they are my secondary otp

I’m probably going to regret posting this, but …

I’ve seen a number of posts about how “Albus and Scorpius are only 14 in the play! They’re not old enough to know if they like boys yet! Maybe JKR has ~plans~ for them to get together later on????”

Look, I get it. Scorbus has become my secondary OTP in the past few months (Wolfstar has the #1 place in my heart forever). I love those boys, and I want them to love each other, but let’s not fool ourselves about JKR’s intent.

The bulk of the play takes place in 2020. That’s the future – the more progressive world we’re all supposed to be working towards and looking forward to. If Albus and Scorpius are old enough at 14 to know/think they might like a girl, then they are old enough to know/think they might like a boy.

JKR doesn’t ship it. Sorry, but she doesn’t. Scorose is probably the endgame she imagines. Scorbus probably wasn’t even on her radar during the writing of the play (which I don’t believe she actually had a whole lot to do with, beyond outlining and approving). The best we can hope for is for her to Dumbledore in another LGBT character or two after the fact somewhere down the line.

We need to stop making excuses for JKR’s lack of LGBT representation. She doesn’t care about us enough to represent us, and that’s just how it is. It’s fair to be angry about that, but we need to love ourselves and not keep grasping and straws and imagining that she’s sending us secret coded messages. We are an afterthought to her, at best.

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The fact that Sheriarty is your otp is pretty clear, but do you have any secondary Sherlockian ships? And, if so, would you every write a fic about any of those? Just curious. :)))

Lol, well I already write for my secondary otp which is MorMor (I know, both are Moriarty ships eheheheh)

I’d like to write Molly/Irene as an actual main pairing to a fic.. but Im scared of characterizing them poorly. The ladies need more fics tbh, but I also dont wanna add trash to their tags. :(

I think I’ve figured out why I ship Lucaya - aside from the obvious chemistry and cute banter. 

So I’m a hardcore Maya stan, and she is by far the most important thing on the show to me. Maya is generally a pretty confident person. She’s not insecure at all. But she does have a relatively low sense of self-worth, and she does consider herself to be broken. Her mother is a total sweetheart, but is absent, and of course her father left years ago. So the only people she has who are telling her that she’s talented and beautiful and good, the only people reminding her of her potential, are Riley and Corpanga (and Shawn, when he’s around). But at this point, they’re like a family to her, and even though she’s immensely grateful and all, them telling her that she’s talented and wonderful and all of that kind of feels like something a family member would say - as if they’re saying it just because they want her to feel good about herself. 

(of course, she values Riley’s opinions more than anyone else’s, but she kind of expects Riley to support her and compliment her at this point.)

When Shawn showed up, and he was exactly like her, he was what Maya wanted in a father. She was desperate for his approval because he felt like a father. And when she got it, their relationship became immensely important to her. 

Now let’s talk about Lucas. At the beginning, Maya obviously sees him as being very good and very prince charming-ish, which is probably the reason that she’s been pushing him and Riley together since episode one (her girl deserves the perfect prince, doesn’t she?). Of course, he was attractive, but he couldn’t have been for her when he and Riley were so obviously perfect for each other. So they banter and she calls him names and he lets her, of course he lets her, because she was the first of the girls that he saw and she was tiny and gorgeous and full of fire (and it was never really Riley he liked to begin with, it was just that it seemed like he should like her). If Riley hadn’t been a complication, if it had just been Lucas and Maya, they probably would’ve gone out sometime mid season one. 

Things change when Maya discovers that Lucas was kicked out of his old school. They change again when she sees him get really, really angry. Suddenly, he’s not mr. perfect, destined to ride off into the sunset with Riley. He’s just a cute boy with a really nice torso and serious anger issues. He has flaws too. Suddenly, he seems to be something attainable for Maya (subconsciously, of course), because he’s no longer perfect and he’s more like Maya than she previously thought. Even though she may not have realized it, when the first part of Lucas’ secret came out in Secret of Life, it kind of knocked down an internal barrier that Maya had set up between them. 

And things change for the third time in Creativity, when he tells her that she’s talented and he wants her to be happy - and when she discovers that he thinks she’s beautiful. Because suddenly, the kind of affirmation and approval that she’s previously only gotten from the Matthews family (and briefly, Shawn) is coming from a very different and very unexpected source. Maya isn’t insecure, but she doesn’t tend to think that people will care about her. And when Lucas basically told her that he did, it shocked her. 

Basically what I’m saying is that Lucas makes Maya feel valued in a different way than Riley does because Riley is basically Maya’s other half, while Lucas still feels like something fully outside of Maya. Lucas makes her feel beautiful. He makes her feel like she’s worth something. His compliments feel like they can’t be anything but genuine. And that is why I ship them.