they are ready to take pants off

Happy Turkey Day
  • [2 hours before dinner]
  • MC: Okay, guys. Get ready it's almost time to eat.
  • [Literally 5 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner]
  • Jaune: *Turns on video of Pyrrha*
  • Pyrrha: Okay Jaune. Are you ready for tonight's lesson?
  • Jaune: Yup.
  • Pyrrha: Did you remember to bring lotion today?
  • Jaune: Yup.
  • Ruby: Jaune what are you watching.
  • Jaune: Pyrrha recorded some training videos for me.
  • Pyrrha: Now Jaune, make sure to keep your eyes focused on me at all times. Now, take off your pants.
  • Jaune: *Begins pulling down pants*
  • Pyrrha, pulling off her breast plate: Now Jaune, once your underwear starts feeling tight, apply the lotion and make sure to moisten the palms of your hands.
  • Jaune: *Applies lotion*
  • Jaune: Wrist exercises! Come one Ruby, me and Pyrrha used to do these all the time. You know how they say it's all in the wrists? Well, you gotta train your wrists.
  • Ruby: JAUNE.
  • Jaune: ...Holy shit I'm an idiot. These aren't wrist exercises, she just wanted me to jack off to her.
  • Jaune: Guys
  • Jaune: I think Pyrrha might've liked me
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Andy Lincoln: </b> *walks in, dolphin-smooth beneath his clothes* Alright, ready for our sex scenes.<p/><b>Director:</b> It's actually one scene and it's more of a tumbling into each other's arms love scene.<p/><b>Andy Lincoln:</b> So tops off? Pants down?<p/><b>Director:</b> No, you won't be-<p/><b>Andy Lincoln:</b> You know what? We'll improvise.<p/><b></b> *several hours and somewhat clothed sex positions later*<p/><b>Andy Lincoln:</b> *breathless and resembling a tomato* How was that?<p/><b>Director:</b> <p/><b>Director:</b> <p/><b>Director:</b> *takes the nearly soft-core porn footage and locks it up in a vault where Richonners can never find it*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
I Didn’t Know You Read Porn

Title: I Didn’t Know You Read Porn
Pairing: Chanbaek/Baekyeol
Rating: pg-13? i guess?
Genre: fluff, literally them being dorks

Summary: Baekhyun absolutely does NOT read porn. He reads beautiful love stories that make him cry. (loosely based on Anterograde Tomorrow because I love it so much and I cried over thought about it earlier and this is what happened)

Originally posted by flawlessohsehun

It had been a long day. An incredibly long day. One of those days where all you want is to get home, take your pants off and lay on your stomach on the couch. And that’s exactly what Baekhyun planned to do. He slips his key into the lock and slowly pushes the door open, one hand already on the button of his jeans, ready to step out of them and relax. Maybe he’d take a bubble bath. He just wants to read his book; it’s such a good book, a beautiful love story that he can tell is going to go full angst and rip his heart out, leaving him to quietly cry to himself, but he’s so sucked in and hasn’t been able to put it down. He stayed up much too late last night reading, the reason for his current exhaustion after a fairly easy day of work.

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Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Words: 242


Gosh, these stupid dresses are so uncomfortable. It took forever to put on, and take off. You were jealous of your husband, John. It didn’t take much time for him to get ready for anything!

Today you didn’t have any type of help to get ready either. John was gone already, and all of the servants were gone, off doing their chores.

On the table were John’s pants. You decided to be childish and wear them. You weren’t doing anything today, just lounging around in your home.

You took one of his shirts and put it on, along with the pants. You walked to your library and started reading, getting lost in your books.

“Darling? Are you here?” you heard John call. You panicked for a moment. You were still wearing his clothes.

He walked in the door.

“Hello my dear- are you wearing my clothes?” He asked a little confused.

“Uhhh they might be.”

He barked out a laugh, and walked over to you. He picked you up and spun you around, your bare feet kicking. You squealed and threw your arms around his neck.

He set you down and planted a big kiss on your lips.

“I love you John.”

“I love you too my dear.”

He picked you back up and started walking out of the library.

“Now no matter how good these clothes may look on you, I think that they would look much better on our floor.”


Sorry it’s so short


The adventures of Blaze…. aka my fat boy

Now that he can walk this fat boy is everywhere lolll. Finally he lets me take pictures of him. He was on this phase where he would not let me take pictures of him lol, but now he i feel like he is camera ready. Which is perfect because he is getting some professional photos taken in two weeks. So we will see how bubba will react to strangers taking photos of him if he is anything like his momma then he will be a natural lol!  Oh and for some reason he just wants to wear pants and no shirt in the house now, he is so weird. 

Oh! please ecuse this mess, im looking for another place to stay im thinking a townhouse, idk yet but ive been re-packing which is so damn annoying. so please wish me luck with the house-hunting!

and thank you @aceproduces for the Gucci slides! he wont take them off ^.^ 

Its Time

Well Hello Budoblr!
I guess it’s time for a Pants update. Stage one of “Get yo’ butt out west!” is 99% complete.  (In case you’re wondering, my partner in love and crime is out in Calgary, AB! We’ve been long distance-ing for over a year and lemme tell you I AM READY TO BE NOT 6000 MILES APART D: )

I sold my house, packed up all my junk and have temporarily relocated out to the countryside of this tiny Island. I’ll be commuting back and forth to work for the next month, and then taking a month off to finish packing, organizing and just enjoying the spring here before I leave for Calgary in June.
It’s going to be long days ahead, as I will be starting 5:30 and getting home around 9:00 or 10:00 almost every day.
Training is still 3 times a week, and my knee is still just “meehhh” but I’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting and shuffling things around  during the move and it’s held up so far. Fingers crossed! Now that the moving part is (mostly) over I will be getting back into the stretching and strength training.
I had a followup from the MRI, which was very inconclusive, but the good news is that its not degenerative and nothing appears to be torn. The specialist’s suggestion was not optimal (cortisone shot to the joint) and I am disinclined to get into that kind of habit so early in the game (I’m 34 fer chrissake). In all honesty it was hard to take them seriously as they were very uninterested in my case. I’m sure they wanted something wild and exciting (which apparently is not what they got). Sorry my knee is so boring, my dude :P
My other options are much slower, but If I can find a way heal slowly while still maintaining some kind of healthy body weight, I’ll probably just do that instead. 
We’ll find a way! We’ll make it work!
The things we can do, Budoblr. It’s incredible!
Hope everybody is training and having fun out there! Miss you cats!

this is soso so late i think but i got an idea for @felicityash and @calgasms pregnancy/daddy blurb night !! it also may have some fire fighter!calum and also be inspired by the jonas brothers show

Every night, Calum would come home in a pair of sweat pants and a tank top. He would kick his shoes off by the door and kick them next to the side table. even though he had done so at the department,he would follow his usual routine of taking a shower. Dinner would be ready when he got out and on his way into the kitchen to eat he would grab two beers from the fridge, pop the cap off on the counter and kiss you on the forehead. Tonight would be different though, Calum wouldn’t shower or open any beers or kiss you on the forehead because he wasn’t going to be there.

You knew he wouldn’t, you called the station minutes after he hadn’t arrived home and they confirmed your suspicions; there was another big fire that would probably take all night to put out. What you weren’t expecting was for Calum to  not return until the next afternoon, soot and ash smudged against his skin and a tired look on his face. You instantly started running him a bath. You lit the candles scattered around your bathroom and made sure to drop in a bath bomb. Calum was still standing in the living room when you returned from the bathroom.

His shoes were kicked off his feet and you knew he wasn’t going to touch the couches to avoid getting them stained. He didn’t say anything as you pulled him into the bathroom and undressed him, the silence continued until he was in the bath and you were walking out of the room. “Could you stay? And get in?” Calum’s voice was soft as he reached his arm out and he pulled you into him after you undressed.

His arms were wrapped tight around you as he let his head rest against your shoulder. He was completely at peace when during moments like this. They didn’t come too often; you going to college and him fighting fires and training didn’t leave as much time as either of you would like. Nights like last night scared you both, thinking you may not see the other if he couldn’t get someone out of a fire or if it got too out of control.

Once the water started getting too cold for comfort, you pulled the drain. Neither of you made any move to get out until you sat up to pull to shower door shut and turn the shower on. “I guess we should get you cleaned up, yeah?”

Calum gave no vocal response but the slight smile on his lips was enough for you to pull down the shower head and move to sit behind him. You took your time washing his back and massaging his shoulders before moving onto his hair. It was getting long and you knew he would be cutting it off soon. You spent time tangling your fingers into his curls and scratching his scalp just the slightest bit. His head would fall back when you told him it’s time to rinse and with one hand you would hold the shower head, and the other was put to use combing the bubbles out of his hair.

Calum would hand you the conditioner when you asked for it and lean into you while you played with the curls you weren’t used to running your hands through. After spending the same amount of time on the rest of him, he would wash you off and wrap each other in the fuzzy towels. You immediately go towards the kitchen after pulling on one of Calum’s shirts and start dinner. It was early but you knew he would want to eat as soon as possible and then sleep for as long as possible, all with you by his side.

When you called him for dinner and he didn’t come running, you went to look for him. He wasn’t in the living room or your bedroom. The only place left would be the bathroom. Calum was sitting on the floor, staring at the pale stick on the floor. His legs were spread out and the test was between them, the bright pink lines too obvious against the white. “I guess the cats out of the bag?” He looked at you when you spoke and you could see how his eyes were glossed over.

“You’re pregnant? With a baby? With our baby?” He asked, his voice barely a whisper as he stood up. You nodded slowly, afraid of how he would react. He moved before you could say anything else and his arms were almost crushing you before he stopped and dropped to his knees. “Hi baby, it’s your daddy. You don’t even here me because you don’t have ears, but it’s me and I’m excited to have you buddy.” He looked up at you this time, “So, so excited.”

You’re not single because your standards are too high. Good for you for having standards. It’s not because you didn’t like that really, really good guy who wanted to take you on a date and you just weren’t feeling it. And it’s not because you like to wear pajama pants as soon as you get home and wash all the makeup off your face. You’re not single because you didn’t learn enough from the past or would rather chill on a Friday night than shower, get ready, and go out. You’re not single because something is wrong with you.
You are single because you are single. It’s really as simple as that. You haven’t made the connection with another heart yet. You can get dolled up, dress cute, cut your hair, dye your hair, tweeze your eyebrows, put on lipstick and you may still be single. You can go out to a bar hoping to meet the love of your life and not find a one in the place. And it’s going to remain that way until it’s time for you to find one. Stop hoping for it. Start living the life that you do have instead of wishing for things that you don’t have. There will come  a time you’ll meet a boy and you’ll have to give up some of this single freedom you currently have. start being more thankful. start doing that now.

I had just gotten back from my bands tour which ended early. I wasn’t supposed to be home for another month but the rest of the concerts got canceled for some reason. I was in front of my boyfriend’s door ready to surprise him. I knocked on the door and heard Spencer’s footsteps getting closer and closer to the door. Once he opened it he stared at me in shock.
“Surprise.” I said while giggling at his expression.
He quickly pulled me into his apartment and shut the door. He pushed me against the wall before connection his lips to mine. He bit my lip asking for entrance which I gave him. While we were kissing I quickly unbuckled Spencer’s pants and pulled them down. He kicked them off quickly before disconnecting our lips, picking me up, taking me in his bedroom, and laying me on the bed. He quickly got on top of me and ripped my shirt off. He stared at my boobs before unhooking my bra and throwing it on the floor. He started creating hickeys all around my neck.
“Spencer!” I moaned.
He smirked before he connected out lips once again. After a couple of seconds I disconnected our lips and took off the rest of my clothes and Reid took off the rest of his clothes. I quickly got off the bed and on my knees and kissed Spencer’s tip and all the way down his length causing him to moan.
“Don’t tease me Y/N.” He begged.
I quickly took him all in my mouth and started bobbing my head while playing with his balls. After a minute of his moaning and bobbing my head I felt his cock twitch which told me he was going to cum any second. I quickly stopped and pulled away leaving a very angry Spencer right in front of me. He pulled me up so I was no longer on my knees and pulled be back on the bed, spreading my legs apart and planting a small kiss right above me dripping clit. I quickly glared at him causing him to smirk and put one of his fingers into my clit causing me to let out a moan of pleasure. He started thrusting his finger in and out of me at an agonizing slow pace.
“Spencer please.” I whimpered.
He then put another finger inside of me and quickened the pace. His fingers then grazed my g-spot causing me to moan rather loudly. His smirk never left his face as he started thrusting his fingers harder and faster than before, hitting my g-spot with every thrust. After one last thrust I came all over his fingers. He pulled his fingers out or my pussy and licked all of my juices off his fingers. He then thrusted his cock inside me without any warning, causing me to let out a scream of pleasure. He pulled my head up and connected our lips to try to keep my screams as silent as he could. He then quickened his pace hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I pulled away from him and moaned.
“Right there Spence.”
After a couple more thrusts I came all over his cock which happened to send him over the edge also. He then pulled out of me and laid down beside me. He pulled me into his chest and cuddled into me.
“I missed you.” We spoke at the same time which caused me to giggle.
“Can we cuddle after we clean up?” I spoke with my head buried into his chest.
“Sure.” He spoke as he pulled my head up from his chest and gave me a quick peck on my lips.
~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~
After we cleaned up our mess, took a shower together, and got dressed into comfy clothes(I’m in one of Spencer’s tee shirts and a pair of Spencer’s boxers)we decided to cuddle on the couch. I quickly fell asleep with my head on his chest but not before feeling him place a kiss on my forehead and falling asleep right after me so we were both sleeping on his couch with a blanket over us.
~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~
“Where’s Reid?”  I asked the rest of the team as I entered the bar.
“I don’t know we thought he would be with you.” Prentiss spoke.
“We should go check on the nerd maybe he could get lucky tonight.” JJ spoke.
“How about we do that.” Garcia spoke.
We all got up and left the bar and headed to Reid’s place. Once we got there we knocked on the door and didn’t hear anything. We knocked again and only got silence for a response. We quickly looked at each other, pulled out our guns, and opened the unlocked door which he usually kept locked. Once we walked inside we saw Reid on the couch with a girl that had purple hair. We looked at each other and put our guns away.
“Who’s that?” Rossi asked in a hushed tone of voice.
“I don’t know.” Hotch spoke.
I quickly woke up after I heard people whispering. Y/N snuggled more into my chest causing me to tighten my grip on her waist. I then pulled her on top of me which exposed some of her tattoos. I then placed a small kiss on her cheek before opening my eyes and looking at the sight in front of me. His whole team was standing in front of the couch looking at him and his sleeping girlfriend of 1 year.
“Reid who’s this pretty little thing?” Morgan asked with a smirk on his face.
“Y/N.” I answered as I looked at her sleepy face and smiles.
“Is she your girlfriend or something?” Garcia asked in an excited voice.
“Yes I am his girlfriend and have been for a little bit over a year.” I heard Y/N speak as she turned her head to face them and opened her eyes.
I then look up at Spencer and pecked his lips quickly causing him to smile. I then look at his team whom thought I was asleep. I gave them a quick smile before speaking once again.
“Hi I’m Y/F/N and I’m Spencer’s girlfriend of over a year.” I spoke as they looked over my tattooed body.
“If you’ve been dating for so long why haven’t we met you before?” A girl with curly blonde hair questioned.
“I’ve been on tour for the past 4 months.” I answered quickly.
“Tour?” An Italian guy asked.
“I’m in a band.” I spoke while giggling.
Next thing I knew they were asking questions about my band, life, and my relationship with spencer which I gladly answered. After a while I looked at Spencer whom was looking at me already and smiled. He then placed a quick kiss on my lips. And all I was thinking was that tonight was one of the best times of my life.
So yea this happened. I’m gonna work on the other requests tomorrow or later tonight. But in still taking request on: 5sos, bvb, asking alexandria, the creatures, the sidemen, johnnie guilbert, criminal minds, danisnotonfire, amazingphil and Calfreezy. There is smut,fluff,or regular imagines. BoyxBoy and GirlxGirl is aloud. (Please try to stick to these people cuz if someone requests others then I feel bad if I do not know who they are)


Taz: So… you’re taking Nocturne with you this afternoon, then? Just how soon does our romantic weekend getaway start? Because I’ll be honest, I’m ready to get these pants off and–

Cadence: Dad!

Gretta: Settle down over there.

Taz: What? She was the one who said we needed time to ourselves, she’s a grown-ass woman, she knows what–

Cadence: Yeah, but you don’t have to talk about it – jeez, Dad…

Taz: My question still stands, did you want to take her this afternoon? We can go throw some of her stuff in a bag real quick and you guys can go get Sona and Ellie and do… whatever it is girls do.

Doll Plans

Once the Luna’s are off to their new homes I’ll have time to get back to my own dollies :) Even though I have dolls coming and just arrived I won’t be doing most of the faceups this time so I’ll be able to work on other things like:
-taking Tripp apart for touchups
-finally making poor Lazarus some pants
-finishing X’s helmet and buster and beginning her annoying paint job AGAIN. I impulse cleaned her up last week though so she is ready for round 2
-starting Zero and Vile’s mods
-sueding and putting Mimi back together
-makeing complex acessories for Amelie because I’m a craft masochistic and can’t just get a damn fullset doll and enjoy not having to make anything for her
- work on tiny Widowmaker
- work on tiny Symmetra
-work on Widowmaker’s house
-make faerie dresses
-ponder my life choices and why I can’t just work on one project at a time
-start sculpting Silk


Pairing: Castiel x Reader but Sam and Dean are hanging out too


Warnings: None. Just a bunch of silly crap in the bunker. Implied future smut. 

Note: This is my submission for @faith-in-dean ‘s April Writing Challange!!!! With the prompt “I’m just doing what my fortune cookie said, who am I to stand against my fate?” I love writing clueless Cas… turn Dom!Cas… it makes my world go round. This was so much fun! Thanks Franzi!! @divinitycas @honeebeecas 

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Originally posted by asexu-owl

After spending two long weeks on a case in Washington, you were beat. You couldn’t wait to get home and snuggle up in sweat pants to watch some Netflix. The boys were ready to call it quits and take a few days off. When you got to the bunker, Castiel was sitting quietly in the library. None of you had called him down so you’d wondered why he was visiting. When he saw you, he stood up quickly and a dorky smile spread across his face. That smile always made you weak in the knees. 

This angel came into your life and turned your world upside down. There was no denying you were completely attracted to him. He was much taller than you and when he looked down at you, it felt like you were staring into the clear blue ocean. His hair was always slightly disheveled no matter how many times he tried to comb it out. You decided for the sake of living situations and the hunting life, you would keep your feelings about Castiel to yourself. Although, It was utterly obvious to everyone except for Cas. Sam and Dean frequently teased you about it especially in front of him. Luckily he had his head in the clouds being too distracted by what was in front of him. You’d picked up some Chinese take-out on your way home. Dean complained the smell would stay in Baby for weeks but you knew deep down he was excited to eat some fried rice and kung pao chicken.

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Something New

Anon: Can i request smut for simon D?

“Today is the day.“ you repeat over and over in your head.
You were tired of the same old sex. You wanted more, you wanted to try something new and kinky . Simon was never big with dominating or kinks , so you decided to plan this out without his knowledge. 
” Put this on.“ You hand him a blindfold.
” Very good ,(y/n).“ He says.
Undressing Simon was your favorite thing to do. Feeling his body and his bulge over his boxers made you more horny. You push him down to the bed, take off the belt from his pants and made you way towards him.
” Hands behind your head.“ You demand.
” Yes (y/n).“ He follows your orders
Tightening the belt  as far as it can, you take off Simon’s blindfold.
” You ready oppa?“ You ask sexually.
Simon nods. He can’t help but bite his bottom lip , you know you have him under your spell. Dropping the robe you had on to the ground , Simon let out this big groan. You had on a red corset with crotchless panties. ” (y/n). “ He moans ; moving his body side to side. You walk towards Simon , his eyes never leaving your body. You stand on your knees above him.
” God (y/n) what are you doing  to me?“ He whines.
Swaying your body side to side, up & down . You finally lay your ass on his dick , now you start to grinding on his dick. Teasing him before you get what you want. Simon starts to feel your juice leaking into his boxer.
” (Y/N), please.“ He whines.
He tries to lift his hands, but you push them down.
” No no no.“ You tease.
You go in for a sloppy kiss , your tongues entwining , biting his bottom lip as you pull  away . Your hands move towards his bulge that’s ready to pop out of his boxers. Pulling it out  you start to stroke the tip. Simon realise a moan. As you slowly lick his dick , you can see how tortured Simon is. You keep to the rhythm sucking up & down slowly. You didn’t notice that Simon broke free from the belt. You feel yourself being flipped stomach towards the bed . You let out a yelp.
” Oh jagiya do you think you can tease daddy like that?“ Simon asks you in a strict tone.
” No.“ You muffled.
His hand came into contact with your bare ass. You let out a yell .
” No what?!“
"No, daddy.” Your eyes widen in shock .
Simon slaps your ass one more time, “ Now what should i do to you?” He asks
before you could reply , Simon starts to rub his tip in between your folds . You moan his name. He pulls your ass up. With one hand his rubbing his dick on your Slit , while he’s shoving two fingers in you with his other hand. You let out a loud moan. “ Does my jagiya like this?” He asks.
“ Yes, oppa.” You answer
He finally stops torturing you and slides his dick in .
“ So wet just for me.” Simon slams his body against yours.
A lot of moans, your name , his name, and fucks were said between you two. Simon keeping up to his fast hard rhythm , you could feel yourself reaching your climax . Moaning out his name , Simon grabs your ass and pulls you close to him.
“ ( Y/N)!”  Simon and you collapse on the bed. Once he catches his breath
“Jagiya..” He sighs, “ If that’s what you wanted , you could have asked.”
“ I didn’t know how to ask you.” You replied.
He pulls you into his arms and falls asleep.

Hope this was smutty enough for you! Thank you for the request!~~^-^

- Admin Jinx

We’re still accepting request!!~~

The signs when drunk

Aries: They get even louder and more fiery than they usually are. Look for them dancing on tables or starting fights with random people who “looked at their friend wrong.”

Taurus: Taureans will feel an uncontrollable urge to get cozy and comfortable, which could cause them to take off their pants and/or head to bed for a nap.

Gemini: If you think sober Gemini is chatty, you’ve obviously never met a drunk Gemini. Even Gems who are naturally a bit shy open up A LOT with the assistance of a few cocktails.

Cancer: Excel at the two C’s: crying and cuddling. Often simultaneously. Sometimes with strangers.

Leo: emotions come out, so be ready for tears and/or dramatic professions of love. After that they’ll put on the most entertaining karaoke performance you’ll ever see.

Virgo: Shed their self-conscious shell and tends to be super chatty and social. They’ll also want to introduce you to all their friends…over and over and over again.

Libra: You know the person who’s hugging everyone and saying, “I just really love you guys” to people they’ve never met? That’s a drunk Libra.

Scorpio: Doing one of 3 things: cornering someone at to discuss the meaning of life, tearfully drunk-dialing their ex-boyfriend to ask where they went wrong, or having sex.

Sagittarius: Everything is a competition. You’ll find them trying to out-drink their sorority sisters or organizing a sloppy arm-wrestling tournament in the corner of the bar.

Capricorn: Massive spilling of confessions and secrets: they let out everything their normally controlled sober selves keep tightly under wraps.

Aquarius: They board a one-way train to flirt city. Find them charming the hot bartender and collecting phone numbers with the same giddy fervor as your grandma collecting cat figurines.

Pisces: Epitome of a “happy drunk.” They’re laughing, smiling, and bursting with joyful, loving energy. Spend a few minutes chatting with a drunk Pisces and you’ll be saying, “Damn, I’ll have what she’s having!”

Source: Taursies

October’s Here and Halloween’s Creepin’ Around the Corner So Dress like a Pirate and Set Sail!

By GM Amelia

Heya adventurers! It’s finally October and you know what that means, Halloween is just around the corner! Get your Halloween costumes ready and let’s scare the pants off of people. Don’t forget to start hoarding all that pumpkin-y goodness for pumpkin pies and pumpkin spice! How are you all liking Transcendence Phase 1? It’s pretty awesome, huh? Well hold on to your shirts because we have 2 more phases of Transcendence coming in the following weeks. That means more chances to level up faster and gain those coveted Transcendence skeelz! We also have an awesome new set at the Item Mall you might want to take a gander at or better yet, buy!

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Reaction: Getting ready


well hello there sexayyyyee *takes off shirt*

Bobby would give you a sly smile and cheer from behind. Coming over to give you a backhug because damn, your appearance just made him feel some kind of way. He’d try to get you away from doing your make up but if you don’t want you, he’d just tease you, blowing kisses into your neck or simply just distract you. He might as well just take off his shirt and pants too and walk around half naked because that’s what he always does anyway.



Hanbin would creep up from behind and just stand there for a few seconds admiring the view in front of him with that cute stupid smile he has on when he feels kinda shy and happy but can’t say anything. He would be too intimidated to do something, instead Hanbin would just try to talk to you.


“you look cute”

Jinhwan wouldn’t exactly tell you that he is kinda turned on by the amount of clothing you’re wearing but rather give you a sweet compliment along with a cute smile from the side while eyeing you. He wouldn’t do anything though because he can see that you’re busy at the moment.


*cough* “put on.. some..clothes..tsk”

Junhoe would feel so intimidated and tell you to put on something because he can’t deal with your half-naked body right now, rolling his eyes at you when actually he can’t stop staring and wish you wouldn’t be so busy right now. But he’d be too cool to do something because he prefers you feeling all hot by looking at him not the other way around.

- moyo

Take your Minecraft and put in these settings

  • Render setting: 2-Tiny
  • Brightness: Moody
  • Fog Start: 0.2
  • All sounds off except for blocks and ambient sounds kept at 100
  • Difficulty hard
  • Now find a cave or mine-shaft

Perfect! now you’re ready to shit your pants in this homemade horror game!

How long will you last till you start hearing things that aren’t actually there!

anonymous asked:

Onew+Minho+Key ship. Prompt about When the guys decided to start dating one another

Like most things, it starts with curiosity.

They’re home from a dinner date one night in September; Kibum is lazing on the bed in their room while Minho gets ready to head to the attached bathroom for a quick shower. As he empties his pockets just before taking off his pants, Minho pulls out a flyer he remembers receiving during lunch hour and stuffing into his back pocket. He flattens out the now crumpled paper and finally takes a good look at it.

“What’s this?” Minho mutters to himself.

“What’s what?” Kibum looks towards Minho, wondering what his boyfriend is mumbling about.

After a few seconds of reading the flyer, Minho laughs and scrunches it into a ball before throwing it Kibum’s way.

“Nothing, it’s just some online dating site.” Minho simply explains and then says just before he steps into the shower, “Throw it away for me, Bum.”

But Kibum doesn’t.

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