they are one of my favorite fanon right now

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Love all you're analysis. So I have to ask. Who's you're favorite character and why if you haven't already answered the question. And if you did answer he question, how do Yu feel about fanon Lance and how people treat him vs what the Narrative actually shows and tells us. Also there's always the character that's more or most important than the rest of the characters, who is it, and why do you think so. Also, do you think Hunks role as opposed to everyone else's role is unimportant to the story

This is a lot of questions to put in one ask. Uh, just sorta glossing over all of them briefly:

My favorites oscillate a lot! I think right now I’m really focusing on Lotor because he’s kinda the exciting new thing right now.

I think I’ve made my stance about fanon Lance very clear about a lot of posts. In general, with a show like VLD that has an overwhelmingly satisfying and nice canon I’d like to try and encourage things to try and hold as close to canon as possible.

I’d disagree that there’s always one character who’s most important. Voltron is a team show and it’s about a team. You could argue Shiro takes a bit of a central role but we’re also potentially facing a season without him and I don’t think those are mutually exclusive. I think Allura is probably the most central figure out of the team, but, also, we didn’t meet her until halfway through the pilot.

And, I think the thing about Hunk is it feels like people are asking for instant gratification for their fave right away when that’s not how the show works.

Watch season 1 and pay attention to Keith. Keith does not get central focus in any real episode in season 1. The biggest thing he does is get destroyed by a druid in s1e10 and then Zarkon in s1e11. He’s very back-burner, very subdued presence, and almost nothing about him and his history is explained.

Then season 2 rolled around and we got more Keith focus! He shifted much more to the front!

This shouldn’t tell you it was the Keith Show all along- this should tell you the spotlight is fluid. It should tell you that big Hunk plots are coming, even if they’re not here yet. Not every plot point can be thrown to the audience yet.

I mean, I’m pretty sure Hunk is inheriting Alfor’s Lion as the Yellow Paladin- but the paladins of old had deep, dark secrets, especially Alfor since the writers literally killed him off a second time in s1e9 because he knew too much. They can’t kill off Hunk the same way, so, they’re probably stuck keeping him in the dark until the team’s ready to know what Alfor did- in which case Hunk is gonna be our avenue there.

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1/2) I avoid Scott-centric fics or Scott is good fics (sometimes). Scott is not likeable to me, mainly because of his treatment of Stiles. Not because Stiles is my favorite (even though he is), but mainly because I know how it feels to be abandoned by your friend for a girl, ignored and treated as if everything is okay, and be selectively acknowledged when they need me, and not believed. Hell, I'm going through it right now. I can like fanon Scott to an extent, but canon Scott can choke. I even

2/2) saw a “fic” that was had a lost of stuff in fanon not actually in canon, and one was Scott being girl crazy and ditching his friends. Ummm, I’ve only seen some of the first season and scattered bits of others, and that’s what I saw Scott doing. Sounds fake feels fake.

So much of how we receive and interpret media is down to our personal experiences. The reasons you identify with a character might be completely different from the reasons I identify with that character, but both our reasons are valid. And both of them, coincidentally, have nothing to do with race. 

The thing is, we shouldn’t even have to justify why we like one character over another, because it really doesn’t matter. 

Let’s say I like Lydia and you don’t. As long as I’m not screaming at you that you’re obviously a misogynist, what the hell does it matter to either of us? I don’t own Lydia. I didn’t create her character. Why would I take it so personally if you don’t like her? 

But the Scott-stans are so ridiculously invested in this idea that they’re morally right and good, and that everyone who likes Stiles (it’s always Stiles, never Jackson or Isaac or another white character) more than Scott must only be that way because we’re racist, unwittingly or not. 

It’s lazy, it’s unsound reasoning, and it’s incredibly arrogant, because they get to tell themselves that they’re only ones who are smart enough to really see the truth, anon. 

It’s sophomoric bullshit purity wank.