they are my one and only perfect otp

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Hi! I love your chats so much, why are they so good?? Also, your jealous Lance is perfect💜 So maybe another one with that? Like, some hot alien dude is flirting with Keith and Shiro says that Keith's flustered and blushing and Lance's jealous cuz he was planning to ask Keith out or smth? Thank You so much💜💜

omg bless!! i’m so glad you like these little chats and i hope this new dose of jealous!lance is acceptable lmao!! :)
(p.s. to all of you sending in requests for more jealous!keef……. soon, my lovelies 😉)

rip in pieces lance

The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 

Christine Sydelko Sentence Starters

I’ve been bingeing Christine’s vines and vlogs, and everything she says is perfect for crack-tastic hijinks. 

  • “Don’t ask questions, just drive!”
  • “Too bad you can’t hot glue gun your marriage back together!”
  • What happens if I put hot dogs in the garbage disposal?”
  • “One time when I was twelve I made my sim woo-hoo with a ghost and my mom walked in and saw, and she took my computer away for a month.”
  • “And so I say onto you, Adam and Eve are my OTP, and the only thing I vape is the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
  • “Oh god why did I do this, why did I do this, why did I do this?!”
  • “I hate it when guys only offer five goats and ten chickens for my hand in marriage. Hello! Clearly I’m worth five goats, twelve chickens, and a rabbit pelt.”
  • “The macarena was an inside job!”
  • “Yeah, I–I bet he’s got a penis.”
  • “Eyy girl, so when we gonna churn butter and chill?”
  • “Hi, welcome to to bible study!”
  • “Hi, Horror Club is doing a human centipede on the quad tomorrow. BYSK, bring your own sewing kit.”
  • “I’m like, it’s not my fault you got lice.”
  • “This is why dad left you.”
  • “I’m wearing a jean dress and I feel good!”
  • “Oh my god, my mom was right! Peer pressure is real!”
  • “It says here that you wish to have your ashes brewed in a Keurig?”
  •  “Celine Dion put a curse on my family and now our crops won’t grow.”
  • “What’s better than this, guys being dudes?”
  • “His favorite fruit is a mango, but will she be ready to tango?”
  • “Kumbaya my lord!”
  • “Drive, bitch! To the…pussy store.”
  • “My mom says I can’t play with you anymore.”
  • “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the good kush!”
  • “He was a dolphin in a whale suit!”
  • “If you don’t call your boyfriend papi, is he really your boyfriend?”
  • “Yeah, uh, tip of the penis to you too, ____ !”
  • “Yeah, I know where that is. You’re going to the left, to the right, take it back now y’all, two hops this time, and then cha-cha real smooth.”
  • “Money over love!”
  • “It’s like, yeah, like, I do skin cats for fun, but I’m not a psychopath. Don’t label me, you know?”
  • “Oh, I was just making sure you weren’t two kids trying to sneak into an R-rated movie.”
  • “Run, it’s almost midnight! I turn into a fuckboy!”
  • “You think this is a game? This is fucking science! I don’t play that shit!”
  • “Ew girl! What the fuck are you doing burping in my mouth and shit?!”
  • “ ___ get your credit card. Hurry up, get your fucking credit card!”
  • “It says you wish to be mummified in fruit roll-ups?”
  • “LMAO, he just gave her the D!”
  • “Do they have a snapchat geo-tag?”
  • “I want ____ to rip out my large intestine and use it as a jump rope.”
  • “I’d like to thank all three of you for coming. Now, she wasn’t very pretty, and she wasn’t very smart…”
  • “I believe in equality. I believe your dick is equal to the size of a tic tac, how about that?”
  • “My dick is stuck in a Pringles can.”
  • “I just saw your google search history and I think we need to talk. Now, what are ‘sexy minions’?”
  • “Oh girl, you’re going to get with the penis real soon!”
  • “Only get on your knees for two things: beer bongs and blow jobs.”
  • “I think I swallowed a nickel.”
  • Nice scrapbook, or should I say CRAPbook?”
  • “Tom and Jerry were lovers! The government is lying to us!”
  • “Well looks like this body…is a dead one.”
  • “So ____ starts choking me and saying ‘Bitch, you bought the wrong lunchables!’“
  • “The rain is just God’s tears. He’s crying because we’re sinners.”
  • “Give me my tupperware, ___ !”
  • “ ___, the flower crown you got me is too big! I can’t show my face at Coachella like this!”
  • “No one cuts off my banjo solo!”
  • “You stayed up all night playing the sims again, didn’t you?”
  • “Heeeeeey, Mister Big Cock!”
  • “Do I need this? No. Do I want it? Also no.”
  • “If you spit in my mouth I will murder your family.”
  • “I only twerk on Priuses. Eco-friendly!”
  • “I am shooketh.”
  • “Why does the lady at Taco Bell know my name?”
  • “They’re bueno.”
  • “Can you tell me why I stole a pool ball from that bar?”
  • “I’m not even on my period!”

OTP Tag / Verse Name Masterlist

The following is a list of 125+ OTP tag / verse name suggestions, all inspired by Sia’s last two albums, 1000 Forms of Fear (2014) and This Is Acting (2016). Credit goes to the respective lyricist(s). If you find this list to be helpful and would like to see more, feel free to message me anytime.

  • otp:  all the things you’ve taken
  • otp:  always had the upper hand
  • otp:  blunted thorns are soft on my skin
  • otp:  bring it on and bring it strong
  • otp:  bristling with desire
  • otp:  burn with me tonight
  • otp:  can’t get enough
  • otp:  can’t hide the pain
  • otp:  challenge me
  • otp:  come a little closer
  • otp:  danger is coming
  • otp:  disregard the mess
  • otp:  don’t give up
  • otp:  don’t leave me
  • otp:  don’t wait too long
  • otp:  don’t wanna fight anymore
  • otp:  don’t you wanna free us
  • otp:  falling through the cracks
  • otp:  feel the beat in your chest
  • otp:  feel the love
  • otp:  feeling every cell fall in love with you
  • otp:  feeling my temperature rise
  • otp:  fight this war
  • otp:  fill the void in my heart
  • otp:  fire meet gasoline
  • otp:  follow me like the darkest cloud
  • otp:  fought so hard for your heart
  • otp:  found solace in the strangest place
  • otp:  free the beast from its cage
  • otp:  give me a taste of you
  • otp:  give me all you got
  • otp:  going up in flames
  • otp:  held hostage by your love
  • otp:  held hostage by your touch
  • otp:  here by your side
  • otp:  here comes the shame
  • otp:  hold the flame alight
  • otp:  hold you in my arms
  • otp:  holding on for dear life
  • otp:  holding on for tonight
  • otp:  hungry for your loving
  • otp:  i ache for love
  • otp:  i am hot for you in every way
  • otp:  i had locked my heart
  • otp:  i wanna be your muse
  • otp:  i want whatever you’ve got
  • otp:  i was a broken thing
  • otp:  i was never in control
  • otp:  i was scared to let you into my heart
  • otp:  i’d take a million bullets for you
  • otp:  it all begins with just one kiss
  • otp:  it’s agony
  • otp:  it’s been a long time
  • otp:  it’s dangerous to fall in love
  • otp:  it’s lonely at the top
  • otp:  it’s never the right time
  • otp:  it’s the final chance
  • otp:  kill me with your loving
  • otp:  lacking courage
  • otp:  like a storm cloud
  • otp:  like smoke darkening the skies
  • otp:  like sugar and spice
  • otp:  live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
  • otp:  lost in doubt
  • otp:  love me to the beat of a drum
  • otp:  loving you to death
  • otp:  me and you against the world
  • otp:  midnight decisions
  • otp:  need you in every way
  • otp:  never played a fair game
  • otp:  never thought we’d meet again
  • otp:  no time for games
  • otp:  no time for love
  • otp:  nobody out there to catch your tears
  • otp:  one-way ticket to a place where all the demons go
  • otp:  only two footprints in the sand
  • otp:  remember when we had it all?
  • otp:  right where we’re meant to be
  • otp:  ruin me
  • otp:  running out of breath
  • otp:  secret life of lovers who have others
  • otp:  see me fall apart
  • otp:  skating on thin ice
  • otp:  smile through the pain
  • otp:  so many red flags
  • otp:  soaking in all your love
  • otp:  standing on the edge
  • otp:  strike the match
  • otp:  such beautiful pain
  • otp:  take me for all i have
  • otp:  take your chances
  • otp:  tears fall to the beat
  • otp:  tell you what you want to hear
  • otp:  the line has been crossed
  • otp:  the pain of losing you
  • otp:  the pressure’s rising
  • otp:  the storm has broken
  • otp:  the war within
  • otp:  this secret burns
  • otp:  this too shall pass
  • otp:  thought i could save you from destruction
  • otp:  trust no one
  • otp:  twisted up like a slipknot
  • otp:  under the covers
  • otp:  we had love so strong my heart couldn’t take it
  • otp:  we might be moving too fast
  • otp:  we only have the memories
  • otp:  we were meant for one another
  • otp:  we’re a perfect match somehow
  • otp:  what i don’t know can’t hurt me
  • otp:  when the fire dies
  • otp:  why can i not conquer love?
  • otp:  won’t make it through tonight
  • otp:  won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?
  • otp:  you are my whole world
  • otp:  you bring me to life
  • otp:  you covered my heart in kisses
  • otp:  you did not break me
  • otp:  you draw me back in
  • otp:  you got too close
  • otp:  you let the light in
  • otp:  you started breaking down my walls
  • otp:  you terrify me
  • otp:  you were worth the wait
  • otp:  you’ll never get it
  • otp:  you’re locked inside my heart
  • otp:  your body’s poetry
The Glow of a New Sun: Part I


Helion was quick to embrace Nesta once she, Feyre, Rhys, and her mate winnowed to the location of the shower. A courtyard overlooking the Sidra, which sparkled in the midday light of late June.

“How I’ve missed you.” Helion admitted, pulling away and taking in the view of her in the dress he had Rhys deliver that morning. She was a lovely sight to behold. Her round belly being just one of the stunning features that made it impossible to not stare at her. A smile spread across Helion’s full lips as he lowered his head in a bow. “So many changes since we last saw one another. My dear, you have the glow of a new sun.“

Without skipping a beat, Nesta hugged her middle and responded in a feigned sweet voice, “And the density of a dying one.”

Cassian’s body shook with a silent laugh as he placed a hand on her shoulder. Tilting his face closer to hers, he muttered, “That’s my girl,” before dodging the foot she meant to stomp on his.

Helion seemed pleased to find the emissary still delivering whip-smart comebacks. Turning to Cassian, he looked him up and down, saying, “You’re looking quite well today, Commander.”

It was true. Cassian looked good. Nesta had braided his hair back and put it in a bun. The white shirt he wore was thin enough that every muscle, every tattoo clearly visible. His pants loose, but fitted in all the right places. His wings… They either glimmered from the sunlight or from being cared for in the shower he shared with Nesta just hours ago. “Dreamy,” was the exact word Nesta used to describe him. It was not, by any means, an exaggeration.

Feyre and Rhys shifted uncomfortably at the threesome and left to join Elain and others as they organized presents. Tall stacks of perfect white boxes; only to be offset by an emerald colored and poorly wrapped lump with an obscenely large bow tied around it.

Helion extended a hand and boldly asked, “May I?” He looked at Nesta, then to Cassian as he spoke. Genuine wonder etched on his immortal face.

Nodding and looking to Cassian whose face shone in pure pride, Nesta took Helion’s hand in her own and pressed it on her bump.

Seconds passed before anything happened…

And then…kick.

So hard and sudden that even Nesta jumped, causing Helion to remove his hand and back a step.

“Well,“ Helion chuckled and cocked his head. “I should’ve known that any child would be quite the powerful one with the two of you as it’s parents.”

It’s all from her, Cassian thought, but didn’t say.

Instead, he smirked and drawled, “Powerful indeed.” Squeezing Nesta’s hand, he extended the other for Helion to shake, who took it smiling. “You haven’t considered, Helion, the possibility that my child just doesn’t like you.”

Nesta snorted and shook her head at the drama. Cassian wasn’t normally territorial. He would whoop any brute who disrespected her, sure. But Helion was never disrespectful to Nesta. However, Helion made him tick and knew exactly which buttons to press. A fact which he proved on multiple occasions.

A miraculous save as what would’ve blossomed into an even more awkward conversation, Mor and Amren appeared at Nesta’s side.


Looking at Nesta’s protruding abdomen as if it were a globe, Amren seemed equally enamored and concerned. “When do I get to meet the puppy?” She looked up at Nesta and Cassian, who only blinked in response.

“Soon.” Mor assured her tiny friend. “But not soon enough,” she added with a wink.

Nesta’s friendship with Mor had taken time to build. But they were now friends. They’d stood alongside one another through too much for it to be otherwise.

Studying the intimate group, Nesta’s eyes searched for the person she was missing. If she hadn’t worried about falling, she would’ve gone on her tiptoes. Would’ve looked behind every hedge and statue.

Cassian and Helion both frowned at the tears that rimmed Nesta’s eyes. Mor offered a cookie, which she did not take. Even Azriel and Elain tried their best to distract Nesta from her thoughts by suggesting she sit and discuss possible baby names.

Cassian knew the words she thought without her saying them aloud.

“If he could be here, he would be.” Rhys smiled kindly at Nesta and led her to stand in the shade of the willow tree with him.

Cassian followed them. Trailing behind by just a step. Grasping at the billowy fabric of her dress.

Since she conceived, he hadn’t been able to keep his hands off her. Nor could she bear for it to be any different.


Under the tree and out of the light, Nesta leaned into Cassian. If it wasn’t so warm, he would’ve wrapped his wings around her.

Nesta wanted to smile. She was pregnant with the child of her mate and husband. And they were more blissfully in love than ever. Her best friend in the whole world was there, too. And he had organized the entire day for them, for her. To celebrate the life that would soon be brought into the world.

But there was still a part of her that wanted to cry because-

“Hey, you.” Putting hands on either side of her face, Cassian kissed her forehead. “I didn’t mean for it to be a secret. He would be here, you know. Especially after what-” Tugging a short golden curl, he shivered at the memory that would haunt the five involved for the rest of their days.

“You don’t have to stay,” Rhys interjected, not wanting to be reminded either. “Helion would understand. And I’m sure Mor and Amren would get over it once the baby is born.”

For a brief moment, Nesta considered the offer. Rhys’s words were true. It would be hard for them to be irked with a pregnant woman. Even harder to be irked at a woman holding an infant who was sure to have quite the personality and head full of hair.

“I’m staying.” Her word was final. She straightened her tattooed back, solidifying her resolution. “We will have a perfect day.”

Peering over to the gathering that resumed in their absence, Nesta knew she was right. They would be surrounded by the people they love.

Most of the people they love.

“Ready to waddle back and join the celebrations, sis?” Rhys flashed a grin at the reaction she never failed to give at the nickname.

“I’ve never once waddled in my life.”

Finding Cassian’s hand, she interlaced her fingers with his and led him to continue what was sure to be a perfect day. Despite the emerald piece of her heart that ached.

The Things That Made Bubbline My AT OTP (Redux)

Go With Me

So wait, the Princess has a first name and Marcy is the only one who calls her that!

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What Was Missing? 

She looks so worried when she got hurt 

Does Marcy think she’s pretty?


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They keep showing Bonnibel when she was singing this song. She was like pissed off that it was about her 

but at the same time she was all “You… you still like me?”. WHY ISN’T THEIR A EP BACKSTORY ABOUT THESE TWO YET!?

“I never say you have to be perfect!” - Princess Bubblegum. Omg, this really proves they like each other! 

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The way Marcy is looking at her! 


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Whoa, Marceline looks really worried that Finn might take Bonnie away from her

So Bonnie’s most prize possession is Marceline’s rock shirt and she wear it all the time as pajamas,

It made Marceline blush,

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Burning Low

Why does it feel like she’s referring this to Marceline? 

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Sky Witch 

Bonnie also sniffs it,

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She’s really worried of what happen to Peebles 

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She looks so worried when PB lost her kingdom to King of Ooo

So she is referring it to Marceline back at Burning Low where PB is telling Finn about “Responsibility Demands Sacrifice” It makes a lot of sense becase she used to have time to hangout with her but her kingdom kept on growing, leaving her to push her away, so she could protect her people. I’m trash 

Best duo 

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She hates when she cries

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She just called her handwriting pretty and she likes it. SHE LIKES IT!

Omg, she’s apologizing to her for leaving her and even said “I pushed you away”, just her and no one else. GLOB DAMN THIS IS SO GOING TO CANNON!

And then Marceline comfort her and she made her open to others.


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Adventure Time Mini-series Stakes 

She looks so happy when she’s riding on Batceline in the opening

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Bonnie will be the one to bury her to the ground 

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Finn got DENIED! 

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Bonnie is holding Marcy when she was dying from poison

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She’ll kick someone ass to save her

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She’s even stressing out that Marcy was dying. Also she was dying in her arms!

She’ll be one to bury her to the ground but not yet

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Marcy is actually dreaming about being with Bonnibel. Also the dress represent funeral or even WEDDING in Korea 

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There’s no word to describe how gay this scene is

I really hope they’ll be a backstory episode them soon or later!

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And then Bonnibel helped Marceline to grow up

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The Thin Yellow Line


Broke His Crown

I can’t believe Marceline invited Bonnibel to have dinner with her and the Ice King 

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Bonnie just called her “girlfriend”, 

just like Korra said to Asami and look how did that turned out!

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She’s holding her hand

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Bonnie will try to get along with the Ice King for her!

Marcy is cleaning Bonnie and she doesn’t mind

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Marceline just made Bonnibel blush again

This looks like Bonnie is having dinner with her GF and her “dad”

I can’t believe Marceline let Bonnie rant in front of Simon and she smiled

When Simon ask that Bonnie has a boyfriend, she admittedly said “no”.

And then Bonnie smiled! 


Wtf, is Marcy singing about Bonnie because there’s an image of her and it looks like from the episode Sky Witch 

And at the end of the music video, there’s two people with long hair, holding hands and watching the sunset together which looks like to me it’s her and Bonnibel

For this LGBT month, I’ve decided to post this again but more evidence. I still hope that this will become cannon becuase of the many moments they had and it’s pretty convince that they should be together. With each season 7 has shown many interaction between these, so I’m hoping this will finally make it happen. I also hope their will Bubbline moments in The Music Hole. Also I’m trash and I hope this will be cannon!

Happy Pride Month! I’ve made a bunch of edits featuring all of the canon/ my headcanon LGBT couples and characters. The first one I’m posting is Korrasami, because as far as I’m aware this is the only canon, interracial, w|w, ship is Western animation.


MY FAVORITE THINGS MEME: [3/?] favorite otps  buffy and spike  

“A hundred plus years, and there’s only one thing I’ve ever been sure of. You. Hey, look at me. I’m not asking you for anything. When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try… I’ve seen your kindness, and your strength, I’ve seen the best and the worst of you and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman. You’re the one, Buffy.


“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”

anonymous asked:

your blog is amazing! I only low-key shipped Drarry before I discovered this blog and now they're like my OTP. so thank you for that :-) Also it's so creative and such a great idea and you reply exactly as I would imagine them, it's perfect :-). Question: Is there anything about each other that really annoy you, and is there anything that really turns you on ;-)

(OMG that’s brilliant! Drarry should be everyone’s OTP. Thank you, love! ❤️)

(Also, @o0o-chibaken-o0o ❤️)

(What annoys them the most can be found here.)

Draco: *sighs*

Harry: Some of his shirts, the really thin ones that are slightly translucent–

Draco: What? My clothes aren’t see-through!

Harry: Some of them are, and sometimes I can see your nipples through them and fuck, but it’s enough to get me hard.

Draco: *inspecting the shirt he’s wearing while pink in the face* Why didn’t you ever tell me–

Harry: Especially that light blue silk one, oh god–

Draco: *mumbling* You can’t see anything through this one– Oh, for fuck’s sake, it never takes much to get you hard in the first place!

Harry: *indulgent* True. He could be sitting there doing absolutely nothing and I could get hard just from looking at him.

Draco: *shaking his head with a reluctant grin* You’re incorrigible.

Harry: *pleased* Your turn.

Draco: Oh, I– I dunno.

Harry: *hopefully expectant*

Draco: *relenting* His– I like his…fingers.

Harry: *slow smirk* When they’re inside y–?

Draco: No, Merlin, that’s not what I meant! *huffs* I meant like, while you’re just doing everyday, routine things… Like, cracking eggs or… doing that wand-twirling thing you do absentmindedly, or like… when you’re buttoning up your shirt–

Harry: *grinning* Buttoning up my shirt? Not while I’m taking it off?

Draco: *eye-roll*


@jossan415 I like being brutal muahahaha…

(I made some quick chibis using internet references)

The big 4, let’s begin:

Nalu: Two dorks in love, friendship and lost time. Why don’t they kiss already? they liiiike each other, is obvious, I have no idea what they’re waiting for, there is nothing better for them that being a couple being best friends.

Gruvia: Personally I don’t like Gray and I think Juvia is adorable, and I didn’t enjoy watch how he make her wait till the end, she is so brave in being so open with her feelings, and I would have liked that Gray had been more considerate with Juvia.

Jerza:Oh, I adore Jellal, and both he and Erza deserved more interactions, Kinana and Cobra have more time screen together haha, but being honest Jellal is a character who should have had more participation and not only hints with Erza after ‘Tower of Heaven’ arc.

And finally…(drumroll)

Gajevy:I have otps, but this one is my OTP, pure imperfect perfection. Redemption (this kind of characters are my favorites), forgiveness, comradery and love.The evolution of these two is magnificent … he made her big and she showed him that there was kindness in him and gave Gajeel a future to looking for. I love them both, and they gonna be in my heart forever and always.

The Reason She Sleeps In Class

for @miraculousfluffmonth day 2- Goodnight Kisses

It was late. He had come in hours ago, already tired. Dropped his transformation and flopped onto her bed. He didn’t even check to see if there were people in her room, that’s how tired he was. His father had him go from school, to fencing, and then to back to back photoshoots. He just dropped onto her bed and was out like a light.

If Marinette had not been in the room, she never would have known he was even there.

With a soft smile, she walked over to him. “My sleepy little model.”

She shifted him so that she could lift the blanket on her bed. She then proceeded to roll him under the blanket and tuck him in. She placed a kiss to his forehead. “Goodnight.”

As she pulled away and stood up, he reached out and grabbed her arm. “Mari…”

“But you couldn’t help me tuck you on…”

“Tired…” He pulled at her. “Stay.”

She pulled away from him. “I can’t. I have to finish my homework.”

He shook his head. “No. I’ll do it for you before I go, just sleep now.”

She sighed. “Fine… But you better do it too, my grades aren’t suffering just because you wanted to be cuddled.”

He nodded as she slipped into the bed with him. “You’re lucky I love you.”

He pulled her closer. “The luckiest.”

He woke up hours later, no longer tired. He poked Marinette. “Mari?” He whispered.

“Go to sleep.”

“But Mari…”

She reached over and kissed him on the forehead. “Sleep Adrien.”

He pouted “But you missed.”

She sighed and kissed his nose. “No more. Sleep.”

He frowned, but he knew by her tone that she was serious. He decided that he was too.

He began to fidget.

He itched and twitched and moved while she tried to sleep.

“Stop moving.” She whined.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Why not?”

He smirked. “My girlfriend won’t kiss me goodnight.”

She was quiet as he waited for her response. He wondered if she would finally do it, when he felt a hand on his arm.

Did she just?

“Did you just hit me?” He rubbed his stinging arm.

“Yes. Now go to sleep.”

He sat up, offended. “I’m afraid I can’t.”


“You’ve wounded not only my skin, but my honor as well.”

“Oh, so now you’re Prince Zuko? I’m too tired.”

“And now you’ve offended the best character ever created. You must pay!”

Before she could understand what he was saying, he began to tickle her.

She shrieked. “ADRIEN NO!” her giggles filled the room.

“Say sorry and I’ll stop. And you have to promise to give me a proper goodnight kiss. Only then will I stop.”

She spoke between laughs. “Why… would I… say sorry to… an over… glorified… hot pocket?”

He gasped and his tickles became more vicious. “How dare you?” He loved Zuko because he could relate to him the most, Absent mother, unloving father, a group of friends who used to dislike him, someone close to him that doesn’t understand him and hates his friends (Oops, too sad for this short fic), but he knew Mari was joking.

Doesn’t mean he has to let up.

“Say sorry, Beautiful.”

“Never!” With a random burst of energy came her defense.

Soon, they were both tickling each other.

“Adrien, stop! I want to go to sleep!”

“Surrender to the terms then!”


And on it went

“How do her parents not know? They’re so loud!”

Tikki giggled. “They know, they just think they’re cute.”

The cat kwami was confused. “How do you know?”

“I’m not always in her room, Plagg. Sometimes she needs privacy. Sometimes I need more cookies.”

“So you just roam around whenever you want?”

She side eyed him. “Are you saying that you don’t?

“It’s different, Adrien’s house is huge but empty. I can go through 20 rooms, not repeat a room, and still never run into anyone other than Adrien. If you go into 5, you’ve run into the whole family.”

“Whatever, Plagg.”

He smiled. He knew he was right. “It’s weird how you’re supposed to be the good luck, but I’m the one who’s always right.”


“Shhh. Your chosen is trying to sleep.”

“She’s having a tickle fight…”

“About trying to sleep.”


“No, look!”

Marinette grinned. She had flipped their positions so she was the one looking down at him. “Pinned ya.”

He pushed up against her hands. “You’re still not going to sleep until my demands have been met.”

She pouted. “You’d really keep me from sleeping?”

“Aaahhh! Not the Big Eyes. Mari, stop.”

“Then let me sleep.”

“No! I must be strong.” He closed his eyes so he couldn’t see her face. “For Zuko!” He found some strength and flipped them over.

“I’m starting to think you like him more than you love me. Besides, Katara is clearly the best character. She’s the only one who doesn’t let her emotions rule her. She does what she needs to do, not what she wants. No matter how much it hurts her.”

“Mhmm. Well, you can be the Katara to my Zuko. A perfect match.”

She stared up at him, wide eyed, and whispered, “Zutara Shipper! The unholiest of ships. I cannot believe…”

He stopped and got off of her. “You just dissed my OTP. Mari how could you? I thought you loved me!”

She just looked at him. “Adrien come back to bed.”

“No. I’m hurting.”





“… I’m sorry.”


She sighed. “I’m sorry for insulting your OTP, I know it was wrong and I won’t do it again, I promise, just come to bed.”

He slowly got back into the bed. “Still not going to sleep.”

“Adrien please? I’m tired…”

“Do it.”

“I’m sorry for insulting Zuko. I know how you love him.”

He smiled and laid back down. She curled herself around him.

He looked at her, hair loose and falling into her face. She looked so beautiful he didn’t know what to do. So he told her.

She blushed. “Shut up and go to sleep.”

“Will you ever let me be the big spoon?”

“You’re a few years too late for that, cutie. Besides, you like being held.”


“Are you going to let me go to sleep now?”

He pretended to think. “You still didn’t meet one of my demands. I want a proper goodnight kiss. I can’t sleep without it, and neither will you.” A loud yawn escaped him, and she knew he was going to be asleep within 10 minutes whether she kissed him or not.

Doesn’t mean she didn’t want to do it anyways.

She giggled and kissed him gently, before pulling back. “That’s all you get. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Beautiful.”


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By comparison to their earliest days in the apocalypse, both Carol and Daryl have evolved into almost entirely different characters. Daryl learned about loyalty and opening up while Carol learned how to defend herself and the people she cares about. It all came with tremendous loss.

Carol and Daryl are a perfect balance for one another. While Daryl is quick to kill and seek revenge, Carol thinks more rationally, though she packs the proper skills to fend off threats. Together, Daryl and Carol are both reluctant to trust new faces but provide pillars for one another to lean on. They are one of the most powerful duos on The Walking Dead with an unbreakable bond with one another only making them more of a force to be reckoned with.

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enemies to lovers angst prompts!

I had this in my phone notes and factory reset my phone.

NGL, a little hard to do, but nonetheless here you go

  • I mean I know I’m supposed to kill you but you’re kind of hot au
  • You’re the only kid in AP Bio that is smarter than me and I will destroy you and your perfect face and one day you just stopped coming to school and I’m a little worried??? au
  • I’m at the state [insert sport] competition and because of a room mix-up I have to share a bed with you, someone on the rival team fifteen cities away au
Spencer x Reader Fluff
  • My fluffy pieces will be here. This will be a category that probably overlaps a lot with others, but I decided to put them here. I also put a couple here that did not fit anywhere else and were happy. LOL

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Why I have sympathy for the Kataang fandom.

Now, I’m a Zutara shipper through and through, but I’m going to give you my reasons as to why I have sympathy for a Kataanger. My condolences to you — from an outsider.

Honestly, I feel for the Kataang fandom. I honestly, truly do. If I had my otp, my ship destroyed with horrible writing, I’d probably be wrathful as well. I’ve been trying to put myself in a Kataanger’s shoes lately — trying to put myself in their frame of mind.

I’m trying to imagine a world where my otp ended up together in the end. Although instead of them being happy and truly in love, their marriage was broken. On the outside, Aang and Katara could have appeared to be the perfect couple, but you know on the inside they were hurting. They had to have been.

Aang and Katara had 3 children. THREE. Yet only one was really focused on — Tenzin. And for the sole reason being he was born an air bender.

Now, it’s clear in The Legend of Korra that his other children — Kya and Bumi — were pretty ignored by their father. Their father, the Avatar, who should have been an amazing father to all of his children despite them not being air benders, were completely and utterly neglected.

Imagine a world where your literal favorite couple weren’t actually your favorite anymore because they were written so terribly within The Legend of Korra. A world where Aang was a legitimate terrible father and husband. Kya states at one point that he was never home. Either never home or off with Tenzin or their “Airbending journeys”. Bumi is also a bitter old man™ due to being ignored (especially since he was a non-bender until the writers fucking with the spiritual aspect of the show and magically made him an airbender) (remember when he was in front of Aang’s statue wishing he could have made him proud?) (yeah).

They literally turned Aang from ultimate fav to abandoning father. They literally wrote him out to basically not care about his other children and it makes my heart ache for everyone involved.

It makes my heart ache thinking that they wrote it in a way that Katara basically was just letting this all happen. Now, we all know Katara — were with her through everything. Knowing Katara, we would pretty much know that she would not allow someone, especially Aang, to treat her children like that. She has always been strong willed and passionate about those for whom she cares about. Do you really, honestly think she would let Aang, allow anybody, to treat their children like that? It makes me sick. They got everything wrong.

I’m so sorry they didn’t give Katara basically any character development from the time the show ended, to the time she was an old woman. I’m sorry she was made into a trophy wife of the Avatar. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see any of her in any flashback in The Legend of Korra for god only knows why.

I’m sorry that we didn’t get to see any of her accomplishments throughout the rest of her life since the war. They were…what, exactly? We don’t know because she was given no characterization within TLOK. She was given no depth and we got 0% backstory on her and her accomplishments. We were all left to assume that all she was left doing was taking care of Aang’s children of whom he didn’t even treat correctly unless they were an airbender. And there’s nothing wrong with her taking care of her children, but there is something wrong when that’s all she was left doing when we know she was capable of so much more.

Honestly, what was Bryke thinking when writing their story in The Legend of Korra? They literally gave Kataang the worst ending possible and I can’t stress my apologies enough. They truly ruined your ship.

And that’s why I feel for you all. You all honestly deserved better. You deserved a better characterization of both Aang and Katara. They all deserved better. You all deserved better and I’m so sorry that your ship was reduced to such a tragedy.

And as a Zutara shipper, it was important to me to stress the fact that I don’t hate the ship Kataang, I just hate what it was reduced to.

Don’t hate Kataang, hate Bryke.