they are my favourtie


I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and can I just say that…

Will sounds hella gay in german and I love it. 

(Ink)Goretober Day 4 - “Is there something on my back?”

No GW2 this time because Reaper snuck his way into my head. And my favourtie Monster of all time~! I’m sorry for it beeing so sloppy… I drew half of it without references and on a bus. It was… challenging.
I think Reaper isn’t that fond of his new pet yet but I’m sure he’s gonna learn to love it. All hail the queen!


List of my favourtie korean actors (and how I call them caressingly):

Ji Chang Wook: Mr. Perfect Face, my baby Emperor, badass Healer

Park Seo Joon: Perfect sculpture alike profile, adorable smile, Oh Ri On dork, Mr. writer Omega

Lee Min Ho: Grown rich flower boy, Mr. Big Nose, cute dork, the most stupid and cutest laugh ever, My city hunter

Song Joong Ki: Maro, Babyfaced cutie, petite hottie

Yook Sung Jae: The best second lead ever, watermelon crusher, Husband of Joy, hyperactive cutie, my sweet boy

Joo Won: Bridal mask guy, chubby hunk, my cute donut

Kim Woo Bin: My bad boy, Mr. Perfect smile, Mr. Eyebrow, the sexiest voice ever

Lee Jong Suk: My beautiful baby doll, 10000% aeygo, korean Michael Jackson, Kang Chul, Pinocchio boy

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Name: Alma
Nicknames: My name is four letters, most people manage that. Except my friends, their code name for me is “The Stone” for no particular reason at all
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Orientation: Well … eh he….. No fricking clue tbh. Somewhere on the aroace-specturm
Ethnicity: White Swedish
Favourite Fruit: Oranges or apples (yes, even my favourite fruits are lame)
Favourtie Season: For a second there I wondered what show they were asking about, and now I’m kinda worried about myself. Probably autumn
Favourite Book: Either Harry Potter because duh, but I also loved The Perks of Being A Wallflower :3
Favourite Flower: Peony
Favourite Scent: Fresh sheets and vanilla
Favourite Animal: Quokkas !
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? My friend I have leaf water running through my veins
Cat or dog: I like penguins
Dream Trip: To Australia, Japan, and road trip to France :3
Number of Followers: 53 <3
What do I post about? Thing I’ll regret posting in 5 years or so
Do I get asks on a regular basis?

Aesthetic: Oversized sweaters and yellow
Favourite Band/Artist: Oh man… Panic! at the disco, Twenty One Pilots, Troye Sivan, and The 1975 atm
Fictional Characters I’d Date: um nah thanks
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff but I’ve also definitely got some Ravenclaw going on

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