they are never coming off


Haku will you ever say anything that’s not cheesy or come off as flirting??

Answer: Never

I’m still not over that update, but at least it gave me inspiration of making a bunny!Haku for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Beware, he’ll probably call the summoner avatar weird spring related nicknames like “lil’ bunny” or “chic-a-dee”, or his favorite “lil’ rose((exclusive for Xander and love interests *shot*))

careful he might penetrate you with that ‘carrot sword” ((I’ll leave now))

It’d be kinda fun to see a spring festival version of everyone else’s fatesona!!!


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I still think you're giving the writers too much credit; not that what you're saying isn't well-reasoned and logical, it's that it is being portrayed that way. Len never expresses any sort of fear of dying in Doomworld, never articulates motives that are deeper, just comes off as awful... and I think that's intentional. He's the only LoD member we don't see recruited, has the least screentime & most tellingly- no Legend seems to give a shit about him. Sara- his other closest Legend besides Mick

never expresses that she misses him all season until the ep he’s back & casually mentions he’s alive & no one on the team is shown to care. All she’s said to him is “you bastard, I’ll kill you [all]” since he’s been back. Amaya calls him a psychopath & no one says anything. I think the writers are trying to have us forget about Len’s sympathetic qualities & purposely showed him unsympathetically and very one dimensional. Wentworth’s acting shows something but not the script/plot. 

He’s written like the writers want us to hate him. No articulated motivation/hesitation/reminders from the team that he used to be one of them and that’s pretty much all season- sure Mick should have cared the most about his death but no one else seemed to care AT ALL. We heard about Carter’s death more! Carter reincarnates & they knew him for 2 seconds. Looking at Sara+the team’s reactions, it’s clear the writers don’t want us to like/look for deeper meaning with Len. They want us to forget we liked him.

I mean, you’ve gotta remember that there’s a 6-month time period between the end of S1 and the start of S2 so the team has likely undergone a lot of it’s grieving and talking about Len, all of them except Mick. But you’re right, they really didn’t talk about him except Mick, and what they did say wasn’t always kind (Martin pointing out that Mick’s partner is dead now when Mick is trying to give him advice about Jax, like shut up dude).

And I agree that Len not articulating his motives makes it all a little frustrating and hard to disentangle. It’s clear he cares about Mick and wants to keep him by his side but also clear that as much as Mick is his partner, Len expects Mick’s loyalty and for Mick to not question him, to not contradict him. Which, by the end of the episode, definitely starts to look abusive and shitty.

So… maybe you’re right? 

That’s a cynical reading to take, but I do agree wholeheartedly that they didn’t give us any sympathetic reminders of Len at all, nor did they show us his recruitment into the Legion or give us even any real comedy from him to soften him at all. 

In that case, I’d say: what’s the motive? Why are they trying to make him so unsympathetic to the viewer, and working so hard to distance who he is now from who he was before? 

Is it just to create a contrast to show Mick’s development, using Len as a prop in his story? Is it because they plan to kill Len again and don’t want us to get too attached? Or, hopefully(?), would it because he’s being setup to go back to Central City for next season somehow and they want to (re)establish him as being a cold bastard and a killer so he comes off as a true villain?

Hard to say. 

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I'm not trying to be sexist I'm looking at this picture it looks like at least Romantic fucking touching to me. If it was a girl I'd have the same fucking problem with it. I'm sorry if kochi is 18 in your picture kinda hard to tell since he's so short and I assume when people draw kochi unless otherwise specified it's diu.

Do you not see jotaros outfit? Its VA. Dead giveaway that its not DiU.

Come off anon and we can discuss my intent behind the piece and you can tell me why this makes you feel uncomfortable so I can see your side of things.

Sending it as anonymous with criminal accusations shows me one thing: you dont care to discuss anything, truly. You just want drama and to feel holy. Do it somewhere else and not in my inbox, please.


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.

but like how terrifying must it have been for andrew to experience this heart pounding fixation w someone like he never has before in his LIFE 

and to come off of his meds and realize his feelings are real & unavoidable 

falling back on his medication as an excuse for the strangeness in his heart, having that excuse ripped out from under him so all that’s left is neil staring and following and asking him for things

and realizing he wants to give him it all

like wtF man

  • Best friend: What have you been doing the whole time? I mean you never come outside.
  • Me thinking: Well, I've been fucking people off tinder, watched serial killer documentaries, Cry and masturbating while eating pizza, thinking if i should get help for my sex addiction, You know the regular.
  • me saying: Nothing interesting.

I’m rewatching Daredevil (season 1) and I am still amazed at the detail of Charlie Cox’s performance. The way he touches makes sure to touch everything while walking even in his own apartment.

He is nerdy and sweet and I have no problem believing he pulls in the ladies. He also at the same time has this quiet dangerousness “devil” in him they works really well. He makes it all fits really well together, so it isn’t jarring when this different side of him come out.

Do not engage. Do not look directly at it. Do not react to it. Just keep walking through the forest. Never be alone. Your guide is knowledgeable, cheap, and trustworthy.

You made it through, the guide turns into a horrific beast. You can avoid being surprised by noticing that the guide looks to the side with a perception check.

You make it through without incident, following the guides orders.

You make a mistake and fight a frightening forest creature.

You purposefully look for the monster, the guide abandons you. When you make it out, you notice the old man is not back yet. He never comes.

A woman comes up to your group from off the path. “Excuse me, can I travel with you? I lost my group…” You notice the guide ignores her completely.

Today I called myself a lesbian out loud for the first time in my life

I’ve done everything possible to avoid describing myself with that word. Used every shortcut imaginable

Stuck my head in the ground like a flamingo and changed the subject like a politician every time someone asked

I’ve said I like girls. Worn it proudly across my chest like a badge of honor, but in an ambiguous way because I don’t want you to say I’m shoving it in your face

I’ve called myself sapphic, prioritized women, talked about my crushes on girls – but never in detail because I’ve been so afraid to come off as a wolf starving for the poor innocent herd of lambs at the local farm

I’ve had sex with girls, but often with boys present to make it socially acceptable to touch and taste and get lost in the wonderland that is another woman

I’ve written poetry describing pure, virtuous, chaste and sexless love between two women, but never about the desire to touch, the eye that wanders for a little too long to be accidental, the feeling of just right as her hands pull on my hair

I’ve called myself a lesbian on screen. Written that word down so many times that I barely think about it any more. I’m unapologetic until I’m not

Until I stutter out another excuse as to why I don’t want to be with the boy with the kind eyes and the shy smile who cannot take a god damn hint

Until I’m the only girl in the room and I’m aware that the only lesbians the majority of these men have seen are in porn and that “I’m a lesbian” doesn’t mean “stay away” to them, it means “try harder”

Until my grandfather participates in a conversation with someone else at a family dinner about how he’s tired of having The Gays shoved in his face by the media, even though he’s met my ex girlfriend

Until I hear yet another tasteless and homophobic joke at the dinner table from yet another person that I have to cross out from my very short list of people I know I can trust

Until a female friend of mine wraps her arms around me in a tight hug and I’m not out to her and I can’t help but feel guilty about how good I think she smells

And am I really unapologetic if I’m only unapologetic when it feels safe to be?

So when I described myself as a lesbian today, I stuttered through it even though I wanted to sound casual and calm and act like it was no big deal. Like every single person I’ve heard use it as an insult and spit it out like it’s stale food weren’t running through my head at that very moment

Like I am unashamed of every single girl who’s made my heart pick of speed, of every time I’ve caught myself staring at one of them for a little too long and wondered what her lips taste like

Like it might be one day

—  Confession of an unapologetic lesbian, Charlie W

When I went into Bake Off I never imagined I’d come out the other end elevated and a role model for Bangladeshis, bakers, Muslims, women and all; I didn’t expect any of it. If I am a role model, in a positive manner for anyone, I’m very happy to bear the burden. But I strive to be a role model for my children and that’s about as far as I go.

Like You Were Never Gone

I felt an empty space
Never could explain
Like you were erased
Never could replace

Now it’s so clear
With you right here
Like you were never gone
Picked up where we left off

Like you were never gone
You were always coming home
Yeah you were always close
Like you were never gone

You were never gone
You were never gone

Now it’s bare to me
You left the key

Now promise me
You will never leave
Time slipped away
We stayed the same

Like you were never gone
Picked up where we left off

Like you were never gone
You were always coming home
Yeah You were always close
Like you were never gone

You were never gone
You were never gone
You were never gone
No you were never gone
No you were never gone

You were always coming home
You were always close
Like you were never gone
You were never gone

i just want to point out one thing the gifs are never able to capture about the first malec meeting, which is that after alec stammers about returning to the fight and leaves you can hear the quick “pat pat pat” of his footsteps like alec literally ran out of the room he was just so overwhelmed by the whole situation he literally ran away.

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Being a female Slytherin and dating Ginny or Hermione would involve-


  • You first notice her when she hexes a housemate for being a bigot
    • You’re both impressed and more than a little attracted to her
  • A lot of competitiveness when it comes to Quidditch. You always cheer her on when it’s Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but the gloves come off when it’s Gryffindor vs Slytherin. You never actually fallout over it, but it does get quite intense. 
  • Her brothers try to intimidate you, but you don’t scare nearly as easily as they expected
  • Lots of flirting and sarcastic banter
  • The two of you can get into so much trouble. Well, when you’re not making out in empty hallways.


  •  A lot of your housemates (*cough*Draco*cough*) don’t understand why you’re ‘wasting’ your time with her
    • Honestly, anyone as smart as her is worth as much of your time as she wants
  • Shutting up any of your housemates that say a single word about her blood status
  • She sticks up for you if anyone says something about your house
    • You just protect each other at all times
  • Harry and Ron are wary of your intentions at first, but you soon win them over
  • She’s good at getting you to focus on school work which is very helpful for your ambitions 

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I think what I love most about Laurent and Damen together is that they don’t lose themselves, they become more like themselves instead. They become more like the people they were supposed to be. just because they’ve finally found the person who loves and accepts and sees them for exactly who they are.