they are my ultimate drama otp


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

kdramas be raising my relationship standards so high that at this rate i’m gonna be single forever


My Chicago Typewriter fmv(s) cover in sequence of it’s time created, even I keep public in channel just four of them (due to tragic story that happens during Goblin days which I made seven fmvs of the show in secondary channel–super glad this primary channel safe and sound cause it’s really devastating journey back then…) but lol eight fmvs in total!!! Miss that feelings of each week I really need to pour this emo in fmv lmao. This means I really, really love the show. It strikes to my heart, on my top five all time favorites K-drama list now😊

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Hide/kane and shuu/neki fans getting along is honestly the best thing ever. After the infamous rooftop scene, I fell in love with shuu/neki and while I kind of drifted away from it after hide/kane completely took over my life, I never stopped caring. All this amazing development between them in the Tsukiyama arc reminded me why I love their relationship so much and made this love even stronger. Hide/kane is my ultimate OTP, but shuu/neki will always have a special place in my heart.

I totally agree (’:
I remember back in the day when Shuu fans and Hide fans had a bit of a rivalry (drama was nowhere near as bad as it is now) but now we’ve kind of come together in unison and I am relieved. This is the partnership I always wanted but never thought possible.

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2: I’ve already replied here!

5: K-Drama OTP(s)?

My ultimate OTP is Seo Jung Hoo x Chae Young Shin from Healer!

13: Top five K-Dramas?

  1. Healer
  2. Another Miss Oh & Age of Youth (don’t make me choose….. I can’t!!)
  3. Bubblegum
  4. Goblin

30: Favorite actor duo?

Oh this isn’t an easy question but I’ll anwser with Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon because I’ve watched CTJ’s We Got Married a few days ago and they were cute and fun together!

Look what finally arrived this week! My copy of the AoKaga Duet!! \o/

The booklet is really thin with no new illustrations- in fact there are only three small images from the first AoKaga match inside the BK and I was a bit dissapointed that there was no first press/pre-order freebie/poster.. but the front & back cover, super slashy mini-drama and great duet makes up for the lack of packaging! ~ ♫♬ ♥

I, (state your name), will never invest feelings for KDrama again. I promise to be careful of Saegeuks. I would never let myself be fooled by cute and funny scenes at the beginning of a drama. Ultimately, I will never assume that my OTP will have a happy ending because sometimes Dramagods do sleep and they missed it when writers are being such a sadistic twat.

i’m sorry i can’t deal with this anymore TT-TT

All of a sudden I have hope for Olicity

Honestly, I was not thinking much about Olicity. After the super awesome episode 2x09 titled Three Ghosts, Felicity was relegated to the back. There was Sara Lance, League of Assasins, Lance family drama (yawn), Queen family secrets, mirakuru soldiers and revenge but very little Felicity and Olicity.  

Last night, TPTB sprang Jostrid out of blue (it literally made my heart sing, also the fact that it was the girl who initiated it). If John Young and Astrid (who are basically two different species - don’t worry, he will get his powers back, thanks to discovery of whatever DNA mutation the girl genius came up with) can get together then my ultimate OTP Olicity can get together as well.


Look at them cuties together.