they are singing to her

(watches an old periscope from shelby rabara that was uploaded in july 2016)

(hears shelby rabara sing the SU theme song)

(skin is clear, crops are watered, grades are improved, soul is cleansed)

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How do you think the batfamily reacted when Mar'i was born? And if they acted well what was their favorite thing to do with her?

-Bruce was a proud grandpa at that moment; he was definitely a bit in shock because even though Dick is an adult now, deep down Bruce still thinks of the little boy who wore those god awful pixie shorts and who used to say things like “holy _____ Batman!” and now he’s a parent. But he’s over the moon when he first meets Mar’i because she’s so small and adorable. He loves taking her to the places where his parents used to take him so he can pass on their memories and he also will tell her stories about all of his kids.

-Dick was honestly the most emotional wreck anyone has ever seen. He couldn’t stop smiling because holy crap, that’s his kid. An honest to god living being that he helped make, which is totally crazy. And he loves to sing to her, because even though people think he can’t sing, he low key can and only a few people have ever heard him actually sing. He sings her lullabies that his mom used to sing to him when he was little. But honestly, he likes doing anything with his daughter

-Jason has a way with small kids; he isn’t a huge fan of babies but when they cry or are fussy, he’s the person you go to. So, even though he isn’t overly thrilled when he first meets Mar’i, he will help calm her down when she’s crying

-Tim is so awkward around small children so he doesn’t really interact much with Mar’i

-Damian hates other kids, especially babies, but since it’s Grayson’s child, he makes an effort to be nicer. He will usually try to get her to play with his several animals and make sure that she ends up being an animal lover like him. But Dick has forbidden him from giving Mar’i any sharp objects.

-Cass liked looking at Mar’i but she’s kind of clueless as to what you’re supposed to do with small children so she kind of just observes when other people interact with Mar’i just so she can see what she’s supposed to do. When she finally gets the hang of it, she likes to read to Mar’i

-Steph loves kids so she likes taking Mar’i on walks and playing games with her. Mar’i likes when they play dress-up, especially when her dad joins in and then she can dress him up in nice skirts and tiaras. Steph makes sure to take lots of photos.

-Alfred loves Mar’i and will often take care of her when her parents have superhero business to take care of. He loves to play her games that she makes up. She’s particularly fond of scavenger hunts so Alfred will hide things around the room for her to find and he’ll give her prizes after she finds all of the things.

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Headcanon (sort of?): Kara has nightmares about the destruction of Krypton and recently about if she hadn't got there in time to save Lena. Lena comforts her, she learns an ancient Kryptonian lullaby and softly sings it to Kara to help her fall asleep. Then with the help of Alex and J'onn they paint Kara's room so that it looks like a window into Krypton and whenever Lena isn't there she leaves Kara her old teddy bear. (I don't know if this is what you're looking for but here<3)

Lena learning kryptonian for kara is one of my fave headcanons <3

also Lena’s teddy bear is canonly at Kara’s apartment (or one that looks exactly like it but imma go with it being lena’s who knows maybe the creative teams that design the rooms/outfits etc are revolting and leaving supercorp clues for us to make our own version of supergirl) so kara is staying at lena’s place for the first time (only sleeping, no funny business) and kara is so surprised when she sees it (lena’s entire apartment didn’t have any personal touch) so she didn’t expect it but she thinks it’s so cute that lena has him.. then Lena notices that kara noticed and she goes to explain that it’s the only thing she still has from her mom.. her real one, the one who loved her unconditionally.. it’s clear how important the stuff bear is to lena so when the day comes that lena finds out what happened to kara’s parents she decides to give it to her because doesn’t really need it anymore (she has kara now) but she likes knowing it’s still within reach and kara promises to take good care of him <3

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your post about the girl that left hob got me thinkin and not to be Dramatique™ but like I've always kind of had this theory that maybe she's one of the reasons hob always mentions someone who "only loves me" as his ideal type and how in his singles interview he said love should make you someone who "only knows that one person" like he said he really did like her and she left him for some other dude and like that must have hurt wow I wanna kiss his face and tell him how much I love him and :/

akjdksf please to be all Dramatique™ i really am tearing up and a second from crying gooshshsh just the thought of hob getting hurt makes me wanna puke i don’t even want that word to be in a sentence w his name sjkhfdskj but yeah :( probably? but honestly if u ask me, hob would be the type of guy that would be so infatuated w his s/o even if that breakup didn’t happen w the girl :( like that sweetheart has so much love in him the oceans couldn’t contain it even if they try :( like i remember that one interview when he was asked what would u do if u’re not in bangtan and his answer was “in a relationship. bcs im a passionate guy” pleasenjdh hes the most precious thing? and he said he loves melodrama and his favourite movies are pained and if only and he cries when watching them and that honestly speaks volume of how soft and gentle and loving he is tbh :( he’s so affectionate too like? he really kisses his members like it is the most normal thing to do imagine if he is in love jkashd and!! even his sleeping habits is him touching himself hes so touchy im gonna d*e aksjdhsjf but yeah he’s sensitive and very loving so that breakup must have hurt like a b*tch i hope that girl ch*ke and the thought of her hurting hob haunts her for the rest of her life and afterlife too


When you had offered Izzy to take a night off, she had agreed in seconds. You wanted to show her something mundane, so you took her to a karaoke bar.

While explaining to her how it worked, she smiled at you.
“I can’t sing in front of everyone!”, she gave back and laughed.
“Yes, you can and you will. Don’t worry. Nobody cares if it’s good or bad.”

With a sign she gave in and went onto the little stage, all eyes already following her. When she started to sing, everybody fell silent. It was like a real sexy angel was between them, at least everybody looked at her like that.

Coming back over to you with a big smile on her face, you only shook your head laughingly.
“You lied to me!”
“I didn’t, (y/n). I never said I couldn’t sing.”

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If this makes me extremely happy and proud? Yes! Finally she’s recognized by the hard work she’s been doing FOR YEARS. But of course, no one ever knew she did all this good actions because media only shares her “scandals” which are ridiculously false and utter nonsense. Only her fans know and have accompanied her journey inside and outside her singing, fashion and acting career, and we’re not surprised about this, because we always knew the true Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She’s gonna receive this award which has been received by Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King Sr., Lionel Richie and many other legends and we are in tears of joy. Rihanna, we wish you the best of the world, you truly deserve it for being so kind and always so down to earth and humble. You never forget your roots, you never forget that there’s always someone anywhere in the world that needs help, you never forget to tip a homeless man anytime you go out and find one, you never forget about the kids that need education and can’t have it, you never forget about the people that are fighting cancer everyday. You also aren’t silent about the problems that affect our society everyday and I admire you for all of that. You are an inspiration and a role model in your unique way, people need to open their minds more about you and delete the “pop girl” image out of their heads because you’re not that. You’re way more than that! You are a beautiful human and thank you for being that way and inspiring millions of young (and not only) people that support you and follow your journey. We’ll never forget any of this!

       ( BUT WHAT IF…
         Shigure either asks his father or his sibiling (or both) how to approach
         the person he loves without saying who it is?


         And then this day approaches when someone of his family finds
         all the different pictures he had drawn over the past weeks - all
         with the very same person on it…….And then they all know who it is. WOOPS. )


me when hayi does lit anything ever SKFSDLFS memekook ur me ,, has there ever been a cuter person than her …… hello dis is pip nd im rly sorry abt dropping my Boo sunny, i lub her i do, nd i lub all the Connections i had w y’all but my muse was just runnin a lil low ! so i bring 2 u all .. seo yerin !

tw: eating disorder, bullying, me cryin uglie

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headcanon that veronica leaves a bottle of mountain dew at the bedside whenever she's really feeling it and knows they're gonna have a long night. JD knows what's up 😏


I also just realized she sings about 7-eleven in this song did JD help her write it

The song.

It’s so over played and I fucking love it every time. Dolly’s version is number one followed by Miley (shut up, her voice is flawless!).

Yesterday I started singing other names. My neighbor in the cube farm, a customer when I hung up.

The bartender’s name is Jolene and the bands usually play that song and I sing along. I think my lover thinks I think the bartender may be trying to steal him. She is his bar wife. Lol. But no, I don’t think that.

It kind of cracks me up actually.

I’m trying to positively affirm my pain away. Let’s just say it’s working (it’s not but I’m trying to NOT focus on it….)


Kisses, Zapod

Akklotte Headcanons


1) Starting off simple. Lotte helps as much as she can to teach Akko basic magic. She teaches Akko how to say them right and any little tricks she can think of to help her cast it right. When Akko finals gets one right, Lotte smiles very brightly and gives her a thumbs up (or if its a spell she took a long time to get, she Lotte will give Akko a hug)

2) Akko will secretly listen to Lotte sing. She knows Lotte gets nervous around others but Akko loves it. One day Lotte does catch Akko and Akko does say how much she loves it and says sorry. Lotte does accept the apology and willl let Akko sit with her when she is singing to the faeries/spirits. Akko also loves meeting the the little faeries/spirits.

3) Some days Lotte gets back to the dorm and sees Akko alseep at the desk from studying. Either she will just put a blanket over Akko or get help from Sucy to put Akko back in bed.

4) You so know for Lotte’s birthday, Akko brings her to a bookstore and tells her to get whatever she pleases. Lotte fuckin loves it. Then also Akko takes her out to a little place to get her favorite food or sweet.

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So how would Serena feel if Yuya confesses to her about his feeling for her

She wouldn’t answer him right away.

She would go out for a long, serious walk in the wilderness. Ask the woodland creatures for their sagely advice. She would spend many months there, meditating, listening, learning. 

She’d then take a trip up into the mountains. The cool mountain breeze would rustle through her hair as she continues to ascend to the highest peak. By now, she’s grown a beard of sorrow. She develops a taste for raw bear meat.

She climbs back down, and takes some more time to wander through the desert. Yes, she does peyote. Yes, it blows her mind. She spends hours on end dancing to music no one can hear, singing the song of the desert. The vultures who follow her everywhere guard her from the coyotes. 

And those same vultures follow Serena back to civilization. By this point, her beard reachers down to her midsection. Her face is wind beaten, her eyes world weary. There’s a touch of gray hair at each temple. She carries a staff with her everywhere. She never sleeps anymore. 

And the first thing she does is go right to Yuya’s house in the still of the night. She throws rocks at his bedroom window until one finally breaks through and he’s forced to respond. And when he finally peaks his head out the window, Serena only has one thing to say:

“The answer is yes.”

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aaaAAA well, the first song that pops into my mind for my Mabel darling is definitely ‘Pure Imagination!’ It’s just so happy and hopeful and every single lyric just screams “Mabel’s mind” :DD

The other one is… ahah, so I kinda HC that Mabel would be the type of person to sing while doing chores, and that makes me think of the ‘Happy Working Song’ from Enchanted! Just… imagine her singing that at the top of her lungs while dusting the shack… It’d be sO cute!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what songs they make me think of! 

(Characters already done: Mabel Pines)