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Welp, the 23rd is nearly over now, and I’m ending my birthday with Jack’s livestream. Although this was my first Birthday away from home, I’m still going to bed with a smile knowing I had a positively charged day. And it was mainly from you guys on tumblr. I started the day with my family sending me texts and calling me to wish me happy birthday, then I opened my presents that were saved up, then I went about my lectures with a box of mini donuts to share with the rest of the people as they wished me quick happy birthdays. Then I got a little worried that my day would just go by as a normal boring day, but then I came online and saw all you guys sending me a surge of birthday wishes and small post-based gifts throughout the day. It really warmed my heart, I’ve never had this much birthday wishes ever (not even from any of my schools) and so it really kept me peppy and uplifted through out the sunny calm day. So thank you so much to those who sent me wishes and those who even sent me gifts. Thanks for turning what I thought would be an unfortunately average day into a real good day. Hope you all have a fantastic day/night. :)

I’ve been feeling really frustrated with the lack of pansexual categories in queer book lists, so I’m going to make my own list of books with pansexual characters to share with y'all, because I know I’m not the only frustrated one. I have a few so far, but if y'all know any, please let me know! any genre is fine!

I’m looking for books with

  • characters who are canonically pansexual, either stated in the book or by the author elsewhere. an example of this is basically when the word pansexual is actually used.
  • characters who are strongly hinted at being or implied to be pansexual. an example of this is when a character says that they just like people or gender doesn’t matter (in regard to their attraction), something along those lines.

I know there are books with pansexual characters, they’re out there, they exist. we just have to do a bit of digging to find them. and apparently no one else is willing to help out pansexual people looking for book rep, so I’m taking it upon myself to do the job (with, hopefully, a little bit of help from y'all).

okay, I’m gonna end this here before I start ranting about how shitty it is for someone to compile a list of “queer books” that only has lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender books, because there are so many other identities that are included in “queer”, and they were just not even mentioned a single time in the entire post, so, why specifically entitle a post as “queer”, when "lgbt" more accurately describes the post?

prompto is such a good boy like he tries so hard to stay positive and help the boys feel better and good and happy even though he has his own issues that bother him constantly ;; and im so glad SE gave us that scene with noct bc prompto really needed that motivation and good word from his best friend theyre both rly good and helpful and important to each other and i love these bo y s

A week and a half later I still have this cold. Fever, chills, sore throat, congestion, runny nose, migraines, throwing up, etc. It’s been almost two weeks of this on top of my flare. I haven’t kept food down in two days so my POTS is really bad. I’m more depressed than ever about not working and I don’t even have the energy to look for jobs. Just reached a mini breakdown tonight over this all. Idk.

me and you got it deadlocked

aka the one where Justin’s the newest student at school and everyone places bets on who he’ll date first, Y/N just wants enough money to buy a whip, Khalil’s the ringleader, Hailey has beef with Chantel, Za feels very strongly about parking spaces, and they’re all rich seniors with too much time on their hands.

Clearly, this is a high school au where all your faves are students. The main focus, as always, is Y/N and Justin, but the squad does play a big role as well. This is just a nice way to celebrate me getting off my mini hiatus and hopefully beginning to post more frequently !! If you really liked this, let me know ‘cause I’ve never written anything like this before and I’m nervous as hell about posting it.

Justin’s texts are in italics and Y/N’s are in bold

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tldr; Jihoon is a human being too

So I’ve been seeing a lot of text posts and tags of fans who are upset that the album has a few already released songs on it, and I just wanted to say, can we please not be this type of fandom? Would it make you feel better if they called it a mini album rather than a full length? Does it really make that much of a difference? 

Let’s not forget that it’s Jihoon who’s composing and producing this album. We already know that he forces himself to stay up all night working because he doesn’t want to let fans down. And unless you’re very very new to the kpop world, you should know that competition is intense. If you’re familiar with Pledis, you’ll also know that the company can’t afford to let Seventeen sit around for too long and risk them losing popularity. The boys also don’t want to let their hard work go to waste. Reality is, these are the options: 

1. They release this album with 7 unreleased and 3 released songs as a “full length” album

2. They only release the 7 new songs as a “mini album” 

(Both these options will get you the exact same result - 7 new songs) 

3. They delay the comeback longer to give Jihoon time to write new songs (which also risks that they’ll lose popularity) 

4. Jihoon faints of exhaustion and overworking because he pushed himself too hard to release more songs in the same amount of time

Other groups have a really fast turnover of new songs because they use a number of producers. These producers also don’t have to promote as an idol and produce songs at the same time. Other idol producers, in case you haven’t noticed, have a really long turnover period. They take forever to comeback because it takes time to produce music, especially good music, and even more so when you have other things to do as well. Add the time required to eat proper meals, breathe fresh air, sleep, and otherwise function as a healthy, normal human being, then it’ll definitely take longer to produce enough songs for a full length album without resorting to remixing songs.

In case my point wasn’t clear enough, cut Jihoon some slack. That kid kills himself trying to work harder and longer than anyone else to support his group and bring fans great music. He’s not even 20 years old yet. He has a great poker face, but you’re kidding yourself if you think he doesn’t take every single disappointing comment to heart. He’s doing his best, and he’s doing a great job. Let’s just be grateful that they’re already coming back. 

If you’re a real fan, or even a decent human being, you’ll be grateful and understanding. Noone’s forcing you to buy the full album if you don’t want songs that are already released. Just download the songs you want. 

Mark; Texts

❝ Based on this post by imagine-got7
infinitum-imaginaerum, remember that time i said i’d get you back… right.
►789 words | mini scenario, fluff
© (photo credit)

It’s times like these where you truly, really, devastatingly miss the heck out of Mark. Moments where you pause in whatever you’re doing and just one thought pops in, I miss him. It always happens randomly throughout the day, be it during your work or at home or during a day off—it happens and there’s no way going around it when it’s bound to pop into your face and just rub it in. So when you’re taking a breather from cleaning the place, from dusting the shelves and decorative items, changing bed sheets and wiping the windows and glass doors, you’re staring up to the ceiling and you’re wondering if he’s eaten.

Then a familiar clink echoes in the household and you’re fishing out your phone from the big pouch in front of the apron you’re wearing, only to grin when it’s from your favorite person running through your mind not too long ago.

‘I miss my precious giving me kisses now.’

You snort because it’s cheesy, you blush because it makes you feel giddy but you’re smiling because you’re wishing for the same thing.

‘I miss it too, Mark.’

‘What is my baby doing now?’

‘Depends,’ you glance at the little brown fur ball in the corner, chewing on something you can make up as a chew toy, ‘which baby are you talking about?’

You can tell Mark’s probably rolling his eyes by now but then a message comes up to confirm it.

‘You, you, you, you! The one that I want to kiss right now, you!’

Chuckling and feeling satisfied, your reply is smooth and after a few responded messages later, you’re off to cleaning up the place and he’s off to his next schedule with just your text messages playing over in his mind.

‘When you get back home, Mark, I’ll kiss you all you want.’

‘I’ll hold you against that, sweetheart.’


You’re groaning when you can’t reach for a bowl on the top shelf because Mark’s one tall person and you’re a bit off from his height. It’s been a long day, you’re done with making the place spotless and clean to the fact that if you swipe your feet on the floor, you’d hear a decent squeak. Giving up on the bowl you’re not even an inch away from, you close the cupboard and decide it’s time for a shower.

Stripping off to nothing and almost into the shower, you’re this close to leaving your phone on the counter with some songs Mark slot into your memory card a few days before he left but the clink makes it harder to ignore. You retrace your steps and stand by the counter, phone in your hands.

‘I can’t wait to come home to you where I can kiss you whenever I want.’

You can’t even reply yet.

‘What is my baby doing now?’

You’re not thinking much, so you reply; ‘Shower.’

Then he sends you a couple of emojis that resemble a smirk and immediately, you picture his face with the exact face expression.

‘You better get cleaned, then, when I get back, there’s no saying when you can get clean again.’

Instead of a text, you respond with a picture and then you’re off to the shower for real.

Mark is left on the other side of the world with a boner as he tries to shut off the image of you in a towel that hangs loosely off your chest and he swears that he’s about to kill Jackson because Jackson’s whistling when he peeks over his friend’s phone but he at least manages to send you a decent reply.

‘Correction, I’d kiss you and your body.’


There’s a couple of hours in between before his next reply and by the time he texts you again, you’re very comfortable in the sheets and Mark’s clothes always smell like him—it’s perfect. You hold up the phone in front of your face in the dark, it’s not advisable but you really can’t find a damn to give at this moment. You’re about to drift off to sleep, about to put your phone aside but as always, that clink never fails to stop you from whatever you plan to do.

Unlocking, swiping, taping and you’re smiling.

‘Sleeping yet?’

‘Almost, going to… you?’

‘Me too,’ The message reads, ‘But I wanted to wish you goodnight first.’

The smile is forming on your lips again.

‘Goodnight, Mark.’

‘Goodnight… I love you, dream of me.’

‘Oh please… I will.
I love you too, Mark.’

The same cycle continues on and on until he returns—nevertheless, the best way to fall asleep is when you know Mark’s thinking about you and he knows you’re thinking about him.

Fandom: My Hero Academia

Characters/Relationships: Uraraka, Bakugou; Kacchako

Summary: Uraraka asks Bakugou if she can kiss him. He nearly runs.

This started out as me musing about how a first kiss would realistically happen between these two, and it just grew from there, haha. Basically, Bakugou is Super Ace and Definitely Not Ready for Romance

A mini continuation of this. [also on AO3]

It was lunch time, and Bakugou and Uraraka were both sitting at their usual bench. Bakugou, per the norm, was slouching against the bench with his legs spread out, while Uraraka chose to sit in a more polite fashion just a foot or so away from him.

They were silently eating their lunches under the warm evening sun, enjoying each other’s company. However, something was bound to break the peaceful silence eventually.

Uraraka swallowed her food and spoke up.

“Bakugou… I know this is sudden, but…” She shyly looked at him from the corner of her eyes. She continued. “… could I kiss you?”

As if time itself had stopped due to her simple question, Bakugou froze, a sandwich held just inches away from his face. He stared at the girl next to him with wide, startled eyes, his mouth agape with half chewed food, and his cheeks burning a blazing red, reaching all the way up to the tips of his ears. 

A crumb fell from the corner of his mouth.

If the situation were different, Uraraka probably would’ve laughed at his utterly horrified expression.

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lizziebanner12 replied to your post:send me prompts for mini fics maybe please?

Marauders College AU Remus meets Sirius. However you want them to meet.

Remus and Sirius meet when Remus is on his back, out of breath and staring wide-eyed up at Sirius. Sirius makes fun of Remus for it for ages.

It’s not like how it sounds, of course, even if Sirius tries to twist it that way. Really, he’s just trying to make himself look like less of an asshole, because he was the one too distracted by texting James to pay attention to where he was going. He was the one who ran into Remus, turning a corner without paying any attention at all and sending the taller of the pair crashing to the ground. 

Remus was incredibly unimpressed, not that anyone can blame him, and completely blew off Sirius’s flirtatious apology, briskly walking off to class without another glance in Sirius’s direction.

Which of course, makes Sirius determined. Soon he’s noticing Remus all over campus, and makes a point to say hi and ask after him. Remus gets over the spill by their first meeting afterwards but enjoys milking it in front of Sirius, and starts getting fresh cups of tea or coffee (depending on the time of day or severity of the work pile Remus has) from Sirius, little check in texts (once they finally swap numbers) throughout the day.

It only takes Remus about a month to realize Sirius wasn’t apologizing to Remus with all the little things, but attempting to woo him somehow. When confronted, Sirius admitted to forgetting about his original goal of said apology.

So Remus makes Sirius pay for dinner on their first official date, and waits until it’s after midnight to give in to the sweet kisses Sirius kept peppering him jaw and neck with while they sat watching old movies on the couch, refusing to put out on the first date (11o% just to screw with Sirius) but figuring a new day counted as not being the first date anymore.