they are reincarnations

I bet that Grantaire is the kind of guy that buys books from charity shops and then goes through them trying to find any notes or anything that the previous owner had left.

But then one time, he manages to find a really, really old one, probably from a second-hand bookshop that specialises in antiques. And it’s from 1831 and all the notes in it are super faded and near-impossible to read but he treasures it because the person writing them is so passionate and he reminds him of Enjolras…

Little does he know…

And when we leave this life,
I’m not scared of losing you.
We were born two stars in the same orbit,
now here as two bodies
recognizing each other once again,
and I don’t know what’s next.
Perhaps, when we’re gone,
we’ll fall asleep softly into the ground
and the grass will be more alive
than it’s ever been.
We’ll be trees loving each other
through the silence,
taking in endless light.
And whether we become houses,
or boats, or books,
then let me live as the page beside you.
—  Schuyler Peck, Anthes