they are not his weakness and they never will be

So often when people make mistakes, they get down on themselves and think, “If only…” “I should have…” “What if…?” It’s easy to feel like you’ve missed the best plan for your life. That’s when people get discouraged and stop pursuing their God-given dreams. But understand today, just because you’ve made a mistake or failed in some way doesn’t cancel God’s plan. God never disqualifies you. He never says, “Go sit on the sidelines. You’ve blown it too many times. You’ve got too many weaknesses.” No, God always gives you another chance!

Some of the great people in the Bible made very poor choices. The apostle Paul started off as a murderer, yet his destiny was bigger than his mistakes. He ended up becoming a great leader and writing over half of the New Testament.

What am I saying? Our mistakes, our failures, our poor choices don’t have to keep us from our God-given destiny. With God, it’s not about the way you start in life, it’s about the way you finish. Receive His grace today and embrace the bright future He has in store for you!

When You’re Down And Don’t Know How To Get Back Up

Alistair simply holds you, letting you rest or cry or find your balance against his shoulder. He may not know what to say, but he doesn’t need to say anything. In his arms you feel safe and protected and loved. You can let yourself break apart with him for a little while, and you know he’ll never think less of you for seeing your moment of weakness.

Cullen takes your hand and tells you of all the times you beat the odds, of all those moments when you thought you couldn’t go on but somehow managed to rise to the challenge anyway. He reminds you that you are an amazing and strong and worthy person. He knows without a doubt that you will win this battle, and you know that he will be by your side every step of the way.

Anders makes sure you take good care of yourself. Even when he forgets to feed himself, he arranges for you to have regular hearty meals. His healing spells ease your tension and help you sleep, even when you didn’t realize how tired you really were. When you need to talk he listens, and when your mind is too restless for talking he always knows where to find a friendly cat to purr in your lap for a little while.

Garrus watches and listens and then formulates a plan in silence. If you don’t pay attention, you barely notice him, but somehow everything runs a little smoother, the burden feels a little lighter in so many ways. And when he sees the opportunity, he whisks you away for a few hours of respite and excitement. It may not be something you thought you’d like, but somehow it is exactly what you need, and the memory of those perfect moments makes everything else seem worthwhile after all.

The Weakness of Mars

Part seven of Hourglass (x)

Scott Tracy does not cry.

Perhaps once he did, when shadows licked the walls of his imagination with their eerie dance and a haunting carousal was born of shapes that never quite existed. They existed enough to make him dream, to force a yell for his mother as tears lurked where horrors lay.

But he is older now, and he knows the difference between reality and delusion.

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[sharply inhales]
Stanley’s posture and look when Dipper says ‘Ford knows Bill’s weakness’ was really odd, he almost seems surprised, and instead of getting up and excited like everyone else, he’s hunched over like he’s trying to hide

it’s also interesting that Stanley doesn’t want to go after his brother, or save the town, or do anything really
he was practically being treated like the king and had his own little ‘throne’ surrounded by monsters doing his bidding


i like drawing featherweight w his hair down even tho hes almost never actually like that bc i know it means he recently got the shit kicked out of him

he gets the shit kicked out of him all the time

he rly throws himself into fights wholeheartedly and then is just Too Weak,,,

Continuing today’s thing of tying SnK characters to each other, thanks to @justasafehaven31 for reminding me of Armin and Bertolt comparisons. On that particular note of them both giving up on the world, I have nothing to add (this is me explaining that you should go read it so I don’t have to type as much). However, looking at both characters in general becomes a lot of fun.

Armin’s most obvious connection to the RAB trio is through Annie. Having those scenes animated helps with that. But if you look at general roles, you have Reiner :: Eren as the director of their trios, Annie :: Mikasa as the stoic badass, and Bertolt :: Armin as the misfit.

It feels like a long time ago now (it was), but one of the major developments in the first half of the anime is Armin realizing that his friends value him.

Armin looks at his physical weakness and resents himself. Mikasa and Eren are always saving him. He never does anything in return.

Learning that Mikasa and Eren never saw him that way is a revelation.

Armin has always been their friend. The fact that they regularly get into fights to protect him when he can’t rescue himself doesn’t mean anything to them. He’s theirs, and he’s brilliant, and they’d never think of looking down on him.

Bertolt’s best friend flat-out tells him that he doesn’t really think of him as reliable. Reiner amends it with, “Until now,” but throughout everything they’ve been through together, Bertolt’s inherent value is barely recognized.

Of course Reiner cares for him, and will fight like hell to protect him, but that doesn’t say anything about Bertolt the person.

In the Shiganshina Trio, Armin feels inferior despite his friends’ good opinion. In RAB, Bertolt feels inferior, and his friend’s perspective does little to counter that.

request for: anon 


okay so luke had a day off from touring and he decided to spend it with you at your place and you were blasting music from your sound system and y'know how sometimes the song gets rEALLY INFECTIOUS so both of you were like dancing around and luke picked you up and spun you around in the air (cliché but) and his hand kind of just caught a weak spot in your back and you squirmed so he put you down and stared at you with a knowing smile and you were just there like “what” and he goes “never knew you were so ticklish y/n” and he has this mischievous look on his face that you know sO VERY WELL and before you can even process it he starts chasing you with his hands out and both of you are just sprinting around your flat and you’re shrieking “luCAS HEMMINGS DONT TOUCH ME” and “I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU TICKLE ME” and “FUCK OFF OH MY GOD STOP IT” and then you both collapse on the floor in fits of giggles how cute 


you and michael were spooning in bed in a random ass hotel room listening to david bowie together (rip) and he was big spoon and you were lil spoon and you weren’t really talking just listening to bowie but his hand had pulled up your shirt and his fingers were trailing up and down your bare back which was soothing and you felt yourself falling asleep uNTIL his hand moved to your waist which was really fricking sensitive and ticklish so you jumped and he was like “dafuq” and you just whispered “im really ticklish there” wHICH YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID bc michael - who grinned and suddenly became very very awake - practically hurled you off of him, pinned you down on the bed and tickled you like it was the last thing he would ever do and omg that little fucker 


imagine you’re a youtuber and your bf calum has been pestering you to let him be in one of your videos so you finally got round to filming a q&a with him and one of the twitter questions is “where are you most ticklish?” so you say you hate your neck being touched and oF COURSE that little wanker reaches out and strokes your neck and you literally squeal and fling your phone across the room and calums there pissing himself laughing but you find it SO UNFUNNY and for the rest of the video he keeps touching your neck creepily until you slap him :-) 


okay so you’ve fallen asleep on ashton’s sofa again and he’s there like “fucks sake y/n” so he picks you up bridal style and carries you into his room but his hand kind of brushes against the back of your knee and he doesn’t know that’s your most ticklish spot so you jerk back into consciousness and you’re like “oi you don’t touch there” and he goes “oh you’re ticklish there are you?” with that stupid little smirk on his face that we all know so well and you’re like shit but then he says “hmmm I’ll save that fact for later” and winks at you and tHE SENSE OF FEAR YOU’RE FEELING IS REAL MAN OMG 

open to requests! just be patient :)

Sexual / Romantic orientation

Heavily uninterested at first glance. Cullen does not prioritize love over
anything. It’s nice in theory, but Cullen recognizes that not only does he
have an obligation to the Inquisition first, but current situations do not
mean he will not end up dead anyway, even away from battle. The lyrium
addiction is one of his biggest concerns when it comes to relationships
that are strong, even platonic ones.

His main concerns are that if someone sees him when he is weak, they
will never stop treating him like he needs help all the time. He doesn’t
want to be coddled by anyone, no matter how much he needs it. Someone
who understands, but does not overbear is what he really wants and it
doesn’t even have to be romantic. There is also the part where he is
very strong, and to share a bed with someone may put them at risk if
he has nightmares and lashes out.

As for his sexual orientation, he looks and that’s about it. No active
sexual ties are present, and even then he’s not looking and mostly not
interested in the notion unless he’s with someone romantically.

We saw Deadpool, which was… honestly it was mostly a good movie, I just didn’t walk out of the theater excited because it ended on such a weak plot. Like. Minor spoilers below.

The entire thing revolves around Wade Wilson trying to hunt down the man who made him ugly because he’s certain that his fiancé will never love him like that. And… okay? That’s the most boring and pointless fucking plot you could’ve shoved in there.

I mean, it’s a movie about Deadpool. It’s like porn, or a Taisen movie: all you really need is a flimsy pretext for the action. The whole “he did it all for the love of a woman he was already engaged to!” parade is not only dull; it doesn’t even make sense.

Here is a better idea: Wade Wilson goes home after the experimentation. His fiancé takes one look at him and says, “Oh honey, what did they do to you? No, don’t worry, of course I love you. So how are we gonna fuck this guy up?” And then the movie continues exactly the same, without the pretense of being a love story (also, be real: who goes to see Deadpool for a love story? honestly what the fuck).

There were some… unnecessary jokes. I expected more, or more explicit ones, but just because they could’ve been worse doesn’t make them okay. A couple jokes about CSA, one thinly veiled rape threat, and of course the obligatory “wow this woman with super-strength is obviously a man.” If you need specific descriptions, let me know.

But for the most part, it was… good. A lot better than I expected. -Definitely not for kids. It wasn’t as gory as I expected, still violent obviously, but there was an awful lot of sex for a movie about a guy who thinks he’s too ugly to fuck. But it was campy and mostly fun and the cheesy one-liners were actually funny (and not just forced or over-the-top). Negasonic Teenage Warhead gets my vote for Best Character.

It’s just, this weak plot is like having a great birthday party, and your friends are there, and you have cake and ice cream and everything’s great, and then you open your present, and it’s a re-gifted sweater three sizes too small and a card addressed to someone else.

Also, if your Deadpool is still hot when he’s in full body ugly-makeup, you’ve done something wrong.


Gabriel was feeling all sorts of anxious, he hadn’t seen his mother since he left wonderland for oysterland what four years ago? But she had sent an S.O.S through the mirrors. Something had Violet Grimes scared enough to message him. 

He looked to Rocket– he never did quite remember her name, he never had been good with them. Nicknames served much better for his memory. “ Wanna see where I come from?” Honestly, The cat wasn’t being friendly as much as he wanted insurance that he could get back to this world whenever his business in wonderland was done. If he had an oyster both his mother and his Father would want him to send the girl back. Let’s call Rocket escape plan A.

“We’re gonna have to mirror travel as I am no rabbit. Now there are rules, one at a time and seeing as you’re just an oyster. I’ll have to open the realm between realms… hold your breath as you pass through the mirror, you don’t want it getting in to your nose. That’s never fun. Once inside stick close, I’ll take you through the right mirror home. Its gonna be a little cold, and the air there is thick but smooth moving through it. Come with me and your whole world will get that much bigger.” 

He flashed his wide grin and held out his hand for her.

escurochi asked:

ladynoir: "Tell me one thing you've never told anybody else."


i literally almost cried writing this btw im so weak.



It is a perfect night. The kind where the air tastes like summer and the heat from the sun still bakes on the concrete, where the wind slides over skin like silk and a few stars burn just bright enough to make someone wonder.

Chat Noir wonders about Ladybug. He wonders what her favorite food is. What kind of shows does she like to watch? Does she prefer spicy or sweet? His curiosity about her has always been a nudge in his thoughts, ever since the day he met her. But now? Now that he knows how she tastes but not how many freckles she has under her mask? Now he’s insatiable when it comes to her.

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How would you refute someone who trivialises Kaneki's development during the Aogiri arc (i.e. his transition from Kuroneki to Shironeki) as Kaneki goes from a 'wimp to a badass'?

Oh man, that classic argument.

First and foremost, Kaneki prior to his torture wasn’t a wimp. He might have viewed himself as weak, but then again Kaneki is probably his own worst critic.

Kaneki had only been a Ghoul for about two months when Aogiri took him. e started out as an absolutely ordinary college student, a normal kid that had never so much as tried to punch anyone. He was also a victim of abuse, having learned and internalized all kinds of unhealthy ideas about himself.

His hesitance to fight and give into violence makes even MORE SENSE now that we know his mother was physically abusive to him. Many victims of childhood abuse are fearful of becoming just like their abusers. This is another way in which the Black Goat’s Egg reflects Kaneki’s life – he lived in fear of becoming violent and abusive just like his mother. So he was even more hesitant to use violence, and feared both his power and how good giving into his instincts felt.

But even so, Kaneki was still pretty strong even before his torture. He learned to break arms through reading a book, broke Amon’s Quinque and beat him to a stand-still, and got in some decent hits against Tsukiyama. (Tsukiyama is compared to a World-class Boxer by another Ghoul, to explain his level of strength.)

During the escape attempt, Kaneki faces the S-Rated Bin Brothers alone. He manages to beat one of them in a one-on-one fight, through RIPPING A LAMP POST out of the ground and using it to beat the guy upside the head. Kaneki was strong even then, simply not on the same level as Yamori. That doesn’t make him a wimp, it just means that he hadn’t managed to hit the Big Times until the torture gave him a boost.

As we’ve learned in :Re, injury actually makes Ghouls stronger because it causes the RC pathways to spread through the body. So Kaneki’s torture gave him a huge boost, and then he further boosted it through eating Yamori’s flesh. In terms of his mental state, he reaches a point where he embraces the very things he feared before. While on the surface, it SEEMS like a positive change……the narrative proves to us that it ultimately wasn’t a good thing.

Kaneki went overboard, throwing away his support and trying to become as much of a monster as his enemies. He was an emotional wreck, sacrificing his sanity and his morals in a reckless pursuit of strength. And it ended up destroying him, while he was unable to save anyone that he cared about.

Neither state was necessarily a good thing. Kaneki simply traded one unhealthy attitude and coping mechanism for another. He went from living in fear of becoming a monster, to basically trying to force himself to be one as much as possible. And he ultimately realized it was entirely out of selfishness and fear, rather than to protect the people he loved.

Now, we’re seeing him repeating that pattern. He’s gone from being afraid, to kind of accepting things, to embracing cruelty and throwing away his humanity. These aren’t good things, and it certainly isn’t going from “wimp to badass”. It’s just going from one kind of damaged state to another.

Let’s talk about Sam not understanding why the Banshee went after Dean.

Let’s talk about even after everything Sam still sees Dean as this invincible hero who never shows weakness or has any vulnerability. 

Let’s talk about how Sam still believes his brother is strong enough to be okay.

After we are done talking about this can you pass me the tissues. 

Prologue 1 - The Sound of Silence

Fandom: Undertale
Main Characters: Frisk (gender neutral), Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, also ft. Toriel, Asgore… and….. others….
Mature rating: body horror, occasional bad language, complicated themes
Spoilers: Up the wazoo
Setting: This takes place 1 year after the end of The Best of Times, the Worst of Times.

Go HERE for chapter listings.

PROLOGUE ONE - Twenty-Four Hours Before

Undyne was losing.

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You’ll have a hard time convincing me Andrew isn’t secretly super resentful of his height. Like he’d never show it, because it would be like admitting weakness, but good luck convincing me that there isn’t some point in his life where he needs Nicky or Kevin to reach something for him, and he stands there completely blank faced but on the inside his brain is chanting a chorus of “fuck you fuck this bullshit fuck the ground for being too low” underscored by the sound of like, dogs snarling and sirens blaring.


Avatar the Last Airbender really developed the characters personalities to match their element, and I never even noticed.

Toph is Earth as fuck, stubborn, kinda indulgent and lazy, but tough as shit and gets shit done when it’s necessary, Aang is optimistic, positive and whimsical, really good at solving people’s problems and reaching compromise and tries to keep things light, Katara is emotional and cares intensely about her loved ones but she isn’t weak and rolls with the punches and adapts to difficult situations gracefully, and of fucking course hothead Zuko blows his gasket ever so easily and he won’t stop at anything to get what he wants and he’s really intense and impossible to ignore

and Sokka… uh… just keeps comin’ back no matter how many times he gets thrown. Boomerang power.

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Oikawa's fans try to intimidate his s/o but she is unfazed and teases them back by flaunting her and Oikawa's sex life in their faces. When Oikawa comes to intervene, his s/o aggressively makes out with him in front of his fans.

Dating Oikawa Tooru was not for the weak of heart. It wasn’t the man himself who was the problem. It was the swarms of women who seemed to flock around him at all hours of the day. They were constantly plying him with gifts, begging for pictures and asking him to join them for dinners and trips to the bar.

You never felt like you had a reason to worry with him. He always politely declined the dates with a smile, accepting the gifts and sharing them with you later, laughing easily at some of the more interesting proposals—like the time he got a pair of panties in a plastic bag.

No, the problem was the women who seemed to lose the ability to think rationally when they discovered that he had a girlfriend. It was like he gave off a “crazy” pheromone. You’d been approached by them more times than you could count, barraged by threats and taunts, even attacked once—though that had been easy enough to fend off.

Which is why it didn’t come as a shock when you were waiting outside the gym, face buried in a book, and you suddenly found yourself in someone’s shadow. You heaved a sigh as you glanced up, meeting the faces of three young women. They were doing their best to look dangerous. You recognized one of them from a class you had last year.

“Can I help you?” you asked lazily.

“You can back off of Oikawa-san, if you know what’s good for you,” the woman directly in front of you said pointedly.

You rolled your eyes, returning your attention to the book in your lap. Her indignant scoff made the corner of your mouth quirk up.

“I’m not kidding,” she added.

“I’m sure you’re not,” you replied airily.

“You’re a self-important bitch,” she retorted. “Oikawa’s too good for you, and you know it. That’s why you’ve got him under your spell. We know you did it to the last guy you dated to, right?”

“Right,” the girl who was in your class spoke up.

“He doesn’t deserve to be saddled with trash,” the first girl said firmly.

“And let me guess,” you sighed. “You’re the ones who deserve him?”

“There’s probably no one who actually deserves him,” the second girl scoffed.

“You talk about him like he’s a god,” you chuckled.

“He’s not a god, but he’s perfect, and that’s why you don’t deserve him.”

“Oh, if only you know how perfect…” you mused.

“What the hell does that mean?” the second girl asked.

You had hoped they would rise to the bait. Normally, you tried to ignore the fangirls. But these three were particularly irritating. And you just couldn’t help yourself.

“He’s the most perfect when he’s on his back, shaking and squirming, begging for me,” you noted idly, flipping to the next page of your book. “And oh does he beg.”

“You’re such a slut,” the first woman spat.

“So perfect when I’m making a mess out of him,” you went on. “He likes when I bite too. If only you could see what’s under those clothes. If you look close, you can probably catch the ones I left on his neck last night.”


“Hmmm, and he loves it. He eats it right up… Eats everything right up,” you said.

You snapped the book in your lap shut, finally deigning to look at the women in front of you. The two behind the ringleader looked visibly uncomfortable, while the one in the center looked murderous.

“I guess there is such a thing as a succubus, huh?” she growled.

“I suppose so,” you conceded.


“Right on time,” you smirked.

You rose from the bench and turned to see Oikawa hastening toward you, adjusting the bag on his shoulder. He was still sweaty from practice. But you had to deal the finishing blow. You closed the distance between the two of you, grabbed his collar, and pulled him down for a kiss, smashing his mouth against yours. Your tongue slipped between his lips, and he responded eagerly. When the fingers of your free hand tangled in his hair, he practically growled. You pulled away with a gasp, and you were pleased to see a hungry look in his eyes.

“Shall we get going?” you asked sweetly.

Oikawa slipped an arm around your waist and dragged you away from the gaping women, desperate to get you somewhere alone. You glanced over your shoulder at them and saw how they had paled. Even the ringleader looked at a loss for words. You waved lazily at them before returning your attention to Oikawa.

“Am I your succubus, Tooru?” you asked curiously. “Are you under my spell?”

“Trapped for eternity, I’m afraid,” he replied.

“Good,” you laughed.

your fav is problematic: markiplier

- cries because puppies

- cries because he loves his subscribers SO. MUCH.

- hates peas

- there is seriously 0% explanation for his hair and i don’t think we will never know

- his smiles r so intense his cheeks get all cute and his eyes close because his smile is THAT intense

- owns like two shirts and maybe half a sock and like 30 gym shorts #fashionista

- tiny things are his weakness

- claims he’s like half an inch tall and then gets angry when people make fun of his height

- his laugh is so cute?? its like deep but it sounds like a baby giggle???????? further proof he is a man child 

Here’s religious!Dan and bamf!Phil headcanons that no one asked for lmao:

-Phil convincing Dan to come over and Dan actually agreeing bc this bad boy is so exciting and new to him

-Phil pinning Dan up against a wall and making out with him the second they get inside the house

-Dan stops him and Phil asks if something is wrong with a sly grin on his face, knowing Dan is going to want more

-“Is there something wrong, baby boy?”

-hearing Phil call him that made Dan’s knees go weak

-Dan was never allowed to do or participate in anything remotely sexual so he got turned on very easily, this being one of those times

-Phil, noticing the bulge in dans pants, decides to tease the poor boy

-“Getting a little excited there, church boy?”

-Phil continues to masterfully talk dirty to Dan, causing Dan to blush a deep shade of red and quiver slightly. He was nervous about what was surely going to happen between him and the new boy

-The minute Phil slips his fingers past Dan’s waistband, Dan comes on the spot, all the pleasure at once was too overwhelming for him

-Dan starts sweating and stammers an apology to Phil (and to God) about how much he didn’t mean to do it and he just couldn’t help himself

-Phil lets him go, eager to see him again

-Dan rushes home, changes clothes, grabs a bible and starts praying for forgiveness because Lord knows this new boy is the word sin personified into a gorgeous, tall, tattooed sex master with piercing blue eyes to match his dyed hair

My legs keep me balanced and I walk upon grass and sand and mud with them, they never fail me,

My legs are supposed to be soft and cushioned, not jagged and hard,

My stomach is a cushion that my love can lay his head on to rest from a long day,

My stomach may bloat and hurt but I shall love it nonetheless because the more I love it, the more I love myself.

My arms are supposed to be strong, not frail and weak,

My arms keep up when everything else has fallen down, my arms hold me in the night and comfort.

My smile is supposed to fill others with happiness and joy.

My smile brings me happiness and joy on some rare days.

He loves my legs,
My stomach,
My arms,
My smile

And so shall I.