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Shiro and Allura having tea in a garden. And she's winking and making a move and he's all flustered. Tehe

coran found allura’s old favorite tea set that she presumed lost with the fall of altea, shiro suggested a birthday tea party, and it’s allllll downhill from here (sorry this kind of diverted from the original prompt!! i had an idea midway through sketching :x )



you know i’m not even upset about the hug anymore. i’m upset because i’m seeing so many people hurt because of it. i can deal with my own hurt and disappointment but i can’t stand seeing people so heartbroken. that’s what makes me so angry. that because of the crap they pulled, so many people are hurt once again, and many people feel so disrespected and stepped on because of that hug. because it was supposed to be something happy. because it was supposed to be something meaningful. because it was supposed to be that “swan queen might never happen but at least we got a hug” moment for us. because it was supposed to be our consolation, something we could all happily remember even if swan queen doesn’t become canon. but adam and eddy took that away from a lot of people. so now instead of seeing people happy, i see people disgusted, angry, sad, and heartbroken. as if queerbaiting wasn’t enough to do the job. how cruel can you fucking be?

This is just like Robin over and over again.
Not the part ‘my-friend-in-danger-let’s-sacrifice-myself-to-protect-them’ but the part when they think (or in this case, say) that Sunny (or Merry) is their home. This is more touching for me, since they are all actually didn’t have a real home (Nami’s orphan, Zoro is wanderer, Usopp is alone, Sanji is unwanted child, Robin’s home already destroyed, Chopper is discarded by his herd, Franky lost his mentor, and Brook is left alone). They are trying to make a new home for themself, but in the end, Luffy is the one that find them and make a real home for them.

I guess it’s safe to say that for Straw Hat Pirates, their real home is actually Luffy.

Ahhh this flashback to the ACA passing just came over my twitter feed


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I think a lot about that time Taemin sang Sekaide ichiban under the soft rain. It was just beautiful and perfect. That's my aesthetic, that's what i live for.

taemin joked about being the “rain main” a while ago, but if we’re talking about his (breathtaking) performance at a-nation, I think rain god would be more appropriate, as the people who were there expressed themselves:

everything about that performance was truly otherworldly. taemin always, always put his heart and soul into singing ballads to the point that it’s… painful, sometimes, to watch - it’s too emotional, too much, this thing where you can sense his feelings pouring out of him with his voice, his eyes, his gestures. 

he really did look unreal under the rain - all tender and powerful. beautiful takes on a whole new meaning when applied to him in moments like that one.

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I really really love ur abba fugg fusion… hes the man of my dreams…. my emo son… I couldnt help myself :‘x