they are one of my favorite fanon right now

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Why are you so bothered by people defending Erwin ? Do you really even like him? I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just wondering because it seems strange to me

I, to start, am going to thank you (like I do everyone else nowadays who send me asks like this lmao this is sad) for not being a passive aggressive asshole. Okay now, let’s start. *takes a deep breath *

I fucking love Er-/-win. He’s my favorite. (When I can get on my laptop, if that ever possible jfc, I plan on changing my theme to include him, Eren and Mikasa along with le-/-vi to fit my tastes lmao. He’s one of my favorite characters, despite what the fandom thinks. I’m so defensive of him (in my own way )BECAUSE of how the fandom treats him.

Okay now I’m not bothered by people defending him, you know, actual him and not fanon him, but when you get your panties in a wad over everything involving said character that sad.

Like? There was no reason to get all defensive in that case. It was a joke!! Ofc you can’t actually blame a fictional character other than go “dammit erw-/-in” it was meant to be a joke. And hell, anon was right. Erw-/-in sent him on a suicide mission basically (even if le-/-vi was meant to defeat bt, Erw-/-in still sent him to do it, he’s the reason le-/-vi went, end of story) and Lev-/-i can’t actually blame erw-/-in either, because how can he if he’s dead?? If le-/-vi dies when defeating bt (which I don’t think he will) it WILL be Er-/-win’s fault because he sent him on the mission.

In a way, Erw-/-in is a ‘go do this and that’ leader, which kind of makes him a target. Not in a bad way, but because he doesn’t actually do much himself. See, there’s a difference in bringing a character down and analyzing them correctly (not saying you said that) like the only credible time he went for for something himself other than make a plan was when he cut eren free (and that was because he needs eren, let’s be honest)

In the end, all that was unnecessary, especially the block part, which isn’t too put there because erw-/-in stans are fucking block happy. But yeah that’s that.