they are not..!!!

Depression is not beautiful.

Anxiety is not adorable.

Suicidal thought is not romantic.

Dissociation is not sweet day-dreaming.

Self-harm is nothing to be proud of.

Mental illnesses don’t make you edgy, nor wise. They are disgusting feelings that haunt you everyday and night. They are the reason why your life falls apart and you always feel miserable.

Stop romanticizing mental illnesses. Thank you.

a thing for @whereisbarton, of our twin mirkwood elf oc’s, Laerendor (left) and  Maedhrohir.(right) <3 They act as guards to our main elf oc’s doot doot

People who’s like ‘yuri is a fifteen yo high schooler let him be at his age stop shipping him’ yeah bro just let him be at his age. THAT is the point!! Idk which high schoolers you are talking about but i’m sure that i’ ve never seen them. Would you like to hear about high schoolers ( even 3rd year mid schoolers) I know??? Y'all can be sure that that is not as pure as you thought. They are watching porn in fucking class. ( you can think the other things) This is the reality and also the thing what we call physical growth. I am not trying to say they should make something sexual. but if something happens (romantically or sexually) it’s not pedophilia. …And age gap….. seriously????

a note on vikturi

ok i dont care if we never see them kiss again for the rest of the show it is official they have taken the plunge and they can’t take it back.

Running to each other in the airport? a kiss on the fingertips?
The proposal comment? these are romance tropes. this is a romance.

yuri and viktor are falling in love. it may not be center stage because the story is about more than that, but you cannot deny that it is part of the story and will inform the character’s development.


“be my coach until i retire!”


“i hope you never retire”


i want to be with you forever.