they are so adorable :')

Jungkook: Let’s go bowling

Yugyeom: Just us both? *feeling excited*

Jungkook: He’s joining us *grabs Mingyu*


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I'm 100% convinced that Newt was that type of kid who constantly brought strange or abandoned animals home and asked him mom, "Can I keep him?"

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I love how Newt says Dougal, you settle down now, PLEASE. Ugh so cute.

I am so into you.

I am not even kidding, Shinwon got 2 seconds of screentime 

and the time he got

he spared

no soul

from his

laser eyes

of judgment 

Me: I really should study and do my homework like a responsible student!

My Brain: 


DOODLES YES. I had way too much coffee a few hours ago so I started drawing like a madman (even tho I should have been doing homework).

The last pic is me merging Star vs the Forces of Evil with Hunter x Hunter and the first drawing was based off of a thing I saw of people wearing shirts like that (i drew the first one in an hour ok, I know it’s bad)