they are my therapy

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what can your followers do to support your ed recovery?

aaahhh i been asked this a lot and i’m not sure how to answer… i don’t expect much honestly like i expect support from my friends + family but i’d never expect that kind of support from people who followed me for my art or because i made a good joke one time

i guess just… if u happen to see one of my posts about recovery or therapy, give it a like i guess? u don’t have to obviously i don’t expect anyone to but if u want to support me, that’s a quick easy little way to say ‘hey, i hear you, friend!’

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your opinion on Sam and his eating issues / relationship with food. (I’m forever hoping Sam eating something for Christ's sake *sad face*)

Right? Can we just let Sam go to the farmer’s market and buy some freakin’ home-grown tomatoes so he can make a nice, yummy salad for himself (and throw steak bits in it because he is a big fella and a Sam cannot live on salad alone. I’ve written at length on the topic of Sam and food in the past, so I’ll stop rambling. In short, Sam is a sweetie whose relationship with food is all messed up, and he needs hugs and probably therapy.

My opinion on….?

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Ok so um, I'm trying to start a book of shadows and lots of crazy things have been happening in my circle of friends (paranormal things) and it's creepy but it doesn't bother me, I find it interesting but my friends told me to stop with my book of shadows but it's my therapy. And I told them I'll do what I want because it's my hobby and they were like "you have demon summoning spells in there" like yeah, I do, not to use it now, just because it's so interesting to me. What do I do

I would literally bet money that you working in your BOS is not what’s causing paranormal things to happen to your friends. Don’t worry, maybe they should cleanse their spaces, it might just be paranoia or even kind spirits if it is actually paranormal.

i dropped my $10 bill on my ride home from physical therapy and im freaking I needed that. Thats fucking so much to loose for me

i had my last therapy session today and it was scary tbh…..being discharged. my therapist says he believes i can do the work to help myself and to change my learned behaviours but idk if i can honestly. its going to be so difficult but i want to try at least. he did say that i can see him for more sessions if i still feel stuck so i guess i have that to fall back on if things dont work out. everything is just so difficult and im not very strong

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Hello, Chaos, that's something that got me quite confuse and I've meant to ask always and never did, but what do you study, specifically?

I don’t study, actually. I hope to study again next autumn (additional education related to work), but for now I’m giving the lectures instead of listening to them, as part of my job. I’m in specialised psych, working mostly with therapy and medical care for inpatients with self-harming and/or suicidal behaviours, but I also do projects and teaching, because I could babble about my special interests non-stop, so now I’ve made it part of my job to teach and consult about it. One might say a certain fictive detective has been a bit of an inspiration when it comes to inventing one’s own job, or at least parts of it. ;)

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Have you set a goal in life? Or are you letting things handle themselves?

Just saw this now, oops

Well, I guess I want to be happy. Right now I want to get over my fear of driving so I can go and get a job and leave this abusive household as fast as I can. That’s my only “set goal” I have right now. I have no idea what I want to do for a career for the rest of my days, I was thinking going into massage therapy but I’ve decided against it. I wanted to be a mailperson, but everyone keeps telling me that I don’t have a chance. (decline of the postal service, live in too small of an area for openings to ever come up) I did want to go to college, but there is a whole mess of factors that are not allowing me to go right now.

Once I’m able to get to more of a proper living situation, I’ll just let things play out from there, and take any good opportunities to further myself for the better. Thank you for the ask!

i got woken up early for my therapy appointment only to discover it’s not until 10 and i could’ve slept in but nooooo i have to get up at ass o clock to do my math homework i guess