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We're still on the topic of animal souls right? Okay, I have a few questions if they haven't been answered already. How long do animal souls persist after death? What are some ways an animal can become more "sentient"/get more colour in their soul? And if an animal did become "sentient" enough, would they be able to use magic of their respective soul trait? (Sorry for so many questions, I just have this image in my mind of a perseverance-trait parrot literally spitting words at people)

Most animal souls, like monster souls, don’t persist very long after death.
Sentience doesn’t correlate with color.
I image an intelligent animal that had their soul altered by exposure to powerful magic and somehow survived could potentially cast magic like a wizard, I imagine the animal’s lifespan and/or other physical attributes may experience some degradation though. 


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Rant Alert!

Okay, so I have avoided this for a long time but I can no longer turn a blind eye to the issue. It’s not even a new issue. It’s one that, as witches, we all experience.

So I wore my pentacle necklace today at school and I had this girl in my Psychology class come up to me and flat out tell me that I worship the Devil and basically said that I was going to hell for being a terrible person. Now, I usually don’t like wearing my necklace because I know how people are and I just don’t feel like dealing with it. But, today I really wanted to wear it because I actually remembered to bless it for once and I kind of needed the extra spiritual boost that it gives me, plus it looked nice with my outfit so.. 😂😂

Anywho, Psychology rolls around and this girl, don’t even know her name, calls me a satanist and tells me I’m going to hell. Normally I would ignore her and pray that she got some smarts before she said something like that to the wrong person, but today I was just not feeling it.

I looked at her and said, polite as possible, “Well, let me ask you a question. I’m gonna say it’s safe to assume that you believe in God, correct?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And you believe that that this God created the universe and everything in it in seven days as the Bible says, yes?”


“Okay, and you believe that, as your Father, he lives you and all his children, yes?”

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“I believe in my Mother who crafted the universe and every atom, every particle, every tree, every blade of grass and every soul inside every human being and every animal within. Whether it took seven days or seven million years makes no difference. She created us and loves and and every one of her children, same as your God. And this necklace represents her Magick and Power that she grants to us when we aren’t strong enough alone, just like when you pray to your God for help. There is little to know difference in what we believe, the way we believe it is just a little different. So maybe educate yourself before you try and tell me what I do or do not believe in.”

She shut up after that and my Psych teacher looked so proud. 😂😂😂

But really, for anyone who doesn’t really understand, don’t go around mislabeling people. It only pisses us off. Be nice to each other and if you can’t be nice, then don’t speak at all. It’s as simple as that.


Steve x Reader Avengers Chatroom

[I don’t own the avengers]
Warning: Swearing

Tony has logged on
Tony has invited Natasha and Clint
Tony: Guys.
Natasha has logged on
Natasha: What do you want Tony?
Tony: I have uncovered the best, the juicest piece of gossip.
Clint has logged on
Clint: Gossip? Where?
Natasha: What is the gossip?
Tony: Steve and (Y/n)!
Clint: They’re together!!
Tony: Yes!
Clint: They are going to make the cutest couple!
Tony: I think you’re forgetting we now have the best blackmail!
Natasha: You are both idiots.
Clint: What?
Tony: What are you talking about?
Natasha: They’ve been together for months!
Tony: And you didn’t tell us!
Clint: We’re supposed to share gossip, Nat!
Natasha: I thought it was obvious!
Tony: No!
Natasha: Everyone knows!
Clint: I didn’t!
Natasha: You’re both blind!
Natasha: Do you not notice every movie night?
Tony: Notice what?
Natasha: They cuddle up to eachother, it’s adorable!
Clint: I must have been to focused on the movie.
Tony: How did everyone else find out before us?
Clint: Yeah, we’re the gossip squad!
Natasha: Maybe, it’s because you’re both idiots.
Tony: No way does everyone know!
Natasha: Invite someone and ask them.
Tony has invited Wanda
Wanda has logged on
Wanda: Hey guys
Clint: Wanda!
Tony: Do you know that Steve and (Y/n) are dating?
Wanda: I thought this was obvious.
Natasha: Told you!
Tony: Wanda lives at the tower, of course she knows.
Clint has invited Bucky
Bucky has logged on
Bucky: What?
Clint: Do you know about Steve and (Y/n)?
Bucky: Yeah, it’s been 6 months now, I think.
Wanda: It’s also really obvious.
Bucky: Yeah.
Tony: Of course he would know he’s Steve’s best friend.
Natasha: I told you!
Clint: I refuse to believe it!
Tony: There’s one more person we can try.
Clint: Who?
Tony has invited Peter
Peter has logged on
Peter: Mr Stark?
Tony: Underoos.
Tony: I just have a question for you.
Peter: Oh okay, I will answer the best I can for you, Mr Stark.
Tony: Do you know about (Y/n) and Steve?
Peter: Yeah, they’re together.
Tony: God dammit.
Natasha: Haha
Clint: Am I really stupid?
Wanda: If you didn’t know then yes.
Bucky: I saw them hugging earlier, in the hallway.
Peter: Every movie night I’ve been to they’re together.
Tony: How did I not know?
Natasha: You’re not as smart as you think you are!
Tony: I’m Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, play boy, philantropist.
Bucky: Clearly not so much of a genius.
Tony: I’m inviting Steve.
Tony has invited Steve
Steve has logged on
Steve: Hi.
Tony: Steve….
Clint: Steve….
Natasha: Hey Steve!
Peter: Captain America!
Tony: Underoos, don’t you have homework?
Peter: Right, yes, I will go do that.
Peter has logged off
Steve: So what did you want?
Tony: Just want to ask you something.
Clint: YOU AND (Y/N)!
Steve: What about me and (Y/n)?
Tony: You’re both together.
Steve: I thought you knew.
Natasha: See!
Bucky: Hmmm
Wanda: How didn’t you know?
Clint: What do you see in her?
Bucky: Clint!
Natasha: He’s not on good terms on her because she beat his ass in the gym the other day.
Steve: I think she’s very beautiful.
(Y/n) has logged on
(Y/n): OMG Steve.
(Y/n): I just ate a gallon of ice cream!
(Y/n): I’m gonna throw up.
(Y/n) has logged off
Tony: The essence of beautiful right there.
Steve: I told her not to.
Bucky: At least she’s not boring.
Clint: I may have dared her to eat that ice cream.
Wanda: I told her not to do it aswell.
Natasha: I like Steve talking about (Y/n), it’s adorable.
Natasha: What else do you like about her?
Steve: Umm well, she has a lovely way with words.
(Y/n) has logged on
(Y/n): Jesus fucking christ on a bike.
Steve: Honey, language.
(Y/n): Steve, it looks like my soul was ripped from my inside.
(Y/n): I think I’m okay though.
Steve: Please don’t eat any more ice cream.
Steve: And drink a glass of water.
(Y/n): Okay.
(Y/n) has logged off
Natasha: Awwww
Clint: but also ewww
Bucky: Definately ewww.
Tony: “Honey, language”
Wanda: You two are cute.
Wanda: What else do you like about her?
Steve: Is this pick on Steve day?
Bucky: Yes!
Steve: She is very strong.
Steve: Emotionally and Physically.
Clint: She’s not human.
Natasha: The way she fights, she’s like an animal.
Steve: Sometimes I think she’s too strong.
Steve: Emotionally.
(Y/n) has logged on
(Y/n): Stevie…
Steve: What’s the matter, dear?
(Y/n): Someone ate my icecream.
Steve: You just ate icecream.
(Y/n): I think Clint ate it.
Steve: (Y/n) I think you ate all the icecream
(Y/n): No I’m pretty sure Clint ate it.
(Y/n): Or Tony.
(Y/n): No it was Clint.
Steve: Are you just guessing?
(Y/n): Steve now is not the time to question my guessing skills!
(Y/n): I’m going to interrogate him.
Steve: (Y/n) don’t hurt him!
(Y/n) logged off
Tony: I’m just glad she’s not questionning me.
Natasha: I’d run if I were you Clint!
Wanda: She doesn’t interrogate she just tortures!
Bucky: Remind me not to get on her bad side.
Steve: Was there any icecream left after she ate a gallon of it.
Tony: No, I don’t think so.
Clint: I’m being blamed for nothing!
Steve: Can you get her some icecream?
Clint: She just ate a gallon of it!
Steve: I’ll pay you back.
Clint has disconnected
Bucky: That doesn’t bode well.
Wanda: (Y/n) must have got to him.
Natasha: So anyone going to help him?
Tony: Nope
Bucky: I’d rather hear more about (Y/n).
Wanda: Good idea.
Tony: What else do you like about (Y/n), Steve?
Steve: Umm, well she is really smart.
Natasha: She’s joined this chat a couple times without realising we were in it.
Bucky: How did she even get into this chat?
Tony: It should be private…
Wanda: Didn’t we all get invited?
Steve: Yeah…
Tony: She hacked into my chat!
Natasha: Did you set up a password?
Tony: It’s on invite only.
Bucky: How’d she get in then?
Tony: Well obviously she hacked it.
Wanda: How did she not notice that this isn’t a chat with just Steve?
Natasha: I don’t know.
Bucky: Maybe she was caught in the moment.
Steve: Probably…
(Y/n) has logged on
(Y/n): Steve?
Steve: Yes, Dear?
(Y/n): I don’t think Clint ate the icecream.
Steve: And?
(Y/n): I just wanted some icecream…
Steve: You just ate a gallon of icecream.
(Y/n): I know, but it’s my favourite.
Steve: I’ll get you more icecream tomorrow.
(Y/n): Okay.
(Y/n): Do you want to watch a movie with me?
Steve: Yeah, sure.
(Y/n): Race you to the living room, who ever gets there forst chooses the movie?
Steve: Why do i get the feeling you’re already in the living room?
(Y/n): Ummm…
Steve: You can pick the movie, I don’t mind.
(Y/n): Yay!
(Y/n) has logged off
Clint logged on
Wanda: Are you okay?
Clint: I think she broke my arm.
Tony: You should get that checked out.
Clint: I’m on my way to Bruce now.
Bucky: Again, remind me not to get on her bad side.
Natasha: Same.
Steve: I’m really sorry Clint.
Clint: It’s okay, I’ve had worse.
Wanda: How did she break your arm?
Wanda: Actually I don’t want to know.
Clint: Well I better go.
Clint has logged off
(Y/n) has logged on
(Y/n): I have picked a movie!
Steve: What disney movie is it?
(Y/n): Who said it was going to be disney?
Steve: ……..
(Y/n): Okay fine it’s Moana.
Steve: This is the eighth time!
(Y/n): No!!
(Y/n): This is the eleventh time!
Steve: You didn’t make it better
(Y/n): Please!
Steve: Can’t you pick a different movie?
(Y/n): Pretty please.
Steve: (Y/n).
(Y/n): Pretty please, Stevie.
Steve: Fine.
Tony: Whipped.
Steve: Shut up.
(Y/n): Wait a minute!
(Y/n): Tony!!
Tony: Oops.
Natasha: Well done!
Wanda: I was enjoying that!
Bucky: Hmmm
(Y/n): You guys are all here!!
(Y/n): That’s why the chat is called Gossip squad!
Tony: You and Steve!
(Y/n): You didn’t know?
Natasha: See!
Wanda: (Y/n) can i watch with you?
(Y/n): Sure!
Bucky: Me too!
Natasha: Me three!
(Y/n): Yeah, It’s fine!
Tony: I’m not watching that god awful movie.
(Y/n): Do I have to slap a bitch?
Steve: (Y/n) (L/n)!
Tony: Uh Oh, he used your whole name!
Steve: …….
(Y/n): I’m sorry Stevie!
Steve: Just tone down the language or I’m getting you a swear jar.
(Y/n): How will i buy icecream?
Steve: Stop swearing!
(Y/n): It just slips out!
(Y/n): Oh would you look at that the movie is starting!
Wanda: Hey wait for me!
(Y/n) logged out
Wanda logged out
Bucky logged out
Natasha logged out
Steve: ……
Tony: At least she’s not boring.
Steve: Yeah.
Steve logged out
Tony logged out


Tony logged on
Tony invited Steve
Steve logged on
Steve: What’s up?
Tony: Just stay quiet and watch this.
Steve: What?
Tony: Just do it.
Steve: Okay…
Tony cleared the chat
Tony invited (Y/n)
(Y/n) logged on
(Y/n): What’s up?
Tony: I saw Clint eating your icecream.
Steve: (Y/N)!!!!
(Y/n): Shit….
Steve: I’m getting you a swear jar.
(Y/n): Tony!!!!
Tony: I have to leave.
Tony logged off
(Y/n) logged off
Steve logged off



(EDITED: I added more shit because they’re idiots)

I’m just going to dissolve into a corner now.

“Theres room for me! I can fit one butt cheek.”


“I’m going to disassemble her body and put the pieces back in the box.”

“Okay you do that, Hannibal.”

“I’m going to rename you Craig.” 

“My imaginary friend ax murdered her family.”

“I’ll try not to stab myself on accident.”

“We should build a village for short people.”

“This is a visual representation of my soul.”

“My spirit animal is a turtle on a skateboard.”

“This place looks like something you’d see on Supernatural.“

“We’re going to eat our food and get murdered by demons.”

“My backpack is my locker now.”

“Have you seen Satan?”

“Can I have a jar of pickles for my birthday?”

“I never thought I’d get burned by a pickle.”

“Can I borrow your phone so I can instagram this?”

“You’re just going to make me punch myself in the face!”

“It smells like stale biscuits in here.”

“Touch my stuff and you go to jail. Giant waffle jail.”

“I picked up my skateboard and was ready to fight.”

“I don’t want to see Harry Styles pregnant with Louis’ baby.”

“We read fanfiction, nothing can scare us.”

“Are you really going to duct tape me to a wall?”

“The fried food killed me.”


“Homecoming? More like ‘time to get drunk’.”

“I really would sell you to Satan for one corn chip, though.”

“T-mobile? More like T-maybe.”

“I’ll put this fake tattoo on my butt, just watch me.”

“Can we get a hamster that crawls up people’s legs?”

“I never call anyone by their actual names.”

“Forget the North Star, if you’re ever lost, just head towards IHop.“

“That was a very pointless story, thanks for telling it to me.”

“You’re not a scaredy cat, YOU’RE A WUSSY.”



“You’re not cute, you look like a chicken wing.”


“Every time you talk we look at you like you’re an idiot.”

“I’m going to duck tape your hands and feet together.”

“Excuse me while I genderbend.”

“You’re so horrible that you make the rest of us seem like saints.”

“IS HE DEAD? I THINK HE’S DEAD. No wait its okay, he’s alive. False alarm.”

“Why do you keep calling her/him your friend? She/He hates you.”


“I’m not normal, I’m evil.”

“I can’t do backwards pushups, I can’t bend like that.”

“I’ve seen some really sketchy stuff in my life.”

“I used a ouiji once, Satan told me when I was going to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“Are you combing your eyebrows with a razor?”

“I will kill you and hide your body in the river.”

“Hashtag reasons why people hate you.”

“Hashtag you’re ugly.”


“You weren’t born with a butt.”

“Its now illegal to breathe, I’m sorry but now you have to die.”

“I punched the carpet and got stuck.”

anotherdush  asked:

Hello, I love your content and i'm very happy to have found something i can relate to. I've had a doubt but i don't have anyone to ask, I hope you dont mind. I feel hate towards people in general (individually no) so i spoke with my sis and she suggested for me to go to the phychologist, but i'm not sure if i should. Also I want a pet cuz i get tired of many human contact and my dad said that it was stupid. Is it? Should I go to the phychologist? Thx for taking the time. Happy life

@anotherdush, I’d also suggest you seek psychological help. That way, they can help pinpoint exactly what you’re going through. Take the initiative and go to a psychologist. Your sister loves you and only wants to help you. Also, it’s okay to get a pet. Animals are gentle caring souls. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or any animal that speaks to you. I hope that helps! :-)

the-angry-hufflepuff  asked:

Imagine Sherlock finding a little kitten on a case. He takes the kitten after Lestrade finishes arresting its owner for three counts of murder. John wasn't on this case and is startled to come home to a consulting detective sitting on his chair, feet pulled up with him, a tiny grey kitten on his knee. He certainly didn't expect the deep, solemn voice of his flat mate announcing "His name is Schrodinger and I'm keeping him."

OH MY GOD okay this first of all warms my entire soul, I just got a puppy and honestly having a tiny animal in the house to care for is the best thing ever and I feel that both John and Sherlock are not above feeling this exact way about kittens! ALSO: this made me think of the fic Colors by Quesarasara!! AMAZING fic but also the cat situation in that (don’t wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read!)

This was my first fantroll and I fucking hate it
External image

she stares into my soul

Name: Charai Satski (Char-Ai Sat-ski)

this helped me pronounce her name………..not at all

Troll Age: 7.5 sweeps

Looks: Picture

Blood Color: Jade i do not remember jade looking like that

Theme: Fire and Destruction of Femininity i’m down

Matesprite: None. Charai decided to not have one. sure……………..

Lusii: A goat

Animal Theme: None why would there have to be an animal theme

Powers:  She does have some but rarely uses them sure………

Weapons: a shiny black fire thingy that shoots fire


Abilities: Can jump higher than 3 meters or more okay that’s just scary what the fuck , can set anything flammable on fire with her flamethroer i think anyone with a flamethrower can set anything flammable on fire

Flaws: She has a weakness for loud music as she will freak out and run off, she also has a trypophobia relatable (seriously it’s freakin’ gross), sucks at not swearing every 5 secounds also relatable , and hates water

Theme: WILDFIRE!! by Gumi Megpoid (It’s a catchy song) it really is omg i miss circrush also gumi is my green wife she is so dear to me

Personality: Hot tempered, sarcastic, masochist, dirty, devilish, rude, bitchy, stubborn, really boyish why did you make a troll based off me ?

Language Type: All “a"s in her sentence are replaced by “4” y tho

Example: “Who4, th4t’s re4lly fre4king weird. @ charai

Ancestor: the Pyromaniac i think that’s like ten letters

Land: The Land of Flames and Clockworks

God Tier: Prince of Rage (Yes I KNOW she is female but she hates saying that she is.) i love internalized misogyny


- She has a fetish for seeing people burn umm……………..that’s pyrophilia

- Loves the color gold

- Is an Omnisexual just like all trolls………wow……………….

Rules Broken: rules broken? more like rules of femininity broken. shots fired, condemning this just because wildfire was credited to gumi (whose last name isn’t megpoid. the program is called megpoid and gumi is the face of it) when it was actually produced by probably the two greatest western vocaloid minds: circus-p and crusher-p, she’s staring into the void where my soul used to be before this blog released it from my mortal body and i’m uncomfortable, none of these are actually rules broken

Fantroll Rating: redeemable, actually. incredible

The Winchester Weekly

Here we are, week 20! There are so many wonderful fics and writers out there that deserve some love, and this is what that is for. Go check them out, leave a like or reblog, but show ‘em some appreciation. They’ve earned it.

If you have any fics of your own or know of one you want to share, please tag me in them! I’ll love to read them. You’ll know that I’ve read it or gotten your tag if I like it. (:

PSA: I will not be adding fics onto the list that are pure smut. If it is hinted at, then that it is okay, and if it is in a series works I will just skip that chapter.

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers/people you’d like to get know better.

tagged by: @galacticlust

nickname(s): Bug

zodiac sign: Scorpio

height: 160 cm

orientation: North-east

nationality: American 

favorite fruit: Nectarines and cherries.

favorite season: Winter, by far. 

favorite book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This book is my heart and soul. The Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson is also fantastic.

favorite flower: Oleanders

favorite scent: Lemon Mint

favorite color: It’s hard for me to choose one color, but I tend to gravitate toward cooler colors.

favorite animal: You can’t do this to me! I’m an animal person! Owls are definitely my spirit animal, so I’ll go with that for now.

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee is my morning ritual, but I love a good cup of tea.

cat or dog person: Okay, I’m only choosing dogs because I haven’t had a cat (yet).

favorite fictional character: Samuel Hamilton and Lee (East of Eden) & Vin and Sazed (Mistborn)

# of blankets you sleep with: 8.. I know, it’s a bit ridiculous, especially for living in Texas.

dream trip: There are so many places I want to see, so I’m going to attempt to cram it all into one trip for the sake of this question. I would do a trek across Europe and Asia. The European countries I’d like to visit include Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Azerbaijan, and Russia, and the Asian countries I’d like to visit include Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, Nepal, China, Tibet, Korea, and Japan. Anything that falls in between would be awesome. 

blog created: I switched over to this around a year or two ago? I’ve been on tumblr for at least five years, so time is a bit muddled.

# of followers: 51 (weep)

random fact: The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite.

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 And whoever else wants to do this.

Your soul is nothing like a flower or an animal. It is a growing flame, and there is no limitation to its growth at all. So go out now, and outgrow yourself. Outgrow the living souls out there.
—  L.W. // Outgrow yourself
The Random Fact Book of Annabeth Chase: Owls


“Okay what is it with Athena and owls?” I asked looking over to Annabeth from where I was spread out on her bunk.

Annabeth, who was at her desk, looked up and gave me a weird look, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Why are owls her sacred animal? What about the owl makes it so wise?” I asked propping myself up on my elbows to look at her.

“Are you seriously asking me this?”

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Cat of Thrones

I’ve been neglecting one shots on this blog cause I’ve either been writing the next chapter of a long fic or just neglecting writing completely. But please accept this one shot I wrote back in June and never posted as an apology.

This is a “sorry that text was meant for someone else but hi there who are you” au

Maka stared at the text she had received from an unknown number, completely confused by the context of it. She didn’t know anyone who owned a black cat. Nor did she know anyone who owned a black cat that specifically enjoyed going to neighbors apartments and begging for food. Maybe she had seen the cat pass by her once or twice, but it mostly liked to stop at the doorstep of the girl who lived opposite her. It never stopped at her place.

So why had she received a text from a stranger about it?

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do a Reader X Sam one shot where the reader has a terrible dream/night terror and wakes up and panics, and can't tell what's real and whats not until Sam calms her down? Its like 3 am here and I can't sleep for this very reason.

I’m sorry that it took us so long to get this out for you, noni and I hope you’ve had better nights since then, but I wrote this for you anyway. Couldn’t resist adding some Cas and Dean in there for good measure. Hope this is what you imagined it to be. - Jem


*Sam’s POV*

It started as a whimper. Then an almost imperceptible grunt.
“No…no please…” She begged the demon in her dreams.
Her back went rigid against my chest. I didn’t say anything. I never said anything. It was pointless. She wouldn’t be able to hear me. Not until it passed.
“I’ll do anything! Don’t please!!” She shouted thrashing against the sheets. I watched her jump up, y/c/e eyes wide as the bottom of a glass, and just as glossy.  “Please…” A sob blossomed from somewhere deep in her chest, breaching her lips. The sound so forlorn it hurt my soul.
“Y/n?” I couldn’t help but murmur quietly, sitting up in bed.
She launched herself at me like an animal her intention was to protect herself from the unseen spector that haunted her dreams. I knew and I was ready for her. My hands encircled her wrists easily. I used my body to turn her over so that her back was flat against the bed again. Her chest heaved, but she was staring at me now instead of through me. Her eyes no longer wild.
“Y/n, you’re okay. I’m here. You’re okay.” I assured her calmly, careful not to put my full weight on her. Her bottom lip trembled, I loosened my grip around her wrists and moved off of her. The tears began to fall, spilling from the corners of her eyes with increasing speed. My heart ached for her. She turned onto her stomach and sobbed into the pillow. The room was quiet save for her sobbing and the sound of our breathing. Tentatively, I reached out and placed my hand on her shoulder.
“Just leave me alone, Sam.” She cried tugging away from my touch.
“ I…y/n. I just want to be there for you. Why won’t you let me?” I asked, brushing her hair out of her eyes gently.
“You deserve so much better.” She told me getting up on her knees. “I’m not okay. I’m broken and it’s not your job to pick up the pieces. I can’t put that on you. I won’t. Try to understand. Please…” She looked up at me with pleading eyes. I moved toward her, cupping the side of her face in my hand.
“I don’t mean to be a jerk, but you don’t get to decide for me. I really care about you, y/n. I’m not leaving. If I didn’t want to be here, then I wouldn’t be…but I am.”
She laughed suddenly and the tears stopped coming. There was a light in her eyes that had been absent a minute before.
“What?” I mumbled feeling a little self-conscious.
“You’re talking in circles. I think only half of that made sense.” She was grinning and it made my heart swell. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, kissing her softly. Y/n sighed contentedly and I held her closer.
“Let’s go back to sleep.” I suggested pulling her down onto the mattress with me.
“I’ll try.” She huffed, but settled against me, so that we were chest to chest. We lay there quietly, feeling one another’s heart beat as the minutes ticked by. I waited until I heard her breathing slow and even, before I drifted off to sleep.

*Reader’s POV*

Something tickled my nose, bringing me back to the world of the living from my death sleep. I blew air at the thing, hoping it would go away and leave me alone. It didn’t. I opened one eye and peered down my nose at the thing. It took me a minute to identify it as a strand of chestnut colored hair. I smiled despite my annoyance. Sam lay beside me, face half hidden by the pillow. His pouty lips seemed inviting so I gave them a quick peck. One beautiful hazel eye looked into mine. I giggled, smiling at him.
“What did I do now?” He asked with a small grin.
I shook my head in response.
“Tell me.” He groaned. “It makes me nervous when you laugh out of nowhere like that.”
He was so cute. A blush stained his cheeks, but he ignored it, propping himself up on his elbow.
“I’m not telling.” I said grinning. I snuggled deeper into the covers unsure of how to explain myself.
“Oh yeah?” He narrowed his eyes at me, with a mock angry expression.
“Yeah.” I yawned. “Oh!” He rolled onto me grasping the corner of the blanket and tugging it down. My spaghetti strap shirt did nothing to protect me from the chill morning air.
“Hey! I need that.” I whined trying fruitlessly to pull the material out of his huge fist. He laughed tugging back playfully.
“More than you need…this?” He asked leaning down and covering my neck with gentle kisses.
“Nnn-no.” I sighed looping my arms loosely around his neck. He slowly kissed a path up the side of my neck and jaw until his face was level with mine. Sam brushed his lips against mine lightly. I waited, impatiently for him to kiss me, but he didn’t.
“I love you.” He said against my lips. Hazel eyes gazed down in to mine sincerity in their depths.
I kissed him. My lips molding to his as I attempted to convey what I felt without words. I traced the seam of his lips with the tip of my tongue and he let me in. Caressing his tongue with mine, I basked in the feeling of being wanted. He sighed happily into my mouth and I deepened the kiss. Letting my emotions guide me, I ran one hand over his strong shoulder and down his chest. I let the other curl in the hair at the nape of his neck pulling him closer to me. He started to break the kiss, but I followed him, pressing my lips to his again. I kissed the corner of his mouth and made my way down his jaw, pressing slow wet kisses to his neck. He cleared his throat, stiffening when I nibbled at the expanse of skin between his neck and collar bone. I stopped myself, noticing that he had angled his lower body away from mine. His breathing was heavy and when I looked into his eyes I found that his pupils had expanded making his hazel eyes look almost black.
“S-Sam?” My voice trembled a little, my breathing not much steadier than his. He didn’t respond. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled awkwardly.  I untangled my hand from his hair and let him move away this time. He dropped his face into the pillow squeezing his eyes shut. His body relaxed against the mattress after a few minutes.
“I…didn’t mean to, uhm… ruin the moment.” I apologized watching his face.
“It’s okay.” He turned to look at me.
“I guess, what I was trying to show you was, that I love you too.” I admitted feeling my face heat up in embarrassment. I worried that he might not want to hear that right now, but my fears vanished when he reached out and took my hand, lacing his fingers through mine.  He smiled at me. I felt my heart do a somersault in my chest and I couldn’t help but think that this was why Sam was exactly the right person to put me back together.

*Castiel’s pov*

“Y/n? Y/n, wake up.” When I put my arms around her, Y/n’s eyes snapped open. Her body tensed like she was preparing for a fight. She freed herself from my arms and sat straight up in bed. Her y/c/e eyes were wide, but unfocused. For a moment, we sat there quietly. y/n stared at the closet door as if she were seeing through it. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could even form words, she screamed. It was a raw and tortured expression of her inconsolable pain. A piercing shriek that was wrought with unbridled fury.
I could feel the violence in her, the insane urge to jump up and punch something, anything. She fought it this time and sat there trying to calm herself down. y/n looked around the room as if it were unfamiliar to her. It was pretty big for a bedroom. The walls were painted a light color that was very close to baby blue. Curtains hung up over the window and terrace doors. They were a thin material that resembled tulle, shimmery white and billowing out through the balcony doors.
Knowing that her muscles were stiff, I got up and went to get the Advil from her bag.  She had been hunting with Sam and Dean for over a year now and these nightly fits had become so common place that we’d developed a routine. Luckily, tonight was one of her better nights. I hadn’t had to keep her from hitting things and hurting herself in the process. When I came back, she was standing and stretching. I went up to her, offering her the pills and a small plastic cup with water. She took them without protest. For some reason, she couldn’t seem to look me in the eye. I raised an eyebrow in question and waited calmly for her to tell me what was on her mind.
“I-I’m sorry.” She stuttered which was extremely unusual for the ever confident y/n.
“For what?” I murmured noticing her sheepish expression.
“I’m sorry that I…well, pulled away. It wasn’t anything that you did. I just … I can’t…”
“It’s alright, y/n. You were having a nightmare.” I pulled her into my arms and felt her relax.
“Is it really alright?” She asked quietly.
“Of course, it is.” I assured her tipping her face up so that I could look into those y/c/e eyes of hers.
“Just try to relax. Okay?” I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. I would never get used to kissing her. Every time our lips met was a revelation. Had she really picked me, this beautiful all be it turbulent woman? We got back into bed. Once we were cuddled up under the sheets, I felt my consciousness begin to fade as I fell into a deep sleep.

*Reader’s POV*

I woke to the sounds of Cas ’s snoring. His breath against my forehead caused my bangs to stir, tickling me. He looked so relaxed, peaceful. I didn’t have the heart to wake him so I lay there listening to his breathing and thinking about what had transpired the night before. I never remembered the dreams, only how they made me feel. The panic, rage, and desperation that bled momentarily into the real world once I’d woken from the nightmare.
“Demons.” He mumbled his eyes still closed.
“You were saying something about demons before you…”His voice trailed off. I tilted my head back so that I could see his face. Deep blue eyes met mine the beginnings of a smile on his lips.
“Good Morning.”
“Morning.” I murmured pressing my lips to his.

*Dean’s POV*

She tossed and turned in her sleep. I knew it was coming and got ready for it, my muscles tensing as she shot up in bed her eyes half open. I could hear her ragged breathing and held my breath waiting. She screamed. An ear-piercing shriek that chilled me to the bone.
“Y/n?” She turned on me in a heartbeat, hurling herself across the bed at me. It shouldn’t have surprised me. She grappled with me, thighs clenching around my hips, hands balled into fists as she tried with all her might to punch the crap out of me. I blocked every one of her hits, before finally grabbing onto her wrists.
“No, No, No!” She cried out struggling as she tried to get free. Her eyes still unfocused, she put enough pressure on the area between my index finger and my thumb to force me to release her left arm and tried to clock me.
“Y/N.” I shouted wrapping my arms around her. I sighed in relief. With her arms pinned to her sides she was no longer a threat to herself or me. She stopped moving. We lay there in the dark for a while without speaking.  
“Demons?” I asked quietly.
“I…I can’t remember.” She admitted self-consciously.
I kissed the top of her head and loosened my hold on her.
There was something wet on my chest. I felt it grow as my shirt stuck to my skin. I frowned, confused.
“I’m sorry, Dean. I’m so sorry.” She sobbed. Grabbing onto the sides of my shirt.
“Shhh…shhh…it’s alright. You’re alright.” I murmured into her hair. I didn’t know what to do.
In all the times this had happened, she’d never cried. Thinking back to the few times I’d been comforted while crying, only my mother came to mind. Her smile and her voice as she’d gently stroked my back.
I brought my hand tentatively to y/n’s back and brought my hand up and down in a gentle caress. She stiffened, but didn’t move away. At a loss, I began humming the only slow song I could think of, an old Beetles song my mom used to sing to me when I was a kid. It was awkward at first, but soon she settled against my body and leaned into my touch. I started drawing patterns on her back with my index finger and as her breathing began to even out, I closed my eyes and started to relax.

*Reader’s POV*

The sun had been up for hours, when I woke up.  It was too warm. I sighed against Dean’s chest and tried unsuccessfully to roll off of him. His arms were around me and he was holding on too tight. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed, expression unguarded for once, plump lips parted as he released a soft snore that sounded like a cat’s purr. Without giving it much thought I pressed my lips to his. He didn’t even flinch. I licked my lips and did it a second time, and then a third wondering idly if he would be upset that I was waking him up.
“Mmm…” He mumbled opening one eye and peering down at me. I smiled.
“Morning.” He muttered and leaned up to kiss me. His tongue ran across my lower lip before plunging into my mouth. He tangled his tongue with mine before running the tip against the roof of my mouth. I broke the kiss and tried to move away, but his arms tightened around my waist.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He chuckled.
“To brush my teeth.” I told him still struggling against his hold.
“It can wait.” He insisted. “Your breath isn’t that bad.”
I huffed against his mouth and bit his lower lip. “Maybe not, but yours is.”
He laughed and held me to him kissing me again.

Destiel Newly Wed Show

So, this post has inspired the one you’re reading (x). I’m super excited about writing this. Enjoy!

- Destiel Newly Wed Game -

Host: So, how did you two meet?

Cas: Well, I gripped him tight and pulled him from perdition.

Dean: I don’t quite remember that part exactly, but I remember when you tried to speak with me after I dug myself out of my grave *cuddles* You almost left me deaf.

Cas: *sigh* Good thing I found a vessel for myself. Remember when you first met my vessel?

Dean: In the warehouse! I remember that! I stabbed you in the heart and you didn’t die!

Cas: *giggles* You were so adorable.

*Host just stares in horror at the lovely couple. Glances down at cards with questions.*

Host: Uhh….What comic character does your husband most resemble: Batman, Daffy Duck, or Charlie Brown? 

Dean and Cas: Batman.

*Grins at each other*

Dean: Because you always have that sexy, deep voice!

Cas: And I know everything about you, so I know you have childhood memories that tie closely to Batman!

Dean: Aww, I totally forgot that you knew every single thing about me from every moment before you rebuilt my body when you saved my soul from hell! It’s so sweet of you to remember.

Cas: I’d remember anything for you, Dean.

Host: Oh…Okay…um…

*shuffles cards nervously*

Host: What animal does your mother-in-law remind you of?

Cas: Well, I’ve never met my mother-in-law, but I suppose Mary would remind me of…a human?

*Dean snuggles Cas*

Dean: I’m sure my mom would’ve loved that answer.

Cas: Well, I scheduled a visit to her heaven next week, so hopefully, she will approve of me.

*Dean gasped*

Dean: Really? You’re the best, Cas!

*Cas smiled*

Cas: Anything for you, Dean.

Dean: I’ve never met Cas’ mom either. I heard her name is Josie and she’s an old woman in a different dimension at the moment.

Cas: She lives in a town called Night Vaie

Dean: But I feel like she’d remind me a bit of you.

Cas: A multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent?

*Dean nodded*

Cas: Well, I suppose that is a kind answer from you.

*They both gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. The host clears his throat*

Host: What kind of automobile would you most like to own?

Cas: Well, I know Dean’s in love with his “baby”.

*Dean grins*

Dean: Don’t say it as if Baby’s just some lug of metal, Baby’s part of the family.

*Cas rolled hir eyes*

Cas: Baby is an impala.

Dean: The best impala that was ever driven! I built Baby from the ground up, you know? Besides, Baby’s better than the Pimpmobile.

Cas: My car is functional.

Dean: The radio’s stuck on a rap station.

Cas: I find it soothing. I would change it to classic rock, if you really needed me to.

*Dean shook his head*

Dean: Nah, it’s fine, Cas. If it’s soothing to you, I’m fine with it.

*Cas pecks Dean on the cheek*

Cas: Thank you, Dean.

*Host coughs, shuffling through the cards again*

Host: Last question: What year was your spouse born?

Cas: 1979.

Dean: There is no marker in time in which Cas was born.

Cas: Oh, honey. You know that if I tell you how old I am, you could potentially explode. Humans aren’t ready to know how old the universe is truly.

Dean: I know. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the question, huggie bear.

Cas: It’s fine, Dean. I completely understand why.

*Host just stares at the two*

Gabriel: OKAY, THAT’S A WRAP - Good job, little bro! You two did well.


*Gabriel cackles*

Gabriel: Oh, Dean-o, I had you and Cas go on the Newly Weds Show. You may not have been, uh, exactly conscious, but the truth within your heart was there and it was present to tell the truth of the matter between the two of you. I didn’t know you were that much of a cuddler!

*Cas attack Gabriel*


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