they are one of my favorite fanon right now

Get to know me tag

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Relationship status? 

Single and very lonely and very desperate!

Last song listened to? 

I’m Not Your Hero by Tegan and Sara

Last book read? 

Warrior cats: Dawn. Yeah I know, I’m very late to the whole Warriors fandom thing but this is the first time I’ve actually read a book for please in years so I’m honestly kinda proud of myself.

Favorite color? 

Idk saying “rainbow” would be kinda a cop out, wouldn’t it? I guess I really like most shades of purple and green. mainly the light green I use for my blog and light purple. Very pastely.

Top 3 favorite characters?

Really any of my IDs or comfort characters, I’m too lazy too rank the top three right now.

top 3 ships? 

I don’t know, I honestly haven’t thought of most fanon parings lately. I ship a lot of my OCs and fan characters but no one really cares about those.

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