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The Mate Rules

Each of Maas’ series, “Throne of Glass” and “A Court of Thorns and Roses” contains half the rules that apply to Mates, so if you hadn’t read both, or didn’t catch the rules (some are throwaway sentences), you’d be confused. I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve read one series but not the other wondering about it lately, so I figured I’d gather all the “Rules” in one place :)

  1. There is only one Mate for everyone (ToG).
  2. Even Demi-Fae (one parent Fae, one human) have a Mate if their Fae side is strong enough (ToG).
  3. The Mating Bond takes a while to click into place, a couple or few months isn’t typical but is hardly a-typical (ToG).
  4. The Mating Bond has a strong pull, even if you are rejecting it (ToG).
  5. Once the Mating Bond is recognized and the bond is consummated (sex), it grows exponentially in strength (ACOTAR/ToG).
  6. Mates don’t have to like each other necessarily, as Rhysand pointed out- his parents strongly disliked one another (ACOTAR).
  7. You can kill your Mate. Like, physically murder them (ToG).
  8. If your Mate dies (and you weren’t the one that killed them), it can send you into an epic downward spiral of grief that apparently lasts a minimum of 10 years (ToG).
  9. The mating bond can be faked by a bitchy Fae Queen with hidden agendas. (ToG)
  10. A Mating bond, under the right circumstances, can exist between a Fae and a Human, when this happens a Fae can reject their Fae-ness and become mortal (ToG).
  11. Traditionally, a sign of the mating bond being accepted is the female providing the male with food they’ve made (Rhysand at least specifies it’s the female to the male, but that’s just traditional, as in ToG there is a homosexual Mated couple, so males can do it too)
  12. Mates don’t have to be opposite sexes (ToG)

If I’m forgetting any, let me know! 

Thanks to @Noonesjob , and @gail1012 for adding #11.

And as @crochanblackbeak pointed out, the rules of magic between ACOTAR and ToG tend to differ (iron being harmful, Fae all having a second form vs just high lords, etc), so it’s possible the Mate rules do too!

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I am sick and tired of these stupid videos going viral on facebook about how technology has made us antisocial and that social media is evil.

Let me tell you a story. I’m half English, but live in Spain. I get to see my English family, at best, once a year. Sometimes not even that.

I love my English grandparents, but we don’t have many things in common. We can get a nice 20 minute talk going about what we’ve been doing lately, and then I usually fall silent whilst my mum talks about cooking with my grandma and my dad goes on to talk about science with my granddad. It’s so disappointing, because I barely see them, and I can only rely on their interest in what I’m doing with my life to start a conversation.

A few months ago we flew to England and stayed with them a few days. Whilst having supper, naturally (as always) the conversation started with how I was doing, and what I was planning to do with my future now that I had graduated. I told them I was thinking about moving back to Japan to start working there. Somehow, one way or another, we started talking about life in Japan, and my parents chipped in by commenting on their experience in Tokyo as tourists. “There’s so many people!” And then someone asked, “what’s the population of Japan?”

And I said, “Let me google that.”

So I pulled out my smartphone. 127.3 million. Can you believe it? That’s a lot! That’s twice as much as the UK, isn’t it? What is the population of the UK? Granddad says 60 million, but grandma says 62.

Google says 64.1 million.

What about Spain? 50 million, perhaps? 55? Mum says 48, dad says 40. Nope, it’s 46.77 million as of 2014, says google.

We all guessed at the population of the US, of Canda, of France, of Germany; we cheered when one of us had almost hit the mark, and gasped at unexpected numbers. We looked up the dates of historical events, we read random wikipedia facts, we searched Stonehenge on google maps and read about the theories behind it, we googled ‘disc symbols ancient’ to try and figure out what this paperweight my granddad had in his office was supposed to be because he couldn’t remember its name and immediately found out it was a replica of the Phaistos Disc. “‘Disc symbols ancient’! How did google know what we were looking for just from that? That’s amazing!”

We went on for hours, and it was so. much. fun. For three whole hours, three. whole. fucking. hours, every topic we talked about was somehow linked to googling facts or images on my smartphone, and do you know what my granddad said to me as we started cleaning everything up?

He said this thing I had was amazing, and he wanted one too.

Technology is not a conversation stopper. It’s a conversation starter, and if you don’t know how to be responsible, if you don’t know how to make use of this amazing thing we have to keep a conversations going, then the problem isn’t smartphones, or facebook, or twitter. It’s you.

hurtful words (pt. 3)

summary; both Shawn and Y/N may still be fighting for each other, but it’s a matter of if time is working with or against them

p.s. shout out to the one and only @mendes2k17 for helping me develop the plot,, it actually helped me write a huge part of this bahaha

p.p.s. if you haven’t read part 1&2 to this series, now would be a good time to or else this will make almost no sense and of course, your heart won’t hurt as much if you haven’t read the other two parts before this bahaha



four months after the breakup

Breakups. You’ve been through some before you and Shawn’s. Multiple in fact. So why does this particular heartbreak hurt as if it’s your first? Maybe it was because you guys were going so strong. Or maybe because he treated you so good that it just felt right to be in his arms. You could tell yourself that everyday, but deep down you knew it was because you were still in love with him. So deeply in love with him that these past four months and nine days have been misery. You’ve never spent such a long period of time in pure agony. 

They all asked what the worst part of your breakup was, and although you answered with ‘I miss Shawn,’ it was really that even with everything he put you through – the trauma, the pain, you’d still take him back. It hurt even more to know that he was probably over you, your thoughts confirmed by the last time you saw him at the club. You regretted even bringing up the break, but you regretted not doing anything to fix it even more.

Tonight was one of those nights where you wouldn’t leave your bed. After the first two months that you stayed with your parents, they eventually kicked you out claiming that you’d do nothing but party and sleep. They were right about you doing nothing with your life anymore, but it was hard to when you were in a constant cycle of drinking to forget the pain and sleeping to avoid the hangover and hurt as much as possible. Your friends did try to help you, but they eventually gave up soon after, too.

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Cold Pizza

So my night auditor is consistently late. I’ve tried going to my boss about it (they just told her “that M_LeoQueen said to stop coming late because she needs to get home”, so then she stopped talking to me for a few days and had a major attitude), and nothing has changed. Then I tried to give her a piece of her own medicine by coming in 10-15 minutes late (only 4 time in 10 months have I’m come in later and I always called to let them know, and those were genuine accidents) and she just stays 15-40 minutes later!

I’m so fed up. She’ll suppose to start at 11pm, and will call at 10:40 and say she’s running late. Mind you, she lives about 10-15 minutes away. So she’ll still have time to get here, but show up at 11:15-11:40.

Well today is day 6/10, with 4 of the shifts past 10 hours days. She was supposed to be here at 7. At 7:20 she calls the hotel saying “Ohmigosh, I’m soooooo sorry, I just woke up. I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

8pm is here and she has still not arrived. Because of the storm hitting us tomorrow, I’m staying overnight, so I’m not really worried about getting home, but damn, I’m working a 11 hour shift now, and I have to be back on the clock in 14 hours to work another 9 hour shift. Plus, I ordered food tonight, and my pizza is now cold. I’m one of the people who hate cold pizza. It’s like mediocre sex. At first you’re like, “Oh, well at least I’m getting some”, then as you continue you’re just like, “I regret this deeply.” You aren’t satisfied, and you really just wanted hot pizza, and you vow next time to make the pizza is piping hot.

So yeah, cold pizza, an overworked queen, and the fact that she’ll come in to complain about everyone else, the weather, the traffic, and everything else, and won’t just clock in and start working. I don’t know what else to do at this point other than as soon as she walks in, to clock out, and not say/do anything that will get me fired for work place violence (I’m tired and hungry and those are dangerous combinations for a queen).

By: M_LeoQueen

There are some specific issues with a late diagnosis which are rarely talked about. The most noticeable one for me is how the environment fails to adjust to a late diagnosis.

I was diagnosed a few months prior to my eighteenth birthday. Which is actually not even that late.
However, many of the people who surround me seem to think that my diagnosis was “too late to take it serious”, in a way.

Whenever I ask for things that I didn’t ask before, I’m not only met with reluctance but with resistance.
It’s always the same - people say “well, this hasn’t been an issue prior to your diagnosis, so I don’t understand why it is now”. What they don’t understand is that I’ve always been struggling but only since my diagnosis, I know that my struggles are real and valid and that I’m allowed to ask for accommodations or changes that make my life easier. And when I explain this to them, they always tell me off. They tell me that I’m lying even though I’m known for my honesty (which is actually a huge indicator for me being autistic, but somehow they’d rather turn the facts and see me as a liar than admit that I have always been autistic and even noticeably so. They don’t want to acknowledge it because they don’t want to admit that they don’t know a thing about autism. Like, some of my friends literally said that autism to them means “a person has issues to talk with others”, which they don’t see in me which is why they deny that I’m autistic and even refuse to look into the resources about autism that I send to them). Before I got diagnosed, I was treated badly every time I spoke about my needs because people saw me as “overreacting”, “overly sensitive” and “overdramatic”. I’ve been bullied for YEARS because of these things, because to them, I was being “a sissy”.
And after almost two years as a diagnosed autistic, I can say that many people STILL perceive everything I self-advocate for in this mindset. That people STILL see my behavior as overreacting instead of keeping in mind that I am autistic and yes, for me it is as bad as I’m saying it is. That yes, I really get overly anxious around people (which leads to me rambling instead of not saying anything, which again doesn’t match many people’s view on autism) and that certain noises, lights and textures feel like someone is sticking needles inside my ears, eyes, brain and body.

For myself, I was able to make a lot out of my diagnosis. I gained a lot of self-esteem, unlearned internalized ableism in big parts and found new ways of coping. I also have a better sense for my needs now, because even though most people who surround me still don’t take them serious, at least I do now.
Many people mistake this again as “playing pretend”, because how can I only know now what I need? What they don’t want to understand is that as an autistic person, you have to pay much more attention to yourself in order to know what you need because living in itself is overwhelming and taking up a lot of space in our brains. (Heck, I don’t even realize when I’m thirsty 99% of the time… I can go three days without drinking and I don’t feel like my body is missing anything until I black out. Same goes for food. I need to pay conscious attention to how much I’m drinking and eating because I don’t even have this connection to my body that allistic people have.)

But it’s so tiring to not be acknowledged as an autistic person because my parents failed to send me to the right specialist when I was younger. Because they send me to an AD(H)D specialist and failed to send me to another after the results came out negative because they perceived me as a child who is “weird because they are gifted”. Who speaks like a grown up because they’re smart, who plays alone even if they have friends around because they have too creative daydreams and so on.
It’s tiring to always fight so that people treat me right because they are dismissive about my needs because they don’t even UNDERSTAND that I have them because I’m perceived as “too allistic” due to my late diagnosis.

As a late diagnosed autistic, I feel like I get automatically treated as some kind of “Watered Down Autistic™”, who just got the label “autism” slapped on themselves in order to have an excuse for all their quirks and “character flaws”. I feel like people view late diagnosed autistic people as “even less autistic than high-functioning autistic people” which is why they inflict further abuse on us and never consider us as autistic.

But what gets me most about this is how they don’t even realize what they do. That they’d rather keep on pretending that I’m not autistic no matter how much I speak up and tell them that it actively harms me and our relationship because it’s easier and more convenient for them to just dismiss my disability and demand from me to be like them. Because apparently, they hate disabled and autistic people too much to actually accept that one of their friends/family members is one of them.
Keep in mind that these people I’m talking about are my friends and family. They are the people closest to me, the people who claim to like me and have my best interest in mind… And to think that even people who interpret their relationship to me like this abuse me on a daily basis without even noticing or caring about it says a lot about ableism. And it also says a lot about how people who don’t like me or are close to me would treat me if they knew I was autistic.

hi friends!! so a few months ago i started printing out my headers because i really like how it makes my notes look uniformed and i love how it saves so much time compared to when i hand-letter my notes (i take rly long when i letter because im a perfectionist lmao). lately a lot have been asking me about how i print my headers so here’s a step by step tutorial!!(side note: this is only how i do it though, so however you guys do it will vary on how exactly how you want your headers to look like, the size of your paper, etc!! i use muji b5 paper) **i’m really not that good at givin instructions btw so if u have any more questions just hit me up fam. this is my first tutorial/tips post pls forgive me if im kinda confusin lolz

this is a tutorial using google docs!! i don’t really use word but im sure there’s a setting similar like this for microsoft?? not sure tho ok

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Apologies for the lateness this month! Translations are taking longer than I expected with RL being a lot busier than I expected the last few weeks (let’s just say students aren’t the only ones at school who procrastinate and later strongly regret it >.>). I think the new chapter will probably be out by the end of the week, but in the meantime, here’s a summary~

In this Chapter:
- Rat-catchin’
- The return of familiar faces

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My new house is located in a park full of birches. Do you know something they might be useful for (for spells, wards, charms, amulets, connection with spiritual, etc)? Have a lovely day and thank you 😊

Birches are incredible trees! There’s a couple of things it’s worth to know about the White Lady of the Woods.

Brittle kindling

Birches are known for their beautiful white bark and whimsical silhouettes. not a lot of people know though they are extremely brittle! Never look for safety under a birch during a storm! They grow in bunches or surrounded by other trees for a reason - they break incredibly fast and because of that rarely live over a 100 years. Because of the same reason they are great for lighting fires. If you want a natural kindle for ceremonial fires then use birch twigs or its bark.

Healing sap

Birches also hold an incredible treasure - their sap (also called birch water). Birch sap is very thin and almost transparent. It has a slightly sweet taste. It’s known for its healing as well as cosmetic properties. Its use is very well known in cultures of eastern Europe. You can even buy it commercially in many countries of the eastern block.

Drinking birch sap helps lower cholesterol. helps in weight loss and supports liver and kidney health. Cleaning your skin makes it clearer and brighter. It works as a great shampoo for greasy hair. It can even help in healing small wounds and cuts!

You don’t have to buy the sap though - you can harvest it yourself. Birch sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring it becomes bitter. The collection period is only about a month per year (Too late this year unfortunately!). You can easily harvest a few liters of sap in a quite fast time without harming the tree.

There are three methods of harvesting the sap. First one is cutting the tree in a V shape. I personally do not recommend this method simply because it leaves a very visible mark. 

The second method is simply poking a hole in the tree. You can do it with a nail, a steel or even a wooden pipe. This one is my favorite because it leaves almost no marks at all, it’s easy for the tree to heal and it also help you in harvesting because the pipe can work as a channel for the sap. It also seems to be the fastest method from my experience. 

The third method is the easiest but also the least effective one. Break one of the low hanging twigs and hang a bottle on it. It seems easy but the branch has to be low and the tree wound heals incredibly hast, leaving you often with less than a few sips. The sap is also often more bitter when obtained with this method.

Magic uses

  • The Druid tree symbol for the Bards  - ‘The Goddess Tree’ - ‘The Lady of the Woods’, the Birch tree is the bringer of promise, light and new beginnings. 
  • Because of its properties and the white bark, birch in many cultures is connected with renewal, new beginnings, purification and protection
  • In Wales, the birch is a tree of love. People from that region made wreaths out of the branches and twigs as tokens of love. 
  • In Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Poland people used to make brooms out of birch twigs to sweep not only dirt but also evil spirits. The famous Baba Yaga actually had a flying birch twig broom with which she swept all of her tracks.
  • The Irish used to create medallions out of birch marked with ogham scripture for protection and as a sign of fertility for the newlyweds.
  • Dried leaves can be crushed and made into birch tea, which even though terrible in taste, is high in vitamin C and works as a laxative and diuretic that helps getting rid of bacteria.
  • To cool down a violent passion sit down under a birch tree or at least hold onto something made of its wood. Be alone and quiet. Birch will channel into you wisdom and calmness.

Birch in the calendar

At Imbolc (Candlemas) in February, the white bark is used to symbolize the return of light along with the candles.

At Beltane (May Day) the birch was first choice as the tree to make the Maypole, cut at dawn to be decorated and danced around in old fertility rituals, later to be burned with ash logs at the Beltane fire.

At Samhain ( All Hallow’s Eve), some of the pagan new year festivities use birch to beat out the old or malign spirits from the hearth,  as the symbol of returning light and rebirth.

I hope that helps you! You’re very lucky to live near birches so use their power wisely and look out for them during storms!

Run Away- Bucky x Reader

Authors Notes: Prep for the angst and Fluff y’all! lol

Prompt: @melconnor2007 I was wondering if you could do one where Bucky and the reader been dating, but nat refuses to believe he loves here and makes a move on Bucky, the reader sees, but runs away before she sees Bucky pushing nat off, the reader then leaves the tower with a note for Bucky telling him, but Bucky using his skills tracks her down, with lots of fluff at the end where he explains and tell reader how much he loves her, if that makes any sense at all, lol,

 Notes/Warnings: assumed cheating, angst, fluff, kissing

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

 Your life was bliss. Well, as blissful as it could be while being an Avenger. Bucky had been with the team just a year longer than you and from the day you arrived the two of you had hit it off. Just a few months ago Steve locked the two of you in the gym until it came out that you both had feelings for each other and the decision to be official was sealed with the kiss of your life. Since then you and Bucky were practically inseparable. Everyone at the compound agreed that the two of you belonged together.

 Everyone except Nat. She was good at hiding it, keeping her feelings in check is part of her skill set, but she just didn’t think you were right for him. She thought she should be in your shoes, in his arms. She was your friend though, or at least friend enough. She lied to you and told you how happy she was for you. She told you how perfect the two of you were together just to frown when your back was turned.

 Today she was over it, though. It had been four months of dating between you and you made cupcakes and he brought you flowers. It made her sick. She had a plan and was set to execute it as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and she had that planned, too.

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can i get one sided break ups with mccree/reaper/junkrat/jack(pre-76) with female pronouns? hit me with that sad stuff (im ok dont worry)


my heart

it’s aching

i imagined junkrat crying

i don’t like this

(like + open in browser to read on mobile)

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You’re Distracting Me

Literally no one asked for this, but it’s happening anyways because I can. So yeah have some tree bros that I’ll be adding to ao3.

To Connor, finals didn’t mean much. He wasn’t on a scholarship, he didn’t need to pay for his own college, he just kinda cruised by. It was definitely different for some students, take his friend for example.

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My heart still constricts at the thought of you. I know it’s been weeks, or months, but I still cannot let my feelings go. You were still the one I think of in the mornings, and also my late thoughts at night. You still remain to be my muse even after a long period of time. And you know what, I do not want to think about you anymore. I want you out of my mind, out of heart, and out of my life. By this time, you don’t remember me much, maybe I was just another friend to you, the one that mattered only for a few moments, and then gone. This hurts so bad, I miss you so bad, and yet I can’t do anything, for you don’t want to be with me anymore. I’m out of ideas. I’m almost out of life, and yet I still fucking love you, damn it.
—  I miss you so much, I don’t know what to do anymore. // a.j.
Caught (Jason Blossom x Reader)

REQUEST: Could you do a Jason Blossom imagine where they haven’t been dating for that long (maybe like a month or 2) and one day he sees her at cheer practice and can’t control himself lol and his sister ends up cockblocking him

WARNINGS: Sexual Content, Swear Word.


A/N: This is a shorter one but I hope you enjoy it! btw the way, thank you so much for 2333 followers <3

“GOOOO, BULLDOGS!” The crowd of girls cheer, waving their plastic gold pom poms in the air with wide, mostly fake, smiles plastered on their faces.
“Okay, much better but there’s not enough spice, not enough kick to it.” Cheryl yells to the group. Your aching muscles scream in protest as you walk to your starting position but you ignore the searing pain as you try and think about your moves. The music starts up again and you start your routine. Kicking your legs, waving your arms and lifting other girls seemed like a clever idea when you auditioned to join the Riverdale High Vixens but you never, not in a hundred years, imagined the amount of effort it takes to kick your leg that high or lift a girl and make it seem effortless. Truth be told, you only auditioned for a spot for your boyfriend, Jason Blossom. He said you should try and join after you told him you used to do gymnastics as a kid, he also mentioned he thought the uniforms were sexy. You have never written your name down on a piece of paper faster in your life before.

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•I've got a question that's been bugging me for a while. In iwtv, Louis states he was turned in 1791. However from what I understand, Lestat was born in 1780. This would have made Lestat 11 when he turned Louis, which is obviously not the case. So, my question is was Louis lying about when he was turned to make him seem older and more powerful than he actually is or is just a continuity error? Thanks :) •

I get why you might be frustrated, I’m not sure how much VC you’ve read, I hope this answer doesn’t spoil you if you don’t want to be spoiled but here we go… 

Lestat was born in 1760. Not sure where you got 1780… I believe you are forgetting the almost 10 yrs Lestat and Gabrielle ~wandered the Devil’s Road~ together, which was from 1780-89. There’s a timeline in the official Vampire Companion (there is some debate about discrepancies of this book to canon, but this book was intended to be the author’s deciding word on canon facts):

Here’s a snippet of the time line, sorry for the warping, but it’s a thick paperback book and I didn’t wanna injure the binding!

Worth noting also: AR underscores that Lestat was 20 when he was turned.* 

So by 1791, Lestat is actually like 31 mortal years old, and Louis is in fact younger than he is, at 25 (why they made him 24 in the movie is beyond me bc it’s only a year different? IDK).

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Freedom (Tig x Reader)

Request: sad Tig x reader?

You watched as he laughed with the boys at the bar. You were going to miss everything about this place. From the boy’s mugshots to all of the sluty croweathers hanging around. It’s not like you planned it this way, it was just that you couldn’t take it anymore. The late nights waiting for your man to come home that never bother to show up was getting to you. Also that he would barely even look at you anymore. In the past month you really only talk to Tig once and it was about a club party. Putting away the last few bottles at the bar, you slowly took one last look at the place. This club meant everything to you over the last few years but now it was coming to an end.

Saying goodbye to the boys for the day as they thought, you made sure to kiss your old man on the cheek before you left. You always did even if Tig barely noticed and just went on with his conversion like he always seemed to do. You let out a sigh as you made your way to your parked car. Gemma shouted from her office not to forget about the dinner at her house tomorrow as you took the day off for your plan. Smiling and shouted back that you would never miss it, she waved and you were all set to go home.

You rushed into your house with all of the boxes in hand, making sure that no one saw. If anyone saw an old lady on the run the first thing they would do is tell the club. The town feared them so they wouldn’t just let something like this slide. You didn’t need anyone at the moment ruining this for you. Packing all of your things, you made sure to leave the gifts behind that Tig gave you over the course of your relationship, not needing a reminder that wasn’t memories. When it hit dark outside in Charming you had everything packed and ready to go. Loading your car up set a feeling inside of you that you couldn’t quite get. But as you made your way passed the Charming sign you fully understood what it was. Freedom. The weight of the club and your broken relationship was finally gone and now you were free.

“TIG” Gemma shouted as she saw the curly hair man walked over to his bike. He looked at her waiting for her to go on with it. “Can you go remind your old lady about dinner? I think she might have forgotten since I told her yesterday, she isn’t picking up her phone.” Gemma thought for a moment “Have you heard from her?”

“No sorry Gem, I’ll go get her” Gemma nodded her head happily and made her way back to her office. Tig wouldn’t tell her that the only time he actually saw you lately had been at the clubhouse when you were working. He hasn’t been home in over month with all of the stress from the club he rather just stay there. Not bringing home any of the drama seemed like the right choice or as he thought. Pulling out of the lot, Tig was pretty happy to actually to be going home to you.

Disappointment washed over Tig’s face as he pulled up seeing your car gone. He thought that you were already gone to Gemma’s but was given his answer when he walked into the house. It felt different the minute he opened the door. Not really knowing why, Tig took out his gun getting ready to shoot if needed. Slowly making his way in he noticed everything was in it’s place. Still on alert he went to your guys bedroom. The gun hit the floor with a bang as he entered. His jaw dropped as he looked around the room, everything you owned was gone. Speechless, he didn’t know what to do. Where did you go? He knew that he hasn’t been the best man around lately but he didn’t think it would come to this. Grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the bottom drawer he laid on the bed, taking in your scent from your side. Tears fell from his eyes but he didn’t bother to wiped them. You were gone and Tig knew you weren’t coming back.

All eyes were Tig as he entered Gemma’s and Clay’s house stumbling. Clay quicking went over to him making sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. No one truly knew what was going on, only that Tig was half drunk in the kitchen but they all knew it was something bad when Tig broke down crying. He was never one for tears. Gemma made her way over the broken man with the others behind her, leaning down to him her heart broke at the slight.

“Tig baby, what’s wrong?” Tig didn’t answer just kept crying, wishing he brought the bottle of whiskey with him more than ever. “Tig did something happen?” still no answer just tears so Gemma try something, knowing where he came from. “Did you have a fight Y/N?” You weren’t here so Gemma knew it was something with you two but just didn’t know what. Tig cried harder at the sound of your name.

“She umm..” Tig was at a lost for words but managed to get out with a hoarse voice “Y/N left me” Tig looked up at everyone who now had shocked looked across their face.

“Honey how do-” Tig cut Gemma off and started to speak

“Her stuff is all gone and her phone is disconnect Gem, I knew I wasn’t good enough but I never thought she would leave without saying goodbye.” Tig brawled into Gemma chest not knowing how to get rid of the pain he felt. The clubs eyes were on their broken brother, they didn’t know that you guys weren’t alright and they wonder how come. They knew they needed to find you to fix this but if you didn’t want to be found, could they find you? Anger filled the room from what you had done. As Tig cry from pain everyone got to work to make sure you would be coming home. But Tig knew and so did Gemma as she also let tears fall. You weren’t coming home, you left this life for a reason and never looked back.

Seokjin and Yoongi Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang


B.A.P: Part IPart IIPart III; BTS: Part IPart IIPart III; EXO: Part IPart IIPart III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part IPart IIPart III ; Dean

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au


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take this burden - 43

[ cleopatra - the lumineers ]

‘I was late for the love of my life.’


He Tian sent Mo Guan Shan back to Jane, instructing her to teach him to make the staple drinks, entrusting Julio to keep them from drugging anyone.

He filled out some paperwork, signed paychecks, made sure the books had balanced the last month, and sent some emails about the upcoming event they’d been planning for Halloween, making sure they had the right permits and everything was up to date.

He signed off on Julio’s playlist, only crossing out a few. He’d only started doing that since they’d hosted 1960’s night and he’d played ‘what’s new pussycat’ four times in a row.

A text from Jian Yi told him the dude with the roofies was alright.

A call from Zhengxi told him they’d found enough benzos on the guy to charge him with intent to distribute, that he was lucky to have him as a friend, that he was a fucking idiot.

‘We only have room for one martyred, anti-hero, vigilante-fucking-justice drama queen in this part of town, and I like him more than you.’

‘Wow, Zhengxi, tell me how you really feel.’


He Tian joined Mo Guan Shan at the bar.

‘What can I get you?’ Mo Guan Shan asked with a grin.

‘Old fashioned, please.’

Jane directed him, listing the ingredients and measurements.

He Tian sipped the drink, making a face.

‘How about a beer?’ Mo Guan Shan asked weakly, pouring the drink down the drain.

He Tian laughed.

‘A beer would be great.’

He spent the next hour watching Jane coach a clueless Mo Guan Shan.

He hadn’t been lying, he truly is terrible at this.

Bartending skills aside, he couldn’t help but appreciate how good Mo Guan Shan looked behind the bar.

Behind his bar.

Excusing himself, he made rounds, making sure everything was running smoothly, at the optimal level of controlled chaos.

It was a surprisingly large crowd for a weeknight.

October was always a good month.

As far as Jane’s concerned, Halloween starts at the end of September and ends right before Christmas, so things were starting to get spooky.

She’d asked for several ridiculous things and he’d given her paperwork to fill out.

He’d be damned if he was going to hand her money for the excessive decorations if he couldn’t write it off as a business expense.

He made his way back to the bar with the intent of reminding her of it, but stopped a few yards away, leaning against the wall next to Julio.

‘Let’s go have a smoke.’

Julio nodded, following him into the crowd and out the back door.

He hadn’t been kidding when he’d told Mo Guan Shan that Julio was love with Jane.

It hurt to see him like this, watching Jane like they were separated by galaxies.

He Tian’s pessimism and dismissive attitude towards romance of any sort had stopped him from bringing it up.

‘You have to tell her.’ He Tian informed him, offering the other man a cigarette and lighting it for him. ‘She has no idea.’

Julio laughed bitterly.

‘She’s so far out of my league, dude.’

He Tian rolled his eyes.

‘Don’t be an idiot, you know she doesn’t think like that and she’d be furious if she heard you say it.

‘She’ll never feel the same way, it’ll just ruin our friendship.’

‘You need to tell her or move the fuck on dude. You’re making it more complicated than it needs to be.’

‘It doesn’t matter, she’s seeing someone.’

‘Excuses, excuses.’

Julio nodded, looking down at his feet and taking a drag.

‘Since when did you start giving romantic advice?’

‘Since tonight, apparently.’

‘I’m not sure if I like it.’

He Tian laughed.

‘I’m not sure if I like it either.’

‘Janie was telling me about your new boyfriend.’ Julio said, hoping the subject change would stick.

‘He’s not my boyfriend.’ He Tian responded immediately.

‘Is that why you were getting busy in your office? Or why you’ve been staring at him like a creep all night?’

‘Yes, Julio. That’s exactly why.’ He Tian’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

‘You like him though?’

He Tian hesitated for a moment.

‘Yeah. I do.’

‘So…’ Julio prompted.

‘It’s not that simple.’

‘Excuses, excuses.’

‘Shut up.’

They smoked in silence for awhile, watching the endless stream of taxis crawl by.

‘Got anymore valuable advice for me?’ Julio asked, flicking his cigarette into the alley.

He Tian opened the door.

‘Yeah, cut your hair.’

‘Fuck you.’


He Tian and Julio stepped back into the bar, both a bit more mindful of their staring.

Christ, they’re all adults here, why did this all feel so middle school?

An hour before closing, He Tian actually made it to the bar and Julio to the DJ booth.

Mo Guan Shan beamed at him, skin washed bright white, eyes shining like gold coins in the blue light.

He poured He Tian a shot of tequila, leaning across the bar to whisper in his ear.

‘I am SO bad at this.’

‘But you look absolutely gorgeous, that’s all you need for now.’

Mo Guan Shan pulled back giving him a small smile and pulling his lower lip between his teeth.

He Tian shooed him away, taking his shot, gesturing for another and returning his smile.

Pouring one for them both, Mo Guan Shan clinked their glasses together.

They tapped the shots on the bar, draining them and Mo Guan Shan was swept away by Jane.

Julio played a song for the four of them.

It took an hour after closing to clean the bar.

He Tian locked the doors and Mo Guan Shan followed him to the car.

‘That was embarrassing.’ Mo Guan Shan admitted.

‘Did you have fun?’ He Tian asked.

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘I really did.’

‘That’s all I want.’

‘What now?’

He Tian checked the time.

‘We could head home.’ He Tian suggested.

‘Or…’ Mo Guan Shan countered ‘we could go have one more drink to celebrate my first real day.’

He Tian grinned.

‘A man after my own heart.’

Drabble: I failed, I won

“Hey, I really love your writings! <3 If you could do #8 with Newt, it would be amazing! :)”

8: I tried my best not to feel anything for you. guess what? I failed!”

(A/N): I’m sorry ive been very inactive lately. I probably will be for a while. I am working on a large, original story. That’s what ive been focussing on. That, plus I have two other active blogs. So it’s hard to keep following my schedule. I’m sorry, I hope you understand. 

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Y/n was thinking, she could go, she could still make it. She could confess everything she had been holding in for the last couple of moths. If he rejected her, he would be gone, she wouldn’t have to see him for a few months. But if he did accept her, and things happened, she would have to miss him for a few months. 

But after all, the fear and pain of rejection took over. It always did. She couldn’t live like this, in fear, afraid. She was still doubting her decision, but she stood up, dragged herself out of the room, out of her house. She only lived a few streets from the haven. Her feet moved, even when she wanted to turn around. It was too late now, she was already on her way. 

The large entree was crowded, which wasn’t that strange, since the boat was about to leave. However, Y/n spotted the one she was looking for, she spotted Newt Scamander. She walked faster, her heart growing tighter and heavier. 

“Newt!” She called out when he was about to get on the boat. He had plenty of time, and she just needed a few minutes. He looked back and smiled when he saw Y/n. He walked towards her, people grumbling when he moved in the opposite direction. 

“Y/n, I thought you weren’t coming.” She gave him a half smile, he should have known she would come. 

“Come on, you don’t think I would let you leave just like that.” 

“I am coming back soon, you know that.” Newt smiled. Y/n chuckled and playfully hit his shoulder. 

“Yes, but you’ll be gone too damn long.” She huffed. Newt smiled and pulled her in for a hug. 

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Newt.” She pulled back and smiled while playing with the border of her shirt. “I also came to tell you something.” Newt raised his eyebrows. 

She took a deep breath, trying to grab the words. They didn’t come. 

“Y/n?” Y/n sighted, rubbed her forehead and pulled him in for a kiss. If she couldn’t tell him what she wanted, than she would have to show him.  The kiss was short, sweet, gentle. The few seconds that it lasted were amazing and awful. Newt didn’t kiss back. 

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t-”

“You just kissed me.” 

“Glad you noticed.” Y/n was almost as red as Newt. 

“But- why?” 

“Because I like you. I really tried my best not to feel anything for you. Well, guess what? I failed.” Her voice was soft, unsure and almost broken. If Newt would reject her, she would cry, she could feel it coming. “You can go now.” She whispered, voice now quivering as she looked down. 

“One more thing.” Newt said softly. She looked up, seeing him blush harder than she had ever seen before. “Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but for you…” He leaned down and kissed Y/n. His hands ran though her hair as Y/n kissed back and placed a hand on his chest. 

“I like you too.” He smiled. She smiled, to. 

“I think you should go now.” She said, looking into his eyes. “But when you come back, we have something to talk about, don’t we?” She giggled. 

“I think we do.” Newt blushed even harder when he awkwardly waved his goodbye. Y/n giggled and touched her lips when he turned around. She couldn’t believe what had happened. 

Memories- A Sirius Black Imagine (Part 8 of Alone Together)

A/N: Why hello there, long time no chat. I’m not even going to make excuses. I’m just apologizing. I figured I should post this now, otherwise I don’t think I’ll ever get it up. I’m sorry if it is shite, as I went for a more subtle approach. I’m also going to be doing an epilogue to the series, as soon as I come up with an idea for it lol. In the meantime, enjoy the last installment of Alone Together. It has been a wild ride, and I hope y’all like it. Warning: It is the longest thing I have written thus far for y’all. Thank you. :) 

Past Installments: Alone Together. (part 1) - Implementations. (part 2) - Routines. (part 3) - Replacements. (part 4) - Revelations. (part 5) - Walls Built. (part 6)  - Impenetrable. (part 7)

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It was three days later, during dinner in the Great Hall, when you got the letter. You didn’t think much of it at first, as the holidays were coming up and you thought it was probably a note from your mother confirming your plans for this break.

However, when you opened the note and recognized the swirling, neat cursive handwriting you furrowed your brows in confusion. You knew it was Sirius’ handwriting, as his upbringing forced him into countless penmanship classes throughout his childhood. He always had such perfect handwriting, something you remembered you were often jealous of.

Dear Y/N,

I know you don’t want to hear from me, you’ve made that apparent; but I need to see you. I want to apologize and explain everything. Meet me where you need me at 9 o’clock tonight.

Patiently waiting,


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