they are not as flexible as they used to be


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  • What she says: ha ha peri//dot is so short- she looks like a neon gremlin
  • What she means: the c//rewniverse refuses to use an actual proper height chart for their characters and allow for too much flexibility when it come to height consistency and colors used for each character. it is becoming more and more difficult for viewers to allow these inconsistencies to continue as the quality of the show diminishes.

The studyblr community has pooled in a lot of amazing, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and fun ways to take notes and study. However, over the past few years, especially last semester when I took college classes, I realized that having one system really wasn’t helpful because I would have to scramble for different strategies when the classes drastically differed from one another. So, I made strategies for certain types of classes that were created specifically for those characteristics but flexible enough to adjust a bit if needed. Here is how I study:

  1. I want to start off by saying ALL strategies including reading. DO NOT SKIP IT. It’s hard, it’s boring, and it’s slow, but in the end you learn and create a strong foundation for yourself.
  2. I do not skip a word. I use three different colored post its, some page flags, and a writing utensil. I abhor highlighting on textbooks and books with a passion so I use post its instead: one for writing notes and key concepts, another for terminology, and the last color  for any questions I have. As I read, I write all of my notes and then stick them in my textbooks in the corresponding area. The flags are for when I feel like I just couldn’t get the information completely and I want to come back and double review. Finally, after I go through a chapter, I get my notebook and from the beginning of the chapter, I rewrite my post its into notes with the same color coding system.
  3. For the classrooms with power points: This is pretty simple. I print them before hand into handouts if they’re available before lecture and write everything that the teacher says in margins or highlight information. if they’re not available before hand, I still take notes from what the teacher is saying and writing and I make tiny notes of which slide it corresponds with. Then, I print the powerpoint later and write it into the powerpoint slides. To study, I just read over them. 
  4. When the teacher usually writes on the board, speaks all the time, and doesn’t use pp: This is where reading the textbook becomes your best friend. You won’t get as much details in lecture since a person can only talk and write so much in an allotted time period. Instead, I copy everything off of the board and don’t miss anything. At the same time I try to get everything he says onto my notebook also. As a back up, I have a voice recorder going on at the same time. Once I get home, I IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS rewrite those class notes since they probably look terrifying. After all, people speak faster than they can write.
  5. Finally, online classes. Most of it is learning by yourself so stay motivated and determined and you can do it! First, video transcripts are not your notes. Take notes from the video themselves while you’re watching them. For all of those online resources, write notes in every way you can. Print out all of your assignments that you do or put them somewhere where you can print them later to read over. Any reading excerpts? Print those and highlight all you want. Finally, READ THAT TEXTBOOK.
  6. The last part of my studying strategy is really only useful when it comes to tests. Do any and all practice questions that you can get your hands on. I don’t care if it says there’s 100 questions. Do them!! If anything got me through my classes, it would be all of those damn practice tests and textbook questions (Do every problem in the back of your book. Do them. When you do them, your teachers can throw anything at you and you’ll be able to do any scenario.).

All classes are different. Some are a mixture of the traditional powerpoint and traditional lectures. That’s why I really like my strategies because they’re at like two different extremes and I can use them at different amounts to meet that perfect spot where my class is.

Finally, I will say that my study strategies do rely on my organizational systems. I have different notebooks for different things, different binder arrangements for different classes, and so on. If you want a master post on that just give me a message (it’ll probably come at some point but i’m also really lazy and forgetful).

Good luck with studying. Just remember to stay healthy no matter what you’re doing <3

Partners in crime

Aries x Capricorn :
Explosives and brains. This duo will be unstoppable with Aries as the doer and Cap as the thinker. High tech equipment, they mean business. Most notorious of them all, everything will be broadcasted and still they will never be caught

Leo x Scorpio
Crime and seduction. Elegant, sleek and charming, these two will be hiding guns under suits and/or long elegant dresses. They hide their intention with perfumes stronger than revenge and are as timelessly deadly as the poison they’ll use on you

Pisces x Taurus
Strength and flexibility. This pair is inseparable and have a ride or die attitude to themselves and their plots. Will fight to the bitter end, succeed with Taurus strength and Pisces agility. Road trip schemers, they will always be on the run and they love it

Virgo x Aquarius
Genius and madness. Nothing goes better hand in hand. Most extravagant plotters of them all yet no one will understand what they are doing until it’s too late. Always a step ahead of everyone, they would receive a Nobel prize in crime

Gemini x Sagittarius
Adventure and conspiracy. These two will go down in history with their rebellious conspiracy. Yet, their scheme will always be a more of a game, and adventure to them. For them light hearted trickery is a catastrophe to everyone else

Libra x Cancer
Innocence and Evil. They are the devil in angel’s clothing. Will slip by unnoticed with some captivating chit chat and friendly smiles. Their eyes hide the plot well, they are the last anyone would ever suspect. Quick on their feet, good luck to anyone trying to catch them

How to Become more Open to Life

1. Judge less; accept more. (This relates both to ourselves and others)

2. Be flexible when you’re setting your goals; be open to changing in unexpected ways.

3. Be aware of your automatic reactions and defensive mechanisms. Although they often serve you well – they can trip you up as well.

4. Have an open mind; be willing to listen and consider viewpoints that are different from your own.

5. Work to manage and overcome your fears – as these close us off from life and endless possibilities.

6. Let go of the need to control everything.


make me choose@palleginamesrei asked: bloodborne or dark souls

“These hunts have everyone all locked up inside. Waiting for it to end…It always does, always has, y'know. Since forever. But it won’t end very nicely, not this time. Even some folks hiding inside are goin’ bad. The screams of womenfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts… none of em’s too uncommon now. Yharnam’s done fer, I tell ya…”

Folks who are new to the IT biz might be confused by many of the adjectives that are used to describe various software products. Here, we provide a brief glossary of several common descriptors and their definitions.

  • Powerful: gimmicky
  • Self-documenting: verbose
  • Encourages best practices: explodes if you look at it funny
  • Exposes low-level functionality: bad user interface
  • Industry standard: archaic
  • Community-driven: untested
  • Proprietary: undocumented
  • Certified: overpriced
  • Flexible: config file is larger than actual program
  • Interoperable: equally incompatible with everything
  • Drop-in replacement: cunning trap
  • User friendly: pain in the ass

more gymnast!keith headcanons for ur reads (both in normal verse & modern):

  • keith started gymnastics at the young age of 5 after watching numerous televised gymnastics competitions on the tv - mama shirogane was obviously happy to comply. he continued to learn and compete until he was around 13; that’s when he took up martial arts like aikido and kung-fu (i’m an avid believer in keith being super active outside of school)
  • keith finds himself lounging around in some pretty wild ass positions. sometimes he’ll be watching tv with his leg straight up when he’s on the couch, other times he’s doing the box splits as he studies
  • keith still likes to do most of his training barefoot and when he’s not feeling so lazy he’ll take the time to tape his feet as he used to do in gym - he also tapes his hands in training a looooot 
  • shiro once dared keith to attempt a double backflip in the kitchen and he broke a cabinet - their mama was not happy
  • while alluras pretty flexible herself, keith also gives her tips and training for certain moves and stretches. bonus: they sometimes even compete to see who can hold their positions the longest 
  • shiro and their parents all would attend keiths competitions and cheer him on - shiro even made a big sign with his name on it (he’s always so proud of his baby brother)
  • imagine lance being into yoga and keith finds out and decides to join him. lance is pretty surprised by this but you know he wouldn’t argue, he just smiles all wide and gives him that “sure! i mean.. if you can handle it”   
  • plot twist: lance turns out being the one who can’t handle it

“keith i– how are you doing that???”
“doing what?”
oh my god…….”

  • lance pulls several muscles trying to copy him

For Thinking Tree Spirits, our goal was to create an interactive packaging experience with the playful exuberance of storybooks and Rococo scrollwork, all evocative of the lush bounty of Oregon.

We designed the Thinking Tree brandmark for flexibility, personifying the brand as a contemplative woman collared and crowned with ornamental branches that either gently germinate or grow wild to fill the canvas, be it the small circular icon on the cap, or front and centre on the hangtag.

For the illustrations, we were inspired by Late Baroque mirrors to create highly dimensional packaging, using the main label for deep background artwork, and layering over it a hangtag of duplexed cardstock with a pop of purple foil and, finally, a colourful ornate frame raised to its highest relief with sculptured embossment. Hidden throughout are local and mythological life, from Odin’s ravens (‘thought’ and ‘memory’), to the polyphemus moth (whose eyespots are named after Homer’s cyclops) and its caterpillars, down to the great horned owl, whose face is composed of oak leaves.

On the hangtag’s verso, the linework is reproduced by a letterpress, whose raised ink, along with the purple string that ties tag to neck, all add to the rich tactile experience. Here, one is invited to be creative, whether scribbling thoughts or verse, notes on a new infusion, or a kind gift-letter to a friend.

Beneath the hangtag is a fable of our composition that sets down the brand’s folktale roots:

Once, there was a forester who planted a seed in the earth. When the seed grew into a great tree, the forester placed an egg at the top of the highest branch. When the egg hatched into a great owl, the forester returned with gifts. “I have the gift of speech,” said the forester, “and the gift of thought.” The tree and the owl listened. “I can give only one gift each, and each gift only once,” the forester said. “First, one of you will receive the gift of speech.” Growing impatient, the owl asked “who?” And the Thinking Tree shook her leaves knowingly.


Lens of Time: Velvet Worms—Secret of the Slime 

Physics and biology meet to create one of the world’s strangest weapons: the slime cannon. 

With their chubby bodies, soft, padded feet, and slow-motion gait, South American velvet worms appear pretty harmless. Unless they’re hungry, and you’re an insect.

Over millennia, these ancient creatures have evolved a pair of hunting weapons unlike any other in nature: dual high-speed canons capable of jetting viscous slime onto their prey from up to two feet away. Delivered with such power and speed, the velvet worm’s slime canon takes the element of surprise to new levels. And because the goo is delivered through narrow, flexible tubes and expelled with such tremendous force, it can cover a vast area in a matter of milliseconds.

Until recently, biologists still didn’t know exactly how these slime canons work. But then Andres Concha, a Chilean physicist who studies the physical mechanisms in biological systems, turned his attention to velvet worms. Concha and his team used high-speed cameras to film slime canons in action.

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mbti moodboards 

INTJ (the mastermind)

[INTJs] are introspective, logical, rational, pragmatic, clear-headed, directive, and attentive. As strategists, they are better than any other type at brainstorming approaches to situations. They are capable but not eager leaders, stepping forward only when it becomes obvious to them that they are the best for the job. 

Strong-willed and very self-assured, they may make this decision quickly, as they tend to make all decisions. But though they are decisive, they are open to new evidence and new ideas, flexible in their planning to accommodate changing situations. They tend to excel at judging the usefulness of ideas and will apply whatever seems most efficient to them in accomplishing their clearly envisioned goals. (x)

Hogwarts Houses Sleeping
  • for anon
  • Gryffindor: they sleep on their backs mostly. They sleep with just enough blankets to stay warm. They may sleep with sentimental things, or not.
  • Slytherin: light sleepers, they usually fall asleep best on their sides. They prefer some white noise, but are flexible.
  • Ravenclaw: move around a lot while sleeping, and sleep heavily. They usually fall asleep on their stomachs or sides. It is vital that they be warm, and they often cradle their pillow with their arms. They tend to stay up late.
  • Hufflepuff: they are extremely adaptable concerning positions. They prefer background noises, if they're used to them, and usually sleep with a lot of blankets. Hufflepuffs like to get to bed as early as possible.
Difference between 大切 (taisetsu) and 大事 (daiji)

Overall they both used to express the importance of something/someone. But with a different feeling of importance. In 大切 (taisetsu), a more self-explanatory word would be “precious”. While in 大事 (daiji), it would be important/relevant.

Compared in English, precious child and important child would have a different nuance to it right? A precious child means someone whom is dear to you, your beloved. While important child have a more “cold” nuance and is more appropriate when used to describe “important document” instead.

But language is very flexible. in Japanese the speaker who said 大事な子供 (daiji na kodomo) might have the same intention as 大切な子供 (taisetsu na kodomo). So they both could mean “beloved child”. Another example is, when talking about someone you love, both 大事な人 (daiji na hito) and 大切な人 (taisetsu na hito) have the same meaning.

As you can see, there are no big difference between them, and that is why the natives thought them as similar/interchangeable. Maybe the best answer is that in 大事 (daiji), the importance is seen as more objective based. While in 大切 (taisetsu) is more subjective (vary from person to person depending on their emotional aspect).

Hope it helps! Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。



After weeks of reading and researching I finally felt ready to start my full Grimoire with correspondences of the Craft. I found this awesome Owl notebook with a clasp, but didn’t like the inside. So I rebound it with black pages instead. I love how the white and gold pen looks on the black background.

Considering that I was scared to make mistakes I wrote everything on black paper in small portions. I then cut them out and stuck them in the book in a new order with non destructive tape. The pages you see in these images are final versions, but initially I had the flexibility to move the loose bits around till I found my perfect layout.

It also occured to me that witches in environments hostile to the craft could use this method in extreme emergencies. If someone insists on going through your things, you can temporarily pull the pieces that contain the correspondences out and keep them in a safe place, till you can stick them back. All the reader would see would be the decorative imagery that can be seen as Artistic meanderings. Once checked, people usually don’t come back to check again. Alternatively you can just hide the notebook, lol.

I am pleased with the result and will add more to this book in the weeks to come.


Alternatives to Yoga, for Catholics

The New Year is an ideal time to begin to put into action your new plans and resolutions for the year ahead.

Health is wealth, and it is vital to take care of your body via diet and of course, regular exercise.

If like me, you hate the idea of going to the gym, there are lots of other activities to help keep you fit.

Yoga seems to be very popular, but as Catholics and Christians, we know that Yoga is not permissible due to it being based on Hindu philosophies and Eastern mystical theologies which is in dissonance with Christianity. 

Here are some alternatives to yoga you can use:


I am a big fan of ballet, which combines dance, stretching, flexibility and also strength training.  It not only improves your posture, strength and flexibility, but it can keep you trim and fit too. 

I am naturally very slim so I don’t do much cardio or fat-burning exercises, however ballet is a very good way to improve muscle tone and core strength.  


Originally created to help athletes recover quicker from their injuries, pilates is fast becoming popular.  It makes a great alternative to yoga as it also helps you improve flexibility, endurance and strength.  I also practise pilates and rotate between this and ballet 2-3 times a week for my strength and flexibility.


I used to do this years ago and rather enjoyed it.  A lot of men will love this too if they find Ballet not challenging enough.  Calisthenics helps improve muscular and aerobic conditioning, as well as improving, balance, agility and coordination.


Lists of jobs that earn bank for both men and women don’t always account for gender bias, or the fact women are sometimes penalized for seeking jobs with greater flexibility or work-life balance over the course of their careers. For this reason, we’ve ranked the U.S. jobs with the highest weekly wages for women using 2015 pay figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — but also considered the gender wage gap between men and women and how big a share of workers are female in each position. See 6 - 1

Adore You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Words: 1,642

Warnings: None

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Your whole body hurt and all you wanted to do was lay down and do nothing. You had just gotten back from a particularly hard mission with Wanda and Natasha, you three had been gone for over a week and although most missions ranged from a couple days to a couple months, you felt like it had lasted years.

You were like Natasha, although not as skilled, you were really flexible and that was about it. You knew how to grab different objects and use them as a weapon, you knew how to use your enemy’s body as a shield from flying bullets. You knew how to break and enter into the most high security places, and you taught yourself how to fly a helicopter in a day.

Your flexibility was not something you were born with, in fact you weren’t flexible up until the day you were recruited to be an Avenger. Maybe it was your fast reflexes, maybe it was how fast and sly you were, maybe it was how you knew how to hide in plain sight, or maybe it was your father; Tony Stark. You didn’t know why they wanted you as an Avenger but the hardcore training they put you under to become as flexible as you are now was intense.

You weren’t as smart as your dad, as charming as your dad, as funny as your dad. You were just you, you took after your mother in quite a few ways but your dad loved you endlessly. You were his everything and he never got mad at you when you messed something up in his lab or wrecked one of his cars or when you hid out during a party in the bathroom eating cake.

You stumbled out of your bedroom and dragged yourself towards one of the living rooms where you knew your dad was. You didn’t feel good, you hadn’t felt good since the day before. Maybe it was exhaustion, but all you knew was that you felt like you were dying.

You were wearing a hoodie and a pair of leggings, your hair was thrown up on top of your head and you didn’t care about what you looked like, you were too tired to care. You were too tired to care about how your six month long crush was sitting in the same room talking to your dad, you didn’t care about how the conversation went silent when you collapsed next to Tony.

You scooted closer to Tony and lifted up his right arm, Tony didn’t bat an eye and only started talking to Bucky again. Bucky was a little distant at first, he was solely focused on you. He watched your every move as you rested Tony’s arm over your shoulders and leaned against his chest. Your legs laid lengthwise along the rest of the couch lazily, and you moved a sweatshirt covered hand to hid your face as you closed your eyes. You hair was tickling Tony’s jaw but he didn’t care, he was used to it. It was natural that you would lay against him when you were tired, sad, or felt like crap. You were a daddy’s girl and everybody knew it.

You looked so adorable to Bucky. You were sleepy and cute, you reminded him of Sam’s new kitten. Bucky couldn’t tear his eyes away from your figure, even though your face was being covered by your hand. He tore his eyes away from you when Tony went quiet and was glaring daggers at him.

Steve walked back into the room, he left minutes ago to deal with a phone call, he looked slightly surprised to see you on the couch, he didn’t even know you three were back from the mission yet. By the look Tony gave him, he understood that you weren’t feeling good and nodded his head before having a seat next to Bucky.

“Training tomorrow morning?” Steve looked at Bucky and rose an eyebrow. Bucky’s eyes lingered on you before turning to meet Steve’s.

“Sure.” He nodded slowly, his mind still mainly focused on you and if you were feeling okay.

“Sam’s gonna join us.”

“Really?” Bucky’s eyes moved back to you and he watched as Tony leaned down and whispered something that only you could hear. You wiggled around a little and mumbled something that Bucky only heard because he was eavesdropping heavily.

“I don’t feel good.” Your words were slurred and sleepy, and Tony only nodded his head before moving his arm from your shoulder to under your arms. He lifted you up to where both of you were standing, your face still hidden by your sleeve and now Tony’s arm.

“Be back.” Tony called out over his shoulder as he walked both of you towards the elevators. “Don’t miss us too much.”

Steve rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breath, to which Tony only snickered. Bucky watched as you finally moved your hand away from your face when you entered the elevator. Tony’s arm was wrapped around your shoulders and your head was still leaning on his chest, your eyes met with his and a surge of electricity passed throughout both yours and Bucky’s bodies.

The doors shut and you disappeared, a piece of Bucky felt missing when you left his sight. He wished it was him with you and not Tony. Even though Tony was your dad and you were really close to him, he still wished that Tony wasn’t around every time you needed something. Maybe then you would come to him, and he could help you.

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