they are not the same thing!

the-sakura-dragon  asked:

Oh my goodness I love your art so much!! <3 It always makes me smile and feel so happy! And it's just *so beautiful* :)) Also if you want, ♥ Fai and Kurogane ♥ :)

ahhh not at all!! thank you so much for liking my little doodles that dont make sense ahahah// here’s a fai and kurogane!

tervmob  asked:

(yo it's teru from the chat, i'm the one who suggested gay teru dealing with comp het) okay now correct me if i'm wrong but??? there is no canon indication that postmob teru holds ANY interest in girls??? has he ever even thought abt a girl again??? (except for that time he said girl's look at mob bc he's so handsome) but really. all he cares abt now is mob

YEAH TBH HE….i mean he still accepts gifts from girls but i doubt he even has a gf anymore i mean the fact that he has thousands of girls falling over him and doesnt even have a gf makes me really feel that he might….not…… girls