they are not as flexible as they used to be

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Vader-- 17, 38

17. Scars

I’ll give you two on this one. (I have… a lot of opinions, since by the end of his life Vader has much more scar tissue than he does intact, unaffected skin.) 

A. Because scar tissue is stiffer and less flexible than undamaged skin, it can seriously restrict range of motion. To ensure that he could breathe (as best he could, anyway) without the scars restricting his lungs, Vader needed extensive surgery to release the contractures affecting his chest. I don’t know a ton about surgical burn treatment, but from what little I do know I think this probably involved use of a procedure called a Z-plasty (there is a small, minimally graphic photo demonstrating the procedure about 2/3rds down this page, FYI). This would leave him with these obvious zig-zag markings up his sides, disrupting the older, waxy-looking burn scars. 

B. Even more troublesome than the external scars are the internal ones. As a result of repeated injuries and surgeries (to address wounds or make life support-related modifications, etc), Vader developed adhesions, which are basically internal bands of scar tissue that link things that shouldn’t be linked. The damage from these internal structures, and attempts to fix them, resulted in the removal of some of his guts. (IE, this is how I explain Vader’s digestive system without defaulting to “well he definitely just has a space colonoscopy bag.” They just mangled him so badly that they had to take out some or all of his lower GI tract.) Because of this, I don’t think that Vader can eat solid food; he can probably drink some fluids, but may find it uncomfortable. 

38. Sympathy 

Once Vader learns his true destiny, he isn’t… attached to things, anymore, or people. The only thing that he can have and keep is his master and his purpose. Wanting anything else is unavoidable, perhaps, but futile— and between his work and his grief, he is too exhausted for futile tasks. 

Even as this is the case, though, he can’t give up the sympathy he has for his clone troopers. His men are loyal, and they know their purpose as well as he knows his own. He can’t free them from that destiny, but he doesn’t treat them as brutally as he does other members of the Imperial military who attract his ire. 

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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

What’s next for NASA? A quick look at some of the big things coming up:

1. We will add to our existing robotic fleet at the Red Planet with the InSight Mars lander set to study the planet’s interior.

This terrestrial planet explorer will address one of the most fundamental issues of planetary and solar system science - understanding the processes that shaped the rocky planets of the inner solar system (including Earth) more than four billion years ago.

2. The Mars 2020 rover will look for signs of past microbial life, gather samples for potential future return to Earth.

The Mars 2020 mission takes the next step by not only seeking signs of habitable conditions on the Red Planet in the ancient past, but also searching for signs of past microbial life itself. The Mars 2020 rover introduces a drill that can collect core samples of the most promising rocks and soils and set them aside in a “cache” on the surface of Mars.

3. The James Webb Space Telescope will be the premier observatory of the next decade, studying the history of our Universe in infrared.

Webb will study every phase in the history of our Universe, ranging from the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of solar systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, to the evolution of our own solar system.

4. The Parker Solar Probe will “touch the Sun,” traveling closer to the surface than any spacecraft before.

This spacecraft, about the size of a small car, will travel directly into the sun’s atmosphere about 4 million miles from our star’s surface. Parker Solar Probe and its four suites of instruments – studying magnetic and electric fields, energetic particles, and the solar wind – will be protected from the Sun’s enormous heat by a 4.5-inch-thick carbon-composite heat shield.

5. Our OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at the near-Earth asteroid Bennu in August 2018, and will return a sample for study in 2023.

This mission will help scientists investigate how planets formed and how life began, as well as improve our understanding of asteroids that could impact Earth.

6. Launching in 2018, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will search for planets around 200,000 bright, nearby stars.

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is the next step in the search for planets outside of our solar system (exoplanets), including those that could support life. The mission will find exoplanets that periodically block part of the light from their host stars, events called transits.

7. A mission to Jupiter’s ocean-bearing moon Europa is being planned for launch in the 2020s.

The mission will place a spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter in order to perform a detailed investigation of Europa – a world that shows strong evidence for an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust and which could host conditions favorable for life.

8. We will launch our first integrated test flight of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft, known as Exploration Mission-1.

The Space Launch System rocket will launch with Orion atop it. During Exploration Mission-1, Orion will venture thousands of miles beyond the moon during an approximately three week mission.

9. We are looking at what a flexible deep space gateway near the Moon could be.

We’ve issued a draft announcement seeking U.S. industry-led studies for an advanced solar electric propulsion (SEP) vehicle capability. The studies will help define required capabilities and reduce risk for the 50 kilowatt-class SEP needed for the agency’s near-term exploration goals.

10. Want to know more? Read the full story.

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make me choose@palleginamesrei asked: bloodborne or dark souls

“These hunts have everyone all locked up inside. Waiting for it to end…It always does, always has, y'know. Since forever. But it won’t end very nicely, not this time. Even some folks hiding inside are goin’ bad. The screams of womenfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts… none of em’s too uncommon now. Yharnam’s done fer, I tell ya…”


7 Reasons Why You Need To Try Yoga

In the spirit of No Fear Friday, let’s talk about trying something new - yoga! Here are some of the benefits practicing yogis experience both on and off their mats:

1. Yoga brain. Yoga is a great way to destress, moving into the body in this way leads to what some refer to as “yoga brain” which is an intense feeling of calm & relaxation that follows us for hours after our session.

2. Increased flexibility. Being flexible leads to better posture and the ability to perform better athletically, it can also make sex more enjoyable. Flexibility is important for our muscles because it allows nutrients to enter the tissues and let toxins out with ease.

3. Increased muscle strength and tone. Fad diets and supplements are always raving on about how they can help us to lose weight, get strong and tone up; well here’s something that won’t fail and doesn’t have any dangerous side effects - practicing yoga regularly.

4. Improved vitality. Yoga is all about the breath and moving into the body - the breath is the life force energy and when we concentrate on conscious breathing we can feel the energy inside us rise up. A regular yoga practice can reverse conditions like chronic fatigue - if accompanied by good nutrition.

5. Balanced metabolism. The movement of the body flowing from one pose to another helps to boost our metabolism which burns calories. An essential component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is burning more calories than we put into our bodies.

6. Heart health. Yoga is considered moderate exercise and just 30 minutes of yoga a day can protect our hearts from diseases like heart disease and COPD. 

7. Protection from injury. Moving into the body and stretching regularly prevents injuries because we are not sitting stagnant which causes joints and muscles to become stiff and tight - which makes them more prone to injury.

Yoga is not for the flexible, it’s for the willing.

Peace & positive vibes.

10 Things I Learned as an Interviewer for the Interviewee

As a fourth year medical students (yikes) I was able to become an interviewer for my medical school. So yes, that means maybe someone I’ve interviewed may one day see this. Though probably not. Anyways, it was very surreal to be on the other side of the process all these years later and while I’m getting ready for interviews myself (anyone want me for residency, btw?)

A lot of expectations and previous notions about interviews that I had really did change and I can see how intricate the process actually is, and I get why we get asked the questions we do. At least somewhat better.                                                                   

All experiences and interviewers are different but here are some things I think can really help out the interviewee. Maybe things you thought were hard and fast rules but aren’t or things you didn’t expect us to be looking for. Anything to help! And while this is directed at pre-meds, the advice should still general enough that anyone can use it, if they want.

Some things to know beforehand; I was part of a two-on-one interview setting which lasted 30 minutes with a few preset questions we needed to ask. The interview was blind, so we couldn’t see stats.

Take a second to observe your interviewers.

This isn’t an open invitation to judge your interviewers, but most of us are pretty telling in the way we present ourselves. If you can take a break for the nerves for a second pay attention to our introductions, our demeanor and how we’re dressed. It can give you a sense of how relaxed or stringent we may be and what our personalities may be like even if we were told to stay stone cold poker-faced. And always keep in mind who your interviewers are and what departments they’re from. It can help guide the tone we set for the entire interview.  

Play off the interviewers.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to take in your surroundings use those to your advantage. If we’re playing tough, answer with strength and intention. If we’re relaxed, don’t sit so stiff and maybe get us to laugh. If you are asked thought provoking questions, take time to think about it and provide thought provoking answers. The more you work with us, the easy and more open a dialog becomes and the more personable the interview will become. It’s a great way to show flexibility and adaptation, and for the interviewers who did this well we found ourselves impressed.

If I’m offering you information, take it.

If I am telling you that I am a 4th year and I can answer your questions about rotations, classes, or student life I am literally giving you questions to ask me in the event you have forgotten all of yours. If faculty tells you which program they are a part of and what they specialize in they are opening that line of information for you. They are telling you were their interests and focuses are and you can run with that, if you like.

Please, please do your research.

We had an application who couldn’t tell us what they liked our school. Had no idea what the mission statement was or what the goals of the school were. Didn’t have a clue. I had to use my doctor face so I could stay neutral. It was bad. I get that you just want to be in medical school but come on. Point blank, there is no excuse for anyone to know nothing about the program they’re interviewing for. You should also have worked out answers for frequently asked questions. Getting stumped on classic medical school questions…it’s a big red flag. So please plan ahead and do your research.  

Pick the length of your answers carefully.

Different types of questions prompt different types of answers. There are a lot of questions that can prompt follow up questions. Hobbies for example; going into every detail about your hobbies is probably counterproductive. But that’s assuming you have a fair amount of things you like to do that aren’t medicine. You can add a snip here and there, like “I’ve done that for 15 years” or “it’s really a huge passion of mine” but if there is interest in hearing more, we’ll most likely ask. If you only have one thing, don’t think “I like running” is a good enough answer. Give us something to work with. There are questions, especially theoretical ones or tell me a story situations that are meant to be longer. And always keep in mind your time limit.

Be confident, not cocky.

There is a huge difference between smug and confident. We had one prospect who gave this shit-eating “gotcha” grin after every question they thought they had aced. It was almost like they were trying to directly challenging me. It got to the point that I stopped caring what they were saying and was just getting pissed. The answers could have been great (they weren’t) but all that stuck with me was the cockiness. Not sure if you do that unintentionally? That’s what practice interviews are for. There are very clear differences when someone was proud of an answer and were pleased, and what this individual was doing. And if you do act that way, personally, I don’t want you representing my school, regardless of what your application looks like.

I don’t care about the “right” answer. I care why.

I know there are certain questions answers that are kind of set in stone. And I know straying too far from say, an ethics question, is hard to do in a new and unique way. The way to make yourself stand out from the crowd is to explain the reasons why you believe this to be the “right” answers since those tend to differ among applicants and shows your critical thinking skills past “well obviously this is the right answer”. Aside from that most interviewers don’t have specific expectations for most questions. We’d rather just hear about you and your personal experiences, honestly.

We’re not always looking for your spoken answer.

Sometimes we’re looking at your body language. I will purposefully ask questions I know there are only a few answers too. Not because I want to know if you know it, but rather how you viscerally respond. Do you look uncomfortable when answering an ethics or grades question? Did you answer robotically? Are you still looking at me? Can you pick yourself back up after a rough question? What you do speaks just as loud as the things your saying and I’m looking for it.

Use your personality and responses to show you want to be here. Not your grades.

This was not an isolated event. I had a few prospective students speak about a class and sneak in “which I got an A in” and continue. Not really a fan of that. I naturally assume that everyone we interviewed had good enough grades and scores because, well, you’re at the interview. At this point in the process all I want if for you to shine beyond those things and prove to me that you can be a doctor on paper and in person.  

Make me feel connected to you.

In the end, I want to feel like I know who you are. I want to know what you stand for and I want to experience the person who wants to become a physician. I want to appreciate your story and how far you’ve come. We don’t need to become best friends, we don’t need to have similar thoughts or values or personalities. But I want to feel like we could understand each other now and in the future. Let me be excited about you and for you. Let me want you to be here so I can check accept.

I hope someone was able to get something useful from this because for all of you here dying to enter this crazy profession I want you to reach your goals. I really do, and I’m just doing all I can on the internet. Good luck to everyone on your interviews!

being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character

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Lance being extremely flexible and Shiro cannot function. Shance.

Ooooohhh I do love a thirsty Shiro 👌🏻👌🏻👀
“Pidge, when I said I’d help you learn yoga, I didn’t realize how much help you actually needed.” “Fuck you. On so many goddamn levels, fuck you.” Shiro paused in his usual rounds through the Castle. It was late at night, everyone was usually in bed by now. Curious, he moved to the room the voices were coming from, wondering what exactly was going on.
The room was dimly lit by candles and the tiled floor had two mats, one blue and one green, laid out in the middle of the area. Pidge was currently struggling to do a certain pose on the green mat, Lance fluttering about her worriedly, carefully correcting her stance.
The young girl teetered to the side precariously, Lance gently adjusting her position. “No, you have to focus your weight to the center, not outwards.” The Cuban male corrected. Pidge huffed, straining as she balanced on one leg.
Shiro was more focused on the yoga pants Lance had on. Where did he even get those from anyway??? They, uh, certainly hugged his legs well… he swallowed at the sudden build up of saliva in his mouth. Do not think about those thighs, do not think about those thighs, do not think about those thighs…
Lance took up a position on the blue mat, easily stretching into the pose Pidge was struggling with. “Okay, so from the Tree, we go to the Ice Skater…” he proceeded to lean forward, extending a leg behind him with his arms out on either side.
“Now try the Pole Position…” Shiro’s jaw dropped as Lance straight up extended his leg up over his head, forming a perfect line with his legs. “Lance, I asked you to teach me this so I could maneuver better in small or tight spaces, not stretch me thin!” Pidge whined, breaking Shiro out of his trance.
Lance laughed, and proceeded to show her a lot more flexibility and stretches that before.
Shiro had to leave before they saw him. A cold shower was definitely needed after that display….
Cackles bc Thirsty Shiro and Oblivious Lance is my jam- the boy is lanky, and oooh boy is he flexible! Wonder what other positions Shiro imagines he can get into, eh? ;P

31 Horrific Days [October Writing Challenge]

So it’s still September, BUT the month of Halloween is quickly approaching and I figured some people may like to get a head start on this so they have things to post! Here are 31 prompts for writing, one for each day of October. Skip any days that irk you or that you just don’t have the time and energy for, but feel free to use the tag #31horrificdays so others can see your work! As always, the prompts are up for interpretation and are meant to inspire a plot rather than dictate how it goes - all fandoms, original characters, or even a changing cast is more than welcome! [I may do a part 2 of vague, one-word prompts for those who want something more flexible].

  1. The character goes out on a date (or an outing with a friend) and comes home late that night to see all of their furniture moved/stacked oddly, rotten food in the fridge, but no signs of entry or security issues.
  2. The character learns through conversation that one of their friends hates Halloween.
  3. The character is distressed from several nights of nightmares/sleep paralysis, all of which leave them waking up terrified. Eventually, what they see in their dreams start to blend into reality.
  4. Write a story about supernatural happenings.. from the POV of a character’s pet.
  5. Write a story about a character receiving threatening letters in the mailbox that keep getting scarier and more dangerous every day through the month.
  6. The character, along with one or more others, decide to visit a local haunted house attraction that’s just opened up.
  7. Halloween is rolling around and an odd fair has come to town with all manner of old-fashioned clowns, fire-eaters, and jugglers. The character(s) get their hands on tickets to see the show and cannot resist.
  8. After hearing about an abandoned house in the neighborhood that was supposedly the scene of a gruesome crime years earlier, the character and a friend or two decide to explore the property.
  9. A fun, creepy night of urban exploration gets the character(s) into trouble.
  10. While spending some time at the beach at night, the character comes across something else moving near the shore, something that may or may not be human at all.
  11. The character didn’t plan on any costume for Halloween this year, but their best friend/partner wants to go shopping for the perfect costumes, perhaps even as a themed pair.
  12. Write a plot about a character meeting a fae creature, but realizing they aren’t as pretty and delicate as the fairy tales made them believe.
  13. After watching a horror movie, the character claims there weren’t scared at all. However, once the house is quiet and dark, they’re suddenly hiding under their covers in fear.
  14. With Halloween approaching, weird people have been hanging around town. Very weird people. ‘People in masks standing outside of houses’ weird people, including the character’s house.
  15. Two character end up in a battle over which is better: ghostly horror movies or monster movies?
  16. After the death of a friend or family member, the character (and possibly one or a few others) finds a hidden trap door in their home while cleaning out their belongings. Inside, they uncover secrets the deceased was hiding.
  17. The character makes a new friend who claims to be an actual witch. They end up proving it to them with an impressive display of magic (if the preferred character is actually a witch, feel free to change the POV)
  18. The character ends up locked in another reality where everything around them is just a bit ‘off’, as well as the fact that no one seems to recognize them. Then they meet one other character who does remember them, and appears to be going through the same thing.
  19. The character has a run-in with someone from their past; someone they know for a fact has been dead for years.
  20. The character has had a near-death experience, and is seeing a few moments between worlds before they’re brought back to life.
  21. The character(s) have a run-in with an odd trick-or-treater a week before Halloween, but the eerie child refuses to leave their doorstep
  22. The character, along with one other, travels to the Suicide Forest in Japan (or another famous haunted wilderness of writer’s choice) and uncovers something grisly, or perhaps even gets lost and disoriented. 
  23. The muse meets up with an old friend or family member, and together they find home videos from their childhood Halloweens. This could be either a heartwarming experience, or an eerie one if they see something spooky they didn’t remember from their past.
  24. The character starts a brand new job, but quickly learns that there are warnings that come with the job. No wonder they can’t keep employees for more than a few days.
  25. The character (one or more others are optional as well) has been kidnapped and locked in a cellar, trying to find the means of escape.
  26. Write a ghost story including any characters of your choice, with one twist: the story takes place in a past decade or century.
  27. The character has just moved to a new city and isn’t familiar with anyone or anything. As they’re taking a walk late at night to relieve their stress, they have an eerie feeling that they’re being followed down every block.
  28. Write a horror plot centered around a gas station (petrol station).
  29. The character lost a beloved pet a year earlier, and finally decides it’s time to bring home a new shelter pet to love. They’re magnetically drawn to one animal in particular, but once they take it home, they start to suspect that this animal may not be ordinary at all.
  30. Write a story from the perspective of a legendary monster (lagoon creature, zombie, sea monster, yeti, etc)
  31. It’s Halloween night - write a story about a costume party or get-together going terribly wrong.

I’m in love.

Tbh, Allen and Lavi are beautiful together whether they’re best friends, siblings, queerplatonic partners, lovers or anything in-between. They’re just so good together; they belong together. 

  • A stranger: hello how are you
  • Me: did you know that tenrecs are one of the oldest mammalian species on earth, they are also one of the most widely diverse ones and while they closely resemble shrews, opossums, hedgehogs or even otters they are not related to any of these species but share a common ancestor with elephant shrews, golden moles, elephants, sea cows, hyraxes and aardvarks - a common ancestry that wasn't recognized until the late 1990s, yet that's not the only special thing about these insanely interesting mammals; their low body temperature and downright weirdly flexible metabolism baffles scientists and no one knows how the common tenrec manages to hibernate for up to 9 months without arousel periods (a world record) meaning they could help us discover how hibernation evolved or heck, even how endothermy evolved! By the way this same species holds another world record, most young in one litter (mammals) - 32. Tenrecs have extremely primitive features like a cloaca which is usually seen in birds and reptiles and some of these features are even thought to pre-date Shrewdinger (our hypothetical first placental ancestor). The common tenrec has no zygomatic arches (cheek bones) and a smooth lissencephalic brain and might not even have a corpus callosum-
  • A stranger: what the fuck
Lets Dance

You and Tom hate each other, you thought having to go to the same performing arts school was torture enough.. but just wait

(1,600 words)

Warnings: language, sexAY talk (not rly)

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Lets get one thing straight. Tom and I were not friends. We’d been at the performing arts academy together for two years now, and ever since we met we’d been irritating each other beyond belief. Out first I thought I’d just be able to ignore him, but everything he did pissed me off. To make matters worse, all of our friends hung out, which meant we were constantly stuck at social gatherings together.
At least today I was stuck at home with a fever and didn’t have to see him in ballet. That’s where he was exceptionally annoying. He knew he was the best in the class, and made sure everyone else did too. He constantly gave me “pointers” which I never asked for.
I was halfway through watching La La Land for about the twentieth time when my best friend called me.

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iNtuitives (*N**s) Thinking Styles/Cognition:


  • Deterministic Thinking: synonymous to formal logic. The mental process consist in constructing of chains of cause and effect,reducing explanation to determinstic mechanism. The speech of this type of cognition takes shape with the aid of connectives “because”,“therefore”(causal conjunctions)Implying focus on the chain of events. If one link in the chain fails for any reason,then ENTPs/INFJs lose their sense of rationale and find it difficult to act because they see no reason to.

Advantages: *It is perceived by the society as the most authoritative,most convincing and singularly correct. In mathematics, it is formalized as deductive method. Use of it requires great intellectual stamina. *Attributes of greater clarity and ease of understanding is inherent in this type of cognition.

Disadvantages: *Its efficacy extends to the ‘logical’ formulation of already existing results,the construction of working mechanism, but not fundamentally new discoveries. In the case of ENTPs,for example, they are very resourceful with available of systems to create new ones,but it is essentially of same known origin. * In creating long chains of cause and effects, it is difficult to avoid the danger of circularity.. the risk of falling into a vicious circle of proof (circulus vitiosis)


  • Dialectical Thinking: The essential distinguishing feature of this type of thinking is a view of the universe as a unified struggle of opposites. In speech,Dialecticals often use “if-then….-else” -the encompassing of all branches of nonlinear processes. Within limits,INTPs/ENFJs strive to find an intermediate point of dynamic equilibrium between contrasting extremes. This thinking is born of colliding flow and counterflow of thought, an inclination to synthesis of two opposites,the removal of contradictions-which they are so keen to. This type of thinking is best when dealing with moving,dynamic structures - Algorithms.

Advantages: *Most subtle and flexible style of cognition. It can easily switch to an opposite direction and possess predictive ability,accompanied by an effective type of associative memory. *Good at solving problems of classification, given their gift of recognizing complex patterns..they strive to produce fundamental solutions beyond circumstantial problems.

Disadvantages: *Instability and prone to uncertainty more than other types of cognition. Dialecticals have difficulty in making choices, and embracing,ambiguous vague decisions. this thinking is comparative to a symphony of flowing,interwoven imagery rather than mechanism of clearly established instruction sets. *High criticality and reconsideration, needed to reach a conformity of all opposing facts,sometimes incur stagnation and inhibits progress.


  • Holographic Thinking: This cognition type has much in common with holographic principle in physics. A hologram is a superimposition of multiple images where each image can only be seen from a certain angle. Change of perspective occurs and alter the system itself,only its priorities. Each beam of light contains information about the whole. In this way,by mentally projecting multiple perspectives of the same subject,INTJs and ENFPs reach a holistic understanding of the subject. It’s all about perspectives and unrestricted choice of point of views - for example,take two cross sections of a cylinder,the horizontal section looks like a circle while the vertical section looks like rectangle. Two perspective of an indivisible whole which,when superimposed in the mind,produces transition to a higher level of understanding of the subject - a very important thing if one is unfamiliar with a certain subject. This type of thinking has a characteristic penetrating ‘x-ray’ nature.It unhesitatingly cut away details and nuances giving a general view of the subject.

Advantages: *It’s multi-perspective. New perspectives emphasizes aspects of a situation that may have been overlooked before, allowing possibilities of new discoveries and avenue of choices. *This type of cognition values simplicity and clarity,avoiding unnecessary details. As a result,conversations with INTJs and ENFPs can be altogether really packed with information and seemingly intuitive leaps.*They can be particularly effective in crisis situation,when it is necessary to make decisions quick and there is no time to weigh all details and options.

Disadvantages: *Appears too rough, lacking in adequate consideration of details which is important for a process to flow smoothly. It’s information-dense words and constructs are often difficult to decompress and unpack; to others,they may seem void of links for establishing coherency in their connections. This is the singular reason why INTJs and ENFPs find it difficult to work smoothly and at pace with another person. *This style of cognition showcase the end results only and overlooks the explanations to it - making it difficult to convince others of its potentials.


  • Synergetic Thinking: (for lack of a better word to name it) synergy is the overall behaviour of a system that cannot be predicted by the individual behavior making up the whole. It’s the harmonic behaviour of different parts of a system working as a whole. Like in a vortex,for example,the implicit order found in chaos. This manifests mentally in both INFPs and ENTJs as a rapid search for options,tests and the dismissing of choices that does not yield intended results. It operates on basis of testing, advancing to the goal through trial and error. It is comparable to a perpetual lab experiments in the mind. A real life model of this type of cognition is the turbulent flow. Turbulence is a gas/liquid flow when of hits a rock,for example, and the smooth flow turns chaotic and unpredictable. In this way,ENTJs and INFPs are aware of all aspects that can’t be controlled. They recognize the critical role of chance and free will in the transition of processes.

Advantages : *It has liveliness and naturalness in it. It seems to simulate the actual processes occurring in nature because they follow the natural course of their choices without introducing rigid logic structures. *Faith in success and luck. ENTJs and INFPs do not confuse temporary setbacks with errors,they will undertake attempt after attempt if setbacks are encountered (not errors) until success ultimately comes to them.

Disadvantages: *The search is often blind and uneconomical. The direction of effort is directed towards ideas/avenues which yields immediate result and continue following through till the goal is reached, sometimes encountering a dead-end. *another drawback is in its spontaneity and randomness. This thinking style is a kind of chain reaction that catalyzes itself. The positive feedback is heavily leaned upon-and if unchecked, then the concentration of effort first leads to explosion, ultimately followed by dissipation of energy.