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did anyone else kind of gravitate towards other lgbtq people before you realized you were lgbtq?

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(Same Anon asking about the blue sect) I really don’t mean to be annoying BUT I can’t help but wonder why Lizzie’s of all people started LIVING with the sect? When I was reading the chapters, Paula(Lizzie’s maid, i can remember if that’s her name) said she didn’t want Lizzie to cry anymore, and that Lizzie is “Where she belongs”—does she mean that Lizzie is supposed to be with the blue sect? Basically, why is Lizzie with them and how. (You don’t have to answer if it’s too much to explain)

Hi again. ^^ Paula surely meant that Lizzy ‘belongs’ to that place because real Ciel is there. And that’s surely the reason Lizzy is staying with the cult. She found out the truth about our Ciel’s identity and since she’s engaged to the real Ciel she felt it was her duty to stay by his side, even if that makes her unhappy. :/


I’ve grown used to him // How about My Queen?


redrew/vamped the….. hamily for an au……..

(also yes, i know that philip ii was named philip bc philip died, i gave it a different reason in this au ok)


“An unhealthy INFP with a Fi-Si loop can experience extreme withdrawal from the external world, while having a Te grip can cause harsh, aggressive outbursts of negative emotion and is likely to happen if they’ve suffered some kind of significant emotional turmoil, particularly if that turmoil involved a prolonged disregard of the INFP’s values, emotions, or identity.” (x)

star wars personality types → kylo ren, as of the force awakens ( insp. )

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((its actually hella therapeutic to write ’you love who you love’ over and over who knew))