they are posters because i really love posters

phichit and yuuri headcanons

because i haven’t spoken of my love for phichit lately (even though i just wrote a fic ha)

  • Phichit was the first openly not-straight person Yuuri ever met
  • Phichit isn’t even sure what to call his sexuality and explained that, “It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re good to each other.”
  • their room in Detroit was decorated with posters of figure skaters
  • Phichit would put sticky notes with extremely suggestive comments on the Viktor posters and Yuuri angered the neighbors from shrieking so much
  • Phichit and Yuuri kissed once and it was probably in that moment when Yuuri realized, hey, it really doesn’t matter who it is
  • They never had romantic feelings for one another but their levels of bro are off the charts
  • Yuuri learned how to lose his personal space thanks to Phichit
  • Phichit often gave Yuuri’s feet and legs an intense deep massage after a tiring day
  • Phichit teases Yuuri about being unable to handle spice and heat that he swears is sprinkled in milk for Thai babies
  • Yuuri tried so hard to explain the beauty in the simplicity of traditional Japanese food; Phichit thinks it all tastes like plain rice. Except for katsudon and anything yoshoku. He laughs at “spicy” Japanese curry though.
  • Phichit dragged Yuuri into a gay club once. They’re not sure what happened but thank the gods they woke up in their apartment the next morning. Naked and in the same bed, but they swear nothing happened.
  • Phichit is envious of Yuuri’s relationship with Viktor. “I want my ice prince to sweep me off my skates, too.” Yuuri is not sure if Phichit has someone particular in mind.
  • Yuuri: “You’re already a prince so of course a prince will come for you.”
  • Phichit: “It’d be sexier if he was an enemy soldier.”
  • They whispered to each other the plot of Phichit’s fantasy love story over Facetime, with Viktor trying so hard to sleep in bed behind Yuuri.
  • Eventually Viktor joins in and asks Phichit straight up if the soldier is Seung-gil.
  • Yuuri has never heard Phichit screech like that before.

Here’s some more! :D Papyru Dress (because my avatar is female) and a Sans Jacket! (Since I’ve already had a few people really excited about this xD)

… As well as a Napstablook and MTT poster for your walls! xD

If you use any of these, PLEASE tag me in a pic! owo I would love to see them in use! (other than just by me… >3<;; )

I’m also open to requests if anyone wants me to try and make anything in particular :3 I’ve got a ton of non-undertale stuff too xD 

Not to like, start anything, but why is Bodhi Rook so small in all the Rogue One promo material?? Like I’d consider him a focal part of the show and yet:

Like…. the droid is bigger than him in 3 out of 4 of these???? Why is he so far removed from everyone else??? He NAMES the TEAM guys


I’ve spent the past week making these… Partly because I had nothing better to do, but mostly because I really want to get back into Photoshop and this was really freaking fun! So, here you go: 1989 Inspired Movie Poster Mock Ups :)

anonymous asked:

I really love your Fake story, but I was rereading the last part and all I can imagine is just Team Voltron literally just putting up "missing" posters for Lance on every planet, and just having one very determined and angry Keith just shoving these posters into people's faces

Duuuudddde I’m down for that. And then Lance coming across one of them and just hesitating over it. 

He eventually starts holding onto them, counting to see how many he can find, swinging by every planet because he’s having a hard time getting back to Earth. 

And then one day there’s an intruder alert notification at the castle and everyone runs to the main deck and Lance is just sitting there, with a stack of flyers on the floor next to him, and there’s dead silence while everyone processes what they’re seeing. 


It’s the number of flyers he has, and the moment he speaks Pidge is crying and hugging him and Hunk is next and then eventually everyone is hugging him except Keith and when Lance finally breaks away from them he just holds his arms out and Keith can’t help but collapse against him. 

Okay, okay, I’m done lol. But yes I’m down for this. 


The Darkest Minds Posters: Luke Mitchell as Cole Stewart.

11 Questions

RULES: Answer the 11 questions asked and create 11 more questions.

@bookcub thank you for tagging me! I am cheating because there were a few of these going around, and I am taking 11 questions from your different posts. =)

1. What book is on your shelf that you have not read, but are dying to? 
So many! Really want to get to Foxheart, Furthermore, My Lady Jane, and The Riddle soon.

2. Most attractive book character? 
Sirius Black 

3. Do you have any book posters and if so, of what? 
Yes! I got the Olly Moss Harry Potter posters for Xmas. They are so lovely in person. I also framed the book wrapper given away on Maggie Stiefvater’s tour last year.

4. What book do you want to become a movie/TV series (assuming it’s done well of course)?
I was very excited to hear today that A Darker Shade of Magic is going to be a movie.

5. What is the most quotable book in your opinion? 
Hamlet, Hamlet, Hamlet. I quote it on an almost daily basis.

6. What quote has stuck with you? 
Aside from Hamlet, one of my favorite quotes is from Lolita: “And the rest is rust and stardust.”

7. Favorite familial relationship?
The March family from Little Women!

8. Have you ever sent fan mail to an author?
Yes! When I was in high school, I wrote Ursula K. Le Guin a letter, and she wrote back. It was pretty awesome. I still have it somewhere. 

9. Go to page 42 of the book nearest you and write down the first full sentence.
“We must thank the trees for their hospitality,” he said. From The Naming by Alison Croggon (Read this book!)

10. If any character could mentor you, who would you choose?
Totally Cadvan from The Chronicles of Pellinor.

11. Have you ever been a part of a book club?
Yes. I had to be in a book club at work for Good to Great. It was as horrible as it sounds. 


  1. What was the last book you raved about?
  2. What book was the one you were most surprised about liking?
  3. Do you have any reading goals for the year?
  4. Are there any authors you own multiple books by but have never read?
  5. What’s your favorite classic?
  6. Have you ever won an award for your writing?
  7. What are your favorite things to get at bookstores beside books?
  8. Is there a character you’d like to trade places with for a day?
  9. If you had the ability to go into books and become part of the story would you?
  10. What plot element or character would you like to remove from a book?
  11. Go to page 113 in the closest book to you, and write down the third sentence. 

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His Poster, Her Mask

By Andysfire, find me on under the same name :)

Eye-colour soulmates Au, where the first time you see a colour, is when you see it in your soul mates eyes. If this bares resemblance to someone elses fic its because i loved the fic, cannot for the life of me remember the author and really wanted to write me own version of it. 

Marinette first see’s green on a poster, he see’s blue in a mask. I might do an Adrien version later, probably not though and no promises.

Words: 5210 Language: English

/AN/ this was meant to be a drabble not a 5k oneshot omg what am I doing with my life its almost 3am.

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I went to Self Help Fest on March 7th and went mainly for Whitechapel and Pierce the Veil. Idk why, but I forgot Real Friends was going to be there! I needed to see their set because I love all their music! I was taking a break by the merch tents after a couple of mosh pits when I saw a little line. So I went to go see who was there… And Kyle and Dave were there signing free posters! I just really wanted to say hi and get a picture. I was starstruck, but kept my cool. I asked them to sign the poster to my girlfriend actually because she wasn’t able to attend. They were so cool and their set was even more amazing! Really cool guys… Really cool band!


I finally finished my poster for 1989!!! It took me a total of 12 hours BUT IM REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT.

I’m seeing Taylor in Montreal on July 7th, and I seriously CANNOT WAIT. Over the last few months I’ve been freaking out because it felt like I had no ideas for a cute costume or clever lyrical pun to write on a poster.. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that I might as well draw something!! It’s not really creative, clever, or funny… But I combined my love for drawing and Taylor and I don’t think I could express how much she means to me in any other way.

I know it’s really really small, especially for a “poster”… but I’m going to be in the pit and I don’t know what the poster policies are, so I’m basically going to attempt to sneak it in! I don’t think Taylor will have a chance to see it at the show because she’ll be so busy performing and it really is tiny, so I’m hoping she’ll see it here. It would really truly be a dream if she does see it (OR SIGNS IT but that’s another story and asking for luck I seriously don’t have)

SO taylorswift I hope you like it, and thank you for the past 8 years, they’ve been the best of my life. See you soon 😊💓

When I find myself in times of trouble, the poster on my wall comes to me, screaming LOOK AT ME!

Sometimes something can be right under your nose the whole time, something you see every single day but never really notice.

 Well today I noticed it. So just to make this clear I have a poster of The Beatles Abbey Road on my wall behind my desk. It’s been there forever because I have an intense love for The Beatles. It’s always been a poster that fascinated me, the different colored suits, the crosswalk stripes, and Paul walking barefoot.

 So here I am just going about my business and I look up and think…hmmm I wonder if Louis was referencing Abbey Road when he showed up in those pap shots the other day barefoot.

 So naturally I ask the my group chat if its possible that Louis was referencing the Abbey Road album or maybe just Paul McCartney in general.

 So we threw around some ideas, Paul went barefoot on the album cover to be ironic because he was a billionaire, but he also supposedly did it to reference the hippie movement and barefoot was a way to show that you were FREE.

 Seems like a logical reference to me? But I was still interested in if there were similarities between Paul and Louis in terms of things that have been happening lately.

 So I did some googling and this is what I found:

 In April 1962, McCartney had an affair with Erica Hubers, a waitress at a nigh club in Hamburg. In December the same year, Erica gave birth to a daughter called Bettina. Erica claimed McCartney got her pregnant. She filed a suit in court seeking alimony. McCartney categorically denied his parenthood but eventually paid Erica about $5,000 in child support. He never acknowledged his parenthood, though.

 While not completely similar to the surrounding circumstances the similarities are kind of interesting. May not April. Club go-er not waitress. January not December. Woman claims its his. He stays quiet about it. She wants child support and takes him to court to get it. And he pays her off.

 But after this whole Erica business he goes back to Liverpool and falls in love with a girl named Jane who is an actress, who lived with her parents.*cough cough*

 So after we laughed about the similarities there we asked ourselves if there were other Beatles connections.

 Our first thought was to make the Irving Azoff connection. And lo and behold The Beatles were one of the reasons that Irving Azoff went into music management. So moving on from that because we didn’t find anything else in relation to Irving and The Beatles (I’m sure there are more connections out there.)

 So after that Ashlee ( @unintentionalarry) made the connection with the MITAM website that was literally riddled with Beatles references. 

But that’s not it fam that’s not it.

 Harry made a Beatle reference months ago. 48 weeks ago to be exact in February of 2015.

The photo is captioned “Chains around my feet” which is from a Johnny Cash song called “I got Stripes.”

What else has stripes? The Abbey Road album. That’s what.

 But it doesn’t end there…

 A little background on the Abbey Road album (courtesy of @lululawrence ):

 “The band was falling apart and they had been doing all their crazy musical experimentation with other producers, etc. And it had brought about amazing music but they knew they only had one more album left. They were fighting a lot and had lost the feel of the band. So they went back to the dude who had produced their original albums. And he said he would do it but only if they did it like they use to. Back at Abbey Road, just him and the boys. All in the same room together writing music. Instead of them being spread all over the globe. So that’s what they did. And that’s how they created one of the most recognized albums in music history.”

So that all seems vaguely familiar. And then you have the fact that the boys recorded Olivia at Abbey Road Studios.

And the Lions. The lions have been killing me for months. So I thought well maybe the Lions’ were a reference to The Beatles too.

Well four things, John and Yoko were working on an album called Life With The Lions, in the 1960s Beatles cartoon their was a man eating Lion, a show called Between The Lions did a tribute to The Beatles, and then The Beatles (Ringo) in an lion outfit. 

I have no doubt in my mind that more connections are out there but this is just what we discussed tonight. Interesting things.

A discussion between me, @unintentionalarry and @lululawrence. Poor Jeni @ilove1dalmation is going to wake up to all of it. Lol

Pratap Pothen’s next directorial,
scripted by Anjali Menon,
cinematography by Rajeev Menon,
music by Ilaiyaraaja
*ing Dulquer Salmaan & Dhansika
~shooting begins July~


This is the insanely epic poster that my sister and I made for the Seattle concert!!  I love it because it represents Taylor’s journey from the debut album to 1989, which led her here to Seattle tonight :) We used watercolor for the sunset background, tulle, velvet, chiffon, and felt for the dresses, and a TON of glitter paper for the Seattle skyline.  It took us over 30 hours to finish, but it was so worth it and it really is a work of art!  PLUS, all the windows in the buildings and the exit sign are glow in the dark.  Yep, we went there. I wish you could’ve seen it, taylorswift!  You were incredible tonight, and we sang and danced along the whole time <3 love you forever!


So my costume, posters and present for Taylor (just in case ;) ) are al READY!!! BRING ON HYDE PARK!!!

So. Hi, Taylor. This is me (Tabitha), and my costume, and my posters (one of my best friends, Lucy, is coming to the show with me) and a present I got for you. I just wanted to take this chance to show this all to you because I don’t know when or if I’ll ever get to give you my present – but I really want to, because I love you and I want to say ‘thank you’ for everything you’ve done for me and so many others. Anyway, the present is a book I had printed with lots of drawings and paintings I’ve done inspired by you, your music and your cats. ;) You can see it all on my art page, tabithamarshart. But here, you can see some previews of the book – these are just a few pages. In the book, there are paintings of your cats, many drawings of you, and an entire illustrated version of 1989.
I can’t wait to see you. I can’t wait to be at Hyde Park, dancing like no-one’s watching, shaking it off, partying like it’s 1989. I can’t wait to hear your angel voice and see your amazing, intelligent, dorky, lovely, beautiful self performing for Hyde Park. I love you so much, and I hope that I might at some point get to give you my book. xxx

taylorswift tree-paine

OnewsMVP1997 First Giveaway!

So, I, ME! Offically has 800 Followers on Tumblr! Wow! I really can’t believe this! Are you sure you’re following the right person XD?

But anyways! Because I’m so happy and I love you all, That…

I’m Doing My first giveaway!!! Yay!

First Place: 

  • Any SHINee Album, Poster! From Debut Era until Now.
  • A limited edition Signed Monsta X Album that will come with your choice of poster!

  • AND! Any B.A.P Album from Debut to now and Poster.!!! 

*With the album, Just tell me which one you want!* 

Second Place:

  • Any SHINee Album only!
  • And your choice of Girl Group Album!

Third Place:

  • A Rilakkuma Item of your choice!

Nice right? And here are the rules!

  • Has to be following me. I mean, I’m not going to give it to someone who is not XD
  • Reblog as many times!!!

  • Inbox me you Favorite group. I want to know!

I will choose three people until…July 21! That’s the deadline! An If I choose you, You have twenty-four to reply or it goes to someone else!



I really love the tagline Yen Press used for their NYCC poster, and since I haven’t seen the poster for sale anywhere, I decided to recreate it in photoshop. I altered a few things so it’s not a perfect replica but it’s reasonably close. I also did a version with the original title.

I don’t know if I can really get it printed because of copyright, but it was fun all the same.


Continuation of this post. I finally printed and framed the DESCARTES poster I drew up based on the robotic fish from Aaron Alexovich’s lovely comic Kimmie66. This is obviously just one of a kind because the drawing and concept belongs to Aaron A and I just loved DESCARTES’ design, but I’m really happy with how my version of it it came out. <3

(Top to bottom: the original teeny picture of the DESCARTES poster as it appears in Kimmie66, my drawn version, printed and framed, and in place on my wall!)

“[TennSys] was founded about a hundred years ago by Dr. Tenn’s great-grandmother, Letti, this bigshot robotics expert who made thousands upon thousands of mechanical fish. The fish were just beauteous, y’know. Dozens of different species, every size and color. Even in the old pictures, you can tell they were just amazing to look at. Every geekwad sci-kid on the planet has the same poster on her wall: Letti’s prize golden koi, DESCARTES.”

–Telly Kade, Kimmie66

So, yesterday I felt a bit sad and lonely, so my good and charming lover named Netflix decided to help me out with its suggestions. I listened. And now I have that one annoying question about Midnight in Paris, because if things aren’t always on fleek, I get really edgy. You wouldn’t like it. – Why the heck does a poster have Van Gogh’s Starry Night on it, when not only did he not appear in the film (when I do believe that Belle Epoque sequence was perfect for him to show up at), but also the paiting was done in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, which is pretty much as far from Paris as it can get. – I mean, I love films by Woody Allen, but he could at least made more sense when choosing the poster. Just a little bit.