they are not there for the lannisters

Honestly can’t wait for jaime to get to winterfell..can you imagine the interactions..brienne…starks…BRAN… northerners….snarking at jon…daenerys when she finds out cersei’s not coming…


Under the Great Sept’s lofty dome of glass and gold and crystal, Lord Tywin Lannister’s body rested upon a stepped marble bier. At its head Jaime stood at vigil, his one good hand curled about the hilt of a tall golden greatsword whose point rested on the floor. The hooded cloak he wore was as white as freshly fallen snow, and the scales of his long hauberk were mother-of-pearl chased with gold. Lord Tywin would have wanted him in Lannister gold and crimson, she thought. It always angered him to see Jaime all in white.


Jaime’s weirwood dream, y’all!!!



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“Don’t go,” he shocked himself by saying. “Stay and talk to me. It’s so dull in here.”

Holy shit, Jamie’s hand was chopped off by a Dothraki sellsword in the books with an arakh, the trademark Dothraki blades. A lone Dothraki in westeros chops Jamie Lannisters hand, it has to mean something! What could it mean?

Jon’s right hand is burnt & the fact that it’s burnt is constantly mentioned & Jamie’s is chopped by a Dothraki. There’s something fishy going on here, fire & blood fishy, I can smell it!

GoT Afterlife

imagine Oberyn chasing Rhaegar in the afterlife. “Elia Martell, say her name, you cheated on her, you divorced her, YOU DELEGITIMIZED HER CHILDREN! “