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Suga Daddy: Part Five

Suga Daddy: Part Five

Word count: 6.8k

Genre: smut, angst

Alright, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry to all the people whose souls i’ve shattered. (not really) Let me know how you enjoy it if you want :)  

parts: one | twothreefour

“What the hell is going on?”

You and Taehyung pulled apart quickly, both looking at the figure, staring at you with a hard gaze and a clenched jaw. You gasped, “Yoongi.”

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Long-ass SB/ho tips outline and I don’t even care

I’m on a roll today haha.  Been typing these out as I think of them all week, so here is a list of things in order of what I perceive to be least to most talked about:

1. Be able to leave at any time. You never know when you’re going to have to make a run for it or if you feel unsafe and need to bounce.  This includes:

  • Know your exits.  Not all places have the exit the same as the entrance.  Figure out where the exit is either before you walk in or as soon as you do.
  • Keep all your things as close together as possible.  Pretty easy if you’re in a public place, but if you are at a hotel or his house or something, try to either keep everything packed or all your things in one place.  This makes you look neat and organized too, or at least you can claim that if he calls you on it.
  • When you’re done brushing your teeth, pack away your toothbrush again.  This goes for everything.  When you use it, put it back.
  • Keep your dirty clothes folded next to your suitcase, if not in it.
  • Keep your purse on your person or with your things.  I usually put it on the nightstand so it’s easy to remember, and my clothes/rest of my things usually end up next to the bed anyway.  Take your bag to the bathroom, especially if there are things inside that reveal your identity if you don’t want him to see.
  • If you take off your clothes, leave them right-side-out.  If you don’t do it as you take your clothes off, just fix them as soon as they’re off.  Leave all your clothes in one place.  If you’re naked and need to run, this speeds up the process and you don’t look a complete mess when you get outside.
    • For your shirt, grab the bottom hem and pull it over your head.  Once the neck clears your head, take the hem of one sleeve and pull your arm out of it.  Then use that arm to hold both sleeves as you remove your other arm.  This leaves you holding both sleeves by the ends as the shirt hangs down and your shirt stays ready to be put on quickly.
    • For your pants, step on the hem with one foot to slide the other leg out.  Might be a little tough with skinny jeans or leggings, but try to pull from the bottoms and slide out instead of peeling them off your body.
  • Have the number for a local taxi service saved in your phone.  Or Uber, or a friend nearby, or whatever you feel like.  Don’t rely on him to get you home.
  • Pack a pair of flats if you can because running in heels is way too hard.
  • If you do need to leave, put on your underwear, then pants.  Don’t need to wear the bra.  Put on your shirt, grab your things and leave.  Run to the staircase–don’t risk the elevator in case a bunch of people with luggage hold it up long enough for him to find you there.  Go barefoot down the stairs, then put on your shoes after you’ve reached the bottom.  At this point you should be holding your purse and bra, maybe socks, jacket, heels if you packed flats, and jewelry.  As you walk to the door, put your jewelry and bra in your purse if you can.  Put socks in the heels, or hold them if you’re wearing the heels.  Get into the taxi.  Put your bra on around your stomach, then pull it up under your shirt so you’re wearing it like a strapless bra (you can fix this later if you want).  Put on your socks if you have them.  Double check that you grabbed everything.  Get home safe.

2. Have a safe place to go to if needed.  This is anywhere very public and preferably somewhere you cannot be followed.  Know how to get there from wherever you are.

  • If you have a membership at a gym, they usually check membership cards at the door. 
  • If you are military/dependent, go on base. 
  • Go to your place of work and hide in the break room.  If your coworkers ask, say it was a Tinder date gone wrong and this creepy old guy is following you.
  • Worst case scenario, go to the bathroom in a public place.  Enlist the help of other women in there/call the hostess of the restaurant or a nearby store and explain the situation.

3. Put your phone on airplane mode.  Turn WiFi and location off.  I’ve seen it mentioned before where people pop up as Facebook suggestions.  If you spend a lot of time in the same area as someone, Facebook knows.  Even with location off, it can tell your location via WiFi access point and which cell your phone is connected to.  Turning off location and WiFi will help, but you need to disconnect your phone from service to block that avenue too.  I would say turn your phone off entirely, but my phone takes 6 million years to power on, so that could be dangerous in an emergency.  Turning off airplane mode can allow you to reconnect quickly to service.  (This is also useful because then your phone won’t be buzzing and stuff.  No distractions.)

4. Tell a friend where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.  Keep them updated with changes.  Even if they don’t respond, having it in writing somewhere can keep you safe if anything happens.  Message me where you’re going if you don’t have anyone else idgaf.

5. Ask for everything upfront.  Whatever you agreed on (cash, gifts, dinner, whatever), make sure you get it first.  I feel like everyone on Tumblr already knows this, but maybe one person will read this who hadn’t read it elsewhere and it’ll help.

6. Keep these things in your bag.

As always, add stuff I didn’t think of if you have anything!  Stay safe and may the sugar gods bless you all.

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Can i request the RFA+ minor duo going Victoria secret shopping with MC? And don't stress yourself too much over Requests love~ take all the time you need :)

~Oooooh, yes. LOL! Thank you so much for the request and thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it so much! 

◉ Yoosung 

  • He’s a stuttering and fumbling mess the entire time 
  • Doesn’t have the courage to touch anything 
  • Feels extremely awkward seeing all the other customers grabbing items, and thinks he should try to avert his gaze 
  • He TRIES to keep his eyes on the floor
  • Every time he looks around he is imagining you in the outfits 
    • “Yoosung, what do you think of this?” you hold up lingerie with pink frills 
  • He almost has a heart attack 
  • So many images in his mind 
    • “IT’S P-PERFECT”
    • Shh, you don’t have to yell” you laugh 
  • He can’t control the volume of his voice 
  • Talking to himself in his head, telling himself to clam down
  • He liked the area where theres beauty products and lotions/perfumes 
    • “Oh, this smells nice MC! Want me to get it for you?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • He’s rather un-phased
  • To be honest, he finds lingerie rather unnecessary
    • “Are you sure you want to buy this? I’m just going to be taking it off of you…”
    • “I’m not just here for lingerie, Jumin. I need new bras and panties as well,” you shake your head 
  • He’s very opinionated 
    • “That looks cheap.” “I don’t like that color.” 
  • He’s not doing it to be an ass, he’s just used to speaking his mind 
  • Wants you to look good, and tells you to get whatever you want
    • “Sweat pants?”
    • “They have really comfy ones…” you say shyly 
    • “You’re so cute,” he adds them to your basket 

◉ Zen 

  • He’s screaming internally 
  • He’s READY for this 
  • At first he thinks you’re going to stick to the normal bra and panty sets
  • Maybe you’ll be adventurous and go for some lace 
  • But you hold up a lingerie set with cut outs and strings and bow and-
  • He almost has a nose bleed 
    • “B-Babe! Careful! Another guy might see!!!” 
  • He grabs it from your hands 
    • “There are only girls around right now, relax!” 
  • He wants to pay for it and drag you home as fast as possible 
  • He’s spacing out
  • Imagining coming home to you in the lingerie, you’re in the kitchen cooking for him 
    • ~~~Welcome home, Zenny!~~~
    • “ZEN!” 
  • His daydream is interrupted by your nudging his ribs 
    • “Let’s go, I paid already,” you laugh 
  • Gladly 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Finally!
  • She needed some new underwear as well 
  • You guys spend over an hour looking at everything 
  • And stocking up on your favorite lotions 
  • Jaehee has some extremely pretty bras 
  • You guys even got matching ones! 
  • She is sorting everything in your basket out when she pulls up a black silk nighty 
    • “Wh-What’s this?!” 
    • “Darn it! I…snuck it in. I was going to surprise you tonight…”
  • Her cheeks turned bright red 
    • “Oh! O-Okay!” 
  • She fumbled around to put everything on the counter 
  • Inside, she couldn’t help but be excited to see you wearing that later that night 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He’s making jokes to cover his embarrassment 
    • “Do you think this would look good on me?” he hold up a bra to his chest 
    • “Can you be serious once in your life?” 
  • You both laugh 
  • He’s surprisingly good at telling you his opinion on what he wants to see you in ?
    • He’s actually picking things that are a little more risqué than you had ever thought he would be in to 
      • “What? I am a guy, after all…”
    • Asks if he can come into the changing room with you 
      • “No!”
      • “It was only a joke, calm down,” he pokes your cheek and waits patiently while you try a few items on 
    • Super giddy when you finally pay and head home 
      • “So if you are dressing up tonight…does that mean I can, too?”
      •  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ◉ V

    • Of course he is super calm about it 
    • Doesn’t like the perfume section though
    • The smells are too overwhelming for him 
    • He wishes he could help pick things out, but he can barely make out the colors of the fabrics 
    • He tries nonetheless 
    • Just smiling the whole time 
    • Choosing things by feel 
      • “This silk is nice, don’t you think? This would feel nice on you…”
    • He does get a blush on his cheeks every now and then and you’re glad he can’t see your staring as you hold back a giggle 
    • A couple times he ended up showing an item to a mannequin 
      • “…Do you not like it?” 
      • “V!…I’m over here…” -_-;;;

    ◉ Saeran 

    • No way!
      • You’re not dragging me into that damn store!!!!”
        • [2 hours later]
    • He stand with his arms crossed, grumbling in the store 
    • Silent as ever as you look through all of the items 
      • “Stop pouting and help me choose!”
      • “No.”
    • The only thing getting him through this is the promise of ice cream and pretzels from the food court 
    • He keeps scowling in response to your random laughs 
    • He doesn’t know, but his cheeks have been slightly pink since you walked in 
    • Eyes went wide when you picked up a particular black and pink lingerie set 
    • But he immediately looked away and pretended to not be interested 
    • Breathed a sigh of relief when you finally paid and started to head out 
      • “Ya know, you could have helped me out a bit more with choosing things back there…”
      • “Why do you need me anyway? You could have picked anything in there and it would look good on you”
    • You squeezed his hand at his response and he realized what he said 
      • “Oh, shut up,” he could feel you smiling at him, “come on. I’m starving. You said I get food.” 

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    5. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

    5. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

    In which Harry is beyond patient with your drunken antics.

    Harry holds you close to him, rubbing his hand up and down your arm. You’re riding back home from the pub, where you had a few drinks too many. The room started to spin around you and your friends’ names evaded your memory, and Harry knew that was the end of the night.

    “Yeh all righ’, love? Don’ fall asleep jus’ yet.”

    “I feel awful,” you tell him, burying your face in his shirt to inhale the comforting scent of him.

    “Told yeh t’ stop three drinks ago,” he reminds you, chuckling into your hair.

    “Shut up,” you mumble.

    The car stops at your shared place and Harry pulls you away from him so he can get out, helping you after him. He thanks the driver and wraps an arm tightly around your waist, holding you to his side while he unlocks the door. You’ve barely made it inside when you feel your stomach churning. You push away from Harry and your feet carry you to the bathroom, where you drop to your knees and lift the toilet seat. You don’t throw up immediately, but the discomfort in your stomach only gets worse.

    “Y/N?” Harry appears in the doorway with a crease between his eyebrows. “Did yeh get sick, baby?”

    “No, but I’m gonna.” You clutch the rim of the toilet and squeeze your eyes closed while a wave of nausea passes through your body. Harry pulls a hair tie from his wrist—a habit he still hasn’t broken since he cut his hair—and kneels down beside you, gathering up your locks and tying them back. Then his hands brush down your neck and rub gently over your back.

    There’s a silent minute before you actually start to throw up. Harry keeps rubbing your back, whispering how you’re okay, everything’s okay.

    “No, it’s not,” you say when you can catch a breath. Your throat burns, your mouth tastes terrible, and your stomach is churning. “I’m gonna die. I’m dying.”

    “You’re not dying,” he informs you with a soft laugh. “You’re fine, baby. You’ll feel better in a li'l bit.”

    You groan in response before leaning back over the toilet to empty your stomach. And he’s right, you do feel better after a few minutes when your body’s rejected the extra alcohol.

    “Yeh done, love?”

    “I think so.” Your voice is raw, and you can still feel alcohol pumping its way through your veins.

    “’M gonna go change. Can yeh handle brushing your teeth? Please, don’ make me brush your teeth fo’ yeh.”

    “I can do it,” you state confidently. Harry smiles as he rises to his feet. He holds his hands out and helps you up, flushing away your mess. Your toothbrush is ready and in your hand before he leaves the room. When you look in the mirror, you find a mess of a person. Tears have streaked makeup down your cheeks and your clothes are in disarray. Your vision is slightly blurry as you begin to clean your teeth.

    “Is tha’ better?” Harry asks as he reappears in a pair of comfy sweats.

    “My throat still hurts,” you tell him, rinsing out your mouth.

    “I’ll get yeh some water,” he says, backing out of the room. “Wait in the bedroom fo’ me, love.”

    You do as your told, making your way into the other room to plop yourself down on the bed. You feel a bit loopy, and your limbs feel heavy. You’re just staring at a wall that seems to dip and swim in front of you when Harry walks in with a big glass of water.

    “Drink some o’ this,” he orders gently as he hands it to you. You sip at the cold liquid and it soothes your burning throat. “Let’s get yeh ready fo’ bed. I’m gonna take care o’ yeh, okay?”

    You nod in response and Harry drops to his knees, undoing your heeled boots and pulling them from your aching feet. His fingers reach for the button of your jeans and you shift away from his touch as he skims your belly.

    “Don’t tickle me!”

    “’M not tryin’ t’ tickle yeh!” he exclaims with a laugh. “’M tryin’ t’ get your pants off. Don’ spill your drink, yeah?”

    “It’s not very gentlemanly to take off my pants when I’m this drunk,” you inform him, taking another gulp of water.

    “I’ll keep tha’ in mind,” he says with a playful roll of his eyes. He reaches forward again to unbutton your pants and a slosh of water spills down your front as you giggle. “Oi! Be careful.” He takes the glass from you to set down on the bedside table and wipes his now-wet hands on his sweatpants.

    “Sorry,” you mumble, flopping back on the mattress. Harry chuckles and is finally able to undo your jeans, tugging the denim down your legs. His ringed fingers pat your hands.

    “Gotta sit up fo’ me, love.” He pulls you back into a sitting position and lifts your shirt from your body, then unclasps your bra and tosses all of your clothes into the dirty laundry. He opens the dresser and digs around for one of his t-shirts, finding one that he hasn’t worn in years.

    “Arms up,” he urges when he comes back, helping you into the shirt one limb at a time. He presses a gently kiss to your forehead when your face pops out again and smiles. “Wanna get your makeup off?”

    “Yes,” you agree, nodding quickly. “I look like a clown.”

    “Yeh do not.” He chuckles and finds one of your makeup wipes, coming back to squat in front of you. “Look pretty still. Yeh always do.”

    “You’re lying,” you accuse with a big grin.

    “Am not,” he retorts, grinning back and resting a hand on your cheek to hold your head still as he gently wipes stray mascara from your face. “Prettiest girl ’ve ever seen.”

    “Shut up,” you hush with a giggle.

    Harry laughs at you again as he finishes cleaning up your face.

    “Tha’s better,” he commends, standing back up and pressing his lips to the top of your head. “Don’ look like yeh been cryin’ anymore. How ‘bout yeh finish your water b'fore we go to bed?”

    You nod and pick up the glass again, sipping slowly. Harry leaves to brush his teeth. When he comes back, he takes the empty glass from you and sets it down again. He lifts the covers to get you into bed and then climbs in beside you, wrapping his arms around your torso to hold you against him.

    “Better not be cranky a’ me t'morrow,” he whispers, kissing your cheek gently.

    “Couldn’t if I wanted to,” you whisper back, snuggling into him.

    I’m A Good Girl

    Summary: Dean has the reader wear something different when they’re alone for the weekend…

    Square Filled: Collars

    Pairing: Dean x reader

    Word Count: 1,900ish

    Rating: explicit (smut (collar play, use of a butt plug), language)

    A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo 

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    Hatefuck C.H.

    This imagine is based on this song. 

    You can read part 2 here

    Trigger Warning: it contains smut and swearing 

    Word count: 2,5k+

    A/N: I’m thinking about doing a second part to this. Should i? Anyway, hope you like it.  


    That was the only thing I could feel in that moment. Life was slipping through my fingers and I couldn’t do anything about it. All I could seem to do was sitting on the floor, trying to stop the tears from falling.

    Numbness came right after. The tears had already dried; my swollen eyes could hardly see anything. I heard the noise that came from the TV, my chest hurt. Everything was a blur, and not only because I couldn’t see anything because of the tears, but because my mind wasn’t even thinking straight. Trying to steady my breathing, I looked around my apartment. There were smashed dishes lying around the floor, a few picture frames also accompanied them.

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    Make Daddy Proud

    A/N: ” harrys girl who has a HELLA MAJOR PRAISE KINK!!!!!!! plz and thank uuu”  Enjoy!

      “Harry! I got a ninety-seven!” I heard Y/n squeal from the living room. “Way to go, babe!” I praise and quickly place the shirt i just folded into my drawer. I laugh to myself and make my way over to where she was. I turn the corner and see her standing in front of the coffee table with her phone in her hand, she had been refreshing her email all afternoon. She’d studied for thirteen hours straight prior to this exam so, one can only assume she wanted this very badly. Before she realizes i’m in the room, I scoop her up in my arms and spin her around. 

      “i’m so proud of you” I mutter, my face nuzzled between her neck and shoulder. She takes my face in her hands and looks me in the eyes. “Did I make daddy proud?” She squints at me. I throw my head back, laughing. Y/n giggles as I set her back down to stand on her own. She sits her phone down on the table before turning back to me. 

      “Of course you did, you’ve always been daddy’s little star.” I wink.

      She raises an eyebrow and starts to play with the hair and the nape of my neck. My hand travels down from the middle of her back to lift up the hem of her shirt and gently run my nails against the skin of her hips. She hisses and touches her forehead to mine. “How come you never reward me, then?” she asks, nibbling on her bottom lip. 

    “A lip bite? Very original” I tease.

     Y/n smirks and reaches her hand between our faces. She brushes her thumb over my lip “I could always bite yours, would that be more exciting?”

      She ignited a fire in me with a single sentence. I sigh, not only because I felt myself getting harder by the second, but because she had made me feel like a teenager again. All she did was was ask me a risque question and i’m already as hard as a rock. Sadly, I can’t say this is the first time its happened. She glances up at me through her lashes and waits for my response. “Why don’t you help me find more ways to make you proud, yeah?” she suggests, gesturing for me to sit on the couch. I know where this is going. That particular look in her eyes is a look i’ve seen before. Pupils dilated, lips nice and wet, breath shallow.

    She gets down on her knees in front of me and wastes no time dragging my sweatpants down. I’m not wearing boxers today, I figured we would get a little hot and bothered at some point today (it being our only free day this week, and all) and I wanted to make the process less tedious. I’m thanking myself a million times internally. I take my shirt off rather quickly, my eyes glued to her, anticipating her next move.

      Y/n doesn’t bother pulling the trousers all the way off of my legs, she lets them pool at my feet. She takes my cock in her small hands kisses the tip, she lets some spit dribble out and onto the head before swiping over it with her thumb. The very same thumb she had used to toy with my lip not too long ago. I can’t stop the hiss that slips out, today is not a good day to prolong the foreplay. I very well might cum before the good stuff starts.

      She takes notice of my sensitivity to her touch and cuts to the chase, lowering her mouth down on me. Her tongue laps at the veins of my shaft and she knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure with her teeth. I feel them graze me as she brings her head back up to my tip. 

    ‘ah fuck..that’s good baby” I pant. She whimpers on me, her hand squeezing the base of me. She loves when I praise her….this could be fun. I decide to take it up a notch. What harm could a little more motivation do? 

    “shit baby i- mm fuck you take such good care of your man, don’t you?” 

    She nods lightly, my dick still lodged in her pretty mouth. I reach down and caress her cheek with my finger. “so fucking good, princess” I groan. She’s enjoying this. I can tell by how her eyes light up every time I speak. “You’re licking me with the same tongue you use to give th-those big speeches at school” I started, her eyebrows furrow. She has no clue where i’m going with this but continues to bob her head up and down. 

    “That mouth is pure gold in and outside of the bedroom….you please daddy in every single way” This seems to do it for her. She lifts her mouth off of me and stands up to take down her yoga pants. 

    “Come on” is all she spits out at me before walking towards the bedroom. I jump up, kicking my own pants off.

    When i enter the room, I see her lying down on the bed, her panties around her ankles. She’s rubbing herself with one hand and beckoning me over to her with the other. I stride over to the bed, tugging at myself as I do so. “You getting ready fo’ me?” I ask her, she nods quickly. She seems so excited and i can’t hide the smile spreading across my face. I climb on the bed and toss her pink panties somewhere behind me, she doesn’t hesitate to open her legs up for me. Welcoming me in, inviting me. 

    I decide to skip the foreplay and get right to business. I run my swollen head up her slick folds, forcing an incredibly loud moan from her when I stop to tap on her clit with my member. I let out a breath I didn’t know i was holding when she pushes her shirt over her breasts and begins to knead at them. I line my tip up at her entrance and push in slowly, making sure she can feel my every ridge. She arches her back when I fill her completely, stretching her to no end.

    “You’re taking daddy so well baby” I groan out. I lean down to suck on her neck. “K-keep talking, Harry” she pleads. I kiss my way up to her ear and nip at her lobe a bit, filling her to the peak with every stroke. “You always get so wet fo’ me” I slow down a bit, it appears that all this praise is starting to get to me as well. I sit back up and hike her knee up so I can thrust even deeper than before. This time, I can feel her walls squeezing me, I also feel myself pulsating inside her. I’m getting close.

    “You’re gonna make me cum baby ahh…ooh yes” I hiss. My thrusts are noticeably unsteady at this point but i’m fighting it. I want to make sure she finishes first and judging by the way she’s clenching around me, she’s just as close as I am if not closer.

    “fuck harry oh!….mmh please” her hands are scraping at my forearms that stand on either side of her head, making it harder for me to hold myself up. I place my hands on the head board and pull out of her almost completely before rolling my hips back in to meet hers. Again and again and again until I have her body trembling beneath mine. She’s begging me not to stop. She’s pleading for me to cum with her, and my body betrayed me by obeying her orders. The muscles in my abdomen tighten and I clench my jaw shut.

    ”cum for me ahhh….f-fuck that’s a good girl ”

    I feel my toes curl as the white sensation builds up. 

    Then it hits me like a wave. “ooh Y/n fuck yes..fuck baby yess ahh” I cum in long, hot spurts with her still tightening around my cock. I kiss her slowly feeling my heart return to its natural rhythm. I lean up and move her hair from her face before dipping down to kiss her nose. “That was intense “ She laughed. I nod, still a bit winded. I pull out of her and grab one of the clean shirts from the pile I was folding earlier; I use it wipe us both clean. Thankfully, we didn’t soil the sheets this time so I happily climb under the covers and wait for her to do the same. She rests her head on my tattooed swallow and tangles her legs up with mine. 

    “All this because of a test, I wish you would score this high all the time” I tease.

    “Yeah? Well I wish you would finish folding the laundry…” she snickered

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    Could you possibly do a Nalu photographer shoot AU? Natsu being the Model and Lucy being the photographer. Thank you!!

    He’s A Natural

    Pairing: Nalu

    Word count: 1397

    A/N: Have some Scottish Natsu! And Canadian Lucy, but that’s more from me using my own euphemisms lmao. This could get so much longer, and maybe ‘ll continue it when I’m not swamped! So model Natsu is always a fun thing, and tbh hot damn. 

    “It won’t be hard, they said.

    “You seem so much more comfortable behind the camera, they said.

    “Just one photo shoot, they said.”

    Lucy grumbled to herself, pacing in the space set aside for breaks. The white tent was partially open, but it still managed to hide her from the source of her spiking anxiety. The very attractive, very pink, and very naked source.

    “Do a natural outdoor scene, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”

    “Are you done talking to yourself or do you need another five?” Lucy sighed loudly, glaring at Loke’s head where he peeked around the corner of her sanctuary. “Seriously, the poor guy’s gonna freeze his dick off.”

    “Then maybe he should put on some pants.” Lucy snapped, slumping into a chair and burying her face in her hands. She didn’t know why he was affecting her like this. Not only had Lucy worked with gorgeous models before, but she had also seen them naked! In her bed! Genitals did not faze her normally, so why was she losing her shit?

    “You ready, Drama Queen?” Loke asked. Lucy pouted, accepting his hand and looking up at him. 

    “Fine, but if anyone’s going to be taking him home it’s me, got it?” Lucy said sharply. Loke cackled, throwing his head back. He raked his hand through his wild, ginger hair as he grinned down at her fondly. Lucy liked to tell him it looked like a lion’s mane after she had had one too many drinks.   

    “Whatever you say princess,” Loke purred, hooking his arm through Lucy’s and leading her back out to the meadow they were shooting in. “But first you have to talk to him. Maybe learn his name.”

    “Shut up,” Lucy grumbled, leaning her head on his shoulder. 

    “Thought I scared ya off,” the model joked as they approached, scratching the back of his head bashfully, towel wrapped around his waist. A very, very small towel, fluffy and white, which only made his deep tan stand out more. Who knew pink hair and brown skin went together so well. Or that Lucy had a thing for Scottish accents. 

    “What’s your name?” Lucy asked, loudly and suddenly. She felt her face flush hot when the model cocked his head at her, confused smile pulling his lips at her outburst. God, please let a random tree just crush her now.

    “It’s Natsu,” he said, holding out his hand. Lucy took it, swallowing around her dry mouth at how big his was compared to hers. And she knew what they said about big hands and big feet…

    Lucy yelped when something sharp dug into her side, pouting up at Loke before realizing why he had to shove his bony joint into her ribs in the first place. Her eyes snapped to Natsu’s, deep green almost black and sparkling with impish joy. He knew. And he knew she knew. And she knew he knew she knew. And Lucy was really praying for that stray tree right about now. 

    “Lucy. My name- uh, my name is Lucy.” She managed out, blushing deeper at his amused and teasing smile. Oh, he had freckles. Wonderful.

    “You can let go of his hand now,” Loke said, grinning down at Lucy smugly. 

    “Maybe I like holding his hand,” Lucy retorted, glaring up at her friend. 

    “He likes holdin’ your hand too,” Natsu said. He winked at Lucy’s squeak, deep laugh shaking his chest as she dropped his hand. 

    “Alright! Either we start now or you’re all walking home!” Gajeel boomed. Lucy rolled her eyes at their equipment manager, ignoring his threat. He’d only followed through with it a couple times. Everyone wandered off to their positions, Lucy fetching her camera and fiddling with it as she kept her back to Natsu. She could do this. Be professional. Don’t take a picture of his dick. All things that Lucy could do. 

    Lucy turned around, and marched herself to stand in front of Natsu. Who had lost the towel, and was standing legs spread and unashamed, basking in all his Scottish glory. 

    “Do you dye your pubes?” Lucy squeaked, hand slapping over her mouth in horror. She was fired. This was it, her first time as the photographer  and she had blow it oh God Jason was going to kill her and then fire her-

    “Ain’t ya a spit fire?” Natsu cackled, easy as he smiled at Lucy. “And I do no’ dye anything. All natural ‘ere.” 

    “Oh,” Lucy breathed, some of the awkwardness melting off her at Natsu’s openess. 

    “And before ye ask, I’m a grower, not a shower.”

    Ahh, there was the mortification. 

    “You don’t have to be crude!” Lucy gasped, smiling as she tried turn her face away from him. 

    “Ain’t I ‘posed to be the shy one?” Natsu called. Lucy laughed, rolling her eyes before sticking her tongue out at Natsu. They continued to bicker as Lucy directed him this way and that, trying to find the best angle before snapping a photo. Honestly, all of his angles were good, what with his strong cheek bones and slightly pointed chin giving him a playful and boyish handsomeness, slanted eyes bright and framed with thick lashes, nose a little crooked at the bridge but still broad at the tip. And then there were the freckles scattered across his face, like little deep brown constellations. 

    “Close your eyes and tilt your chin up. No, not that much. Okay more. Less. Natsu now you’re just doing this on purpose!” Lucy laughed, slightly exasperated by his exaggerated movements. She snapped a picture of his profile, eyes closed and tilted towards the sun, grin pulling the corner of his mouth up, the image on the camera looking as if he was a woodland imp who knew a secret and you didn’t. 

    “So bossy,” Natsu teased, opening his eye and looking at Lucy from the corner of it. Lucy snapped another photo, breath catching as she looked down at the screen. 

    There sat a picture of Natsu, seductive as he looked at the camera, gaze sharp like a wolf and just as hypnotic. Lucy’s mind shot down to dirty, dirty, places the longer she looked at it. 

    “Oh, that’s a good one, ain’t it,” Natsu said, leaning over her shoulder. Lucy squealed, clutching the camera to her chest protectively. Lucy flushed when his eyes followed her motion, lingering a few seconds too long on her cleavage to be innocent. He coughed, eyes flicking away as pink coloured his ears. 

    “You two can fuck later, let’s just get a move on to the body shots!” Gajeel called, ripping Lucy from her stupor. She threw her middle finger up at him, glaring when he waved her off and walked away, probably to harass the interns. 

    “Ignore him,” Lucy smiled at Natsu apologetically. “His girlfriend’s away for a month and he gets a bit crabby when he doesn’t get laid.”

    Natsu’s nose twisted in a grimace even as a low chuckle fell from his lips. “He’s me cousin, I don’ think I need’a know ‘bout his sex life.” he chuckled. His grin grew warmer at Lucy’s shocked expression, arms lifting and crossing behind his head as he continued to talk. “He’s the reason I got the job. It’s me first time modelin’, but I needed the pay, so ‘ere I am.”

    “Well you’re a natural at it,” Lucy assured. She could hardly believe this was the first time he had modeled, the camera adored him. 

    “Thank ya,” Natsu grinned. Lucy returned it, having to tilt her head up a bit to look at him, standing as close as they were to one another. 

    “Seriously, make yer bedroom eyes at each other when we’re not on the job!”

    “Piss off ya walkin’ pin cushion!”

    Lucy laughed, half hiding her face as she shook her head. Natsu beamed down at her, sharp canine revealed by the curl of his lips. She shooed him further back, taking in a deep breath. Looking at Natsu fully, standing buck-ass naked in the middle of a spring meadow just starting to bloom, Lucy couldn’t help but bite her lip. God, she had no idea what he did for a job, but Lucy was leaning towards boxer if the grooves of his muscles on his chest and abs were any indication. Not to mention his thighs… or his forearms…

    She was definitely going to take Natsu home. Or at least out for drinks. 

    She needed to know the dirt Natsu had on Gajeel from when they were kids. And just how much of a grower the pink haired model really was. 

    Say My Name- Ashton Irwin

    Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written smut. Sorry if it’s shitty, but here ya go!


    I didn’t even bother asking for his name. He was staring at me with desirable hunger, something I’ve been craving all night. I marched over to his, grabbed the back of his hair, and pushed his lips onto mine. One thing led to another which brings me to our current situation. The nameless man sits on the edge of my bed with my legs on either side of his torso. I slowly move my body over his in slow movements. He groans below me causing a shock of pleasure run through me. I moan into his mouth and I feel him tense up. Suddenly he grabs my hips, flips us around, and slams me onto the bed.

    He looks at me up and down and licks his lips, “Damn, you’re gorgeous.”

    “Thanks,” I smirk. I flip myself over so I’m lying on my back, “Want to help me unzip?”

    Keep reading

    Birthday Boy - Draco x Reader

    Hey guys! In celebration of our favorite boy’s birthday on the 5th, I decided to write a birthday imagine!! It’s a bit long, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what ya think! Thank you!!!!

    Warnings - None that I am aware of!!! 

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!” Y/N yelled as she jumped on to Draco’s bed.

     He groaned and rolled over on to his stomach. Pulling the blankets off of him, she straddled his back. Leaning down, she placed a gentle kiss behind his ear. He let out a soft sigh in response. Taking it as a sign to continue, she pressed another one at the back of his hairline and continued down the back of his neck.

    “Draco, get up. We have a busy day and I’m trying to make this your best birthday ever - which I know seems impossible since last year’s was pretty great, but this one will be the best one yet, I promise.” Y/N whispered as she pressed her hands into his back.

    With Y/N moving her hands - and mouth - up and down his shoulders and back, this was was the most relaxed Draco had been in days. Between maintaining his “bad boy” image and dealing with whatever his father needed him to do, Draco had slipped into a minor depression - not that he’d tell anyone. But the only thing that ever came close to making him relax and see the good in the world was her. 

    “I don’t want to.” Draco mumbled and closed his eyes tighter.

    “I know that, Draco. But I have a whole day planned so get up and get dressed.” She placed another kiss behind his ear and the dormitory door swung open. Y/N jumped and Draco swung his head towards the door.

    “Happy birthday, Draco!” Pansy shouted, dragging a tired looking Blaise behind her.

    Draco groaned and his head found its way under his pillow.

    “I thought I told you guys to wait downstairs.” Y/N rolled her eyes and swung herself off of Draco.

    Pansy crossed her arms and cocked a hip.

    “You were taking too long. I’m ready to get this day started!”

    “Okay, okay! Draco, please get up and get dressed. Wear something casual, alright? We’ll be downstairs.” Y/N said and ushered Blaise and Pansy out of the room.

    They only had to wait thirty minutes for Draco to finally drag himself down the long steps and into the Slytherin common room. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of dark black pants and although Y/N had known Draco for years, she still got butterflies when she saw him. He slung on arm around her, pulling her close, and planted a kiss on her temple. She smiled.

    “Where to first then?” Draco asked.

    The hike to Hogsmeade wasn’t as bad in June as it was in December - mainly because it wasn’t snowing. It didn’t take the four of them long to reach their first stop in the town. Y/N led the way with Draco holding her hand and following closely behind her. She stopped at the little station in front of the building.

    “Hi, I have a reservation for four under the name Malfoy at ten?” she informed the girl behind the station. The girl smiled at the four of them and her eyes lingered a little too long on a certain platinum haired boy.

    “Of course, follow me!” she exclaimed and led the four of them to their table.


 “Malfoy, huh?” Draco smirked down at his girlfriend and gently elbowed her in the ribs.

    “For you. It was the only way they’d let me make a reservation.” she whispered back.

    “How’d you do it? Did you take a polyjuice potion? Or did you just tell them you’re my mom? Did you take my last name as your own? Tell them we’re married? What’d you do?”

    “I’m not admitting what I did or didn’t do to you, Draco. Assume what you will, but if I told you, I’m afraid I’d have to kill you.”

    Draco chuckled and pulled out the chair for Y/N as they reached their table. Blaise did the same for Pansy and the boys sat down across from each other.

    “Is this breakfast all you have planned today, Y/N?” Draco inquired while he stretched an arm around the back of her chair. Y/N shook her head left to right as she looked over the menu that had appeared in front of each of them.

    “This is all she has planned with us, anyway.” Pansy muttered. Draco shot Y/N a questioning look then turned to Pansy.

    “What do you mean by that, Pansy?” he asked.

    “I mean that after this, you guys are going to explore Hogsmeade some more while Blaise and I go back to Hogwarts.”

    The four teenagers enjoyed their breakfast. They sat and talked about big upcoming exams and how none of them really felt prepared for them - but did they ever? The four talked of their summer plans and how now that Voldemort was officially back, were they all coming back next year? Or were they staying home to help out their families? None of them knew for sure exactly what would happen. After an hour or so of dreary conversation, Y/N made them change the topic. This was a birthday breakfast after all.

    The group finished their meals and went their separate ways. Draco held Y/N’s hand tightly as they went in and out of shops. She insisted on buying him something, but there was no way he was letting her do that.

    Draco Malfoy was not very fond of his birthday. The only reason Y/N knew about it was because they had celebrated it a couple times when they were kids. Y/N took it upon herself to continue to make his birthdays a big deal once they got to Hogwarts. He wasn’t sure why she was so insistent on the topic. He didn’t understand. He was just a year older - no big deal.

    Y/N led Draco to a small and quiet cafe. She knew he hated his birthday, but that’s the exact reason she made it such a big deal. To her, Draco had made it another year alive and for that, she was eternally grateful. She didn’t understand why he liked to sweep it under the rug. He hated presents and he hated surprises. She did both for him. She pulled out the box she had been hiding in her sweater pocket.

    “I got this for you. Don’t say anything Draco, please. I wanted to do this for you. You’re my boyfriend and I love you. I know you hate presents, but I just had to.” she explained and set the small box down on the table. Draco eyed her then slid it to him.

    Inside the box was a plain black ring. From far away, it looked extremely simple. Up close, though, it was carved with extremely intricate designs. There were swirls and snakes and when the light hit it just right, you could see the fangs on the snakes’ teeth. Picking it out of the box, the sun caught on some silver writing on the inside of it. He noticed his initials carved next to Y/N’s. His eyes filled with tears, but he held them back. This gift was automatically better than everything that Draco had ever been given.

    “Is it okay? Do you like it? I know it’s not much, and you might think it’s stupid, but my family knows a guy who makes jewelry and such, and I asked him to make it for you. There’s a protection spell on it, so whenever you’re in danger, it sends a signal to a necklace I have back in my room and I’ll know you’re in trouble. It also protects you from any harm or at least-“

    Y/N’s rambling was cut short by Draco’s lips on hers. His hands slid to her cheeks. He tried to convey how extremely grateful he was to have her in his life through that kiss. She pulled back a little and smiled.

    “So you like it then? I know it’s kind of girly but-”

 “Of course I do, babe. Don’t worry. This is the best thing I’ve ever gotten and I’m so glad you care enough about me to at least try and make my birthday a special day. I love you so much, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Draco whispered.

    “I love you too.” she kissed him briefly again. “It’s time for your next activity, are you ready to come on an adventure with me?”

    “Every day is an adventure with you. Let’s go.”

    Y/N led Draco back to Hogwarts. They held hands and Draco glared at everyone that looked at the pair. Y/N made it seem like she was oblivious to this fact, but she secretly liked that Draco got so easily agitated. It made people leave them alone. It also helped that he was a Malfoy and people feared the Malfoys.

    As they climbed staircase after staircase, Draco’s curiosity got the best of him. They’d passed the Room of Requirement and they had definitely passed the Slytherin common room.

    At the sixth floor, Y/N made a right and continued down a long, dark hallway. About halfway down the hall, she stopped and entered a classroom. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years. There was dust everywhere and a strange machine sat in the middle of the room. Y/N let go of Draco’s hand and he stayed where he was.

    Y/N pressed the ‘on’ button of the projector and it roared to life. The lightbulb flickered once before gaining its strength to steady out. She pointed it at a wall while the opening credits of a movie played.

    “What is that?” Draco asked skeptically.

    “It shows movies or uh - moving pictures with sound, I guess. A couple of muggles showed it to me two years ago. I wanted to show you my favorite one.” she answered quietly, trying to gauge her boyfriend’s reaction.

    “That’s a muggle device then?”


    Draco crossed the room until he was standing in front of his girlfriend.

    “Oh, Y/F/N Y/L/N, if my father only knew how much of a bad girl you really are.” he smirked and pulled out his wand.

    With a flick and a swish, there was a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor. Snacks were piled by a corner of the blankets. The room looked sparkling clean. Y/N smiled and dropped onto the pile of blankets. Draco sat next to her and pulled her close. He wasn’t normally so easily convinced to do anything muggle related, but if Y/N liked it then it couldn’t be too bad.

    Five hours and two movies later, Draco was whining as Y/N pulled him from the room. He pulled on her hand and tried to make her go back into that quiet and relaxing room with him, but she wouldn’t budge. She just kept leading him back down several flights of stairs. They reached the Slytherin common room and stopped right outside the door.

    “Don’t get mad at me.” Y/N breathed. Draco rose an eyebrow and muttered the new password.

    “SURPRISE!” a big group of people shouted.

    Draco stopped just inside the door with Y/N following closely behind him. He hadn’t expected anything like this - not that he minded though. Draco Malfoy was always up for a good party. He smiled and waved as everyone went back to whatever it was they had been doing before the couple had entered the room. He turned around to his girlfriend.

    “Why on earth would I be mad at you?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Y/N leaned back a little and looked up into Draco’s blue eyes.

    “I know you don’t like doing big things for your birthday, but I just had to, babe. I wanted you to be able to celebrate with all of your friends - not just me.” she explained.

    He kissed her forehead, then her nose, then kissed her lips.

    “Happy birthday, dude! Why didn’t you tell us?” Theodore Nott interrupted as he strode up to the couple. Draco disentangled from Y/N. He settled for his arm around her shoulders.

    “I don’t know, Theo. I just don’t think it’s a big deal.” Draco explained. Theo rolled his eyes and made his way to one of the drink tables.

    Draco and Y/N pushed and shoved through the crowd and to the couches. They hadn’t had a decent conversation since they’d stepped in the place. Everyone wanted to wish Draco Malfoy a happy birthday. The couch was their usual hangout at parties in the Common Room and sure enough their were two seats left open.

    After several hours of drinking and party games, everyone decided to head up to bed. In doing so, they also left the place a complete mess. Draco and Y/N had barely moved from their spot on the couch. The lights had gone out and they were sitting in front of the fire place enjoying the now quiet atmosphere. Her head was in his lap and he was playing with her hair.

    “So tell me Draco Malfoy, did you enjoy you birthday party?” Y/N murmured.

 “If only because I got to spend it with you, love.” he whispered back.

    “Please stop being cheesy for one second and be honest. Was your birthday everything and more?”

    “Of course it was. Thank you for the best birthday ever,” he paused to lean down and kiss her cheek. “and for being the best girlfriend ever. I love you, Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

    “I love you too, Draco Malfoy.”

    They left the cleaning to the house elves and the two fell into a peaceful sleep on the couch in the Slytherin Common Room.

    female anatomy • monty de la cruz

    a/n: omg this is my first request ever and i couldn’t be more excited, i’m gonna scream. anyways, i hope this does you justice, i tried my best hehe.

    warnings: smut, swearing, all that good SIN

    you were sitting on your boyfriend monty’s bed scrolling through your instagram feed when you heard the boy groan. “fuck this bio project. i hate it. why do i have to learn about a vagina, i mean i’m pretty sure i already know what to do with it.”
    he complains and you laugh.

    “shut up and do your work montgomery, you need to finish, i’m bored.” you say playfully. he turns to roll his eyes at you and you stick your tongue out at him.

    smiling to himself, he starts reading the book in front of him. “what the hell is overstimulation?” monty asks and your breathing hitches. “wait y/n….” he turns to you with his signature smirk. “you mean to tell me that you can have multiple orgasms and you’ve never told me?”

    you look at him and shrug your shoulders, knowing exactly what he was thinking. his eyes flicker up and down your body and he licks his lips. “the thought is…tiring.” you tell him while playing with your hands. you and monty having sex was definitely nothing new. orgasms with him were always earth shattering, but you didn’t know if you could handle what was in store for you.

    he walks over to your spot on his bed and runs his hand over your thighs. his eyes are filled with mischief. “well i hope you saved your energy, cause i wanna try that shit.” he says looking into your eyes.

    “go for it, daddy.” you tell him with your voice barely above a whisper. he climbs into bed on top of you and places lips on yours. the kiss is full of hunger, but short lived because he soon attached his lips to your neck. you moan his name and buck your hips up to grind against him but he pins them down to the bed.

    “not today baby, i’m doing all of the work.” he says into your ear before nibbling your earlobe. he moves back to your neck being sure to leave a couple of hickies while you grow wetter by the second. he grinds on you and you grab a fistful of his shirt.

    “babe, please, i need you.” you plead to him. monty pulls your shorts and panties down in one swift motion. he spreads your legs and positions himself between them.

    “you’re so wet for me princess.” he says with a smile. monty’s tongue begins to work on your clit while you hold the sheets with a death grip. “shit monty, o- oh my god.” you say breathlessly. he chuckles, knowing the impact that he has on you. his tongue plunges into you and you attempt arch your back just to be held down again.

    he picks up the pace and you grip on to his hair.
    “oh fuck monty, oh my god,” you moan as you feel yourself getting close. he hums against you, and you release, hitting your climax and trying to catch your breath.

    monty watches you with a hawk’s eye while your eyes are still shut as you try to recover. he wastes no time and uses his fingers to play with your still sensitive clit. he starts pumping and you feel shockwaves going through your body.

    you start grinding and moaning while monty focuses on the work that his fingers are doing. he loved seeing you so weak for him. it made him want and crave you even more.

    “come on, let it out baby girl.” he tells you. he kisses behind your ear and whispers dirty things to you. hearing his voice put you over the edge for a second time, and you were ready to quit until you realized that monty was extremely hard, and you hadnt done anything for him.

    you grab the back of his neck and pull him in for a sloppy, rough kiss, which he moans into. you reach your hand down and grab his dick through his sweatpants. he grabs your wrist and pulls away from the kiss.

    “fucking shit y/n. i told you, babe,” he starts, “i’m doing all of the work.” his eyes darken and he stands up and takes his shirt off. he makes eye contact with you as he takes his pants and boxers off. you slowly start sucking your fingers, hoping to get a reaction out of him. he pauses for a second to watch you and then jumps onto you, pinning your hands above your head.

    “don’t tease me like that y/n, you know what it does to me.” he mumbles against your lips. you sigh in response, feeling his erection grind against your thigh.

    monty slides himself into and you jolt from the pleasure, still feeling the vibrations from your last orgasm. he starts moving at a steady pace and you can already feel a third orgasm creeping up on you.

    you wrap your legs around his waist so that he can go deeper. “you feel so good baby girl. let me hear you.” he hits your g-spot and you cry out. “f- fuck daddy, right there, don’t stop.” you say as you dig your nails into his back. he grunts, kisses your shoulder, and then bites down on it a bit.

    monty speeds up and pounds into you harder. your vision begins to blur momentarily and you feel like your head is spinning. your boyfriend never fails to satisfy you. you hold on to his biceps and you feel a knot in your stomach

    “shit babe, i’m almost there.” you say to him. monty puts your legs on his shoulders and that’s when you lose it. your body shudders as you have your 3rd orgasm. monty doesn’t stop yet and you can feel the shocks jolt throughout your body as he finishes. he finally releases and both of you are hot, sweaty messes.

    you attempt to sit up but you can hardly move. you have a tingling sensation in your core and your legs feel like jello. you lay in bed with monty and watch his chest rise up and down. he puts his arm under your head and pulls you close to him so that he can kiss your forehead.
    you start to trace circles on his chest when
    monty speaks up next to you.

    “and that’s all i needed to know about the female anatomy.”

    a/n: someone pls bring me holy water bC WOW. i had a lot of fun writing that, im pretty sure this is the longest thing i’ve ever written. i hope you enjoy, and send me more requests :))

    The Soccer Player - Pt. 4

    quick note: THIS ISN’T EDITED sorry if there’s something wrong, you can message me and i’ll take a look! thanks for reading :)  part one part two part three part five part six part seven 

    The ride in the elevator consisted of Calum pinning you against a wall, hands on either side of your head-yours roaming the skin beneath his shirt- as he hungrily kissed you. You were relieved getting on to find it was empty. You let out a groan as the elevator dinged again, signaling you were on the tenth floor: your floor.

    “Come on,” You gripped his hand and lead him out of the elevator, stopping at the access door to your hall. You stuck your ID card against the sensor and it beeped and the door clicked unlocked. You pulled it open and moved to your door, sticking your key inside the lock quickly. Charlie had a class right now and it just started, being noon now, so you had the room to yourselves.

    He moved into the room when you opened the door, shutting it behind him. “I’ve never been in here before.” He commented as he looked around.

    “It isn’t much.” You said, setting your keys down and immediately kissing him again. He responded quickly, beginning to push you backwards before breaking apart with a confused look on his face.

    “Which bed is yours?” You laughed as you pointed to the one behind you. He hastily nodded, not even a full nod, just a quick half-nod, before catching your lips in another kiss. This time he walked you backwards more confidently, to what he knew now was your bed. When the back of your legs hit the bed he broke apart again, panting out of his plump lips.

    He reached behind him to the back of his hoodie and pulled it up over his head and let it fall to the ground beside his feet. Your fingers came to the hem of his shirt, looking up into his eyes for a green light. He smirked down at you and you took that as a yes, pulling it up and helping it off of him.

    He was gorgeous. Beautiful tan skin and tattoos and toned stomach. Your eyes wondered from his collar bones, where you thought to leave a few marks, down to his chest, where you thought to leave a few more. “Stop staring, you’re making me blush.” He said in a cocky tone. You pushed his chest lightly as he let out a laugh, leaning down to kiss you again. It was sweet and short, but his intentions remained the same. His fingers came to the button of your jeans, unbuttoning them and unzipping the zipper.

    You kicked off your Vans before pushing them down and using your feet to get them off completely. He watched with a small smile as you struggled to pull them off without using your hands, holding you steady. You looked back up at him, giggling as you were without pants and he was shirtless. “We did that differently.” You commented and he shrugged.

    “We’ll do a lot of things differently,” And suddenly he stuck his hand in your panties, causing you to gasp and hold onto his shoulders for balance. He rubbed your clit, watching your lips part and eyes close with a smirk on his face. “You like that?” He hummed.

    “Y-yes.” You breathed out, breath hitching in your throat as his fingers moved further down.

    “You want my fingers, baby?” You could tell that he was enjoying you enjoying him.

    “Yes, Cal.” You leaned your head forward, resting your forehead on his chest, kissing the skin lightly. As he pushed his finger into you, you gasped, attaching your lips to his chest and sucking.

    “Marking me up already.” He snickered, as he thrust his finger in and out, palm rubbing against your clit. You let out a soft moan, forgetting about the hickey, instead focusing on the pure bliss.

    “Another.” You mumbled against his skin and he complied, adding his middle finger. You let out another moan, a little bit louder this time, breathing it out against his chest. You moved your hand down his chest and torso, trailing his happy trail and stopping just above the hem of his skinny jeans.

    Delicately, you slid your hand across his bulge, barely giving it any friction. His fingers moved quicker, clearly wanting more. You did the same, softly sliding your hand over his hard on, pressing a kiss to his skin where the new hickey was. “Don’t be a tease, baby.” His hot breath hit the top of your head and you replied with another, slower, kiss.

    You dragged your hand back up over his jeans and sunk your hand into his pants, palming him through his boxers. He let out a loud moan at the sudden contact, fingers pausing for a moment before picking up the pace again. “Another.” You drawled and he listened, lost in his paradise to make a cocky comment. He just slipped in another finger as yours slipped into his boxers, wrapping around his hard dick.

    “Fuck.” He cursed as you began to move slowly up and down his length, rubbing your thumb over his tip. You decided, after a few more moments like that, that you’d had enough and it was his turn. You pulled your hand out, him groaning, and stood up straight again. He took his hand out of your panties, sticking his fingers in his mouth, eyes stuck on yours as you watched.

    “Take off your pants.” You said. His wet fingers came down to undo the button and zipper. He kicked off his boots and slid off his pants. You pushed him down onto the bed, beginning to take off your shirt as he propped himself up on his elbows, watching.
    Your shirt fell to the ground on his, exposing your bra and chest. His hands came up to cup your breasts, catching you off guard when he sat up and reached behind your back and expertly fast unclipped your bra. He threw your bra to the ground and pulled you down to straddle him, attaching his plump lips to your nipples and sucking harshly. As much as you enjoyed it, you wanted to please him now. You gently pushed at his cheeks with your hands and slid off of his lap.

    You kneeled before him, now leaning on his elbows again. He watched with lust-filled eyes as your hands slowly trailed up his thighs to his boxers. You brushed over his boner before reaching for the elastic band of his boxers and pulling it down. He lifted his butt to help you slide them off, falling back down on the bed when they were past his thighs.

    His dick sprang up and his hand wrapped around it, pumping it a few times before you pushed it away. “No touching.” You said in a sultry voice, looking up at him through your eyelashes while discarding of the boxers. He whined at this and waited patiently for you to touch him.

    You slowly sat up on your knees, pulling your hair back into a pony tail. “Baby, come onn.” He pleaded, abiding by your rule and not liking it. You giggled as you complied, wrapping your hand around his length. He let out a choked moan, causing you to smirk as you rubbed your thumb over the tip.

    You decided not to tease him, as he hadn’t teased you. He was taken aback when you attached your lips to his tip and moved down, letting out a gasp. The taste of precum became apparent as you worked, the whole time he was a moaning mess beneath you. High-pitched whines were your favorite noise, you decided, that he made, egging you on.

    “You’re too good at this.” He huffed out, eyes shut and head lulled to the side. You pulled off.

    “Is that a bad thing?” You asked, working him with your hand as you waited for his response.

    “I can’t decide.” He mumbled, enjoying your touch. With that you kissed his tip and took away your hand.

    “Maybe I’m better at something else.” You said as you straddled him, grinding your hips down. He let out a loud moan and you slapped your hand over his lips, giggling. He licked your palm and you rolled your eyes. “I just had your dick in my mouth, you think that your tongue freaks me out?” His eyes crinkled with laughter as you removed your hand.

    He came up to kiss you, cupping your cheek with one hand. It was sweet until you ground your hips down, your panties against his dick. “You’re so wet, I can feel you through your panties.” He mumbled into your lips.

    “You’ve got yourself to blame for that.” You smiled. He suddenly flipped you over so he was on top and working on taking off your panties. He took them off successfully and got up, going to his jeans. He dug through one of the pockets and took out his wallet, smiling as he found a condom. You scoffed, of course he had that. He dropped your panties, his pants and wallet back down and came back to you.

    He ripped off the top of the package, taking out the condom and rolled it onto his length. He spit onto his hand and rubbed it up and down his length, coming back to you with wide open legs and hands ready to scratch up his back. “Are you sure?” He asked, a note of seriousness in his voice.

    “I’m positive.” You leaned up to kiss him, giving him an award winning smile. He returned his own before lining himself up with your entrance and pushing in. Your eyes scrunched up in discomfort.

    “Should I pull out?” He asked, hands gripping your waist.

    “No, no. You’re good.” You opened your eyes as the pain subsided and he began to move. He found a good pace and you closed your eyes as he came down to press his lips against your neck. You wound your legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders.

    “Fuuck.” He breathed against your neck. “You feel so good, baby.” He praised as he nipped the skin where his lips were resting gently. You let out a moan at his words. “You like that? You like it when I talk dirty to you?” His words only added to the build up, making it come faster.

    “Oh, fuck.” You cursed as he hit a new spot, hands kneading your ass at the same time. Your hands came up to his hair, gripping and tugging at the dark curls. He moaned when you pulled his hair and you smirked. “Didn’t picture you to like your hair pulled.” You hummed, more focused on the pleasure.

    “I could like anything if you were doing it to me.” His words made your heart fill with something other than lust. A few more moments passed, the room only filled with heavy breathing.

    “Let me ride you.” You said, playing with his hair and he quickly pulled out to flip over. You climbed on top of him and sank onto his length, earning moans from both of you. You began to bounce up and down.

    “You look so good like that,” He hummed, eyes racking your body. This made your hips work faster, grinding down onto him. He let out a loud, sudden moan at your action. “Fu-ck. I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing shit like that.” His hands wrapped around your waist, holding tightly.

    It only took a few more minutes of this to have you both reaching your highs. Your walls clenching around him as you came sent him over the edge. He came into the condom, moaning your name and squeezing your ass.

    You slid off of him and laid beside his sweaty body, your own drenched to match. He sat up, pulled off the condom and tied it. He threw it in the basket beside your desk and you decided you’d have to cover that before Charlie got home. Fuck-Charlie.

    “Oh my God, what time is it?” You asked, sitting up wide-eyed.

    He got up to get his phone and looked back at you. “Nearly one, why?”

    “Charlie will be home soon. You need to go.” You quickly got up and began to hand him his boxers. He took them and slipped them on while laughing at you.
“You don’t want to show me off to the family?” He joked.

    “Calum, she’ll never let it go if she finds out I slept with you.” He chuckled, shrugging on his jeans and throwing on the t-shirt you handed him. You were putting on your bra as he stuffed his wallet and phone in his back pocket.

    “Well, I’m not too far down the hall if you ever wanna do that again.” He smirked at you, picking up your panties. He looked you in the eye as he put them in his back pocket as well. “I’ll be keeping these.”

    You rolled your eyes, putting on some new panties, shorts and shirt. “Okay, they’re all yours, you’ve got to go.” You pushed him towards the door, stumbling into him over your shoes.

    “I need those.” He laughed. You moved aside so he could slip on his shoes again and then he stood back up, looking down at you. He trailed his hand up your arm. “So, are you all mine too?”
    You scoffed. “Go!” You opened the door and shoved him out of it. He almost fell, but regained balance.

    “No one’s ever gotten rid of me that fast. But there’s a first time for everything. See you around, princess.” He sent you a wink before going off down the hall, a lazy smile on his face. He didn’t know it, but his comment about you being all his had refilled your chest with adrenaline all over again. You closed the door, sighing to yourself.

    Maybe this would end in heartbreak, but you’d have fun while doing it at least.


    Sports Bras and Trench Coats

    Request: Could you do one where the reader is the Winchester’s little (half) sister and she stays behind on hunts to do research and what not. But she also does stuff like yoga while her brothers are gone and Cas comes to check on her and she’s still in her yoga clothes so it leads to smutty goodness and both them confessing their feelings or something like that

    Pairing: Castiel x Reader

    Warnings: Smut, lanugage, oral (female receiving), slight dom!cas, ehh and some orgasm denial, it’s just very smutty okay?

    Word Count: 1.9k

    Originally posted by castielthesoldierofgod

    You were stretching, getting ready to do your morning yoga when your phone rang. Every time you were getting ready to do something for yourself your phone rang. Everytime.

    “Hey Sammy.” You tried not to sound annoyed.

    “Okay, so, this isn’t a werewolf.” he said right away.

    “What? How do you know?”

    “Hearts aren’t missing, they’re just…placed somewhere else.”

    You sighed, knowing you were going to have to do the research for this one, not that you really minded, you just wish that your brothers didn’t need you at the exact moment you were getting ready to do something else.

    “Okay, I’ll look it up.”

    “Thanks, Y/N, you’re the best.” he told you.

    “I know,” you said before hanging up.

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    Always Be Mine (Jeff Atkins smut-imagine)

    Originally posted by hannah-db


    Prompt: The reader and Jeff have been dating for almost two years, the reader spends the night at his house and Jeff takes her virginity.

    Loud hollers and music were all you can hear at the party that was taking place at Kat’s house, it was her going away party and nearly everyone from Liberty High had shown up. People were either inside and playing games and eating, other outside by the pool dancing or playing beer pong, and others being upstairs doing the deed.

    Y/n was out in the back with a cup of soda in her hands as her boyfriend Jeff stood right behind her with his arms wrapped around her as they watch the guys from the baseball team play beer pong. Tightening his grip, Jeff leans down and places a kiss on y/n’s cheek, her giggling filled his ears and a big smile was on his face.

     "You having fun baby?“ 

     Y/n turns her head and looks up at him, she smiled at him while nodding her head.

     "Tons, though I wish we could be alone right now." 

     Turning her body so that they were chest to chest, she wraps her arm around his neck and hides her face in his chest. She felt his chest rumble as he chuckled, pulling her closer he leans his chin on her head.

     "Look at it this way, we stay for a little while longer, then we can go home and you have me all to yourself.”

    “I like that sound of that.”

    Leaning up she gives him a lingering kiss then pulls away and leaves his embrace, Jeff pouted as she left his arms which made y/n smile at his cuteness. 

    “Relax babe, i’m just going to get a drink.”

    “Hurry back!” 

    Walking inside the house she squeeze past couples that are heavily making out, people getting high or playing spin the bottle. Making her way in the kitchen she spots the bright red cups and grabs a coke can, grabbing some ice she fills the cup and pours her soda in it.

    Walking back to the patio, y/n suddenly hears loud cheers and when she gets outside she sees a large crowd and multiiple boys and girls fighting eachother. It only seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, backing up she frantically looks around for Jeff. 

    “JEFF! JEFF!”

    A scream ripped through from y/n’s throat as she was suddenly lifted onto somoeone’s shoulder. Thrashing around the person keeps a tight grip on her so that she couldn’t move as he tried to quickly get away from the fight.

    “Sorry to scare you babe, but we gotta go before the cops show up.”

    As she turns her head she noticed that it was indeed Jeff, letting out a sigh of relief she smacks him on the back of the head causing him to flinch. 

    “Hey! Watch the hair!”

    y/n screeched when she felt a hard smack on her ass

    “Seriously asshole!” 

    Laughing, Jeff gets them to the car and helps her get in, closing the door he runs over to the driver seat, gets in and turns the car on. Driving off from the house and to his, they stay in a comfortable silence as he drove. His hand was placed on her thigh and he casually circled his thumb to soothe her.

    Pulling up in his drive way, y/n noticed that his parents car weren’t in the driveway. 

    “Where are your parents?”

    She asked as she walked to the door with him right behind her.

    “Visiting my grandparents for the weekend, so now we have the house all to ourselves.”

    Although y/n was slightly excited she was also nervous, yes, they have been dating for two years but they never had sex. Jeff was understanding and reassuring and y/n was greatful for that, but now it seems like she was truly ready to give it up for him.

    Walking inside, he locks the door and leads her upstairs to his room. When they enter the room Jeff immediately takes off his shirt and y/n couldn’t help but stare. His muscled body and chisseled features almost had her drooling. Since he was to busy to notice her staring, y/n began to walk forward to him.

    When Jeff turned around he didn’t expect y/n to be close behind them, she seemed to be in a trance which made him smile. But it faltered when he felt her hands on his abs, feeling them and feeling his smooth and lucious skin. He would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy that.

    “You are so beautiful.”

    Y/n whispered as her hands continue to feel his strong body, grabbing her wrist, y/n looks up into Jeff’s eyes and notices the love and lust that swirled around in his dark irisis. Leaning down he starts to sensually kiss her, his tongue gliding against her bottom lip and gently grabbing ahold of it with her teeth.

    A tiny whimper released from her as he tugged on her lip and snuck his tongue in her mouth. They both battle for dominance but Jeff wins and he starts to walk them back. She feels the back of her legs hit the mattress as Jeff slowly pushes her down softly and stays above her.

    Pulling away, he trails his mouth from her lips down to her neck, kissing and sucking all around her neck. Her moans were slightly loud as he kissed on her weak spots which made her grip his arms. Her body started to heat up and she wanted to so badly rip both of their clothes off.

    “Jeff, please. I want this, I want you.”

    They stare at each other for a moment before Jeff pulled at the hem of her top and slowly began to slip it off. Kissing all over her chest and stomach he trails his hands to the buttong of her jeans as y/n kept her eyes closed in pleasure. Taking them off, he rubs his hands along her smooth and devouring legs and goes back up to kiss her again.

    “Are you absolutely, one hundred percent sure about this?”

    His hand stayed on her cheek, caressing it, letting her know that she didn’t have to go through with this if she wants to. Her hand grabbed onto his and she nodded.

    “I’m absolutely sure, i love you Jeff.”

    Kissing her lips, he takes off his pants and boxers, and slowly beans to unclaps her bra and take off her underwear. Y/n felt her cheeks get heated as she saw Jeff admiring her body. 

    “You have such a beautiful body baby.” 

    Opening his drawer, he grabs a condom and rips it open, sliding it on he parts her legs slightly and gets in between her. Y/n was nervous as she felt him pressed against her. Taking deep breaths to calm herself, Jeff notices her behaviour and kisses her forehead.

    “Just tell me when to stop and i will, i promise.”

    Taking a few more deep breaths, she nods her head and whispers an “okay”. Placing himself at her entrance, she tenses up slightly but Jeff grabbed her hands and made him look at her to reassure her. Slowly sliding in y/n closes her eyes as she felt pressure in between her legs.

    Deciding to slide in all the way, y/n choked on her breath as she felt a pinch of pain errupt. She tried her best to not cry out and Jeff noticed that so he stayed still as best as he could until she felt fine. After a few minutes y/n finally felt that he could move, so when she told him he could he started off slow.

    The pleasure she was feeling was unexplainable as Jeff slowly thrusted into her, he to was in the same state of bliss at the feeling of her tight walls that were wrapped around him.

    “God i love you.”

    He panted as continued to thrust into her over and over, his strong yet slow thrusts had sent y/n over the edge as she felt her stomach tighten. His hands stayed in a tight grip with hers as he felt himself getting ready to release as well. As he silenced y/n’s moans with his mouth, his thrust soon became sloppy and both released at the same time.

    Pulling out, he takes the condom off and throws it away and pulls y/n up on his chest with their legs tangled up and their chest pressed tightly together. Their breathing became stable as Jeff rubbed y/n’s back and she drew different shapes with her finger across his chest.

    “You okay?”

    Looking up she smiles and nods in confirmation.

    “I feel perfect.”

    Smiling they stay in the same position not talking, just absorbing the silence and the recent events that had taken place.

    “Just know you’ll always be mine forever y/n, i promise.”

    But little did they know, that the promise he made would be kept short.

    A/N: Hope you guys like it!!


    request: “Hi! Can you write a Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader imagine? The reader is a bookworm, and is often found in the library. She and Fred are almost complete opposites. Fred is intrigued by the "different” girl you can say and they start hanging out. Introducing each other to their life, with things the other would never do. Ends with a cute passionate kiss?“ — by @my-unique-mind

    a/n: added a little twist to it. hope you don’t mind :-) also, i got carried away with this one so it is quite long 😂

    Masterlist + Request here!

        On the course of your stay in Hogwarts, the only conversations you would share with Fred Weasley were just mere hellos and greetings. Whenever the seat beside you wasn’t taken yet in some class, he would ask if it was okay to sit beside you, and you would glance at him before nodding, minding your own business starting then.

        Though other than that, the both of you never bothered to approach the other in attempt to get to know them better. It has been always like that for the past years — so for him to suddenly ask you a very important favor, it was quite unbelievable.

        It was a Saturday morning that time and you were spending your day inside the library as usual. In front of you was one clear parchment, a book needed for Transfiguration, and a bottle of ink that you had. You were just about to write the first sentence of your essay when someone abruptly sat down across you.

        It was Fred, with his red hair and goofy smile. You raised your eyebrow in question and slowly brought your quill down, waiting for the boy before you to say something that would explain why he was here.

        "Good day, isn’t it?” he started, his head turning around as if to look at his surroundings. ‘The sun’s not shining too bright, the wind’s pace is just right, and it’s not that cloudy.“

        "Is there something I can help you with?” you asked with your eyebrow still raised.

        Fred flickered his eyes to you. “I’m glad you asked, Y/N, because there is this one tinsy little problem I’m dealing with and I know you can help me figure it out.” there was mischief in the way he spoke those words, which made you kind of uneasy.

        “Oh, is it regarding about that Transfiguration assignment Professor McGonagall gave us 'cause I’m doing it right now —”

        “Y/N,” he politely cut you off that made you stop talking, “that’s not it.”

        You involuntarily blush. “Then what is it?”

        Fred leaned on the table, prompting his elbows and placing his chin on top. “I knew it was a good choice to pick you, Y/N. I had a hard time convincing George that you’re the perfect accomplice —”

        “Woah, what?” it was your turn to you cut him off. “You lost me at accomplice.”

        “Well, you see,” Fred licked his lips, “we need a book from the restricted section of the library. Of course, no teacher with the right mind would let me or my brother get it, so I thought since you’re always in the library so much, not to mention you’re a Ravenclaw, you would be the one to do it for us.”

        “You must be out of your mind.” You scoffed. “What makes you think I’ll do that for you?”

        “Because,” Fred trailed, “I’m such a good person and I make other people happy?”

        You couldn’t help but snort at his reason.

       "Oh, come on, Y/N! I promise, this will the first and last favor I’ll be asking you if you agree to help.“

        The two of you stared at each other for what seemed like minutes before you finally broke free and groaned.

        "Fine, I’ll do it.”

        Fred fist pumped in the air that made Madam Pince to suddenly appear and hiss at him.

        “But you need to do something in return. Anything, so that I’ll feel I’m not doing this for free.” you chuckled lightly.

        He nodded in understanding. “Okay,” he shrugged, “how about I do a poem? You’re into those kind of stuff, right?”

        “Well, yeah …” you blushed again for whatever reason.

        “Then it’s settled then. You help us get the book and I’ll do a poem. Deal?” he extended a hand out and you didn’t hesitate to grasp it with your own, shaking it.


         You indeed had done what you had to do. After Fred and George talked to you and gave you the title of the book that they needed, you immediately made up an excuse as you ask the head of your house, Professor Flitwick, to sign the slip that allowed you to get the book from the restricted section of the library.

        The whole plan seemed too easy, because the teacher didn’t even question you or grew suspicious on why you needed the book. And now, you were patiently waiting inside the cosy atmosphere of the Three Broomsticks, your eyes glued on the door, ready to finalize your deal with the Weasley twins.

        Though Fred was the only one who came, even panting as he sits down beside you. You couldn’t help but glance at him oddly but still a smile was playing on your lips.

        “Sorry,” he sighed while he takes off his coat and hangs it on the chair he was sitting on, “had to get away from George. I didn’t want him to come.”

        “Why?” you slowly brought out the book from your bag.

        Fred smirked at you, “Because I wouldn’t want him hearing my poem, obviously. He wouldn’t let it go if he heard it, will keep on teasing me for an eternity if he did.” he murmured mostly to himself.

        You almost forgotten about the poem and with the mention of it, you raised your eyebrows in curiosity. “Well, now that you mentioned it, read it to me.”

        For the first time, you saw his cheeks turn into a shade of pink as he softly stutters. “Uh, r-right now?” he cleared his throat.

        “Not necessarily, but if you want to have this book —”

        “Okay,” he pouted, “I get it, I get it. Just let me …” he rummaged through his bag and got a notepad with written notes on it, though before you could take a peak, he blocked it away from your view with his hand. “Hey! I’m going to read it to you anyway so why bother?”

        “I’m just curious, jeez.” You chuckled. “You know, I’m very interested in what you have prepared. It’s always been in my bucket list to get you to do something completely out of your character.”

        “Oh, I’m sure it is.” he snorted with a grin. “Uh, so, before I begin, I’m just gonna ask you not to laugh, okay? I admit it’s not my best work but … it’s what I wanted the poem to be about.” the color red was creeping on his cheeks again.

        You smiled. “I promise.”

        He dramatically cleared his throat, turning sideways so he was completely facing you.

    “The way she speaks can lure me to sleep
    the way she smiles can change my cold feet
    the way she reads can send thousands of thoughts
    like why only now did I notice she smelled like apricots?”

         He stops momentarily to look at you and sees you laughing silently which draws him to continue.

    I can never really explain why I started feeling so differently
    when she has always been there, always been pretty.
    and maybe that is why I decided to make a plan
    something that will give my chance a hand.

    It amuses me how she doesn’t notice
    like for the first time, she didn’t know how to focus
    but how can she not, that’s not her flaw
    After all, she is a Ravenclaw.”

        Your eyes widened at that mere line and you could hear Fred taking a gulp before carrying on like nothing happened.

    “So this time, as I read this poem to you
    please tell me you understand it like you always do
    keep in mind that out of all the pranks I’ve done, all of the shows
    you rejecting me at this very moment terrifies me the most.”

        Fred closed the notepad and immediately turned away from you, folding his hands on the table. “Done.” he stated with his lips pursed together, not bringing himself to see your reaction after just confessing that he indeed fancied you.

        “That was … beautiful. You might actually beat Edgar Allan Poe if you pursued writing.” you tried to catch his eye but he wouldn’t budge. “Fred, please do look at me.”

        “No.” he answered immediately. “I-I had some time thinking about this and now that I’ve done it, I think I regretted doing it.” he spoke very fast.

        It seemed cruel, but you enjoyed seeing him all frantic and shy — because in your defense, it wasn’t everyday you would see Fred Weasley behaving this way. He was mostly so confident with his brother, the complete opposite of what he was showing you right now, and it made you reach out and place a hand over his.

        “Would it make you feel better if I told you I felt the same way?” You couldn’t help but tease, causing him to finally look at you.

        “Not funny, Y/N. You’re completely messing with my emotions and do you know how many times I’ve thought about telling you about this and now you’re —”

        You rolled your eyes, leaning in and pressing your lips onto his just to make him shut up, and also maybe because you’ve been meaning to do it for a long time now. It definitely did the trick though because Fred caught on and began to kiss you back, his hand soon resting on your cheek while his other one still intertwined with yours. When the both of you let go, Fred’s eyes looked like they were twinkling from delight.

        “What is it?” you asked, a goofy smile plastered on your mouth as well.

        “Nothing, I just — my brother and I didn’t really need the book, it was the plan I’ve been talking about in my poem, to give my chance a hand.” he repeated.

        “Wow.” you playfully slapped his arm with the borrowed book. “So meaning to say, all my efforts were put into nothing?”

        “Well, it did make you a rebel even a little bit, didn’t it?” he grinned. “And it did help this thing going on between us to evolve as well.”

        You pulled on your best confused face. “What thing?”

        “Hardy har har.” he sarcastically laughed and pulled you in for another passionate kiss, your laugh audible in between as you place your arm around his neck.

        Before the two of you could even decided to finally break free — realizing that you were still inside the Three Broomsticks — George Weasley came waltzing inside the pub and did a very loud gasp, enough to catch the attention of the other students to him.

        “I can’t believe it. It actually worked!”

        Fred groaned and turned to his brother who was now grinning like mad. “Shut up and go away, George.”

        But George was already fist bumping him, and despite Fred getting annoyed, he couldn’t help but put on a cocky and bragging grin on his face as he did so because finally, he got the girl.

    Friend Zoned

    Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x Reader 

    Warnings: None

    Word Count: 1071


    It was a nice evening in Mystic Falls. You and Kol Mikaelson have grown pretty close as friends, not to mention, befriending all of the other Mikaelson siblings. On your days off, you would always stop by their mansion to hang out, which is something they didn’t mind at all.

    You had the next two days off so you packed a few clothes and toiletries so that you could sleepover at the Mikaelson mansion. They were all happy enough to let you stay in a guest room of your choice.

    Both you and Kol were watching a few episodes of season 5 of American Horror Story, until finally, one of you decided to get your butts off of the couch. That person was Kol.

    Once episode 5 ended, Kol grabbed the remote from the coffee table to turn off the tv, then sat back down on the chair. “Alright Y/N, I think we’ve had enough. I’m in the mood to get out of this house.”

    You exhaled. “Same. Where to?” You stood up to stretch your arms while you await Kol’s answer.

    “How does The Grill sound? I’m fancying a drink.” Kol asked.

    You rolled your eyes. “Again? We were just there 2 days ago.”

    “Oh don’t be a bore Y/N. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.” Kol flashed you a grin.

    You sighed. “Fine. Let me go get ready then.” There was no way you were going to let yourself go out in sweatpants and a bare face.

    “Well don’t take too bloody long.” Kol knows you well enough to know that you take absolutely forever to get ready. He was dreading having to wait for you.

    You ignored his remark and made your way upstairs to the guest room. As you were walking upstairs, you shouted at Kol. “You better not watch episode 6 without me!”





    “Okay I’m ready!” You announced as you rushed downstairs. You tried to make your makeup minimal, but ended up winging your liner, then contoured and highlighted. The outfit you threw on was a basic olive green crop top, black high waisted pants and black flats.

    “Bloody hell, Y/N.” Kol snarled, then got off the couch to walk towards you. “What took-” Once he reached to you and saw how pretty you looked in such a simple outfit. He was a bit speechless, stopping himself from letting his jaw drop.

    “What?” It wasn’t hard for you to notice him being at a loss for words, but you had no idea why. You were clueless from being too focused on being ready to go out.

    “Nothing. Never mind.” Kol opened the front door, allowing you to exit first. “Shall we?” 

    You gave a smile and then headed out the door. Supposedly, Kol hired a driver because you instantly saw an unfamiliar black SUV with a man walking over to hold the car door opened for you. Nice.


    Walking into the Mystic Grill it was pretty busy. Luckily, there were a couple of empty bar stools for you and Kol to sit on. “Full house.” Kol commented with a smile, looking around at the crowd of people once you two were seated.

    Once the bartender finally got to you, you ordered your drink. “Cranberry and vodka, please.”

    “That’s a girly drink, darling.” Kol narrowed his eyes at you, then put a hand out to stop the bartender. “We’ll get a jack and coke.”

    “Right away.” The bartender said, starting on your drinks.

    “Whatever Kol.” You playfully rolled your eyes at him.

    One drink ended up being two. Which of course, Kol paid for since it was his idea to go to the grill. By then, you were already buzzing and same with Kol. 

    The liquid courage definitely helped him because he thought of it as the perfect timing to finally express his feelings for you. “For some time now, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something, Y/N.”

    “Okay? What is it? Spill.” You put your elbow on the counter, resting your chin on your hand, being ready to listen to whatever Kol is going to say.

    Kol took the last sip left of his drink. “So I know that we’ve been really good friends for awhile now. But…”

    “Yes?” You question Kol, but had an idea where he’s headed with this. Oh no.

    “But for some reason, I see you more than that. And I think, I’ve gained other feelings for you, Y/N.” Kol confessed while tapping his fingers together in nervousness. But of course, he hid his nerves with that adorable smile of his.

    “I care about you too, Kol. I really do. You’re one of my best friends. But-” You paused, sighing, “I only see you as that.” 

    “Is that so?” Kol sighed. He didn’t know if he should feel sad or embarrassed that you didn’t feel the same.

    “I’m sorry, but I-uh, have feelings for someone else.” You said looking down, then looked back up. Of course you felt terrible letting him down, not to mention, telling him you have your eye on someone that isn’t him. There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s a great person, but, you really only saw Kol as a friend and nothing more.

    “Ah bugger.” Kol shrugged his shoulders, then added, “Well this is awkward.” He laughed nervously, playing with his empty glass.

    “Don’t feel awkward. We can still hang out like we always have been, just as long as you don’t make it awkward.” You playfully poked him on his chest, laughing, then Kol laughed back more confident this time. It did make him feel a tad bit better that it isn’t awkward for you.

    “Well, whoever it is darling, he’s a lucky lad.” Kol commented.

    Luckily, you quickly thought of an idea to change the subject and lighten up the mood. “Come on, let’s play pool. No one is using it anymore.” You signaled with your head, looking at the pool table, standing up off of the bar stool.

    Kol got up with his hands in his pockets. “Ah indeed. Just know, I’m not going to go to easy on you just because you’re a girl.” He tapped you on the arm with his elbow, then you both headed to the pool table. While Kol followed behind you, he was wondering who is this other person you have feelings for.


    Yes, there will be a part two! Hope you enjoyed reading, my loves <3

    You’re the Boss

    Pairing: Hotchner x Reader

    Requested by anon: could you write imagine with Hotch,where the reader step-sister Penelope and helps her with her work (like an Intern).Once Hotch was asked to help the reader with something and she is trying to “quietly” seduce him.Aaron understands this and talks to her about it,but she continues to seduce him. Hotch tries to pull away,because she’s many years younger,but in the end loses,and it leads to hot sex in his office. Sorry if this is too much detail.Even if you do not accept,in any case, thank you :)

    A/N:  When I talked about having a naughty dream, another anon asked for some rough sex with Hotch, and this only seemed fitting to the matter.  So major smut warning ahead.  Features a ‘sir’ kink and a bit of spanking in case anyone isn’t into that…

    Originally posted by aarongregthomas

    “I know it doesn’t sound that exciting, but my dearest pineapple, you have to start from somewhere,” Penelope said to her stepsister, handing her a stack of files.

    “I know, I know.  Only way is up,” Y/N replied, grabbing the files and papers that she’d be instructed to organize in the filing cabinets.  Being an intern at the FBI may not have been the dream job, but it was going to look good on the resume and slowly but surely, she’d be able to climb the federal ladder.

    “Garcia, do you have your debriefing paperwork?” Aaron Hotchner asked from his office door.  Y/N’s attention focused to the Unit Chief of the BAU.  The man had actually caught her attention since the minute she walked into the bullpen, his dark and stern gaze giving her goosebumps, the good kind.

    Keep reading

    Companions reacting to a pregnant Sole going into labor in the middle of no where.

    AN: Oh I’ve got a thing for romanced companions ones :D Thank you for the request! Because of this I now know what to do if a woman (or me for that matter) is about to gonna give birth in the middle of nowhere or in a car or sth. I’m learning some life skills here! ;) PS: the first ones got a bit long I tried to kinda restrain myself after those to avoid tldr but man this ask is technically fanfic/oneshot material.

    Sole’s eyes widened. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She figured she could make it back to Diamond city in time to give birth to this kid and settle down there for a while… take it easy. Clearly she had been mistaken. This baby was coming and nothing was going to stop it. She looked over at her companion, who was still oblivious to what was happening, and pointed at a very, very shabby looking hut-like thing in the distance. “Let’s check that out.”  She figured that was exactly how far she was still going to get. As soon as they closed the door behind them she hunched over, stumbled over to the remnants of a bed and grabbed on to the upper arm of her companion. She looked him straight in the eye. “ Looks like this baby isn’t waiting around for the due date. I’m having this baby. Now. “ 

    “ Oh dear! Okay, it’s happening! Let’s… let’s get you comfortable, Mum!” Codsworth put on a brave face and tried his best to keep his cool but could not for the life of him hide his panic (or excitement, Sole wasn’t entirely sure) in the slightest. Sure, he wasn’t exactly programmed to help bringing children into the world but he was sure that they would manage, after all “it is a beautiful and natural part of life, mum”. His peptalk, including those exact words, served more to soothe himself than to soothe Sole,
    “Codsworth I appreciate you wanting to make me feel better but let’s focus on this tiny human getting out safely rather than on peptalking me, please?”
    “ Certainly! Oh, it will be such a beautiful child! I bet it’ll have your eyes,Mum.” 
    “ Codsworth… I’m in a lot of pain.”
    “ Err… right. What should I do?” 
    “ Get out water, some clean cloth or clothing to wrap this kid in, anything helpful.” Another contraction hit her. “ Right. Now.”   Codsworth tried to hide that he felt at a loss considering he had no clue on how to proceed next. In between contractions, Sole just told him what to do next as he meticulously followed her every instruction. He hated that he couldn’t help her with the pain but it’d have to do. 

    Danse stayed remarkably calm and got out of his power armor. Sole kept his eyes on him. Sure, she hadn’t expected him to be the kind to go  frantic but he was far too calm… did he think she was kidding or something? “ I’m not joking.”
    “ I am aware of that. There is no need for concern. Breathe in, breathe out and relax.I won’t let anything happen to you or this baby.”
     “Danse, I know for a fact that ‘how to be a midwife’ is not part of the Brotherhood’s training process.” 
    Danse smiled, she didn’t think she’d ever seen him more in love with her than in that moment. “  Ensuring that you are prepared for the mission you will embark on is part of the training. I made sure I was well-informed  and therefore know precisely what to do. Our only concern is potential complications.” Sole’s stomach turned at the idea of that being a possibility and regretted not listening when he had urged her to just lay low and stop travelling around sooner.  He took some clean cloth, water, a stim pack, a pipet… out of his backpack and took his top off. Sole’s tried to smile but the pain made it difficult.  “Danse… I appreciate the distraction but …”
    “ We need to keep this child warm, body heat is ideal. I presumed you are in enough discomfort already however you can certainly opt to use your own body heat.” Sole grimaced. Yeah, she was in enough discomfort already indeed.
    “ No thanks. “ He got a blanked out and put it over her after helping her out of her pants, presumeably to keep her warm. 
    “  You might have to breastfeed the child as it will lessen the bleeding due to the hormones.” She smiled at Danse. “Thanks for having my back.” 
    Danse gave her a reassuring smile and brushed some hair out of her face as gently as possible. “ Thank you for being the love of my life and giving me a family. Hang in there Sole, you’re going to be allright. Both of you. I will protect you, no matter what. Both you and our child. “

     MacCready seemed to be lost in thought. “ Don’t just stand there, now what do we do?”  He sat down beside her.
    “ We don’t have time to get you to a doctor so we’re gonna have to make do with whatever we’ve got here. But hey, how hard can it be right?”
    “ You have no idea.”
    “ Right, sorry. Lucy made it very clear to me that it wasn’t easy when she had Duncan. The things she yelled at me, I thought I’d pull back a bloody stump considering how hard she squeezed my hand. I’ve only seen it and even I felt traumatised. I mean, damn what you women do is way more badass than anything that I…“
    “ Yeah, real comforting there, MacCready.”
    “ *ahum* Anyway I think I’ve got this.” He grabbed a somewhat clean shirt from his duffel bag and started ripping it up after putting his coat underneath Sole. The house may have come with a bed but clean sheets were something else entirely.“ You’ve still got some purified water, right?” He looked through her stuff and lifted the bottle. ‘Found it!’
    “ I appreciate you trying to stay calm but I doubt having watched it once makes you any more of a midwife than me.” 
    “ Someone once told me the second kid is easier though?”
    Sole groaned and shot him a vicious look. “Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.”
    “ Okay, you’ve got this. I’ve got you. This baby is gonna be come out you’ll forget about all the bad stuff. Start with those puffy breathy things.”
    “ Puffy breathy things?”
    “ ‘C mon you know what I mean. ”  
    MacCready focussed on her, showing to be much calmer than she was. However she noticed some tears welling up in his eyes. 
    “ You’re gonna be fine. “ He grabbed her hand while she was still puffing. 
    “ It’s always nice to see you this emotional, MacCready. “ She was expecting an excuse, from the dusty place to a full-blown twig in his eye. Perhaps onion-cutting ninja’s for the occasion.
    “  I’m about to see my second child. This …  This is a big deal all right? You’ve done so much for me. You’ve given my son his life back, you’ve given me my life back and now you’re bringing another one into this world. And I get to raise them with you. Damnit Sole, I love you.”
    “ No cursing.” She squeezed his hand at another contraction. 
    “ Yeah you’re gonna have to let go cause I gotta get there now though.”


    “ Ohkay… well I used to be a nurse once upon a time, all the doctor’s fancied me… probably because of the blonde wig and my long legs. “
    “ Deacon, this is really not the time.”
    “ I could be telling you the same thing.” She shot him the kind of look that made him count his lucky stars for her currently not being capable of fighting him because she would’ve handed him his ass. She hissed at him; “Look I know humor is your way of dealing with stressful situations and usually I am all for it. But not. Now.”
    Deacon couldn’t supress a wide grin. “Well I helped get it in there I suppose I can help gettin’ it out.”
    “ I swear if you’re gonna keep blurting out ‘funny’ shit you’re gonna make me a single mother.” Deacon was still smiling.
    “ That would be a crying shame, especially because you would be dealing with the crying. Actually, maybe that’s preferable, then I get some peace and quiet.’
    “ Really, Deacon? That’s your reaction? Don’t you think it’s a bit early for bad dad jokes?” 
    “ No. Panic. I would say panic is my reaction. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Feel better knowing that? What do you suggest we do?” 
    “ Get some things ready and please, please don’t do the fake being hurt thing when I yell insults at you because my sense of self-control is at an all-time low.”
    “ Gotcha, By the way, you’re doing great, keep up the pushing.” 
    Sole groaned. “Less peptalk more getting your kid out because just like their dad it loves to get me stressed out.” 
    “ Aww, they take after me already.”
    “ Deacon, shut the hell up and get my pants off.” He opened his mouth again when Sole yelled ‘NO innuendoes.”

    Gage’s eyes widened… “ Come again? This is some sort of bad joke right? Here?” 
    Sole shook their head. “ Not the kind of thing I joke about.” Sole doubled over, hand on her belly, at another contraction. “Some help’d be nice”
    He sighed and picked her up. “ Well shit boss, I’m not prepared for this.”
    “ Should’ve thought about that before you got me knocked up Gage.”
    He smiled a little.“ That’s what you get for always taking what you want I guess.” 
    “ Oh please, if you had taken anything without my say-so you wouldn’t be breathin’ anymore. For now you’re gonna have to take off that armour and make sure you get this kid out safely.” Gage sighed. “I didn’t sign up for the getting it out part.” 
    “ And I didn’t sign up for defeating your Overseer with a squirt gun, shit happens. We need to get this child out safely.”
    The look on Gage’s face shifted as he got out some clean water. Shit, what else did he need for this. Sole noticed.
    “ Wait… is that concern Gage?”
    “ I… No.”
    “ It actually easy, that I’d live the day to see this.”
    “ This is my kid too ya know. I don’t want it to have the kind of fucked up life I’ve had, but it’d be a good start if it comes out kicking and screaming. But cause someone refused to stay put I’ve gotta help you get my kid out.”
    “  Say whatever you want, I’ve found a soft spot in that cold cold heart anyway.“ Sole winked before another contraction plastered a look of pain on her face again.
    “ I’ll guide ya through it Gage. But I can’t hold your hand through this cause  you’re gonna need them. So get something to put this baby on.” She decided that the last thing she had to do now is get insecure, wouldn’t help either of ‘em.
    “Damn boss, you’re somethin’ else. Fuck it, let’s do this.”


    “ Looks like this kid takes after their dad, life’s to the fast and the rebellious. “
    “ Yeah, high five it when it gets out but help me first.” Hancock looked rather happy until he noticed just how much pain Sole was in.
    “ You alright?” Sole looked at them. If looks could kill…
    “ And people say there are no stupid questions.” She folded double, grabbing at her abdomen. “ This hurts like hell.” He guided her to the bed and let her lay down on it. 
    “ I’d give ya some chems but that’d be bad for the baby.”
    “ No kidding, I’m not having any of that filth now regardless Hancock.”
    “ Guess we can’t make it to Diamond City anymore? I was looking forward to finding out whether they’d really let me in with you by my side, me being the father and all that.”
    “ Hancock, focus. No small talk. I could use some help getting my pants off.” 
    “ Ah, just what you said when we conceived the little one. Good times.” Hancock winked. Sole would laugh if the contractions weren’t hurting quite as much as they were. “
    “ Alright… let’s fuck this shit up.” Sole slit her eyes. “Let’s fuck this shit up? Seriously? Look I know you’re a man and all but I speak from experience when I say this is not that easy.”
    “ You’ve been dating a me for a while now darling, in comparison this is gonna be a freakin’ breeze. You’re a fucking superhero and I love you. Now, lay back, push and let’s hope this baby gets their looks from mommy.” 

    Originally posted by daisyjm75

    Maxson didn’t waste any time and picked her up. He put her down on the bed gently and seemed extremely calm. 
    “ Maxson, are you even processing what I just said?” 
    “ I know precisely what I am doing and  yes I have. We have this under control.”
    Sole groaned in pain. “ Speak for yourself … the pain is getting worse.”
    Maxson got out a wide array of things he needed to deliver the baby .
    “ You do what I tell you what I tell you and there ought to be no issues.”
    Sole scoffed. “Sure, cause you know all about babies. Maxson, with all do respect, this is not exactly the same as commanding an army.”  
     Sole clenched her teeth and dug her nails into what was left of the matress on the bed before screaming out. Maxson rushed over and for a moment his facade cracked, he was worried about her, brushing some hair out of her face.
     “ Are you alright?” 
    Sole grimaced. “ Hardly. What happened to having everything under control?” 
    “ Our child will be safe, it’s you I am concerned about.”
    “ What makes you so sure Maxson?” 
    “ I asked Cade what I would need to help you deliver this child if he wasn’t nearby. I have prepared for this potentially happening and have all the required equipment at the ready.” Sole screamed again, he grabbed her hand. 
    “ I swear I will protect you and this child. I will send a message to the Brotherhood after this and they will come pick us up in a ventibird. And then you will rest.” Sole grinned. “Never listened before.”
    “ I’ll lock you up if I have to, I care more about your safety than about some missions.”
    “ You mean you love me more than the Brotherhood? That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.” She screamed again and grabbed his hand, he didn’t even flinch as she squeezed as hard as she could.
    “ I love you and this child more than anything. Now focus on doing this. You are my goddamn Sentinel for a damn good reason, you can do anything. That includes this. Just… whatever you do stay with me.” 

     “I really don’t think this is the time. I mean…”
    Sole grimaced. “ I don’t think this kid cares about whether it’s the time for it.”
    Kent supported Sole and put her on the bed.  “ Are you sure we can’t make it to Diamond City?”
    “ On the list of things not even the Silver Shroud can do: delaying childbirth.”  Kent looked around nervously. “Okay… okay. What should I do.”
    “ Stop looking so panicked for starters? Just do as I say and this will be fine.”

    “ We’re having this baby now? Really?” Preston could hardly hide the happiness and excitement on his face when it dawned on him that the circumstances were hardly ideal for someone to give birth. He looked around. They were in a small shack in the middle of nowhere… panic crept up on him. He looked at Sole who seemed very busy with putting on a brave face but he knew when someone was scared. He picked her up, knowing he had to be the strong one. She had enough on her mind now. “ I got you. This baby is going to be fine.” He gently put her down on the bed in the hut. 
    “ I was hoping for better circumstances but at least it isn’t raining, right?”  He held her hand. 
    “ This is not the first time I’ve helped someone getting a baby out in the world by the way.” Sole laughed a little, very faintly because of the pain. 
    “ You mean you’ve got a bunch of kids running around?”  He laughed and brushed some hair out of her face and helped her take off her pants and get a little more comfortable. “ No, but we do a lot in the Commonwealth. There was once a pregnant lady among the people we saved. The stress made her go into labour sooner than expected. But the baby pulled through.” Knowing that he had done this kind of thing before soothed her  a little.
    “ I’m going to look for things we can use. Some clean cloth, water,… You’re going to have to take your top off too I’m afraid. Saved the mother. The child’s grandmother was with us and she told us it could stop the bleeding faster. I’ll get you a blanked though.” Sole nodded. 
    “ You’re going to be okay. I promise.”

    Nick immediately focused on getting Sole calm and comfortable on the cot in the hut. “ Listen to me, kid. You can do this. We’re going to get this baby out safely do you hear me?” Sole nodded, still biting down on her lower teeth.
    “ I guess it’s gonna have to come out somehow.” She smiled a little but still looked panicked. What if something went wrong? They first thought there were complications with Shaun’s birth as well but it quickly turned out to be a false alarm, she might not be as lucky this time.
    “ The first thing you need to do is slow your breathing, relax.”
    “ Easy for you to say.” The pain of the contractions wasn’t getting much better. He took off his coat and put it underneath Sole.
    “ That’s gonna be messed up if this kid when the baby comes out Nick. Blood doesn’t wash out easily.”
    “ Do you honestly think I give a damn? This is our child. I’m going to try to get you comfortable.” He did as much as he could to make Sole lay down in a comfortable position.
    “ It’s not my comfort I’m worried about.” Nick sat down next to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck until his forehead touched hers. “ First of all; I love you. Second; when I say push you’ll have to push. I will support the baby’s head and make sure they’re breathing, okay?” Sole nodded. Nick planted a kiss on her lips. “ Everything is going to be alright. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I will not lose you or this baby”

    Sturges’ eyes widened. “Oh… okay, no need to panic we can do this.” Sole grimaced. “ I’m not so sure about that.” 
    “ Hey this is nature, you’ll be fine. I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you or to our baby.” He smiled at her in such a proud way that her heart melted a little. 
    “ This is not exactly how I wanted things to go down sturges.”
    “ Hey, look at me alright? You’ve got this. You’re a badass, I’ve seen you save so many people and survive against all odds, even if you can’t properly install a tap. This baby is going to conquer the world with a mom like you. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna get something to wrap the baby into, okay? Lay down and try that breathing thing.” He walked to his backpack but immediately walked back over to her and brushed some hair out of her face. “ I forgot to say one more thing… I love you.”

    “ The nearest point we can transport to the Institute is 5 minutes away. I suggest we start moving.”
    “ I’m not gonna make it there.”
    “ You are.” He lifted Sole up and carried her to the place they were supposed to be. X6 seemed to be convinced he had it all under control although he looked more stressed than Sole had ever seen him. He barely managed to get Sole to a point where she could be transported to the Institute and once there started yelling orders at each and every doctor. As they frowned at him for presuming he, as a synth, had the audacity to doing so Sole yelled that he was officially her second and would be obeyed. Especially in these circumstances.
    He continued his orders and Sole noticed a hint of a smile. Someone stood beside her and urged her to calm her breathing to delay the birth a little. X6 soon sat beside her, holding her hand.
    “ I’d hardly considered you the sentimental type.” 
    “ I am aware of the fact that squeezing someone’s hand aids them in getting the focus off the pain to some extent.” With her next contraction she squeezed again, hard. Part of her didn’t give a damn but she looked at X6 regardless, trying to figure out if she hadn’t hurt him.
    “ I can take it. Do whatever you need to do.”

    Originally posted by lightwood-shadowworld