they are reincarnations

Samsara [Part Six]

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True to her word, Shachi spends the coming weeks visiting with her father-in-law. The first few days it is because Kanna is still ill. When Shachi asks to see her, Asura lightly shrugs it off.

“It’s simply the weather. This time of year puts her in a sad humour,” he tells her, but from the way his eyes shift, Shachi suspects he isn’t being completely honest. “Besides, you should not exert yourself in your condition.”

Right, because pregnancy means we’ve suddenly become incapable of doing anything…

“I’m with child, not carrying the plague,” Shachi mutters as she walks away, and Sakura can’t help feeling a little pleases that somewhere within the quiet, respectful woman there’s some indication of spunk.

Asura was right when he said how dull it is around the estate in the winter. Shachi can only watch his disciples train so often before she grows bored. Some of them even talk to her now, but she thinks most are still afraid. Taizo makes a beeline in the opposite direction whenever he sees her, which is only right. Asura is more merciful than his brother; Indra would have had the man flayed alive.

On her loneliest, most unsatisfying days she can’t decide whose method of justice she prefers.

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If I Could Do It All Over Again

All Parts: {x}

Part: 11/?

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: cussing, signs of depression

Word Count: 3,549

Dedication: to all of my betas! thank you so much for reading over my stuff before I publish it, I appreciate that you take the time out of your day to help me. it really means so much!

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A/N: oohhh la  la

A solemness had taken over Alexander within the past couple of days, a feeling of rejection coursing through him. Maybe he wasn’t right for handing over the book to Eliza. Maybe starting over and leaving the past behind would’ve been a better plan. It’d been over a week since Eliza contacted him and it was eating away at him.

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zendria  asked:

I read that Mabel-haunting-Dip HC and had a (probably unlikely) thought: Dipper plays human for a while - like, blocks off his memories/powers and goes full-on clueless human. But while he's doing that, the current reincarnation of Mizar dies, and Mabel's ghost finds him and realizes, wow, it's the perfect opportunity to mess with him. It's almost an inversion of the usual story - instead of Alcor haunting Mizar's clueless reincarnation, Mizar is haunting Alcor's clueless reincarnation.


Consequence | Confession Part 2

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

A/N: Well… I tried. There’s not much to say except I really don’t love this. I re-wrote the whole thing six times over and this is the reincarnation I hate the least and I can’t write it again or I’ll go insane. So, here it is, and I hope you like it more than I do. (M’srry)

Summary: Everything has a consequence, it all depends on what you do that determines whether it will be worth while, or a mistake.

Word count: 3,881

Warnings: Nothing really, you’re safe.

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The Damned Don’t Cry

Daryl Dixon Imagine (Vampire AU)

based on a request that was based on a picture I can’t find anymore, but it looked gorgeous xD I really really hope you like it.

(PS: this is not one of the “don’t know what to do with them”-ones I was talking about earlier)

Daryl has been trying to find you for the past twenty years, waiting for you to reincarnate again. When he finally finds you, things turn out to be different than he had thought.

word count: 1248

approximated reading time: 6 minutes

He was walking down the old street he knew so well but even though it looked the same it felt different. The smell was different, the people were. The world had changed and he could feel it in his bones. Just like this street he wasn’t the person he used to be even though he looked the same. Daryl sighed deeply and turned around. It was delusional to think that he would find her here. He had lost her over and over again in the past. And he had found her just as many times, but never in the same place. That wasn’t how reincarnation worked. Unfortunately he couldn’t just start over where he had lost her.
He stopped in front of the old house she and her family used to live in. The memories were fading and he often failed to remember correctly, mixing old memories with even older ones. Her long hair around his fingers…or was it short last time? Maybe she cut it… dyed it? He wasn’t sure anymore. Everything was so blurry. So much for his memories. No eternal memories, no awesome brain that would never forget a thing. His memory was as lousy as that of a human. He couldn’t even remember where he had been this time last century. The only thing he was sure of was that he had been with her, and to be quite honest, everything else wasn’t worth remembering anyway. Who cared who fought against whom during what war when she had been in his arms!?

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Just think if reincarnation, as understood by most people, were true. There is this waiting room where everybody hangs out waiting for their next assignment. I can imagine the conversations. 

Josh says “Hey Bob, long time no see. What body did you get last time out?”. Bill replies “I was a Victoria Secrets photographer with a supermodel wife and a penthouse in Manhattan. How about you?” Josh replies with a blank expression “starving villager” (long pause) “again”.’

What if our souls are beings of pure consciousness who got bored with eternal bliss and constructed the Earth so they could use our bodies like amusement park rides.


Hello there! So, ‘apparently’, this person named Em (@cxruscxte) is creating a group verse about… Well… Magical girls! Careful, don’t let the ‘girls’ fool you, we welcome muses of any gender! It’s still a slight WIP, and is open to a certain extent. More info under the cut!

Also guys this is a serious verse I swear

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kaialone  asked:

I think Ganon and Ganondorf are the same being, technically, but like Ganondorf isnt like, just entirely bound to just doing exactly what Demise wouldve wanted to do in his place. Like in Wind Waker we see that he is capable of being well, human, as you put it. I think its an interesting contrast to TP Ganondorf, who is literally the same Ganondorf, just went trough different events from a certain point onwards in his life. Now if only nintendo would give us more WW-flavor Ganondorf...

Yeah! + to all the points. i really do love comparing all the Dorfs, its pretty fun to do considering he’s the same guy instead of being reincarnated. btw the way he refers to link and zelda makes me feel like he thinks of them being the same people as well. wonder if the dude’s gets kinda lonely sometimes being this immortal and demigod-y and prefers to think they both know him just as well as he knows them. which they kind of do i guess via the lore and books
(and youre not bothering at all! thank you for this message <33) 

anonymous asked:

For the birthmark hc, vylad was stabbed to death (it's hinted at the one who done it was Garte or Zane or somebody who works for them) so if they're all reincarnations from that world, that could be his stab wound.

That makes so much more sense than what I was thinking wtf is wrong with me

rinrinp42  asked:

For the anon asking for Kakashi+ninken, I highly recommend Sanjuno's Karmic Balance on AO3. It's a crossover/reincarnation fic with KHR, but the ninken play an important role in the fic, and it's such a joy to see their relationship with Kakashi (and Obito). Plus overall the fic is amazing, so there's that.

One of my favorite things about reblogging that “send me an AU and a pairing and I’ll write a drabble” post is that I can get anything from “Royai Reincarnation AU where only one of them remembers” to “AU where everything is the same except when Roy snaps pickles fall from the sky.”

anonymous asked:

Coldwest reincarnation AU?

1 - they always start out fighting. ALWAYS. Sometimes this is in the ‘opposite sides of a war’ thing; sometimes it’s in the 'you snubbed me in kindergarten and I’ve never forgiven you’ sort of way. There was one lifetime where they seemed to hit it off initially. That was the lifetime in which one of them was a spy for the other side. It was very unfortunate and ended in mutual murder.

2 - They tend not to get together until the dreams of their past lives start haunting them. They never get together because of the dreams, but it’s usually what makes them look each other up - or, if they are already acquainted, think of each other differently.

3 - Iris’ favorite past life was when she rode the elephants of Hannibal and Len flipped her off from behind a Roman infantry helmet. She took him prisoner, and brought him back to Carthage with her when the call to retreat came, and they were married within a year.

4 - Len’s favorite past life is the one where they’re both pirates. No real reason. He just likes pirates.

5 - This time around, they start life off fighting over Barry. It’s hilarious to everyone involved, but somewhat awkward when Barry ends up discovering that Mick is his soulmate-reincarnate about a year or two into this escalating fight. This amuses even more people, and causes Iris to declare that if HE gets a Rogue and CISCO gets a Rogue and even CAITLIN is dating a Rogue now (Shawna doesn’t know how she got in the middle of this), then damnit she’s going to get herself a Rogue, too. Len is not asked his opinion about this, but that’s okay.

Waiting For A Witch...

I want someone who understands. A believer in myth & magick. Someone who respects ancient knowledge. A fellow pentacle wearer, or another symbol of another mystic meaning. Someone who devotes themselves to their Gods as much as I do. A witch. A polytheist, or a panentheist. Someone who believes in reincarnation or Summerland. I don’t care what gender (although I’m more attracted to femininity over masculinity). Someone to celebrate the Sabbats with. Someone to stargaze with. Someone to cast spells with. I’ll be alone until I find them. Call me close minded, for really only wanting to date a fellow witch, but I’m sick of not being understood for my spirit.

anonymous asked:

I'll have to disagree with you on your belief in reincarnation. There's no way we have past lives. We have one life and it's the one we're living right now. After that you either go to heaven or hell. If you have any links to anything to maybe educate me more on reincarnation and past lives I would love to read them. I respect your belief, I was raised in a Christian home and still am very close to that religion.

And that’s totally fine! Reincarnation is a part of my religion and has been confirmed by a lot of trustworthy spirits I’ve spoken to over the years. I’ve also done past life regression, which took me back to the last few days of my previous life, which pretty much correlated with a lot of things I do in this life (particularly hating certain things and places for no reason). It’s totally cool if your religion doesn’t believe it and mine does.

Here’s my Order’s main ideas summed it, and included is the belief in reincarnation.

Me and @im-writing-out-of-time just determined that she’s irl jamilton lovechild and I’m reincarnated james madison


Adri is Jamilton lovechild:
she is really fucking tall
“I never shut the fuck up but I’m not writing all the time”
“Daddy kink for life”
“Choking 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻”
Likes both green and purple 
sassy af like holy shit Professional Shade Thrower 

Reasons I’m J.Mads:
I’m tiny and bitter 
anxiety attacks abt school 
done w thomas’s shit
likes commas too much
Also writes a lot but not all the time
Frequently sick

I love that Katie is coming back as Black Siren, even though it feels like they’re admiting they made a mistake–which they did–by killing her off, and so now they’re bringing her back–like they did with Sara, another mistake death–although it’s another version. I just want them to stop making mistakes like this, especially because we deserve better plotlines than The Reincarnation game: who’s the better version of themselves post-death? (except for Tommy!!! smh, still mad)

Also what’s going to happen to Dinah Drake 2.0 (Laurel’s mom was Dinah Drake too, they can’t fool me) aka Black Canary 2.0 or 3.0 ?? Because I’m pretty damn sure the writers aren’t going to keep two canary cries in their show?? Especially if they’re on the same side? (tbh I don’t see Black Siren getting a full season villain arc? Since they already set up her redemption?) Can they stop killing canaries please??? Things don’t look good for the new Dinah tho, except maybe they’re shipping her off to another DC show? But we deserve an actual Black Canary on Arrow!!