they are seriously the best ever


Best night of my life, hands down. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary at a beautiful restaurant in DTLA (most delicious steak ever, like seriously ever), Walked around the Urban Light art instillation (if you don’t know what that is, look it up! It’s beautiful!) and then ended the night in our home town at OUR park. The park that we use to run around and raise hell at in high school. The park I first saw Terry at. The park that he proposed to Brittney at. It’s a very special place for us. We walked around and reminisced about old times, and how crazy the past year has been for us. Well the past 10 years, really. We’ve been in each others lives for so long that us being together came so naturally. There was no worrying or walking on eggshells. We all knew each other so well already that it was a walk in the park (ba dum cha). I was looking out, admiring the park looking so peaceful at 1am that I didn’t realize they were behind me, on one knee. Brittney started playing our song so I turned around and there they were, ring in hand. It was one of those “No way is this really happening” moments. I couldn’t contain myself. I was jumping and stomping around and crying like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. And of course, I said yes. I can’t believe I can say that I’m going to marry my two best friends. The two people that get me more than anyone in the world. The people I’m suppose to walk through this life and the next with. The future is bright for this triad, and I’m excited to face whatever life throws at us. As long as I have them❤️

The Fandom Friends Tag

The rules are simple, list the people you consider friends that you have made on Tumblr and why you like that person, then tag some people to find out who they consider to be friends.

In no particular order:

@queenrosales Ok so she is one of the first friends i made on tumblr and i thank every star in the universe that i joined the fandom at the time i did cause it made me meet you I love you more than starlight you are amazing and such a fun person to talk to you always listen to my absolutely crazy theories i just love you wife so much!!

@catarinalosss you are the first person i talked to here and you made me feel so welcome in the fandom and i know that whenever something exciting happens i can always come and yell about it with you and we can freak out about it together  you are the nicest person ever seriously guys she is so nice!!

@cristinqrosales Ale you are the best seriously you are always there to talk about pretty much anything and i love that i don’t know what to say except that i love our weird friendship

@thepurplewarlock  Becca i love your writing and helping you whenever i can is a pleasure i love talking to you so much i enjoy every interaction we have and i hope sometime we can meet in person and watch movies and eat popcorn together and even though you are older than me i love how we totally ignore that and act like 3 year old’s on a sugar rush when we talk

@alessapenthorn my Love my other wife i don’t know what to say except that i love you and you are the greatest person ever you are just so nice!! how do you do it? i hope you get everything you want cause you deserve it

@mostawesomepineapple i love how much you love Julian and i know that whenever the feels hit i can talk to you about it cause you just understand how much it hurts to love him your blog is AMAZING one of my favorites here and you are just a great person to talk to

@ladyofroses we started talking not that long ago but i already consider you one of my friends (hope you don’t mind) every time i see that i have a message from you i get so happy and i also love that we love a lot of the same books and once i read Hunting Prince Dracula you are the first person im going to talk to so we can rant about Thomas (he is just so dreamy)

@alexandraherondaleblackthorn even though we only talked once about hair and pancakes it was a very nice conversation hope we have more love you blog

I tag every one i mentioned and whoever wants to do it!!

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You're the best thing that has happened to the Klance fandom. Seriously. You give me so much hope for this ship. I don't have any idea how you do what you do - your analyses are the best thing I've ever read. I am so appreciative of you and everything you do. 歹

bing! tumblr user keith kkiro would now die for you

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In juxtaposition to the other anon I like shrinkyclinks because I'm a pretty tall broad guy who enjoys wearing leather jackets and has "resting bitch face" so I tend to look scary to other people but I'm usually just thinking about my succulents and my kitten and wishing I was at home with them

Okay I seriously love this and I love you and the previous anon and these might be the best asks I’ve ever gotten ever?????? <3333333

This is just plain adorable and I kind of want to use it in a fic, hahha!


Mystic Halloween no. 3 // Kang Jaehee :: The Winged Goddess

“These wings came from my perseverance. And from my perseverance came victory.”

(Seriously this is like my best painting ever. I think I made it up to Jaehee, she deserves so much :D If any of you know who the Winged Goddess is, she’s Nike, the goddess of victory!)

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Do you have any stydia fic recs?

Heck yeah I do! 

As a warning, though, I have been super busy with school lately so a lot of these are not very recent. 

-If you’re looking to cry read The Ties That Bind Us by  @im2old4thisotp because it’s INCREDIBLE. But if you DON’T want to have your heart broken in the best way possible, her fic Every Day, Surprise Me Again is ADORABLE. You should probably just read all of Allison’s fics okay they’re all A++

-Everything ever written by @youaretoosmart. Her fics are just so beautiful. My faves are Stardust on My Pillowcase and rearrange the stars. 

-I just read Serendipity by @lydiastxles and I loved it! Lemme tell you, I am a sucker for fake dating aus and this one does not disappoint. 

-You Make Love Look Easy by @hollandroden is perfection. Stiles is a nanny, okay? What more could you want? 

-Like, obviously anything @rongasm has ever written, but to this day Ground Rules still holds a special place in my heart. 

-I’m not sure who this author is on tumblr but if you are a Star Wars fan, or if you just want some adorable Stydia fluff, then a bright centre to the universe is so cute

(and finally, in shameless self promotion, if you haven’t read all of my fics this is my page on ao3

So a while ago @mailroomorder & @slayediest & I all exchanged Best of Glee playlists. I have since downloaded every song Glee ever performed, and therefore my list has changed a little (okay, a lot). I no longer have a Best of Glee (well, I do, but its huge), I now have Best of Seasons playlists. In case anyone cares, here they are!

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This dog is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never had a relationship with a dog like this one. She is my heart dog. She is my soul mate.

Recent dogblr events (run free epic, you gorgeous soul) have me holding her closer to me today. I’m emotional about every little thing she does. The way she wraps her arm around mine to hold it still to kiss. The way she leans against me when I pet her. The crazy eyes she gets when she wants to play. The feeling of her pushed up against me when she is laying in bed with me. The way she has to “bury” her food before she eats it. The fact that she has to eat the eyes and ears of all her stuffed animals first. The joyful way she walks when she is working.

This dog is the physical embodiment of joy. I am so lucky to have the love and adoration of a creature like her.

Hold your dogs close today. Make sure they know that you love them.

@taylorswift I’m going to write a much longer post about thanking you for the secret sessions after I can catch my breath but first I wanted to let you know that it’s my mom’s birthday today! She said she was sad that she forgot to tell you that on Wednesday. Her name is Bonny and she had such a great time in RI with you. She’s seriously my best friend and I’m so grateful to have shared this experience with her. She is the best mom ever, she is selfless and always puts her family first. She is hardworking, caring, hilarious and the kindest and most loving person I know. Would you mind wishing her a happy birthday today? She wants me to tell you thank you too for everything that you have done for us and for your fans. We love you, Tay. ❤️

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DO MY NAME GRANDPA !!!!! (preston,, the greatest man to ever live,, the best, the only; the meme.)

Preston: the man, the myth, the legend.
Okay okay I’ll do it seriously too:
Preston sounds like crinkling papers- like old books that are beginning to yellow and some of the words have faded away because it’s been read so many times but they can’t get rid of it because they love it so. Preston is like cracked pavement in old towns filled with interesting and strange people. It’s like a garden overgrown with the most beautiful flowers because nature is always a better Gardner than people ever could be. Preston is like writing by candlelight and mapping stars. It’s the smell of fresh baked bread and the sound of whispers creeping across a dark room when you share secrets at sleepovers. It sounds like childhood and every past life all wrapped into one. Preston is the name of someone who holds years of wisdom in their eyes and a smile as brilliant as a young child’s all at once.

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what a bad dragon? seriously? DID YOU MAE A COMIC TO JOKE ABOUT DILDOS


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Leave your mark is one of The Best fics I've ever read and I seriously can't wait for more ^-^ x you're so talented and istg if jikook don't end up together ill cry myself to sleep haha

ASDKJFLGKL thank you so much, anony!! I’m already writing chapter 8, I’m so sorry for the long wait!! It’s been a busy two months!! 

(O///O) thank you so much for enjoying the story!! and of course jikook will end up together!! they’ll definitely have their happy ending!! i promise!! <3 <3