limited to "honor, esteem," and "noble, prosperous". "Pidge" is the name of a lord's/noble's personal attendant and can be a surname. Pretty sure "Hunk" is self explanatory.

*laughing* tbh the Name Meaning Anon was just rambling (which was quite adorable lol) but I do love learning new things! Thanks for the info!
(TBH my real name has no meaning since it’s spelled strangely, and even so if it was spelled like what it was altered from it would just mean Ten. I want to know what Lynne means though, I’d look it up but I’d get a bunch of strange answers.)

New Weight Loss Video Coming!!

Hi Guys!! I hope you’re having a good Memorial Day weekend! I know I have. :) 

I wanted to give you guys an update. I’m in the process of editing a video for you guys on weightloss and all of that. It’s a pretty crude, introductory video and everything. I’d love if you guys could watch, comment, etc on it because I want to put together more content for you all. I’m going to start making a series on weight loss, weight loss surgery, being gay, etc, so any questions and comments would be ADORED and I’d love to get something started with you guys. 

Lots of love. <3