they are really nice xd

woOp WoOP

170211 #EXOrDIUMinHongKong

WOw, much aesthetic yes yes very nice love very much

I guess the bumps really did leave bruises XD They’re being quite careful

I would love to appreciate this as a synchronization thing but heck man, the dabs just ruined it XD I can never tell if it’s planned or coincidence because boi XD they just synchronize wayyyy too much

When Chanyeol was singing his voice cracked 

And Baek loved it. The boi couldn’t even sing properly XD

The dorks in sync part 2 why do they do this

Run. dundundundudnudndudnudndudndudnudnduudndudndudndundudndudndun

This is so cute XD one day, trainer Chanyeol with the ugly mask. One day you will catch the Baekachu

I love unnecessary extra angles

But the adorable smile Baekhyun gave to Chanyeol’s back was so precious it’s worth it

AND HERE’S THE MAIN MOMENT OF THE EVENT. CHANNEL JUST COULDN’T RESIST XD I love this soon muchhhh. Man I know dudes slap dat booty all the time but the fact that Chanyeol’s wearing that mask while slapping da baek booty just makes it all the better

Up close. yup. Look at this man, he don’t even hesitate. SO bold

What a great concert


Tsuda Kenjiro and Shimazaki Nobunaga in Orenchi no Furo Jijou Specials (Subbed by me!)

Tsuda Kenjiro requested by various anons

skip to 1:48 for tsuda san’s sexy fake “habit" after showering and 7:46 for zakki’s shower routine including how he washes THAT place~

Newtype 2016 Dec.

Dazai cover and Kimi no Na wa clear file! ;v;

My Natsume Yuujinchou OTPs in one pic XD

There should be more new official Natsume Yuujinchou illustrations T^T

I personally see all of Matoba, Nyanko Sensei, and Natsume from Dazai partly, so I’m extra happy that this issue has both posters like this X3




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I was so so so worried that they might be on the same poster…but Newtype did a really nice job ;v; I’ll give you praise! XD



Spuffy in Buffy 10 #28

anonymous asked:

hello this is just a random question but I was wondering if you can describe the different styles that gif makers have here (kind of like how ottokajj-vixx vixx did for her recs)

ohhhh so i got this question too ;; i don’t know if i’ll be able to do it nicely, i really can’t put it into words XD… but okay, let’s try~ i’ll mention as much people as i can recognize by looking at their edits on dash hehe ;u; but i’ll probably forget someone… sorry ):

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Toasty made a post about sopor Gamzee art ideas and I had to take her up on it because GODDAMN


Screenshots from PLAYING WITH FIRE | Planet Coaster #5!  :D

Not much happened in Jackatron Land in this video other then some new buildings with big fancy lights and decorations and also fire decorations for Boobie Mountain which looks fucking awesome! :D I really like the decorations Jack added to stuff it makes the park look really nice and more complete in a way. :) Plus it helps that the game looks really nice when it comes to colors and lighting. xD But my personal favorite new thing he added to the park was this!


I love carousels they’re so adorable and fun and just looking at them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! ^_^  I love watching Jack play this game and build this park guys it’s so much fun. :)

Not only I have to proof to someone that I can draw other stuff than fire emblem but also because I’ve read to much Assassination Classroom lately

Wow, this ATR gave a lot of important infos, like:

Even a prince won’t be excepted from pushing car duty

Never belittle a chocobo. Never.

TOAD MAGIC??! DOES THIS MEAN WE CAN HAVE A REAL FROG PRINCE?? MAN THIS GAME IS PERFECT *so who’s gonna kiss him?* *I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! (ノ ・ิ ω ิ)ノ,,,* *get stabbed by Ignis