they are posters because i really love posters


The Song of Achilles + character posters:

A C H I L L E S 

“Prince Achilles, son of King Peleus and the goddess Thetis. Aristos Achaion!”








G U Y S. 


Why I’m so nuts for YOI

YOI flipped my switch in a big way, in a head-over-heels way, in a Victor-dancing-with-Yuri-at-the-GPF-banquet-and-realizing-this-was-it way, and I’ve been thinking lately about why it is that I love it SO much. There are so many reasons. A million reasons. A gazillion reasons under the cut because I’m not as cruel to stick this much text at once into your dash.

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GET OUT by Francesco Francavilla
24"x36" Screen Print, Edition of 250
Printed by D&L Screenprinting  - $50     

From the trailers I knew GET OUT was a movie that I had to go see as soon it was in the theaters. And I did, on its opening weekend. The movie was so good that I couldn’t think of anything else once back home. As I do for everything that I really, REALLY like, I decided to do a quick poster art for it, and went with a minimalist approach, trying to not spoil the movie for those who hadn’t seen it yet. I posted the art with my 2 thumbs up review on twitter and had director/writer Jordan Peele himself replying to the post and saying how much he loved the concept. Someone else suggested to turn this in a Mondo poster (given my relation with Mondo) and Peele said he was totally up for it. Of course Mondo was happy too cause they loved the movie as much as I did. So yeah, now you have this poster because of the movie being so good and the magic of social media that makes the world way smaller than it really is :)

These posters will be available at a random time today (5/23) on - follow @MondoNews feed on Twitter for the drop announcement.


MONDO’s press release:
Jordan Peele’s GET OUT is an absolute gut punch of a film. Not only is it one of the best and most important movies to come out so far in 2017, we’d rank it among the top movies of the last several years. The film tells the story of an interracial couple, Chris and Rose, as they travel to Rose’s family estate to spend a weekend with her parents. Things get increasingly dark as the visit goes on and more sinister discoveries come to light about her family’s past.

We’re beyond excited to have two incredible posters available for the film by Francesco Francavilla and Jay Shaw, each rife with rich subtext, themes and imagery, available tomorrow in celebration of the home video release. Francesco’s poster features Chris trapped in the vast expanse of the sunken place, while Jay takes a visceral approach in illustrating themes touched upon in the film.

The fact that GET OUT was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut is all the more impressive and we absolutely cannot wait to see what other stories he has to share with the world. GET OUT is available on Blu-Ray/home video tomorrow and we highly recommend picking it up and watching it immediately.

Never thought this day would come.

100 followers , actually it’s 130 but that happened while I was making this post, this is the largest amount of followers I’ve ever had on a blog. I might lose a few after this post but hey I wanted to make a big thank you so here we are.

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So to end off this post and to keep up my tradition of needing a read more on long posts, I’m going to link to all the blogs I can and write down a little thought and why you should follow them.I’m going to be keeping this list mutual exclusive and if anyone I follow gets left out I apologize, sometimes I’m a bit scatter brained and forget which personals have side blogs. Also some will be a bit longer then others because I don’t know a few of these blogs and the muns well. Hoping to change that though~

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I’ve spent the past week making these… Partly because I had nothing better to do, but mostly because I really want to get back into Photoshop and this was really freaking fun! So, here you go: 1989 Inspired Movie Poster Mock Ups :)

anonymous asked:

I really love your Fake story, but I was rereading the last part and all I can imagine is just Team Voltron literally just putting up "missing" posters for Lance on every planet, and just having one very determined and angry Keith just shoving these posters into people's faces

Duuuudddde I’m down for that. And then Lance coming across one of them and just hesitating over it. 

He eventually starts holding onto them, counting to see how many he can find, swinging by every planet because he’s having a hard time getting back to Earth. 

And then one day there’s an intruder alert notification at the castle and everyone runs to the main deck and Lance is just sitting there, with a stack of flyers on the floor next to him, and there’s dead silence while everyone processes what they’re seeing. 


It’s the number of flyers he has, and the moment he speaks Pidge is crying and hugging him and Hunk is next and then eventually everyone is hugging him except Keith and when Lance finally breaks away from them he just holds his arms out and Keith can’t help but collapse against him. 

Okay, okay, I’m done lol. But yes I’m down for this. 


Here’s some more! :D Papyru Dress (because my avatar is female) and a Sans Jacket! (Since I’ve already had a few people really excited about this xD)

… As well as a Napstablook and MTT poster for your walls! xD

If you use any of these, PLEASE tag me in a pic! owo I would love to see them in use! (other than just by me… >3<;; )

I’m also open to requests if anyone wants me to try and make anything in particular :3 I’ve got a ton of non-undertale stuff too xD 

myfriendstellmeimweird  asked:

Hey, so al lot of people ask you about pure bred dogs, and like your poster says all doge tend to have issues. But what about mixed breed dogs? Are they usually healthier, or do you still see a lot of them? I love your blog by the way, it's really cool!

I have a second poster.

I see more mixed breeds than purebreeds overall because that’s the local pet population, but the purebreeds are more predictable in what I see. Some in particular.

phichit and yuuri headcanons

because i haven’t spoken of my love for phichit lately (even though i just wrote a fic ha)

  • Phichit was the first openly not-straight person Yuuri ever met
  • Phichit isn’t even sure what to call his sexuality and explained that, “It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re good to each other.”
  • their room in Detroit was decorated with posters of figure skaters
  • Phichit would put sticky notes with extremely suggestive comments on the Viktor posters and Yuuri angered the neighbors from shrieking so much
  • Phichit and Yuuri kissed once and it was probably in that moment when Yuuri realized, hey, it really doesn’t matter who it is
  • They never had romantic feelings for one another but their levels of bro are off the charts
  • Yuuri learned how to lose his personal space thanks to Phichit
  • Phichit often gave Yuuri’s feet and legs an intense deep massage after a tiring day
  • Phichit teases Yuuri about being unable to handle spice and heat that he swears is sprinkled in milk for Thai babies
  • Yuuri tried so hard to explain the beauty in the simplicity of traditional Japanese food; Phichit thinks it all tastes like plain rice. Except for katsudon and anything yoshoku. He laughs at “spicy” Japanese curry though.
  • Phichit dragged Yuuri into a gay club once. They’re not sure what happened but thank the gods they woke up in their apartment the next morning. Naked and in the same bed, but they swear nothing happened.
  • Phichit is envious of Yuuri’s relationship with Viktor. “I want my ice prince to sweep me off my skates, too.” Yuuri is not sure if Phichit has someone particular in mind.
  • Yuuri: “You’re already a prince so of course a prince will come for you.”
  • Phichit: “It’d be sexier if he was an enemy soldier.”
  • They whispered to each other the plot of Phichit’s fantasy love story over Facetime, with Viktor trying so hard to sleep in bed behind Yuuri.
  • Eventually Viktor joins in and asks Phichit straight up if the soldier is Seung-gil.
  • Yuuri has never heard Phichit screech like that before.
Random Rambles of Toshinko and stuff

(This is a bit of a long ramble, I apologize!)

One of the things that surprises me about My Hero Academia is that out of all the ships I could possibly ship I really only ship Toshinko. This isn’t anything against any of the other ships I’ve seen in the fandom. A lot of them are really cute and I can appreciate the art and thought put into them.

I just love the potential that Toshinko has for all the characters involved, Inko, Toshinori, and Izuku. One thing that always struck me when Toshinori came to their apartment to talk to Inko were the posters of him on the wall of their apartment.

I don’t quite think Toshinori peeked into Izuku’s room because that would probably be rather rude. I think the posters might in fact be in their living room and next to (what I’m pretty sure are) their family pictures.

In the top one there are 2 adults who I assume are Inko and Hisashi, and I think Izuku is between them. The second pic shows more than likely just Inko and Izuku (a subtle mention that Hisashi is literally out of the picture? Sorry for the pun. OTL). Right next to them are posters of All Might, to me (and judging by the look on Toshinori’s face, to him as well) this feels a little odd. Unless perhaps, you take the possibility that All Might became a source of strength/comfort for Izuku. He indirectly filled in some of the gap that Hisashi left behind. (In my opinion, Toshinori probably doesn’t know this, yet.)

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Wow I am really inactive. But yo guys check out my capstone project poster!! As you can see from the title, the project is a purification process design for a snake venom antidote 😊

The craziest thing was probably the fact that EVERYONE loved out lay out for the poster 😲 I was really flattered and excited because my friend and I designed it and edited all the content! So many people were drawn to us because it looked more presentable than the others.

Anyways, I am really happy with the final product. Thinking back, I didn’t even think I was going to be able to do everything I did. I didn’t know jack sh*t about biochemistry and here I am designing a whole process for it. It just reminds me of how resilient and driven a person can be. When under a shit ton of pressure of course haha

I think years from now I will look back at it, thinking that what was hard then is nothing compared to the present. We learn and we grow. What was once difficult will probably seem easy after it’s been conquered.

Usually I am not one to look forward to the future, but right now, I am pretty excited to see how far I will go so I can look back at it and feel accomplished.


Pics of me from C2E2

  • Me and a few other Over the Garden Wall cosplayers
  • Fist bumping Wonder Woman Lego thing but not really because I didn’t want to touch it.
  • Me and Chad Sell (@chadsell), unofficially official RuPaul’s Drag Race artist. Got a nice Katya poster, along with an Adore postcard for my sister. Love, love, love his art.
  • Me telling Jim Cheung (@jimcheungart) how much Wiccan meant to me as a kid. Somehow I ended up buying thirty dollars worth of posters from him. Worth.
  • Me and Ngozi Ukazu (@ngoziu) of Check Please! (@omgcheckplease) fame. Very personable, very perky. Loved talking with her.
  • Me with two of my best friends, @bettenoireramg and her fiance Nate. She’s in her Tardis dress, he’s in his Don’t Starve cosplay, and I’m in civvies.
  • Jill Thompson (@jillthompson) signing my copy of the Sandman and telling me how she likes my Supergirl hoodie. <3

Posters, production art and storyboards for the 1979 James Bond film, Moonraker. The sets were designed by Bond veteran, Ken Adams.

Whenever my birthday was coming up, I’d request two films: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Solely because of Jaws: that great bit during the Pyramid show where the light turns on and suddenly we see him standing there. It gave me thrills. The music too.

Everyone got really sick of those films though. I still can’t mention them to my family without everyone groaning.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I really really want the preorder map for ACOWAR but I've been holding out preordering because I've been waiting for the Target addition to come back in stock (which it has not). I'm thinking about just preordering from another site to get the poster but I'm worried that they don't have any left and I'll have preordered for no reason, risking (potentially) not getting the book the day it releases. I'd love some input and whether you think posters will still be available! Thanks so much!

Well, this is the ad about that preorder:::

It says you can submit proof of preorder until May 1 here:

The form doesn’t *say* supplies are out, which I’d hope it would if they were, but it does specify if you do the target pre-order, you’re automatically signed up to get a copy of the map, it could be worth it to try and get the target pre-order done, but if you can’t fine it, that’s worrying (unless you are finding the regular preorder and just not the special edition?)

I know I’ve pre-ordered from Amazon, and I actually should get my copy of ACOWAR saturday (they’re shipping them all Friday and I live about half an hour from the warehouse, so everything is one day shipping for me). 
This close to the release I don’t know if anything would change as far as being able to get it on time, but the pre-order is definitely how you get the map. 

Now, for $10 you can pre-order the digital copy on Amazon, which if you have the $10 to spare would be great! For a kindle book you don’t have to have a kindle or even the kindle app on a phone, you can just go to, click “Your Account” and the first link under the big “Order History” heading will be “View Your Kindle Orders”. Clicking that gives you access to your full kindle library- you can read books from any desktop if it’s signed in to your amazon, and if you do have a kindle or the app, it syncs to that so you can read it the second it comes out May 2!

Oh, and any book you get on kindle you can get an audio book for VERY cheap- I paid $4 each for my audio books of ACOTAR and ACOMAF.

Kindle pre-orders do count towards the poster deal, as far as I know!

I’m sorry if that’s not giving you a definitive answer, but those are the options I managed to find.

I would recommend people steer away from Barnes and Noble pre-orders, just because at least my experience with my local one is that their definition of pre-order is “We’ll set a copy aside for you”, and since there’s no receipt for what’s basically a dibs, you don’t get the proof of preorder you need for this form.

I hope that helps!!!!

dragonsdreamland  asked:

Hi! I've been browsing Tumblr looking for TOZ pics and I saw your Zestiria posters (The TOZ Chara-Pos Collection) post from a while back and was wondering if you ever put the fullsize posters up for download? I saw you mentioned they were like 5000px and would love to have them (mainly just the Mikleo ones)! OwO I just thought I'd ask. Anyway, thanks very much for your time. >w<

I didn’t, because having them that large doesn’t really change much unless you’re making graphics and need them at that size. And they’re also almost 20 MB a piece so it makes the overall filesize monstrous. That said, I went ahead and uploaded them anyway.

anonymous asked:

Can u recommend any Jimin or Taehyung fluff fics? Love your blog btw!!!! ❤️

OH!!!!! for Jimin, i recently read Poster Boy by @versigny nOT because i’ve been going through everyone’s masterlist desperately trying to find some good jimin reads myself leAVE ME ALONE and i loved it so so so much !!! 

there should be other jimin & tae recs under my fic rec tag. i would list some but i feel like i’ve already put a bunch under the tag from other asks i’ve received of the same manner and i don’t want to be repetitive. Poster Boy was just one of the more recent stories i read that really stood out to me :)) 

Loft ‘89 FAQ

Here are questions I get on Instagram all of the time. I hope this helps! If you have a question that’s not on here, somehow, feel free to submit a question!

  • How do I get into Loft ‘89?

Andrea Swift (Taylor’s mom aka Mama Swift) and her crew choose fans to go meet Taylor backstage after the show. They often pick fans who stand out from the crowd, but mainly choose fans that just look like they are having an amazing time by dancing and enjoying themselves.

  • Will my venue have Loft ‘89?

Yes, there will be a Loft ‘89 at every show this tour!

  • Can I get chosen from where I am sitting?

Yes, everywhere is fair game. Fans are even being chosen in the pit and higher levels for this tour!

  • What makes the pre-show M&G different from Loft ‘89?

Well, the pre-show M&G is before the show and Loft ‘89 is held after the show. You can get pre-show M&G by winning the Swiftstakes, being apart of the Swiftmas gifts, radio contests, and even being connected closely with Taylor over Tumblr. For the pre-show M&G, you get a professional picture with Taylor taken and an autographed item. In Loft ‘89, there are lots of other fans, foods, drinks, a photobooth, and you get one photo with her and one autographed item of your choice.

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