they are my primary otp


So how do I do normal?
A smile I fake, a permanent wave of
Cue cards and fix-it kits
Can’t you tell I’m not myself?


This otp meme is a bit of a trick question with sleeping warrior because neither of them are particularly prone to getting lost. Phillip on the other hand…

I keep forgetting that this isn’t actually canon Phillip, my own headcanons have supplanted actual canon at this point (but who even is canon Phillip lbr)

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Jakweenie?

Yes, I do! Newtina is my primary ship, the largest in my fleet. My OTP. Jakweenie is my secondary ship, my backup ship if you will. I also ship Newt/Queenie (yes I know) as a sort of…tension overflow release valve. 

Whenever I’m feeling especially stifled or uncreative, I write something with Newt and Queenie together and it acts as a hard-reset on my creativity. :) It forces me to look at Newtina from another angle, and that’s usually what I need to get the muse talking again.

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I just came across your blog and I was just wondering...what ships do you ship in all your fandoms?

Hi! Welcome to the blog! As of right now, my three big fandoms are Harry Potter, TMI/Shadowhunters and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. My primary ships are basically my OTPs from that fandom, whereas my secondary ships are ones that I ship but not as much as the primary ones. The ones in italics are the ones I REALLYYYYY ship. 


     Primary: Jily(JamesxLily), Romione (RonxHermione), Hinny (HarryxGinny),                      Remadora (RemusxTonks) 

    Secondary: Nuna (NevillexLuna), Wolfstar(RemusxSirius)                                                    Drarry(DracoxHarry), Drinny (DracoxGinny),                                                        Dranny(DracoxHarryxGinny), Druna (DracoxLuna),                                            Linny (LunaxGinny), Deamus (DeanxSeamus)


     Primary: Clace (JacexClary), Malec (MagnusxAlec), Sizzy (SimonxIzzy),                          Lucelyn (LukexJocelyn) 


     Primary: MALEC (MagnusxAlec) (I ship them on both but I ship them so            much harder on the show tbh) Clizzy (ClaryxIzzy), Saia (SimonxMaia)


     Primary: MONDLERRRR (MonicaxChandler), RachelxJoey, PhoebexMike
     Secondary: PhoebexRachel, PhoebexJoey, PhoebexDavid, I hate Ross but      I lowkey ship him with Emily (RossxEmily) and Charlie (RossxCharlie) (Emily      and Charlie both deserve better though.) 

There you go! I hope you like my blog! 

lone-wolf-lament  asked:

🍀 = a ship I wish to write | 🌵 = a disliked canon character in my fandom

Send me a symbol and I will tell you…

🍀 = a ship I wish to write

Damn, this is kind of a tough one. I mean, I have a romantic ship going with a mutual, and am on the fence with doing multiple romantic ships (i’m afraid that i might get partners mixed up, esp with my primary OTP being Ignoct.) Friendships/platonic ships are nice also, and i’d like to try writing a hate ship at some point?

🌵 = a disliked canon character in my fandom

If we are talking a personal dislike of a canon character as they are in the game, and not anyone’s specific portrayal of a canon character, i would have to say i managed to get a near immediate, instinctual dislike of Ardyn almost as soon as i saw him in Galdin Quay. Just kind of a ‘*squints at* … you’re gonna be a problem, aren’t you…’ sort of thing. And i haven’t watched Kingsglaive yet.